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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 19, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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after three people developed an infection and one died. the baltimore health department said the spa was probably not doing everything to prevent infections. on the weather front it doesn't get much nice are, but a chilly north breeze will make an impact. temperatures will fall in the 60s, 50s and 40s. easton 68 cool degrees. a few clouds. the rain from yesterday is all offshore. behind it nothing but good weather for a couple of days. here's your hour by hour forecast into the late part of the night. 55 degrees. the evening looks good enough. as we look toward your early morning, 48 degrees toward sunrise. we'll talk about how things develop. it's coming up. a 15-year-old arizona girl and her friend were solicited
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for sex. it happened on a social media app. >> there's no bigger fear period. >> daniel did what any parent would do when he came home at 2 a.m. and found his 15-year-old daughter shelby missing. he panicked but the panic became sheer terror. a string of messages. >> he asked for sex. >> not just sex, drinks and the police report showed he was interested in three-some. shelby and her friends were using an app called meet me. it's a social media site gaining a lot of popularity.
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it used to be call my yearbook but changed its name. it's kind of like facebook or myspace but with a twist. it uses people who are online and shows people nearby and how close. you only have to be 13 to sign up. >> probably 100 kids on here that all have one thing on their mind. >> reporter: produces through the profiles and you know what he means a meet me spokesperson said it's tough to tell who's telling the truth, but they do try to prevent adults using meet me. shelby and her friends were picked up by the 20-year-old man who drove them to this glendale apartment. >> he sat in the hot tub and did nothing. >> reporter: that's when shelby answered a call from her dad. within minutes he was on his way and flagged down glen dale
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police officers to come. >> i said i need you. >> reporter: before they arrived, the man took off. >> my dad pulled up and he had cops with him. >> reporter: we're not naming the suspect because he hasn't been charged. detectives served a search warrant and turned the case over to the county eastern attorney. >> the attorney have submitted charges, sexual solicitation. it's a felony. >> reporter: shelby and her dad can laugh about it now but she understands how serious of a situation she put herself in. that's why daniel said he's coming forward to warn others about this site. >> you have to constantly, constantly tell them the horrors that are out there. >> now we've create add row source died to help you keep your kids safe. just go to
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smart. lost a daughter, a friend and a sister to dating violence. >> now she has created the one love foundation to keep this from happening to someone else. tomorrow they will sit down with katie couric to talk about yeardley and the trial of george huguely. >> were you satisfied with the verdict? did you feel that justice had been served? >> i felt like they took it seriously, that the d.a. did the best he could and that the jury did the best they could. we would like to have seen more. i'm satisfied with the verdict because i think everybody took their job seriously rand did it well -- and did it well. >> it must have been difficult
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to be in the courtroom, inside the same room where george huguely was sitting. what was it like for you? >> heart beating very fast all the time. i kept thinking that's what yeardley love. that's the last thing she saw and i kept running that through my head over and overagain. i would think about the situation that night and it brought back horrible thoughts. >> you can see the entire ent view tomorrow at 4:00 and i will talk about the one love foundation and the new public announcement foundation that it's launching, right here at 5:00. today mark twain once said golf is a good leave sole. many took place in the ruth
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chris steakhouse sizzling classic. $200,000 was raised. two local survivors were honored. >> a wonderful event. it involves so many local businesses and they help us get the word out. >> it's wonderful, the support that everybody has given, the research we were able to do to help my son who was thriving. >> great, great. over the years, the tournament has raised more than $3 million and abc2 news are proud sponsors. we know that college is pric but room and board gives a sticker shock. what school is the worst. >> some kids are going global. our kids this young are learning how to say hola. sweetie, you have to scrub it first.
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bank of america still hasn't solved a problem with its website. it was slow and unavailable. a bank spokesman said the company is working to restore it. there is no evidence to support
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hackers. today the site seems to be up and running. when you worry about paying for college, it's usually over the cost of tuition but room and board is a big financial drain. the list of the most expensive room and board fees and fordham, new york, topping the list. students there pay more than $15,000 a year. on average students pay about $9300 a year. everybody who's preordered an iphone 5 will have to wait long are than expected. apple said the preorders will ship in four to six weeks. apple initially promised to ship preorders on friday the same day phones come out. now it could take up to a month. >> can't wait that long. hey, more legal families for lindsay lohan. what police said she did before
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walking in a club. and mitt romney's remarks made at a private fund-raiser continue to dominate the campaign. we'll have more when we continue. ♪ i dare you to dare me
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welcome back. a fall like feel to the air. cool, breezy out there. no question about that. current condition at bwi is 69 cool degrees. dew point down there. humidity down there and a bit of a west, northwest breeze keeping conditions cool. some weather through the day through our network, blue skies over the state, just a few of those high thin cirrus clouds,
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dry conditions dominating the state. towson at loch raven tech. we think we'll see basically a cool scenario through the night. as we work into the timing into the day tomorrow we'll look for basically some improving conditions out there. we'll see skies staying crystal clear into the next 48 to 72 hours. winds are from the west northwest. so that's a cool dry breeze and more of the same tomorrow. there may be less breezy dry, dry air. as we look to the east that's where the storm resides offshore, several hundred miles. you have to head over to ocean city. dry air will settle in the next few days. our trend shows a few passing clouds. tomorrow a mostly sunny scenario. as we go into the day on friday more of the same. the new system will get in here
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toward the end of the day on saturday. the overall trend continues to be a dry, clear and col one. temperature wise up and down the east coast you see the numbers, 66 in detroit. we've got dip of cool airust over the northeast, the mid-atlantic. further south and west temperatures warmer. we'll get warmer air by the end of the week and the start of the weekend. low 80s friday and saturday. tropics looking quiet. we're in the heart of hurricane season. there's what's left of nadine. tonight 48, clear and cool. tomorrow 77, not bad. gorgeous day. tomorrow night not quite as cool. so that will be an improve m saturday 82, the chance for late day showers. we're talking about morning showers and a look at breezy weather into the game on sunday night. you're headed out to the big
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ravens game it will be come and breezy. we're headed not 40s. pack to you. >> we've got some students in howard county. elementary school students are learning chinese and spanish. it's all part of a world language pilot program. sherrie johnson shows us how the program is making a difference. >> reporter: it's not your average class. these students are learning chinese. it's part of the world language pilot program. >> it's so exciting to be able to give them the opportunity at an early age to acquire world languages. the research does show that world -- expose students to world languages is very beneficial. waverly elementary school in ellicott city is part of a program to teach kids chinese and spanish.
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>> they also expose to different cultures. so we bring the eastern side of the culture and mix it with the western side. they learn. i hope, you know, from these learning experience, they grow up to be a-- a well rounded global citizen. >> reporter: hispanic consumers are the fastest growing market, all the reason educators teach themes languages. >> very challenging but it's very cool to learn about the culture. >> reporter: gestures, visuals and role play. students pick up the chinese language pretty quickly. they learn greetings, numbers and songs. a language education, giving students an edge in the global
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economy. sherry johnson, abc2 news. >> the pilot program is at waverly. the controversial comments that ram prowl made -- mitt romney played at that closed door fund-raiser continues to dominate the race. this is still making the headlines, i understand. >> reporter: this has really been a rough couple of days for the romney campaign. now democrats and republicans are attacking him. mitt romney continues to face criticism from his hidden camera comments at a fund-raiser in may. >> 47% believe they are victims. >> reporter: the video was released by the liberal magazine mother jones. some conservative columnists said his comments went too far.
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one person called him arrogant and stupid. another said he is running a depressing campaign. peggy noonansaid his campaign needs an intervention. it shows romney has his work cut out for him. a poll has the president up survive points nationally and the quinnipiac poll has the president with a narrow lead in key states. but the romney campaign is firing back. >> at least at a certain level. >> reporter: it's the debate over the role of government. >> mitt romney and i are not running to redistribute the wealth. we are running to help americans create wealth. >> reporter: so kelly, despite
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this controversy, it's pretty clear that the romney campaign will not be backing down. >> thank you for that live report. in just about a month, it will be packed with people in pink. it marks the 20th annual coman race for the cure. a lot of the money has a big impact. let as talk about how research has been involved over the past 20 years. >> it's been amazing to see what's been happening over the past few years. breast cancer is no long are one disease but an umbrella with subtypes. all of us physicians have the ability to individualize treatments. also the ability to diagnose cancer at an early age. >> a lot of clinical trials
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come. tell us how that plays an important role. >> it's very impressive. most of the sponsors stay in the state. what comben has -- komen has been able to provide, dedicated staff who can identify patients, patients for clinical trials and increase the number of patients who have access to high quality research. >> how has komen research specifically impacted research? >> nationally and locally, it's one of the major providers of resources and attracting a lot of people, a lot of smart people who have the freedom to come up with new ideas but allows to us work together. when you put resources on the table, you attract people who want to collaborate in a team
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effort and it has improved survival for women diagnosed with breast cancer. >> thank you so much. that's why this big race coming up is so important. it is the 20th annual komen race. abc2 is a proud sponsor of the event, sunday october 21st. head to komen always a great day if hunt valley. >> coming up at 6:00, more on the investigation into the early morning fires in baltimore that sent seven to the hospital. why police believe this was are a son. the harford county sheriff's office is once again in mournin and how they celebrated the death of another. p
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former miami dolphins player chad ochocinco now divorced. she foiled for divorce after a domestic dispute at their home. johnson was arrested after allegedly head butting her. hey hasn't been resigned. more trouble for lindsay lohan. she was arrested early this morning in new york city. police said lohan clipped a man with her porsche. lohan continued into the club. the man called police who arrested lohan as she was coming
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out. they canceled dozens of flights yesterday, now they will be cutting more through next more. we'll tell you more. that's coming up on abc2 news at 6, which starts right now. >> i got to get out. i thought we were going to die. >> seven people hospitalized after an early morning fire. less said was set on purpo. many people are still dealing with damage to their homes in baltimore county. >> and something is fesh -- fishy. there's one type of fish being put out of school lunches. >> it was the middle of the night when people were forced to leave their beds. >> police and fire officials said someone intentionally set a fire that sent seven people to the hospital.
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>> it as an awful thing to a on it anyone. fire officials said whoever set this fire was trying to kill someone. it swept through the park side apartments in the 50 -- 5000 block of lodestone way. investigators said someone threw a molotov cocktail and the blames quickly spread. several people had just immigrated to the united states. firefighters said another home was fire bombed on bowly's lane. firefighters said the persons are dangerous and need to be caught. >> we have fire personnel on the scene right now. we are hanging these signs. we ask that anyone who knows anything, please contact us. in my experience i can tell you that this is a very dangerous arsonist. anyone who would fire bomb a house where they could reasonably believe the people were sle


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