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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  June 22, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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baltimore is one step closer to losing three fire companies. i'm linda stow. why a plan to save them failed last night at city hall and what comes next in the battle to finalize the budget. and new developments in the jerry sandusky case. the new revelation the jury won't hear before deciding on this case. stocks overseas reeling overnight following the downgrade of 15 major banks. what this could mean for you and your money on this friday, june 22nd. if you haven't taken a peek outside, we'll do it for you. this is what it looks like at 6:00 in the morning, already a warm day. >> that was a saucy start, kind of soupy out there. >> the air you can wear we'll call it. that's not a good thing. >> humidity -- forget it.
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>> mike made a run. >> a little corny one liner here. here's what's going on out there. that's a prerequisite for working here. 81 degrees outside our studios, 65% humidity. that's creating the haze across the area leaving these temperatures very mild. 86 in the inner harbor. annapolis down towards d.c., 82, 83 degrees. we do have some shower and storms on maryland's most powerful radar. you go about 200 miles to the south and west, you see these storms developing kingsport, moving into roanoke and that's about seven hours away from us. so we will be addressing the idea of some gusty storms, some which could test severe weather limits. gusty winds, dangerous lightning all a possibility going into this afternoon. we'll plan out your day, 8:00 in the morning 84. we're on our way to 91 at the lunch hour. scattered showers and storms developing after 4:00, 93
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around 4:00. as we head toward the 8:00 hour tonight, still some showers and storms in the mix with 84 degrees. it will still be humid tonight, but we're going to break down the humidity going into this weekend. we'll show you that exclusive seven-day forecast coming your way in just a little bit. let's get a look at the time saver traffic. >>reporter: good morning, mike. if you are heading out onto the pennington avenue draw bridge, you want to be aware at 9:00 traffic will be reduce today two lanes and the construction continues on 895 just south of the harbor tunnel. expect delays as the morning does progress. stick with the fort mchenry tunnel or the key bridge as your alternate route. as we check in and take a live look at the northeast corridor in white marsh, everything up to speed. a nice easy ride as you make your drive down towards the beltway. as we pull up drive times, if you're headed out to the harrisburg expressway from the maryland/pa line, you're looking at a 22-minute ride to 695. no concerns on the beltline.
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that is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. baltimore city is now one step closer to you to losing three fire companies. tbl this is al the mayor's plan to balance the books. abc 2 new' linda stow joins us with more on this budget battle. >>reporter: not everyone on the city council is in favor of the mayor's plan but it looks like she'll get her way. last night the council voted 9- 5 in favor of the budget. the final vote comes next monday and if things don't change, three fire companies will close on july 1st. council president jack young led the charge depends the cuts but was unsuccessful. several councilmembers who had supported young's plan to save the fire company has changed their vote last night after the mayor insisted even if other cuts were made, that money could not be used to save the fire companies. so if the council gives final approval next monday, as of july 1st, truck 10 in west baltimore, squad 11 in southeast and truck 15 in east
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baltimore will be shut down. >> it's a deceit to the people. it's the people's plan, not jack young's plan. >>reporter: some councilmembers say they're still hoping to make some last minute changes to the budget at next monday's final vote. linda stow, abc 2 news. >> linda, thanks. tonight a viewing will be held in baltimore county for a teenager who died a week ago. 17-year-old christopher brown was killed after an off-duty baltimore county police officer chased him down, the two got into a fight. police say that the officer administered cpr but brown was later pronounced dead at northwest hospital. you can pay your respect from 4:00 to 8:00 at the von green funeral home in randallstown. jurors in the jerry sandusky continue deliberating today. >> they're sequestered right now and have no idea that one of sandusky's adopted sons now comes forward saying he was abused. today sherree johnson has nor on -- more on what's democratting out of
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pennsylvania. >>reporter: day two of the deliberations. the jurors will return to decide the fate of jerry sandusky in the child sex abuse trial. we've learned that matt sandusky, one of sandusky's six adopted children said that jerry sandusky sexually abused him. he was prepared to testify for the prosecution as a rebuttal witness if sandusky took the stand but never got the chance. meanwhile, the jury discussed the case for more than eight hours yesterday before coming to a close at 9:30 p.m. the jury asked to rehear testimony of mike mcqueary. he was a one-time graduate assistant who reported seeing sandusky assault a boy in the shower. they also want today rehear testimony from a doctor who testified that mcqueary gave him a different account of what he saw. they'll rehear that testimony today. >> there's a tsunami of evidence against him and he has absolutely no effective way of countering it. >> there's lots of money out there, lawsuits have already been filed against penn state, against the second mile, against jerry sandusky. >>reporter: jerry sandusky has
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pleaded not guilty to 48 charges. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. sheree johnson, abc 2 news. the fast and furious debate now heads to the u.s. senate. house speaker john boehner says lawmakers will go forward with a contempt vote against attorney general eric holder. earlier those in the house held holder in contempt for turning over papers on the botched gun running organization. all eyes will be on wall street this morning. the stock market dropped 250 points after moody's credit rating agency issued downgrades for 15 major global banks. among them, bank of america, citigroup, goldman sachs, jp morgan and morgan stanley. the possible impacts according to abc news financial correspondent, it could become more difficult and more expensive for congress to get loans on everything from cars to mortgages. we have some celebrating going on down in south beach,
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also some celebrating going on to my immediate left. the miami heat now clinching the nba championship. their second. this is lebron james' first. he capped that off with 26 points last night. the heat finished off oklahoma city and the thunder in game five. and that final score 121-106. i've dreamed about this opportunity, this moment for a long time, including last night, including today, you know, and my dream has become a reality now and it's the best thing i've had. james has has been named the mvp. the heat fans celebrated well into the night. they cheered. they also brought out pots and pans he is being call add boy genius and it's a name the maryland 9th grader deserves. >> he's come up with a potential test that could save lives and it has scientists at johns hopkins taking notice.
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this is what could happen if you take a chance of driving through a flooded street. a little bit more than that. we'll explain in just a bit. mike. >>reporter: we're talking about a couple of scattered showers just toward east of annapolis, but bigger storms down to the south and west. we are tracking maybe some severe weather later today. we'll talk more about your forecast coming up. lauren. >>reporter: traffic is really starting to pick up here on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. i'll show you what 95 and 83 look like coming up in my abc 2 news time saver traffic report. time now to head up to new york now for the very latest in tech bytes. we're back in just a bit. in today's tech bytes, all atwitter over outages, twitter recover frg a cascading bug. no service off and on throughout the day yesterday for all web and mobile users. twitter says it was not a hacker. facebook now promise it is will make clear to users what happens when they click on a puton to like a product. they are giving the sponsor permission to use their names and photos to promote the product. that change settles a class action lawsuit.
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it costs less to run an ipad for a year than a single cup of takeout coffee. researchers found the annual cost is just $1.36, by comparison a compact fluorescent bulb costs more. a british supermarket chain says three times as many mothers hand their kid a phone than a pacifier, it also beat out bottles and soft toys. those are your tech bytes. i'm scron muller.
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several irvelings of rain pushed waterways in duluth, minnesota well beyond the banks. this is the remnants of the st. louis river. flooding forced hundreds of people from their homes. it washed away road and bridges, isolating some communities where it was nearly impossible to get to them. one person described the devastation as "unreal." look at that, buckled roads, so much damage there. once again record-breaking flooding up in parts of minnesota. >> we tied a record here. >> yeah. we had an 89-year record that we came close to shattering but we tied it. we'll put that down in little asterisks in the climatology books. we'll talk later. it'll be a good conversation. that heat ridge has pushed all the storms and storm tracks to the north. it was one storm after another that hit them. >> line upon line.
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>> exactly. we're responsible for what happened, at least our heat was responsible for the flooding to the north. a little tidbit water cooler talk. here's what's going on this morning, mount airy, what a beautiful shot. take a look, a little blue sky coming in, a little sunlight as we look towards the east. today is a mixture of sunshine and clouds. we're not going to call it the full-on sunshine we saw yesterday. 81 in town right now. look at the humidity levels, very high, still 65%. west/southwesterly wind at three. that's dragging in the moisture from the south. the heat and humidity is going to aid in the potential now of some thunderstorms as we go into later today. in fact, we have a cluster of some showers and storms just outside of roanoke. that's about seven hours away from our area, so this will be pushing towards the north. you see a cold front out towards the west and that's dragging in all the moisture from the south. but these little bands of showers and storms will run up along this cold front and be in our area as we head into later today. storm prediction center says some of those storms now could
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test severe weather limits, gusty winds, dangerous cloud-to- ground lightning, so keep an eye on your western sky as we head into the afternoon hours. in terms of your forecast high, two-degree guarantee of 93 degrees, hot and humid, gusty storms in the mix after the 3:00 hour. tonight still humid, partial clearing after midnight, 68 degreing and we're going to preak through this humidity as we head into the weekend. look at the forecast on saturday. yes, 90 is still hot and it's still above average, but we lose the humidity aspect to this. sunday 88 degrees, a gem of a day. could be a couple spot showers on monday as another frontal cooler, it's dryer tuesday, wednesday and thursday. let's get a check on traffic this morning. lauren cook is in the traffic center. what's going on, lauren? >>reporter: good morning, michael. we are still dealing with all of that construction on 895. no delays at the harbor tunnel just yet. that will change as the morning does progress. you will want to stick with the fort mchenry tunnel or the key bridge as your alternate routes. heading out to the top side of the beltway, a disabled car at
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charles street. this is delaney valley road, not causing any significant delays but that inner loop going to be a little bit packed as you do make the push to providence road. as we take a look at drive times, if you are using the jfx to get into the city, you are looking at an 11-minute ride downtown to east fayette street. traffic also just going back to the beltway picking up on the west side from the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that stretch will take you 13 minutes all together. if you are are headed out on 895, just an eight-minute right to the fort mchenry toll plaza. 6:15. moms, dads, listen up. baltimore's most photogenic baby contest now under way. this is the 20th year for the event benefiting the johns hopkins children's center. all you have to do to take part is bring your child 5 years old or under to the marley station for a professional photo shoot. that's all going on through sunday. the winners will be announced july 22nd. it costs $35 to enter, including a photo for the parents, they can take that home. >> we have the most photogenic
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kitty going on right now. davy from the maryland spca came in, is there a birdie out there? >> i don't know. >> he's very cute. >> he's up for adoption. he's a little squirmy this morning. as kittens often are. >> we still have the baltimore 500 going on. >> explain what that is and how's it going so far. >> it's going great. maryland spca barks and humane society set the adoption of 500 cat and kitten adoptions in june and we just went over 500, 510, so we're going to go for 600. >> why not? >> so there's a little bit of time left and basically if you get a kitten or a cat at a great deal. >> no adoption fee. >> which is huge. >> yes. and ernie is from barth, we transported him into the maryland spca. he's not very happy about this harness. this is something that you can do with your cat if you want to take him outside, just make sure he doesn't get away, but
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you have to get them used to it because they don't like it at first. >> that's the beauty of a cat too is that they are often indoor pets. if you are planning on taking a cat outside, you do need to do something like this to plan ahead for it. oh, look. where can people go if they want to adopt ernie or another cat? >> they can go to our website or give us a call. we encourage people to check out barks humane society. >> we have lots of great shelters in our area, the maryland spca are certainly a part of that. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. phone number is on your screen, they're open this weekend. look at ernie, i need a home, charley. people living in japan got to see something pretty cool in the sky. check out this cloudy formation. there's a name for it and it doesn't happen very often. look at that. we're going to ask mike about this when we return and see if we can provide you an answer. also a woman's request to sim topless at a seattle public
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pool and the surprising place where she's finding support. as we go to break this morning, a live look at niagra falls on the canadaian border. "good morning maryland" returns in just a moment. ♪
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this story is truly remarkable, a maryland 9th grader invebilitied a device that could help save lives around the world. here's abc's dr. rithat story. >> the winner in the category of medicine -- [ cheers and applause ] >>reporter: if someone was going to cure cancer, i think it might be this guy. [ cheers ] region an ecstatic maryland 9th grader, jack andraka who just won $100,000 in the intel science project. he may be the 15-year-old guy who saves your life. his invention? a little piece of paper, a test that detects the very beginnings of cancer, lung, ovarian, even pancreatic cancer. compared to any contest, it seems to be 168 times faster,
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400 times more sensitive and it costs just 3 cents. it could detect the cancer before it becomes more invasive when your chance for survival is much, much greater. >>reporter: you catch them early? >> yeah. that's what's so cool about this test. >>reporter: that is cool. even if jack doesn't do what most kids do, he's a competitive white water kayaker, for instance, but when his family lost a friend to pancreatic cancer, it made him think. and for a boy who's loved science since he was three, that daydreaming turned into an idea for a pancreatic cancer test strip that would use tiny tubes of carbon, one molecule thick. he sent a 35-page proposal for his test to 200 scientists, looking for a lab to work in for the summer. this doctor at johns hopkins university is the only one that said yes. how does it work? when you have some cancers, the body produces a particular protein. jack's test makes that protein
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stick to the tubes. it'll change in electrical potential. >>reporter: and the numbers change on the readout. could it revolutionize testing for cancer or even infectious diseases? jack's getting a patent and medical companies are already knocking on his door. jack andraka's daydreaming may save thousands of lives. dr. richard besser, baltimore, maryland. >> what a story. >> amazing kid. this is a reminder, clearly he was young, 9th grade, 14, 15 years old. incredible. >> great story. it's a little hard to go from something so inspiring to traffic, not that we don't love the traffic and we need to know about it, but tell us what we gotta know. >>reporter: before we get to traffic, we actually -- it's okay. we do have a great picture sent in by susan lamb this morning. she and her daughter went to the mall in colombia yesterday to try and beat the heat and
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little emmy made friends while playing checkers. we posted it on our facebook page and we are get ago lot of great responses. deon wrote in monkey see monkey do. our very own mike massco wrote in, gotta win back that trikriekle from the giraffe. keep your responses coming. away really enjoy them. if you have a caption e-mail it to us, >> great picture. >> i don't know where i was. >> that was a good one, mike. >> don't go anywhere, mike. i want your thoughts on this. it looks like a massive flying saucer this. is over mount feujy in japan. it's actually a strange phenomenon called a hanging cloud. it's lost in translation. it appeared after a strong typhoon swept through japan. the cloud disappeared after about 30 minute when is the sky
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became overcast. the image was captured on a cell phone. mike, have you ever seen anything like that? >> no. that's a rare cloud. it's because of the winds off of mount fuji. video of a new york bus monitor karen cline being tormented by middle schoolers, this has gone viral. >> you saw this yesterday on "good morning maryland" and it has gone national as megan just said. you're not going to believe the support emotionally and financially mrs. cline has been receiving because that video went public. we'll fill you in when "good morning maryland" continues.
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the mother of baltimore county teenager prepares to bury her son a week after he was killed. hear how the community comes together to remember the teen. we also have new video to show you this morning of george zimmerman with police talking about what happened the night trayvon martin was shot and killed. most of us can't go anywhere without our smart phones or tablets. there are some hazards of traveling with both of those portable devices. let's take a look at our camera down at the inner harbor on this friday, june 22nd, already pretty toasty out there. thanks for joining us this morning. let's get right to the weather with mike. one more day of this and that shot we saw a second ago,
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really kind of soupy out there. a lot of haze out there and humidity going to stick around. not 100 degrees today, that's the good news. it's going to feel like 100 with the humidity. let's go outside and take a look at chesapeake beach. that is a beautiful shot with the sunshine shining through the clouds. you're going to notice a mixture of sunshine and clouds right now back over harbor cam bwi at 6:30, 81 degrees. a lot of humidity still in the atmosphere at 65%. heat and humidity combined today will pop up some showers and storms. we'll talk about that in a second. look at the inner harbor with all the concrete buildings, hanging onto 86 degrees right now, annapolis at 81, cooler at cambridge, 75 in cambridge. the storm prediction center headlining the idea of these storms becoming severe. keep an eye on your western sky after 2:00. 8:00 in the morning pretty nice looking skyline at 84. we're up to 91 around the lunchtime hour and scattered showers and storms after the 4:00 hour and those storms will linger into 8:00,


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