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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 3, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, jubilation. and cancellation. dancing in the streets, as the lights go back on in lower manhattan. but millions are still in the dark, as a new storm is moving in and a gas crisis is creating widespread fury and frustration. meanwhile, the race is off. the largest marathon in the world, called off at the last minute, after an uproar from angry residents, including people who lost everything. this morning, we have exclusive access to the first responders, working around-the-clock missions to help those victims. final sprint. with just three days left until election day, president obama and mitt romney look for every
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last vote in the battleground states. we'll tell you their last-minute strategies. and jackpot. what to do with 20 million bucks in lottery winnings you didn't know you had. >> it's getting crazier. and i can't stop crying. >> wait until you see her reaction when she realized she was sitting on a fortune. good morning, everybody. so great to be back with you and with the entire team here after what has been a very, very long week. here we are, five days post-sandy. and federal relief is finally arriving for the people of staten island. i was out there this week. and the damage is astonishing. biblical, really. two images i'll never forget. a jacuzzi in the trees. look at that. and i met a guy whose house was picked up and moved across the street. you're going to see it when the camera turns here.
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his house was there. and now, it's there. >> parts of the city really look like a war zone this week. also, look at this. these are food lines in manhattan. hundreds of new yorkers, waiting for something to eat. for many, it's the first hot meal they've had in days. new jersey is still crippled, as well. there's endless lines for gas. with only half of the gas stations in new jersey and new york, rationing is going into effect. but the news is not all bad. atlantic city's 12 casinos are reopening. and the mayor of newark, new jersey, cory booker, letting storm victims crash at his house. >> he always seems to be at the right place at the right time. good for cory booker. we also have something adorable for you this morning. it involves this puppy. her name is sandy, by the way. we'll tell you why in a moment. her owners threw her out of a car after the storm. but fortunately, a compassionate family took her in. and she's looking for a permanent home. she's live with us this morning. but we start with something to cheer about.
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finally, power being restored to many in lower manhattan. a huge relief for some. but millions of others in the northeast, could be without electricity for another week, if not longer. meantime, temperatures are plunging to frigid levels and fast. ginger zee is here with the latest on this unwelcomed cold snap. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, bianna. if someone knows one of those millions of customers without power in the 11 states, text them or get ahold of them this morning. the cold is on the way. 42 new york. 44 philadelphia. erie back there at 40. but look at the next three nights. again, tomorrow morning, through early tuesday is when it's really going to hit. and you're going to go, oh, my goodness. actually, we could have problems with hypothermia, especially with people a little older. new york city gets down to 34. that's the city. you go outside of the city, and some of the affected areas. the power's out. you got all that cold sitting around. it could be in the 20s, easily. and the windchill will be even worse. i wanted to mention that.
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and then, i got another threat, of course i do. wednesday into thursday, that cold air meets moisture in the south. does it sound familiar? it's not the same. i promise you, it's not the same. five-foot to ten-foot waves are possible. and some snow heading to some of the inland and higher elevation areas. i'll have more on this and the nation's weather coming up. for now, back to dan. >> just what we do not need in the disaster zone. ginger, thank you. this morning, the feds say they are taking measures in the massive gas shortages. these are reminiscent of the 1970s gas crisis. people are starting to get very, very cranky out there. can this new action taken by fema and the military make a difference? alex perez is in clifton, new jersey. good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: dan, good morning. everyone is hoping that shipment will make a big difference almost immediately. the owner of this gas station sold 8,000 gallons into the late
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hours. and he won't be getting a new shipment, more gasoline, until late this afternoon. now, most of the people here are hoping that this fema and military shipment that's headed our way will maka difference in this region very soon. this morning, new york is opening up. and new jersey is cracking down, in an effort to improve the tri-state gas shortage. the new york port has been open for gas tankers for the first time since sandy made landfall. >> we actually saw a fuel barge coming down the hudson river before. >> reporter: until things return to normal, governor chris christie has signed an executive order, rationing gas for passenger vehicles in 12 counties. >> we're on top of the gas situation. >> reporter: here's how it works. starting at noon, owners of cars with license plates ending in an even number, can only purchase gas on even number days. owners with plates ending in odd numbers on odd number days. two-thirds of the gas stations in the new york metro area are out of fuel.
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and more than half the stations in new jersey and long island are shut down. some have no power. others, sold out. completely drained. and for some, like joanne hughes, the wait for the pumps isn't just a long line, but a lifeline. with her father undergoing an emergency bypass 40 miles away, the only thing keeping this daughter from her father is a lack of fuel. >> it takes me about two hours to get gas. i hope i make it. >> reporter: you've been in the line for 40 minutes now. >> already. i don't know -- i have no idea how long it's going to be. >> reporter: a question that everyone's hoping will be answered soon. and it took joanne about eight hours before she was finally found the gas she needed to get to her dad in the hospital. they say it may not be until the end of next week before supplies return to normal. bianna? >> not good news for so many people. alex, thank you. we're going to turn, now, to the heroes of the storm. and thankfully, there are many. first responders who have been working around the clock since
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sandy struck. abc's john schriffen spent the day with new york police search and rescue, in the air, on the water and on the ground, saving lives in the hardest-hit parts of the city. >> reporter: it's been five days since hurricane sandy made landfall. and from the sky to the sea, it's clear parts of new york city are still a mess. some areas are still flooded, buried in sand. just aren't there anymore. >> it's a little disturbing. a little heart wrenching. my neighborhood got hit hard also. >> reporter: to get a better idea of what new yorkers are going through, we followed the new york police department on a search and recovery mission. this was the scene tuesday, when the aviation team had to be lowered into the flood zones to rescue five adults and one child from the rooftops of their homes. >> it was pretty daring. it was pretty intense. pretty stressful. but those guys pulled it off. >> reporter: we're now flying over staten island, the hardest of the five boroughs to get to.
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and the devastation here is just unimaginable. it almost looks like a wrecking ball just came through and just swept those homes out. from this high up in the air, it almost looks like toothpicks just scattered everywhere across this borough. this staten island marina looks like a bunch of toy boats piled up. but from the water, we get a whole, new perspective. captain russo, what are we looking at right now? >> basically, we're looking at an entire section of a marina that used to be on this side of the harbor. >> reporter: with the worst of the storm past, the daunting cleanup process has begun. >> when i came back i saw, you know, what you see right now. like i have boats. i always wanted to own a boat. but not this way. now, it looks like i own three boats. >> reporter: despite the long road ahead, police have faith in the residents. >> just because i wear a uniform and fly a helicopter doesn't make me a hero. people out there with their will and the ability to pull together are the real heroes.
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>> there were crews here that were on the clock for hours and hours and hours. >> reporter: not able to see their own families. >> that's right. >> reporter: worried about saving new yorkers. >> that's right, yes. that's what the police are here for. >> reporter: ready to go above and beyond the call of duty to help get this city back on its feet. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to john. now, to the latest casualty of sandy. the new york city marathon has never been canceled. not by weather. not even by 9/11. but this year, the mayor's insistence that the show must go on, was met with massive outrages. politicians issuing press releases. people on twitter referring to the race as the hunger games. and runners themselves organizing boycotts on facebook. let's get it out to abc's john muller in central park, where the race will not take place. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. behind me, central park gated, shut down. no race hubbub. no race prep.
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as you mentioned, the first for new york city in a week full of firsts. it came down to two arguments. keep this race on and show how inspiring new yorkers are. or shut it down and focus 100% on the victims. the public has spoken loud and clear. they want to focus on the victims. and the city has listened. like the devastating storm surge that swept over new york city, the pressure and criticism couldn't be held back. the new york city marathon is canceled. >> it's time to move forward for new york. >> reporter: runners will not trek through a five-borough disaster area. race organizers and mayor bloomberg issued a joint statement. it is clear it was becoming the source of controversy and division. we would not want a cloud to hang over the race. the criticism, understandable. millions are still suffering. some without power, water and heat. some without any homes at all. massive generators sitting idle for the race. crates of water, even vodka, outraging many runners. some started a facebook page to
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boycott the marathon. and the tweets lit up. >> there's children out there who are without blankets, without anything. and then, these generators sit for a time. >> reporter: some runners applauding the decision to cancel. >> i feel good that the city is taking care of what it needs to ta care of. >> reporter: but there's plenty of heat. mayor bloomberg insisted the race was on, even up until friday afternoon. >> literally have flown halfway around the world for this. >> reporter: gavin cane came from shanghai, china, to run. >> i raised just over $5,000 for a homeless charity in new york, which i can't collect because i'm now not running the marathon. >> reporter: but for millions taking a backseat to suffering, maybe it's best summed up by this runner from south africa. >> it's a bigger lesson. the bigger lesson, we're mere mortals. we're not in control. >> reporter: very good advice there. with the race off, race
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organizers will donate all of the supplies they would use for the marathon to those in need. dan? >> a lot will be happy to hear that. thank you. let's not forget there's a presidential election coming up on tuesday. it's "your voice, your vote." just three days to go. and some people cannot wait. they're lining up for early voting, sometimes for up to three hours. look at the size of that line. meanwhile, the candidates are out barnstorming the battleground states, where this extremely tight and utterly unpredictable race will be won or lost. abc's jake tapper is traveling with the president in mentor, ohio. jake, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. now, i don't want to cause any alarm. but i'm pretty sure ohio is going to be important this election cycle. you heard it here first. president obama did three events here yesterday. he went back home. in the immortal words of the pretenders, he came back to ohio. he's coming back to ohio today. he'll do another event in ohio. another one after that. in this mad 72-hour dash through the united states and to the finish line.
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president obama hit small towns in buckeye battleground, ohio. and in all of them, went after mitt romney for a tv ad here that falsely suggests local jeep jobs are headed to china, which the company denies. >> we don't want suddenly a bunch of ads saying stuff that's not true. you don't scare hard-working americans just to scare up some votes. >> reporter: the president's path from now until election day explain house he sees his path to election. ohio to wisconsin, to iowa, to virginia. new hampshire to florida to ohio to colorado. wisconsin to ohio to iowa. you'll notice that's three ohios. >> hello, ohio. >> reporter: if he wins here, iowa and wisconsin, it's game over. but the polls are increasingly tight. and 55% of the public still thinks the nation is on the wrong track. >> stand tall, mr. president. god is with you. we are with you. >> reporter: he can use that help. the president's doing what he can to rev up his strongest supporters from 2008, with similar themes.
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>> over the last four years, the status quo in washington, they fought us every step of the way. what they're counting on now, is that you're going to be so tired of all the dysfunction, that you'll just give up. just walk away. >> reporter: he's making direct appeals, as well, on b.e.t., an ad with jay-z. >> what he represented to a nation of kids was hope. >> reporter: in florida, a spanish-language ad. on monday, he will do three events with bruce springsteen. and, bianna, i want to tell you about this lineup tomorrow. concord, new hampshire, with bill clinton. hollywood, florida, with your favorite, pit bull. cincinnati, ohio, with stevie wonder. and then, aurora, colorado, with dan's favorite, dave matthews. >> you got that wrong, jake. it's the other way around. >> i'm the dave fan. he's the pit bull fan. >> reporter: i confuse you guys all the time. i'm sorry. i apologize. >> jake, thanks so much. as jake mentioned, it's all
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about the battleground states and those eight, key races. last night for mitt romney, it was all about ohio. abc's david muir is with the romney campaign in newington, new hampshire, this morning. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. we have kid rock on the romney campaign. we listened to him last night in ohio. but as you mentioned, right here in new hampshire, mitt romney holding a rally a short time from now. voters know this is where his second home is. he was the governor of neighboring massachusetts. but the real sign of this campaign is not taking the four electoral votes for granted. but overnight, as jake alluded to all eyes of the campaign on the states they're truly eyeing. overnight, mitt romney in the must-win state of ohio, with his wife, ann, his five sons, his running mate. all of them echoed which state could very well decide the lex election. >> you know it. you're the battleground of battlegrounds. >> reporter: then, ann romney. >> is ohio going to do it for us? >> reporter: then, the candidate
8:16 am
himself. >> your state is the one i'm counting on, by the way. this is the one we have to win. >> reporter: on stage, a who's who of the republican party. a show of force in this race to the finish. among them, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, who continued the criticism of the administration's handling of the attack in benghazi. >> i believe some americans who might not have had to have died may have died because we had incompetence in the white house. >> reporter: romney himself has not mentioned the incident in libya since the debates. giuliani's harsh criticism comes in stark contrast to the other images this week. one of romney's supporters, republican governor chris christie, applauding the president. >> i cannot thank him enough. >> reporter: an argument he's trying to make. >> i'll reach out to both sides of the aisle. i'll reach across the aisle in washington. i'll endeavor to find those good men and women on both sides of
8:17 am
the aisle. >> reporter: governor romney in new hampshire today. he'll be here on the eve of the election. the president here tomorrow. signs they are taking those four electoral votes very seriously. particularly in a race, as you know, is a dead-heat as we head into election day. >> hard to believe, only three days left. david, thank you. joining us now for more on this is abc news political consultant matthew dowd. good morning, matt. >> good morning. >> so curious to know who you think has the edge on tuesday? >> this marathon that hasn't been canceled has gone on for 700 days. everybody is ready for this thing to end. the candidates are exhausted. i think in the aftermath of what's gone on this week, there's a little wind behind the sails of the president, at this time. especially in the electoral college. i think he has the advantage right now. >> so, you think sandy has that big of an impact? >> what sandy did, for sure, was stop any momentum mitt romney had. and i think iconic pictures of the president, especially with the republican governor of new jersey.
8:18 am
all of those pictures, i think, helped him just a little bit, in a race that's going to be decided by a few thousand votes. a half a point or a point can determine that. >> you have said, both sides here, both candidates and both of their huge blocks of supporters are convinced their guy is going to win. so, somebody is going to be sadly disappointed. >> two candidates, two campaigns, and two huge aspects of the country that absolutely believe their candidate's going to win. and we haven't faced an election like that in a long time. so, on election night, somebody the going to be gravely, gravely disappointed and shocked at the results. >> matt dowd, such a pleasure to have you on. thank you very much. and by the way, matt's going to be part of the powerhouse political roundtable tomorrow on "this week with george stephanopoulos." on tuesday night, george and diane sawyer and the entire abc news political team, including matt dowd, will be at election headquarters all night long. full coverage as the results come in. lots of other news coming in. and as always, ron claiborne has
8:19 am
your headlines. >> there is other news. good morning, everyone. the u.s. has been given access to a suspect on the deadly attack on our consulate in libya. the fbi will be allowed to question the islamic militant that was detained in tunisia. it's not yet clear what role that man may have played in the september 11th attack that killed ambassador chris stephens and three others in benghazi. and more cases of meningitis linked to the steroid injections. there's 18 reported cases, bringing the total to 404. in 29 states, 19 people have died. people many are suffering from a second illness, an infection in the spine where the drug was injected. and more documents from the watergate tapes could be released soon. a federal judge ruled that the materials related to the 1972 break-in at the democratic national committee headquarters must be unsealed within a month. a texas history professor has requested the documents which he says could explain the
8:20 am
motivation behind the break-in. the watergate scandal, of course, ultimately forced president nixon to resign. we want to warn viewers about the next upcoming video we have here. it is disturbing cute. check this out. this is a white lion cub born on tuesday. this is a rare white lion cub born in china on tuesday. vets were worried about feeding problems. they found a dog to nurse it, along with her litter of puppies. the lion's parents, both normal african lions, making the white coloring more unusual. >> one cute lion. >> disturbingly cute. >> disturbingly cute, ginger. does that make sense? >> it does. and coming from ron, it makes total sense. other parts of the nation have been slightly excluded because we were focused on the northeast and mid-atlantic. let's look at minot, north dakota, where they had three inches of snow. really, a weak system is going to come down and bring cold air. what it means for chicago, ten
8:21 am
degrees below average. you're only going to 45. detroit, 47. indianapolis, 46. if you want to get toasty, go to the southwest. look at los angeles. today 77, tomorrow 86. 91 by monday. phoenix, the same numbers there. san fran is warming up, too. and this is disturbingly awesome. we get to have an extra hour of sleep. we get that clock turned back one hour. lots of cheers in the studio.
8:22 am
>> i was covering that storm from thursday night, a week ago thursday night. it feels like forever ago. started in florida. i got some pictures. i thought i would share some of the more stocking images. look at that. that's a boat dock. you can drive jet skis on it. that traveled six blocks from the closest water. you can imagine what the flooding was like. talked to one of the neighbors there. it was hitting houses. hitting cars. that causes damage. you've seen images. this was mine and one of the producers. the boardwalk in atlantic city, where it was. that's the north end. not right in front of the casinos. but it was completely erased. >> a lot of history gone. >> that's been there since 1870. the boardwalk in monopoly, that's named for that. and this car here. there's so much more that goes into it and so much help that's
8:23 am
going to be needed. >> you were telling us that it was going to be bad. and all week, people have been coming up to us and asking, how can they help? on monday, does, our corporate parent is organizing a day of giving. our programming will start on "good morning america" at 8:00 a.m. and will continue through "live, request kelly & michael," "the view," "the chew," and "katie." >> it's very important. we're all going to be involved. we hope you will, too. coming up on the broadcast, caught on camera. a horrifying home invasion. the victims caught off guard by attackers who approach pretending to be yard workers. we'll tell you what happens next. and mystery solved. finding the winner of a $23 million jackpot. the woman down on her luck who has an astonishing reversal of fortune. her story, coming up next on "good morning america." keep it here. years ago, my doctor told me
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i knew it. have you heard of the work it out calculator? >> i've not heard about it. but there's something on a piece of paper telling me about it. >> it's been launched by the coca-cola company, that matches its popular drinks how long to
8:28 am
it would take to burn calories, in exercise and chores. >> for one can of coke. >> yes. squash, 11 minutes. climbing stairs, 19 minutes. >> 14 minutes of spinning class. >> vacuuming, guess how many, dan. >> i don't do a lot of vacuuming. >> 70. >> more than an hour of vacuuming. >> here's an alternative. >> they'll say, drink pepsi. >> drink water. >> and you don't have to do any of those things. >> exactly. >> yes. >> coca-cola's going to thank you for that. >> you're welcome, coca-cola. 70 minutes of vacuuming you don't have to do. we'll see you. up on "pop news."
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we're going to begin with the weather, and the cold in the east, making a challenging task of cleaning up after sandy all the more difficult. ginger is here with a look at what we can expect the next few days. ginger? >> some of the cold we're seeing post-sandy is starting to settle in. i can tell you from experience, we were without power. it was really, really cold. and it's about to get colder. the windchills in philadelphia, 38. 41, washington, d.c. burlington, 36. this is going to get only worse as we go through the next couple of mornings. i'll show you that. before we get there, we have to get through the afternoon. philadelphia will get to 50 for a high. back here, some rain/snow mix. it will be blustery for pretty much everyone. very fall-like. and just a little too cold if you don't have any power.
8:32 am
look at this, now. the next couple of mornings, i promise you. new york gets down to 34, by monday night into early tuesday. outside, it will be like the 20s. cleveland, down to 31. freezing mark for charleston. that's a look at this part of the weather. i will be back with a look at the south, and a dense fog advisory for east texas to florida. and election day forecast coming up. the new steps the feds are taking to deal with the post-sandy irritants. massive gas shortages. fema and the military now moving millions of gallons of gas into the region. abc's alex perez has the latest. alex? >> reporter: dan, it's been a frustrating week. there's still more than 2 million without power. many of those people relying on generators. but they need gas for the generators to work. some have been standing in lines for hours, just to get a gallon of gas. but many of them get to the front of the line, only to learn
8:33 am
that that gas station has run out of gas. and new jersey governor christie has signed an executive order rationing gas. it begins today at noon. so, license plates ending in odd numbers fill up on odd days. those with even numbers fill up on even days. also, the military and fema clearing the way for some 22 million gallons of gas to make its way to this region. many are hoping that will help provide some immediate relief. but of course, it could be until the end of next week before supplies return to normal here. dan? bianna? >> alex, thank you. i talked to a lot of people who waited in line for hours and they get to the front and they're out of gas. my cab driver was telling me, there's a flourishing black market for gas. >> i believe it. and our hairdresser was telling me, she was across the street from a gas station. she still waited for four hours and got nothing. >> some cabs are charging more to pick you up because they're having a gas shortage.
8:34 am
if you want to go somewhere, you have to pay this much. not sure that's proper. good morning, everyone. in the news, police in arizona are hunting for two suspects in a violent home invasion. they are worried that these men may strike again. three, bold criminal suspects caught on tape, allegedly terrorizing an arizona family in a horrific home invasion. this video recorded by the homeowner surveillance camera is graphic. it shows two men approaching a tucson home. according to police, they offered, first, to do some yard work. suddenly, one man grabs the homeowner and grips him in a choke hold. the second man begins beating him. two other people come out of the home and are immediately forced back inside at gunpoint. one man drags the homeowner into the house, with a gun to his head. a third perpetrator comes in, darting through the front door. police were able to arrest this man, dominick tyrone dixon. his two accomplices are at large.
8:35 am
>> they could go out and do additional crimes. and they've been very violent in their approach. >> reporter: the crooks got away with wallets and cell phones. no one was seriously injured. with images like these to work with, police have a better chance to bring them to justice. police say they have information that the same men are planning more robberies. now, that halloween is over, we can focus on christmas. this year's capital christmas tree is on its way to the nation's capital. it was loaded on a truck for its nearly 4,000-mile journey. it's not 4,000 miles from colorado. so, i'm not sure what route they're taking. the tree lighting is the first week of december. >> they are going through the panama canal. >> and back up. usually, when you go fishing, you're worried about the fish biting not biting you. but catching the fish. but right now, maybe the fish should be worried about being bitten. this dog is taking advantage of road flooding. >> he's not even eating it. >> just for the fun of it. cash and release.
8:36 am
exactly. it is time, now, for the weather. back to ginger zee. >> that's adorable. my dog would do the same. let's talk about election day forecast. pretty good news for tuesday. warm and dry in the southwest. dry in the center of the nation. a little mix in northern wisconsin, parts of minnesota. the only real area of stormy concern would be in the southeast. that's the beginning of the nor'easter that will make its way up and make rain and snow in a little bit of the higher elevations in the northeast and new england. we're watching that and will keep you updated on it. near warmth record in new orleans. 84, in tallahassee. fog this morning. visibility is less than a quarter-mile in a lot of places.
8:37 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by walgreens. dan and bianna? >> thanks, ginger. coming up here on "good morning america," it's one thing to win the lottery. but how about driving around with the ticket in your car for months and not even knowing it? we're talking about a big ticket. we're going to hear from the lucky winner who found out just in time. >> at least she didn't throw it away. and "beverly hills 90210" actress, jennie garth, is dating again. and one of her former co-stars wants to be her wingman. that's coming up next on "gma." keep it here. with our new happy and healthy magazine, full of great new items for a boost of happiness, tips for staying healthy and sweet holiday deals to stay one step ahead. or at least try to. look for your free copy in the sunday newspaper and in stores, right here. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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so, maybe you're trying to fiwell, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and... fifty million a year gaming in other states, fair enough. but if you think we should keep that money here...
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add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools... well you should probably vote for question seven. because if it doesn't pass, all of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself. ♪ every time i close my eyes here's a hard truth. it is impossible to know if you've won the lottery if you never actually check your ticket. that's exactly what happened to this woman in california, who was driving around for five months with a ticket worth 23 million bucks. >> you can't make this up. it took an all-out search to find her. now that she's rich, what will she do with all that money? here's abc's nick watt. >> it's me. >> reporter: there she is. a millionaire who oh, so nearly missed out on a fortune.
8:42 am
69-year-old julily julie cervera flanked by beaming kids and grandkids. >> they just shut my cable off. and my electricity bill is 600 bucks. i'm just so happy. going to buy me a pair of reeboks. >> reporter: that's her daughter who bought her the winning ticket. the mystery woman in those famous photos released by lotto officials, searching for their winner. flashing them all over the local news. >> she purchased a winning ticket for the may 30th drawing. >> and i thought she robbed a bank. >> she deserves it. as you can see, she loves us. and if anyone deserves it, it's her. she takes care of us. >> my son passed away by a drunk driver. and i just wish i didn't have this money and i could have him. you know? so, that's like the hardest thing.
8:43 am
but i know he's up there. and he's saying, you go, mom. >> reporter: she opted for the lump-sum payout. $17.8 million in cash, to shower on friends and family. including two special-needs boys she adopted after her husband died. >> it's getting crazier. and i can't stop crying. it feels really good. really good. our future is going to change. and a lot of people will be blessed by this. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> could not have gone to a nicer woman. >> she adopted two special-needs boys. >> she deserves more than a pair of reeboks. coming up on "good morning america," abandoned during sandy. this adorable dog is in our studio. and we'll tell you how you can help find her a new home. i said to my wife the other day:
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it's "pop news." and our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith, is here in new york, which we love. good morning. >> so good to see you guy ss. been thinking about you guys. so good to see you. let's start with "pop news," shall we? the amazing spider-man sequel isn't due until 2015. but it seems already peter parker has his eyes on his next villain. according to reports, the bad guy could be jamie foxx. he ignited the casting votes further with this trick or treat, byressing up as electro for halloween last week. it could be a cool toy. fans of "beverly hills 90210" who wanted to see jennie garth and luke perry get together, were never to be
8:49 am
united. her former on-screen boyfriend wants to play wingman. offering to hook her up with some of his friends. still wish they should get together. >> i agree. >> i agree. >> ron has been coming down to my office and talking my ear off about this whole jennie garth thing. >> dan is much more of a brandon fan. guys, we know it's holiday season when oprah winfrey announces her annual favorite things. a few must-haves on the list, some of the products that made the cut, include pajama set, made of satiny cotton, with mother of pearl buttons. my personal fave, a 46-inch home theater system with a touch-screen remote. >> all the better to watch "90210." >> and this is interesting. a pedestal fan she spotted
8:50 am
while interviewing the kardashians at the jenners' house. oprah is showcasing her favorite things in an upcoming social on own and in "o" magazine. the organizers of this weekend's fun, fun, fun fest in austin, texas, are bringing new meaning to food delivery. they have the world's first taco canon. sort of like the t-shirt guns at sporting events, only, this thing is bigger. the taco canon looks like something out of world war ii. it has chambers -- >> it's huge. >> each of the chambers holds 2 tacos and shoots them 200 feet. it takes three people to operate them. one to fire and two to reload the tacos. if you're worried about exploding tacos, oh, no. they've covered that, too. they spent a lot of research into making sure they are all wrapped up extremely well. >> little-known fact, the beans are actually refried as they're shot out of the canon.
8:51 am
>> all right. >> genius. >> rachel, thank you. we'll be right back with a dog abandoned during sandy, now looking for a new home. he room . like a big open space. like i'm hanging the sheets on the line. it just smells really fresh, man. let's take your blindfold off. oh! [ both laugh ] super weird! oh, is it febreze? yeah. oh, how about that? febreze has anti-clogging technology that keeps it smelling fresh even after 30 days. febreze. breathe happy. because it helps you keep doing what you love.
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so, maybe you're trying to fiwell, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and... fifty million a year gaming in other states, fair enough. but if you think we should keep that money here... add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools... well you should probably vote for question seven. because if it doesn't pass, all of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself.
8:55 am
well, we've been telling you throughout the show about this puppy, abandoned during hurricane sandy and taken in by a kind family. here with more on the story are lordes and allison from the aspca. i cannot believe this dog was thrown out of a car. >> we were pretty shocked when we heard this story, as well. there were two good samaritans who saw it happen. put her in their car. gave her a home for the night, temporarily. the next day, they braved the weather and brought her to the aspca. >> she is very sociable. she would make a great pet. >> about 5 or 6 months old. >> thank you very much for bringing her in. a lot of human victims from this
8:56 am
storm. we're going to be organizing a day of giving on monday, for everybody that wants to help out. a lot of animal victims. and a lot of human victims. we're back tomorrow. thanks for joining us.
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