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tv   News  ABC  July 24, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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day. things will get ramped up. for now, look at the hour by hour forecast as we go in to lunchtime, 91, a hot day on tap and hotter by 4:00 p.m. around 94, with a shower or storm possible. now a check on the traffic with mike masco. not bad this morning. a few construction problems, we have one issue, that's the pairing parkway, police are on the scene of an incident with a car involving a pole. that's hampstead up near hampstead. be aware of. that orioleses are back in town tonight. remember we will have stadium traffic after 5:00. let's take you outside and show you pretty good looking shots. this is 95, route 43, looking good right now. we will switch over to m-dot cameras, confirming a smooth
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ride. it's hard to forget about the storms that hit a few weeks ago. many of us lost power for a number of days, one baltimore county community says it didn't have to happen to them. linda so is live many middle river talking -- live in middle river talking to people there saying that could be the county's fault. >> reporter: lots of trees in neighborhood. people who live here say they didn't ruse power because of a tree that fell. the tree came from land that was owned by the property, the land hasn't been properly maintained and they paid for it in july. power was out for a week when the tree fell on power lines. people say there are trees on the county owned property that could fall when another storm hits and they have been calling the county for years about the problem put nothing has been
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done. >> they are too busy with other places. >> reporter: county officials tell abc 2, they sent out inspectors to check out the area. in the next two weeks, some of the trees will be cut down. people who live here say they will believe it when they see it. linda so, abc2 news. >> you can tell the public service commission what you think about the way the power outages were handled during the storm. two hearings scheduled for september 13th and 14th. both going to happen at 10:00 in the morning downtown. there are antitexting and cell phone laws to keep you safe on the road. despite that, new numbers show traffic deaths are up for the fist three months of this year. more than 7000 people died on the road from january to march this year. that's up 13.5% from this time a year ago. experts can't say for sure what is causing the numbers to
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do up. we will have more on the study this morning at 6:00. friends are remembering two men whose lives were cut short in a head-on collision. frisbee and shields died when their cars crossed the median and in to another car in west virginia. both were on their way home from student orientation at the university of charlston. they graduated from eastern technical high school where they excelled in sports. >> cameron was involved in our weight training program. a nicer kid you couldn't find. he was a great person and individual. smile could light up a room. hard working person. shields, one of the most outgoing kids here. involved in student government. two sport athlete. it's an awful shame when you lose two kid that could be leaders in today's society. >> both of the men in the car, they died. as the economy struggles to
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gain the footing the maryland lottery is on fire. the fiscal year brought in 1.8 bhldz and it continues climbing -- billion dollars and it continues climbing and sees 5- 7% growth even during bad economic times. >> you have got two different kinds of players, casino, lottery, there is not a lot of crossover or if they do both, they kind of, they budget their money. they spend on the lottery, a little bit on the casino. >> the mailed lottery play as role in the expansion of casinos, task is making sure everything runs smoothly to enjoy the games. you could be a contestant on a new game show if you live in harford county. it's called let's ask america. you will compete against people from all over the u.s. answering questions for cash.
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out of 8000 applicants, 35 were chosen, 6 women, and ride was picked to go in to the space shuttle challenger. >> i guess that i was maybe more excited about getting a chance to fly early than i was about getting to be the first woman. >> ride was the youngest american to go in to space. she died monday from pancreatic cancer. sally ride was 61 years old. arguments for william ball foreconvicted in the october 2008 shooting death of jennifer hudson's family. her mother, her brother, and her nephew, king, he is facing life in prison without parole and scheduled to be sentenced. jim henson company severed ties with chick-fil-a. the company made the decision
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because of the company's position with same-sex marriage. the henson company will donate money to glad, a group for lesbian, gay and transgender people. the new american idol judge announced it's mariah carey, replacing jennifer lopez and she will make more than $12 million for the gig. no word on who is going to replace the other departing judge, steven tyler. news from aurora, colorado, remains among the top stories at abc 2. a possible connection tying one of the shooting victims here to maryland. we will explain. >> he was full of joy. you never saw him without a smile on his face. >> that story continuing to emerge from the mass shooting
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one of the injured survivors from friday's mass shooting in colorado planned on beginning graduate school at the university of maryland this fall. >> reporter: in a colorado courtroom, james holmes looked out of it and tired making bizarre facial expressions and never said a word. holmes murdered 12 people, and injured 58 more during a midnight screening of the new batman movie in aurora, colorado. one of the 58 victim whose survive second anderson, who
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enrolled to start graduate school at the university of maryland this fall. her facebook page lists her as already living in dc. before transfering to georgetown, she was in a small mawsic program with anderson for three years at university of the pacific where anderson graduated. anderson was shot four times including in the face. she is improving after surgeries. >> it's crazy. i've been in shock. >> reporter: prosecutors say they are considering going for the death penalty for holmes but will talk with victims and victims' families. >> victims will be impacted by that decision in a an enormous way for years if the death penalty is sought. it's a long process.
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>> we have also learned anderson's mother has been battling cancer. a website is raising money both for anderson and her mom. it's unclear if anderson will attend the university of maryland in the fall. a sailor is hail adhere row for diving over his girlfriend during the theater shooting friday. the gunfire killed sailor belong belong -- johnathan belong in the shooting. his grandmother is creating a cross from petrified wood that will be buried along her grandson.
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five things you may want to know, months after the death of the former baltimore city mayor and shaffer, shaffer will learn his fate. tensions could run high in new york over sugary drinks and the possible ban. a public hearing on bloomberg's plan to ban drinks in a fight against obesity. m and t will finish transforming football field in to a soccer field for the match between the hot spur and liverpool football club.
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we saw the big bear, the big bear, the baby bear was yesterday. that bear walked in to a sears, asked where the electronic section was and no one helped him. >> you got jokes this morning. i hike that. we are warm, 75 degrees now in baltimore as we go down to cape
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hatteras. 78 there. the interior, that's the hottest. 87 st. louis. cincinnati 82. temperatures in the afternoon in the triple digits. it's going to feel like the triple digits to us once we add in the humidity. satellite and radar, not a lot. we have showers and thunderstorms in to indiana. we could see thunderstorms sparking as we go in to the afternoon. a cold front will slides through the area. manchester, beautiful sunrise, we could see the high cirrus clouds, trying to move in, work in to the area. more in to the afternoon what you are not seeing right now, if you step outdoors, you will feel what i'm talking about. look at the dew points, nasty, oppress i have. see -- oppressive. soupy, the upper 60s in york and hagerstown. that will continue in to the afternoon. here is the weather pattern, high pressure is to the south of us, pumping in the heat and
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humidity. there is the cold front that's going to move southward and it will stall out through the next several days. future trend will pick up on the fact you have the chance for isolated to scattered showers in to the afternoon for today. tomorrow will be a little bit better, meaning that we will be less humid outside. temperatures will be cooler as well. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. good morning. we are talking about baltimore city, issues light baltimore street, bon street impacted because of the water main break from last week. avoid the yeah. orioles are in town. expect the traffic to start cranking and 5:00, 5:30. want to avoid that area especially the baltimore- washington expressway. let's go outside and show you, this is a good looking shot. liberty road, so far so good. that's going to be byuañsubject
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change. another 70, 80 cars on the roadway in an hour. let's show you, if u getting your commute on now, drive times looking good. most of the drive times are ranging between a 10- 11 minute ride. see 7 t 5, and 95, an 11 minute. if you are going to go for the fort mc henry to 695 approach, an 8 minute ride. you have probably seen it, price of gas going up and up. abc 2 is working for you, giving away $600 in free gas. log on to, click on the summer gas give away icon. like loren cook on facebook, you are entered to win. here at abc 2, we couldn't be more excited about the launch of katie couric's new show. >> there are a lot of serious,
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important topics i want to explore, but i want to have a lot of fun. we will do fun things. it's going to run the gamut. we will have important issues and a lot of fun topics as well. >> that hit home, too. >> abc 2 is your station for katie. we will have more on the katie shows a we get ready for the big debut in baltimore and remember, check out stories katie has already done by going to for years she stood front and center on key issues now hilary clinton is waging another fight when it comes to age research. also, a beef recall, the states involved and when the meat was processed. details when good morning maryland continues.
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a aids conference continues in dc as debra messing will be among the participants.
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hilary clinton says it is possible to virtually eliminate hiv births. >> if we are going to beat aids, we can't afford to avoid sensitive conversations and we can't fail to reach the people who are at the highest risk. >> clin tn says the moneys will help those with life saving drugs and look towards helping women. beef recall helping maine and new york today. car gill recalling 30,000 pounds of meat over possible salmonella contamination. u.s. department of agriculture says 33 people in 7 states have fallen ill. recall includes 14-pound chub packages of ground beef. the meat produced may 25th. police officers put themselves in danger keeping us safe everyday, what one officer did protecting dozens of other drivers a as car was seen going
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