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tv   News  ABC  June 26, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> the weather is relative. yes, cooler today, in the 80s, but we should be at 8 85 for this time of the year. let's get to your temperatures. 58 degrees now is what we are talking about in joppa. this is nice and cool. crisp and pleasant, enjoy it. temperatures will be changing. 61 camp springs and westminster, 57 degrees, it is a little bit on the breezy side this morning. they will pick up in to the afternoon about 5- 15 miles an hour. we could have gusts up to 20 miles an hour for today. those winds will be out of the northwest. the good news is, if you don't like the rain, we won't get it for today. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. we need the rain. good morning, a giant transform ser making its way from harford to peach bottom,
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pennsylvania. this morning it shuts down the deer creek bridge and will remain closed until 5:00 tonight. stick with route 161, or trap church road and track the progress, go to no problems on 95, harford county, all the way down to the baltimore county area. white marsh is nice and clear. if you are traveling the south side of 95, this is interstate 195, no problems traveling southbound, down towards 495 or northbound up towards the tunnels. a live look at the southwest corner of 695, route 295, everything up to speed, key bridge or towards 70. that's a look at your time saver traffic, over to you. do you speed, not wear your seat belt or spends time talking on one of these? deputies in police in harford are targeting bad drivers. linda so is live in edgewood
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with more. >> reporter: it's aimed to make the roads safer. joining us is corporal mike lain with the sheriff's department. where are the big problems? most of our two lane highways in the county, maryland route 152, maryland route 22, 543. they are big problems. off lot of traffic on the roadways. they increase traffic due to the influx of people moving down from new jersey. we have more traffic on those roadways. >> reporter: what can people do to be safe? there are things they can do, don't be distracted, don't use your phone. >> you have to pay attention to what you are doing. don't text or use your cell phone. even if you have the blue tooth, it's not holding the phone that causes a problem, it's the conversation you are having. it's distracting you from your primary function. >> the task force, you are
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aiming to make the roads safer. >> that's correct. >> there are different jurisdictions working together. >> that's the nice thing i like. more of us working together. we are facing the same issues, no matter where you are at. >> reporter: people have that conception, if you are in a certain area, only a certain police officer can pull you over. that's changing. >> if anybody gives you a problem, get a sheriff's deputy or trooper to come over, we can lethem know, they have jurisdiction. >> the memorandum signing happening at 9:00 at the southern precinct in edgewood. schools will launch a new anyboditive aimed at providing all students of the state art
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learning environments. it's called the 21st century building for our kids. it sefs a as starting point on how the district can improve schools. it will be released at 10:30 this morning. cursing on monday in middleboro massachusetts, protesters showed up to voice their opposition to a proposed law banning public profanity. public potty mouths would be fined 20 bucks. the protesters organized by a libertarian blogger from new mexico. he called it obscene. >> they don't live here. it's almost like invading the town. >> they should just go home. >> dug the protest, no one was
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fined, because the law hasn't going in to effect yet. final steel beam lifted 977 feet atop the world trade center building marking the momentous day of the skyscraper's history. 400 construction workers watched as it was lifted in to place. some workers had a chance to sign the beam. the fist tower will open next fall. take a look, hundreds of thousands of people packed in parks to watch the 54th annual target fireworks display. it happened along the water front monday and it draws families from all over eastern michigan. the cause of the shooting by a 15-year-old boy, police put a curfew in place, requiring anyone 17 or under to be accompany bade parent or guardian. they wanted to be there after 6:00 last night.
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put a safings to good use when trying to help her god daughter. for profit colleges are at risk for losing access to financial aid. we are about 7 inches below for the year. we need the rain, but maryland's most powerful radar is dry. i will tell you how long it will stay that way, coming up. there is nothing to get in your way on 695, harford road. how traffic is shaping up on 95 and 83 in our time saver traffic report. you are watching good morning maryland. 3q
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dozens of for profit schools are in danger of losing access to federal student aid because students are having trouble paying off loans. students in 193 programs at 93 for profit schools aren't equipped to find gainful employment. 12% of students attend for profit colleges if they
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represent-% 46% of loan dollars. a woman started collecting pennies to help her granddaughter go to college. she picked up a few. 500,000-pennys to be exact. she presented her god daughter with a check for $5000. >> all this hard work they've put in to me, i have to put it in to something to show them that i'm a good student and they are doing their best investing in me and they are investing in something good. >> gilbert will head to indiana university. the money will help pay for room and board. even more of a push this morning for same-sex marriage for the november ballot. >> how many signatures have delivered. what those in favor plan to do it about it.
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mother of a randals town teen who died is demanding action. her son was killed after a fight with an off duty baltimore county police officer. so far no arrests have been made. sherrie johnson is here with more from the mother. >> it's been st days since christopher brown was killed. his mother says it's time for authorities to act. she waited for details on how her 17-year-old son ended up dead by the hand of an off duty officer. the latest excuse brown heard was from the baltimore county chief of police, johnson. brown says she spoke with him
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yesterday and he asked for her patience one more day to the officer could speak with his attorney. she believes the evidence shows the officer killed her unarmed son. the family is calling for an independent investigation in to the officer. a spokesperson says this investigation takes time because it's fair and thorough. >> he is walking the streets, she free to do it again, and again and again and we are making excuses. enough is enough. we take the use of force by one of our officers very seriously. if things were not done properly here, then the right steps need to be taken. we are not there yet. >> in a statement released yesterday, baltimore county state's attorney said his office and the police continue to investigate this matter and to do the job properly, they can't rush the process. sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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some jurors in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial are speaking out as sandusky. is awaiting his appeal. the jury reached a verdict con convicting the coach on 45 of 48 counts. he has 90 days before he can appeal. >> there were moments when some of the jurors including myself, would leave the courtroom for recess and have to deal with some very strong feelings, especially after the victims testimony. some of the victims were not calm and collected. that was hard to see. >> she would have liked to have seen sandusky take the stands and have to go through thorough questioning like the victims
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had to endure. pontes of same-sex marriage presented signatures to put the matter on the ballot in november. the group turned in nearly 40,000 more signatures on top of the 113,000 submitted. they needed 56,000 to put this issue on the ballot. supporters of the law passed say it is not unexpected but an issue will be decided by voters. maryland for marriage equality are focusing on building a campaign to mobilize voters in support of the law in november. civil rights leaders are holding a news conference today's denouncing expected vote in the u.s. house to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress, he is accused of not handing over key documents in the fast and furious program. voters in ut in utah are voting today.
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michelle obama will be in chicago for the signing of the military family licensing act, helping spouses and veterans transfer professional licenses to illinois more easily. with the 4th of july approaching the u.s. product safety commission is demonstrating hazards of fireworks, using fireworks considered safe. facebook users not happy. the default email will be sent that's the address other users see on your page. users can change to it anything they want. editing the contact information section by doing so in the profiles. this is not something you want to have happen on your wedding day. it gives a new meaning to the phrase taking the plunge. i'm sorry. >> let's watch it again.
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group posing for 30 second s when the bride and groom took the plunge. she was happy no one was hurt. that's the right attitude to have. i like that. >> what are you going to do? >> she was the only one that really went under. everyone else at least their hair didn't get wet. >> everyone else was down to the waist. >> you are cringing. >> good for her. it's a happy occasion. we are under mainly clear skies right now. tough get out and enjoy today. it is going to be a gorgeous one. we can see that in dundalk, key bridge and blue sky. that will continue throughout
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the day. more of the same in bel air as we look at the live weather bug camera here, not a lot of cars on the roadways yet. it will be picking up through time. temperatures, this is the big story, the cold front rolled through the area yesterday and now we are left with chilly temperatures this morning. well below average, we should be in the mid-60s this morning. we are seeing the mid-50s. high pressure, that's going to keep the clouds away for today. all eyes still watching tropical storm debby, sustained at 45 miles an hour and moving towards the east, very slowly at 3 miles an hour. now a check of the traffic with loren cook. beautiful forecast and it's going to be nice and clear in howard as well. no delays on interstate 70, columbia pike over to the beltway. if you are headed out on 795, here is what it looks like at cockies mill road. a 10 minute ride, westminster to 695. if u headed out to the beltway,
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12 minutes on the outer loop from 795 towards 95, no concerns if u using the jfx to get in to the city from the beltway, downtown to east fayette, 11 minute trip. everything up to speed on 95, northbound from the beltway to the fort mc henry toll plaza, an 8 minute ride. nature photographer gets the surprise of her life when she looks in her garage. >> a bear cub hanging from the rafters in a way you've never seen before and you are not going to believe who comes to this little guy's rescue, we will tell you when good morning maryland continues. [ male announcer ] millions of dollars for new schools and teachers...
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thousands of new good paying jobs... all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122 and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor... one of the biggest new job projects in the country.
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now, good morning maryland. welcome back, the woman who took these images says her first instinct was to save the cub. >> with a frantic mama bear nearby, judy acted with a second instinct which was grab the camera. >> reporter: if you stumbled upon a bear in your garage, you would like lie move quickly in the pop it is direction.
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a lady who lives up the street happens to be a nature photographer and when she saw a bear in the garage, she left long enough to grab he camera. >> baby bear is crying and up on the track of the garage over here. i started videotaping. all the sudden the door starts coming up. like maybe a foot. it would drop back down and come back up and drop back down. i thought that's how the baby got in. mama was probably trying to lift the door to come in to the garage because of the garbage. he probably ran right in and it slammed shut. >> reporter: with a frap tick moe bear on -- frantic mother bear on the other side, judy knew this was a situation that could turn not to cute. she watched to see how it would play out. >> he figured it out. he must have used the ladder to
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get up there. she looked at the cub and growled at it and like she said, come on, get out of here, she walked off a little bit and that's when the baby bear figured it out and pulled the ladder over and climbed down and off they went. for obvious reasons this video has become a web sensation, her first ever youtube upload. >> i didn't know what viral was. >> reporter: she does now. george warren, news 10. i saw that video this weekend. i kept watching it over and over. especially hem climbing down the ladder. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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