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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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thousands of new good paying jobs... all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122 and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor... one of the biggest new job projects in the country. . now abc2 news at 11:00. severe storms through
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maryland, we are tracking them on the most powerful radar in the state. i would like to be here but i didn't know they were closing down. >> big changes coming to the city. the fight to try to keep them open. the colors aren't as popping as they used to. >> and they went to court over the light. abc news at 11:00 starts right now. but first it all started up in froes burg, take a look at this time lapse photographer. big storms started rolling through the area. there's lightning, there's thunder, and guess what, it may be heading our way. why it is over in the weather center with a look at your first forecast. what are we going to expect around here? >> you called it heading into the immediate baltimore area we are tracking this line of storms. it is an intense line to say
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the very least. take a look at the overall set up here. severe thunderstorm warnings for the entire state all the way back down -- and it's tough to pick a spot here on maryland's most powerful radar. we did briefly have some tornado warnings. those seem to have diminished. the strongest winds will be on the leading edge of this line. the most potent part of this storm system the best we could make out is over the i-70 corridor. this will be moving into the western side of baltimore into the baltimore belt way here in just the next 10 to 15 minutes so if you're watching in the center part of the city, definitely the time to secure anything outdoors and bat en down the hatches. severe thunderstorm watch through 1:00 a.m. all that heat and humidity
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fueling these storms even overnight. we'll have more coming up. also we want to point out the storm shield app, this is a way for you to find out where those warnings are up for you at any time based on your address. again the severe thunderstorm warning coming right up on the storm, downloaded at i-tunes for you to enjoy. tomorrow most of us will be trying to do the same thing we did today, trying to find a way to stale cool. we go -- stay cool. today folks turned to a few things for relief. a big smile a snowball and a bench hit the spot for some folks. for others the only way to battle that 100-degree heat was right there in the pool. >> we can go to work and my uncle will bring us down here. like they said, we had to go home. >> water is definitely the place to be today.
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>> again tomorrow cooling centers will be open with plenty of free ac and water. the city says there's a good chance they will extend hours at the public pools tomorrow just like they did tonight. and the heat wave will continue through the weekend. some unusual tips to help keep you cool. if you feel your temperature rising run your wrists undercool water or dab water on your temples. don't eat big meals. small frequent snacks of fruit or dairy products can help keep your temperature down. and utilize your fridge. put your pillow case in a plastic bag and cool it for a few minutes. also tone cosmetics or toner in the fridge. new tonight a baltimore police officer is facing charges. police there say the officer
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has been charged. the officer is charged with second degree assault at the corner of -- deputies say that officer robert santiago was off duty at the time. he told them he confronted a man that was making a drug deal but deputies say witnesses told him he went up to the man yelling at him not to deal drugs on the street. a city police spokesman said officer san tee ago has been relieved of his duties. the battle over selling -- several of them are said to be closed later this summer. the people whose children use those centers say they are going to fight to try to keep them open. >> under the mayor's budget as many as 14 of the rec centers
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could close unless private groups step in to operate them or unless the mayor can be persuaded by public pressure and pressure is what those living nearby are promising to deliver. what the mary e rod man recreation center does have is kids. >> we come here to [ indiscernible ] >> play at the basketball court over there. >> it's much funner and i don't want it to shut down. >> but a park that became part of mayor's budge it may ends up closing. >> we need our rec centers to stay open. i wish and hope that they will find money to do it. >> neighbors held a rally tonight calling on the mayor to change the plan. they say they have sent more than 700 letters to her office. >> and they have been ignored. >> mary e rod man center was
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built in the 70s, they say it's showing its age. >> but it needs very little repair work if any and it's fully utilized 5 days a week. the mayor doesn't come to our center. >> reporter: 4 other recreation centers are slated to close no matter what happens, keeping mary rod man off that list would require a private group to step in and operate it or a change of heart at city hall. >> one of the things we are out here today is letting the people know they have a voice and that their voice need to be heard. >> the city's remaining rec centers will be renovated and the funding at those will be boosted allowing for longer hours and new programs. and city rec centers aren't the only thing that's got some changes coming. some sunday three fire companies and truck 15 in east
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baltimore are being discontinued. they were cut from the fire department in the mayor's budget to save close to a million dollars. but fire chief says the city will still have the same number of working fire companies serving the city on a daily basis. he said he was a police officer and used that lie to rob people and now he's talking to the real cops. city police say he faces robbery and police impersonation while wearing a badge. detectives say the witness gave them a good description and they spotted him wearing a badge around his neck. >> they immediately observed that he had a badge around his neck along with a bullet proof vest. he also had a cell phone connected to a scanner so he was able to listen to a realtime feed off the police department's radio system. in addition to that, there were other police items in the vehicle. the suspect this handcuffs.
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>> police have been trying to figure out if he is responsible for any other similar robberies. he is being held in booking. a man is arrested for a murder. the 30-year-old's body was found in her apartment. police say they are not sure about a motive here. walker is in the detention center being held without bail. lights, camera, action, well, you might want to hold the light. the owner of bengie's drive in won a lawsuit claiming their lights got in the way of his drive in business. now with the story, cheryl is this the end of this sag a, we hope. >> it certainty isn't. i talked to the attorney for royal farms who said the jury got it all wrong. but for tonight the owner of the 150s business is -- 1950s business is taking a moment to
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celebrate. >> people are still showing up before the first movie at bengie's drive in. a blanket on a flat bed is their way to relax. >> it's something different for the kids. >> reporter: outside of his outdoor movie theater it's been no joyride for the owner of bengie's. you have heard of being too close to the screen, well, owner d edward said the lights from the gas station are too close for business. so he went forward with a lawsuit. >> we ve many tolerant patrons. if you were to sit here you would see instead of that direction, they are going to tell you they want to be over here. >> robert perk i perkins brings his family. he's noticed the difference. on friday a baltimore county jury awarded bengie $833,000, enough to build a fence standing 25 feet high to block
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the lights. the attorney from royal farms believes the jurors were most interested in helping a business that's been around since 1956. there's one bengie but 142 royal farms. >> it's clear from the decision that the jury wanted to protect bengies and didn't follow the court's instructions. >> vogue he will says more customers have come out since the lights went up across the street but he did not install a second screen since he was in a legal battle. won't receive a dime of the award but for a moment he's enjoying what he considers to be a win and the lights don't seem to bother the people that keep coming back. and the attorney representing royal farms says he will file a motion with the judge. that has to be done in 10 days, most likely it will lead to appeal so there are no immediate plans to put up that
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25-foot fence around bengies. cheryl conner abc news. on camera, one of our viewers caught some moments outside the federal building this afternoon. a man trying to get inside federal court showed up with a -- federal marshalls fearing an explosion made the man move the vehicle and just in time. as you can see it burst into flames. no one was injured. how about a nice cold beer, it's baltimore's latest craft brew. union draft brewing launched its first brews. were tasted with some good reviews tonight t. two brewers say this thing started off as a hobby and love of beer and turned into two new tastes. >> it took about a month for us to brew these beers. we brew them in early june. >> oh, beer.
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the first kegs of beer will be disdistributed around the city starting tomorrow. many children are spending the summer at camp or in the pool or just hanging out. but how do you as parents motivate them to keep their brains in shape. comes to you with toys to keep their minds growing. >> if you want your kids to learn over the summer, be sneaky. use an educational tool that's more fun than -- it requires kids to master certain science skills before using to the next level. even younger kids can get their minds going. mom says you can give them leaf pads. >> their progress is actually assessed as they go through different activities and different games and the books will autoadjust to their level. >> check out the cureio tablet.
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can be used on 8 different kids. another tool that's kid tested is the new animal planet game. >> they can watch a three year version of the habitat, then they can go into the library. >> i learned that the bengal tiger can be 3 to 5 feet tall. >> you can also take the learning outside. look at the green thumb garden set. solar energy panels could be a bright idea. try the battle ship missouri. but the game suspend could be the trickiest game of them all. it requires steady hands and a strategic mind. >> what kids are going to learn about is cause and effect and balance. >> when someone knocks them down sometimes you laugh. >> we learn a lot. >> learning and having fun at the same time. cherry johnson.
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what happened to just kicking a can or hitting somebody with a stick. the toys you saw there are a couple of bucks to a couple of hundred dollars for the curio. want to continue to keep you posted on the severe weather moving in out of western maryland now headed in the eastern shore. we have a new batch of severe thunderstorm warnings right through queen anne down to dorchester county. continuing to be under the severe thunderstorm warning. you can see why here. widespread lightning, damaging winds on the front side of this we had a measured winds gust in the last hour to 70 miles per hour. damaging winds on the front side of this line. they could be rather widespread damaging winds and of course multiple lightning strikes. time to take shelter now in baltimore. get out of the line of fire with this continuing to move in through the next hour or so.
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we'll keep you posted here in the next few minutes. he was found guilty of burning down his own house but did he take his own life as well. a man may have taken a poison pill in court to avoid going to jail. you know those -- you may hear that from a machine. the latest way technology could mean an end to a familiar sight at the airport.
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new video tonight from arizona. 55-year-old was found guilty of burning down his own house to collect the insurance. once that verdict was read he was seen right there putting his head down and put something in his mouth and then he took a drink. minutes later he collapsed and was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. investigators are trying to see if he took some kind of poison pill. the future of air travel, what do you think it will look
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like? maybe flying cars. well not just yet the latest change may make getting to your plane a little more lonely. shows us what may be different the next time you take a flight. >> it may soon be time to say good-bye to your friend ligate agent when you board an airplane. delta and united are now testing a new way to line up for your flight that doesn't involve any humans. remember when you had to line up at a ticket counter and wait for a clerk? now most of us check in with automated kiosks. but delta and united are both testing automated turnstiles at the gate that may do away with gate agents. would scan the boarding pass and a metal arm would open. if it's not your turn to board the arm won't open. delta doesn't know when and
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where it will expand its test program but no doubt it's coming. this means you could check in and board a plane from no human action, except from a tsa agent. click the money tab up top so you don't waste your money. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate. this is one nasty line of thunderstorms pushing in from west to east. damaging wind threat the primary concern. there will be some large hail here. we have seen some tremendous winds here. here we go, jar et jarettsville starting to feel this. as you go south through hunt valley. but perhaps the most intense part of the storm actually a little further south now pushing over the northwest part of the belt way up the 795,
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this is a tremendous cluster of lightning and it's the leading edge that will have the most damage. coming through the city right g burney, clearing out or beginning to clear out of carol county and you see all our storm tracks, so again, a time to get into a safe place through the next 30 to 60 minutes at least across the immediate baltimore and that line will continue to -- we have a severe thunderstorms watch through 1:00 a.m. these counties to be dropped out. 46 in baltimore, b had a gust of 66. we had a gust of 70 at reagan international about 15 minutes ago so a gust of 70 will cause tree limbs to come down and potential power outages.
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what's fueling this? the extreme heat and humidity. we did hit 103 today, 101 in salisbury and the current heat index at the top of the hour, 107 in the inner harbor. that is the kinds ever heat and humidity -- of heat and humidity that when you get a storm, we will have damage reports out of this. tough to see out there. visibility being cut to just 20% of normal and as you take a little wider perspective, there's that bow echo formation. the most intense part of this going through parts of southern maryland's. you have to look not just at the radar return but the broad satellite size of this storm complex. that is a large complex reaching the -- the cloud cover reaches into new york. so that is a powerful storm
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cluster, ncs typeset up being fueled by the heat and humidity of the day. this isn't going anywhere. we expect the heat wave to continue tomorrow. could this lead to storms tomorrow evening? yes. we absolutely need the rain but we continue to bake right into the day sunday afternoon. maybe a slight break in the heat by late sunday but storms are going to continue to fire for the next 1 to 3 hours. we will clear out for the day tomorrow and then that intense heat, another line of storms will be possible. it's tough to predict where those lines come through. 80 overnight with severe storms over the next hour or three. tomorrow, 100, hot, hazy, humid degrees and tomorrow night, yes the chance for another scattered round of thunderstorms. so that will continue to be the
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scenario, a heat wave set up at least through sunday perhaps extending into monday and again as we look out there right now, severe thunderstorm warnings for most of the counties in the state. we are going to continue to track this through the newscast. we will be here after the news and all of our web tools and the storm shield up. check out the radar there, too. we will continue to follow it. coming up. we'll have more of abc2 news. we'll be right back.
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and this is a life picture from right outside our front
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door and wow. we can hear the rumble in our studio, lots of lightning out there. tony is a brave guy. >> we're in a straight line damaging wind event right now and as we go, i hate to go off the slide picture but briefly over to the radar, you can see what's coming through, a massive line. we're going to go back to that picture if we can. we have got damaging winds out there. these storms also packing hail, maybe even 2-inch hail in spots. really an unbelievable line being fueled by that heat of the day. look at that wind gust, 73 miles per hour. that's going to cause some damage. we will have damage. severe thunderstorm warnings up for almost every county, i've never seen this many severe thunderstorm warnings so i don't know if we want to end on that shot. but if not, again, this is a
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scenario that gets that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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thousands of new good paying jobs... all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122 and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor... one of the biggest new job projects in the country.
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to vote "yes" on national harbor... that's it for now but we'll continue to have updates as conditions warrant.
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