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tv   News  ABC  September 20, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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why investigators think that this was a case of arson. and also ahead this morning, why neighbors in patterson park are so upset over the new plan to add more parking spaces. i know people complain about the parking who live around there. this is not who they had in mind. in the meantime, thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle with lynette charles with a look at weather and lauren cook with a look at roads. still dealing with the big sinkhole in east baltimore. monument street still portions of that shut down. not far from patterson park. >> down in that neighborhood. right now you're saying chilly start take the coat. >> exactly and we're still officially in summer. we have frost advisories in western maryland we're looking at garrett county. it is chilly this morning. temperatures are in the 40s and a lot of spots. so take the jacket as you head out the door. i'd say a coat. i'm cold.
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exactly. let's look at these temperatures in bladensburg. 55 degrees there. and 43 degrees in west friendship this morning and look at the 100%. that means the dew point, the temperature are the exact same. actually a little bit of patchy fog in howard county this morning and also frederick county. out and about be prepared for that take it easy on the roadways. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. and it's going to stay is that way through the day. we're going to get lots of sunshine in here. it's going to be a fantastic day. as we look at the hour by hour forecast for you. you're waking up temperatures chilly. 50 degrees by 10:00 this morning, 65 degrees. ample sunshine. and by lunchtime, 74 degrees. we will begin that warming trend as we head throughout the day. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, fan tab louse on the roads too. love that term. good one. if you are heading out on 895 right now at o'donnell street there are no delays. it will be that way if you are traveling through the harbor tunnel. here's what 95 looks like
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heading into the city. a 15 minute ride right now from white marsh all the way to downtown eastern avenue nice and clear as you can see. other drive times no problems to report on the beltway. traveling the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83, you're looking at just that typical ride of 11 minutes. no concerns over on the west side. no delays whatsoever. 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. the inner loop also nice and clear through pikesville, that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan? also a man whose musical talents, friends and family came together to remember peter marvit in the a vigil and this is happening why police are continuing to search for the killer. sherrie johnson joins us live from the police headquarters, any leads? >> reporter: detectives here with the baltimore city police department are still working on this case. right now, they don't have any leads in this case but they're hoping that people that might
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have seen something or heard something on monday night around 10:30 will come forward because that's the time when peter marvit was murdered. now he was left for dead right outside of his home. he had been shot several times if his head and upper body. police continue to search for the killer and his extended family gathered for a vigil to remember him through his music. he is making music, he was a singer with the baltimore choral arts society and he sang with the arts society for five years. it was outside his musical life that the national institutes of health researcher was gunned down outside of his home near herring run park. police believe he may have been the victim of a robbery. and now the choral arts will miss his voice. >> when i stood on the podium and looked a at the chorus and orchestra peter's was a face that stood out. we hope that the people who did this to peter won't do it to anybody else. >> reporter: now there's a
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crime stoppers reward for anyone that has any information. you can call 1-866-7lockup. for information leading to an arrest. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. this morning, baltimore police are searching for an arsonist who they say fire bombed two apartment buildings while people were sleeping inside. abc2 news linda so is live this morning in northeast baltimore where the first fire happened and linda, are police doing anything in the area to get more information and find out who did this? >> reporter: they've promised to boost their presence in the area. the police cruiser has been circling the community all morning long and also posted signs throughout the neighborhood asking for tips in this arson. the baltimore city fire department is offering a reward leading to an arrest in this case. the second fire happened about a mile away from this location, police say someone threw a molotov cocktail through a first floor window here at the parkside garden apartments just
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before 4:00 yesterday morning. six adults and one child were hurt. they're all expected to recover. about a half hour later another fire bomb at a building at the mannasota manor apartments. the devices were similar and investigators believe the same person or group is responsible. felicia managed to get out with her 3-year-old son and 5-month- old daughter. >> i had to get out. i got to get out. i thought we were going to die. so much smoke. >> reporter: now it's unclear at this point if any specific people in those buildings were targeted. if you have any information that might help investigators, call the fire marshall's office. that number is 410-685-tips, linda so, abc2 news. if you're going to patterson park on the weekends you know the woes of trying to find one of the parking spots. it's also difficult if you live around that area as well. well now it turns out kids go.
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they run and they play in that park and people walk their dogs. the idea of more asphalt not sitting well with people who use that park. parks and okay though banals to put up more -- rec wants to put up more than 96 parking spaces inside of the park. the city says it's thesed to accommodate -- needed to accommodate a new senior center and renovated rec center. but people are fighting the plan and have started a petition urging the city to reconsider. >> that's a safe place that i can take him and run or we can sit on the grass and have picnics. extra parking spaces in here will make it more dangerous to be running around and take away from really the only greenery we have in the area. >> the plan is far from being finalized. right now the city will hold a series of meetings about the project. neighbors have started is facebook group. it's called "patterson park help stop the paving for our beautiful park." so they want to get the word out about the plan, you can always check that out on
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facebook. 5:36 right now. thrill seekers in california they got an extended ride last night. that's for sure. the ride they were on it actually malfunctioned leaving them about 300 feet in the air for hours. engineers were able to get everyone down safely after about three hours. now this is the second time in two weeks that the ride called the wind seeker broke down. some incredible video this morning, it's amazing, a quick thinking police officer saving a woman's life. the whole thing caught on camera. you see a van went flying at them. the officer grabs the woman, pushing her out of the way. see it right there? they would have been toast if he had not moved so quickly. they were on the scene for a minor accident on side of the road when the -- the side of road when the van came screeching at them. the police cruiser their dashcam. now the driver of the van was arrested and charged with dwi. baltimore might not have a
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hockey team. however, the nhl lockout certainly affecting you locally. we have details on this and what you should do if you bought tickets to a game and maybe you're out of luck. what's happening at first mariner this month. we have the details straight ahead. >> more colleges are offering up free online classes. we are going to tell you about the latest schools when we come back and how you can sign up. what does fall smell like?
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5:40 right now. looking for something to do the weekend? head to summer's farm in frederick and check out the corn maze. that's incredible. this is the centerpiece of the fall festival and it features 12 acres of twists and turns. that is the president and mitt romney. the maze basically celebrates the right to vote and you can go on a hayride as well. pick pumpkins and even stay for camp fires that they have in the evening. the whole thing kicks off on saturday from 10:00 in the morning until 7:00. and it's going to be open daily through november. so sounds like a good thing to do. one of the like perfect fall project to go with your family and lynette that's the kind of thing where you hope for that crisp weather where you can get the warm apple cider? >> exactly. sounds good. maybe they can go tomorrow. go in the morning on saturday. and then things will start to improve as we head into sunday afternoon rather. but right now, satellite and
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radar not picking up on a whole lot. but we have an area of disturbed weather over michigan and heading up into canada. upper level disturbance there. but close to home nothing except clear skies. the high clouds ared no going to prevent the -- not going to prevent the sunshine from rolling into the area this morning. as you head to the bus stop that's going to be rolling in as well. and it's very chilly so make sure you do bundle up this morning. put the jacket and the sweater on the kids and by this afternoon we're going on the nice, 77 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. beautiful forecast. and if you are heading to the tunnels, it's going to be in great shape right now. no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel and the harbor tunnel also going to be nice and clear as we pull up a shot here. just north of childs street you'll notice not much activity. so all good news traveling through those tunnels and as we take a look at the jfx no delays traveling from 695 all
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the way down to east fayette street. for those of you who are using 695 this morning, here's a live look outside. right at the the topside in towson at delaney valley road nothing to get in the way has you travel up to 83 or traveling the inner loop down towards 95. megan over to you. you might want to watch your weight right now because it can affect you even in death. how funeral homes right now are dealing with the growing problem of obesity. >> you might not be able to race professionally. however lance armstrong still hitting the road and this is all happening for charity. how you can see him close to home coming up.
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five things you may want to know this morning as you head out the door. the suspect in the eyra, colorado -- aurora, colorado movie shootings may be facing more charges, to add ten charges to the already 142 against james holmes. he will be in court today. the boy credited with launching the child sex abuse investigation against former penn state coach jerry sandusky will publish a tell all book. he is also expected to give first interview to abc news. victim one's book could hit store shelves as soon as next month. cross-country farewell tour
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of the space shuttle endeavour continues today. it departs houston at dawn. it's going to fly over tucson, arizona by the request of mark kelly former nasa astronaut and the husband of gabrielle giffords. will finally land at l. a. x. one year ago today the military's don't ask don't tell policy was repealed. it was created back in 1993 to prohibit discrimination against people and their sexual orientation. the superintendent of baltimore county schools will be at the high school. he plans to meet with the public to discuss education as well as school related issues and that meeting starts at 7:00. your weight does affect you in death in some cases, one company in minnesota is now recognizing this and now selling oversized coffins. the biggest one is a metal casket. it's 55 inches wide and it can hold a body weighing about 1,000 pounds.
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now when caskets are more than 30 inches wide they require a special oversized vault and in some cases two burial plots. well, this september there's an exhibition game and it's of course with baltimore. might be canceled. that's due to the pending nhl lockout. now all preseason games for september were scrapped yesterday. and this is due to that lockout. that includes the baltimore hockey classic. now you probably know about this. and it was scheduled to basically pit the capitals against the columbus blue jackets and fans can actually get a full refund from ticket master for that game. well, from the tour de france to howard county, next month lance armstrong will be in ellicott city to compete with other cancer survivors in a triathlon of the world antidoping agency after they stripped him of the medals. now armstrong last month. that's when that happened.
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seven four defrance titles we lost for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. that race in ellicott city by the way is on october 7th. the university of maryland college park right now joining other universities all to offer free classes online. they will be available starting in the spring. the university is the most recent to offer classes at no charge. and this is happening and it's an online platform that aims to expand access to education. other schools offering classes include harvard, stanford and johns hopkins as well. this morning our thoughts are with "good morning america" anchor robin roberts and that's because she has receiving a bone marrow transplant today. her doctor will appear live on gma and update her condition and her recovery. she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and went on medical leave in august in preparation for the transplant that's happening today.
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two very special guests are going to be on the "katie" show this afternoon. sharon and lexi love. they are going to join katie and be talking about yeardley love. they're going to talk about what it was like when her ex- boyfriend. the university of virginia lacrosse player george huguely was in court. the family is raising awareness right now about one love foundation. they are basically aiming to combat dating violence. they're going to be on the show today at 4:00. >> so difficult for both of you to be inside that courtroom. inside the same room where george huguely was sitting. what was that like for you? >> heart was beating really fast. all the time. it was -- i kept thinking that is what yeardley saw. that's the last thing she saw and i kept running that through my head over and over again that that was -- to think about
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the situation that night. and it just brought back horrible thoughts. >> so again that's going to be at 4:00 today on katie couric's show. sharon love will be on abc2 news at 5:00 to talk about the one love foundation. and the new public service announcement they're launching. all right, time now 5:51. a check on your weather right now as you head out the door. lynette you've got leg warmers on? >> i do. i'm just trying to set the stage. may believe people will realize how chilly it is out there. i have the leg warmers and tights this morning. it's chilly. so make sure as you head out the door you do the same thing. except guys you might not want to do that. satellite and radar looking pretty good right now. under mainly clear and we have a few clouds -- clear skies and we have a few clouds trying to stream in. the high wispy clouds and plenty of sunshine as we head throughout the day. high pressure is going to build in do its thing. it will begin to slowly but surely work its way off towards the east. but, we will enjoy it for today. we do have a cold front that's back towards the west. this will make its move as we
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work our way to tomorrow and especially for saturday. but for today, that temperature coming in right around 77 degrees. mostly sunny. it's going to be pleasant out there. enjoy. 55 mainly clear and seasonable by the evening. 79 and partly cloudy, slight little warmer by tomorrow and here's a check of the seven day forecast as we see on saturday fall will begin. and it brings some showers and as we go into the afternoon, sunday morning. a slight chance for some showers to continue but we are nice and dry and breezy and cool for the game. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. and how about that orioles game last night? they beat the mariners in extra innings again. 11 innings adam jones hits the home run to win it all. my friend george came up with great term. the extra inning beast of the east. perfect. perfect way to describe those orioles. good luck to them as they take on the sox. you're taking a live look right now in howard county at interstate 70. no problems to report here at columbia pike. the west side of the beltway at wilkens avenue a 12 minute ride
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right now on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. other drive times no concerns on 695 from parkville all the way up to towson. and if you are using the jfx to get into the city, no delays whatsoever. just 11 minutes to travel from 695 all the way down to east fayette street. megan over to you. 5:53 right now. stay with thus morning, one of -- us this morning. one of president obama's trips to illinois nearly cost the couple their wedding. stay with us this morning. what they received from the commander-in-chief after he found out the venue was nearly double booked. details straight ahead. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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one of president obama's trips to illinois nearly cost a couple their wedding. it turns out the president's team chose to hold a rally in the very same place that john and sally gibbs close to get married. so at first it looked like a rally might run a little late making it impossible for them to get into the parking lot. >> just our luck? that's kind of how we were both like it figures the one place we choose the president also chooses. >> well, fortunately the president didn't go long and the couple's wedding it went off without a hitch. during the ceremony reception they say they received a package from the president and inside was a silver tray with
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the presidential seal and his signature engraved as well as a mint julep cup. obama apparently even left them a handwritten note congratulating them on their nuptials. nasty accident gave one traffic reporter a bet of a surprise during his live report. what the traffic helicopter caught that had the reporter doing a double take. >> also ahead this morning his friends and family are calling him a hero. what one sixth grader did that saved a bunch of his fellow schoolmates and even prevented a major disaster. g
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