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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  August 6, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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neighborhood streets. you can drive on it after an opening ceremony that's set for 11 this morning. news time is 4:54. what draws you to a store when you go shopping? is it the half price discounts or the free stuff when you buy it? ab cra. 2 news con-- abc2 news consumer reporter tells us why more and more stores are turning to bonuses and freebies. >> reporter: freebies or mark downs. which do you prefer? while most us love a sale a. study finds simply lowering price doesn't get people to buy more. but, adding a free bonus does. j.c. penney made headlines with the every day low price strategy. but shoppers for the most part shrugged and sales dropped 15%. why? a new report in the journal of marketing claims shoppers prefer bonuses like bogo buy one get one to park downs. it did a test war store mark down of product 35% for a week. then offered 50% more free for
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a second week. the store sold much more with the 50% more free promotion. even though it was not the better deal. and from the doesn't that stink what it means to you? stores found a way to avoid huge mark downs but make you think you are getting one doesn't that stink? so next time you see an ad promising a free ipod you will know the reasonch the freebie tells more -- sells more than a big mark down. that's all basic psychology but it's good to keep in mind when you see a free bonus 20% more or buy one get one offer it's all designed to get crowe to spend more -- to get you to spend more. i am john matarese. >> 4:56 and here's things for five. have you and your kids started get ragedy for back to school? we will brake down -- ready for back to school in we will breakdown how much millions
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parents will spend. mow two kids from detroit are using their cash not to buy video games now the forecast with lynette. >> showers and storms still possible for today. but i will tell you when the dry weather makes its return coming up.
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welcome back on this monday morning. part of the end of the school tradition for you and your kids is back to school shopping. but, not every child gets to do that. many school kid start the year without the supplies they need to succeed that's why abc2 is teaming up with the learning centers and preston mitchum junior foundation for the annual back to school supplies drive. aid mission sheared by teachers who work with under age and under privileged children. >> we find the kid that don't come in with school supplies and you are embarrassed when they see their friends you know pulling out all their new supplies. >> and teachers we spoke with say they see the need for donations increase through the
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years so. here's how to help. donate supplies to any learning senter from now until august 28th. that he a list of the items in need and go to for a list. more questions than answers surrounding a shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> now "good morning maryland." >> they loaded the gun again and he is going into the building. a community stunned after a gunman opens fire at a sikh temple. new video in the search for police say set a denny's on fire. those stories are straight ahead on this man morning but first a developing story. police near milwaukee are calling a shooting at sikh temple domestic terrorism. we brought you the story on
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sunday. and this story has stunned millions of us across the country in light of the colorado theater shooting. it happened outside milwaukee and this morning tj winick is live with more from oak creek. t.j. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi is taking the lead in this investigation. 7 people were killed at this temple behind me here yesterday. three were critically wounded and they are being treated at a nearby hospital. this morning, fbi and an army of other officers swarm around two scenes outside milwaukee. split between the sikh temple in oak creek where 7 people died, and the suspect's home 6 miles away. overnight we learned more about the suspect. sources telling abc news he is believed to be a skin head or white supremacist in his 40s. also, he used a semiautomatic handgun to kill his victims early sunday including the president of the temple who is
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preparing for the day's services. >> and it's a lot of family and children and adults were there just getting ready for the day and he was preparing his lecture and everything. >> reporter: several people were shot outside the temple then the suspect entered the morning service that was just about to begin. >> the children -- he loaded the gun and going into the building. >> reporter: the first officer to arrive was a 20 year veteran of the oak creek police department.he was helping a victim when he was ambushed by the shooter. >> multiple rounds were exchanged. the officer was shot multiple times. the suspect, the shooter, was also shot. >> reporter: the gunman died in that exchange. three other victims are in critical condition being treated at a local hospital. among them, the police officer already being called a hero. now the atf did serve a warrant and search the property of the suspected shooter about six miles from here. they didn't find any
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explosives. reporting live in oak creek wisconsin, it can j. winick, abc news now back to -- t.j. winick, abc news now back to you. we will show you how local sikhs are come together as a community later this week. locally, severe weather rolled through the area yesterday afternoon. and here are a couple photographs sent in by you. this one from odenton being see the dark clouds. the storms knocked out a few thousand people's power yesterday. time for a check of the forecast with lynette and while we did need the rain, lynette, don't think we need things as powerful as they came yesterday. >> we need the rain but never want to see the thunderstorms with the gusty winds knocking out power and that lightning. maryland's most powerful radarcalling down a little bit. you can see what i am talking about in the form of lightning off new jersey right now. that's sliding off into the atlantic. but closer to home we have residual showers across the area. so as we go towards towards the earning shore talbot and queen anne's county and graysonville
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with a light shower. centerville more of the same and it will shoal but surely move off as we head through the rest of the morning. but, i am to the going to rule out a chance for a scattered shower or storm to pop up. good morning glen bernie. temperatures at 80. hugh -- glen burnie. temperatures at 80 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with a issue on the harrisburg expressway. debris on the northbound lanes at the beltway to watch out for. 695 is going to be in great shape. here's a live look at the top side in tow sewn ment -- tow sewn. an 11 minute ride on the outer -- towson. an 11-minute ride from 95 to 83. looking at other drive times, notice the west side is going to be nice and clear. it's going take you 13 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 to 95 and no delays on 95 getting to the fort mchenry tunnel from the beltway to the
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toll plaza. it's an 8-minute stretch. we have good news for those of you who are heading downtown. pratt street reopened. it was shut down for grand prix preparations between packa and howard streets and we will look at video we shot yesterday. it's one of many chosures for the big race ahead. we will be tracking all of the road closures for the grand prix on abc2. now back over to you. lots to get to. this morning, we have new information on a fire at a denny's restaurant in harford couldn't crypt police need your -- county. police need your help finding a person of interest in connection with the fire. abc2 news sherrie johnson has new information and new video. >> reporter: well, yes, we have learned authorities have determined this fire was arson. someone intentionally set the fire at denny's restaurant. and this is all new video this morning of the fire at denny's inch the fire started in the --
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in harford's county. the fire started in the 1300 block of edgewood road and spread to the attic and then the roof. a customer discovered the fire. 75 firefighters responded to the scene. it took about 45 minutes to put out the fire. none of the customers were injured in that fire but one employee and a firefighter went to the hospital for medical treatment and were later released. look at this surveillance video. this is who police say they have a person of interest they want to talk to. the photo is a bit blurry but they want to speak to the man in the orange shirt. he is about 6-2 and 190 pounds. now troopers and crime scene technicians with the bel air barracks are assisting with the investigation. and if you have any information on this case, please call the maryland arson hotline at 1-800- 492-7529. sherrie johnson abc2 news. 5:06. and restricts to carry handguns could be relaxing beginning tomorrow in maryland. the movie theater massacre in colorado reignited the gun
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debate. you have to show good and substantial reasons for requesting that permit to carry. a judge lifted a stay on the ruling that a portion of maryland's gun permit law is unconstitutional. the attorney general's office will file an appeal. [audio not understandable] he gained a lot of supporters. kozs of friends -- dozens of friends and family turned out at the keith matthews body shop. matthews suffered serious injuries including a broken leg and this. people were able to get the car clean. >> i hope to get back into the auto detailing again, you know, as soon as i am able to walk i got other places i can go to work until i get my shop back. >> all the money raised will go towards matthews' recovery.
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women happened helped out for the habitat for humanity who hosted a women's build day and 30 women turned out to help. this happened in northeast baltimore yesterday. habitat owners put in sweat equity hours before taking over the mortgages. >> to be in the house where i probably painted a wall or even helped put a wall up is priceless. you can't put a price tag on that. >> it demonstrates the power of women. their dedication can make anything happen. >> habitat for eu manity makes -- humanity makes itpossible for those who don't qualify for conventional loans to be a homeowner. some thought it was crazy we would ever be able to go to the moon. what scientists were able to do that has many thinking a new defendant nation -- destination could be possible. and it can't get better than michael phelps, 22 med aims 18 gold but what's next for the
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gold-- medals and 18 gold. but what's neck for the gold medal olympian. see the overcast clouds in georgia. good morning maryland continues. it's time to change the way we clean.
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now "good morning maryland." good morning. if you are heading downtown, unfortunately water main break repairs do continue out on light street. it's still shut down between lomb bard and baltimore street. you can use hopkins place to avoid the congestion. and construction really starting to pick up out on 895. along the northbound lanes near frank first avenue. speeds are at a high of 50 miles per hour but that will change later this morning. the worst congestion is expected this week. so stick with the fort mchenry tunnel instead. 95 locks like -- this is what 95 looks look at eastern avenue. no delays getting through the fort mchenry tunnel. it's clear in the white marsh area 4 minutes southbound from route 43 to 695. the beltway in great shape from 95 up to 83. that will take you 11 minutes.
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and as we head over to the west side, you're looking at a 12- minute ride to the outer loop from 795 to 95. that's your traffic now here's lynn yet charles with the forecast. >> good morning. we are-- lynette charles with the forecast. >> good morning. we are very humid and moisture in the 70s. this morning we are feeling oppressive and we will into the afternoon. it's dicey with the forecast today because we are waiting for the cold front to slide through. if it gets through, temperatures will react and also the dew points will react to it. but if it is slow to get through, we are going to be feeling humidity going throughout the day. so we are going have to play itby ear. temperatures at 74 in carney. 72 in ellicott city. more of the same in manchester. chestertown at 77 right now. and this is the future temperature for today as we head into the afternoon. we are looking at 85 in baltimore. 84 in easton and 86 in dc and 81 in york. let's go back over to charley. now that one of the biggest gambles from nasa they call it
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7 minutes of sheer terrorch the rover safely land on surface of the red planet and sherrie johnson has more on the landing. and there was really anxious moments this morning around 1:30, 2:00. >> reporter: a lot of people were very excited. this is like the superbowl. they are excite and scared. while you were sleeping, mars rover curiosity safely landed on the red planet. for the first time, cables were used to lower the rover down. it's the ultimate mission to mars that had all of nasa holding its breath. final 7 minutes before landing were nail biteers. after 8 months flying -- nail nail biters. as the mars science laboratory hit the planet atmosphere at 13,000 miles per hour, heating was 3800 degrees before the supersonic parachute hit the brakes and using a sky crane maneuver never tried before sophisticated rockets kicked in. now they are designed to help
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lower the curiosity rover to a precise landing zone. it's a galactic hole in one that requires perfect choreography with no margin for error. they describe it as 7 minutes of terror. >> as far as the amount of control that the team has during entry to the landing, it's identical to the control that anybody watching at home. >> it allows us to reach out at tun touch the surface of another -- out and touch the surface of another planet. >> reporter: it will spend two years look for signs of live on mars and meet dr. jennifer stern who will answer questions at the maryland science center from 1 to 4:00. >> a so i am the -- so i am the money guy. we are talking about nasa now we are talking about a $3 billion project. what if it fails. >> reporter: actually they said you know, what they plan to
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keep ongoing. you know, they plan to keep moving forward. curiosity will spend two years gathering data and they hope the information will tell them if life ever could have exit he had-- existed on the planets. >> thanks so much. well 22 medals, 18 gold and history for olympic maryland native michael phelps. so what? what is he going to do now? he is called it a career saturday with a fitting end to gold medal in the 4 by 100 meter medley at the london games. the 27-year-old is now look forward to the rest of his life. >> i've had a chance to do things that nobody else has ever done before and that's something that to me, it's special. i can look back at my career and say i did everything i wanted, and there's no need to continue and drag it out or force things. >> so what is he going to do? he says he wants to travel. he wants to visit places like australia, europe and south
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africa. but he wants to do so as tourist. michael phelps wants to help out with the foundation. >> back to school means shopping for things like pens, pencils and backpacks. also, skateboards. cars? maybe even a space rover or two. that's the advantage businesses now are taking advantage of to spend tens of millions of your money heading back to the classroom. also, americans are cheering for more olympians, many say we need to root for education as a school -- as the school year starts. with we are rank compared to the other countries competing in the games when it comes to them educating their kids. good morning maryland continues in few moments. ♪ i dare you to dare me
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could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health. now "good morning maryland." it is 5:20. thanks for staying with us. you walk into a wedding reception or a party and not know anyone in the room. what if your online connection could connect you with the crowd before ever walking through the door. karin cava look at trend in social seating in this week's clicked in. >> good morning. >> reporter: for don burger inspiration came from attending a wedding. >> i wanted to see where the cute girls were because i
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didn't know where anybody was going to be. so i thought wouldn't it be cool if i saw a publish seating chart before getting to the wedding. >> reporter: that thought evolved into his startup work its way into the event planning business. >> manage the guest list and floor plan events and seating charts and we let guest interact before or after based on where they are seated. >> reporter: the last part is what put social on the table. platform draws data about guests from the social network so planners can seat people with common interest together hopefully trading awkward icebreakers for meaningful conversation. planners can publish a guest list before the event to give a head start on getting to know you process is and for those who feel it's too much information too soon. there's the option to publish the list after the party too which he says more people are opting for even though he sees online and off line words merging. >> our online identity is the same as the real life identity and we need bridges between the two because the fact we spend
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so much time online. >> reporter: meaning as more people get more social all the time online could potentially turn into more face time. i am karin caifa and you are now clicked in. a new report shows when it comes through k through 12 education the u.s. is number 31. the 2012 kids count report found that two out of three 4thgradeers in public school -- gradeers in public school was not reading -- reading at a proficient level. in molts momente most states the 8th graders not proficient in math is more than 60% in d.c. it's a high of 83% but school districts around the country are facing budget crisis and teacher layoffs. we have learned it's not just back to school supplies now cashing in for school sales. next to christmas back to school is the second biggest spending event of the year. the national retail federation says that people will spend more than 80 billion dollars. car dealerships, tanning salons
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and skateboard sales are expected to be up in the coming weeks. as your kids grow up you want to teach them the difference between right and wrong. now two boys know that and they are doing something about it. the steps they tong in their city -- they took in their city to get attention from the top college basketball player. >> we have a healthy shower around centerville right now. i will tell you if the showers are more numerous as we go through the afternoon coming up. >> reporter: good morning. traffic is starting to pick up here on 695 at wilkins avenue. i will show you what 95 and 83 look like coming up on good morning maryland. >> reporter: good morning topping america's money, southwest airlines hits turbulence. the company is issuing refunds to customers who were charged multiple times for a single flight. a software glitch ruined apromotional offer. and social security is no longer's good deal. those who recently retired or are about to retire won't getback as much from social
5:24 am
security as they paid into the system. it's because the ratio of workers paying into the system to those collecting is decreasing. the dark knight rises was tops at the box office for the third weekend in a row. easily beating the competition. it took in 36 million dollars and has now set an i max record and although it's been 50 years since maryland monroe died she is -- marilyn monroe died she is earning big bucks 27 million last year and 54,000 followers on twitter and 3 1/2 million fans on facebook. that's america's money.
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>> reporter: they brought 9- year-old joshua smith and his friend university of michigan shirts. and hats.>> we got these sonde by the team. >> reporter: -- signed by the whole team. >> reporter: mom and dad and dadhad a surprise. >> this is tough on me. >> hopefully we will convrt you. >> reporter: -- convert you row. >> reporter: they served the guys who came over from ann arbor summer workouts a drink. the business got so popular they are serving pouches from the store. >> i read the article myself about what you were doing out here and i called my teammates because we had to come support you, man. it's big from someone your age.
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>> thanks. >> both of you guys out here. so. >> at love kids our age are doesn't what you were dogging. >> it will take more people to think like yo to help the city. >> reporter: three guys who can pack a basketball arena making these young guys the superstars today. >> i didn't know it was going to get lots and lots of stuff like this. >> and that was jim reporting. if you hear dad say he was a spartan fan? wow that's got to be tough. boys raised more than 2,000 dollars and they did so since last week. well a chance at being struck by lightning is slim. but try telling that to nine people in pennsylvania. the deadly lightning strikes shortened a race car event. also the latest on the deadly shooting in wisconsin war gunman opened fire killing 6 i side a sikh temple. how a look at sikhs in maryland are reacting when good morning maryland continues. there are projects.
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