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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 18, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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law to stop the defamation of
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islam. as for the broadcaster who was among the first to show scenes of the film, he says the rage aimed at the u.s., which has been simmering for years when the people here saw the movie, that anger simply boiled over. he has no regrets, he tells us, but hasn't shown the movie again. lama hassan, ax nebc news, cair. a ruling expected to day. a french judge asked to halt further publication of kate's topless foe toephotos. lawyers for prince william and kate laid out their argument against the french gossip magazine. it is too late to stop the spread of the photos on the internet. >> what is significant, this is clearly very personal to -- >> of course. >> to prince william because of what happened to lady diana. i think it is also very rare that the royal family would take this pretty extraordinary step and take this to court. and they must, at this point, be
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thinking we have got to draw a line in the sand. >> some where. >> right. because are we heading down that path? what happened to princess diana is that going to happen to kate? >> and you think, a decent shot -- >> i think so, the laws in europe are so very robust. especially in france. the fines are pretty steep. in france in particular. pretty robust in the uk as well. some pretty firm legal footing for the royals. >> we will see what happens later today. economic tensions between the u.s. and china with both countries filing international trade complaints against each other. the white house complaint with the world trade organization, accuses china of illegally subsidizing exports in the auto and auto parts industry. beijing, challenging anti-dumping duties, that washington levied on goods from china. >> big cha-ching from apple. the company says record preorders for the iphone 5 topped 2 million in 24 hours. that is more than double the amount of iphone 4 preorders.
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apple says most of the preorders will be delivered on friday, but some people will have to wait until next month to get their hand on the new iphone. there is further proof this morning of what drivers see every time they pull up to the pump. gas prices just keep climbing. the latest energy department numbers put the nationwide average at $3.88 a gallon. up 3 cents this week. and 28 cents hyperthan a year ago. turmoil in the middle east has been pushing oil prices higher. new weapon in the battle of the bulge, a weight loss drug, approved by the fda back in july. now hitting the market. it is actually a combination of two drugs. interesting. >> yeah. new, new weight loss drug. >> yeah, i know nothing abut the drug. but you know what works? >> if it works. >> diet/exercise. that works too. >> just not eating that much. right? >> so hard to do. >> hmm.
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>> let's take a look at your weather. stormy along the east coast most of today. heavy rain, strong wind, possibility of hail. flash flooding could threaten the inland cities of new york and pennsylvania. >> fall arrives a bit earlier in the upper midwest where some areas could see frost. dallas has the cooled off nicely off to the low 80s. and phoenix is very close to the average, at, get this 100. ooh. >> still 100 degrees in phoenix. >> isn't that something. >> a little boy in texas getting his lifelong wish, a four-legged best friend. >> he has a rare form of cancer, malignant melanoma of the central nervous system. a handful of cases ever study. make a wish found him a horse named junior. >> fantastic story. make a wish does great work don't they? >> really, really do. look at that. a horse. >> pretty good rider. he's been on a horse. coming up later in "the mix," saved by a shark. >> first, one of the most emotional homecomings yet, by an
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probably start crying too. i am quite sure. probably a whole range of emotions. >> did you know anything? >> no. i was confused. >> you were confused, what do you mean? >> i just saw a bunch of people come in. i was really confused. my dad was home. i am happy. >> the major says now that he is home he plans on laying around and watching spongebob with his daughter. i do that too. audrey's mom set up the surprise with the school's principal. seems to have come off without a hitch. sunny, you have got to love that one, huh? >> i know. i cry every time i see them. i don't know if it is that i am a mom or just. hopefully we'll see a lot of the stories, right. apparently by 2014, at least the plan is our troops will be coming home from afghanistan. so. >> if that story doesn't put a smile on your face, something's up. >> i know. i know. well, speaking of homecomings. here is some good news from down in texas. banana has been found.
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yes, not a fruit, but, but a python. banana is back with her owner. she is a 16-foot-long albino burmese python that had gone missing from a snake park back in april. over the weekend she was found, just crossing the road. banana is said to be in good condition despite being missing for nearly seven months. police are looking into what happened. >> would you freak if you saw that or are you all right? >> i would freak. i am not okay. not okay with garden snakes. not okay with the burmese python. the thing is why do we have these wild animals? why do we have them? why are they running around? i mean, a python. how is that a pet? why do people want to look at them. >> at the very least. don't let them get away. want useless facts, boa constrictor, and my panda knowledge. i know if you are getting constricted by one of those, when you let out your breath, it gets you tighter. do your best not to exhale.
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>> what do you do? hit it on nose or something like sharks? >> like as soon as you go, it gets you tighter. so, can you hit it on nose? i don't know what you do actually? >> you never cease to amaze me, john. >> i know one random fact about everything. and not much more about anything. >> he is amazing. >> thank you, sunny. an r & b showing his softer side. >> usher talks to oprah about love and loss. the emotional interview coming up next. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ooh baby baby ♪ ooh baby baby
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♪ ♪ ♪ let it go >> sing it, sunny. sing it, sunny. ♪ >> there you go. >> welcome back. nothing quite like a little usher on a tuesday morning. >> why not? >> the r & b star talking about a subject near and dear to his heart. his children. >> he spoke with oprah winfrey, about the kids. custody battle with his ex-wife, and the death of his stepson. amy robach has details. ♪ >> reporter: usher didn't hold back. >> i really felt like we were friend. she made us enemies in a way
2:49 am
that i could never understand. >> reporter: the r & b mega star opening up on oprah's next chapter talking for the first time about the end of his marriage, tabloid headlines and emotional courtroom testimony fighting for custody of his sons. [ indiscernible ] >> it wasn't until i was on the stand when i cried that i then realized, oh this is an attack. >> were you in love? >> i loved her, yes. yes, i did. i was in love. >> reporter: usher says while they may have moved too fast he was crushed by the way people criticized their relationship. >> this is supposed to be a person that i feel i am going to share the rest of my life with. and nobody, you know, is responding the way that i would look them to respond. >> reporter: but the singer says the relationship quickly soured and admit heted he played a par. >> were you faithful to her. >> faithful at heart but not all the way. >> reporter: he told oprah
2:50 am
though they divorce heed was devastated when 11-year-old kyle glover, foster's son from a previous marriage was killed in july after being hit by a jet ski. >> was kyle a part of your life when you were married? >> a great part of my life. >> were you at the funeral? >> it hurts me to hear the fact that people speculating and say i wasn't at the funeral. i absolute leap was at the funeral. >> reporter: usher says he is focusing on being a better fatheror his own children. while the often uninhibited singer was candid with oprah about his personal life it was this personal question that made even him blush. >> have you or do you make love to your own music? >> some may say this would be rather narcissistic? but, yeah. >> ha-ha! >> nothing like a candid answer. >> i love oprah. got to tell you, i call her the oracle.
2:51 am
who asks a question like that? >> oprah can get away with it. >> she asks the question people want to ask but don't ask. the interview was fascinating to me on so many levels. one he admitted not being faithful. >> an interesting quote. faithful in his heart. >> that was interesting. also, about the story, we remember, we covered, for, for many, many days, the fact that his stepson was killed in that very tragic accident. while they were in the middle of that custody dispute. >> he really loved that son. he acted like a prince during all of this. he flew her to the hospital, i think on a chartered plane, he really was a good family man all through that. he loved that kid very, very much. and even his ex-wife said that, he behaved very well. and was deeply appreciative. >> what's interesting is, i don't think we talked about it in the piece. he got custody of their children together. he got custody of both boys. and that is unusual because it is usually what is in the best interest of the child, of course, but fathers don't always
2:52 am
get custody. he got sole custody of them. >> very candid interview. >> very candid. it's oprah, the oracle, of course. >> the mix is next. stay tuned. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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can you believe the twin did it? ♪ swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. all right, time for "the mix," everybody. an interesting one. lightning strikes twice, not literally. a good sa mamaritan strikes twi. a guy in ohio, near cleveland. gets a flat fire. in the course of small talking he talks about a guy who once helped him eight years earlier, eight years earlier pull a fishing hook out of his hand when he was fishing and it got stuck. the guy helping him change the tire, goes that was me. they realize they were the same people. the guy who helped him out, the second time. same the first time. fishing hook in his hand. feels like it is almost his life work. >> a good guy, a helper. >> building up a lot of karma in
2:56 am
the karma bank. >> i am a cluts. i get into issues all the time. as you know. also, there is a police officer who claims, that a shark guided him to a rescue boat when he was helplessly adrift in the pacific ocean. >> hero shark if you will. >> 15 weeks. a hero shark. he says his brother-in-law was with him. his brother-in-law perished from dehydration. this 41-year-old policeman knew it was a matter of time before he succumbed to the elements. he fell asleep. and this shark started circling the boat and then kind of nudged the boat to let him know there was a rescue boat coming by. then he waved off to the boat. got to till you, not really big it. it is more like a mirage or hallucination. sharks eat people. sharks attack people. >> it can happen. experts will tell you they attack if you are around seals. >> if it were like a dolphin, i would be night. >> a little more.
2:57 am
>> "jaws" did not do this. no. >> let's show you something that is very interesting. you might like this in your kitchen, sunny. >> yeah. >> in the market for a new range, oven, you know hutch that costs? >> how much? >> $100,000. from electrolux, the world's second biggest appliance maker. introduced a $100,000 kitchen range. really meant for kator i cateri. some one will have it. talk about a status symbol. $100,000 stove. they're saying they're going for very high net worth people with two or three homes, it is intended to build and reinforce the brand. >> better serve my meal as well. last but not least. i'm just so obsessed with it, got the u.s. naval academy tribute. it is unbelievable. check it out. ah! i love it. >> those guys can dance.
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>> look at that. they look good in their dress whites. awe thought
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this morning on "world news now" -- day of rage. new anti-american attacks already today. >> as protests reach a fever pitch, beirut seeing the largest so far. this time they include some ominous threats from the leader of a well-known militant group. it is tuesday, september 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good tuesday morning. i'm sunny hostin. >> i'm john muller. paula and rob are on assignment. more on the protests in a moment. first a look at the other stories we are following this morning. >> the romney camp in crisis mode. the candidate tries to explain some pretty negative comments about obama supporters and entitlements.
3:01 am
plus an awkward and emotional courtroom exchange. a woman coming face to face with a man accused of stalking her. he is acting as his own lawyer. >> something you don't see often, actually. someone, they say -- >> yes, i know. be your own lawyer, you have a fool for a client. >> fool for a client. usually always true. let's talk a little bit about clint eastwood. he is going to give an explanation, and sit down to shed some light on what he was thinking when he decided on that empty chair skit at the republican convention. i have got to tell you i was fascinated by it. i couldn't look away. >> it was, yeah, well, people look at train wrecks too, they're fascinating. >> couldn't look away. first, turmoil across the middle east. the outrage over the anti-muslim film, mocking the prophet muhammad is spreading. >> police in kabul say a suicide bomber rammed a car full of explosives into a minibus near the airport at dawn killing at least nine people. an afghan militant islamist group is claiming responsibility
3:02 am
for the attack which comes on the heels of a dire warning from the leader of hezbollah. abc's correspondent is in beirut. >> reporter: major show of anger from boy scouts to clerics poured into the streets. then a surprise. a rare public appearance by the leader of hezbollah, the militant group with the real power here. he called the film which mocks the prophet muhammad the worst insult to islam ever and warned if the u.s. doesn't move to ban the film there will be very serious repercussions against the u.s. around the world. inside the u.s. embassy reports they're shredding classified documents because of the protests. the anger in this rally goes well beyond the film, the chants of death to america, evidence of the fury against an american government that allows these sorts of insults against islam. ,000 do you believe that people should have the freedom of speech, freedom to do whatever they want? >> yeah, not when it comes to
3:03 am
religion. >> reporter: there were anti-film protests in at least seven other countries including indonesia, pakistan, afghanistan, yemen, and the west bank. but elsewhere, the protests have eased. egypt where it all began has been quiet. and libya, nothing since the attack that killed four americans. including the ambassador. as for the ambassador, the u.s. government believes he likely died of smoke inhalation from the fires set in the compound. libyans say he was found alive. the u.s. is still investigating the attack, believing that extremists turned an anti-film protest into an assault. back in lebanon, no sign the anger is going anywhere. hezbollah has issued a call for four more protests around the country this week. and the u.s. is bracing for more elsewhere as well. now to a major bombshell in the presidential race. the republican campaign is in damage control after mitt romney's comments in this leaked videotape. he is shown telling a group of
3:04 am
wealthy donors that no matter what he does, 47% of the population won't vote for him because they are dependent on government. at a late night news conference, romney stood by his argument. >> i believe the peoint i made s the president starts out with a large number of the voters, 47%, 48%, 49%, something look that, these are people in his camp. and they'll vote for him almost no matter what. it is not elegantly stated. put the that way. i am speaking off the cuff in response to a question. i am sure i could state it more clearly in a more effective way than i, than i did in a setting like that. >> romney called for the entire videotape to be released instead of the clips that have been posted on line so far. the obama campaign called the video shocking. it's hard to serve as president for all americans when you disdainfully have writ in off half the nation. obama campaign manager, jim messina said in a statement. >> it is going to be very interesting, damage control.
3:05 am
clearly got out really quick and said something. >> i mean, absolutely. it is just so close to the election. i think the point is, its pretty well made by the obama campaign. how do you write off basically half of the country and then expect to be able to run the country? >> absolutely. it is not unlike, president obama during the election, when heap made the comment about people in middle america taking their frustrations out, in guns and things. >> right. >> a gaffe. >> a gaffe. >> obama made a gaffe. he lived it down. we'll see if romney lives this one down. >> it's the timing. timing is the problem. and that brings us to our question of the day -- what do you think of mitt romney's victims comment. post your thoughts at a terror threat rattling nerves at jfk airport a hoax. american airlines flight from san francisco and finn air flight searched after a caller phoned in a bomb threat. nothing was found. things got tense between the tower and one of the pilots.
3:06 am
>> we are surrounded by a bunch of vehicles. there is a reason for this. give us the reason or we will evacuate the aircraft. you got 60 second. >> the caller claimed two terrorists were hiding in the wheel wells of the planes. people who have done that in the past usually die from a lack of oxygen or freezing temperatures. the occupy wall street movement marked its one-year anniversary. slightly more muted than when it started out. protestors rallieden more than 30 cities across the world with perhaps the loudest gathering around the new york stock exchange. >> we want corporate influence out of politics? we want universal health care? >> nearly 200 people were arrested in new york. most of them for disorderly conduct. well it took 17 years, but a man charged with killing an atlanta area flight attendant is now finally facing trial. >> the victim's son who was stabbed 16 times, but survived is expected to take the stand. ashley swan of our atlanta
3:07 am
station, wsb, has more from the courthouse. >> if i would have known it would have led to this i would have clearly, i would have clearly done things differently. but i can't. i can't take back time. i just wanted hem to get help. i wanted it all just to stop. just stop. i just wanted tight stop. >> reporter: painful testimony, having to answer questions on the witness stand from the very man she helped put behind bars for stalking her. house mates with carmen smith. he strangled and stabbed smith to death, and stabbed smith's 5-year-old son to get revenge on blatz. >> when. >> just a few days after you murdered carmen and stabbed nick. >> reporter: struggled to keep her cool after she faced question after question, defending himself despite discouragement from the judge. he spent friday cross-examining blatz in the third person, asking detail after detail from reports of his stalking trial.
3:08 am
>> it is prejudicial and inappropriate. >> it is inappropriate that you stalked me and i have to come back with you and answer questions that. 's t that's hard for me! >> remarkable. remarkable. really rare for a judge to allow a defend to represent himself now. you have this defendant representing himself, cross-examining his victim. you dent see thon't see that. >> that has to be uncomfortable for the young woman. >> i wish i was in the courtroom to see something look this. the judge marked off with tape the areas where the defendant can walk. the defendant can't walk too closely to -- to the jury well. and interestingly enough, the defendant is not allowed to handle the exhibits, including the knives that he used to murder the victim. it is interesting because so many people were saying, you know on facebook and twitter, he is at a disadvantage. no, the judge is protecting him. if this jury believes heave did it. can you imagine itch f he is
3:09 am
wielding the knives in the front of the jury. he need to distance himself away from sort of the instruments of the crime. really, really fascinating. >> ashley swan of our atlanta station, the victim's son was only 5 years told when stabbed after returning home from school. let's talk about children in chicago. they are missing a seventh day of school, as the teachers union meets today to vote on a new contract. at the request of mayor rahm emanuel. city attorneys filed an injunction aimed at forcing the teachers tostreak -- strike immediately. by then the hearing would be irrelevant if the teachers reach a deal and walkout on their own. in washington this morning. politicians are likely to find they may not be the beggest deal in town. >> biggest celebrity in d.c. is a newborn giant panda. no bigger than a candy bar. the hairless pink cub was born
3:10 am
to a 14-year-old mother thought to be done with conceiving. >> zoo officials can keep the cub for four years before it has to go back to china. and, john, you at the break, were telling me all about this. >> it is fascinating. pandas have something called a false pregnancy. often even with son grams, the doctors who are monitor the thing don't know if it is a false pregnancy or real one until the baby comes out. that's because things like the hormone levels and the, mother panda's blood change, uterus thickens, if she starts building a nest. not oevevenonceives. they were hoping this time, really thought she was acting really, really pregnant. and she was. >> i think it is unbeliefable that this, tiny cub is so tiny. the size of a candy bafrment r.e >> huge bears. >> kind of crazy. >> you know a lot about pandas. >> i do now.
3:11 am
reporters are sponges. we become experts after a couple hours. >> i'm impressed. we all have our favorites through the years. that obviously your favorite. great shows here on abc we tuned into every week. coming up. barbara walters has a preview of the show that will recap all of them. >> first, hard to believe, children eating as much salt as adults. barack show you what foods to stay away from to keep the sodium levels down. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. you know, i was once used for small jobs.
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♪ ♪ welcome back. and here is ast sta story that be particular interest to all the parents out there. your kids may be eating way too much salt. >> a new report even says youngsters are eating even as much salt as adults. as abc's sharyn alfonsi reports that's notood for their health. >> reporter: they are the food kids crave.
3:16 am
>> i love mac and cheese. it is so good. >> reporter: what is your favorite thing to eat for dinner? >> dinosaur chicken nuggets. >> reporter: some of the staples of childhood could have high levels of salt. a new study find children and teens are consuming as much sodium as adults. putting them at risk of high blood pressure. in fact, of the more than 6,000 kids studied, 15% had high or elevated blood pressure. in the 70s, just 1% had high blood pressure. high blood pressure can weaken blood vessels causing strokes and vision problems. it can also laead to kidney failure. children should consume no more than 2,300 mill grams of salt a day, less than a teaspoon. on average, kids have 3,300 mill grams. where is it coming from? a single serving of mac and cheese has 890 mill grams. even a handful of chicken nuggets. 470 milligram milligrams.
3:17 am
we didn't know until the study cam out sodium intake was as high as adults. >> reporter: like adults, kids can devil of a preference or taste for salty foods as early as 6 months old. you have to be really careful watch cereal and crackers. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> who knew? >> who knew? you know some things are high in salt. sound look everything is high in salt. if it comes out of a box or package better check it. >> bread has salt. everything has salt in it. >> all right. now we know. better get on that. >> i know. i like salt. >> i love salt. we're older. older folks love salt. you don't want to get your kids appetite for it at that age. >> got to be careful. coming up next, the best of tv over the years. >> we will give you a preview of a trip down memory lane from barbara walters herself. you are watching "world news now."
3:18 am
3:19 am
welcome back. the people have voted and to night here on abc, you will be able to see what the viewers have chosen as the best tv programs ever in 15 categories. >> a nostalgic trip hosted by abc's barbara walters. right now she shows us what to expect from the best variety show category. >> it is one of television's most enduring legacies, the variety show. >> "ed sullivan show." >> the tv sets may have been black and white. >> you know i can smile. >> the host -- ♪ you ant nothing but a hound dog ♪
3:20 am
>> it was the ed sullivan show that broug elvis and his swinging hips into living rooms across the country. ♪ do you look good music >> reporter: of course the 60s brought with them a cultural revolution, also played out on television. and then, there is the variety show that brought attitude to the weekend for almost four decade. >> live from new york it's saturday night! >> the sketches are indelible, the lines palpable. >> isn't that special? >> loren michaels says he saw an opportunity. what was your concept? >> we were a new generation. didn't have a show yet the i thought if i could get the show on the air it would be a hit. >> and was it ever. launching the careers of the one-time unknowns -- eddie murphy. chris rock. will farrell. and of course, tina fey. >> i can see russia from my house.
3:21 am
>> at "saturday night live" when it comes to poking fun at people no one is above the fray, including me. >> i am barbara wawa, and tonight we will be talking to an actual wiving legend. >> tell me how barbara wawa came in and ruined my life. >> i think she did with affection. there was no malice. it was funny. a huge hit. you choose to take it as a compliment. >> because it is saturday night live, being cool never gets old. >> once you are on "saturday night live" or spoofed, you made it. >> an icon. sincerest form of flattery. >> "snl" is my favorite. >> laughing, donnie and marie. in the wheel house, outrageous. >> i'm a little built country. >> i'm a little bit rock 'n' roll. >> it should make the ris, right? >> our list any way. >> our list. coming up one of the most memorable moments in the
3:22 am
republican national convention. clint eastwood and that empty chair. >> we will sit down with the director and actor and see how this whole thing came to be. you are watching "world news now." it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.
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♪ i talked to the trees ♪ but they don't listen to me ♪ sunset i talk to the stars ♪ ♪ but they never hear me >> that's clint eastwood on vocals. ♪ i talk to chairs >> he talked to trees in the movie "paint your wagon" in the 60s. >> recently he talked to the empty chair at the republican national convention. and now he is talking about that with abc's nick watt. [ applause ] >> when did you decide on what you were going to do, how you
3:26 am
were going to do it? >> they're all looking at teleprompters. i'm not very good at that. i don't have my glass with me. i would not have been able to read it. the guy said you want to sit down. but no, put that out next to the podium, will you. >> reporter: it was like that? kind of look. >> it was kind of look that. i thought i would do this sort of an odd ball thing. >> reporter: this weekend, "snl" was still poking fun. >> no, you go first. no, no, you go first. jinx. >> reporter: some people loved it. some people hated it. some lpooned it. >> good. you are supposed to love it or hate it. >> reporter: eastwood chat add but his day job, trouble with the curve and the politics. >> i have mr. obama. >> the polls suggest that people remember your speech, not mitt romney's. >> i deidn't try to upstage. >> you wouldn't let the campaign see what you would say. you didn't know.
3:27 am
>> i didn't know. >> can't do that to himself. >> reporter: do you think you went too far at all? >> no, not really. anyway, everybody seemed to have a good time with it. that's all that matters. >> reporter: president obama says he is still a big fan of yours? >> hey, you know, that's his bad judgment. no, actually. he seems very charming to me. >> reporter: the most memorable convention moment in decade an indelible moment in american cultural history. neck wa nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i could not look away. >> telling you beforehand. i watched the first five minutes. i've want down and got distracted. i missed the chair part. the money. >> the chair, just unbelievable. >> i saw it all on tape. >> trying to figure it out. is the chair. is he losing it? what's up with the chair? >> like he said it was memorable. he succeeded. >> who remembers anything else. all about the chair. >> exactly. we will be right back. >> invisible obama in the chair.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
hd-8. this morning on "world news now" -- tale of the tape. a secret recording has mitt romney doing damage control. >> the republican nominee faced reporters last night responding to his comments about president obama supporters and entitlements. it's tuesday, september 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm john muller. >> i'm sunny hostin. rob and paula are on assignment. we will get to that explosive tape, rocking the romney campaign, in just a moment. also in this half-hour, a militant leader appears at a massive anti-american protest as the anger deepens across the muslim world. new attacks already this morning. then the royal family
3:31 am
fighting back while more topless photos of kate, the duchess of cambridge, race across the globe. later, a downhill day for olympic snow boarder shaun white. that's him, details of the arrest behind this mug shot complete with a shiner coming up in "the skinny." he looks so different. >> not his finest moment. late night developments in the case of the leaked videotape on mitt romney. >> the candidate is calling for the release of the full tape instead of just the clips that were posted online. >> he is trying to put a more positive spin on his comments. abc's karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: just as mitt romney's campaign was hoping to hit the reset button, new video may complicate their message. "mother jones" a left-lean ing magazine, posted clips of what they say is romney talking to donors at a fund raiser this year. and his talking points are very different than what voters are used to hearing from him on the campaign trail. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. all right, there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent, who
3:32 am
believe that they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. that's an entitlement. and the government should give it to them. and they will vote for this president no matter what. >> reporter: "mother jones", a left-leaning magazine, posted the clips, not full romney remarks, what they say is romney talking to donors at a fund raiser this year. >> i mean, that's what they sell every four years. and so my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. what i have to is convince the 5 to 10% in the center. that are independents. >> reporter: the obama campaign pounced saying it is shocking that a candidate for president of the united states would go behind closed doors and declare to a group of wealthy donors that half the american people view themselves as victims. romney held an impromptu press conference in california to respond. >> the president believes in what i described as a government centered society.
3:33 am
it's not elegantly stated. let me put it that way. i am speaking off the cuff in response to a question. and i am sure i could state it more clearly in a more effective way. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news, washington. >> i suspect he will be stating it in more different ways for days to come. >> exactly. i am troubled by the fact that if you are elected president, you do have to make -- remarks that are, off the cuff, you have to be pretty diplomatic, you have meetings with heads of state. >> sure. >> and you have to choose your words carefully. so, i think in today's age when you know everything is being videotaped, to sort of say something like that, even to private, private group, private donors, and basically writing off 50% of the country, you intend to lead. it is very troubling at this point in the campaign. >> part two to the comment, a bit controversial, he made the point to the group that his dad was born in mexico to american parents, which is true. and he said that if his dad had
3:34 am
been born in mexico to mexican parents he would have a better chance of winning the elections. >> that will be very difficult for him to explain as well. because the latino vote is going to be so very important for, for the republican ticket. i just, i don't know how they -- spin this so close to the election. >> rest assured they're strategizing right now. we'll hear about it tomorrow. i'm sure. or today because it is tomorrow. >> that's right. >> yeah, these dark hours here. all right, anti-american rage over a film that insulted the prophet muhammad has spread to kabul, afghanistan. charred remains of a van. it exploded when a suicide bomber plowed into it at dawn. it killed at least nine people. injured a dozen others. a militant islamic group claiming responsibility saying the attack was carried out by a woman. security increased at u.s. embassies throughout the region after hezbollah's leader urged anti-american protestors not to ease up. so far the largest and loudest demonstration has taken place on the streets of beirut with
3:35 am
marchers shouting "death to america." hezbollah's normally reclusive leader has come forward with a warning for the u.s. -- ban the film or have it removed from the internet or expect repercussions. we have word about the controversial filmmaker and the family, they have left their los angeles home for parts unknown. deputies say they reunited him with his relatives and drove them to an undisclosed location. more than 130 inmates on the loose this morning after escaping from a prison in northern mexico. right near the texas border. authorities say the prisoners broke out through a 20-foot tunnel yesterday, and cut their way through a chain link fence. they are now questioning the staff to see if they were involved. most of the fugitives were in for federal crimes like drug trafficking. a north carolina court is hearing new testimony in the four decade old "fatal vision" case. former green beret and doctor jeffrey macdonald trying to clear his name in the 1970
3:36 am
murders of his pregnant wife and two young daughters. new dna evidence was introduced monday. there was a statement from a deputy u.s. marshal who sa, a woman had told him she was in the family's apartment the night of the attack. a texas mom is demanding answers from her son's middle school saying administrators paddled him so hard he was covered with welts and bruises. christina downy's 13-year-old son was punish ed for getting three consecutive zeros. while she acknowledges she signed a document okaying corporal punishment, she says the school went too far. >> when you paddle a child, you pop their behind. you don't abuse them. this was abuse. this was so bad they left bruises. >> reporter: the police department investigated the paddling and concluded that all procedures were properly followed. >> it's -- you might not know this, but 19 states still have this practice allowed by law. 19 states. >> i have got to tell you, you are a parent. i am a parent. i don't believe in hitting children.
3:37 am
and i mean, something i have never done. >> me either. >> i often compare it to -- when you disagree with an adult, would you hit that adult, no a crime. in many states it is a crime to hit children. i am so shocked that one, a parent would sign the permission for the corporal punishment, and it's, just equally shocked there are so many states that still -- >> 19 of them. >> -- allow that. >> a stat -- juvenile information exchange says more than 28,000 students in georgia were spanked in 2008. >> i just, i mean -- my understanding now is that the, the american academy of pediatricians has come out and said, parents who spank, or children that are spanked have mental issues and disorders resulting from the spanking. >> it is controversial. spare the rod, spare the child. people believe in old school. that's one thing. i mean, i wouldn't spank my kid no matter what. i sure as heck am not going to
3:38 am
let anybody else. that's for sure. >> that's the thing. >> no way. here is a look at your weather. going to be a messy day along the east coast with heavy rain from georgia to new england. there could also be hail, high winds, and even the threat of a tornado. very pleasant though in the west. >> fall-like temperatures in the midwest, chicago and fargo. around 60. bit more unusual pacific northwest. portland, mid to upper 80s. some football, it was monday night. peyton manning would probably like to forget this one. a denver quarterback threw interceptions on his team's first three receptions. falcons made them pay. jumping out to a big lead. >> manning tried to rally his team from 20 points down. denver came up just short. the falcons stay undefeated. with their 27-21 win. my goodness. >> yeah, peyton manning. >> i know. usually so great. >> he'll get his groove. >> everybody has an off day. well there is more proof this morning that what's old is new. >> foodmaker general mills
3:39 am
reaching back to the good old days for its latest ad campaigns. resurrecting classic characters, iconic jolly green giant and the cheerios' kid. >> they will be touting their products' health benefits. the jolly green giant will push kids to eat one more vegetable. every day. and the cheerios' kid will push babyboomers to lower their cholesterol. >> i got to be honest here, i remember, the jolly green giant, very well. ho-ho-ho -- >> green giant. >> i don't remember the cherrio's kid. >> i don't either. >> maybe it wasn't our era. jolly green giant. all over it. cherrio's kid not so much. >> mystery to us. >> i'm into it. >> why not? >> good message. >> uh-huh. lower your cholesterol. >> absolutely. >> coming up, a 9-year-old takes a stand against the saggy pants in his neighborhood. how his approach is more creative, quite frankly it's adorable. >> first, new developments could be hours away in the case involving those topless photos of duchess kate. the latest next. you are watching "world news
3:40 am
now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by "the new york times." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by "the new york times."
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call now for your free consultation. and right now, get this limited edition hoveround america travel mug free with your hoveround delivery. call or log onto right now! ♪ ♪ welcome back. we are just hours away now from an announcement by a french judge who has been asked to stop further release of photographs of kate middleton. >> as we have reported, the future british queen was captured wearing very little or nothing at all really on vacation in france. with the latest on the case, we are joined by abc's scott goldberg. good morning, scott. good morning, john, sunny. later today a french judge could issue an injunction blocking further publication of the
3:44 am
pictures. already another magazine is out with more of them and the royal blood pressure is rising. >> reporter: on the outside the duke and duchess of cambridge are keeping their upper lips stiff. as their goodwill tour stretches across the south pacific there are signs that will and kate are seething on the inside. [ indiscernible ] as the prince urged legitimate photographers to hurry up. back in europe his lawyers are trying to convince french prosecutors to pursue criminal breach of privacy charges against the paparazzo who snapped topless pictures of kate on vacation at what was a private villa. william says he wants that photographer in jail. >> i think the fact that they have had such a speedy response speaks volumes how passionately william feels about putting an end to this type of gutter journalism. >> reporter: after the french paper ran the pictures an italian magazine ran a 26-page spread under the headline, the queen is nude. ironically, both publications
3:45 am
are owned by the former italian prime minister who once used the law to block pictures of his own scandalous parties. the royals want an injunction to stop the release of any more photos. it is probably too late for that. >> these magazines when they publish something like this, incorporate into the price of doing business, the fines that they likely will have to pay. >> reporter: for the prince, the battle is personal. his mother diana was killed 15 years ago as she fled the paparazzi's flashbulbs. the italian magazine publishing the 26-page spread, published pictures of diana as she was dying after her car crashed. john, sunny. >> i think, what's fascinating about this. there really are two camps. some folks are saying, you know what she is a public person, she shouldn't have been sun bathing topless. there are other folks saying, well, you know what she was on private property, having a private moment, with a telephoto lens or high-powered lenses that apparently captured her from 15
3:46 am
new york city blocks away. >> i agree with both of them. but the thing is -- she's a royal. i mean, of course she should be allowed to have her own privacy. but like, you sign up for that. it's unfortunate. but, you know. it goes with the territory. >> it's a tough one. i do think in this instance, the law is on her side. the laws in europe are very robust in terms of privacy. and this really was -- you know i think an invasion of privacy. >> i agree. >> when i put my lawyer hat on, i think, okay, she is on firl legal grounding -- footing, rather. when i put my female hat on, i am outraged. like no woman wants that to happen. >> i still wouldn't have done that just in case. when we come back, remembering one of the most memorable character on "general hospital." >> an olympian arrested. we have got the mug shot, "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> and now it is ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> and now it is time for "the skinny."
3:49 am
my favorite segment of the show. snow boarder shaun white, remember, the flying tomato. oh, my goodness, charged with vandalism. we have his mug shot. >> not good. >> not pretty. apparently he was in at the lowes hotel in nashville. he pulled a fire alarm at the hotel. caused evacuation of all the guests. an employee said he saw white destroy a hotel phone. tried to leave the hotel, first by cab, that was prevented by someone telling the cab driver he was calling the police. after he heard that he allegedly kicked the person and fled on foot. he was found, transported to a local hospital for treatment. officers are saying he appeared extremely intoxicated and smelled strongly of alcohol. >> amazing things that happen when you have intoxicants. he is a very nice guy. squeaky clean. >> squeaky clean, athlete. look what happened. shaun. >> let's talk about potential bad behavior situation.
3:50 am
tmz reporting amanda bynes did bizarre things when she went shopping. barricaded herself according tmz report, for two hours in the dressing room. clerks reportedly heard a banging sound from inside the dressing room. every ten minutes. the clerk made a distress call. to another employee saying she was concerned about bynes being in there so long. apparently she wouldn't come out. "i need more time." finally came out at 5:30 p.m., went to the register, bought a pair of stilettos, sunglasses, few other things, she also apparently according to the tmz report, walked out after she tried a bathing suit top on underneath her dress. she came back and said, i paid for the suit. she said she forgot it was on. >> she is in trouble. >> one more thing. follow-up to that. what's next for her? apparently not rehab. according to e! news. a source tells e! news she has not checked in for a treatment facility nor does she have any plans to. >> she is really in trouble. we are watching a train wreck. feeling like. >> starting to be lindsay lohan. >> lindsay lohan, yes, yes.
3:51 am
>> good luck to her. hopefully turns all it round. >> well, "general hospital" everybody watches that for some time. john ingle died, yes, age 84, after a courageous battle with cancer. remember, he played patriarch, william -- edward quartermaine twor nearly two decades. passed away, sunday, age 84. >> let's talk about adele, the singer of a new bond movie song. >> appropriate. >> right, she has "license to thrill" total film reporting this. diva is going to sing the song for the upcoming james bond film "sky fall" and would join legends that have recorded songs for james bond movies -- including paul mccartney, duran-duran, carly simon, "the spy that loved me" remember that one? madonna's "die another day" and apparently told france radio, a new song is coming out end of the year. rest of the album, two years away. would have to think that is going to be great.
3:52 am
>> who doesn't love adele? >> so true. >> it is going to be fantastic. >> have to agree. >> i love james bond movies. are you with me? >> i am with you. watch it on a saturday morning when it is raining. >> i like you more and more, john. more and more. >> telling you what. back at you. it's also clinically proven... to help keep plaque from coming back. plus, it works in these other areas dentists check most. ♪ new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. for extra plaque protection try new crest pro-health clinical rinse.
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♪ pants on the ground pants on the ground ♪ ♪ looking like a fool with your pants on the ground ♪ ♪ going about >> i remember that. >> very well. >> finally this half-hour, we reported here before about the trend among some teens who want to wear their pants some what lower than what may be socially acceptable. >> one young man is calling for pants to be pulled up. he spoke to kimberly richardson of our new york station, wabc. >> i turn on the tv. i see athletes and rappers, sagging. i thought it was so wrong. >> reporter: amore ortega didn't just think about it, the 9-year-old did something about it. ♪ pull them up pull them up pull the pants up ♪ >> reporter: stage name, little man. this is his rap and video. the posting on youtube made the
3:56 am
4th grader a hero to many here in his brooklyn neighborhood. >> for a child his age to be bringing attention to something like that it should make the older kids feel quite ashamed. >> reporter: "pull your pants up" addresses what many tried to and failed. sagging jeans. it was something amore asked his dad juan about and was quickly told, no way, no how, same rule for 7-year-old jamir. amore agreed. felt like those wearing the controversial trend, well, as only a kid could put it "looked foolish." >> it is just disrespecting themselves and disrespecting others who have to watch that. >> reporter: his video was shot in brooklyn, that's the borough president, a long-time little man supporter. amore has been performing since he was 5 1/2 and has a theory why many choose to wear saggy pants. >> they're around all this negativity, cursing and stuff, they just want to act like they're bad, they own the streets. >> reporter: and be cool?
3:57 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: you don't think it's cool? >> no. >> to my surprise he has been received by all the kids. they see him coming down the street. they say, "hey, little man, look, i'm pulling up my pants." >> reporter: do you know you are a very special little boy? >> a lot of people tell me that. i think about it sometimes a lot. >> reporter: do you believe it? >> yeah. >> reporter: that's good. >> what a cool little kid, huh? >> i know. you know, that style with the pants -- i -- >> not your style. you don't go for guys who do the baggy pants thing? >> not really feeling it. >> really? see, i had you pegged for being totally into it. funny style. yeah, i know. the kid, you know he took a stand on it. he's making a lot of fans. >> yeah. you don't do the baggy pants thing? do you? >> no. you don't strike me as a saggy pants wearer. >> pretty classic when it comes to the jeans. wear a belt. pair of levi's. i'm good. >> i like that. >> yeah. we'll see you in a little bit. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" -- informing
3:58 am
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