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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 23, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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tonight on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> if you are googling harry nude photos right now, make sure you spell hairy rigrry right. >> there was a line of women and i thought they were here for me. anna, what do you have? >> it's her bar that she keeps in her room. >> and from "pawn stars," rick and corey harrison. >> refreshing to s
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>> jimmy: hi folks. jimmy kimmel here. ever wonder what celebrities are thinking? check out the random acts of fusion "celebrity life" contest. the all-new ford fusion, completely redesigned and upscaled to fit the life of a celebrity, wants to take you through a day in the life of a real hollywood star. you'll be the toast of tinsel town. you'll even be invited to exclusive vip parties. guillermo, are you going to enter the contest? >> oh, yes. yeah, i like -- >> jimmy: guillermo -- >> just a second. yeah. you want to do lunch next week? okay. sorry, that was my publicist. what can i do for you, baby doll? >> jimmy: i was asking if you are going to enter ford fusion's contest to live a day in the life of a celebrity. >> why would i do that? i already am a celebrity, baby doll! >> jimmy: oh, you are a
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celebrity. >> that's right. i'm the star of "jimmy kimmel live." >> jimmy: well technically, you're not the star of the show. i think that you may be exaggerating there. >> let's ask the people. okay -- lady, do you think i'm a celebrity? >> yeah. >> yeah? you see? i told you. here. have a photograph of me. right here. >> oh. that's me. >> thank you. >> jimmy: for those of us who weren't celebrities, go to to find out more and enter. >> dicky: go to for a chance to win a five-star trip to beverly hills to shop, be pampered in lavish style and arrive in style in the all-new 2013 ford fusion. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with robert pattinson, rick and
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- robert pattinson. from "pawn stars," rick and corey harrison. and music from poliça. with cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, cleto. hello, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for putting your lives in my hands. i do want to say this before -- i'm not sure if you are aware of this, but robert pattinson is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] no, no, no, don't be scared.
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he's not going to hurt us. he's not really a vampire. the guys from "pawn here, too. they are going to hurt us. [ applause ] hey, this is something. nude photos, very notable nude photos popped up on the internet today. photos of what appears to be prince harry, having a big naked party in las vegas. >> the royal family is learning the hard way that what happens in vegas, for them, doesn't stay in vegas. >> prince harry is finding out that what happens in vegas, doesn't stay in vegas. >> they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas, but not, it seems, if you're prince harry. >> what happens in vegas apparently is not staying in vegas. >> what happens in vegas does not stay in vegas. >> what happens in vegas doesn't necessarily stay in vegas. >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. unless, of course, you're prince harry. >> what happened in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas. >> now, it is an age-old saying that what happens in vegas stays in vegas. unfortunately for prince harry -- it hasn't.
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>> jimmy: well, i don't know that it's really an age-old saying. i think it's from, like, 2005 or something, but -- prince harry was hanging out by the pool in las vegas on friday. by the way, if you are googling harry nude photos right now, be sure you spell harry right. trust me on this. [ applause ] so, they were at the pool, with friends, and the prince. one thing lead to another and the story says he and his friends brought women up to the room for a game of strip bi billiards. here is one of the photos. this is the individual leaved to be prince harry. wearing the same necklace that harry had on at the pool. he's covering the crown jewels there, so -- and there was another picture, i think he's giving the heimlich maneuver there. fortunately, he was wearing a big red star on his butt. [ laughter ] buckingham palace today confirmed that the pictures are harry. which was -- with an ass that
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white, we at least knew he was british, if not -- of course, this has caused quite a come motion in london. i'd be disappointed if my prince wasn't having naked parties in vegas. this is what vinces do. at least we know now that the tea matches the crumpets, right? tmz really has ruined everything. famous guys can't have fun anymore without some little sneak taking pictures with their phone and -- what's the point of being a prince if you can't round girls up in vegas and get naked with them? in the olden days, that probably went on every night and if you told anybody about it, they cut your head right off. you know what the t in tmz stands for? tattle tale. they are tattle tales running to mommy. [ applause ] we don't know the story. maybe those poor girls lost their clothes in an accident and the prince graciously gave them his. it's called chivalry. look it up.
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buckingham palace released a statement today. may i have the statement. okay, we have it here. her majesty the queen decreeps it such that prince harry of wales is in an act of time foolery of the highest order, did indeed parade his arse. his twigles and fanny were as it seems concealed by the very happened that may one day yule t rule the united kingdom. the house of windsor relents this. signed, benny hill. that's weird. i like reading from a scroll. start doing this every night. bury that. i almost forgot the best part of the story. one of the guys he was hanging out that night was ryan lochte, the swimmer. this ryan lochte, mark my words, this kid could be the next brody
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jenner. i'm going to keep an eye on him. prince harry is about to get about earful from his very earful father and this isn't the first time he's embarrassed himself. now there's even a company hoping to capitalize on it. >> once again, prince harry disgraces the royal family with his scandalous behavior. hi, i'm billy dee williams. now, you can make the royal family's faux pas apart of your home with the prince harry scandalous poe toes commemorative plate continue. each month, you'll receive a platt come them rates one of prince harry's spectacular slips. you'll get prince harry grinding on a jamaican lady. prince harry licking on a nipple. prince harry bearing a bra. naked prince harry in vegas. naked prince harry in vegas, humping his naked friend.
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and the classic, prince harry the nazi. order now, and we'll throw in this "oh boy, i really [ bleep ] up" mug for free. mm. time is running out. don't be late. call today. >> jimmy: very special. that was a halloween costume. we didn't make that up. we would never do something like that. but i do know what i'm getting the queen for christmas. i just think it's refreshing to see a famous redhead drunk and stripping that isn't lindsay lohan for a change. [ applause ] hey, this is -- puzzling. student athletes at the university of kentucky and at the university of louisville now have their social media accounts monitored by coaches. if you want to play sports there, student athletes have to use a special software that alerts the coaching staff when an inappropriate word is posted
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on facebook or twitter. there's a list of words that will set off an alarm, for real. it's a great list. the university of kentucky, some of their words are crunk, alcohol, act a fool, even benjamins. that's guillermo's baby's name, so -- >> yeah. >> t >> jimmy: they cannot tweet about guillermo's baby. that's weird. at louisville, the list includes panties, bartles and james and gazangas. who still uses that word? maybe they're afraid that's a gateway word to sweater melons or something. i don't know who is using that word. maybe the guys that still drink bartles and james. is that still a thing? no gazangas allowed. but you can still say it at gonzaga university, just fyi. here is an interesting new art
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form of which i was unaware. in fact, i think we just found snoop dogg's new favorite artist here. >> a painter in brazil is making an art out of smoking pot. at a studio in rio, look at the images. fernando blows marijuana smoke into stencils. it takes him a week to do a single print. >> jimmy: gee, i wonder why that is. [ laughter ] a whole week. 38 bags of cool ranch doritos. little league world series is under way in williamsport, pennsylvania, this week. espn is airing it. they have a fun little segment. they let the players introduce themselves. this is from the game between taipei and mexico. >> the color of the fans from mexico. let's meet their kids. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> i play pitcher and catcher. my favorite dog is a chihuahua. baseballs are delicious. >> jimmy: that's a cute kid. you might need to check his birth certificate. it's that time of year when college students across the country say good-bye to a summer of drunken debauchery and hall local to pretty much the same thing at school. we thought it would be fun to play a game with college roommates. we contacted real college roommates and it's time for a special back to school edition of the skype scavenger hunt. tonight, they're working in teams. first up, from indiana university, please welcome victoria and allie. hello. how long have you been back in school? >> for two weeks. >> jimmy: all unpack and settled
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in there? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what are you studying? victoria, you tell us first. >> i'm studying photo journalism. >> jimmy: oh, good, like, photos of prince harry. and what, allie? >> dietetics. >> jimmy: that's like scientology, right? >> not quite. >> jimmy: that's die net ickes. i'm sorry. now, your competitors tonight come to us from lsu, and we have them now. say hi to hanthahannah and chel. hello. how long have you guys known each other? >> since middle school. >> jimmy: oh, that's a long time. what do you do? you're in baton rouge, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: what do do for fun there? >> everything. >> party. >> jimmy: you do a lot of partying? >> yes. >> jimmy: okay. hard core or birthday partying? what's going on there? >> hard core. >> jimmy: okay.
12:17 am
>> yeah, tigerland, we're just like a street of bars that we go to. >> jimmy: your parents will be delighted. all right, well the rules of this game are simple. first of all, say hello to each other. victoria and allie, say hello to hannah and chelsea. >> hi! >> jimmy: oh. okay, there we go, all right. thought they were giving them the cold shoulder. this is a scavenger hunt. i'm going to ask you to find or do something and you will find or do it, okay? >> okay. >> jimmy: ready to play? >> yeah. >> jimmy: round one. i would like you to bring back a contin condime condiment. one team is running to the -- oh, okay. what do you have there? hannah and chelsea, what is in your hand? >> mustard. >> jimmy: mustard is, indeed, a
12:18 am
continuemen condiment. hannah and chelsea, you got it faster, you win round one. round two. bring back something your roommate would not want us to see. most embarrassing item wins. victoria, you better get there. you could grab something of allie's, you know. oh, some retaliation going on here. allie, what is that? >> i don't know. ask victoria. >> jimmy: oh. and victoria, what is that? >> this is her dress she puts on out of the shower. >> jimmy: okay. hannah, what do you have? >> it's her bar that she keeps in her room. >> jimmy: it's what? say that again? >> it's her bar that she keeps in her room.
12:19 am
>> jimmy: you keep a whole bar in your room? wait, how many glasses are there? >> we're in party town. >> jimmy: and what do you have there, chelsea? >> her perry the plapla te pus. >> jimmy: we have the bar, the -- >> you have one of these on the show? >> jimmy: we do? no, that's guillermo. not a doll. it's a real -- [ applause ] all right. i'm going to declare that a tie. okay, let's go to the next round. bring back all of your shoes, most pairs of shuf shoes wins. we could be here for awhile. they're just freshly in school,
12:20 am
so, they might not have as many shoes as they would have. but this is where it's helpful to be a kardashian. we'll find out who the carrie bradshaw here is. i'll be subjecting two points for every pair of crocs, by the way. wow. they are really loads on the shoes. and i don't know if hannah and chelsea have a wheelbarrow, or they store their shoes down the block. they have a facility or something, but -- we have not seen them for quite some time. dumping and dumping. the funny thing is, she's not even wearing shoes. chelsea, those are just -- >> jimmy: oh, wow. oh, my goodness. all right. well, start counting those and see how many pairs we have there. you know what, actually, let's take a break here and when we come back, we'll count up the shoes, we'll see how many you have and then we'll continue. maybe we'll bring robert
12:21 am
pattinson into this. this is better than the olympics, right? we have a good show for you tonight. from "pawn stars," rick and corey harrison are here. we have music from polica. and we'll be right back with robert pattinson. and the thrilling conclusion to our skype skacavenger hunt. so stick around. this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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>> jimmy: a lot of excitement tonight. on the program, from "pawn stars," which airs on the history channel, the stars themselves, rick and corey harrison are here with us. very interesting guys. you know, they do a lot of their -- they do a lot of business with pimps, which we
12:26 am
will find out tonight. and then, with music from this album, it's called "give you the ghost," polica from the bud light stage. tomorrow night, we'll be joined by kiyra sedgwick will be here, and then we'll have music from josh doyle, too. let's go back to our skype scavenger hunt. we have four young ladies, roommates from indiana university, victoria and alley, hannah and chelsea are from lsu. did you total up the shoes? victoria and allie, how many do you have? >> together? >> jimmy: yeah, combined. >> 54. >> jimmy: hannah and chelsea? >> 23. >> jimmy: 23? almost nothing. how do you even walk around? all right. all right, so, we're tied up at one apiece here. so, you guys stand by.
12:27 am
we'll come back to you for the tiebreaker, all right? all right. 54 to 23. what could possibly -- we'll do a whole other hour after the show on the internet, explore that. later this year, our first guest's fake fangs will be plucked and placed in the vampire wing of the smithsonian when he says goodbye to the "twilight" franchise forever. but first, he stars as a morally bankrupt billionaire in david cronenberg's "cosmopolis," which is in limited release now. please welcome robert pattinson. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what's happening? [ cheers and applause ] tears are being shed. there's a real -- i have to say, there's -- all right, all right,
12:28 am
calm down, you animals. [ cheers and applause ] >> my tongue keeps coming out of my mouth, when anyone screams, like the reaction -- >> jimmy: maybe you are trying to french kiss them all. [ cheers and applause ] it's weird when i came into work this morning, there was a line of women and i thought they were here for me. are they always waiting, like, when you come out of an elevator, is it like, "ahh!" >> not really. i have to plan it well in advance. i have to invite everybody and then it works. >> jimmy: the last time you were here, i think you were homeless, right? >> still am. >> jimmy: you still are? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you just live in hotels? you don't have a place? >> no, i rented this archway in -- [ laughter ] and i just lived behind it. >> jimmy: like a troll. that's nice. >> one of those big trash cans. >> jimmy: do you have a car? >> yeah, yeah. well, kind of, yeah. i mean, i kind of --
12:29 am
>> jimmy: what do you mean kind of? >> ah -- i'm very difficult. finding it very difficult to express myself. i've been living in a trash can for awhile. >> jimmy: you're like oscar the grouch. >> yeah, kind of -- i have a couple of cars. >> jimmy: you have a couple of cars? >> selling them. >> jimmy: you're selling them? >> yeah, i have -- got a 2001 silv silv silverado. that's beautiful. >> jimmy: that's a truck. 2001, huh? >> solid car. >> jimmy: did you get it in 2001? >> no, i got it, like, i guess, like three months ago. >> jimmy: three months ago? >> off craigslist. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. and i got it because i was -- as you can see, i do a lot of extreme sports and adventure sports. but i -- i was kind of trying to travel around with these bicycles.
12:30 am
and i used to drive it down the street from my archway where i leaved behind and -- didn't realize -- i don't even know if i can say this on television. >> jimmy: say it. >> i was going with my assistant cycling, wear the little shorts with the little pad in. and -- didn't find out but it's like an infamous dogging spot. you know what dogging is? >> jimmy: that's a sex thing, right? >> i used to turn up in the parking lot, looking at everyone, going, why are all these guys sitting around in their cars all the time? i go in there every day thinking nothing of it, and coming out in my little pants and then one day there was a big raid as i was there. >> jimmy: this is here in los angeles? >> down by the l.a. river. >> jimmy: what is dogging, exactly? it doesn't involve dogs, right? >> not entirely sure. i think it's an everybonglish
12:31 am
expression. it's like cruising. it's not cruising. everyone is just sitting there. they are just waiting. >> jimmy: is it like when george michael came out of the bathroom? >> yeah, it's like these guys are sitting there so they can, you know, and no one ever -- no one ever -- >> jimmy: like dogs, just waiting. they are lotting abo ilolling a. >> kind of that desperate. it never noticed what they were doing. >> jimmy: let's go back to the craigs the li craigslist thing. did you find the ad and then buy it from a guy somewhere? >> um -- yeah. i buy everything off craigslist. >> jimmy: do you really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: yourself? >> my friends. that's what i was looking on it for. >> jimmy: you will show up at a person's house and look at an item like a car -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: and then negotiate with them? >> the guy in encino hills. every car i bought, this guy lived with his parents. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you show up and you want to buy his car?
12:32 am
>> we were talking about the gas prices, going, i know, man, it's crazy. >> jimmy: did he not recognize you? that out of context that he wouldn't -- >> i don't think so. he was kind of -- he didn't really understand the concept of negotiating. craigslist, you say, i mean, can i get 300 bucks off, whatever. the thing was only $2,500. >> jimmy: the "twilight" movies grossed a billion dollars. >> 300 bucks off and then his comeback was, what about -- what about 50 bucks more? the original price. i was just like -- what are you -- i just kept asking. >> jimmy: i guess it couldn't hurt to ask. wow, that's a crazy thing. that is a very strange thing. now they are all going to put craigslist ads. >> my first, the first one, the car i bought was $1,000. and i thought, i negotiated myself. i just got reminded, i just
12:33 am
moved to l.a., i turned up with my agent and my manager to negotiate the price of this $1,000 -- >> jimmy: no, you did not. how long ago was that? >> that was just after the first "twilight." maybe just before. >> jimmy: and years later, here you are, owning a $2,000 car. [ applause ] >> made it. >> jimmy: we got some girls at a couple of colleges here in the united states that are playing a little game. they might get a kick out of -- hey, do you guys know robert pattinson? >> yeah. >> jimmy: nope. look at the looks on their faces. he's going to buy your stuff on craigslist. let's give them a challenge. let's see. um -- oh. okay. switch clothing, the first team back to switch clothing wins. >> come on, come on. all right. >> jimmy: i was going to ask them to get dirty underwear and stuff. >> jimmy: they'll do anything
12:34 am
you want them to. >> whoever brings back the dirtiest underwear. >> jimmy: we can do that. ask them to bring back a pair of man's underwear. okay, well -- oh, oh -- >> jimmy: it's hannah and chelsea that are the first. where's allie? what happened to allie? oh, too late. okay, robert has thrown in one last challenge. he would like -- first one to bring back a pair of man's underwear, without a man in it, by the way. man's underwear. this is going to get them in trouble. >> jimmy: we have a tie now. i think we have a tie. what we're going to do is, we should just give them both the prize, right? we've got a 50-inch skype-enabled tv -- >> dicky: friends and loved ones on skype.
12:35 am
on the computer, mobile phone or another tv. find out more at that works good. hold up the underwear. whose are those? hannah? chelsie's boyfriend? and victoria, whose are those? >> these are my ex-boyfriend's. wow. looks like he could lose a few pounds, huh? all right, well, congratulations to all of you. thank you for playing. robert pattinson is here. we'll be right back. man, i'm glad aflac pays cash. aflac! ha! isn't major medical enough? huh! no! who's gonna help cover the holes in their plans? aflac! quack! like medical bills they don't pay for? aflac! or help pay the mortgage? quack! or child care? quack! aflaaac! and everyday expenses? huh?! blurlbrlblrlbr!!! [ thlurp! ] aflac! [ male announcer ] help your family stay afloat at
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how many do you represent? >> she's a poet. >> is that what she is? i thought she was a -- >> a little of both. >> so rich and pretty. does she let her touch your personal parts? >> you look gorgeous today. >> jimmy: that is robert pattinson. i like that movie. i thought it was weird and entertaining. >> it is pretty weird. >> jimmy: what is the idea of the movie for those who haven't seen it? can you explain it? you spend most of it in a lem
12:41 am
see lim limousine. >> it's about a multibillion dollar who is traveling across new york to get a hair cut, but he doesn't need a hair cut. and he doesn't get a hair cut. >> jimmy: he never gets one. the whole movie is a journey to get a hair cut. get a prostate exam in the limo, which -- >> four-finger prostate exam. >> jimmy: that is a -- that's a house call. >> more of a [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: the camera is just on you throughout that scene and you actually look upset during it. >> really? >> jimmy: i think so. >> no, yeah, no. i had -- yeah, i was -- someone was telling me about this vein that comes out of my forehead that only happens when good things or very bad things happen. and i have no idea why -- which one it is classified as, [ bleep ].
12:42 am
>> jimmy: dogging, we're okay with. that one, we're not okay with. pretty graphic sex scenes in the film, as well. >> well -- yeah. i mean -- yeah, there's one -- there's a couple. there are a couple -- >> jimmy: three. no, there's two and then there's a lot of -- >> and then the [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: there's a lot going on. you should see the movie. robert pattinson. you love him. you might as well see the movie, it's called "cosmopolis." it's in theaters now. we'll be right back with the guys from "pawn stars." [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles
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>> jimmy: hi there, still to come, polica. our next guests star on the most popular cable tv show about a family business that does not include a species of kardashian. it's the very entertaining "pawn stars" on history channel. from gold & silver pawn in fabulous las vegas, please welcome rick and corey harrison. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how's it going? thank you for coming. i enjoy watching the show. for those that don't know, you guys are father and son. you own a huge pawnshop in las
12:53 am
vegas. not in a great neighborhood of las vegas. >> gotten a little better. >> jimmy: has it gotten better as a result of the show being so popular? >> the show being popular, the neighborhood sort of lifted a little bit. >> a couple years ago, they decided to build high rises down there. >> it didn't work out. >> jimmy: what do you have going on there? >> we got you a steve garvey ball. >> jimmy: that's my favorite baseball player. someone pawned this? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what would i get for something like that? >> worth about 100 bucks. >> jimmy: i will hang onto that. even put his middle name in there. that's very nice of you. i'm from las vegas, too. are you originally? >> born and raised. >> been since there '81. >> jimmy: you've been there quite awhile. has s las vegas has more characters -- >> extremely eclectic. >> jimmy: i mentioned pimps before. you do a lot of business --
12:54 am
>> we used to do a lot. we are more of a touristy location now. we used to back in the day. >> jimmy: what kind of things will pimps come in to pawn. their women? >> you see, it's a really weird sub culture thing. they buy all their jewelry in a pawnshop because they can pawn it for half of what they bought it for. so, when they get arrested for doing bad things, they usually take their money, because they got their money for doing bad things, but they don't take the jewelry. the jewelry, they can get half what they pawned it for. they can pawn it for half of what they bought it for and they can get out of jail. >> jimmy: bail, essentially. >> yeah. pimp economics. >> jimmy: pimps are smart. and people bring all sorts of things in. and you guys analyze the stuff. if it is something that's out of your, kind of like area of expertise, you bring experts in. i like because it's kind of like antiques roadshow meets a, like, a trailer park. [ laughter ]
12:55 am
>> never heard it put that way before. >> jimmy: you guys fight sometimes on the show, which is fun. >> yeah. >> one fight on the show, actually. got a little mad at me on there. >> jimmy: what did he get angry about? >> all kinds of stuff. >> him being him. >> doesn't like me spending money on the show. >> jimmy: you have disagreements over how much money you give out? >> we have disagreements about everything. he's my son, for the love of gou god. >> jimmy: do you like working together? >> not really. i mean, just kind of got thrown into it. >> working with my family is the best part of my business and the worst part of my business. it really is. >> jimmy: yeah, i guess, you know, i personally work with my family but we're not in as animated of an environment are you what are some of the weirder things that people bring in to you? >> we've had so much. i had 200-year-old japanese porn
12:56 am
brought in. >> all-hand painted, down to the bodily stuff. >> jimmy: how do you figure out how much to give for something like that? >> well, you can look, some of the stuff you a ccan actually l up. after i bought it, i realized i couldn't put it in the showcase, because my mom comes in. >> i had someone rip out their gold teeth with a pair of pliers for $30. that was -- jb. >> jimmy: what? >> 24 hours, we have a night window. she came up, asked, do we buy gold teeth? i do all the time. it's not a big thing. she asked if she could boar bor pair of pliers. i said, leave your i.d. she comes back about 30 minutes later, i'm thinking she stole by pliers, her mouth is full of toilet paper, she drops a gold tooth in there and it's worth about 30 bucks.
12:57 am
ing that i >>jimmy: that's one of the saddest things i've ever heard. dentists come in? >> if you go to a dentist, they pull out a gold crown, keep it. >> jimmy: that seems unethical to me. dentists are a little weird, aren't they? >> in general, yeah. >> halfway between a vet and a doctor. >> jimmy: bring you a bag of teeth? >> yeah. >> jimmy: a bowl of teeth? and you melt it down or -- i imagine you don't put them in somebody's mouth. i guess you melt it down. so, when somebody buys a piece of jewelry, there's a good chance it was in someone's mouth? >> that's what's eat about gone gold. no one throws away gold. >> jimmy: i throw it away all the time. that's how rich am i. >> so your wedding band could contain gold from the e gyp xans. they never throughout it away. >> or someone's mouth. >> jimmy: you get people that come in and think, i have this beautiful piece of jewelry, my husband bought it for me and then it's not necessarily a beautiful piece of jewelry. >> that's one of the weird
12:58 am
things. people are always -- people always hate pawn brokers, because we give bad news. because when a lady brings in a piece of jewelry, her husband told her it's a perfect diamond, i said, no, your husband is really cheap and it's not perfect. people tend to get mad at you. >> jimmy: and you can tell if it's a perfect diamond or not. >> yeah, we have -- we do this for a living, so. >> jimmy: you know all that sort of stuff. so, will you take over the store, eventually, will you stay there for the rest of your life, corey? >> i'm not going to be like my grandfather or him. >> jimmy: what are you planning to do? >> you know, hopefully one day they retire and i can sell the store. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: funny if you pawned the store. would you be upset if you sold the store out from under your family? >> i'm never going to give it to him, so -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, if there are any attempts made on your life, we'll know exactly where to
12:59 am
look. the show is great. i enjoy watching it. thank you for coming out here there you go. rick and corey harrison. watch them on "pawn stars," monday nights at 10:00 on history cham. we'll be right back with music from polica. [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water from the first hands-free system, and micro-climate controls powered by twinchill technology, the new ge french door refrigerator puts fresh in a whole new light. come see the new ge french door refrigerator for yourself at bray & scarff. buy now and save up to $500. but hurry this incredible offer ends october 10th. come in today or visit online at
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>> jimmy: this is their debut cd. it's called "give you the ghost." here with the song "dark star," polica! ♪ ♪ what is mine what is all mine not my child not my child ♪ ♪ hold you just a little while i'm gonna give her all my life ♪ ♪ until she until she's swooped up by the sea of love ♪ ♪
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♪ ain't a man in this world who can pull me down from my dark star dark star i will remain there ♪ ♪ it's done me good so far ain't a man in this world who can pull me down from my dark star ♪ ♪ dark star i will remain there it's done me good so far ♪ what is mine ♪ ♪ what's all mine
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not my child not my child hold you just ♪ ♪ a little while i'm gonna give her all my life until she until she's ♪ ♪ swooped up swooped up by the sea of love ain't a man in this world who can pull me down ♪ ♪ from my dark star dark star i will remain there it's done me good so far ♪ ♪ ain't a man in this world who can pull me down from my dark star dark star i will remain there ♪


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