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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 18, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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flash flood concerns, 20, 40 minutes before you got the true runoffs, still rain from baltimore and the severe weather threat. one area, the costal areas along the bay. for more, let's head over to meteorologist mike mass co. we'll continue that southerly wind. that will pile up the water into many communities. coastal flood warning, southern baltimore county into anne arundel county. that is through the overnight hour. havre de grace, high tide around 9:15 and annapolis around 9:00. you're going to be dealing with coastal flooding. take a look at lay tonsville, 66
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unconfirmed wind gusts, still gusty winds. let's send it over to wyatt. >> just to get back to the radar perspective, chester south -- chester town south of queen anne county and if there were ever a time to download our storm shield app, this is it. put if your zip code. your town. when you do that, you can bring have you the coastal flood advisories. much more weather coming up. let's go backs to the news desk.
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many schools cans selled their afternoon and evening activities. you can get the full list on our website, you can sign up for a severe weather alert. a. a clinical research are was murdered monday night. >> police said he was returning home when he was robbed and killed. brian kuebler has more. dr. peter marvit has no enemies. no rhyme to this tragic reason. so far this seems like the type of crime we fear most, a random killing of a law abiding citizen. peter marvit was parking his
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car, going in to see his family and that is when this happened. >> he was shot near his vehicle. detectives believe he was either exiting or entering the car and we are exploring a robbery motive. >> reporter: police spent the day exploring this troubling crime. detectives were looking for evidence. they passed out these crime stoppers fliers and stopped suspicious vehicles near haring run park. all in an attempt to get leads. he did pis post doctorate work at the university of maryland and a clinical professor at nih. the house today full of family who asked us to stay back and let them mourn, no doubt, trying to figure out the answers to the
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questions police are already asking. >> an individual who has given quite a lot to society, and we're investigating this death just like we do any other. this is a heinous crime and atypical for the community. >> marvit was found shot in the head and the upper body. there is also a crp crop re-- crime stoppers reward associated with the case. call them at 1-866-7 lockup. >> there as been an arrest inside the shooting inside morgan state. 20-year-old kelly lamont ellerbe was arrested. he shot meek cal campbell in the chest. he is charged with attempted
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first-degree murder, assault and discharging a firearm. we're still waiting an update on campbell's condition. it's an uneasy feeling for parents near seven oaks. last night, just before six, a man was seen in front of the school performing a lewd act. cameras captured the man and police released these pictures of the man. >> an individual acting strange in front of the school area, possibly performing a lewd act. there is some surveillance footage. we have attempted to identify the person. >> school wasn't in session at the time but day care and community activities were taking place behind the school. anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call anne arundel police. a new ncaa task force will come up with guidelines on how to hand out a record $60 million fine that penn state will have
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to pay. it will go toward programs to fight child sexual abuse. they will select nonprofit groups who will receive the money every year. the school received tough sanctions. when we were kids, you'd be out playing football and get hit, stag are and say funny thing -- stagger and say funny things. now we're older, smarter and wiser about these hits to the head. how the ravens are combating concussions. >> reporter: the raves are tackle -- ravens and others are raising awareness about concussions, not just youth football but all youth sports.
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they have given the program a $125,000 grant to do baseline testing. that means if players get hurt, doctors can compare it before and after tests. the program is reaching out to anyone connected to a student athlete and what to look for and the dangers of playing hurt. >> we need to continue to educate parents and young athletes and the coaches and everybody around youth sports regarding the signs and symptoms. proper management on the front and can prevent problems on the back end. that's our goal. >> reporter: a new psa was unveiled today as part of that new partnership and 150 clipboards were handed out to youth sports, high school football coaches and at will the tick director -- and athletic
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directors. for more information check out the special page on our website at joce sterman, abc2 news. >> we want to take you to the website. we were way in front of this in this concussion issue. look at this website that we have set up for you that joce was talk bsmght concussion prevention, information to keep you and your family safe. go to and check out the sports tab. he is the reason we love football. steve sable died weeks away from turning 70. he and his hall of fame dad, ed, invented slow motion replays to sticking microphones on players and coaches. steve won 35 emmys -- 35. commission per roger goodell called him a creative genius.
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there he is, kissing his dad, a tough loss. all right. coming up next, we'll take you out to carroll county to oklahoma state. >> where a man confronts a man and a woman in his on driveway. >> your head is pounding and your eyes are watering because of sinuses. find out why doctors may want to treat you differently. >> tonight the men and women of the naval academy are about a v. they're bussing a -- busting a move. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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a new study finds 20 minutes of exercise a day can reduce a child's risk of type two
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diabetes. the children were ranked into three categories. a 40-minute exercise griewrntion 0-minute exercise group and controlled griew. both 20 and 40 controlled fitness. just a mere 20 minutes can lead to sirveg health improvements. it's that time of the year when sinus infections make a come bafnlgt this year there's a new breed that's forcing doctors to change the way that sinus infections are treated. our health reporter linda so tells us why the next time you go to the doctor, you play want to comb home without a prescription. >> reporter: stephanie used to dread this time of the year. >> there were times, literally sitting up right. the pain was intense. >> reporter: like most people stephanie said every time she went to the doctor with a sinus
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infection, she came home with antibiotics. starting this year, that's likely to change. >> for the have the majority of people we give antibiotics, it's not providing the benefits. >> reporter: in fact, it's making things worse. he says up to 90% of sinus infections are caused by a virus so antibiotics are no help at all. for decades doctors prescribe them anyway. now some bacteria are becoming dangerously drug resistant. >> we are creating a race of super bacteria. >> reporter: new guidelines are in place discouraging doctors from overprescribing antibiotics. instead, dr. dodd said to first treat your sinus infection with an over-the-counter salt water rinse f your face -- rinse. if your face changes, go to the doctor.
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>> seek medical attention early but to go with an open mind -- >> reporter: chances are you may not get an antibiotic. stephanie now swears by salt water rinses. >> the doctor said only a small percentage of sinus infections can be treated with antibiotics. you should talk it your doctor about over-the-counter options. >> all right. mitt romney is defending himself against comments made at a private fund-raiser. he said i didn't know it was being recorded. the video was posted to left leaning website mother jones. romney said he would have a better chance at the election if his parents were mexican. he also went after 47% of voters. >> who believe they are victims. >> romney said while he could
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have spoken more clearly, he was trying to point out the differences between the two campaigns. this is a hot topic. just head to and let us know what you think about mitt romney's comments. all right. we're still watching a very active radar, big line of heavy weather pushing through cecil town, chestertown. kent island getting quite a bit of rain. west of the bay, rain coming down, central and northern anne arundel counties but beginning to see improvement there. areas toward kent county, you haven't seen the wind pick up. this has winds around 80 to 90 miles an hour, even gusts to near 60. this is why the severe weather is a concern. this narrow line that's a true
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gust and this line producing high wind, very little lightning. very little tornado activity. we have severe thunderstorm warnings for caroline county, queen anne's county and talbot county. you can get flash flooding for quite awhile. here's that tornado watch. so far we have not seen a tremendous amount of storms and the flash flood watch continues. there's the big picture. but the main threat continuing. western shore, eastern shore of aing to content with the winds and ceft hall flood-- and
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coastal flooding. >> at the height of the storm, we were watching impressive winds. over montgomery county, over howard county. lay tonsville, unofficial reading. middle river which is under a coastal flood warning 40-mile-an-hour winds. these are sustained winds, still out of the southerly direction, so that will be a problem. winds still gusting. the eastern shore seeing the brunt of it. southern baltimore county, down around anne arundel county and some of the high tides will have to watch through the evening. fort mchenry. if you live in an area prone to coastal flooding you need to
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move to higher ground. middle river, essex and most of the back bays will be experiencing higher than normal tides ranging between two to three feet above normal. we'll send it over to i would yacht. hopfully quieter times ahead. >> we've had photos. we want you to send us yours, pix. many areas along the bay and you can see the severn river with that water piling up. we got coastal flooding. millers island and here at the naval academy. chesapeake beach. it stacks that water up. that is the concern. also, one more check here in
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baltimore where we saw that weather staying cloudy and at times stormy through the day and into the afternoon where we're beginning to clear out. the overall setup is an active one with humidity and a cooler scenario coming in in the next few days. on the whole you can see the trend show as nice clearing out. we're done and it's going to be a nice setup in the next few days. tonight 61. tomorrow 73. times of sun and clouds and we see conditions begin to clear out into tomorrow night. here's the outlook for the next seven days, sunshine on tap, beginning tomorrow into thursday and provide day. fall begins saturday and we have another much weaker system that can bring rain saturday night into early sunday. >> next week. >> much weaker than this.
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>> two tickets to the gun show. everybody's seen this by now, the korean dance stale, gangnam has gone wild. the naval academy students have posted it. students sometimes make fun. this comes ahead of this weeks game against dmi. >> don't they look good in the uniforms. >> i heard they're dancing to call me maybe. >> oh, no. not the same effect. all right. coming up a reporter tries to make a little boy laugh during a newscast. >> but, help ended up in -- he ended up in tears instead. >> she's back, the mom at the center of that magazine cover where she's breast feeding a
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let's go to florida. a man is accused of driving drunk and slamming his suv into the seed of a building. s 4-year-old stepdaughter was in the car. after the crash, the driver ran away, leaving the girl still in the suv. the girl was not in the car seat or wearing a seat belt at the time. the man is charged, as he should be, multiple crimes, including dui. anytime you put a child on live tv, it's hard to know what will happen. he was trying to joke around, make the boy laugh but got tears instead. >> get the camera out of my
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face. i'll take the cantaloupe. i'd make a lousy politician. >> so the reporter felt bad so he tried to cheer the by up by singing a sign but the boy is not a reporter. >> okay. let's just cut that one. >> maybe he should just stick to reporting. >> listen, you would think you would be safe in front of your own home, right? that's not what a carroll county man thought. >> until the neighbors had to come to a rescue, details on a vicious beating. plus the royals taking on the tabloids. >> she's back. the breast feeding mom who sparked the covers -- controversy in nursing her
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toddler. guess what? she's on the cover of another magazine. >> we'll talk about the threat for storms and wind gusts.
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a clinical researcher is murdered in northeast baltimore. 51-year-old peter marvit was shot. police believe a person tried to rob marvit. >> a man was seen outside of seven oaks elementary performing a lewd act. police are releasing the video in hopes of identifying him. >> the ravens are doing their part to make sure our student athletes are safe. the team is teaming up


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