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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  June 19, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> and carrying a weapon with
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intent to injury in connection with the death of his roommate. the mental health test will determine whether or not he can stand trial. >> tonight, the beach town is wondering why a woman was murdered at a motel. jamie joins us request more on who the police are looking for. >> reporter: the beach is famous for the bottle and cork, in college you spend time here, and -- but nothing but great memories at dewey, and nobody can ever remember this. this is a first. for the first time, dewey beach is investigating a homicide, right here on the corner at the atlantic ocean side motel, a woman was found in a room floor, close to checkout time by the housekeeper who calmed 911 -- called 911. >> we never expect that to happen. very odd for this town.
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it gets busy in the summertime, generally people are down having fun. >> all i can say is it was a white female. we don't have an age yet. we haven't been able to identify her yet. >> reporter: police did surround a car with pennsylvania plates. nobody knows if anybody else was in the room. this is veins video of a person of interest, and the man is described to be in his mid-20s, and of middle eastern descent. and the victim's broad has been turned for -- body has been turned over to the medical examiner's office. thanks. we have a traffic alert to tell you b major construction begins to be on i-895, drivers are urged to avoid using the harbor tunnel through the end of the summer, crews are replacing concrete decking south of the toll plays. the worst delays are the first two weeks of august when traffic will be reduced to one lane in both directions.
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in the consumer alert. when it comes to credit cards, we've got plenty of complaints, but besides venting to your friends and family, who else can you turn to? we let up know who else is on your side. josie. >> reporter: the feds are giving you a chance to sound out about what bothers you from undeserved late fees to crazy interest rate hikes, and letting the complaints be public on the web. an online complaint database launched today, run by the feds. the agency is going to publicly post how a bank or card issuer handled complaint, the idea to be transparent about the process, but banks are wary, saying it could be hard to separate out the legitimate complaints. they will get 15 days to respond to those complaints. it's an interesting process. the consumer product safety commission runs a similar website where people can air the problems they've had with certain products. as for the credit card database, it lists complaints that have come in since the start of june,
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so far, they've had about 100 complaints. thanks. the defense continues to present its case in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. what sandusky's wife sedges about the allegations that her husband -- says about the allegations. move over apple! microsoft is working on its own tablet. >> the celebration is sailing on.
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much quieter downtown now that all the ships have sailed out, as we look at the corner of pratt, but wind blowing around. baltimore's celebration concluded, but not without a host of sights and sounds as the
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tall ships pulled up anchor and headed out this morning. tim rutherford was there. >> reporter: the tall ship from mexico, was the first for depart the inner harbor today, but not without a last good-bye from newly made friends. [ inaudible ] >> really good friends. [ music ] the ship from brazil followed close behind. >> it brings tears to my eyes.
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>> reporter: and the tall ship from indonesia danced its way out of port. >> it makes the world look smaller than it is. >> it's like once in a lifetime. >> reporter: the ships might be leaving, bumper to bumper the spirit and friendship they fostered will long endure in charm city and on the open seas. -- but the spirit and friendship they fostered will endure in charm city and on the open seas. tim rutherford. >> spectacular celebration at the harbor. a blue lobster, the lobster named toby was caught thursday by the crew of the potluck fishing boat. the blue color is because of the
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genetic variation that caution the lobster to produce an extra amount of a particular protein. the lobster has been staying in martin's fish company's lobster tank, and is going to the national aquarium in dc, and eventually you'll be able to cave him at the time national sang which are -- catch him at the national sanctuary exhibit. a commotion here, sheryl was on the scene, shot this video. aren't they cute! stopped her car, jumped out, and helped the little ducks cross the road. she was trying to bring the family on the street. she was able to get them back into where they needed. how cute is that? traffic cop out there, kelly. got to do what you got to do to get to safety. much quieter now that the ships
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have sailed so to speak, 87 at -- just so gorgeous, what a cool thing, and hey, probably say it again for the try centennial, in about 100 years. scanning clear, weather looking good, and through the day today, interesting change in the weather. we had the cloud cover, you see the ships getting to exit the harbor working into the latter part of the afternoon, and the sun comes out late in the day, and now we're back to kind of normal. what about tomorrow? well, of course, we which in summer. first day of summer, kicking off the summer solstice, longest day of the year statistically. the first full day of summer. heat advisories this is how we bring in the summer season, very timely, is it not? extreme heat tomorrow. the heat and humidity combination will reach heat advisory criteria for he central maryland, even shore you'll be below t and north, that's an excessive heat warning for the
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philadelphia region. tomorrow, it will be awfully hot. 90 at dulles, most spots not quite that hot. chartsville, 91. gives you an idea of what's coming our way. humidity is moderate, and not really helping the cause here in any way, shape or form. again, heat plus humidity, and a lack of wind creating the excessive heat. and you can make it out in the map, mid-80s eastern shore, darker shaded red, heat index values upwards of the mid-90s in frederick right now, so that is the scenario. no real active returns here on the radar pictures except for a couple of showers, and thundershowers into central virginia, but for the motion part, we sit -- most part, we sit clear, tomorrow, knock more than a populated -- nothing more than a populated shower. but the heat is surging in. bermuda high set up, warm front is through the state, thus, the clearing. warm front created the cloud cover, so the hot air will surge in behind the frontal boundary
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as it kicks offshore, and we're going to begin to seer, so to speak in the heat. here's the trend, very little active weather, we think, until we get maybe late tomorrow afternoon, a pop-up shower or storm, but the better chances for act tissue weather will -- tiff weather will come on thursday -- active weather will come on thursday. how about the tropics? watch a couple disturbances, one well offshore/about a 50% chance of development, and the most significant cluster south of florida. kind of an ominous looking cluster, national hurricane center with a watch on this area as well. so we'll continue to watch all of it here in the abc 2 storm center. 69 overnight, partly cloudy. tomorrow, 96, that should say tomorrow day, of course, and tomorrow night, thanks goodness it will not be 96. it will be more like 74, but warm enough to keep the ac running on a fairly high setting.
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thursday, even hotter, just what he wanted to see. -- you wanted to see. and hey, you know what? it's the first days of summer, kelli, so bringing it in on a timely note. >> it's like the first day of august. >> maybe you'll have to run in the morning now. >> yeah, get out at the crack of dawn. thanks. in tonight's consumer alert, the ever-popular ipad may soon have some serious competition. microsoft is getting into the tablet game, and their version is getting some good reviews. tj winick has more details. >> reporter: simply put, the microsoft surface is expected to be a ga >> microsoft has not had any product to compete with the ipad which has taken over the market in the last three years. they announced the product that looks like it can go toe to toe with the eye -- ipad? >> reporter: it has a new case with a built in kick stand.
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unlike apple, the surface will run as a full computer, and has a fold out cover that turns into a real keyboard. >> i spent a long time training to write on the ipad, and now having a keyboard back, this is appealing. >> reporter: for now, the ipad remains king of the hill in the tablet wars, google and amazon are in the fight with the droid devices -- android devices. the ipad sold enough to nearly double the competition. but now comes this head turner, from a company which failed to catch the ipod, or the iphone. >> it's very interesting. i think the key point here is it's not just another ipad. it's a device that almost -- >> reporter: the unveiling was a top secret launch, complete with stage craft you'd expect from the late steve jobs. but will it sell? early signs point to yes. >> it's well designed, cool,
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colorful accessories. i'm interested in it. >> reporter: microsoft promised the services price tag will be similar to the ipad, which is between 500 and $800. it is expected to hit the market in september or october. tj winick, new york. stick around for this story. an apple a day may keep the doctor away, but not the pesticide. coming up, a surprising study on some of the dirtiest produce. >> as we ring in summer, you may be trying to make a get-away. we've got some ways to catch on
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those who had the gastric bypass were twice as likely to develop problems with alcohol. in the procedure, doctors create a small portion of the stomach, connecticut it to the small intestine, allowing alcohol to super the blood stream quicker. this leads to some patients possibly developing increased sensitivity to alcohol. the heat is on, and it may be getting worse which now being the first day of summer, scorching temperatures can be dangerous, so you need to be careful. symptoms of heat exhaust include dizziness, nausea headache and rapid heartbeat. experts say get out of the heat. stay in the shade or air conditioning, take breaks, drink water or sports drinks to stay hydrated, and guys, i know it looks cool to have it off, keep the shirt on. you absorb mother heat with the shirt -- more heat with the shirt off. if you don't feel better in 30 minutes, you could be risking
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heat stroke. so a couple things to keep in minds. doctors are offering some tips on how to live longer and age well. if you want to age well, you need to exercise. spends time with people, because as you age, your circles may shrink, eat less, make sure you're getting regular health screenings. and an apple a day may keep the doctor away? but apple has topped the list for the dirtiest produce you can buy. according to a report, the agency test samples as they normally would the -- after being washed and peeled, an apple is the highest in pesticide residue. topping the clean list, onions and sweet corn., check out our page. you'll find the top headlines from today, and some different categories, to make sure you and your family get all the health
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information you need. the defense in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case is calling witness, at a real quick pace. how the lawyers are trying to poke holes in the prosecution's case, and how a psychologist tried to explain his letters from one of those alleged cures errors. >> and a florida teen has a whale of a story to tell after an accident while fishes. what his -- fishing. >> what his doctor has to say. >> the blow of a successful event is lingering in the harbor. we'll have that story coming up.
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tonight, we know the name now of a woman found dead at a dewey beech motel. police have identified the
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victim at 26-year-old danielle noman. police are looking for 26-year-old juan -- of wilmington in connection with the death. more bottle bomb exploding. this time, it happened in the elizabeth landon community. two children discovered the device on the other side of their backyard fence. witnesses tell the police they saw three teens with a backpack running from the area just after the explosion. a court ruling called pit bulls dangerous. those against the ruling say there's no clear definition in the law supporters includes of parents of a boy who was attacked. under the law, pit bull owners could be liable for dog bites, even if it was never before deemed dangerous. jerry sandusky's defense team is trying to destroy the case that


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