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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. caught on tape a bus driver beating up a student, some say the driver was doing the right thing. >> it's nice we can give back to the community. >> shot inside this cafeteria, daniel supports -- daniel supports shock trauma. >> marylands most accurate forecast. >> an app that will tell you how tall your child will be. >> we begin on board an mta bus, a driver has been suspended after a fight between her and another young woman. a passenger recorded this on a cell phone and it's all over the internet. right in the corner where the bus was stopped when the fight happened. >> it happened on a route 40
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bus at the corner of baltimore and packer street. the video does not show what happened before the fight, what it does show has led to the suspension of that bus driver. the video shows the driver punching and wrestling the girl to the back of the bus. the girl is a student from a local school. the driver appears to talk to her. >> that's crazy. it is. you know what, i guarantee you she provoked that bus driver. >> eventually the situation calms down and the driver can be her discussing what led up to the fight. now mta police are
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investigating. >> our operators are stricted to deescalate -- instructed to deescalate where they can. >> she's suppose to be professional driving the bus. i don't know what caused the fight. why the student was after her. she should have contacted police. >> others believe the student probably had it coming. >> these young kids get on the bus and think they own it. if you ride the bus you would see how the bus drivers . >> that bus driver has been suspended. mta police have been in contact with the girl to get her side the story as well. breaking news into the
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newsroom tonight. a triple shooting in baltimore city, it happened in the 2500 block of west lafayette avenue. police say three people have been shot, two men, one a woman, they were all taken to the hospital tonight. we don't know the nature of what happened to them. we'll follow the story and bring you the latest online and on good morning maryland. all new at 11:00 the latest water main break in the story. they have restored water to everyone impacted but the road always closed. if you drive around use the detour. a man is safe, the man was taken from the 5200 block of den more avenue. they are looking for the car. a black mercedes. if you see that car call
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police. we had a shooting in parkville on hartford road. between putty hill and taylor avenue. just before 3: 30 and they believe the victim was shot as part of an attempted robbery. the descriptions are vague. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. kevin clash's accuser is recouldn'ting his action -- recanting his allegation. clash is the puppeteer hindle mow. -- behind elmo. beautiful today. will it last. >> the clear weather will last, the chill will be there
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overnight and into the commute. you want to dress warm, behind this line of showers crystal clear skies will allow conditions to cool off rapidly. 28 in towson, westminster down to 28. frost from northwest to southeast ward. winds have died down after a day of gust. we have a five to 10 miles an hour breeze. over night skies stay clear. and by midday we'll be warmer. how things develop through the end of the week, coming up. we need more money, that's what people are saying in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. they are asking for more federal aid. hoping for a quick response
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from the president. we have more breaking news to tell you about. police are at the scene of a deadly car accident. on the 900 block of deer park road. one person has died and others are trapped. the folks you are about to meet see those accidents too much. it is dangerous, deadly, people drive too fast and the county needs to do more to fix it. that's what the county is saying. if you live on this road you met tonight with the police and the highways and they showed a survey taken in september, most residents said the road is a problem. there were complaints. cars running into people's homes. >> we want the councilmen, the bureau of highways and the police to hear the stories of the residents who live along
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the roadside and what they put up with. this was starting a dialogue. your next step is to go to our facebook page. there has to be a road in your area you think is dangerous. sound off on our facebook page. >> conners law has made it on the books in montgomery county. this requires public pools to have a defibrillator and lifeguards now how to use the equipment. it is named for the 5-year-old that drowned at a county pool. it's being introduced in hartford county. daniel almost lost his life when he was shot in the cafeteria at his high school. >> we caught up with daniel and his parents who came to thank
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the blood donors, i learned how much it took to save his life and why the drive came at a crucial time. >> in the same cafeteria where he was shot, donor are here to give back. and so is the perry hall high school student. >> you came back to school. you having fun? >> he got back to school last week, two months after another student shot him on the first day of school. it is his dad's first time walking into the cafeteria. it is eerie, i don't comprehend what happened. >> out of the scary memories comes a stronger community. more than 70 people gave a pint of blood each. daniel needed more than 10 pints of blood. he needed other care obviously based on the shooting.
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the blood was a critical compound he needed. >> studentth volunteered and -- students volunteered and the blood drive comes when the red cross is hurting. >> i'm here just like to support other people that need blood, my aunt is in the hospital with cancer and she's needed blood trance fusions. >> there's not a lot of first a father can share with her daughter. y life is safe and inspiring people more than he knows. >> the community gave and is still giving to us, it's nice we can give back to the community or help the community in giving back. >> the university of maryland medical center is hosting another blood drive on
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thursday. we'll put the details on remember the push to get lady gaga to visit daniel. he is promised a care package. abc working with you to keep you up on the date how your school district is doing to fight violence. check out the story about baltimore county efforts. we're homers when it comes to the orioles, we're proud of buck showalter, tonight baseball writers voted bob melvin coach of the year. we're furious, he brought us back to the ballpark. introduced summer fun. buck didn't win the award, he did better, he changed the
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culture of the orioles and that's better to hang on your mantle. >> i agree. abc two is helping you get ready for the halladay travel -- holiday travel. aaa predicts 40 million people will travel to get their turkey dinner. it may be less travel if you take to the sky. high prices should result in a decline of people traveling in the sky. tsa is updating the carry on rules. pies and cakes, really? the tsa session you can carry them on but be prepared for an inspection. you think a food item is a gel or liquid, check it. snow globes can be carry on but has to be in a plastic bag.
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check the guide lines, find a link on, it's in the national news section. coming up next, another high ranking general is named in the scandal. after general petraeus stepped down. men in power cheat on their wives and significant others. our weather app. get the radar and temperature down to your city block. five app its that could be good for your health. these and more when we're back in 60 seconds. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 35 dollars and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend 35 dollars and a frozen butterball turkey, just 88 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. . more and more details about the general petraeus affair that's bringing to light another scandal involving another commander in afghanistan. general john allen. these are the latest men who's
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images have been tarnished. it makes people ask, why do men in power cheat. one researcher says there's several factors. >> the high testosterone, anyone who fights for rank will be high on teases toast rohn. they are away -- testosterone, they are away from home and women likely ranking men. they'll find a woman who's interested in someone like them. >> military leaders aren't the only high-powered men, it's impacted presidents, congressmen and ceo. a soda capable of helping you lose weight. it's the claim pepsi is making with pepsi special soft drink. its launched in japan. the key is fiber.
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nutritionist said it is unlikely to help you lose weight but make you run to bathroom. it is not available in the u.s. give it time. ever wonder how tall your children will be. there's an app for that. doctors have developed a app that can predict your child's height. how long their legs will be, even a foot size. >> how it's helping doctors treat kids with serious dozens -- diseases. >> using crutches and wearing a brace is not how he wants to get around. >> he was having pain in his thigh, and we thought at first he must have broke it. >> jacob's mom will never forget what happened. he was diagnosed with a rare disease that causes the hip to collapse 23450678 the ball of
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the fee muir disinterest greats. >> it was horrible. >> jacob was treated at the international center for limb lengthening. where kids go to get help. they undergo months of intensive treatment and surgery. >> dr. standard has spent years treating kids with growth issues charting a course of treatment is complex in the hetz of the egypts are important. >> dr. standard and his colleague developed an app to predict height. >> hit the calculate button and predicts 60 inches. >> we develop this as a tool for doctors that treat children to calculate how tall children will be. >> the app helps me sit down with mom and dad and predict
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how much length we want to acheech, how much more later. >> and not only is the app good for medical punches, anyone can use it to find out how tall their child will be. >> let's say her age is nine years. >> we developed the app for doctors, but along the way a lot of patients discovered it and started downloading it. we encourage the patients to use it. it may be of interest to the general public. >> for christian and her son it's fun and easy way to look into the future. >> how about that. the app can be downloaded for free on apple and android funs. >> apps are a way to monitor health and stay in shape. about one in three of us uses a
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cell phone to get health information. which apps are the most popular. according to the apple app store and google play for android. my fitness pal, this helps you keep track of your calories and intake, the webmd app allows you to put symptoms into the app, the sleep alarm -- the sleep cycle alarm and analyzes sleep patterns, map my run and fitness buddy, both keep track of your exercise. >> now marylands most accurate forecast. >> good news, rain is all out of here and offshore, eastbound the southeastern -- even the southeastern part of the street. we had rain we could use in
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spots. about a fifth of the inch on the eastern shore. more than half an inch to the west. the dropping temperature behind the cold front that generated the rain. temperature in the mid-30's, a few spots flirting with the 20s earlier this even. right, evening. right now 36 degrees, dew point 27, that's the bottom. the dew point number, we can't drop below that temperature wise but we can get down there. definitely could happen. we had bright sunshine. more bright sunny conditions, a nice finish of the day. the chill on the area as we speak. look at the studio visit we had early. girl scout troop 25, 26.
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had a good time with them error -- earlier. december our -- dress your kids warm. the wind chills will diminish, by morning a 5 miles an hour breeze. the coldest air of the season will settle in, into the day tomorrow, the very cold air settling in tomorrow will struggle to get out of the 40s, as we go forward we'll start out in the 40s and jump up into the 50s in the afternoon. clear weather will move in, chilly conditions overnight. the windy conditions relengthing. chilly tomorrow. high pressure north. that will mean return to the 50s and mid-50s by thursday and friday. overnighdown to freezing, frost by dawn, north and west
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of baltimore, 50, mostly sunny, some spots in the 40s. tomorrow night below freezing. there's relief. we're in the 50s as we go into friday, saturday, improvement, split weekend scenario, expecting the possibility of showers sunday evening. dry through then. >> the sky went nearly dark over australia as people witnessed a solar eclipse. the darkness lasted two minutes. it was all dark. just like that. it was so dark we can't show you how dark it was. the next total eclipse will be march of 2015. >> we'll try to show you by then. several raven players are stepping up to help those in need. >> first here's terry moran with pictures on what's coming
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up after abc news at 11:00. >> another turn in a widening scandal. the tampa socialite that helped bring down the head of the cia. >> a murder in paradise, and the web site tighten what's on the run from the law. construction on the west side of 695, traffic is moving on the first half of the interchange bring. and roadwork at fredrick road. both projects won't be complete until later this summer. for more go to and i'll track the delays tomorrow on good morning maryland beginning at 4:30. [ dollar ] that's me.
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. >> off the field and into film. terrell suggs is doing between plays. tonight he was in his first feature film in the big screen "the coalition." >> you can't break our hearts and pretend nothing happened. >> you know what they say about a woman do scorned. his movie is inspired two events. he says this project will be the first of many. >> definitely long-term. i like to describe myself to building a bridge for after i finish football. >> don't worry, he's not hanging up his helmet, but when
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he does he wants to direct full time. >> jameel mcclain was dressing up. handing out coats to 300 children from the boys and girls club. he gave each child a new coat, hats, gloves and a scarf. >> i didn't get here by myself. >> he's active with the salvation army, he will hand out gift baskets to families over the holidays. >> they may need the coats. >> feels like the holidays tonight. a quick check of the numbers, we're 28 in towson, 20s west. we're headed to near freezing levels overnight. hour by hour tomorrow we warm it up. by midday we're in the 40s. still a fairly chilly day. hey, look! a shooting star!
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. i don't care what the writers say. >> boy did they get that wrong.
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