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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 31, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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tonight on "nightline," breaking news. tonight's fighter jets scramble to turn back a ju nighted plane to boston logan airport after crew members report a suspicious package on board. we have the details on what happens. the viral video of anxious parents at the olympics to little league dads and dance moms there is no shortage of drama on the sidelines. but is all that enthusiasm too much of a good thing for the kids? and thousands fleeing for their lives. as the battle for syria raises, the pressure for the u.s. to get
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involved. our reporters are inside syria with the latest. good evening. i'm terry moran. tonight, we begin with breaking news. fighter jets scramable to return a plane to boston logan airport tonight after a pilot found a suspicious package on board. jim avila joins us to tell us what happened, jim? >> reporter: tense moments over the atlantic for a united airlines jumbo jet headed to switzerland. shows you how enedge crews are these days. a flight attendant noticed a camera stuffed into the compartment on the back of an
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empty seat. after asking the passengers if it belonged to anyone on the flight, the pilot decided to turn around and who, escorted by fighter jets, landed in boston. why would an abandoned camera cost the airline thousands of dollars? we do know that terrorists had been searching new ways to get devices past the tsa. intelligence officials believe that the man behind the underwear bombing was trying to hide a bomb in a camera. and tonight, the flight attendant and pilot thought they stumbled on something. but they have traced the camera to a passengers aboard on earlier flight aboshd the same plane. and now, the flight is cleared
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for takeoff. >> jim, thanks for that reporting for us tonight. now we turn to the olympic victory for team usa as the women's gymnastic team won the first gold medal since 1996. but aly raisman's parents displayed a viral display in the stands. they are not alone. anyone who has seen "toddlers and tiaras" knows, but how much is too much to hander. julie foudy reports tonight for "nightline" from the games. >> reporter: the video has gone viral. the agony of the racemans, every twitch and squirm captured on camera as they watch their
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daughter compete in the olympics. this gymnast's mom could barely watch her son, even after his successful dismount. then there's the nervous hooting and hollering of missy franklin's fist pumping parents. but sometimes this type of eninvolvement makes it tough to tell the difference between the kids and adults. if you kick the loads of youtube videos that turn the cameras on parents or if you look at shows like "dance moms" or "toddlers and tiaras" or cheer perfection, will see that parental participation is a sport of its own. ryan lochte's mom.
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>> all he has to do is swim the full length of the pool and he is relaxed. that's not fair. >> society is transmissible. and one of the things that athletes need is relative -- a middle level of anxiety and relative calm. and so parents have to workover time because they know this. >> reporter: this morning, just outside the olympic park, parents of the u.s. swimming stars were talking about the intensity of the ultimate spectator tor. tyler clary's parents describe it. describe the emotion of that moment. >> i think the best -- we all dream of doing things. into to watch your son -- i can't -- i can't. >> it's unreal. very surreal. is it really happening?
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i mean, it's wonderful. >> it's an amazing feeling. i can't put it in words. >> reporter: and it's not just here at the olympics. it's a feeling every parent with identify with. even in movies like "kicking and screaming" where will ferrell shows the extreme side of parenting from the sideline. >> it's almost as if the parent is down there on the playing field instead of the child doctor there avine, a psychiatrist and author, says it's time to cut our kids slack. >> i think parents have gotten too wrapped up in their kids' lives and in the wrong ways and not the right ways. they are wrapped up in academic and athletic. we have no emphasis or character and completely on performance. >> reporter: when you see some of the examples of people pushing too hard, pushing too far with their kids these day
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what do you think? what goes through your mind? >> i feel sad for the athlete. because they don't develop that drive to win on their own. >> reporter: stacy clary's 23-year-old son tyler is one of the top athletes. he is here at the olympics for the first time. his parents say the winning formula includes cheering for their son but at a distance. they say they don't to practices. the current generation of the parents is at the pool. >> we atlanta way. there is their space to deal with their coaches. and i didn't want to be that spectator over the coach or kids. >> not everyone is going to be an olympian. and kids are kids. enjoy them and support them. whatever level thal are capable of achieving. >> reporter: for proud parents from the clary's to the raismans
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and we turn now to the northeast syria. and a quunt where an uprising began where they. >> reporter: toppling dictators from egypt to libya. instead, a brutal civil war. 17 months in the conflict, the toll on civilians has been staggering. now there are calls if for america and our allies to do
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something about it. alex mar cwaa rt and his producer, bartley price, are inside syria tonight. we have a warning, some of the images are about to see are disturbing. >> reporter: the rising sun signals it was time to move. the border was clear. we hiked up the hill, trying to stay out of view of the nearby turk irk military outpost. >> we waited all night to cross. the sun has just come up and they are nowhere to be seen. we cross through this fence, which is the ent trance to syria. the country side is deceptively calm. just a short drive away, fighting is raging for the ancient city of aleppo. between rebels calling themselves the free syrian army and the repressive government of
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assad. our colleague us were there hidden down behind rebel lines. >> we knew there are snipers all around here. because it's an urban area. we can't tell which direction they are actually coming from. >> reporter: aleppo is one of the oldest cities in the world. john the baptist's father is said to be buried there. and it's also on the main road to dam has cus. if the rebels take aleppo, it could be the turning point. already, women and children have fled aleppo. this, syria's largest city. as we drive in the outskirts of aleppo, it's a sprawling, quiet scene of almost total devastation. out of the rubage a woman who took us to her house. now, she lives here alone.
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i have no idea where my family went, shy went. i'm brave. this is my house, these are my neighbors. inside, the spors room where she lives. no power, no electricity. we have nothing, she said. and still, i will stay. our driver then tells us we have to leave. assad forces have been known to shell if they catch wind of journalists around. we head south to scene of some of the worst fighting of the civil war. most villages we past are guard bid free syrian fighters. walking through the streets of this village, life at first appears normal. but it's not long before the signs of the conflict surface. the burned-out buildings, units of rebel fighters driving around, graph fitty supporting
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the free syria army. this man and his wife have lost three of their sons in the fighting. the father says he gave his sons to the revolution and would sacrifice all his children for freedom and dignity. the mother disagrees. her sons meant the world to her, she said. she told them to flee. instead, they went to fight. now, seven grandchildren have no fathers, the wives have no husbands. this is what the army did to one colonel to defected to join the rebels. they are worse than animal, his brother told us. if i catch any of them, i will slit their throat. the kids here are eager to show us shells and shrapnel they collected. this 8-year-old is lies with shrapnel wounding his body.
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for away, in western capitals there are calls for the united states to step in to overthrow the government of say sad and bring this war to an end. the debate goes on, too long already for ma humid, whose cousin the bbc caught passing out from pain and his older brother lying besides the suffering boy, already ted. >> that war rages on. thanks to alex marquardt, bartley price and their team for the reporting there. next up, we are going change gears and you are going to meet the mother-daughter reality stars who are both expecting bundles of joy at the same time. . [ voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] ...the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ voice of dennis ] [ roger ] same agent and everything. [ kyle ] it's like we're connected.
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just when you thought the
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pregnancy -- teen pregnancy reality genre couldn't stretch further there is a twist for you. a new show starring pregnant moms whose teenage daughters are also pregnant. what sit like to have a new baby and become a grandma? here is juju chang. >> you haven't taken care of her. >> i haven't done nothing bad to her since she's been pregnant. >> reporter: it's the latest stitch in the teen pregnancy drama. tlc's "my teen is pregnant and so am i." whose teen pregnant mothers are expecting at the same time. >> this is going to be your little brother. >> how did you react when your mom told new. >> i was paying attention to me and my baby. i was like r you freaking kidding me? >> liz and ann are one of two
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mother-daughter duos the program follows from pregnancy -- >> see your belly out. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> through childbirth. >> there she is. >> and show the show is intended to entertain first and foremost, it raises provocative questions about parenting. >> a lot of people are like, you are happy about your daughter being pregnant at their age? and i'm like, yez. >> it was one month that liz broke the news that she and chris broke the news that her own mother became pregnant. >> i wanted to be the grandma and coach her through things and here i am going through myself. >> and while the other family in the program go to war with one other, liz and ann are turning their pregnancies into a bonding
11:58 pm
experience. >> we are with each other day, it brought us closer again. >> ann says that being a confidente, a girlfriend -- >> you are going be an excellent father -- is. >> more important than being a parent. what is the difference between being friend and being a mom? >> i think you know more about your kid if you are a best friend. >> you can see mothers in the audience going, maybe she cusn't hard enough on you? >> her being hard on me is not going to change the fact that it happened. >> we can't turn the clocks back. she is going to resent me and i'm never going to see her and my grandson. i didn't want thoer do this on her own. >> and knows exactly what it's like to be a young mom on her own. she had liz at 18 and raised her in a single mom. she has gained a newfound
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appreciation as a struggling young mom. >> do you think we ought to wake up mommy and daddy. >> and when liz is too exhausted and ann is busy with her own newborn, ann's mom comes over to babysit tyson. but it wasn't until we sat down with liz that great grandma's past is clear with her. >> your grandma was a teenage mom. >> what? >> you didn't know that? >> 18. >> you are going stop it? you are going stop the cycle? >> i want to try my best. >> it changes your per speck ti when you become a mother. >> yeah, it does. >> more "nightline," i'm juju chang in new york. >> thanks to juju. "my teen is pregnant and so am i" airs august 1st. thanks for


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