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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  June 19, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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why you're watching the station that works for you, good morning maryland at 4:30. jerry sandusky defense begins and hay more on strategy coming up. an announcement with a plan to help teachers communicate all over the country. >> after seven days of making baltimore their home these ships are about to set sail. when they will leave and where you can watch them. >> tuesday june 19th. food morning i am charley crowson. >> i am meningan pringle. we will get started with lynette charles -- shall megan pringle. we will get started with lynette charles. >> we have all five sweeps on. not a lot to see around town. but going to the south in southern maryland we see showers around sals berry and ocean --salisbury and ocean
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site. back ocean city. -- the humidity is increasing a we-- as we go throughout the day and we have a little amount of rainfall totals from overnight and also we are getting a little drizzle out there as well and also we have some patchy fog. so traveling to york pennsylvania this morning, 6 miles reduced visibility. 5 in hagerstown and three in winchester and 7 in culpepper. let's check the abc timesaver traffic. we have a little patchy fog. >> reporter: we are off to a wet start. reduce your speeds. be extra careful as you head out. major construction for 895 beginning tomorrow. expect heavy delays traveling in the area. you will want to stick with the fort mchenry tunnel or key bridge as an alternate. this morning, though, the main lines are in pretty good shape as far as the beltway is concerned as we look at the top side in towson. no problems to report here at york road. it will be an easy ride make
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the drive up towards 83. heading out to the west side, only an 11 minute ride from 795 towards 95. if you are using the jfx to get into the city no concerns southbound from the beltway downtown looking at an 11 minute stretch. 8 minutes from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >> news time 4:32. after an early end on monday the trial continues for jerry sandusky. today marks day six of the sex abuse trial. >> where the trial could be by week's end is sherrie johnson. what can you tell us. >> reporter: megan and charley, the judge in the case says closing arguments could start as early as thursday. the defense is expected to call more witnesses today after starting the case yesterday. the defense opened with a former penn state coach who said it was not uncommon for coaches and young boys to use the shower at the same time. richard anderson also said he never saw anything
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inappropriate between sandusky and a child. the defense called a number of witnesses monday who said sandusky had a stellar reputation in the community and the mother of alleged victim number 9 said sandusky gave her son clothes and other gifts. she said her son seemed to have stomach problems during the time he was visiting sandusky. court observers say the defense will question the alleged victim's motivations for coming forward all these years later. >> maybe it's because of money or they were troubled youth but they are lying is what the defense will be. they will suggest they colewd. >> reporter: prosecutors -- colewded,. >> reporter: prosecutors withdraw one charge. big question is whether or not the defense will put sandusky on the stand. sherrie johnson. maryland native gary giordano says it's time to collect on a life insurance policy he took out on robyn gardener. he is suspect in the death of
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woman. she was a travel companion last year e took out the policy before they left and he is suing saying the company owes him more than $3 million. american express says in a case like this there's an hey one- year waiting period. the attorney representing the 17-year-old who died after a baltimore county police officer chased him down is talking about the case. attorney russell neverdon says there may be a history of domestic violence with officer laboard. last wednesday he reportedly chased down christopher brown. witnesses say he was close but not a part of a group of kid knocking on doors and throwing rocks. brown died asphyxiation and his death is ruled a homicide. >> it's right in your face. this is just pure unadult rated rage that is there and that's out of control and it so much so that it resulted in the simplest taking of a life of another person. >> county investigators says it may take weeks to get answer and determine if the officer
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will be charged. funeral and viewing arrangements have been set. police are on the lookout for an inmate who reportedly ran off. officers say 45-year-old joseph viars jumped a fence and ran away from the work crew detail in patterson park around one monday afternoon. he is searching a year for second degree assault. if you've seen him call 911 immediately. this morning police are also on the lookout for three men they say robbed a mcdonald's over the weekend. city police say the trio robbed the mcdonned's -- mcdodged's in the -- mcdonald's in the 5100 block of york road. they were armed and took money from the registers and a safe before running off. today a statement is expected to be released by the largest economies. they say the g-20 coordinated a global plan for job creation. first order of business is fighting the affection of the european economic crisis. more on the plan is expected to be released in its entirety coming up today.
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teachers nationwide are get agnew resource called share myless-- getting a new resource called shaer my lesson. it includes things like lesson plans and presentations that teachers can check out other plans and use them as well as upload them and some of their own. it's expected to be available by the start of next school year. we want to foe what you think about this resource -- know what you think about this resource. after a 3p week upgrade -- three-week upgrade, the library opens today. community will have access to it once the doors open. >> summer storms roaring through wisconsin that caused some people to take cover immediately. >> reporter: everything is up to speed on 695 at route 295. i will show you what 83 and 95 look leek coming up in my -- looks like coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report. beautiful way to start the day here at the statue of liberty.
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stay with us, there's much more to come. you are watching "good morning maryland."
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now "good morning maryland at 4:30. >> 4:39 thanks for joining us. we have heard it all the last few days. we are talking about heat, fire and storms but near cleveland, ohio the threat is wind. national weather service clocked it in at 60 miles per hour. heavy winds and rain brought trees and power lines down. hundreds are without power and there's a lot of downed power lines in the area this morning. so that's the big mess in cleveland, ohio. >> and also in wisconsin tornado sirens blared. the storms storms packed strong wind blowing leaves and branches all over the place. no significant damage reported. that's out of wisconsin. time for a check on our weather here's lynette. >> around wisconsin for today, they could get another chance for severe weather maybe a
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couple thunderstorms to pop up across the area. but ohio is going to be calling down mostly sunny skies to about partly cloudy skies. and close to home today, we are going to be dealing with mostly cloudy skies. right now we are in the clouds and we have had showers roll through overnight most of the showers now down into southern maryland. and we are pretty much dry but as you step out and about we will step out into areas of drizzle and patchy fog. temperatures this morning coming in seasonable. 64 in towson westminster at 65. we are seeing 66 in joppa right now. rock hall at 65 degrees and galena coming in around 65. we have a coastal flood advisory once again for this morning in effect until 11. it's for the areas shaded in the blue color. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you are headed out to the northeast corridor of 95 you are in the clear. you are looking at a 14-minute ride traveling southbound from the beltway to downtown baltimore. if you are headed out onto 83, here's what it looks like in northern baltimore county. everything up to speed at york
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road. no concerns whatsoever as you make the push towards the beltway. and it will remain clear when you get on to the jfx. 11 minutes from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette. no problems to report on 895 at o'donnell street. it will be nice and clear. now major construction will begin tomorrow. so expect heavy delays traveling in the area and you want to stick with fort mchenry or key bridge for an all the are knit. south side of 95 no concerns heading down towards 495 and you will remain clear traveling on the beltway. no concerns whatsoever just 11 minutes on that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. and that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. a warning for commuters this morning. traffic on the bay and key bridges is going to be temporarily halted for about 40 minutes on wednesday. this is according to published reports. we are told tugboats will be pushing a cargo ship carrying 4 cranes. they are going to be head for the port of baltimore. closures on the bay bridge will begin about 1:15 as the key
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bridge about -- and the key bridge around 3:15. a father's day more than special. >> this is a great story. calls and cards to their home totaled more than 400. >> also ahead, look across the road. drivers did a double take when they saw something spookycrossing the street. >> a live look on the final day of sailabration a live reportwith lnda report on today's activities when good morning returns. you are waking up to what's new now and next. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ news time 4:44 and five things to know on this tuesday morning. the library will on the brooklyn branch in baltimore. it underwent a 3 week technology upgrade and has 37 computers and free wireless internet. baltimore city top two safety officials are being
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honored. fred bealefeld will see the legacy award and. a cia director is being honored for his career's work and will receive the jefferson award for the greatest public service by an elected or appointed official. other recipients include barbara bush and oak oprah winfrey. >> a biography due out today that address dep chris andies between his research and how the president portrays his sem in the media. >> mitt romney continues the tour across the midwest. he will make a number of stops in michigan. joanan oboon -- conan obrian will have all five of romney's sons on his show. time for a check of the traffic and weather. we will get to the weather in moment because things are going to change. how are the road looking>> reporter: well, so far so good headed to the tunnels. but major construction on 895
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that starts tomorrow. use the fort mchenry tunnel and key bridge as an alternate. no problems on the jfx. it will be nice and clear heading into the city. and no problems on the beltway all the way around. >> speaking of that weather, we have rain yesterday and a little more muggy this morning. >> exactly. that's the change on the way. we are feeling it this morning. also, we do have a few showers to the south. traveling around ocean city, salisbury be prepared for that because we can see wet weather across the area. snow hill getting in moderate rain and you can see the orange and yellows indicative of that this morning. more of the same. back here closer to home reisterstown temperatures at 64. 67 in shadyside and walkersville at 63. these temperatures are pretty much on the seasonable side but like charley said we are muggy back to you. >> today mark the conclusion of the star-spangled sailabration after a week of festivities. tall ships leave the harbor this morning. >> linda so is live with a wrap- up of the events and let us mow if anything is going on today. linda. >> reporter: well.
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in just a few hours the tall ships will be sailing out of the harbor. firsting to will be the naval vessels at 7 this morning. three are docked at the inner harbor and the tall ships will leave starting at 11 and you can all watch it here from the harbor. yesterday, dignitaries from three nations came together at fort mchenry to sign the declaration of peace on the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. today the star spaingel sailabration comes to a close. sailors from around the worldmade baltimore -- spaingel sailabration comes to a -- spangled celebration comes to a close. sailors from around the worldmade baltimore their home. the first to go are naval warships leaving between 7 and 11 and then watch the tall ships raise their sails, sails starting at 11. and they will depart in a parade of ships between 11 and 1 this afternoon. the ship you are look at right now that's -- be looking at right now from brazil they are
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headed to newport rhode island after that, they will head up to boston. and many of these ships this is from that. they are heading to different ports all to celebrate the war of 1812. live at the inner harbor, linda so, aby2 news. remembering -- abc2 news. remembering the battle that was the bloodiest single day battle on u.s. soil. today an event is being held to commemorate the day beginning at 10:30. during the summer other tours will be offered in virginia, maryland and west virginia. baltimore is looking to take back dozens of licenses from liquor stores in poor neighborhoods. city health officials say research done at johns hopkins shows a link between those stores and higher crime rates. now they are targeting 128 stores as part of a city wide rezoning effort forcing them to move, close or change with what they are selling. it will take a year for the
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city's new zoning package before it comes up for a vote. >> frightening story going around the nation. police in charlotte north carolina arrested a woman after she allegedly threw a pot full of hot grease on a group of people including children. witnesses say it started with an argument between two neighbors. at least 7 people including a number of toddlers were treated for a number of burn injuries. >> in the midwest, you -- deer cause car accidents but in florida alligators. a 12-foot gator was trying to cross a highway in tampa. one man and his mother hit the animal causing it to fly several feet in the air. they learned someone else had done that earlier. no one else was hurt in either accident. and father's day was a great moment for a couple in des moines iowa that fostered more than 400 children during 25 years. and they definitely got many deserved thank you. they have 3 children of their own and became foster parents in 1987 after taking in one of their daughter's friend. on father's day they got calls
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and cards from a number of their kid. they say it can be hard but a day like father day they feel the rewards of being parents to so many. >> what great story. >> it is. time for a check on our weather with meteorologist lynette charles. >> all right. guys, we are talking about the humid conditions moving in this morning. lots of moisture around and i will show you that in a second. we can see we have the cloud hovering and we have showers off toward the south and to the north if you are going into pennsylvania this morning. the moisture content is getting on the high side. we can see the dew points in the 60s and the measure of the moisture in the air and once you get into the 60s, mid-60s we can feel it. and that's what's going on this morning. so with all that moisture trapped at surface we have visibility issues this morning. we have patchy fog only about 6 miles of visibility in york, five in hagerstown and three in winchester. seven in culpepper and we are getting the showers and storms and we have about two miles visibility in salisbury. so we have patchy fog there and
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also the wet weather. temperatures this morning are pretty much on the seasonable side. 68 in baltimore. 63 in easton and 64 in york and basically we are in the 60s this morning. and we are feeling it. you don't need the jacket as you step out and about. spending of the jacket, leaving the jacket look at what we have. we have some hot weather that's going to be pumped into the area. today i am forecasting 80s but, we will hit the 90s going through time. so this system will move through and that warm front all that warm air will be going our way. that hot air will be coming our way going through time. future trend not picking up on a lot. that's the name of the game. showers and storms are around us but for the most part we should stay dry after the drizzle that we are getting this morning. and then this is your forecast. your hour by hour plan accordingly with the temperature right around 86 degrees. and getting warmer yesterday we only made it up to 70 degrees. so the cool days are behind us as of now. summer begins and how ironic is
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that that the temperatures will be at 96. hot and humid. close to 100 on thursday but that doesn't matter because it will feel like we are in the triple digits wednesday, thursday and friday. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. how are the road. the fog and it's wet what do you have. >> reporter: we are off to a rany start and there's reduced visibility. so be extra careful heading out. reduce speeds. using the jfx no delays to talk about. a nice clear ride as you travel from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. as far as tunnels everything up to speed. we have the major construction on 895 that does begin tomorrow so use the fort mchenry tunnel or key bridge as an alternate. and as we check in and take live look at northeast corridor of 95 and white marsh no problems to report. four minutes from route 43 to the beltway and once you get on 695 here's what it hooks like in parkville and harford road. 11 minutes from 95 up to 83 and as lynette mentioned we are off to a foggy start techly in this area so be extra careful. that's -- particularly in this
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area. so be extra careful. roger clemens was accused of lying to congress about the use of performance enhancing drugs steroids. >> stay with us this morning. the verdict is in and what's next for one of the baseball all time greats. >> the stop one torch bearer made while taking the flames flute streets of northern england. what was going on when whoa look around the world and good morning maryland continues. >> before going to break a live picture at inner harbor -- harbor. the ships leaving port. we will be right back.
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