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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  June 22, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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stores, swimsuits, sun dresses, they all come with the territory of summer clothes. many of you don't want to bear your legs because of unsightly or a painful problem. we're talking about varicose veins. blood in our veins is supposed to head in one direction as it goes back to the heart. in people with these veins, the valve that help the blood flow may get weakened, pushing the blood backwards. they are often hereditary, but doctors say you don't have to deal with them. >> this uses a radio frequency element which basically just means a heater probe. >> so the procedure is less invasive than older techniques that were used where you
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surgically had to have those varicse veins removed. the recession is taking a toll on young adults. a new report shows more and more adults are moving back in with mom and dad. that report from the census bureau shows an increase of 1.2 million, half of all people moving home are between the ages of 25 and 34. 4:57 right now. we've often talked p the cost of a wedding and how exepsive it can be. now that includes the wedding cake, of course. they can cost thousands of dollars. so what is happening is some supermarkets are stepping up. they want to get in on the game of a $74 billion wedding cake industry. so they're offering cake designs -- how much? >> $74 billion. cakes are expensive. what they're doing is couples are now getting these cakes on a budget and more and more brides and grooms are taking advantage of it. >> it could be the euro, you know. >> cake might be low on the priority list for some people so going to a grocery store and selecting a less expensive
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option is a perfect fit for them. >> the average cost of a wedding cake bought at a grocery store can be between $300 and $400. going to a vendor can actually cost you in the thousands. it is freebie friday as it is every time at this time on "good morning maryland" and dpifn the cost of wedding cakes, you could save a couple of bucks there, if it's your birthday this month, go to ml and get a free 2012 orioles ticket. also barnes and noble is offering free books for your nook. you can search the free books by category and you can pick one out. you can also get those deals and more by heading to our website, look under the feature section. we provide links for sending you straight to all of those deals. here's what's coming up at 5:00 this morning, just minutes away. the party is still probably going on this morning in miami after the heat win the nba championship. we'll have reaction to their win. some of the world's biggest banks are downgraded by the rating agency moody's. we're going to tell you how this is going to affect wall
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street today. and a public pool in seattle allows a woman to go topless, but there's a good reason behind this decision. those stories and more coming up at 5:00 this morning. 4:59. in news around the world this morning, prosecutors in norway are wrapping up their case against the confessed mass killer anders breivik. it asked court to declare him insane and sent him to a mental facility instead of to prison. he admits killing 77 people in a rampage last july and he says he's not insane at all. a short circuit may be responsible for this massive government compound fire in india. two people were killed, 14 injured. some people were said to be trapped inside, however, firefighters were able to rescue them. china's first female astronaut completed her first night shift in space. nu yang has stayed up to monitor the equipment on the monitoring lab module. she and two others are completing the experiment as part of china's preparations for that space lab. time now to start the 5:00
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hour. the battle over the city budget is getting closer to being finalized. i'm linda stow, when the final vote is set to happen and what it means for you and public safety. and the mother of a baltimore county teen prepares to beur her son a week after -- bury her son a week after. the community comes together to remember the teen in a vigil. [ chanting ] they are probably still celebrating this morning in miami. king lebron and the heat there the nba champs. >> you don't -- you're so entheusastic about that. >> it's great. >> everybody was so excited that they won. >> he finally got his ring. probably the first of many. there's a great stat about that. he got his about a year and a half before of where michael jordan got his first ring.
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a lot of comparison between the two. let's get a check of that forecast. could a cooldown be on the way? >> we'll have a cooldown, 93 from 100, i guess that is a cooldown. we'll call it a cooldown. we're not losing the humidity aspect of the forecast and we're going to add some showers and storms into the mix. the humidity level is still pretty high 67% for this time of the morning, that southerly wind priing in all the moisture from the south. 81 in town, 83 down toward d.c. land. still in the upper 70s over the eastern shore. again, with the humidity feeling like it's 85 out there right now. again, a pretty uncomfortable afternoon in the mix. you to see some showers and storms working over parts of roanoke. this pushes towards the north later today and that's going to bring a shot of some severe weather. in fact, the storm prediction center has highlighted all of central and eastern maryland under the gun, to be under the risk area for maybe some gusty winds, dangerous cloud-to- ground lightning, so we'll talk more about that and a beautiful seven-day forecast, that's coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check on traffic. lauren is in the time saver traffic center.
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good morning, lauren. >>reporter: good morning, mike. if you are using the jfx to get into the city, no delays to talk about from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. if you are heading through the tunnels, do be aware that the construction does continue on 895 just south of the hartford tunnel toll plaza. not causing a backup as of yet, but that will change later this morning. definitely stick with the key bridge or 95 as your alternate route. here's a live look not far from the fort mchenry tunnel at interstate 395, everything will be nice and clear heading into the city or even if you're traveling southbound down toward the beltway or even to the d.c. area. if you are heading out to the beltway, here's what it looks like, overly at bel aire road, everything up to speed, just 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. that is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. the battle over the city budget is down to one last vote. it appears the mayor will get her way, but at what cost. abc 2 news' linda stow has more. she joins us now with the latest. >>reporter: that final vote will happen next monday if the
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council votes yes to the budget, it means three fire companies and several rec centers will close on july 1st as part of the mayor's plan to save money. the city council voted 9-5 last night in favor of the mayor's budget. council president jack young led the charge against the cuts but was unsuccessful. several councilmembers who supported young's plan to save the fire companies changed their vote last night after the mayor insisted even if other cuts are made, that money could not be used to save the fire companies. some councilmembers, though, disagree. >> where there's a will, there's always a way, especially given a $6 million readjustment in a $2 billion plus budget. >>reporter: some councilmembers say they're still hoping to make some last minute changes to the budget at next monday's final vote. linda stow, ashes 2 news. the fast and furious debate now heads to the senate. speaker john boehner says lawmakers will go forward with a contempt vote on attorney general eric holder.
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now, that's earlier this week. lawmakers in the house held holder in contempt for fail to go turn over papers on botched gun tracking operations. so the president invoked executive privilege to block the documents from being released. christopher brown will spend the weekend saying good- bye to her tabled son. brown was killed last week by a baltimore county police officer and detectives are still trying to decide whether to criminally charge that officer, james lavard. last night friends and family held a vigil in the young man's honor and abc 2 news sherree johnson is here with more. >>reporter: later today friends and family will begin to say good-bye to chris brown during his viewing. meanwhile, many people gathered last night on the randle'stown high school football field to remember the teen in a vigil. they came to the 50-yard-line where he played. the community came out to show their support. chris brown's mother listened as people tried to make sense out of her loss. brown died after a fight with
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an off-duty baltimore county police officer. his friends made sure his mother knew they were behind her and would support her. >> it shows you that people care and in 17 years he touched a lot of people's hearts. he was a very nonaggressive likeable brother. he's quick to apologize, quick to want peace. >>reporter: now, the viewing for chris brown will be held tonight from 4:00 to 8:00 at the von green funeral home at 8728 liberty road in randallstown. sheree johnson, abc 2 news. news time 5:05. lebron james now a champion and the miami heat have climbed back to the top of the nba. the heat finished off the oklahoma city thunder in game five of the nba finals. final score 121-106. >> i dreamed about this opportunity, this moment for a long time, including last
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night, including today, you know, my dream has become a reality now and it's the best thing i ever had. you should see megan right now. she's just grinning from ear to ear. james also the playoff mvp. heat fans celebrated and chanted and they brought pots and pans. >> we'll start banging. there was so much smack talk about lebron james. it's nice to see that he can deliver, that's all. >> he is a free market capitalist. go to where they pay you and do the job, that's the way our country works. >> people are going to be so mad. it's too early to get upset. stay with us this morning, a michigan woman found herself in a really tricky situation while she was just out driving. >> this is what her car looked like when rescue crew hs to come in and save her. how this whole thing happened coming up. also this morning, if you're shopping for a wedding cake and you don't want to pay
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big bucks, stick around, we do have an option that you may not have thought of. it's warm and humid across the area, waiting for the sun to come up in ocean city and gusty storms and a whole lot of weather to talk about coming your way. lauren. >>reporter: everything up to speed on 895. i'll let you know how construction in the area could affect your commute coming up on "good morning maryland." 3q
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take a look at this, a woman who's driving on a road in michigan when the road, it just gave out right underneath her car. the busted water main pipe basically flooded the streets but the woman decided to chance it and drove through it anyway. well, that's when her car basically stopped. she was rescued and is doing okay this morning. probably not a good idea to drive through a situation like that. >> that looks like linda stow's car. >> that's so wrong. >> i've had my share of bad days, but, whoa. 81 outside right now. it is another humid morning out there. not as hot later today where we
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had 100 degrees yesterday, tied that 89-year standing record, but we will see temperatures into the 90s. 81 in town, 70s down over the eastern shore. you go about seven hours to the south of baltimore you're going to find some showers and storms. so this is going to be pivoting in our direction later today. we are anticipating some gusty showers, perhaps a severe thunderstorm, mostly after the 3:00 hour. so 84 around 8:00 a.m., noontime at 91. we're on our way from 93 degree is your two-degree guarantee. keep an eye on the western sky during the course of the day as those storms will start to develop. we'll talk about what areas are more susceptible of seeing the storms than others coming up in just a little bit. you're never more than 10 minutes away from traffic and weather together. here's lauren. >>reporter: the main story on the roads is going to be the 895 construction. it started wednesday night and it is expected to cause major delays later this morning. right now, though, it will be nice and clear. but as the morning does progress, stick with the fort mchenry tunnel or the key bridge as your alternate route. more construction on the west side of the beltway. bge, they're actually repairing
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a gas line, so the ramp to westbound security boulevard will be shut down beginning at 7:00 p.m. tonight. it will reopen at 5:00 a.m. on monday. if you are heading out on 83 in northern baltimore county, here's what it looks like in hunt valley, everything up to speed here at shan road. a nice easy ride down toward the beltway. that is look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. she's been at nbc and cbs. now katie couric bringing her talents to abc. he is giving the couture of what's going on behind the scenes behind her new show which is called "katie." just when you think you've seen the craziest wedding proposal, another one comes along and outdoes them. what one new yorker did to try to impress his bride-to-be. a live look at the inner harbor. you can't tell right now, that's where the dragon boats are. we'll be right back.
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thanks for joining us this friday morning. if you like marching bands, flash mobs and proposals, you're going to love this
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story. >> a little michael. a new yorker went all out to pop the question. this is what went down, he invites her to lunch at bryant park. he's got a table, a flash mob dancing to "the way you make me feel" followed by a high school marching band playing "hey baby." he emerges from the band in full uniform to say: >> i didn't know to show how much i loved you, so i thought i'd bring some friends to show you how much i love you. i've got a question i want to ask you. can i get a drum roll? will you please, please marry me? >> yes! [ cheers ] >> what if the question was will you do the dishes? turns out she said yes. how could you possibly say no to something. >> one day someone's going to say no. i guess he could have said -- she could have said would you take out the trash. little inside joke there.
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>> exactly. as the couples plan nuptials they may want to get a cake from the supernarcotic instead of going all out. this is the story that's going to raise eyebrows, brides and grooms going the direction and saving thousands of dollars on cakes. many grocery stores are even hiring people to do the decorating for them. rio and brian, well, they ordered a cake from the farm fresh grocery store. they ordered three elegant tiers, buttercream and all the fixin's. yes, i said that. $350. if you think about this, on average throughout the course of the year, $74 billion spent on cakes. >> a lot of dough. lauren, you're getting married, so, i don't know, have you thought about the cost of a cake? does it stress you out? >>reporter: i actually just thought it yesterday. a grocery store might be a good option because they are a lot of money. >> you could bake it yourself. >> they're at least $1,000 and it just climbs and climbs and climbs. it might be a good idea.
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if you are heading to the roads this morning, the jfx is nice and clear, no delays from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. and the northeast corridor of 95 also going to be in great shape in white marsh. here's a live look at route 43. a nice easy ride. from this point it's going to take you 14 minutes all the way into the city. and if you are using the beltway, as we pull up some drive times 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. west side also clear from 795 down towards 95. you're looking at an 11-minute trip there as well. if you are headed out on 95, the northbound lanes from the beltway to the fort mchenry toll plaza only going to take you eight minutes. that is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. here's mike with a look at the forecast. good morning, mike, another hot one, huh? >> that's it. we're showing you the beach cam, lauren. get down there pause we have a good looking day setting up. take a look. sunshine will be raining supreme later today. 81 in town right now, 67% humidity, so it is another sticky morning out there. maryland's most powerful radar
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showing a dry sky overhead, but you go, say, about 200, 300 miles to the south and west, we do find a cluster of some showers and storms. that's about seven hours away from the city limits. so again later today, pinpoint time from 2:00 to 4:00, western zones 6:00, out towards the east you should be expecting some gusty showers and storms. storm prediction center out in norman, oklahoma say we do have the risk of some gusty winds and dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning. so certainly keep an eye on your western sky. here's your forecast for today, two-degree guarantee of 93 degrees. hot and humid. so with those 90s it's going to feel like it's 100 degrees across the area. and then those storms will come in and actually bust through the humidity. in fact, by tonight 68 degrees, early storms, partial clearing. and then that will set up a beautiful saturday afternoon. here's your seven-day forecast. again, we'll call it kind of hot, warm, it's not going to be sticky, though. saturday is a beautiful day at 90. a pair of eights on sunday, mostly sunny scies. we'll go mostly sunny on
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monday, there is the threat of an isolated shower. a nice cooldown on tuesday, it's 80 and a struggle to get out of the 70s by the middle of next week. we'll have a check of the forecast coming up. katie kouric is returning to television in three months. you can catch her show on abc 2. >> there's a lot going on behind the scenes. katie couric gives us a tour. hi, everyone. woman. this is meredith kennedy, my trusty assistant, and this is the lovely netta who is here from the university of virginia. here's my office. i have a lot of monitors which is very nice. and this is something eric stone from "modern family,"
5:21 am
it's a poem he wrote for my book, the best advice i ever got. hello, joe. i feel like i'm in very good hands. i'm very happy you're here. >> i'm thrilled be here, and we're building a great team and everybody is excited. and here it is, this is our studio, believe it or not. it kind of looks like an airplane hangar right now, this huge cavernous space. it'll look like a talk show set. we'll have actual furniture and lights. and if you have any interest in coming to the show, and we hope you will, you can write to us and get some tickets at and we can't wait to see you then. before i sign off, let's check out the control room, because, honestly, it's like a spaceship. it's pretty cool. camera 3, take camera 3. closeup, camera 2, camera 3. i'm just playing. i've always want today do that. anyway, here's the control room. so this is the epicenter,
5:22 am
ground control, if you will, once the show gets started on september 10th. so i'm very excite today get the show on the road and to get started. so i hope you guys will join me and i'll see you next week as we give you updates and introduce you to some of the folks who are going to be part of the katie show. see you then. >> maybe she'll come direct this show. as mentioned they are looking for -- we've got a link to date katie's show at our website. why don't you tell them where it is, megan. >> remember, is your station for the show "katie." the show starts september 10th, 4:00. we'll have a lot more on the katie show as we get ready for the big average in baltimore. moving on now, janet jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction back in 2004 at the super bowl, remember that? it cost cbs the big bucks. so other networks have been fined for similar incidents, but now things will change thanks to a supreme court
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ruling. and protesting a new campaign headed toward the catholic church.
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5:26 right now. thanks for joining us. top stories this morning, commerce secretary john bryson is stepping down. he sent a letter to president obama saying that this recent seizure that be experienced could be a distraction from doing his job. he's been on a medical leave of absence ever since the involvement with two car accidents in california. his office indicated they were link today the seizure. authorities have not decided whether or not to formally charge him. and broadcast tv won an important first amendment battle. the u.s. supreme court shot down the fcc's policy against fleeting expleitives and nudity the fcc and they basically have put on some pretty hefty fines for the networks nearly a decade. now, the supreme court says that the fcc didn't give the networks enough notice that their policy was inconsistent. baltimore's new archbishop
5:27 am
created or celebrated the national religious liberty mass at the ba sillic a. demonstrators gathered outside the church protesting an effort by u.s. bishops they have now dubbed four night for freedom. this is a two-week period focusing on prayer, education and action. protesters say they want pastors not politicians. >> we don't want our bishops and our religious leaders doing politics at church and putting our money into political campaigns that are not accountable to the catholic people in the pews. >> following the mandate that employers provide healthcare services such as contraception. a public pool in seattle has been getting a lot of attention lately. >> yeah. and that's because it all started with a woman who wanted to swim topless. she has a good argument. but did the pool owners buy it? we're going to tell you what they decided straight ahead. also this morning, new video has been released of george zimmerman showing what happened the night trayvon martin was shot and killed.
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hear what he has to say in his own words coming up. good morning. take a look, gorgeous shot in ocean city. we're going to get the sunshine out, but gusty storms in the mix later today. your full forecast straight ahead. lauren. >>reporter: mike, everything up to speed here on 695 and overly. i'll show you what interstate 70 and 95 look like coming up in mire abc 2 news time saver traffic report. you're watching "good morning maryland." >>reporter: good morning, everyone. topping america's money, banks take a hit. moody's has cut the credit ratings of more than a dozen major banks, including five in the u.s. the credit rating service says the banks are at risk from the european debt crisis. and mortgage rates have hit yet another record low, a 30-year fixed rate loan now averages 3.66% those are the lowest rates since long-term mortgages began back in the 1950s. and a respected oil analyst says we should see $3 gallon gas by thanksgiving. the national average this morning is less than $3 1/2.
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tom clova of the oil information service cites slumping demand. this car has a range of 265 miles per charge. tesla is counting on california to make money for the company. that's america's money. i'm paula farris.


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