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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 21, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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who put on this show, are also thinking of
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mississippi's most powerful
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radar is dry right now and it will stay that away throughout the day, 75 at lunchtime. now let's check traffic. good morning. as you mentioned, we are dealing with fog across the region. slow down as you heed out and be extra careful. if you're using the tunnels, no delays right now and the jfx is clear heading into the city. this is a live look at the west side of the beltway, not too many cars out there so it's an easy ride down toward 640. nothing to get in your head heading towards 95. for the first time, we are hearing about the mother of yeardley love, making sure her
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story lives on and they can help other people. she was killed by her ex- boyfriend. they are trying to raise awareness about domestic violence. we spoke with sharon about the trial and how the jury found hughly guilty. >> when he addressed us, i think it was probably -- it would have been better had he just not said anything to us. his appearance when we first hi than what i knew him to look like. he'd walked in a young boy and he was presented that way in court. >> he was sentenced to 23 years in prison.
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part of the mission is to get the warning signs out about domestic violence or if you know someone who is in trouble. you can see the entire public service announcement at 6:00 this morning. you can also see it at a baltimore man, stephen lancing was the man who broke into a person's home in southwest baltimore in 2010, choked that victim while he was sleeping and demanded cash. he took the victim's car keys and bolted. he was found guilty of robbery, burglary and car theft. one of the busiest transportation hubs in baltimore turned into a more chaotic scene when a runaway
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bus slammed into a bus shelter. 17 people were hurt when the bus slammed into the shelter. witnessens say the driver was at the back of the bus when it began to roll forward. pakistanis are expected to take to the streets today to protest the anti-islam video. they are also running tv ads denouncing that film. even though the movie was produced in the united states t government wants the country to
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know it doesn't support the film's message. this morning 700 u.s. soldiers are on their way back home from afghanistan. it's the last troop surge to leave the country. 77,000 troops went to afghanistan in 2009 to stabilize the country and build up afghan security forces. there are still about 68,000 american troops based in that country. pilots of american airlines are hit to go picket lines. dozens marched outside chicago's o'hare airport yesterday. pilots have canceled more than 300 flights and the airline is cutting 1% to 2% of flights till the end of october.
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happening now, people all over the country are lining up outside apple stores to get the new iphone. this was in chicago. we are 3 and a half hours to go till the iphone 5 officially goes on sale. some analysts think apple could sell they think more than 10 million phones by monday. linda is live outside the verizon store. how long have those people been camping there? >> reporter: a long time. mary and jason, you ever been here since when? >> about 1:00 this morning. >> reporter: okay. what's the big deal about the iphone 5? >> it's a huge release. this is going to be my first
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iphone. this is the release for me. >> reporter: jason, you have the iphone 4 right now. what is it about this phone that makes you so excited? >> the faster processor speed. i've been thinking since i switched over to iphone when it came out for verizon, in two years i'll get whatever the newest one. i'm really excited. >> reporter: they have been talking about the changes with this new phone, slimmer, pretty screen. is that exciting? >> it is. it's going to be lighter, easier to fit in your pocket. i'm excited. >> so tell me about the cost for people just getting the phone. this is like and $800 phone. you're getting the upgrade? >> yeah, planning to add another two years.
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it will be $300 for the 32 gig. >> reporter: doors open today, hours 8:00 a.m. when they go on sale. we have people in line here already. it is 4:39. those people have their coats on. >> that's right, zipped all the way up. it is cool this morning. make sure you do grab the jacket. look at the satellite and radar and you can see this big swirl in the upper levels here. this will begin to work its way in here as we head into the weekend. behind that, it will get much more chilly for sunday and monday. for right now, satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot, more clouds moving in through the afternoon. with clear skies, temperatures are below average, coming in
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around 55, 51 annapolis. back to megan. he promised to bring the ravens to school and endorse antibullying sessions. now he makes an appearance in court and we'll tell you what happened. if you don't have health insurance by 2016, you'll get hit with a penalty. that price is higher than expected. we'll break it down, coming up. everything looking good outside. we'll let you know what traffic looks like coming on good morning maryland. jamie and i are facing off on who can make the best orioles cheer. we'll show you the video games and how you can vote. stay with us. ♪
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starting out this morning you will need that jacket. it's chilly and clear right now but clouds are going to increase throughout the day. we have 100% humidity, meaning we have some patchy fog around
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certain spots, arnold and brunswick in that area. we have an area of high pressure moving off into the atlantic as this cold front moves off to the east. this is going to bring us stormy weather possibly for your saturday. the storm prediction center has us in the slight risk for severe weather, once again, mainly damaging winds. few clouds moving in, then there's the front accompanied by showers as we get into 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow evening. sunday looks great for the ravens. partly cloudy, we'll warm up today, 60 and a few clouds by this evening. we have strong to severe thunderstorms possible as we head into tomorrow. there's the seven-day forecast for you, beginning on saturday and looks like it could be a stormy one. let's check traffic lauren.
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the ravens game looks good. that's great. we are dealing with a lot of fog this morning. if you're heading out, it will be a problem across the region. slow dun and be careful. 95 and white marsh, no problems whatsoever. 15 minutes from the beltway into the city. out to the harrisburg expressway, no problems from hunt valley. let's take a live look here in towson. not too many cars out there just yet. this is what the southwest corner looks like, no delays whatsoever. nice and clear. back to you. 4:46 right now. opening statements are scheduled to start today in the case of former detroit mayor
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kwame kilpatrick. joseph field plead guilty yesterday to one count of running a theft ring. and michelle obama is in maryland today campaigning for her husband. later on tonight she'll be at a fundraiser at a private home. the orioles are trying to generate postseason excitement. starting today there will be rallies at various stops. those end october 2nd. today the president will designate a national monument in colorado, holding significance to native american tribes. colorado members of congress have tried since 2009 to get the rock established as a
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monument. the penalty you'll have to pay if you don't have health insurance by 2016 is now beginning to be higher than initially expected. under the affordable care act, americans must be insured by 2014. if not, you have to pay up. in 2014, it would be no more than 1% of your income or $285 per family, whichever is greater. but the penalty will rise by 2016, jumping to 2.5% or $2,000 per family. 25% of baltimore makes less than 11,000-dollar a year. individuals have a higher percentage with children. those numbers are from the latest statistics from the 2011
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census. wal-mart joins target on a decision to stop selling amazon kindles. neither company gave a specific reason for the move but wal- mart said they make all merchandising choices based on a promise to sell products at low prices. the loss could hurt amazon, which just unveiled a new line offendal of kindle e-readers. and where bedbugs have now been found and the plan to get rid of them. you're never too old to try something new, coming up.
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nine seniors over the age of 70 took a field trip to go sky diving yesterday. the oldest in the group, 98, and jumped along two granddaughters. john green got up there and says he's ready to do it again. except one little hand injury, they all say they are planning their next trip to do it again. dandilyons and weeds are hard to get rid of but researchers say they are a great resource to make tires. companies like bridgestone and cooper tire are getting involved with ford motor company and have partnered with
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research teams to hope to make this a viable choice for rubber, and hope to do it by 2015. take a look at kimberly white. that's her on her daughter's pink bike. she road a little pink bike 26 miles all to fill out a job application. she needed a job, laid off, unemployment run out and any opportunity she said is priceless. >> i'd gotten like a weekend flier in the mail and had the job listing. i new in advance that i was not going to have a vehicle. >> no phone calls yet but white believes it's only a matter of time. i like her determination. >> that's hard. it's hard to go apply for jobs you need to do in person. we'll check traffic in a moment. hopefully most people are getting ready to go quickly and safely. >> there's a little patchy fog
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out there. we are chilly this morning and you just need to grab a jacket this morning. we're dry. should stay that way through the rest of today, then have a change in the forecast. look at maryland's most powerful radar is nothing is on it but this will get more active as we head into tomorrow. heading towards the airport this morning, we have partly cloudy skies out there, temperature 54 degrees, dew point 52. still dry, winds nice and calm and no visibility issues heading to the airport. heading to the bus stop this morning, once again on the cooler side, 57 degrees to start you out, plenty of sunshine, clouds will increase, still a nice day, temperature close to 80 degrees. let's check the time saver traffic with lauren cook. we are dealing with patchy fog so if you're heading out, reduce your speeds and be careful. on


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