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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  June 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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mailed's most powerful radar if we can get that to come up. 4j÷ the most significant one here, in the hat of carroll county, very gusty winds, and tremendous amount of lightning with the storm as well. here the here is the cluster, bd5pvpart of baltimore, reisterstown, owings hzie;zmil 6:24, randals town. it's been intensifying, we are going to keep an eye on the system. statewide, more storms back towards winchester, they could come in towards howard later this evening as well. we are track this and look at the entire state in terms of how i will develop in to the rest of the evening coming up in the next couple of minutes. severe watch through 9:00. we are always updating you on line at get the latest conditions, as well as any problems that maybe out this because of the storms,
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text wmar to 46988 to get the smart phone app, download them to get weather alerts as they happen. bge storms. 500 workers are on alert and ready to im. we caught up with some of the people trying to make sure your lights stay on. >> we are expecting to have high wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour. >> we have a storm director here and multiple people also at our storm center. they are monitoring snwthe outa activity, they are the ones 9ékv that are assigning the work to to the crews. a lot of the lines that are sometimes damaged in the storm, are in the back of people's homes and back of lots. they have to be careful with
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the surroundings for example you see a downed power line, stay away and assume that a downed power line is alive. >> if you have an outage, call bge8006850123. if winds get up to 50 miles per hour, repairs will slow down so the workers going up in the bucket trucks will stay safe. three weeks ago we had damage across our area. we went back to route 1, in fallson, where the damage can be seen. people strapped down tarps hoping the storms don't cause more damage. contractors have been trying to repair the damage. one business owner says the latest forecast has employees on edge. >> yes, we are nervous. i guess we will have to plan on putting some more buckets out and try l1y;to catch the water
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>> despite the twisters only one person had to be hospitalized because of the tornados in harford county. new developments tonight with the suspected pill mill in timonium. one of the staffers is paying a price for her role in that. joce sterman has continuing coverage. >> a physicians assistant worked there and her actions cost her, her license. the maryland boards of physicians suspended her license claiming >h+he was prescribing powerful prescriptions to patients based only on their complaints and not an actual exam. she was the latest person with ties to the clinic to take a fall after feds raided the office which sits off the beltway on york road. they were charged with conspiring to distribute narcotics. they were operating a as pill
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mill when people would come in to pay for prescriptions. there was another location on reisterstown road two. doctors had licenses suspended in march. she has the right to appeal the decision on this matter. joce sterman, abc2 news. some people are begging to get caught. on tuesday, police in ocean city saw a car in the police station parking lot that looked suspicious. there were three men near the car, an officer smell what had the thought was marijuana and it was. after searching the car officers say they found several bags of pot, as well as other drugs, all three men have been charged. jurors are taking their time to decide if jerry sandusky is guilty or not of sexually abusing several boys. the jurors listened to testimony from the trial and wanted to hear mike mcqueary's testimony. he said he witnessed sandusky
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assaulting a boy in the locker room shower. this is the second day of deliberations for the jury. as soon as we hear if they have a verdict we will let you know. state of maryland is looking to improve route 22 aberdeen to's traffic congestion. the changes caused by base realignment. the intersections impacted would be at beards hill and os post road. the plan is to add turning lanes and through lanes and wide didn't roads to accommodate bicycles and sidewalks. the hearing will be held on wednesday the 27th, between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m., no formal presentation, look at the proposal and give your thoughts. it will be held at the high school in the cafeteria. appears the foreclosure crisis maybe easing. the program is designed to help homeowners underwater on their
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mortgages. other banks may consider more principal reductions if it moons they don't have to take homes. okay, do you know where xñy are going to be at 3:00 p.m. on the 4th of july. the exact spot? folks in catonsville do as they plan to take in the big parade and getting ready and starting early with the holiday 12 days away, bill searches for the already stalking their claim and spot for the catonsville parade. >> reporter: patios, punches, picnic tables and i don't want to ask, to preserve and protect. >> it =-4-started fife or six y ago, they put the chairs out early. >> sunday's sermon maybe about finding peace, today's message, finding a place pfor the catonsville parade. gmready for the 4th,
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early. we always come to the parade. >> judy has her spot. >> well, i am hogging the sidewalk. i have spoke on the the people who live here, they let me put chairs out. >> i have to hurry up and put my t'5out. >> it's one of &f?ñthe great th about catonsville. >> it annoys me. several dozen feet sprouted along frederick road. speeds and bungee barricade this spot. >> i have friends whose husbands hate this and think it's ugly and detract from the beauty of catonsville. i don't look at it that way. it's a nice tradition. >> as the 66th annual parade highlights military and municipal groups, marching bands and flows and schoolhouse, scouts, it's a throw back. as many channeler for the
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costed curbside view, most don't mind. >> it's a nice tradition. i'm glad they do it. i hope its a nice day for the parade. you happen to be one of the folks who love to plan ahead, the nueqparade starts at 3:00 12 days from today, on the 4th of july. how high is your cell phone bill? f wish you could make the phone make money for you? coming up, smart apps to help you pay the bill. a new study shows a long-term effects of eating disorders in teens, tonight how i impacts folks in to adulthood.
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you are looking at time lapsed photography over the beautiful city of bel air, we got bad weather coming up soon in the area. we are keeping an eye on the sky, this is not time lapsed but a live picture. we will keep an eye on the sky and wyatt everhart will have a look at the forecast and what to expect coming up. tonight for the first time, rielle hunter talks about her 6- year affair with john edwards.
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hunter didn't take the stand during the edward trial but isn't holding back in he book, she is talking exclusively to cuomo about edwards, his y to >> they want you to sign a confidentiality agreement? >> i refused. i don't want my daughter growing up under a lie. >> hear the interview at 10 on 2020 on abc 2. could be a silver lining to the whole slow economy thing. now the national average for flays is $3.45. by halloween or thanksgiving, fuel gate says you could be paying under 3 bucks. the reason, the production is jf%to2óoctdemands is do we spend a lot of money to
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d now we are showing you ways to make money off our smart phone, there is an app for that. john matarese explains so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: if your smart phone bill is pushing 1 thon dollars a month, wouldn't it be nice to have apps to earn you money? we are not talking about work at home scams but real apps that really pay. u.s.a. today listed three smart phone apps bringing in money for a little amount of effort. you don't get rich but they can help you earn a few bucks for q doing pa1>ñsimple tasks. task rabbit finds people who need a small job done. putting together furniture or walking the dog. it pays $45. second paying app, yard sale, yard sale finds people near you, interested in your unwanted stuff from baby
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strollers to old refridge rayers. stores will pay you to scan bar codes, check points and shop kick, let you buildup points for gift cards from target, maceys and other stores. why would a store pay you for that? it gets you in to the store. if you come in, you are going to spend at least 20 bucks. now we are getting an idea how much you are going to spend in cash each year to keep your devices charged. according to the lekic power research institute. the cost to charge an ipad is $1.36. a pc adds up to $28 a year per person by comparison. test was done to see if the boom of tablets would drain
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resources. result, not likely. gm recalling more than 400,000 shelves 400,000 chevy cruises. no crashes or injuries have been reported but the recall was prompted by another investigation by the national highway traffic safety administration. gm says owners should make appointment with dealers, modification should take three minutes or so. tonight at 11:00, iraq war veteran change bids an ie d bomb now working to put his life together. see how the two brought together and how their lives may never be the same. tonight on abc2 news at 11:00.
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i'm wyatt everhart, severe weather warnings continuing for much of northern and north western maryland, all around the baltimore area, it doesn't include the city or howard county or arundel. this is through 7:15, cecil, 6:45 harford. 6:30 carol and baltimore county. let's five you a look at the most powerful radar, show you where the intense weather is now. big storms firing up north of frederick, westminster, northern baltimore, harford, i- 83 north, 795 north. we have a have intense smaller thom here moving out of delta, cross in to rising sun. packing perhaps golf ball sized hail, so very tall intense storm with a hail threat, and to the north and west, the main threat is for damaging winds
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with this line. could approach 60-70 map in spots. tremendous amount of dangerous lightning. we could put a storm track on it and see parkton, by 7:00, a slow moving lines that's the backside of the storm. reisterstown getting the storm. very, very strong weather across the state in spots. parts of it state arundel, mixed sun and clouds. newt big deal, depends on where you are. see the storms bubbling up. atmosphere boiling with the high heat and humidity levels. really through 9:00, for about eve county in the state with the exception of garrett. see the skies changing through the day, time lapsing the sky, summit ridge, blue skys and the storm passing overhead, that's the storm cell we were looking at. sunshine, here come the storm cell overhead, one more look,
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dundalk, we don't have major storm now, but you can get the idea k looking at the sky, things are bubbling up a little bit, has the thunderstorm, the summer thunderstorm look to the sky. cooler west, the boundary pushed in, 68 oakland. 70 winchester. cooler air is on the march. this round of thunderstorms, fueled by the intense heat and humidity, a heat index now of 98 in the inner harbor. 97 annapolis. storms are popping up, popcorn convection. it gets deep here over virginia. significant storms further south as well. here is the overall big picture, it's a good thing. cooler, drier air behind the boundary that's sparking the storms now, this is actually welcome weather as we go in to the overnight hours. the chances for storms diminishing, few storms on the eastern shore, last to clear. all clear saturday in to
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sunday, beautiful weather, lower humidity and sun. evening scattered storms, 2- degree guarantee tomorrow, 89. 10-degree cool off. cool and dry by tomorrow, in the low 60s. seven-day forecast, the trend ahead, drier, less humid conditions saturday and sunday in the upper 80s. reinforcing shot of cooler air next week, dropping us close to 80 by tuesday. what a change that will be. >> that's normal for june. >> early june, typically closer to 90, not so much the upper 90s. good deal. health news, scientists figured out how to genetically alter the bird flew virus to make it airborne, now it can't be. some were concerned about releasing the results because of the fear it could damage in to wrong hands. others argue it could prevent a future outbreak. it doesn't go in to detail about how to make the virus
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airborne. new under standing on the long-term effects of eating disorders in women. we usually hear about the problems in young women. it can follow patients for decades. >> reporter: more than 10 million americans suffer from bulimia, anorexia, identified with younger women but a study finds females don't necessarily outgrow them. researchers writing in the international journal of eating disorders surveyed 1800 people age a and older. 62% said their weight negatively impacted their lives. 8% reported purging and 70% were dieting or trying to lose weight. when an older patient sufficients eating disorders, it's usually an earlier eating problem that resurfaced, though not always. late onset problems maybe linked to midlife aing
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anxieties. it can be common in women over 50. with the medical minutes, i'm dr. timothy johnson. cute or ugly? you decide. pics for the world's ugliest dog. the facially challenged pooches. that's elwood, one of the past winners of the contest. how could you not get ill looking at muggily. s that cute. muggily, an 8-year-old chinese crested something or other. the on line vetting doesn't the winner, the decision will be up to a panel of judges today. as this a cool dog. we'll be right back right after this.
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we need to look for a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start.
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glad you found us. start by test-driving nearly every make and model, all in one place. carmax. start here.
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an eye on the storm. carol, across, cecil county, thunderstorm warning, take a look at the most powerful radars see the big storms rumelling on the north part of the state, take cover in those areas. that's it for abc2 news at 6:00. we will follow the storms throughout the evening, back at
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here at 1:00.
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