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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 9, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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healthy -- his fellow teammates will teach students the importance of maintaining heaty lifestyle. this is to discuss the importance of physical activity. this is part of a national nfl play 90 campaign and it's aimed at getting kids to move for at least 60 minutes a day it's to play 60 minutes and they willtry to get kids to work out or do something physical for an hour. and today may not be the best day to do it outside but maybe later. >> maybe. if you like the cooler weather you like what we had yesterday in the afternoon. >> i didn't mind. it was a good chance to bundle up. >> exactly. you can feel the fall. >> yeah. >> exactly and what the o's in the air everything is feeling good. but this morning, it's chilly even going into the afternoon it's cool a carbon copy from yesterday to today. >> just prepare. >> let's show you what's going on in terms of the wet weather on maryland's most powerful radar. we can see it around kent
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county betterton and galena could get in on a few showers through the rest of the morning. we can see it towards chestertown and perryman getting in on wet weather this morning. these showers very light and once they move out, we can be dealing with drizzle behind that as well. we are heading out to the bus stop this morning. the kids it's going to be cold so make sure to bundle them up. that temperature coming in at 46 degrees and as we go into the afternoon, the coat in the morning they can need it coming home as well. 57 for a high. temperatures well below a cool afternoon with some clouds and some sun. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. we have patchy fog out there too. >> reporter: yes, you will want to expect reduced visibility. a good morning to turn on the low beams and slow down because the roads they are going to be pretty wet due to the overnight rain. right now we have trouble in anne arundel county and a crash on route 665 right near route 50. and if you are traveling on 97, here's what it looks like just approaching the beltway. everything will be up to speed.
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no problems heading up to 695 or even down towards route 50. and as we check in and take a look at 95, here in downtown baltimore at 395, no problems getting through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel is nice and clear and checking in and looking at drive times on the beltway, that's going to be in great shape traveling the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. no delays whatsoever. that stretch will take you 11 minutes and on the west side, it's going to be in great shape as well. 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan over to you. >> a few minutes away from five. coming up on good morning maryland at 5, some say it was the worst abuse of a child they had seen. it has done at the hands of her own mother. stay with us this morning. what this mother is accused of doing to her 2-year-old that left the toddler in a coma for days.
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coming up on good morning maryland at 5a. big win for the orioles. charley crowson is abe loot camden -- is live at camden yards with a look at how fans are celebrating. >> reporter: we have a lot of celebration and happiness after the on the's -- o's win game 2 over the yankees. now things shift to the bronx. so the o's played pretty well and we will give you a preview and tell you what fans are saying, good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> are's watching the station that works for you. -- you're watching the station that works for you, now good morning maryland. >> she would have turned 16 but grace mccomas will never learn how to drive a car or go to prom. she took her life after cyber bullying. her cuss rinse hoping everyone will help remember her today. >> look at this video twr --
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cousins are hoping everyone will help remember her today. and look at this video police say it could help solve a murder. >> reporter: who said what a recap of last night's game and the look ahead coming up in a moment. >> so charley is live down at the yard. being see him with the coat on. occasionally with an umbrella. so lynette will let us know what toke expect as far as the weather and lauren the issues is not camden yards for the next few days. it's going to be the bolt forerunning festival. >> reporter: the marathon will cause major problem and shut down many roads. i will have more later in the week and hopefully baseball will come back to baltimore. >> hopefully. we are keeping our fingers crossed. >> reporter: yes. the tickets for the third round go on sale i think at noon today. charley will have more on that coming up in a bit. >> 10 today. >> reporter: he can sighting. >> i know. >> reporter: very exciting. >> let's hopefully have baseball back. but for those getting ready right now they want to know how to dress their kids. >> what they need is a
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heavycoat just like yesterday buttoday they will need the umbrella this morning. as we go into the afternoon, rain chances go down a bit. we are trying to get you out the door. so we look at marled's most powerful radar -- maryland's most powerful radar and we are looking at rain showers generally light in nature. but still, you are getting wet. we have the damp roadways out there as well. this is across central maryland as of now sliding back into dc. traveling along i-95, just be aware of what you are going to be encountering. also, you will encounter temperatures bow low average. 51 and dew point at 51. we are talking about pappy fog. elkton -- patchy fog. winds are on the light side so we don't have to worry about that. but they will pick up going throughout the day. this is what it looks like looking at your planner. heading towards 10:00, still chilly with the temperatures at 52 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with quite a bit
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of fog across the region. be careful as you head out. be sure to slow down and turn on the low beams. we have a crash to tell you about in anne arundel county on the harris t at len -- allen boulevard on route 50. using the beltway this morning, that west side is going to be nice and clear. here's a live look at liberty road. you are be looking at that typical 11 minute ride right now traveling that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. and it will remain clear on the inner loop through pikesville. no problems on the beltway from parkville towards towson and the jfx into the city is going to take you 11 minutes. not too bad at all. traveling southbound from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you megan. three minutes after five. if you are heading to work, odds are you may be pretty tired after last night's exciting win by the orioles over the yankees. this win now ties the series at
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1 game each. the series shifts to new york. we are headed to yearchgee stadium. charley is live at camden -- yankees stadium. charley is live at camden yard and o's fans left the ball park on a high. >> reporter: looking back to sunday night's game one of the alds it was as much about celebration as beginning the playoffs for baltimore. the team had been on the road in tampa and one game playoff in texas, so sunday's game one was about thanking the fans for being so loyal and being with them through the improbable season. last night it was time to get down to business and o's fans were not des appointed. orioles took care -- disappointed. orioles took care of the yankees. chen picked up the win over pettitte and twitter was abuzz after the game and adam jones says it was the first real win in 15 years. a lot more work to do, thoughch the series is far from over. now they head to new york for games 3, 4 and 5 beginning
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wednesday night. julie says she missed the game while rehearsing a stunt in a magic trick with david copperfield but was threld by the win. and josh charles who threw out first pitch threw a built emmett tweeted about possibly changing his -- or naming his first son buck should be expect a child we don't know. but he was joking about should the orioles win he may name his first one buck. so, he may have answering to do and explaining to do about that. and owner peter and lows was in the orioles clubhouse after the big win congratulating all the players for the incredible season and playoff run. and jim johnson was there mr. angelos got the game ball from the win in texas and the orioles were all too happy to talk about the win. >> we are one win closer to winning three. ee got -- we got through texas knowing we had to win 11 games. it's a tough task ahead of us.
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but you know, it's rice -- you like the math after tonight at least you are one step closer. >> one theme we want to win and i want to help the team to win and that's my hope and dream. >> reporter: it may be a nightmare going back to new york. we have been here before. that was 1996. it was game one of the alcs between orioles and yankees. at that time it was 4-3 orioles at the time but in the 8th it was jeter we have seen before. a fly ball to right. tony camps underneath to make the catch. and then there's the little mayer reaching over the wall and graping the ball. jeter was a-- grabbing the ball. year the was awarded the -- jeter was awarded the ball amount home run by william in the 11th but that has been on the memory of orioles fan but this time the memories of what happened in 199 # still all too
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fresh -- 1996 still too fresh for orioles fans to remember. the game time could change begin the outcome of the tree do it-- detroit and since fatty series could impact when baltimore and new york will play. but, yankees stadium is is a very comfortable place for baltimore. they were 6-3 this year on the road and it's the one road ball park where oars orioles had more success with more home runs than anywhere else on the road. >> all right charley crowson reporting live at the yard. we will check in with him all morning for everything o's related. it's 7 minutes after 5 right now. she was supposed to celebrate her sweet 16th birthday but grace mccomas never will learn how to drive a car or go to prom or do things high school students do and look forward to. that's because grace mccomas committed suicide in april. she was the victim of cyber bullying and now today her family wants to celebrate her
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life with a special birthday invitation. sherrie johnson joins with us how to remember grace. >> reporter: yes, you are invited to text or send a message with a kind word through social media to someone who just may need a boost. so far more than 4500 people have signed up for the kindness through grace day. cousins of grace mccomas says she would be alive if the bullies gave her the same respect. she committed suicide on easter sunday after her family says she was bullied online for about a year. now her cousins are challenging people to say kind words through twitter, facebook and e- mail. they believe kindness would have kept grace alive. >> when grace first passed away, we were looking at cyberspace and how much of a tool it was and teenagers' lives especially and we that you it was abecausing the internet when you use -- abusing the internet when you use tight it to hurt or bring down someone else. >> reporter: over 4500 people have signed up for the kindness pledge and people are catching
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on. you can log onto amount bc2 to accept the link to kindness. as you can see, over 4500 people have signed up. again, people are writing nice posts and saying they are praying for grace so you know take a minute out of your day and say something nice and make someone else's day. sherrie johnon, abc -- johnson, abc2 news. a man died at a bar in a shooting and police think they have individual yost man who may be involved. -- video of the man who may be involved. you can see a bald man walking around near the middle of the screen. keep watching you will see him holding a gun and later it appears he shoots up above the dancing crowd. police say that this man is is a person of interest in a murder that happened last month at a bar that was located on south pulaski street. so the man was shot in the head later died at the hospital. >> this is someone that you normally see hanging out in the certain area. maybe it's someone who you went
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to school with or you used to work with. any information at all we ask you contact homicide detectives. >> take another look. there's more video that we can show you the man is outside the back door of the club. again with the gun in his hand. police want you to look at that and if you have information, please call them. he threw out first pitch at sunday's o's yankees games and today help raise money for his medical bills his fanly needs did d -- family need it. the mcdonald's on bel air road in perry hall one of daniel's favorite places to eat. so the restaurant will donate 25% of the proceeds to daniel and his family. this is happening tonight starting at 4:30 this afternoon and runs until 8:30 in the evening. it's fall and you know that means that it's time for the big pumpkin weigh offs. look at the huge gourd from all over. one -- gourds from all over. we will see who took home
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theprize of the biggest pumpkin. she was gone for four years. how the owner of this beautiful husky was able to get the dog back after all of that time. >> and maryland's most powerful radar picking up on light showers as of now. i will tell you how along it will last. >> reporter: there's quite a bit of fog but no delays on 83 at york road. i will show you what the other main lines look like coming up on good morning maryland.
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thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. a pumpkin that would make quite a few pumpkin pies. look at this and you will see why. in the safeway world championship pump manykin weighoff the biggest gourd tipped the scale upped one ton it it was from oregon and they traveled down to california for this huge event. they -- the secret to growing a huge pumpkin is devoting one hour a day and a lot of water. i imagine they watered it a lot
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us about a-- because across the country including this state we saw a drought and people said that's why you are paying more for the pumpkins. >> that's right. and speaking of the pumpkins not the best day to pick pumpkins especially as we go into the afternoon and still it's going to be gray outside. but, it could be because some of you like that making eat feel like more fall and the gray skies. we will dry things out as we go into the afternoon. i will show you that in caked. but this morning -- in a second. but this morning, we are looking at cold temperatures and feeling cold as well as you step out. 44 in norrisville more in edgewood at 46 in catonsville and westminster good morning. you are at 45. and we take it across the eastern shore where stevensville is at 49 and galena coming in at 48. so here's the satellite and radar. in terms of the wet weather, we have the showers this morning. and they will taper off as we go into the afternoon. so, you could head out venture to pick out the pumpkin as kids get out of school. but you might want to wait a
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bit. we are going to begin to warm things up. this is the week's chill so now we are dealing with chilly conditions but by friday by wednesday, tomorrow, we will warm the temperatures up as the jet stream begins to work et cetera way back off toward the north. so, that's going to be better pumpkin picking weather for me. as you look at what's going on through time. not a lot picking up for tomorrow even though we will have a cold front that mobs through the area. it's going to be dry in nature. and here to check the 7-day forecast as we look at thursday, 62 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, we are dealing with fog across the region. so it's extremely important a to slow down this morning. might want to turn on the low beams and if you in howard county right now, no delays on interstate 70. it's nice and clear from columbia pike all the way over to 695. now traveling the beltway, here's a live look in pikesville actually at -- let's go to 7 95. could bys mil road. everything is -- could bys mill
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road. -- could beies vil -- cockeysville road road everything is moving fine. outer loop no delays just 11 minutes from 795 down to 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan over to you. news time 5:17. a is behind bars for severely abusing her daughter even super gluing the child's hands to a wall many she was 2 years old when police say her mother elizabeth escalo-na beat her over a potty training incident. a doctor testified the abuse fits criteria for torture. her mother rush the girl to the hospital the day of the incident and testified her daughter was not herself that day. >> she seemed s i could see through her eyes. i have my daughter in front of me and she was not all there.
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>> escalona will spend 45 years in prison for the abuse. it's been 4 years since the family in virginia has seen their dog. but thanks to one of the microchips, they have been reunited. we love the stories. shakira ended up 700 meals away from her family. and -- miles away from her family heather jackson says she gist disappeared in 20 -- disappeared in 2008. she feared her four legged best friend was dead and basically gave up the search. a neighbor told her that someone had shot the dog and last week an animal rescue center near chicago called her to say they had her dog. >> as soon as i saw her, i don't know i started to immediately cry. you know, it was really emotional. >> her happiness is mixed with concern and animal shelter near her house picked up the dog years ago but said the microchip didn't scan. she says she is thrilled to have her best friend back anyway. animal lovers i know you love
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to hear those stories. stay with us this morning, are they a fruit or vegetable? who cares because they could save your life. there's new research out that shows tomatoes do a lot more than we first thought. and more case of meningitis in maryland. what health officials want you to know about the deadly and unusual outbreak ahead.
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two more case of meni gite ies has -- meningitis has been eye didn't fied in our stays -- identified in our state bringing the number to five. the outbreak is linked to a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts that produced steroid shot that is are apparently tainted. evan cline nicks maryland received the drug and officials say 105 people across 9 states have become ill. 8 people have died. it's estimated that 13,000 people have received the shots but officials are not sure how many people are at risk for the infection. we have got good news for you tomato lovers. especially men there's new research that shows eating tomato and the tomato products can reduce a ribs for a man having -- risk for having a
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stroke many an anti-oxidant found in tomatoes found men with higher levels were 59% less likely to have a stroke. researchers also add that a balanced diet including more than 5 servings of frowst and vegetables a day could prevent strokes in the future. -- fruits and vegetables if a day -- vegetable a day could prevent strokes in the future. and also ahead this morning, the plans to set a record today. the stuntman fearless felix has plans and we will tell you what he will do to take you to the edge of space. that's ahead.
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if everything goes as planned a death defying feat of courage will make it into the history books this morning. a man is at feet of courage. felix a daredevil known as fearless felix for good reason is set to free fall from the
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edge of space. you see he is going to leap 23 miles up. and break the sound barrier with speeds of more than 700 miles an hour. he is a former australian paratroop here says he is ready for the extreme chal he can. -- challenge. >> i have practiced this for so many years and now we are almost there. and this is my biggest dream and we are one step closer and i am almost there. so i feel good at the moment. >> the mission requires cutting edge equipment like a special helmet and pressureized suit. return to earth could take about 5 1/2 minute. that's it. and after 25 years of sky diving, felix promises this jump will be his last. the goal is to register over 20,000 voters. this happening before the october 16th deadline. stay with us. the goal that the state and city leaders are trying to get you to get involved in. get out and vote to make sure you are ready to go on november
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6th. >> good morning. topping america's money american airlines promising improvements after delays and cancellation due to maintenance issue. the ceo admits the past couple weeks have been rough on passengers. but he says american is workingtoward the problems. and home prices nationally are edging up but a mortgageprofiting service finds in a few cities they are at all time highs. those cities never had the largeswings in prices during the boom and bust and they are generally smaller cities. many soda vending machines will dispense something new information that will have labels on the buttons listing the calorie counts. first of the machines will roll out in chicago and san antonio next year. a survey finds wendy's lives up to the fast-food dirk up orders in 2 minutes. that's america's money.
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