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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  June 22, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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new developments in the jerry sandusky trial as the jury decides his fate. one of the teens making headlines for bullying a 68- year-old bus monitor speaking out. and all new this morning, how stranger who seen this video are weighing in on this friday, june 22nd, good morning, maryland. thank you so much for joining us this morning. happy friday. we want to know about the weather and hopefully we're in for a cooldown. here's mike with the latest. >> we're going to be talking about a gradually cooldown going into the weekend. yesterday we tied that record 100 degrees. that was set back in 1923, so that's an impressive stat we did tie. what's going on this morning at 4:30, 82 degrees across the area right now. we do have a couple of scattered showers just outside of town right along i-70 and
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then we go out toward deep creek there's another band of some showers moving through garrett and washington counties. we'll talk p a shower or thunderstorm coming up in just a little bit. want to remind you that is the place to go for all the weather information, comprehensive weather coverage 24 hours a day seven days a week. check out our hot weather guide at you can find cooling centers, tips to lower your electrical bills and what you need to know about choosing the right sunscreen. we'll talk more about your forecast and the cooldown coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check of traffic. it's early. lauren. >>reporter: good morning, mike. if you are headed out on 895, do be aware that all that construction is still under way, not causing any delays as of yet, but that will change later this morning. stick with the fort mchenry tunnel as your alternate route. clear from the beltway downtown
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to east fayette street. if you are headed out on 95, white marsh looking at a four- minute trip southbound route 43 to the beltway. as we pull up drive times for 695, five minutes from the outer loop up to 183. the west side going to be in great shape 11 minutes as well. this morning three fire companies are one step closer to shutting down for good despite some of the work that councilmembers came up with another solution. >> here's what's going to happen next. the final vote on that budget is going to take place monday. if the council passes that, it means those three fire companies and several rec centers will close on july 1st, all of this as part of the mayor's plan to save money. >> the city council voted 9-5 last night in favor of the mayor's budget. council president jack young led the charge against the cuts but was unsuccessful. several councilmembers who had supported young's plan to save the fire companies changed their vote last night after the
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mayor insisted even if other cuts were made that money would be used to save several fire companies. [ inaudible ] >> it's the people's plan, not jack young's plan. if the council gives the final approval monday, as of july 1st truck 10, squad 11 and truck 15 will be shut down. linda stow is out live this morning at city hall. we'll be checking in with her with more on the very latest as we continue this morning on "good morning maryland." if you want the latest, head to a maryland teen is on cloud nine, not only did he win the intel science prize and $100,000, his work may end with actually helping people. 9th grader jack adpranda admitted a little piece of paper as a test detecting the very beginnings of cancer before they become invasive. the way it works is when you develop some forms of cancer, your body produces a particular
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protein. his test looks for that protein and a doctor at johns hopkins agree today let jack spend the summer in his lab. he's been quite impressed. >> i'm confident. >> an draka. >> anit draka, that's my name. >> the young man has been in love with science since he was 3 years old. family and friends will gather to remember christopher brown today. he was the teenager killed last wednesday after a run-in with an off-duty baltimore police officer. police say brown was close, but not part of a group of kids knocking on doors and throwing rocks. his death has been ruled a homicide. his viewing begins at 4:00 to 8:00 at the von green funeral home on liberty road. a bombshell in the jerry sandusky trial. another alleged victim has come forward, this one related to
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sandusky. >> all of this is happening right now as the jury continues deliberating what's going on. for more on this abc 2 news sherree johnson has more on what's expected to come out today. >>reporter: jurors will return today to decide the fate of jerry sandusky in the child sex abuse trial. we've also learned that matt sandusky, one of jerry sandusky's six adopted children says that jerry sandusky sex sexually abused him. he was also prepare today testify for the prosecution but never got the chance. the jury discussed the case for more than eight hours yesterday before come to go a close at 9:30 p.m. the jury asked to rehear testimony of mike we are mcqueary. they also want today rehear testimony from a doctor who testified that mcqueary gave him a different account of what he saw. they'll rehear this testimony today. >> there's a tsunami of evidence against him and he has absolutely no effective way of countering it. >> there's lots of money out
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there, lawsuits have already been filed against penn state, against the second mile, against jerry sandusky. >>reporter: now, jerry sandusky has pleaded not guilty to 48 charges. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. sharee johnson, abc 2 eyewitness news. another high profile case going to be on "20/20" tonight. an interview with former presidential candidate john edwards' mistress rielle hunter. that airs on "20/20" tonight. hunter is also the mother of edwards' 4-year-old daughter. she'll speak on abc at 10:00 tonight. a piece of history being auctioned tonight. >> the founding father that signed the historic document and how much an auction house is expecting to get for it. the trek that one father and son set out on. their remarkable story. they're not on the road here in maryland, are they, lauren? >>reporter: everything is up to speed on 695 at hartford road. i'll show you what else is
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coming up in my time saver traffic report. you are taking a look at new york city and the statue of liberty. stay with us. there's much more coming up.
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yesterday the heat was wreutal. it was down right obressive. we tied a record at bwi airport from 1923. a lot of people were none too thrilled about the heat, even altering their schedule just to be able to bear it. warm, extremely warm. >> i get to work, i have to drink like two cups of water before i can start anything. >> drinking water is a good idea. it looks like we are going to get a break from the heat. the national weather service says the temperatures are expected to begin dropping today. >> who's this guy? >> who needs them when we have you. >> that's right, who are they? here's what's going on this morning, we are talking temperatures that are still into the 80s, a very mild morning out there. 82 in the city right now. look at d.c. hanging onto 84
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degrees with the humidity, feeling like it's conviction, still feeling like 90 down into d.c. good news is it's going to be cooler this afternoon, relatively speaking, of course, with those temperatures only into the 90s, not the 100 mark. you can see the clouds coming in across the area. maryland most powerful radar is starting to track a few spotty showers and storms from the south and that's going to make a run for us later today. we're on our way for a two- degree guarantee of 93 degrees. gusty showers and storms in the mix. we'll talk more about that and who's the best areas to see some severe weather later today. lauren is in the traffic center. good morning. >>reporter: good morning. well, if you are using the tunnels this morning, do expect delays on 895. it's all due to the ongoing construction just south of the toll plaza. and later this morning expected to really jam up. so use the fort mchenry tunnel or the key bridge as your alternate route. the jfx is nice and clear from the beltway all the way into the city. if you are using 95, here's a
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live look at the south side at interstate 195. no concerns for those of you heading down to d.c. or heading north up towards the tunnels. if you are traveling on 695, here's a look at the southwest corner at route 295. do keep in mind beginning at 7:00 this evening construction will shut down the ramp to westbound security boulevard. that will continue all the way to 5:00 a.m. monday. that is a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. over to you. >> lauren, thanks. a major accomplishment for one woman very far away from home. >> what this chinese astronaut did is garnering some major attention straight ahead. it's a scary situation for any driver. one woman ends up in a giant hole. we're going to tell you about the risky decision she made that landed her in the first place. as we head to preak this morning, let's take a live look outside at downtown baltimore, the inner harbor. you're waking up to what's new in maryland. we'll be right back.
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five things you need to know on this friday, if you think you have a perfect peab, time to prove it. baltimore's mote photogenic contest happening today. the winner will be chosen july 22nd. history is up for sale today. christie's auction house in new york city is opening the bids for george washington's signed copy of the constitution. it's expected to bring anywhere from $2 to $3 million. the men accused of severely beating a man at a baseball game last year will be on trial for attacking bryan stow in the parking lot of dodger stadium. today is the deadline for lance armstrong to answer to the latest doping allegations. he denies any wrongdoing saying he was taking more than 500 doping tests and failed none of them. packs used in lunch boxes and coolers being recalled. they're called the arctic zone ice packs. the gel can leak from these
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packages and make you sick if you consume it. time now for a check on your morning commute as well as the weather. there's going to be a cooldown. we'll get to that in just a moment. that'll be nice for commuters. can you imagine not having air conditioning in your car yesterday. >>reporter: i couldn't. my fiancee's sister actually lost her ac. i don't know how you get by because it is just so hot. it just takes your breath away. out on the roads right now we're still dealing with all the construction on 895 right at the harbor tunnel. not causing any delays right now, but that's really going to change later this morning. stick with the fort mchenry tunnel or the key bridge. more construction on the beltway this weekend. beginning at 7:00 p.m. the ramp to westbound security boulevard is going to be closed as bge makes some repairs. that won't reopen until 5:00 a.m. monday. >> very cool. weather wise we're expecting a bit of a cooldown, maybe a little rain too. >> maybe even a gusty storm today, with all the humidity it will allow for these storms to kind of bubble up during the course of the afternoon. right now maryland's most powerful looking radar, not too bad. especially towards our western communities, around deep creek,
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you are seeing a shower, maybe an embedded thunderstorm. the bigger storms are down near roanoke and these are going to push toward the north. again, interacting with all the humidity, we do run the risk of a gusty thundershower. winds with some of those storms could become pretty severe, dangerous lightning certainly also a possibility going into the afternoon. so, again, the forecast today 93 degrees. yes, that's a lower temperature than yesterday, but still the humidity making those temperatures feel like it's into the middle and upper 90s. we'll talk about your seven-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. now to a story ricocheting across the country, the video has gone viral of a 68-year-old bus monitor being relentlessly bullied by a group of teens. >> this morning one of those teenagers is speaking out in a new conversation about bullying of all kinds is kicking off. abc's david muir has more. >>reporter: it is 10 minutes nine seconds long, the cell phone video of a painful bus ride now traveling at lightning speed online. as parents and their children now watch a 68-year-old bus
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monitor, karen cline taunted by four middle school students. >> you're fat. you're just so fat. >>reporter: the boys taking aim at the bus monitor near rochester, new york, who's opinion on the bus with them all year. >> mp3 bleep [ inaudible ] >>reporter: the verbal jabs appear to become physical. one student appearing to poke her there with his book. >> it jiggles. why would you touch her? >>reporter: then they turn to a story they'd heard about her son who committed suicide, making fun of that too. the grandmother of eight telling us she didn't want to break down in front of them. >> i didn't get angry, i just kind of tried to ignore them, just look out the window of the bus and say bye, guys. they just kept up. >>reporter: at one point urging them to stop.
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the video is sparking reaction across this country and as far away as australia. i was so upset and so disturbed. >> what is wrong with these kids of this generation? >>reporter: the father of one of the boys told us it was hard for him to watch. and what did he say to him? >> i think i was crying at the time. you know, i can't believe you could do this to somebody, and it was pretty emotional. >>reporter: also hearing from one of the boys who says he took that video. >> i had no clue that it would go this viral. i feel bad about how, like, they're making fun of her and everything. >>reporter: the kindness of strangers pouring in. a canadaian man who saw the video starting a drive online. let's give karen the bus monitor a vacation, hoping to raise $5,000. >> that was david muir reporting. it's actually exceeded $5,000. you see, the original goal was to send the bus monitor on a vacation raising $5,000, but so
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far the website has raised so much more than that. this is the story on our website. we've put up a link there for that fund. at last check it was $337,000 raised and that's still 29 days to go. so we have also posted this story on our facebook page today and we want to know what you think about this. how do you deal with kids like that? log on, join the conversation, let us know what you think. it's probably a driver's worst nightmare, the road giving way beneath you. take a look at this video because that's what happened to a michigan woman. a busted water main pipe flooding the street. she took a chance and tried to drive through it, but there was a sinkhole that opened up and it swallowed the front of her car. a public works truck was able to come in and pull her out. that road now being repaired. a father and son on a quite a trek this morning. they're walking across america. this week they're in the lone star state of texas. they began in georgia. they're plan to go walk to san diego, california. the father says he needed a break from an unfulfilled and
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unhealthy lifestyle, but he didn't want to go alone, so he asked his son to join him. the walk is supported by donations from their facebook followers. todd has a goal, that's todd, he wants to lose about 200 pounds. this morning a skinny dipping suspect will be charged after he recover from some minor injuries that he suffered during in a bus. this happened in tempe, arizona, where cops say it took more than an hour to get the naked swimmer out of the water. he was on drugs. they say he is not only going to be charged with indecent he will also be charged with definite indicating in public. displf whoa! i took the scripps jet. here's what's going on this morning, annapolis looking really nice, again, dark, but we'll see a pretty good sunrise as we head into later this
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morning in a couple hours. 82 in the city right now. look at d.c., 84 degrees right now. with the humidity feeling like it's between 86 and 90 degrees. so we didn't lose the humidity, we certainly won't lose the humidity going into the afternoon, but we will add the shot of some showers and gusty storms in the mix. you can see out towards deep creek there are some showers bubbling through, but they are slow movers. we're going to see these showers kind of expand in aerial coverage going into the afternoon. then there's another band of some showers and storms making its way into virginia and this will survive the trip into our area as we head into the afternoon hours. just be prepared for some showers and gusty thunderstorms. in fact, future trend showing us getting into the 90s. again, notice the showers and storms starlgt in our western communities first, fredrick, and then this line will push back into the city limits. we'll fall back into the 80s, fufty storms overnight and we'll clear out and dry out as we head into saturday with temperatures once again into the 80s.
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just be aware we do have a risk of severe weather across the area. 93 degrees, your two-degree, hot and humid with those gusty showers and storms. tonight we're going down to 68. early storms, clearing and lower humidity going into tomorrow. your exclusive seven-day forecast, 93 today to 90 on saturday. a beautiful sunday, 88 full on sunshine, low on humidity. that is the pick of the next seven days, and then cooler, dryer monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. lauren, this is a great stretch of weather. we'll talk more about your forecast coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check on time saver traffic. here i am. >>reporter: thank you, mike. hopefully it'll cool down a little bit. if you are headed out on 895, construction continues just south of the harvard tunnel toll plaza. right now in great shape. but later in the day you definitely want to stick with the fort mchenry tunnel or the key bridge as your alternate route. if you are in baltimore county heading out on 795, here's a live look at cockiesville.
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a light ride over to 695. clear on the outer loop from 695 down to 95, an 11-minute trip. jfx11 minutes from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street and no concerns on 95 from the beltway all the way to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza, you are looking at an eight-minute trip. that's a look at abc 2 time saver traffic. over to you. through the course of "good morning maryland," we've always talkd about the surprising cost of weddings and they can get really, really big. now we're trying to help you save. some bride and grooms are ditching the high-priced vendors for some local flavor so they're not breaking the bank to get what they want. details straight ahead. prosecutors are wrapping up their case against the accused norway shooter. we'll tell you what they're asking from the court as we go around the world. let's go back to mike. >> we're on the new abc 2app. deep creek seeing showers and
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storms. this interactive radar is going to be a powerful tool. full forecast coming up. "good morning maryland" coming back up after this.


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