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tv   News  ABC  June 20, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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how we doing>> reporter: if you headed to the bay bridge or key bridge later this afternoon, you want to watch out. it's going to be closed temporarily. there's tugboats pulling cargo ship into the port of baltimore so beginning at 1:15 the bay bridge will be closed and the key bridge closed at 3:15. both for only 40 minutes. expect delays in the area. we have our first accident of the day it's in baltimore city right on eastern avenue at bond street. heading out on 95 here's what it looks like in the white marsh area everything up to speed at route 43. you are looking at a 4 minute ride toward the beltway from this point. and if you are heading out to the beltway here's what it looks like. no problems to report. it will be a nice calm ride headed up towards 83. if you are headed out on 895 a major construction project is planned and going to begin later tonight and it's going to cause a lot of congestion over the next couple months. sherrie johnson is live at the harbor tunnel with the latest on what to expect. good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. yes, we are here at fort mchenry toll plaza.
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look behind me, traffic is moving pretty well and in the next few days that could be a challenge here major construction beginning tonight at 9 on interstate 895. this could mean traffic headaches during rush hour tomorrow morning. drivers are actually urged to avoid use the harbor tunnel through the end of summer. crews are replacing concrete decking on a bridge south of the toll plaza. roads crews are resurfacing a 55-year-old bridge requiring one more lane to be closed for 8 weeks and then in august, one lane in each direction will close. these are repairs that could mean backups in both directions and possibly into the tunnel. the worst delays are expected. the first two weeks of august when traffic will reduce to just one lane in both directions. your best alternate routes are the fort mchenry tunnel and key bridge. >> we are hoping that we can encourage folks to use the other routes and try to avoid 895 if they can. if they have to take 895,
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certainly expect delays. >> reporter: once again, the construction project begins tonight at 9:00. reporting in south baltimore sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:32 right now. this is exclusive video taken early this morning in eldersburg of a stabbing that happened. we spoke with maryland state police overnight who do confirm one person was stabbed to death and another arrested. witnesses at the scene say there was a fight at the martin grocery store on londontown boulevard around midnight. witnesses say a fight may have started between two a night employees there. a teenage who was shot in ellicott city remains in critical condition this morning. it happened after 7 last night. police say they found the 15- year-old in field off frederick road. police say they suspect foul play in this but they don't have any suspects or a motive. the person of interest in dew ye beech is dead. they found the body of 27 26- year-old pawan kumar at motor lag in new jersey about four
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hours away from dew wee. police wanted to talk to him about a body found in 6 ah of a 26-year-old danielle mehlman. we told you about this yesterday. police are continuing to investigate if there's a connection between the two. news around the nation the north carolina mother is upset with her son's school. her third grader was stripped accepted after being accused of taking a classmate's mother. her son returned a dropped 20 dollar bill to a girl. several students accused johnson of taking the money. ate siftant principal took her son into the bathroom and told him to remove everything but his undershirt and boxers. >> she asked me if she could she told me now i have to strip search you. >> and she came up to him and rubbed her fingers inside hisunderwear. if that's not excessively intrusive, i don't knowwhat is. >> the principal didn't find
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the money and apologized. the school district says a male january cor was brought in as a witness and believe proper procedure was followed. they wont a toe -- we want to know what you think about this. head to the abc2 news facebook fan page and weigh in and leave your thoughts. >> -- an air traveler is facing charges for groping a tsa agent in an-appropriate way. the -- inappropriate way. here's video to show you where you can see the 59-year-old carol price getting a pat down at security in fort myers. the pat down was done according to procedure. but price a former tsa worker disagreed and complained to the tsa supervisor who was also a a former colleague and she tried to leave the airport but instead was arrested. check out this armed robbery caught on camera. you can see the suspect climbing through the take out window of a houston area fast- food restaurant. the man hangs through the window and threatens the restaurant employee with a gun. the worker hands over about 200 dollars and the suspect takes off.
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police are looking for that suspect this morning. calls to 911 are supposed to be about life-threatening emergencies. this is not one of them. >> okay so a man in connecticut actually dialed dispatchers at 911 because he was unhappy with a service at a deli. >> they are giving me a hard time and. >> who is this? you are calling 911 because you don't like the way they are making your sandwich? >> exactly. >> so don't buy it. >> go ahead. >> the deli's owner says police arrived a short time later and talked with the man. it's unclear whether the caller was cited or arrested i would think one or the other. 911 is for emergency. >> you look for comedy bit? here's your sign. >> no. >> remember that? dumb. dumb. >> stay with us this morning. we are going to talk about
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shooting to fay in twilight. you know who we are talking about. >> coming in a bit, the list she is now going to be on top earning star and who she bumped off the number one spot coming up. >> also ahead this morning, the numbers are disturbing. what health officials are saying about the number of teens in maryland who continue to abuse drugs. >> good morning. you know when it's 77 at 5:30 it's going to be a hot day. we will talk about the sizzling forecast coming. >> reporter: good morning. no delays to tell you about here on the beltway at bel air road. but we are dealing with a crash on the west side at liberty road. i will have the details coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:39 and we are back. a photographer in new york city says he is considering charges against actor alec baldwin. the photographer for the new york dealy news ended up in the hospital after baldwin punched him. these are the photos that made the newspaper yesterday. he was trying to snap pictures of the actor and fiancee at a mearnlg license bureau. baldwin says he was attacked
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and that he never threw a punch. kristin stewart who shot to fame as bella swan is highest paid actress. the 22-year-old earned an estimated 34 1/2 million dollars from may 2011 to may 2012 and pushed former number one angelina jolie into fourth place. cameron diaz in second with 34 million dollars. minor league baseball tipped the ball cap to bill murray on tuesday. the actor and comedian was inducted into the south atlantic league hall of fame. part owner of the charleston south carolina river dogs since 1989. what is he wearing? >> okay he is an artist so it's creative. do i do it? >> you would wear that anyway. >> stay with us this morning. he may have won the triple crown 40 years ago but the race
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time is something we have debated. >> but not anymore. maryland racing commission madea decision about the time and it literally comes down to one second. >> reporter: we are dealing with a serious crash on west side of the beltway. this is liberty road that shut down many lanes of the inner loop. expect heavy delays in the area as we can pull up a live short. notice how much this is disrupting traffic. expect heavy delays as you head down towards edmonton. if you are use the jfx to get into the city, no problems to report from the beltway downtown to east fayette street and major construction will begin tonight on 895. we will have all the details coming up on good morning maryland.
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now "good morning maryland." >> 5:44. the defense could rest their case as soon as today in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. linda so is here to tell us if sandusky will take the stand. linda. >> reporter: his attorney says we will have to stay tuned to see if he does. we learned sandusky is ready to testify but the decision won't be made until the defense calls the final witnesses today.
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yesterday, sandusky's wife took the stand and told jurors she never saw inappropriate contact between her husband and his accusers. she said several of them would sleep over and her husband would be the one to go downstairs and say good night. the defense also called several character witnesses to paint sandusky as a respected church going father figure. his toshes tried to -- attorneys tried to poke holes in the police investigation suggest troopers taint the case by sharing details made by other accusers. a victim's advocate says that's not so uncommon. >> it's normal thing for people to believe they are the only person and it's reasonable to let somebody know they are not the only one. >> reporter: now the judge says the defense will likely rest its case by lunchtime today with closing arguments on this opportunity for sandusky to take the stand. >> 5:45. disturbing news out of maryland regarding teen drug use. according to the a alcohol and
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drug abuse administration the problem is getting worse in maryland. the adaa says a number of teens seeking treatment for oxycodone scrup ped -- jumped 7 #% from 2008 to 2010. use of other pain killers increased by 35% and expercent say the -- ex-- experts say the problem is the drugs are so easy to find a mother started the heroin action coalition to raise awareness about teen drug abuse. united health care will announce today it will hire 335 people in the baltimore area. according to the baltimore sun the jobs will support the acquisition of the excell health division providing medicare health plans. the united health care acquired the company in february. governor o'malley will be at today's announcement which is scheduled for 2:45. it's 5:46 and for the first time the number of millionaires in asia has topped the number in north america. the report says the asian
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pacific region has homes right now to 3.37 millionaires that was last year. that's up almost 2% from the year before. now the number of millionaires in north america comes in at a close second at 3.35. the fbi looking for suspects who made off with the two million dollar ruby shaped liberty bell. among the other pieces of jewelry that were stolen at a delaware store in november, this happened and authorities say on the first and the four suspects tied up the employees smashed the display cases at stewart kingston galleries. fbi offering a $10,000 reward for information in the robbery. the board of public works considering a move to pave the way for a casino operator to buy the rocky golf resort it has to buy it as a condition of the license would be awarded to operate up to 1,000 slot machines. the items on the board's agenda for today's meeting. time for sports for you.
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the in new york baltimore still in inner league play take on the mets last night. santana still in the zone from the june 1st disputed no hitter. struck out 5 and gave up 4 hits on the night. as the mets downed baltimore same score for monday 5-0. josh weaver lead the way going 2 for 3. game 3 tonight at 7:10 first pitch again from city -- citifield. one second might not seem like a lot but when you are running for a record it means every thing. the maryland racing commission has voted to change secretariate's winning 1973 preakness times from 1:54 to 1:53. they listened to two hours of testimony to prove the horse's time was exactly faster. actually faster. with one second shaved off secretariate now hold track records at the derby pimlico and belmont. >> i am sorry. >> one second. >> one sek.
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all the difference -- second. all the deference it makes and a mother duck and 7 ducklings at jfx and northern parkway. >> and, of course, abc2 news cheryl conner saw a woman a get out of the car and stop traffic at northern parkway and another person also pulled over to help. and the two gently guided mom and her babies into the woods where they are back safe and sound. >> all right time for a check of the forecast once again. mike is standing by in for lynette this morning. and mike, you have a tall order. the heat is on the way. >> it's starting now. it's muggy and temperatures into the 70s. look outside the super studios of abc2. clear skies overhead and mild. inner harbor is at 77. the temperatures starting off at the 90s and by lunchtime temperatures into the low 90s. dew points are high between 68 to 70 so combine that with the heat and we will see the heat indecks rise to 105.
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here's what's going on the big boards. high pressure in control over the ohio valley. everything is pivoting around so we will remain cloud free and rain free over the next 45 hours and this system will come in the form of showers and gusty thunderstorms. we are pinpointing scattered showers and storms on thursday but a better shot of widespread showers and storms heading into friday afternoon. 97 degrees. sizzling heat and humidity making the numbers feel like it's 100 to 105 and heading into tonight around 75 degrees again that's a slow fall and i think 75 achieved around 3 or 4 in the morning and we are right up to 100 degrees as we head into tomorrow afternoon. that's the most dangerous part of the heatway. showers and gusty thunderstorms late in the afternoon. 90 on saturday. and sunday a little cooler but drier at 86 and 83 as we head into early next week. we will talk more about the
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forecast again. here's traffic. >> reporter: good morning. the main trouble spot is the beltway. we aring dewith a serious crash on west side as we look live at liberty road. it's causing major problems. only the shoulder is getting by at this time of the expect a very slow ride making the drive down towards 95. i am tracking delays and will continue to do so so stay tuned for more. if you are using the jfx to get into the city, no problems. just 11 minutes from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. we have traffic to keep in mind. construction on 895 begins later tonight expected to cause heavy delays at harbor tunnel through the end of the summer. stick with the fort mchenry tunnel or key bridge as an alternate route but we have problems on the bay bridge and key bridge later this afternoon. tugboats are pulling a cargo ship into the port of baltimore. bay bridge shut down at 1:15 and key bridge at 3:15 for 40 minutes this afternoon. you will want to expect delays
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as well. that is your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. facebook plans to keep ion on you even when you are not on their side. >> it is called the facebook exchange and will change what you see on your profile. >> and hundreds of empty school desk will be scattered around the national mall. we will explain the message behind the show when "good morning maryland" continues. çñç?ç?çñçwçñçwç?ó?çwçñó?ç?çñó?çw
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health and human services secretary is in detroit to make a few announcement. she is expected to talk about the health care reform law and i fordable care act and community health centers. >> and today is the deadline for eric holder to turn over documents related to the fast and furious program. several house representatives have threatened to hold him in contempt if don't give them the requested paperwork. facebook will unveil a new system that would track your web browsing on other sites. to see what ads fit your profile advertisers. advertisers will be be bidding to get their ads on you computer screen. facebook exchange is set to roll out in the fection couple weeks.
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-- is expected to roll out in a couple weeks. back in march the nfl announced they had evidence coaches and players were take part in the pay for pain game. 857 empty school desks are being set up today on the national mall in washington, d.c. they represent the number of students nationwide who drop out of school and this is every hour of every school day. this movement is part of a plan to draw attention on education. just like new york, another town wants to limit the amount of soda people can drink. >> this is hamming -- happening in cambridge massachusetts. and they are a step closer to address the really bad problem in the town. plastic and paper and glass recyclable but meet a group that believes there's out there to recycle and they are willing to go dump stie diving. >> and it's heating up outside. what you -- dumbster diving. >> -- dumpster diving. >> and it's heating up outside.
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mike is in for lynette. >> we have the alerts out there and we will talk about triple digit heat in the next 48 hours. details coming up. lauren. >> reporter: well an accident is causing congestion on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. i am track delays and we will have the complete abc2 time savor traffic report coming up on "good morning maryland." kids, do you know what it is that makes this country great? the constitution our forefathers wrote? our unified belief in the american dream? yes! those are some of the great things i was thinking of. celebrate america with the tour of america. only at denny's.
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