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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  June 25, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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as we go into the next few days but still warm this evening as we go not 80s and 70s overnight. we'll talk much more about how things will develop and look at tropical storm debby coming up. these photos were taken from port richey. rains from debby made this dangerous for people to get around. people are using kayaks and canoes. tropical storm debby still a couple days from making landfall along the gulf coast. the panhandle and western coast are feeling it from soaking rains to tornadoes. the main concern is flooding. not winds because debby is stationary and footed following -- not following any particular path. >> reporter: debby is taking her
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time ambling through. this cell phone video captures one of the storms shooting off debby's out are edge. forecasters are warning there could be more isolated tornadoes. the rain is going to keep coming, convincing florida's governor to declare a state of emergency. >> everybody needs to be very cautious. don't take anything for granted. watch out for friends. >> reporter: already debby has taken one life. orange beach, alabama, they're searching for a 32-year-old man swept out to sea. >> the current pulled him so far to the west that just couldn't get there in time. >> reporter: back in florida officials shut down the st. george bridge leading to a
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vacation island just south of the panhandle. around tampa bay police evacuated someplaces that already had one foot of rain and were bracing for one or two feet more. >> i told my neighbors i might be coming to visit. >> reporter: the concern is more water than winds. >> anyone who does tell you where the storm is going is not telling the truth. >> reporter: the concern is not going anywhere as long last debby refuses to take a path. >> you want to note weather wherever you g you can do that by down loading the abc2 weather map. stay on top of all the weather alerts as they pop up. the body of a fallen marine arrives. he died friday during combat operations in afghanistan. the 22-year-old was expected to come home in august.
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this was his second tour. his father tells us he was 11 years old when the september 11th attacks occurred. that's why he decided he wanted to become a marine. taking a look at some of the stories from around the nation. denver police arrested a man in connection with the of a woman. she was trying to break up the fight when she was shot in the head. officer hollis was a single mother. >> one of jerry sandusky's attorneys said he plans to appeal. a jury found sandusky guilty on 45 counts friday. one of the attorneys said the conviction should be thrown out because he had ineffective council. the lead attorney tried to withdraw the day before jury
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selection. there's speculation sandusky could and up back in court because of allegations of abuse by his adopted son that came late in the case. >> they're free top comment in whatever fashion they see fit, but the commonwealth isn't in the same position and we're not able to comment on whether or not there will be additional charges. that will depend on where the investigation leads up. >> it will have to wait until sandusky is sentenced, which could be 120 days from the verdict. the appeal can't being filed until after sentencing. new york's tarn said -- attorney general said some of bernie madoff's estate will be
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settled. a settlement with hedge fund manager murkin was made. the most controversial part of arizona's immigration law can stand for now but the supreme court struck down the bulk of the law. abc2 news karen travers has more. >> reporter: both sides are claiming victory after the ruling on the arizona immigration law. arizona and the other 49 states can't make it a crime to be in the u.s. illegally and can't enact laws which interfere with federal poll spi. the court confirmed its sweeping power to set immigration law. that was the ocean -- obama administration's main argument when jan brewer signed it two years ago. the court seemed sympathetic to
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the challenges. justice anthony kennedy said the state of arizona has a massive emergency with social disruption, economic disruption. for now arizona law enforcement officials can continue to check the immigration status of every person that is stopped or arrested. >> it's to determine whether you're in this country illegally land when you have -- and when you have suspicion. >> reporter: some arizona residents said the threat of racial profiling is still very real. >> it's very scary for me to have that in the back of my head that i could still be pulled over and even deported. >> reporter: today governor brewer claimed victory. >> the state of arizona was vin di cated an the -- vindicated and the heart of the bill was upheld. >> reporter: today's scrtd ruling means the state still
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cannot deport illegal immigrants. >> the judge is also set to deliver a ruling on president obama's healthcare law. well, the vote is. city wreck centers are on the chopping block. will they stay or will they go. the summer may ab vacation from the classroom, but in the from learning. we'll look at the benefits of staying on top of that math and reading during the summer months, when we come back. i have never encountered such a burning sensation...
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until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter.
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for more of the inside story, visit now to the update on the breaking news we brought you last night. a day after a brush fire ripped through queen anne's county, officials are trying to prevent another fire. >> reporter: around 6 a.m.
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on sunday morning, the queen anne's county fire department began receiving a call about a fire in the woods. it concentrated on 50 acres of a privately owned pine tree farm. this seven alarm fire is the biggest anyone can recall. it involved more than 250 firefighters and over 100 pieces of fire equipment. fire companies from as far away as an hour and a half responded. today people with the maryland forest services were back on the scene. here we are more than 24 hours into the brushfire and it's still on fire in the woods. it will stay like that for the rest of the week until we get a significant rain. as a matter of fact, the
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forestry service is setting fires back here. >> one of the ways to put out the fire is to remove the fuel. if you remove the fuel, it's an easier way to put out the fire. >> reporter: a fire this big had special challenges. >> a lot of times we're out in the middle of the woods. >> going over the seven river bridge. you can see the clouds. >> reporter: he had to evacuate his house. firefighters were all around his property. >> we did hear fireworks late. >> reporter: queen anne's county sheriff got a call saturday night for a report of fireworks being set off. linda gillis' house has advice for the upcoming holiday. >> please keep in mind that everything is so dry and be smart about it. >> reporter: on kent island, don
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harrison. >> those who were forced to evacuate yesterday returned home today. across the country in colorado, half the firefighting fleet is in the tech of wildfire season. at least six wildfires were burning forcing the evacuation of more than 10,000 people, including many tourists. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. one of the fires in hyde park is one of the largest and most expensive in colorado history. the u.s. forest service has asked the avenues for help with cargo planes. in utah more than 30,000 an accidenters have burned forcing mandatory evacuations over the weekend. windy conditions pushed the fire. officials say they believe that this may have been set by a
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person. very very dry. so the showers and storms we have flaring up, it was welcome rain. really sicking out near dry drought conditions. in the meantime most of these storms have drifted further south, newport news, that's where the action s pretty nice conditions. a live look from annapolis. just a few clouds downtown, nice conditions. 85 at bwi. winds are northwest at 17 so that is quite a breeze blowing out there. humidity continues to drop. it makes it feel more comfortable but makes for enhanced fire risk. so definitely outdoor burning. you can see it was cloudy, a little overcast but clearing out. how about in the naval academy where we saw relatively cloudy sky in the morning but improving
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weather a chop on the severn river with the wind gusting and kent narrows, a windy spot but a day of improving weather where the sun became more lay bun daunt. winds from the north and west steady at 15 to 20, gusting higher it. does bring in cooler air. we got 64 in oakland. so cooler air marching in. we'll be into the city. take awhile to get. dryer -- drier air is already in place. it's getting more comfortable. wind also gust for another couple hours. then we'll seat winds diminish. temperatures will continue to fall. it will be pleasant, into the 60s. there's that storm boundary. it sparked a couple of thunderstorm watches. now we're in the clear on that aspect. to the west there's not too much weather. it's looking out to the west. the next several days we'll be
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in the sunshine has dryer and somewhat cooler air moves. the hot had humid air continues to get pushed further and further offshore. the trend shows that staying nice and clear. the really active weather will be further south down over north florida. that's courtesy of tropical storm debby. give you a look at her. you can see it's a relatively small concentrated area, panama city hear getting flooding rains today, tough weather in the sunshine state, which is not very sunny. you can see the outer bands. so, again, a significant storm, yes, for maryland. maybe in a week. it should not move from north florida more than a few miles. we'll keep an eye on debby, maybe some rain late toward next week -- weekend. tomorrow 81. how's that? most of the day in the 70s. that will be comfortable. tomorrow night down to 59 under a mostly clear sky.
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here is the seven-day forecast. the trend will be for a couple of mild days by late june standards as we march toward the first days of july. things will heat up but that is almost to be expected. so we'll be keeping an eye on tropical storm debby. so far it's been a big rain maker. too much rain too fast in north florida. >> that looks pretty good. >> the next several days really nice. sunny and breezy, not bad. >> all right. thank last will the, wyatt. well, summer's here. for most kids it means leaving behind the classes and homework but it's not the time to let learning go on vacation. sherrie johnson shows us how one reading program is making a difference. >> reporter: school may be out for the summer but samantha shocky is brushing up on her
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skills. at first samantha had a tough time with hack dem mix. now she's on the right track. >> i got stuck on fractions and reading is what kicked me because that's what kicked me eye wanted her to start and feel as prepared as she could be. >> reporter: educators say it's important to keep working on reading and math during the summer month. researchers say more than half of the 9th grade achiefment gap is due to unequal summer activities. >> we want to make sure that children's brains don't get flabby during the summertime. >> reporter: the national learning association said parents should engage children by visiting local libraries or visiting the zoo or when you go to the grocery store, let the
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child add up the math. all of this is a part of learning. >> summer learning is critical. you think of the cost. most kids lose more than two months of math skills over the summer and low income kids lose more than two months of reading skills as well. >> reporter: once school starts in the fall, samantha won't skip a beat. >> it seems more clear to me. now that i've worked on the reading, it's making more sense in math. >> reporter: in ellicott city, sherrie johnson. >> they said it's important to make sure that summer is a good balance of free discovery, play, lease churp and also learn -- leisure and learning. is your kid taking medicine for adhd. >> plus, you take vitamin d to
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a new study about the effects of adhd medication found starting them early is key. they found those who started taking medication for their adhd within a qleer of -- year of fourth grade had much small are declines on standardized testing over the years. >> when you consider the difference between fourth grade scores and kids who were treated with medicine showed almost no
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decline. >> the researchers also found kids with adhd who did not start medication early saw their test scores drop significantly over the same peempletd results of the study were published in the journal pediatrics. ever wonder what a baby is thinking? >> a new study may shed light. researchers used electrotechnology to exam the brain -- examine the brains of 12-week old babies. they found one interesting difference. babies look at objects in their periphery before focusing on a central object. you know vitamin d is called the sunshine vitamin. this keeps our nervous system in check. women, especially older women, who don't get enough vitamin d may be heavier than those who do. the study looked at more than 4600 women over the age of 65
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for a four and a half year period. those with low levels of vitamin d in their blood gained two pounds more. nearly 80% had insufficient levels of vitamin d. researchers said those not getting enough vitamin d may not be getting enough sunshine outdoors. check out our headlines for today as well as some very interesting health categories to keep you informed. well, coming up, two already closed and another four set to shut down. what the closure of the rec centers mean for neighborhoods. days after burying her son, a randallstown has questions about the murder of her son. and as if students weren't under enough financial pressure, now it's easier than ever to wrack up the debt.
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why some are questioning the relationship between colleges and banks may be a little too close. what's the matter?
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getting you up to the minute. dozens of people are back home. firefighters have started their own control burns. there's no word on how the fire started but people who live nearby reported hearing fireworks going off late saturday night. >> tropical storm debby has put on the parking brake. she stalled south of the florida panhandle. the storm caused severe flooding
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and spawned a few tornadoes. right now it's anybody's guess exactly where debby will be heading next. >> you think now that a verdict has been reached in the jerry sandusky, the charges would stop coming out of pennsylvania but not quite. there's word his lawyers will appeal his conviction because he had ineffective council. amendola had tried to resign from the case before jury selection. that appeal won't be filed until after sandusky is sentenced. the mother of a teenager killed in randallstown said she's waited long enough that the chief medical examiner has ruled christopher brun's death a homicide. brian kuebler has more on whether the suspect


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