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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 14, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning, bracing for violence. >> protests set to swell across the middle east today, with anti-american rage growing by the minute. and we finally know the names of all four americans killed in libya, now being mourned here at home. stocks are soaring this morning around the globe. response to the fed's aggressive move to help more americans find work. the smash and grab on four wheels. the crooks who used a bmw to drive right into their local apple store. and wild kingdom. how did a face like this go undiscovered until now? good morning. i'm john muller, in for rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris.
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we begin with day four of anti-american fury, boiling over in the arab world this morning, touched off by an inflammatory movie made here in the u.s. >> this is what it looks like at the u.s. embassy in cairo overnight. we've seen demonstrations, throwing stones, molotov cocktails and police fighting back with tear gas. >> and that violence is putting embassies across the middle east, on high alert. the egyptian government is actively monitoring the situation, after a reportedly blunt exchange between president obama and the egyptian president. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally. but we don't consider them an enemy. >> reporter: in yemen, protesters smashed windows and climbed the walls of the u.s. embassy compound in the capital of sanaa. the anger in the middle east, was sparked by a film that insults the prophet muhammad. >> there is no justification, none at all, for responding to
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this video with violence. >> reporter: the violence began on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks, at the u.s. consulate in libya. that attack left four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens, state department employee, sean smith, and former navy s.e.a.l.s, glen doherty and tyrone woods. doherty was a former navy s.e.a.l. from massachusetts who was protecting the consulate. >> glen lived his life to the full et. he was my brother. but if you ask his friends, he was their brother, as well. >> reporter: fbi agents from the new york office will soon be arriving in libya to assist in the investigation. and a top foreign policy adviser to republican mitt romney appears to be blaming president obama for the deadly middle east protests. richard williamson tells this morning's "washington post" that with a, quote, president romney, you'd be in a different
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situation. williamson also directed the criticism to the president's response to the attacks this week. but in an interview with george stephanopoulos, candidate romney now seems to be backing away. >> it was not directly applicable and appropriate for the setting. i think it should have been taken down. and apparently, the white house felt the same way. >> reporter: when the president says, you shoot first and aim later. >> this is politics. i'm not going to worry about the campaign. >> you can see george's entire interview with mitt romney later on "good morning america." the man who wrote, produced and directed the film is in hiding now this morning, fearing for his life. nakoula has been a drug manufacturer and scam artist. he told authorities he wrote the script while in prison. it was financed by money from his wife's family in egypt. abc news is following all of the angles of this developing story. we'll have a full update later on "good morning america."
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and now, the big move by fed chairman ben bernanke. it affects every, single american in one way or another. bernanke says the fed's going to pump $40 billion into the economy each month indefinitely. he says the goal is to get unemployment to 7.6% some time next year. abc's bianna golodryga has details about what it all means. >> reporter: what the federal reserve chairman did was unprecedented. announcing the fed would buy back some $40 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities each month. what makes the decision so remarkable is that it's open-ended. meaning that the fed can print as much money as it wants for as long as it wants. they tried this type of program twice before, limited versions, with only lackluster results. but the fed says the economy needs a longer boost. >> it isn't growing fast enough to make significant progress, reducing the unemployment rate. the weak job market should concern every american.
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>> reporter: think of your car. by pumping more money into the tank, the stock market and your 401(k) grow. you're worth more. interest rates will also remain near zero for at least another three years, so more americans may be inclined to buy homes. but there are warnings, too. low interest rates mean little to no growth in savings accounts, something millions of americans, especially the elderly, depend on. still, the fed says the bigger picture is this. more spending means businesses can hire more workers. >> the idea is to quicken the recovery, to help the economy begin to grow quickly enough to generate new jobs and reduce the unemployment rate. >> reporter: bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. a terrifying accident in las vegas. a car was speeding out of control when it hit bottom, flew into the air and ran into a bus stop. police say the driver will be
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transferred to jail once doctors clear him. family friends and the general public packed washington's national cathedral, bidding a final farewell to neil armstrong. the astronaut described as a humble hero, was the first human to set foot on the moon in july 1969. that's where he spoke those immortal words, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. he will be buried at sea later today. time, now, for the weather across the nation. another soaking wet day for the entire state of texas. heavy rain spreading from oklahoma city to little rock and memphis. showers around cleveland, pittsburgh and buffalo. getting into boston, and philly this weekend. >> mostly 80s from new orleans, to new york. 70s in the nation's midsection. and 80s in the northern rockies. when we come back, get ready to dig a little deeper for your next flight. and california's online shopping frenzy. tomorrow's looming law that sparked an internet buying
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binge. and when a robbery at an apple store goes wrong, there is not an app for this one.
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welcome back, everybody, on this friday morning. overseas markets are following wall street's move, sharply higher after fed chairman ben bernanke's announcement of the new stimulus plan to help the economy grow and get americans back to work. on wall street, the dow jumping 206 points yesterday, to its highest close in almost five years. and the nasdaq was up 41, as
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well. with americans booking holiday travel, airfares are taking off. southwest, the country's largest domestic carrier, raising prices about 10 bucks on a round trip. other major airlines followed suit, making it likely these increases will stick. and if you're an iphone 5 fan, you can stay in your pjs this morning to place your orders right now. apple made its new gadget available for online preorders for those who prefer avoiding the masses. people expected to line up later this morning. prices for the thinner, later model start at $199. you have to save some money for those adapters. one day to go until a new california internet tax law kicks in. and there has been a huge online buying binge. the so-called amazon tax goes into effect tomorrow, which requires many big, online merchants to collect sales tax.
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only about 0.5% have been voluntarily been paying the taxes to the cash-strapped state. the company that brought you mario brothers and donkey kong is taking a big step. it's a new service that lets users record shows and stream movies online. it goes on sale november 18th and starts at 300 bucks. and "usa today" has a big birthday. it's turning 30 and getting a little work done. a little nip. a little tuck. the paper with a new photo, and more photos. more graphics will be in readers' hands today. the usa today website and apps are getting an overhaul. the paper launched 30 years ago tomorrow. and this is its first face-lift. >> a modern look. hard to say why. but it does. >> very colorful. coming up on this friday, that drive-through robbery at an
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apple store. plus, is monica lewinsky ready to spill the beans? new talks of a tell-all book. then, rivalries don't get any fiercer than the bears and packers. who walked away with bragging rights from thursday night's clash? we'll tell you. [ male announcer ] on one corner, one pharmacist started it all: charles walgreen had a mission to help people be happy and healthy.
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something pretty cool there. a cornfield maze, featuring denver broncos quarterback, number 18, peyton manning. it's the work of fritzer will farms of a small town north of denver. the fields have featured elvis and ray charles. >> aliens didn't do that? are you sure? >> lasers had something to do with it. >> lasers and aliens, maybe. now, for a look at the morning road conditions. heavy downpours make for a slick commute across texas and
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louisiana into oklahoma city, little rock and memphis. roads will be wet at times from miami to charleston. >> if you're flying, weather-related airport delays are possible in dallas and houston. back to the news. and ill-conceived burglary attempt has landed a suspect in a southern california jail. >> this is surveillance video taken inside an apple store last week. you see the suv driven inside. an accomplice is busy stealing the iphones and ipads, the driver tries to back out. but he has trouble with the store's security gate. yeah. he eventually gets out. the license plate falls, however. when he goes back to retrieve the plate, yeah. he's arrested. he's being held on $600,000 bail. >> you have to love that. it's the best. have to come up with a show about that. new york city is cracking down on the supersized containers of sugar-sized
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drinks. the first ban applies to establishment with a food service license. it includes fast food, delis, food carts, you name it. supermarkets and other stores are exempt. supporters say it's a ground-breaking move that will help stem the soaring obesity rate. but critics say it's another example of the government as big brother. >> i think we have the freedom of speech. and we have the freedom of will. we should be able to do and drink what we want. >> barring any court action, the ban goes into effect next march. just as recent polls are finding that former president bill clinton is the nation's most popular politician, well, his past may be coming back to haunt him. according to "the new york times," former white house intern, monica lewinsky, is shopping a tell-all book, getting a lot of interest. a representative for the woman at the center of clinton's impeachment scandal is not commenting. and she's laid low since she moved to london in 2005. prince william and kate middleton just made their first visit to a mosque in malaysia.
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and in keeping with local tradition, kate covered her head for modesty, with a white scarf. and she slipped off herpumps. the couple is on a ten-day tour in celebration of the queen's jubilee. week two of the nfl is under way. highlights from the not-yet frozen tundra from lambeau field. >> good morning. i'm doug kesrian. could the packers lose two games to start the season? pack hosting the bears. a big field goal just before halftime. the punter, crabtree, who takes it 27 yards for a touchdown. fourth quarter now. green bay, up 16-3. embassy quarterback, jay cutler, picked off again. and cutler's fourth interception.
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he was also sacked seven times. very next play. aaron rodgers delivers the knockout blow. a touchdown pass to donald driver. packers win and avoid an 0-2 start. to baseball, things very tight in the american league east with the yankees and orioles. new york facing the red sox at fenway. derek jeter leading off the game. he would ground out. more from the captain in a moment. phil hughes started the game for the yanks. his 100th career start. very effective. 7 1/3 innings, 5 hits, no earned runs and 7 strikeouts. meanwhile, jeter in the seventh. the yankees up 1-0. a bloop single. that's it. ties willie mays for tenth on the all-time hits list. yankees go on to win 2-0. the orioles also win. so, the yankees and baltimore orioles remain tied atop the
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american league east. have a great day. >> bummed about that bears loss. the loss to the packers seven of the last eight games. >> got their number. >> yes, they certainly do. and here's what may rank of the best of the highlights of the boston red sox expression. look at dustin pedroia that his wife has gone into labor. >> it happened wednesday night during the sox loss to the yanks. >> yesterday morning, pedroia's wife gave birth to their second son. it happened in the seventh inning. clearly surprised. congratulations. best of luck. >> a seventh-inning stretch. >> good one, john muller. love it. >> every now and then, i pull one. up next, an animal-themed "pulse" for you, including a new monkey never seen before in the history of mankind. >> ever? >> ever. we will show you the
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okay. time to check "the pulse," all stories from the animal kingdom. we should call this the weird animal segment. we start with a new face in town.
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a fresh face in the democratic republic of the congo. >> this is weird. you're looking at the newest known monkey in the world. the shyest species, just discovered by american researchers. its bare-faced with a long nose. not seen here but it has a bright blue backside. >> and they have a huge patch of skin in the buttocks, fyi. scientists say it's vulnerable because of high demand for bush meat. >> a face only a mother could love. >> actually kind of cute, though. >> the blue butt might be less than cute. >> the bare butt. much closer to home, a cat survived a ten-hour trip from ohio, down the highway to florida. >> somehow he wound up inside his owner's luggage during her trip to orlando, with a group of disabled veterans. ethel mays was stunned after finding her 14-month-old kitten
4:24 am
while unpacking in her hotel room. >> a baggage worker said he saw her suitcase moving a bit but loaded it on the plane anyway. >> i'm not sure he should be admitting that. >> probably not. >> keep your mouth shut. sea gulls in the san francisco bay area are aggressive, especially at outdoor cafes. >> but a tourist claims one of the bold birds snatched a camera right out of her hand. this is a bird's-eye view, literally. she recovered the camera and posted the video on youtube. skeptics aren't buying it. the bird decides to drop it off right here. i was hoping for a reflection to see the bird carrying it. >> really? it doesn't look like a stunt. does it look like a stunt to you? >> no. >> i'm buying it. >> i think we should buy it. for some of you, local news is next. >> for everybody else, we're
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updating the top stories. u.s. embassies in the middle east are bracing for more violent protests. stemming from an anti-islam film. protesters in cairo clashed with egyptian security forces throughout the night, exchanging rocks and tear gas. chicago's striking public schoolteachers will be back on the picket lines this morning. negotiations went past midnight, showing signs there's progress toward a new deal. and overseas markets are higher. the dow jumping 206 points after the fed announced isolatest economic stimulus plan. taking a look at today's weather. showers around buffalo, pittsburgh and cincinnati. heavy rains across texas and drenching oklahoma city to memphis. finally this friday morning, three little words that changed the way we get our sports
4:28 am
highlights. this is "sportscenter." >> the show has 50,000 broadcasts. a guy that anchored some of those, josh elliott, takes a look back. >> a big part of our future, the "sportscenter", with george grande. >> welcome, everyone, to the espn "sportscenter." >> reporter: and thus began a humble wrap-up program that would do nothing less than change the very meaning of american sport. back in 1979, sports fans only really could follow their local teams, briefly glimpsed at the end of local news casts. "sportscenter" rendered that obsolete, and helped catapult sports into the center of the american cultural dialogue. now, it is the beating heart of abc's sister network, espn. 18 million people tune in each day. compared to the 30,000 who watched that very first broadcast. >> back, back, back -- >> booyah. >> welcome to another edition of
4:29 am
"sportscenter." >> reporter: a show that wouldn't recognize itself now. owing much to the iconic athletes who came of age with it. and all those anchors, including my dear "gma" colleague, robin roberts. >> people think all we care about are sports. that's just not true. >> reporter: blazing a trail for me to follow. >> alongside josh elliott, i'm hannah storm. >> reporter: and one of the great continuous ad campaigns in television history. >> it's not what you think. >> reporter: its legion of fans, the president of the united states. >> guiltiest pleasure? >> i suppose it's "sportscenter." and my wife thinks it's a sickness. >> reporter: disease or delight -- 50,000 editions later, it would seem they're both right. for this is "sportscenter." josh elliott, abc news, new york. >> a way of life for so many


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