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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 29, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- the thrill and the agony. ryan lochte taking home the gold while michael phelps fails to even medal. so, is this the end of the phelps' era at the olympics? serial inspector. new details on the man who traveled the country indiana fekting hospital patients with a deadly disease. tens of thousands of patients at risk. angry this morning that hospitals can't test them yet. katie's new life. look at this. a beaming katie out on the town. chatting with reporters for the first time since her split from tom. >> katie, how was dinner?
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>> great. >> so, the big question, who is this guy? the mystery man. and bear rescue. video that went viral. a woman bravely saving these bear cubs. now, she tells us about how she freed the cubs, all without getting a scratch. all this, as the u.s. women's gymnastics team takes the stage for the first time. "good morning america" is live at the olympics with all of the latest. we were just looking at that wide shot there, we just stepped off of a wedding cake. good morning, everybody. >> we're both married to other people. good morning, everyone. >> this morning, one day in, a huge olympic shocker already. take a look at this photo. ryan lochte winning the 400
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meter i.m. gold. take a look at the diamond grill that he has in his mouth. he was wearing lime green shoes as well. but let's show you the other photo. michael phelps, the first time that he didn't place. he went to his coach and he said that was horrible. >> we should say that these two will be facing off again in just a couple days. abc's bill weir will have the latest live from london. also coming up this morning -- mitt romney in israel today, taking an aggressive stance on iran. he was greeted warmly by the prime anyone ster of israel. will this make up for a rough couple of days in london with that olympics gaffe? abc's david muir is traveling with mitt romney. but we kick it off with ron claiborne. >> good afternoon, everyone. we begin with the suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre, james holmes will be appear in the araphoe county courtroom tomorrow.
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abc's clayton sandell has the latest from aurora, colorado. >> reporter: the prosecution's hammer is about to fall on james holmes. >> formal filing of charges this monday, july 30th. >> reporter: for the first time the accused mass murderer will hear the charges against him. ten days after police said that he came to a midnight screening of "the dark knight rises" opening fire. for thr hearing, they have banned cameras. the courtroom here is expected to be packed tomorrow. holmes could be facing hundreds of charges. including 12 counts of first degree murder. 58 counts of attempted murder. expect charges for first-degree assault and reckless endangerment. >> if he gets convicted of one count of first-degree murder, the punishment will either be death penalty. they want that out of the hands
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of the police and the d.a.'s. because there is a physician/patient privilege. >> reporter: we tried asking dr. fenton, what if anything did she know about holmes and his alleged plans? dr. fenton. she wasn't answering. always a chance that she knew nothing. that holmes kept his alleged plan a deadly secret. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, aurora, colorado. now to syria, the key city of aleppo, the government forces are intensely shelling districts of the city and there are fears of heavy casualties. alex marquardt is there. and one of handful broadcasters broadcasting from inside rebel-controlled syria. >> reporter: opposition forces said that tanks, helicopters, gun ships were used. a showdown had been looming for days. rebel forces had taken control
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of some parts of this city. syrian newspaper around with that the regimen would mount the battle of battles. to back full control of the city. >> alex, reporting. a and a private plane carrying florida senator mario rubio was forced to maybe an emergency landing. in new mexico. he was traveling from las vegas to des moines, iowa. rubio made his appearance by phone at the des moines rally. the senator tweeted -- not one, but two planes i was on today had malfunctions. second one forced to make emergency landing in new mexico. reports this morning that the deadly ebola disease has killed at least 14 people in the african nation of uganda. a task force has been assembled to deal with the rare but usually fa fatal illness. and finally, we all know that it's illegal to text and drive.
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and then there's texting about a crime that you allegedly committed. which qualifies as illegal and also dumb. two men in boca raton, florida, were arrested for allegedly mugging these two elderly women. you see there on this video. when police looked at the cell phone, they found a message, yo, how about my mom just saw me on the news on a scooter robbing two old ladies and they're opening an investigation. it turns out that this guy's mother turned him in. >> good for her. >> happy mother's day. >> mean and stupid. all right, thank you very much. fear and anger this morning for thousands of patients in eight states. these are the victims of a serial inif he can or the. a medical technician traveled the country infecting them with the deadly disease. now those people want to know if they're infected. why can't the hospitals give some of them answers? abc's
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david kerley is on the story in washington this morning. >> this week, new hampshire was hoping to start testing 3,000 former patients for hepatitis c, but those plans were canceled. and that has left some of those former patients angry. this people in new hampshire are afraid that this man may have purposely infected them with hepatitis c. >> the fact that i don't know if i could have it, if i could have possiblily contracted while i was there, is stressful. >> reporter: but health officials canceled their weekend testing clinic. even though they asked more than 3,000 people to get tested. the logistics were too much. >> you're telling me that you're going to postpone the test doesn't give me a warm feeling. this meeting had stro,ng feelings for david kwiatkowski. he's in jail.
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hepatitis c, a virus that can cause serious life damage. >> potentially, i could be infected. the unknown is the scary part because you know that there are some serious treatment. >> reporter: he was allegedly a drug addict, david kwiatkowski. he's suspected of stealing syri in, ges with painkillers injecting himself to get high and then contaminating the needles. leaving hospitals scrambling to see if other patients were infected. >> in terms of giving these victims back what was taken from them, we can never do that. this is just a tragic circumstance. >> reporter: kwiatkowski is in jail. when he was arrested he was found with prescription medication and a suicide note. hospitals across the country, hope to have a better accounting of patients. in the coming days. dan?
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>> david kerley, thank you for your reporting this morning. we want to switch gears now, in the big news, the marquee rivalry at the olympics. not only did ryan lochte take home the gold but michael phelps didn't even score a bronze. meanwhile, women's gymnastics is about to kick off. former anchor of weekend "good morning america," bill weir is in london covering the games for abc news and having a blast. there he is, smiling already. >> good to be with you. top of the morning from rainy london. we're getting our first storm of these games. michael phelps and ryan lochte share a six-bedroom suite in the olympic village. phelps being the reign of the pool gets his own room. you have to think he was alone with his own thoughts after yesterday's stunning result. >> it was a sight difficult to comprehend.
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"the star spangled banner" plays as a u.s. swimmer steps up for gold. but phelps is nowhere to be found. because they belong to ryan lochte. he owned the 400 individual medley from the beginning. taking the early lead. and flirting with a world record time. and phelps, he's the one lagging far behind, barely a contender after the first lap. sinking to a distance fourth at the end. his main american rivalry, lochte, easily winning gold. hours before phelps barely qualified. for the finals. look at that again. afterwards, lochte tweeted, thanks to my fans. this gold was for lochte nation. that's what happens when lochte nation unites. while michael phelps tweets, not pleased with my race tonight. but tomorrow is a new day and a new race. you have to go back to 2000 olympics, when phelps was 15, the last time he raced and didn't medaled. it was a solid day for swimming all around.
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american elizabeth beisel took silver. back on terra firma u.s. men's gymnastics team top of the standings after the qualifying round. in hoops, the u.s. trounced croatia. while in soccer, they routed colombia, one step closer to repeating their 2008 gold medal win. in volleyball, the top-ranked u.s. women's team held off south korea. and tension as tight as a bow, as america's first medal of the games slipped from gold to silver. on the last arrow, in the men's archery competition, italy needed a bull's eye to win and that's where the final arrow landed. happened to be in a london pub, and i never saw a crowd more excited about archery than at that moment. the morning papers -- no brit has medaled yet. so, our swimmers are front-page news.
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there's a superstar is born on the top of the sunday times. pool shark atop the sunday times as well. this is that sinking feeling, the underwater picture of phelps and "the sun" going with close-ups of beach volleyball bums. there you go. right there. >> bill weir, thank you. we appreciate it. >> i read bill's tweet from the pub in london. he was having a good time last night. we love having bill on. we can't get enough from the shocker from the olympics. we'll have more. we're joined by summer sanders. no stranger to the olympics herself, she won four medals in the pool at the u.s. at the barcelona games. thank you so much for joining us. >> it's my pleasure. >> i have to ask you, the first time in 12 years that phelps didn't win an olympic medal. >> it's a shocker. that's been the headline back in
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the stage. it shocked him. i didn't expect him to walk away with the gold medal in the 400 i.m. his first racepy didn't exhibit him to get fourth. he didn't, either. he's very competitive. he's disappointed with it. the question is, how can he come back? not only mentally but physically, how can he feel strong. >> yesterday, he barely qualified for this i.m. he had to swim in the eighth lane, the outside lane d that impact his performance, do you think? >> i have to say, he didn't mean to qualify eighth, certainly, because he only made it in.07. he naturally breathes to his right on the lap. he knew exactly where he was. the fact was, he didn't have enough gas if the tank to bring it home. that's so unusual for michael phelps. we don't like seeing him like that because he's our olympic hero. >> phelps and lochte are going
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to go head to head one more time who has the mental edge right now. >> well, i think it's pretty obvious, ryan lochte, let's give him some credit. he won the first gold medal for the united states last night and he definitely has the advantage. he feels good. he feels strong. he had the swim of his life. and he has a gold medal already. so that weight is off his shoulders. but michael phelps, he knows how to bring it back and he loves a challenge and this is the challenge of a lifetime for him. and he loves the 200 i.m. it's a better event. the longer events are going to be tougher for him. this 200 i. xhchlt could be more of battle zp summer sandsers, thank you so much for joining us. now, here's a look at the medal count. china is in the lead. they just won another gold. they have a total of 7. then it's italy, followed by the u.s., with one gold, two silver and two bronze.
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we want to keep piling up those golds. >> much more with bill weir in london in our next half-hour. we'll switch gears now and turn to your voice, your vote. mitt romney is in israel, the second stop of his international tour and the presidential candidate has already made news, outlining how he would have handled the escalating tension with iran. david muir is traveling with romney and has more this morning from jerusalem. >> bianna, good morning from jerusalem. where mitt met with israeli prime minister benjamin net ya hue this morning. the two are longtime friends. emerging from israel here this morning, tough talk on iran. in fact, the foreign policy adviser with the romney campaign saying that romney would respect and back a military strike against tehran. romney is expected to elaborate on this later on in his speech.
8:16 am
in an excerpt released, make no mistake, they're testing our moral defenses. they want to know who will object and who will look the other way. the obama administration hasn't taken military options off the table. we'll ask the governor for exact differences between what he's laying out and what the president is saying. >> david, thank you. dan? will that warm welcome in israel be enough to erase memories of romney's snake-bitten visit to london. let's ask matthew dowd who's in for george stephanopoulos on "this week" today. so, pretty good start to the visit to israel. he had a rough ride in london. did he do himself actually lasting damage, mr. romney, when he was in london, can this israel trip make up for it? >> he did himself momentary defense.
8:17 am
when you traveling internationally for the first time and who's on the whole stage, you want to be competent. that london part of the team didn't demonstrate that. i think he obviously has to finish this up strong and well in israel and come back to the united states. because he wants to get back here as soon as he can and talk again about the economy. so, finish strong. put london past him. come back and talk about the economy. >> let me ask you a question closer to home, even the president's advisers, according to the "new york times" today, are a little worried that some of his tv ads have gone too negative. i know both candidates are negative. but, is there a risk here for that the president was a hope of change? >> it's a balance that you have to look at. i look at negative ads like weed killers, you have to have enough weed killers but
8:18 am
not too much to damage your own lawn. they're concerned that they're damaging their own lawn. the last two weeks, 90% of the ads that president obama's campaign has run negative ad. equally so for mitt romney. but equally problem for barack obama he seems to dropped down to the same thing that americans are really tired up. >> it's all about the proper dosage of that weed killer. matt dowd, thank you for your input this morning. by the way, matt has a big show this morning, with jon karl who scored an interview with dick cheney. time now for the weather and ginger zee. ginger, good morning. good morning, everyone. it was a rainy and stormy day in the northeast. in new york city, over 5 1/2 inches. record rainfalls. it looks like this when you put it on the ground and you can't really handle it. look it.
8:19 am
cars were getting stuck. there was a 65 mile an hour wind gust. it was a pretty active day. more rain on the way today. nothing close to what we saw today. burlington, vermont, is going to get some of the heavy rain. a few rain showers and thunderstorms, but much different. you know who else had a lot of rain? phoenix. the monsoon flow has changed over. i want to show you exactly what's happened here. places like phoenix all the way up to denver that's where the moisture is going to wrap, it's going to be another stormy day. seven states in the plains do have heat advisories and warnings. 106 for dallas today. 106 in oklahoma city. one of those days that you need to take it easy if you're outside. heat and humidity are going to make it close to dangerous heat. that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home.
8:20 am
>> time for some beautiful facebook photos. and this first one, jeff's wife said you got to send photos in, ginger asks for them all the time. second photo i have to show you, this is around chicagoland yesterday. ice crystals start to fall. they start to flow and the wind starts to pick up. >> i'm still bitter. i submitted a picture once to ginger and she didn't use it. >> the double rainbow. i remember that. >> not that i hold a grudge. or anything. you won't be on the next half-hour.
8:21 am
>> iert it's okay. now to a story that's captured people's hearts. the woman who rescued three little bear cubs trapped in a dumpster. >> that video went viral. we'll hear from the woman the heroine at the center of it all. here's abc's john muller. >> reporter: three little bears and one big mama are happy to be together again. not the case two weeks ago when the cubs went searching for food in this dumpster and got stuck inside and she heard her cries for mama in the night. >> i want to get you out. but i don't know how to get you out. >> reporter: mama bear might have been stumped. but come daylight, she knew exactly what to do. it was magic. with her daughter shooting video from the porch. shirley's husband backed up the truck to the dumpster. shirley fearlessly places a ladder in the dumpster, they begin to lower themselves. if this isn't cute enough, get a
8:22 am
load of one of the cubs that wants to go back in for a second. at last the bear family is back together again. >> when they headed up that hill, they were as close as they could get to her. >> reporter: they have rescued these cubs before. they dubbed item the three stooges. >> constant rolling on each other. tumbling. we have seen them roll down this hill multiple times. locked up and wrestling. >> and the three stooges has a nickname too, she's fertile myrtle. >> since she's lived here, she's had triplets every year. >> thanks to this new mexico couple's courage and camera, they're stars playing on a computer or smartphone near you. john muller, abc news, new york. >> got to hope that the three stooges learned their lesson. >> maybe not. maybe not. she should have posed with a diamond grill after pulling that off. that was a big victory. coming up on "good morning america" --
8:23 am
take a look at this katie holmes on town. who's the mystery guy with her. the flying squirrel and the frenemy, and the rest of the u.s. women's gymnastics team about to get their game on. and also coming up -- you heard the term "grease monkey." grease raccoon. that's coming in a little segment we call "fixation." keep it here on "good morning america" on this sunday morning. we'll see you soon. ♪
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♪ there they are. gabby douglas and jordyn wieber, two of the country's top gymnasts. rookies friends and frenemys. they'll go head to head. when women's gymnastics kicks off. "good morning america," i'm bianna golodryga. lot of people excited about that. >> yes, and i'm dan harris. this is sunday, july 29th. we call them frenemies. but they're actually friends. it's a complex dynamics. check this out -- this is one way to carry the torch if the torch happens to be a banana. so the big question this morning, why?
8:31 am
we'll answer it coming up in "fixation." >> a lot of people cheering him on. but let's kick it off this half-hour with katie holmes, hitting the town looking relaxed and radiant just weeks after her divorce from tom cruise, so who's that guy, the mystery man? abc's tanya rivero is here. >> reporter: everybody's buzzing about katie's night on town without her security detail. she was beaming and relaxed. and appeared very happy as did the man she was with, raising questions on whether the star is ready to start dating again. a glowing katie holmes stepped out on the town friday night. dining with a mystery man at trendy manhattan restaurant nomad. smiling, even as paparazzi approached. speaking on camera for the first time since her split from tom cruise. >> katie, how was dinner? >> great. thank you. >> reporter: overnight "people" magazine reported that the dark stranger wearing a wedding ring was her lawyer, she dined with him and his wife squashing any talk of dating rumors.
8:32 am
>> she's thrilled to be back, to having her life again. she's going to do her first fashion show. she has a broadway play. >> reporter: in l.a., cruise also briefly broke his silence. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> reporter: suri is getting ready for a new chapter, too. after being home schooled, she's set to attend the covenant of the sacred heart in the fall, a posh all-girls catholic school, where tuition is $38,000 a year and famous alumnas include lady gaga. while holmes maintains primary custody of their daughter, cruise has reportedly been given generous visitations rights and recently visited suri in new york. >> tom is still devastated by everything that's happened. he's throwing himself into work. that's what he does. he's been filming. he'll likely be back in new york to see suri again very shortly.
8:33 am
>> while holmes isn't shying away from the paparazzi, she's not ready for the hollywood red carpet. last night she was due at the charity gala in l.a., she declined to attend. she seems to want to focus on her new york life right now. dan and bianna, she's prepping for her role in a broadway play. let's check the overnight headlines once again with ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. >> in the news, the accused colorado mass murderer james holmes will be in court tomorrow. he could face hundreds of charges. incruding first-degree murder. in syria, the city of aleppo is under siege. abc's alex marquadt is in syria, he reports that they're trying to use gunships to dislodge the rebels. mitt romney is in israel today, the trip is a chance for romney to burnish his foreign policy.
8:34 am
romney said that he would back israel if it attacked iran. try to prevent iran from making nuclear weapons. and finally, check this out. look at what happened to this reporter from sky news arabia. in the middle of a live report. a random passer-by. a fan. ever happen to you, dan? >> he didn't pull a will smith, though, didn't slap her. >> fair enough. for the record, not yet. >> you never know. >> ginger, how about you? >> i haven't had a kiss on the air, but a streaker. >> a streaker? >> i did. let's cue that video up. >> i current believe that i just let that out. let's start with wfaa out of dallas, they're going to be so hot today like a kiss on the broadcast. look at this, hazy start to the morning. big high that you say, where is that heat going to go next?
8:35 am
you worry about the heat dome. it's going to stay where it is for the next three days. dallas, memphis, at least upper 90s. and in the midwest, it's going to set up a little differently. just watch this here. kansas city, 103. but, chicago's 85. showers and storms on top of that warm front. i'll leave you with a look across the nation. for now that's the big picture. >> this weather report has been brought to you by walgreens. and coming up next on the broadcast, we're going to get into ginger's streaker. >> you're going to regret ever saying that on television. all right, actually what's coming up on "good morning america" -- jordyn and gabby. you're going to meet the two teenagers vying against each other for gold in women's gymnastics. "good morning america" at the olympics when we come right back. "good morning america" at the
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well, they are barely old enough to drive.
8:40 am
but they're accomplished athletes and first-time olympians. >> they're friends on the mat -- they're friends off the mat. they're about to go at it on the mat. they're from the u.s. women's gymnastics. "good morning america" is live from the olympics. bill weir has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. again, here in the land that gave us the fab four. everybody's buzzing about the fab five. the flying, young american ladies, favorite to win the gold. they're the reigning world champs. and much like phelps and lochte in the pool, they have two leaders in the gym, pushing themselves and each other to new heights. flip for flip. and dismount for dismount. two olympic rookies. each with a solid chance for gold. they are friends and rivals. and since they're both teenagers, one could even call
8:41 am
them frenemy. jordyn wieber known for her powerhouse moves. gabriel douglas, artistic grace. even earning the nickname flying squirrel. jordyn just 17. gabby a year younger. but their resumes are already so impressive. jordyn is the reigning all-around world champion. up until earlier this month, she was the clear top contender for the individual gold, but then, the flying squirrel swoops. and with that, by just a .1 gabby stole the show at the olympic trials from right under jordyn's nose. while both girls are neck and neck competition, their personalities are quite different. >> gabby is 16 years old. really competing well. and just loves the spotlight. is fun. she's having a blast.
8:42 am
>> i just wanted to do the best routine of my life. >> and then you have jordyn wieber, 17-year-old style that's very similar to michael phelps. she's serious. she's intense, incredibly focused and determined. we'll see how that plays out. >> i want to practice hard every single day. so, you know, it's always been a part of my personality. >> reporter: jordyn and gabby, a dynamic duo. not unlike shawn johnson and nastia liukin in 2008. >> let's have some fun. so, i think they can pull it off. >> let's hear it for the flying squirrel and her teammates. all right, now, as we scan the globe to bring you the constant variety of goofiness, we know now who was on her ma jesty's secret service, donning the queen's bloomers and
8:43 am
jumping out of that helicopter the same guy who made this wingman suit back in may. the drink of choice, dan and bianna, at this games is the trendy power drink, beet juice. it's been tested and known now to increase endurance. but before you use it, don't be alarmed if you start to pee red. >> is that what you have been drinking in the pubs of london? >> yes. a little bit of asparagus. beet juice by guinness. and a little twitter trash talk yesterday, during the women's soccer match. brandi chastain was talking about the defense being lax. hope solo, the current u.s. goalie, tweeted, quote, lay off commentating and goalkeeping
8:44 am
until you get more educated. the game has changed from a decade ago. >> ouch. >> yeah. bill weir, so great to have you covering it. thanks for joining us this morning. appreciate it. enjoy the rest of the beet juice today. and we'll be right back here on "good morning america" with "fixation." keep it here. keep it here. now you can apply sunblock
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ikea. the life improvement store. ♪ you're my obsession all right. it's time for "fixation" which is our weekly round-up of online exotica. ginger goes first. >> that's right. oh, boy. this is a transition. let's get right into it.
8:49 am
i want to show you someone just coming through the crowd waiting for the olympic torch and he's carrying what he calls the olympic banana. i want to say that the people inside the house know him and everybody is going crazy. they love him. >> they're cheering him on. >> the official olympic banana right there. there he is, omar. thank you. you heard the expression, using a sledgehammer to kill a fly. how about a flamethrower to wipe out a wasp net? this was in china. it was so high that the villagers were -- they brought in the general -- look at that. yeah, yeah. they destroyed the village. but they got the wasps out there. >> okay, for those of you at home, nobody died in the making of that video. have you everhad a problem with your car that's so severe
8:50 am
that you don't know what to do? >> often. >> always. >> call this critter who is apparently very, very handy under the hood. that is a raccoon and we were given this video with absolutely no supporting information. we don't know where it was shot. or whether he fixed the muffler. >> he looked like he knows what he's doing. i have faith in that raccoon. >> yes, he does. >> labor charges are a little bit lower. >> a keeper. so i have been given another russian story to cover. possibly because i'm from russia. a grandmother last week. this week, you know, people are sitting around in a busy town, talking, minding their own business and guess who goes by? a horse and a dog. that you're about to see. >> wait for it. >> wait a minute. >> is there any explanation? >> there's no
8:51 am
>> there's no menace by a streaker in the live shot. we took to youtube and found the video, people. here it is. here's ginger zee talking about something somewhere. he's coming. there he is. that's very quick. >> it's very quick. i referenced him because i didn't know that he had no clothing on. >> he had no clothing on? >> he had sombrero, shoes and he jumped back in the car. he couldn't have timed it better. >> i understand that you were totally cool. >> you should reunite. >> all right, we'll be right back. keep it here. back. keep it here. [ cellphone rings ] the wife. hey, babe. got the jetta. i wiped the floor with the guy!
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so, let me get this straight, ginger, he was wearing a sombrero, tennis shoes -- >> we're going to make this reunion happen. if that was you at home, call us. >> all right, we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo!. we'll have much more later on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. have a great day. eek" with george stephanopoulos. have a great day.
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