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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 7, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning, driven to kill. >> brand-new details about the man behind the temple tragedy in wisconsin, tracked for years because of his ties to hate groups. and this morning, we're also learning, he was recently unemployed. exclusive, new details breaking overnight in the colorado massacre. police were made aware of the accused shooter weeks before. a sleepless night for many in california, where a refinery fire forced people to stay inside. those flames seen from miles away. and olympic triumph. an incredible win by team usa in soccer, squeaking into the gold medal game.
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good morning. i'm sunny hostin, in for paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. we begin with the hate-filled picture that's emerging of wade michael page. the man who took the lives on the outside of that sikh temple in milwaukee. >> fbi has searched page's home in north carolina. and back in wisconsin, a funeral service for the shooting victims is planned for friday. >> meanwhile, president obama has ordered flags at the white house and federal buildings to be flown at half-staff in their honor. abc's tahman bradley has more details on this tragedy. >> reporter: as the stunned community of milwaukee remembers the massacre, chilling information has emerged about the shooter. police are investigating page's ties to white supremacy groups. they have tracked page for more
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than ten years, as he moved through american skinhead circles. >> he appeared on the scene in 2000, when he started to play in a number of very well-known white power music bands. >> reporter: page's most recent band performed at white power festivals across the country. ♪ adapt to the trying times or pay with your life ♪ >> reporter: page served in the army from 1992 to 1998 and trained in psychological warf e warfare. he was discharged after being demoted. and his mother, laura, told abc news the military changed the person she knew. >> he was gentle and kind and loving. he was a happy person and a happy child. and what happened, god only knows because i don't. and neither does his daddy. >> reporter: abc news has learned this is where page
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legally bought the pistol. this morning, three of his victims are fighting for their lives, including 21-year police veteran, brian murphy, who was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene. he was ambushed by page. >> he was shot nine times. one of the most serious in the neck area. >> reporter: the white supremacist group page has ties to, the group denies he's a member and called him a coward. >> what else are we learning about page? >> reporter: he recently lost his job and lost his girlfriend. and he bought the gun about a week ago. we also know he moved to the milwaukee area earlier in the year, where his neighbors said he wasn't very friendly. one neighbor that we talked to was asked to rank how friendly he was, based on one to ten, one being the lowest. he gave page a 1 1/2. there's a report that while page was in the military, he was caught drunk on duty. rob and sunny? >> a record of drunk driving and
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misconduct like that. tahman bradley live in washington for us. thanks, tahman. we will have more exclusive reporting later today on "good morning america." and there are new details in the colorado movie theater massacre. this, breaking on our website overnight. sources telling abc news that james holmes' psychiatrist went to a university of colorado police officer with her concerns just weeks before the shooting. the source says, in order for dr. lynne fenton to have breached her confidentiality pledge, she must have been aware that holmes was a threat. it's not known what the police officer did with the information. to presidential politics now, where mitt romney has outearned president obama for the third-straight month. romney's campaign raised $101 million in july. that's compared to $75 million for the president. records show in june, the obama campaign spent more than it actually brought in. and as romney vacations in
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new hampshire, the multimillionaire took a little time out to do some grocery shopping. there was some bottled water in the cart, along with diet pepsi, wild cherry and yogurt. mrs. romney is in london, where she is watching her horse compete in the olympics later today. overseas, now, where secretary of state hillary clinton has visited with former south african president nelson mandela at his rural home. mandela, who just turned 94 years old, is largely retired from public life. mrs. clinton travels to turkey this week to talk about the worsening crisis in syria. here at home, the wildfires that have torched oklahoma have claimed at least one life. the fires have burned across thousands of acres since friday, destroying dozens of homes and forcing a state of emergency to be declared. residents who are forced to evacuate are being allowed to return to their homes. and in san francisco, an oil refinery fire has been contained. it's not yet known what caused
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the blaze at the chevron facility. all of the workers there are safe and uninjured. for thousands of residents for the fire to stay indoors has been lifted. the smoke could be seen throughout the bay area. tropical storm ernesto is picking up speed as it moves closer to central america. winds are hitting 65 miles per hour. that storm is expected to dump up to five inches of rain along the coast of honduras and nicaragua, where low-lying areas have been evacuated. ernesto could turn into a hurricane before making landfall at the belize, mexico, border. we look at your weather on this tuesday morning. a beautiful day in the northeast. afternoon showers and thunderstorms from the gulf coast to virginia and the carolinas. showers from des moines to chicago. monsoon storms in the southwest. scorching heat in the plains and in the rockies. >> triple digits in phoenix, dallas and boise. 90s from salt lake city to kansas city.
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80s on the east coast and midwest. when we come back this morning, passenger power. airlines are forced to scrap their latest fare hikes. when it comes to soda in school, kids are getting a lesson in change. and are you ready for some football with a female referee? a historymaking moment for the nfl.
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welcome back. u.s. markets are riding a tide of optimism after last week's employment numbers.
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there's also been encouraging news from europe. and that pushed the dow to a three-month high yesterday. the dow gained 21 points. the nasdaq was up 22. well, the lull in the cost of gassing up is over. gasoline prices are heading back up. 14 cents a gallon in the past week. national average is now at $3.65. and that is the biggest one-week jump in more than three years. the midwest was hit the hardest with an increase of nearly twice as much. that's thanks to a pipeline that's now out of service. but some good news to pass on. airfares are coming down, as the major carriers back down on last week's fare hikes. ticket prices have been going up steadily all year. but this time, the airlines may have been spooked by signs of less demand. they may try again next month to see if increases will fly. detroit almost had a challenge from silicon valley. it's been rumored that steve jobs wanted apple to design an i-car. now, we know it's true.
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it's one of the secrets that apple is spilling in its patent lawsuit against samsung. instead, the tech giant decided to come up with a smartphone. it's harder for students to get a soda at school. half as many kids had access to pop during school hours, compared to five years earlier. that's good news in the fight against childhood obesity. but the researchers found it's still easy to get a sugary sports drink. >> but here's something you won't find in the school cafeteria or even a weekend kid's meal. burgers, when money is no object. wendys is offering two of them. a surf and turf burger and a lobster and caviar sandwich. they're only available for a limited time and only in japan. each cost three-times as much as a standard hamburger. about 16 bucks. and for whatever reason, you find that appetizing, sunny. >> expensive.
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but it looks delicious. >> fast food and fish. when we come back on this tuesday, frightening moments in the maternity ward. what kept a newborn girl from being snatched right out of the hospital? and thrilling moments for the usa women's soccer team after an amazing back and forth battle. they are now going to go for gold. i don't want healthy skin for a day. i want healthy skin for life. [ female announcer ] don't just moisturize, improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula goes beyond 24-hour moisture. it's clinically proven to improve your skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. for healthy, beautiful skin that lasts. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. also discover daily moisturizing body wash. for healthy skin that starts in the shower. only from aveeno.
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no one can possibly know what this guy was thinking. a man in russia, for whatever reason, wound up on a major highway, yeah, riding a shopping trolley. he caused plenty of traffic. for his sake, let's hope he got off the road safely and got some help and maybe sobered up, as well. >> my goodness. now, for a look at morning road conditions. a slick ride in the four corners of the southwest. wet, at times from the dakotas
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to chicago. and thunderstorms drench highways from dallas to the carolinas. >> a few weather-related delays. two cities on the board today, atlanta and charlotte. now, to an attempted kidnapping in southern california. a woman accused of trying to steal a baby girl from a hospital. >> yeah. brazil ramirez allegedly posed as a nurse yesterday and took the newborn from the room where she was resting with her mother. police in garden grove says ramirez put the baby in a tote bag and tried to leave the hospital. but an electronic sensor set off an alarm. ramirez has no history of any mental illness. and lawyers say former mobster, whitey bulger will take the stand when he is tried next year. he will testify he was given immunity in exchange for being an informant for the fbi.
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bulger was captured last year in california after 16 years on the run. and top nfl players will be among those remembering garrett reid. the younger reid had battled drug addiction for many years. and once again, time for our olympic update. and we start with one for the ages, starring the u.s. women's soccer team. >> that's right. in their semifinal against canada. they fell behind three times before tying the match each and every time. then, in the game's final minute, alex morgan scored to give the usa a stunning 4-3 victory. they face japan for the gold medal on thursday. >> incredible game. gabby douglas will be back in action on the balance beam today. she will be hoping for a better result than her last-place finish on the uneven bars. she has two gold medals as the
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all-around champion and from the team competition, as well. >> and american lolo jones hits the track again today in the 100-meter hurdles. she has the second-fastest time in qualifying yesterday. two americans, including defending olympic champion, dawn harper, are also in the competition. >> always good to see lolo. checking the medal count this morning, china leads the u.s. by one medal. russia has overtaken britain in third place. >> love the olympics. the u.s. women's basketball team takes on canada today in a quarter-final match. >> and the men's and women's semifinals in beach volleyball. but here at home, it's still baseball season, of course. all the highlights from espn. >> i'm jorge andres. let's play some baseball.
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jared weaver and the angels taking on the red-hot a's. he's a man who hangs out with fast balls. aim result, 2-0. jared weaver in command. against cris carter? nope. weaver struck out nine and allowed four hits. he took care of -- top seven. torii hunter. base hit. two runs would come in to score. angels win 4-0. weaver gets his 15th win. tigers taking on the yankees. detroit up 1-0. a solo bomb. his 28th of the season. tigers up 2-0. still bottom five. tied at 2-2.
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single to right. tigers 3-2. next batter, austin jackson, a single of his own. peralta, come on down. er have land earp, relieved as the tigers go up, 4-2. verlander, he took care of business. taking care of ichiro. and then mark teixeira. verlander, eight innings of work. that's going to do it for your espn news update. i'm jorge andres. the packers meet the chargers thursday night in preseason action. >> for the first time ever a female line judge will officiate an nfl game. she will be filling in because the regular officials have been locked out by the league. easton, who has been a ref for 16 years, is a 6-time national judo champ. how about that? >> about time. >> a judo champ, if anyone
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messes with her. >> don't take her lightly. coming up next this morning "the pulse," the american athlete who failed a drug test at the olympics. saying he must have eaten something funny. and one plus one equals megamillions. the new list of the richest celebrity couples on the planet. ♪ i can't believe it ♪ i am growing every day now, and it... ♪ [ female announcer ] childhood goes by too fast to slow down for sensitive skin, which is why all free clear is free of dyes and perfumes. it's the #1 recommended brand by dermatologists and allergists for sensitive skin. and its active stain lifters help tackle tough dirt and stains. ♪ i won't forget you give us your worst, we'll give it our all.
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♪ lots and lots of money i love that song. money is something these next three couples have plenty of. topping "the pulse" this morning, some sfrats fearic paydays. >> the highest. paid couples is beyonce and jay-z. their combined income, $78 million. >> supermodel gisele bundchen and tom brady, they're in second place with $72 million a year. but she earns more than him, even with all his endorsement deals. >> and third are britain's other royal couple. there you have them. victoria and david beckham at $54 million. >> must be a rough life for those folks. there's news of another couple who has really struck gold. >> it turns out michael phelps has been making a splash out of the pool, too. the secret's out. the all-time olympic great has a girlfriend. she's 25-year-old model and
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actress megan rossi from l.a. reports say they have been quietly dating since the start of the year, while he kept his focus on conquering the london games. >> of course, she's a model. now he's rewritten the record books and retired, phelps and rossi are out on the town. they're seen everywhere from red carpets. and another couple in the news for the wrong reasons. >> american judo fighter nick dell poppalo has been thrown out of the games wheel testing positive for drugs. offering a simple explanation. >> yes. he apparently inadvertently ate something that had been baked with marijuana before leaving the u.s. for the games. he's been removed from the final standings in his weight class. >> be careful, dude. not all brownies are made the same. >> it was an accident. >> of course. for some of you, your local
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news is next. >> for everyone else, we'll be back with your chance to send a celebrity to "dancing with the stars." [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars?
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and whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest 3d white whitestrips. updating the top stories. we've learned wade michael page, the gunman in the sikh temple massacre, recently lost his job and his girlfriend and bought the gun a week before the rampage. the psychiatrist treating colorado shooting suspect james holmes, was apparently so concerned about his behavior that she went to a university police officer. still not clear, though, what the officer then did with that information. and more remarkable pictures from the red planet are expected now that the mars rover curiosity has fell into its two-year mission. stormy in the four corners. sweltering heat from the rockies to the plains. showers in the dakotas and midwest. thunderstorms from new orleans to the carolinas. finally from us this
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morning, a new twist on the all-star season of "dancing with the stars." >> abc's george pennacchio sat down with the long-time host of the forecast to find out which celebrity will become lucky number 13. >> reporter: we know 12 names that will be hitting the dance floor in september on the all-star edition of "dancing with the stars." joining the celebrity contestants, tom bergeron and brooke burke. the wild card, the 13th submission. the celebrity name that will be decided on by you. >> it was an opportunity to really engage the viewers on a level we haven't previously. and this is the ideal season to do it. so, the three options thatcarso. and kyle massey, a man favorite. >> i think it's a fun twist. do they want humor? do they want quality of dance from the final person? do they want redemption? what are they going to vote for?
4:29 am
>> reporter: also still to be decided, the all-important professional pairings. i tossed out the idea of rotating the professional partners. they're all-stars, they should be able to dance with anybody, right? >> that's an idea. >> sometimes there's a strategy. sometimes there's a method to the madness with the pros. do i showcase your best move now? >> do i sabotage this person? >> exactly. do i get the sympathy vote? do i want to sneak in the middle? am i saving the split person? i think an intelligent pro, there is a strategy. >> reporter: tom, who do you think might win and why? >> the 13 because they're in the competition. >> i think someone's going to win. >> reporter: that's so evil. >> it could be a champion or not. >> before we've even started. are you nuts? that's too tight. >> i look to brooke. the new season premieres september 24th right here on


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