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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 28, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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developing right now, tragedy in the twin cities. >> multiple people killed in an office shooting. police releasing lots of new information overnight. we have the very latest. the real refs return to the job. getting a hero's welcome in baltimore, as the league gets ready to return all officials to the field on sunday. murder mystery. fans in shock as tv actor johnny lewis goes on a killing rampage before ending his own life. did synthetic drugs make him do it? and is this the worst marriage proposal ever? the pilot who told his girlfriend they were going to crash. and then, pops the question. good friday morning.
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i'm sunny hostin. >> i'm john muller. rob and paula are off this morning. we begin with an all-too familiar american tragedy. a deadly shooting has shattered the quiet of a small sign company. >> it happened in minneapolis, where police say the toll stands at five dead and four wounded. abc's tahman bradley has the details that have been breaking overnight. >> reporter: a tense scene in minneapolis. as s.w.a.t. teams responded to a gunman who opened fire at accent signage systems, filling tour people, including the company's founder, and then himself. >> i can't confirm that the suspect, the shooter is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: this morning, police are trying to determine if the shooter was a disgruntled worker. four people were transported to a local hospital. a fourth had minor injuries. it was a terrifying scene when police responded to the shooting around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. >> this appears to be multiple agencies, both local and
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federal. >> reporter: tactical teams surrounded the building, evacuating people and swarmed the residential neighborhood nearby, closing off several blocks. people heading home from work saw their street become a crime scene. >> the police were hiding behind the tree. and he yelled at me to turn around and make a u turn. >> i was looking outside. there was s.w.a.t. teams and state troopers. we walked a couple blocks and came to see what happened. >> reporter: although the shooting appears to be an isolated incident, residents are still shaken. >> i worry about going to work tomorrow because i teach middle school. and i get upset by it. or it could be relatives of theirs or something. >> reporter: last night, residents gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember the victims of the shooting. we expect to learn their names later today. tahman bradley, abc news. the labor department says 458 people died last audioer in work-related killings. stay with us. "gma" will have the latest coming up. football fans cheered and gave a standing ovation at
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thursday night's nfl match-up in baltimore. not for the players. but for the return of the real referees. the officials were back on the field for the browns/ravens game after a deal was struck to end their lockout. baltimore beat cleveland 24-16. but a lot of people say the winners were the fans to see the game officiated by the pros. the filmmaker behind the anti-islamic movie that sparked protests around the islamic world has been arrested in california. he apparently had eight violations. a judge said he posed a flight risk. and had a lengthy pattern of deception. among them, allegedly lying about making the film. israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, went low-tech to sound the alarm about iran's high-tech threat. he told the united nations general assembly that iran will have enough enriched uranium to build a bomb by next summer.
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>> a red line should be drawn right here. before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. >> later, netanyahu met with secretary of state hillary clinton, making his case for military action. the campaign countdowns are in full swings this morning. five days until the first debate. 39 days until the election. after spending wednesday in ohio and yesterday in virginia, the candidates go separate ways today. the president has fund-raisers in washington. mitt romney will be in pennsylvania and massachusetts. and as abc's karen travers reports, both campaigns are sizing up the latest numbers on where they stand. >> reporter: there are two ways the presidential election can be viewed. one, american. one vote. that adds up on election day to the national popular vote. >> i think as you look at the
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national polls, i'm tied in the national polls. >> reporter: those national polls do show a dead-heat. neither candidate has been able to really open up and sustain a significant lead. but that's not how a presidential election is won. it all comes down to the electoral college. each state assigned a number of votes. the process became infamous during the 2000 race between george w. bush and al gore. gore won the popular vote. but bush won the electoral college after a bitter legal battle. so, the fight for the white house comes down to a handful of states where the candidates are focusing the bulk of their time and resources. ohio getting the most attention. frequent campaign stops and tons of television ads. >> it's time for a new economic patriotism. >> too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. >> reporter: the obama campaign has spent more than $40 million on ads in ohio since may 1st. the romney campaign, more than $20 million. recent polling shows that in three, critical battleground states, president obama's in the lead. but the romney campaign says
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their internal polling in those states shows a much tighter race. >> they're going to have to plant the flag in ohio and fight like crazy. >> reporter: but romney's path to victory is shrinking. this week, abc news shifted ohio from the toss-up column to ohio. mitt romney would need to win nearly all of the remaining seven toss-up states to win the white house. and they all went for president obama in 2008. karen travers, abc news, washington. we have the most convincing evidence yet that water once flowed on mars. nasa's rover curiosity, beaming back pictures with pebbles that are rounded off. a fast-moving stream once flowed on the red planet. finding past water is the first step to find out if the environment was able to sustain life. time, now, for weather across the nation. heavy downpours and flooding around boston, new york, philly and d.c.
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thunderstorms from the ohio valley to memphis and little rock. scattered showers along the gulf coast. and drenching rain in west texas. showers in the rockies. 70s from billings to albuquerque. and in the middle of the country, from minneapolis to kansas city. 80s across the south. and when we come back, get ready for a ferris wheel that can carry, get this, more than 1,400 riders at 1 time. >> if that doesn't get stuck. more big banks getting caught up in a wave of cyber attacks. but who's behind them? and we're talking about mom genes, the dna that makes a woman want to be a mother.
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welcome back.
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many customers still can't check their bank accounts online. the cyber attack where hackers launch a barrage of traffic overwhelming the site. pnc is the latest target. but bank of america, fells fargo and u.s. bank were also hit. a middle eastern group is believed to be responsible. so far, no money has been stolen. but security experts warn that could be next. gasoline prices may stop going down. as we reported earlier, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu issued a stern warning at the u.n. yesterday. crude oil prices rose sharply on fears of the oil supply. gas prices had been falling. but now, u.s. gasoline futures are at their highest level since april. and the nation's four-largest auto rental companies say they will not give customers cars that have been recalled but not fixed. the four companies have 93% of the market. but they're agreeing to support
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legislation to legally enforce the ban. it's already illegal for auto dealers to sell such cars. hundreds of los angeles area restaurants and tourist sites are offer discounts this weekend, as residents brace for carmageddon two. the sequel of was the case of last year, a section of interstate 405 will be closed for construction. the restaurants are pitching in to keep carmageddon sequel to keep from being called the carmageddon strikes back. apple crap this country, causing trees to bloom earlier than usual. a freeze then damaged the crop. harvest is affecting two staples of fall, cider and apple pie. officials here in new york are counting on a new attraction to rake in lots of tourist dollars. plans are in the works for the world's tallest ferris wheel to be built on staten island. the 625-foot-tall wheel, capable of carrying more than 1,400
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people will overlook the statue of liberty and the manhattan skyline. the $230 million project should be finished in three years. when we come back, airport insecurity. abc's brian ross, tracking down tsa agents that are accused of stealing passengers' property instead of protecting it. and then, the ravens played the browns. and the fans won. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing balance rewards, the new way to save and get more of what you love walgreens for. it's easy to get points on everyday purchases, and easy to redeem them for just about anything anyone in your family could want. just make sure you save enough points for a little something for yourself. sign up today, in-store or online. it's instant points and endless rewards. and it's all right here. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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rock. thunderstorms drench roadsn west texas. slick, at times, in the gulf coast and the rockies. >> now, if you're flying airport delays are possible on the east coast, from boston to d.c. and getting back to the news. investigators in los angeles are awaiting toxicology results on an actor who allegedly murdered his elderly landlady, then plunged to his death. >> 28-year-old johnny lewis was killed off from the show fx "sons of anarchy." lewis was accused of attacking two men with a bottle and trying to break into a woman's home. probation officers and an attorney had expressed concern over his mental health and drug use. investigators on the trail of a very cold case will dig into this concrete driveway in a detroit suburb today. they had a tip it might be the final resting place of former teamsters boss, jimmy hoffa. he disappeared in 1975. the soil extracted from the driveway today will be examined
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for human composition results. and could be available next week. there's a huge buzz online about abc's brian ross and his investigation into theft by tsa agents. brian and his team checked bags with ipads and cash. and left ipads behind at tsa checkpoints at ten major airports. all the checked luggage made it safely. and nine out of ten forgotten ipads were returned. but in orlando, the ipad was last seen in the hands of tsa officer andy ramirez, and then tracked to his home 30 miles away. >> reporter: brian ross from abc news. when we went to reclaim the ipad two weeks later, ramirez, at first, denied having it. did you take it? >> no, sir. >> reporter: but shortly after, we activated an audio alarm on the missing ipad, ramirez produced it. with his tsa uniform now off, he blamed his wife for taking it. >> ramirez has been fired. he's just 1 of 381 tsa officers
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who have lost their jobs for theft. 11 this year alone, amid what critics call a culture of indifference and lax oversight. proof this morning that not every woman has the knack for motherhood. researchers have identified a mom gene. they say it's responsible for motivating mothers to nurture. when the gene was suppressed in female mice, they spent less time caring for their young. they say women without the gene are not incapable of being moms. federal health officials are encouraging every american to consider getting vaccinated. the flu shot is important for seniors and children over 6 months old. last year's flu season was mild. but doctors say this year could be unpredictable. switching gears to sports. lots of football on a thursday night, including a major loss in a college game. unranked washington upset number eight stanford, 17-13. after the nfl match-up last night, we get highlights from espn news.
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>> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. the real refs in baltimore, as the ravens were hosting the browns. a standing ovation in baltimore josh cribs. and a huge hit. remember darius miller with a huge hit last week. this one, another one. ravens would recover. he would leave the game and not return. later, returns it 63 yards for the touchdown. he had a pick and seven receptions. the ravens up 23-10. fourth quarter now. weeden, putting a hail mary in the end zone. will we have something again from monday night? not this time. pass broken up. and unnecessary roughness called on the ravens. two seconds left in this
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contest. weeden, once more, trying to get a little russell wilson. but this time, the pass is uncaught. the ravens go on to win 23-16. the nationals trying to squash the phillies' playoff hopes. harper has been hot. his 21st home run of the year. nats up 1-0. gio gonzalez would be feeling this contest. getting six innings of work. and gets the win as the nats win 7-3. that's your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. have a good day. a golf fan near chicago found out firsthand how powerful tiger woods' swing really is. >> during a practice round for the ryder cup, tiger knocked a ball into a fan's head.
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it knocked him out cold. tiger apologized. the crowd laughed when tiger said, yes, it was. lucky he's alive. my goodness. up next, "the pulse." and has a popular map app captured a real-life ufo? and is this wedding proposal to die for? we'll explain. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. help relieve the pain and stop the damage with humira, adalimumab. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. so you can treat more than just the pain. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems,
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on google maps. and then, pan around in street view. and there, up in the sky, is the floating red spaceship object. >> no one in jacksonville has seen it in person. it could be a lens flare or reflection. or or that google has made a breakthrough they haven't told us about. to find the aliens, that would be interesting. >> it does look like a spaceship. some wedding proposals are uneventful. this one may be bordering on unforgivable. >> ryan thompson decides to pop the question by giving his girlfriend, carly, the scare of her life. they were flying over chicago. and he pretended the plane was going down. he told her to remain calm and asked her to read the emergency procedures. she finally caught on off reading the final words. yes, will you marry me? >> lucky for him, the bride-to-be was a good sport. and she said yes. >> i can't believe she said yes. >> she probably wanted to strangle him.
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it's been a week since the iphone 5 hit stores. but we're just getting a look at some of the phone frenzy last friday. >> check this out. right in front of dozens of people who had been waiting in line for hours to be among the first to buy an iphone 5. an apple employee drops a box full of devices. oh, no. >> it's not broken. that's probably broken. these are all right. how long have you been waiting? >> turns out the phones were fake. and the worker was a prankster. pretty good, right? looking to get a little rise out of some apple fans. >> did you see their faces? >> yeah. they're waiting in line for hours. and apparently, it was some pretty funny stuff. like, don't worry, our geniuses at the bar will fix everything. >> that's a pretty good prank. some of them were waiting in line for days. >> i think that will go viral, no doubt. >> my goodness. for some of you, your local news is next. >> and for everyone else, we'll
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updating the top stories. five people, including the gunman, are dead in a workplace shooting in minneapolis. there are reports the gunman had recently been fired from the company. the filmmaker who went into hiding after his anti-muslim movie sparked violent protes, now under arrest. he's accused of violating his probation on check fraud. one charge is for lying about the film. and it was back to work for the real nfl refs last night, as they returned from their lockout. the officials got loud cheers and a standing ovation at the browns/ravens game in baltimore. all right. we're going to take a look at the weather. showers in the rockies. drenching rain across west texas. showers along the gulf coast. showers from little rock to the ohio valley. and finally this morning, for centuries, it's been a mystery. what was the secret behind moan
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that lisa's smile? >> maybe the woman in the painting knew she wasn't truly one of a kind. jeffrey kofman has the other mona lisa that has the art world buzzing. >> reporter: could it be? the most famous painting in the world now has a twin? >> mona lisa. leonardo's earlier version. >> reporter: that's what the owners of the so-called isleworth mona lisa told the world. hidden in a swiss bank vault for almost half a century, it emerged accompanied by a stack of evidence, meant to prove that this was leonardo da vinci's first version of this, a younger mona lisa. note the perkier smile. a second mona lisa? there are a lot of reasons to be suspect. there are many reasons to believe this is a copy by a lesser artist. first, the younger painting is on canvas.
4:29 am
leonardo painted on wood. the background on the younger mona lisa, is, well, muddy, not like the masterpiece. >> it adds up to being an interesting copy. >> reporter: an interesting copy? >> reporter: there are many reasons to believe this is a copy by a lesser artist. first, the younger painting is on canvas. leonardo painted on wood. the ground on the younger mona lisa is, well, muddy, not like the masterpiece. but the real give away, translucence. in the original, layers of light. they're just not there in the other one. >> you go, wow. you look at that mona lisa and you go -- ah. >> reporter: a new leonardo would be worth at least $100 million. but imagine, with only about 20 of his works in existence, how exciting it would be to discover 1 more. jeffrey kofman, abc news, oxford. >> neat to think about. well, that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday.


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