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half of the weekend. overnight low gets to chilly 52 so take a jacket out to the polls or swert. high back up to 75 for election day, mostly sunny skies. wednesday, thursday, looking at sunshine, as well. warmer on the boll similar peninsula and galveston island. on friday, some clouds arooifg with our next front to the north a low of 62, a high of 80, dry weather on saturday a low of 64, the high 78 and then showers and thunderstorms get here by sunday . up at the level of the jet stream. let me show you what we have here. this first image that i'm showing you is from our weather satellite, and it's an image of water vapor through a layer in the atmosphere. this gives us a good idea of the circulations that are going on in the atmosphere right now, and there's two features i want to show, one here in the central u.s.. that's producing the rain right now in that air gentleman and another one just moving on shore
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in the pacific northwest. our graphics meteorologists here have put together a really nice depiction of how these come together whachlt we're looking at here now is up at the level of the jet stream a couple of disturbances. one here producing the rain in the midwest now and a second more powerful disturbance in the jet stream moving off the pacific northwest. let's see all these move forward in time. as they do this first feature develops this low pressure system which is going to be our nor'easter right here off the southeast coast and then this area right here, this energy that really fuels that and makes that a very intense nor'easter as we get into the wednesday time frame. down at the surface using a computer model of how the precipitation and winds are going to develop we're using the european model here and i want you to particularly pay close attention to the time frame here. by wednesday morning we're already seeing rain working its way into the new york city area. it's raining in jersey. there are winds that are picking up across the region here gusting over 40 miles an hour at times. by wednesday night is that upper air jet gets caught up with this
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surface low, it intensifies it. the winds actually pick up to gusts of 50 miles an hour at times, especially on the east shore of long island. the rain continues just a very period there. now, this system is -- now it looks like it's going to slow down a bit. it will weaken a little but it's not going to lose its grip completely on the area all the way into the thursday time frame so we're going to continue to see some rain shower activity along coastal areas in here. on the backside of the system we're actually going to see enough cold air to produce some snow. it could be the heavy wet variety, especially from the cat skills right up through the add iron daks here and into parts of northern new england. if the snowfall values get to be a few inches or so and we combine that with some brisk winds in that area, we may look at another round of poir outages for areas that weren't as affected as the new jersey and long island coast from sandy so there's a lot to work with on
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this. the details we're style ironing out but it's going to have significant impacts on areas that really don't need it right now . at the school cafeteria in vent ner, much more than lunch was served today. >> this is really nice, like, i'm -- i -- i was in tears coming and seeing all the stuff that people donated, like, this is so nice. >> so many residents returned home from evacuating to find most of their belongings destroyed by flood water. sidewalks are piled high with ruined possessions as home own rsers now face another deadline. >> we're going to try to safe what we can and, yes, beat the clock before the next one coming through. >> the next one as in storm, a nor'easter brewing that forecasters say could bring #50 mile-per-hour winds and coastal floogd, not exactly what water logged people here want to hear. >> i'm really worried about it because it seem that is this town has a tough time moving -- moving the water out, and even routine storms tend to make this
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a little bit, like, a mini ve nis. >> city work crews are trying to clear debris from storm drains to give the water a place to go as homeowners try to salvage whatever sandy did not take. >> so it's a race against time. take a look at this incredible home video at regular speed first. you can see the wife of pilot william davis filming her husband coming in for a landing. when timing up perfectly this black suv drives straight under the plane causing the plane to nose dive into the ground. now, take a closer look in slow motion. you can see the plane nearly peels off the roof of the suv sending debris, including the plane's landing gear, into the air, and the plane into the ground. candy davis continues to film as she rushes to help her husband
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it was the last thing frank and heather lot toe expected on their way to lunch. >> i saw it about a second before it hit, and i was opening my mouth to go duck or something to that effect. >> next thing you know, there's shattering. >> they were driving on a public road that borders northwest regional airport in roanoke when a plane hit their suv. >> it was kind of like a hawk with itsal lons just coming and scooping up the car and then theal lons breaking off. >> the plane's landing gears broke off by the aircraft continued down the runway landing on its belly and sliding into a field. this flower mound couple escaped the crash with minor injuries. glen hairing ton with mark air says the pilot william davis is one of his student pilots who escaped with no injuries. >> the student did everything he was supposed to do. he landed the airplane perfectly. he landed faz he was a professional pilot. >> this accident is the latest in a string of incidents related to aircrafts based at northwest
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regional airport. in late september a pilot and flight instructor died wen their plane crashed after take off from the airport. on october 12th, a pilot suffered minor cuts when his buy plane crashed into a pasture. and just weeks before that the ladet family of south lake took off from the airport and crashed. four family members were killed. >> all of them have been totally unrelateed from each other. >> today the lot toes feel fortunate to be home after their accident. >> the pilot made a miraculous landing after all of that so it was -- everybody was fine, walked away .
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. here in the battleground state of ohio in the beautiful queen city of cincinnati, it is definitely chilly on this pre-election day. of course, the campaign still heating up. obama in the battleground state today doing a little bit of last-minute campaigning but as far as the weather goes, here's what you can expect as you cast your vote. across the country, a few areas we're going to continue to watch and that being -- aside from the swing states, of course, we're looking at a chance for some wet weather in the fwraet lakes, parts of the midwest but also into florida and that's going to be very interesting to watch unfold because that is going to be the start of our nor'easter as it develops on tuesday.
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let's take a look at some specific forecasts for you. in ohio, right now weather is not going to be a huge problem. we've got sunshine from columbus to cleveland to cincinnati. it will be definitely chilly if you're going to cast your vote early on. temperatures just climb intoog the mid 40s to near 50 degrees across those cities. let's head to wis con sirngs kind of a different story here looking at a chance for chilly showers here especially early in mad son, green way, as well, wouldn't be spriedz to see a few snow flakes mixed in and will wau key also looking at a chance for showers and temperatures near 40. again tas key state of fla tla that could be looking at significant weather here. tallahassee looking at showers early on. miami is looking pretty good with temps in the 80s but orlando looking at showers and thunderstorms and temperatures again into the mid 70s. kind of interesting to think back the weather for the election of 2000, florida also seeing some showers and of course we all know that that was a very key state when it came to
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weather and voting turnout so it'll be interesting to see how all the weather plays out in some of the swing states and of course as you cost your ballot tomorrow on election day. at the staten island ferry sunday morning, it looks like race day. >> donated a big bag about 600 garbage bags. that's been a big request. if everybody can take a garbage bag. >> but these thousand runners were about to get a new kind of workout, helping hurricane sandy victims. they left this starting line with water, toilet paper, and ready-to-eat meals. >> this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the day and give back. >> the father/daughter team from the west coast, they were actually relieved when the race was cancelled. >> i don't think i would have felt good about it if i knew that all these people were cold and suffering and there are a lot of people lost their homes, my goodness. >> these runners without a race stopped to help families like the shores. they have no electricity, no gas to get to the store, and
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seemingly no end to their cleanup. >> baby wipes, batteries. >> flashlights. >> whatever people need. >> this community wupz set last week when mayor bloomberg said the race was still on. that upset became anger when food, water, and generators were piled up for the race, not the residents. now, runners delivered those same supplies to people who really need them. >> i'm glad that they were able to come out here and, you know, glad that the run was cancelled and they were able to just lend a hand because these folks really need it. >> mayor bloomberg want today hold the place because he believed it would bring the city together. turns out in some ways canceling it did the exact same thing. nick watt kin, the weather channel . it's a little different when you see it in person, now. >> ted saw photos and video clips that still couldn't fully prepare him for this.
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his neighbor's beach front house uplift and had wedged into his. >> the whole first floor is totally destroyed. >> ironically the only thing left on the wall, a painting of the last major storm to severely damage lbi, the infi mist 1972 nor'easter. piles of sand and debris stretched out many sietd streets here. on one of them this sign caught our eye. >> i put a welcome home sign and had a little heart i love lbi for my neighbors who were going to come down and for the first time see the devastation. >>less lee houston rode out the storm and tried to prepare her neighbors for what they were coming home to. >> it was heartbreaking, just heartbreaking. we renovated this house seven years ago, and to see it like this, it -- it was just -- it just killed you. >> inside furniture and appliances are overturned. the flood line marks the wall. evidence of sandy's force still very apparent. >> that's what's in the cabinets. the refrigerator drawers were full of water. >> but as people here take their first step on the difficult road
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to recovery, the resolve to rebuild can be felt up and down this island. >> it's -- it's been a living nightmare, but lbi versus sandy, lbi is going to win. i'm in the great kill section of staten island and take a look watt what's on the curb now. things are used to be in these homes are now on the curb as trash. a range, an o venn here a head board, mattresses. out in the back we have refrigerator/freezer, we have a couch, people's clothing, a sink, maybe even a kitchen sink here and this a piece of garage door, several part of garage door, a desk chair and also just to the right there take a look one of at least ten boats in that pile kind of piled up in front of this person's home all because the storm surge that came through here and took these boats that were many in dry dock and just kind of tossed them like little bath toys across the street. now, the water was actually close to the first floor of many
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of these homes. all the basements had water and we're not done in terms of the boat. several boats here line up and down this street all because of the damage with sandy. now, the concern is what's going to happen as we head on towards wednesday? here comes a nor ooers. we got wind, we got rain. hopefully nothing like what happened on monday, but people here definitely are concerned as we're trying to recover from all the damage from superstorm sandy
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sandy. christian is a fellow that's lived here for a little while. you said you were married on this beach, you have a history here. >> i was married right on this beach almost ten years ago. >> and you were actually here when the water came in, weren't you. >> yes. >> can you tell us about that. >> well, my mother-in-law lives on the house you see behind the one that fell. she's 87 years old, and she has lived all of her life no further than four miles away from where we're standing so we came down basically to get her out, and she wouldn't leave. by the time we spoke to her and i went back out, the water had risen from ankle depth almost to my knee so it was fortunate that a neighbor helped us out with their suv. we got her out and took her a block up to our apartment. we're on the second floor, and
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it was horrific, horrible. i have never seen or heard and the tide very fast and that horrific thing matched by the fire at the end of my block so you were kind of trapped in between your neighborhood that was burning behind you and the ocean that was battering you from the other end. >> folks, the thing that's amazing about this is we could live a lifetime and go from one place to another around this region and still not have enough time to tell the stories, how lives have been impacted and some cases changed forever. that's one story that we have, of course, from mr. doeb less
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less. hi there, i'm weather channel meteorologist mark tib doe, thanks for stopping by. another coastal storm potentially in the making as we get into election day. it's not going to begin to impact the northeast until later on tuesday through thursday. that's when we think wind and rain will begin to start take shape across areas that were impacted by sandy and while this doesn't exactly look as strong as sandy, it's going to be a nuisance for areas that already saw lots of wind, lots of rain and lots of coastal flooding from sandy. over the southeast is where the storm will be taking shape georgia, alabama, carolinas, and florida. temperatures cool and wet on election day, as well, here in atlanta potentially mid 50s, mid 60 innal has seeshgs mid 60s for sa van na. then as we head into wednesday this low pressure is going to begin to strengthen as it mos northbound par rel to the east coast probably offshore but with our northeast wind here we are going to be looking at gusty winds to new york city, over 40 miles an hour and gusts by the end of the day and wednesday
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night maybe over 50 miles an hour, potentially dc rainy, windy, as well, with strong wind gusts a possibility. as the storm continues to mature and move north ward, we'll see snow beginning to fly across the green white mountains into parts of new york state. the rain, the wind will continue early thursday, new york atlantic city and, yes, this could mean the jersey shore, long island, as well as new york city with gusty winds, the strongest of winds likely to occur here out on the eastern side of the rock aways potentially and towards the eastern side of long island with the rain and the wind during the day thursday spreading up towards boston and portland, maine. again, we could be talking about a few gusts or several gusts up over 50 miles an hour including new york city, including long island and potentially back down towards jersey shore during the day on wednesday. so friday the system beginning to move towards atlantic canada. we'll still see plenty of rain and wind across parts of news, weather, and sports west maine. drying out for burr lg ton and drying out to the south for new
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york city and should make it back up to 50 degrees with clearing conditions and much quieter conditions for the end of the workweek. for delay knee, the first day back at ps 195 was a well some relief staying at her powerless home during hurricane sandy put her on edge. >> she was going crazy at home, was not a good scene. she saw us cleaning out the basement, all her collectibles. >> mayor bloomberg stays nation's largest school system netted an 86% attendance record as classes resumed today, roughly the same as it was a year ago when sandy wasn't a factor. he greeted students at the school which suffered extensive damage itself. >> hurricane sandy did flood the basement of ps 195, but crews from the department of education dad great job pumping out the water. >> one boiler was restored but the school does have heat. others weren't so lucky. still 57 schools were so badly
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damaged they had to relocate to other buildings. students and teachers from a school in far rock away set up shop today in south ozone park. 48 schools are still out of commission with 19 of them still without power but the mayor stresses the situation is temporary giving wednesday as the target date for damaged skools to resume as well as eight buildings currently being used as emergency shelters. >> there are a couple where we will keep them in the schools, but they are totally separate in terms of entrance, exit, and just in different part of the building thfrjts morning marks a full week since sandy, and sorting through the mess left behind, one thing is clear, weeks will not measure the cleanup for millions. >> this will not be done in months. this will not be done in a year. this is a long-term commitment. >> built in many of the hardest-hit areas. >> please start going door to door, ask some of the owners if they need anything.
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>> with help from volunteers including more than a thousand runners who refocus energy from the cancelled new york city marathon to making a difference. >> this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the day and give back. >> subway and power lines are slowly coming back. gas lines still stretch for miles and more fuel is moving in. >> there will be more of a sup ply of gasoline, and there will be more of a distribution. >> deliveries of food, water, warm clothes and other necessities continue to pour in, but there's still hundreds of thousands without power, homes, and businesses destroyed. >> a day before the election, officials are scrambling to make sure enough polling places are available. >> there's no reason why anybody shouldn't vote. >> but politics must quickly give way to preparations. with a harsh nor'easter on the way blowing into the same area sandy hit by the middle of the week. i'm meteorologist stephanie abrams.
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one of the groups do ago lot to help in their recovery efforts is the american red cross and joining us right now is the senior vice president of disaster service, charlie. charlie, thanks for being with us again this morning. i want to know how fast is all the money that people are donate ing donating. >> well, thanks for asking. actually most of the contributions that are coming into the american red cross are coming in through social media, through our web site and through 1-800-red cross, folks making telephone calls. that means that we can get into the field immediately and meet the needs of folks. there's no delay in terms of our ability to meet the needs of thousands of people still in shelters. we've served more than a million meals and snacks and were able to push that out thanks to this generosity. >> and i think that for people
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that need help, they can find the shelter. it seems that for majority of time they can figure out where to go to find you guys but i feel like volunteers have a little bit of a harder time figuring out where they should go and what they should do. do you have any suggestions for those people. >> well, first aufrngs the red cross volunteers, we've been pulling red cross volunteers from throughout the entire country, our entire fleet of vehicles have moved across into the impacted areas. folks in the local communities want to try to find a way to volunteer, they can contact their local red cross chapter, and want chapter can help them determine if there's a need for volunteers at this point. >> now, we saw a tell thon that raised $23 million on the weather channel and nbc properties. do -- where do those donations go to? how do you dell grate where they go to. >> well, really the donations from the american public will go
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to our disaster relief fund which is exactly where we then tap to provide resources to disasters as -- as large as sandy. we know thevent will be a long and very costly event. it'll run for -- for weeks, and then there will be months of recovery. we're essentially moving out of response and into recovery now . five fwal lons of free gasoline. for storm-struck staten islanders, this gesture of kindness means a warm night's sleep because without precious petroleum, generators can't run and water-logged homes become unbeeshl iceboxes. >> you have long license for food and water and things of that nature, but the longest line is always a fuel line. >> ted is the chairman of california-based fuel relief fund, a charity that brought gas to katrina victims and kerosene to japanese sue gnaw mee
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victims. in response to superstorm sandy, the organization brought this 9,000-gallon tanker from the west coast to new york passing out limited amounts of free fuel to storm victims. >> being in the petroleum business, we always get bad press. it's -- it's wonderful to be part of good press when it comes to fuel. >> this fuel is meant to power thirsty generators and vehicles, but storm victims themselves need fuel as well for their weary bodies. that's where this group of culinary volunteers come in using a mobile kitchen donated by red rob bit, an organization that usually provides free school meals, they are preparing restaurant-quality food for storm survivors. >> watching everything from a television set in a comfortable living room sa lot different than being out here. when you're out here, you really see the need and the -- and the despair on some of the faces. >> fema is also on site helping provide the basic necessities, including food, water, and warm clothes. as a recovery process continues in this hard-hit area.
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i'm meteorologist stephanie abrams . the worst storm ever in some locations. >> we are now to the point of no return. >> look at this water just continues to roll in. >> goodness gracious. >> never saw anything like that in myvery single person on this block lost everything. >> days after the devastating superstorm that has left so much misery in its wake, we are still work to assess the full scope of the damage. sandy was so powerful that the nnl nj coastline is forever altered parts of the beach gone now lost under the rising sea. >> the iconic things that made it where it was are now gone and washed into the ocean. >> an extraordinary combination of a hurricane imbedded within a
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nor'easter, another in a growing number of odd weather phenomenon to hit the u.s. and with each event, the issue of cliement change gets harder to ignore. >> one of the unnerving things about cliement change is that the past is really no longer a good guide to the future. >> after the presidential debates came and went with no mention of cliement change, sandy is bringing the issue of global warming to the forefront. just days away from the election
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