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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 27, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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carroll county, frederick county getting his pretty hard and if you are traveling on interstate 70 just east of frederick, you're going to want to be extra careful. as we check in and take a live look at 95 in downtown baltimore, not too many cars out there just yet. and as we pull up some drive times you'll notice the harrisburg express way no delays there. a lot of rain in the area, 695 that's going to be in great shape from parkville, and the west side will remain nice and clear just eleven minutes on the outer loop from 795 down toward 95. five minutes from five, a warning about a new scam targeting seniors and social security benefits. identity thieves are getting their hands on personal information like a full name and bank account number and reroute the benefits to their own bank accounts and prepaid debate cards. the scam is becoming popular
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just as the social security administration prepares to switch all beneficiaries to direct deposit instead of mailing out paper checks. if you're college students weighed down by large student loan debts you're not alone. the number of households with debt is rising. it's estimated that one in every five households carries some sort of student loan debt. the average loan in 2010 was almost $27,000. that's more than double what borrowers owed back in 1995. halloween sales are expected to reach a ten year high. 7 in 10 americans are going to spend big in 2012. it's predicted they'll spent $8 billion on costumes, decorations and candy, and the halloween costumes for pets, a record $400 million but don't get them the masks because they can't see through the eye
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holes. >> and ha jersey shore costume. i don't know if that's what that was. here's what we're working for you. big story overnight, the nfl lockout overinvolving the -- over involving the refs. and dramatic pictures out of ocean city, flames and smoke coming from a condo there. the latest details on what may have caused this fire. those stories and more coming up on good morning maryland at 5.
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if you've been diagnosed with cancer or know someone who has, you may want to check out the cancer fair today. johns hopkins medical center setting up booths to educate you about cancer resources that are available. there are going to be reps from a number of organizations including the red cross and american cancer society. it goes from eleven to two on
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the medical campus. school lunches may be healthier but students aren't please requested how this is going so they are starting to -- pleased with how this is going so they are starting to rebel. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland,. >> three weeks of mounting frustration among coaches, players and you the fans, a deal has been reached so when will those regular nfl refs, return to the field. a 4-year-old shot and his mother injured, the details of what may have led to the violence. and baltimore bill walked the plank yesterday and watch this. that guy sprint and had is predicting an early winter. good morning i'm charley crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle thanks so much for joining us. all of the technology we have in the weather center and we're talking about a crab. >> the crab told us what it's going to do.
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>> bill's cute so we'll go ahead with what he said, we'll go with the early winter. maryland east most powerful radar picking up on showers and storms. this morning grab the rain gear as you head out and about. we are looking at heavier rain coming down in a lot of spots this morning as well. all this is plotting off towards the east, but if you are traveling into pennsylvania, we can see heavy rain around elizabeth town, harrisburg, we will be pretty much done later in the morning, and still dealing with showers around westminster, the heaviest stuff sliding toward the heavier rainfall across the area. all sliding toward bel air, and we can also possibly maybe see small hail with this as well. going to keep you updated on the situation as we head through the remainder of the morning. along i-83 it is wet. you need the wipers on full speed. we are nice and mild.
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don't need the coat just like we didn't need yesterday. just the rain gear. 65 degrees in churchesville, with that dew point coming up. this is a little bit moist out there this morning. and this is the hour by hour forecast as we go through time, the temperature this morning coming right around 68 degrees and we will be seeing that go up right around 10:00. we'll see temperatures coming in at 74 degrees. let's get a check of the abc 2 news time saver traffic with lauren cook. >> as you mentioned you will want to be extra careful traveling on 83. the rain is coming down pretty hard. be sure to slow down and be extra careful as you head out. fortunately there are no delays from hunt valley all the way down to the beltway and it will remain nice and clear as you get onto the jfx. eleven minutes all together from the beltway to fayette street and 695 that's in great shape all the way around. just minutes after 5 o o'clock and a big -- 5:00 and the big story, the nationals,
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the league announced it reached a deal with the officials to get them back on the field and they're going to do it immediately. this is great news for ravens fans, tonight when baltimor plays host to the cleveland browns. we sent out lynette -- linda so. they say some have woken up to an early christmas gift. >> reporter: we have been talking to fans all morning and they said it couldn't come at a better time had the nfl not reached the agreement with the refs, those replacement refs would have been on the field. you probably remember what happened monday night with that questionable call when things came to boiling point, those replacement refs were under fire for that call that gave the sea hawks the win over the green bay packers. it was after that missed call that the two sides really got serious about these negotiations. for weeks now coaches, players and fans had been frustrated
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with the officiating by the replacement retches. this 8 year deal gives the regular refs, better patience pension and benefit packages. for football fans it couldn't have come sooner. >> that's awesome. the ravens were directly affected in their second game of the season with a loss that was an obvious bad call even by replay. the defender didn't even turn around to even know where the ball was going and they called a push off on the offensive player and that was not so. >> reporter: so the nfl did reach that deal overnight with the real refs. they'll be back on the field starting tonight when the ravens host the cleveland browns at m and t bank. we have learned that the real refs will be officiating all the games this sunday. linda so abc 2 news. it was the red round baltimore, a pat yachts fan who
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-- patriots fan chose to make jokings about the passing of tory smith's brother. he was a big part of the win catching two touchdowns, ravens fans and players jumped on, some even sending the offensive tweets to her employer. she sent out an apology. i truly regret my tasteless comment, especially for the pain it has caused to tory smith and his family. more on the developing story this morning, coming out of north baltimore after a 4- year-old boy and his mother were shot. this happened in a waiverly community. sherrie johnson is live at headquarters, how is it going with the investigation this morning. >> reporter: we are here at baltimore city police department and officers are searching for a person of interest. they have someone that they're trying to track down they want to talk to. this shooting happened last night about 9:30. a 4-year-old boy and his 33-
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year-old mother were both shot in the home. police are calling this a domestic dispute. officers responded to the 900 block of gorsuch avenue in the better waverly community. the shootings happened inside the woman's home and neighbors tell abc 2 news that a s. w. a. t. team was called to the same address two weeks ago in the incident. there will be a community meeting tonight at 6:30 to 8 at 1101 east 33rd street for the better waverly community to talk about safety. and the state delegates and police officers will be on hand for that meeting to talk about crime and safety. and it's also important to note that this meeting was already scheduled before this shooting happened but of course they will be talking about the shooting and other violence. reporting live sherrie johnson abc 2 news. a woman is behind embarrass
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accused of committing -- bars caused of committing murder three years ago. eric pender grass was found in 2009. cheryl ferguson is facing charges of murder, and false imprisonment. she was found and the cause of death was ruled towboats fixation. to be asphyxiation. take a look at this video, call came in just before 6 last night. fire companies responded and were able to get the flames out. there were reports of big flames of black smoke. two teenagers are in police custody after leading police on a car chase across state lines. the 17-year-old's father reported his truck has been stolen and police spotted it on 83 and chased the teens all the way to row land park. they eventually crash and had that's where they were
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arrested. police took the 17-year-old and 15-year-old passenger into custody. take a look at this, baltimore bill, he's the new weather man in town and is making bold predictions for the winter. he walked the plank, and ran the plank, and because he headed left, he may have been saying that we are in for an early winter. and this is something lynette has been saying all along. so not to refute what baltimore bill has been saying or dismiss it but lynette already said that. >> he's trying to watch so i wouldn't eat him. >> you want him in a boiling pot of water. >> i'll do another crab. but yes, we have the models looking like we could be seeing an early winter. we'll keep our eyes tuned on that and but this morning not feeling like an early fall, we feel like summer time with the temperatures coming in at 65
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degrees. 36 -- 63 in columbia. temperatures will shoot up into the afternoon. here's a look at the satellite radar and from the clouds very stormy weather is happening. we are seeing this line of showers and storm now push into the baltimore county and harper county. if your travels are taking you this way this morning take it easy on the roadways! as you mentioned, right now, rice town getting hit hard with rain. frederick and in hartford county seeing a lot of rain. do be extra careful if you are traveling the areas. roads are going to be slick. we have emergency construction that's underway right now in hartford county. it's right along the northbound lanes of route 1. and if you are use 95 there are no delays from bel air all the way to the white marsh area and a live
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look outside here at 695 in parkville, everything up to speed. no problems traveling on the inner loop, and the outer loop clear up to 83. over to you. stay with us this morning. the orioles lost two straight games, toronto, but last night a whole different story. >> we're going to take a look back, where the o's bats erupted erupted. and the new school lunch menu leaving them hung restricts so the creative way they have set out to protest the low calorie foods that they are now being forced to eat. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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frut up. means "fruit up." as in creamy yogurt down below. and a delectable, aromatic layer of blended fruity, moussey, uppiness on top. frut up. as the europeans say. in their language. wow. you really are bilingual. yeah, i dated a comma in high school. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. thanks for staying with us, news time 5:13. when's the last time you used the word orioles and magic number in the same sentence. now may be as good as time of any. the magic number stays at five games. this after they opened up a can and it was a mighty big cans. final score if the yard wednesday was -- from the yard was 12-2 and ey erupted for 7 home runs, including two bombs a piece from chris davis and
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manny machato. and mark reynolds also provided power. watch this. watch lewis, in the hat. that made espn's top place. they remain a half game behind the yankees and a half game up on the a's. it's important that baltimore gets that number one spot because if there is a one game playoff, it will be played here at camden yards. since we're talking about the o's, they are off tonight so we have friendly competition of our own. jamie costello and lauren cook showing off their orioles pride in the hopes you will pick which one is a bigger fan. we want to know which one had a better cheer. you can see deos, weigh in and vote, let us know which one is the favorite. do we have any idea what the standings are. >> i checked last night, i had
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7 4%, but please keep the votes coming. a lot of people said he should be spelling out orioles, but i can't knock him. it's good. >> megan is showing her o's spirit again because you have the mug out once again. >> do you watch that mug. >> i wash it every day after the show. it's just gross because my lipstick is on it. >> and we all have our purple on and we're talking about orioles baseball and lynette's over here doing this. >> baseball to football, people want to know how the weather's going to be tonight for kick off. >> there could be rain but i don't think any thunderstorms, so come equipped. bring your poncho. can't have the umbrella in the stadium. but rain or shine, we are going to win. we look at the radar and we see
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thunderstorms rolling in across harper county, sliding into that area now. we're seeing it in baltimore county this morning. we zoom in. heavy rain off to the west of talson and as we work our way through the remainder of the morning and we'll dry out and could get sunshine in here as well but also clouds and another chance for some showers to work their way into the afternoon. this morning, though, temperatures are on the mild side. we are in the 60s to upper 60s in a lot of spots. you donate need don't -- you don't need that coat as you head out the door. we go through thursday this evening, so the game is at 8:20. around 6:00 your commute home, we could see showers out there, but we're waiting for the cold front to move through. once it begins to work its way in here, that's when we'll start to see a little bit of clearing. it looks like it will slide further off to the south, but once again if this keeps a
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little bit closer to us, we have the chances in there on sat, but right now -- saturday, but right now it looks like we're drying things out on saturday. and enjoy that. for today, hour by hour, 77 degrees as we go into lunchtime. more showers at 3:00. and as we go into friday, saturday, we have the orioles playing once again and we look like we see some rain in the forecast, but we dry out nicely monday and tuesday. let's get a check o of of the -- of the time saver traffic. >> unfortunately we are dealing with the rain as you had mentioned and in east baltimore there's going to be a sinkhole that is still being repaired. east monument street remains blocked between patterson avenue and wolf street, and won't reopen until mid october. in the meantime you will want to stick with orleans street as your alternate route. it will be nice and clear from 695 to downtown east fayette
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street and 95 downtown at 395 you'll notice everything will be up to speed. no problems getting through that fort mchenry tunnel. and if you are using 695 here is a live look outside, the northwest corner, traffic starting to pick up but no delays from old court road. students at a high school in kansas are rebelling against federal lunch guidelines that are supported by michelle obama. the guidelines are meant to fight obesity, and the students say it keeps them hungry for more food. ♪ ♪. >> so with the help of the teachers they create add viral video protesting the calorie cut menus in their cafeteria. they say they're not getting enough to eat. >> ♪ tonight, we are
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hungry, set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun ♪ ♪ >> the new rules restrict elementary schools to 650 call release, and 850-calories for high school students. despite the limits, students can get seconds on fruits and vegetables. earlier this week, trainer joes issued a peanut butter recall. they are removing their products from giant stores as well. they are recalling their banana and rasp berry peanut butter spreads. they were sold at giants and an ex giants and an expiration date of 2013. the title of the nation's oldest public university has
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gotten officials saying they want a recount this morning. and she's known for her harry potter book series, but the new audience jk rollings is hoping to draw in with her latest novel. you disgust me.
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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they've worked hard for years and now you think the elderly would be able to sit back and enjoy their retirement without any worries. >> there's a scam out there targeting seniors that could leave their bank accounts out risk. and many of you will be looking for the ghost cot tombs and retailers are excited -- costumes and retailers are excited this year. and i'll tell you if you need to take the rain gear to the ravens game. there are no delays on the beltway. we have a new crash on 95. i'll have all the details coming up on good morning maryland.
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thank for staying with us on this thursday. id thieves targeting seniors, a new scam that's leaving some social security recipients short on cash. those thieves are getting their hands on personal information like full names and bank
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account numbers and they reroute the benefits to their bank accounts using prepaid deb it cards. americans apparently aren't too scared to spend money on halloween this year because according to the national retail federation, 7 in 10 americans are expected to spend big in the next month. that is a ten year high they say. consumers expected to shell out more money on costumes decoration and candy this year driving total halloween sales to 8 l billion bucks. we want to know if you plan to splurge on halloween this season. head to facebook. head o -- head to our fan page let us know what you think. he's been missing for 30 years, but that has never stopped the question, where is jimmy hoffa. the search in michigan. and the hail mary being hailed the worst call in
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football history. some choosing to remember it with their own t-shirts. topping america's money, a round of encouraging news about the housing market. the median price of a new home sored from 1 1% from july to august, the price $256,000 is the highest in almost 5 and a half years. a record number of families are dealing with student debt. more than 22 million households almost one in five had college loans in 2010. that doubled in just twenty years. the postal service is on the verge of its second default in as many months, unable to come up with $6 billion to fund future retiree benefits. and mcdonald's hope people will want fries and their channel tv. they have their custom made programming with news, sports entertainment. that's america's money. i'm rob nelson.


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