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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 28, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and happening now, a slow and slippery commute for over half the country this morning. and now, more snow to blanket major cities, from chicago to cincinnati. the new storm targeting the northeast this weekend. sam is tracking the latest. medical alert. several people now dead from this season's flu. is the virus spiking and spreading faster than normal right now? is it too late to get your shots? family feud. the 21-year-old musical theater major who told the judge she was being stalked. a restraining order just issued. and who does she say is after her? her parents. >> i wasn't in control of my life anymore. >> we hear from her, in an abc news exclusive. ♪ highway to the danger zone
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is maverick back on the dating scene? the top gun bouncing back from his high-profile heartbreak. it's more than six months since he split from katie holmes. is this his newest leading lady? the music is mere coincidence this morning. i promise. it takes us all to a place many of us want to forget, i can assure you. >> i loved it. >> i loved it, too. happy friday. george, robin, lara, all at home with their families today. great to have amy, paula and rachel with us this morning. a big headline in the fiscal cliff showdown. now, just four days from heading over the edge. the meeting that could change it all today at the white house. jon karl is here with the very latest on that. and then, we have a shocking headline this morning.
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teachers training to shoot guns on the job. using this holiday break to learn how to handle firearms. applications for these classes are up all across the country. we're going to talk much more about that in a bit. we want to get right to the breaking news this morning. it affects so many americans hoping to adopt. the president of russia has just signed a bill, banning americans from adopting russian children. and this stops kids from being adopted by american families, leaving russia, to move here to start a new life. abc's lama hasan has the latest from london. good morning to you, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, josh. this controversial new bill banning u.s. citizens from adopting russian children is igniting a firestorm among human rights activists, saying this law victimizes children to make a political point. the u.s. is the biggest destination for adopted children. some 60,000 of them have been given homes by americans since the fall of the soviet union. there's nearly 52 children in
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the process of being adopted by american families right now. in some cases, families who have been waiting years to complete the adoption process. this new law will block those kids from leaving russia. meaning, they will not be coming to the u.s. and given a new home. and so far, the u.s. has not responded. josh? >> thank you. amy? >> heartbreaking story, josh. we have breaking weather news, though. much of the country under a blanket of snow. and sam's telling us, there's more snow on the way. >> watching this storm develop this morning, amy. good morning, everybody. 64% of the country now has the white stuff on the ground. let's look at pictures out of maine, and the storm exiting that area. caused gusting winds up and down maine. killington, vermont, coming in with 18 inches of snow. some places in vermont with 27 inches of snow. as we said, the gusty winds part of the storm that exits. look at the new storm. it's two lows moving through the middle of the country. it will have big impact here. the southern part of the storm becomes the snowmaker.
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but during the day today, kicks off strong to severe storms throughout the southeast. the same place that got the december tornadoes will see more storms during the day today. and you need to keep your eye on those storms. then, the snow moves into northern areas. as this low exits, it's very important where it gets off the coastline and where the low explodes or develops off the shore. if it turns back to the coastline, there will be more snow than we have here. just from the tip of maine to a massachusetts cape area, we have more than four inches of snow. inland area, in case you thought the snow wasn't fresh enough, you get a whitening. the place that has snow envy, chicago. they haven't had snow this season. they're 5% of their snowfall this season. haven't had an inch of snow in 307 days. today, they probably get snow by the time we get to the noon hour. a nuisance snow, not a bad storm in the snowmaking sense. >> sam, thank you. syracuse, new york, still in
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the storm zone. we'll go there in just moments. this morning, both sides, now, looming, four days from the fiscal cliff. everybody's taxes will be going up if we go over it. drastic budget cuts will be going into effect. and leaders in washington have finally agreed to talk. a meeting scheduled this afternoon at the white house. abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl, telling us what we can expect. we want to take a listen to sound from both sides. the looks of things, no one may be getting too far down the road. first, let's listen to what senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said on the senate floor. >> i told the president we'd be happy to look at what he proposes. but the truth is, we're coming up against a hard deadline here. and republicans aren't going to write a blank check for anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. >> meanwhile, the senate majority leader, now, had even
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harshe harsher words for gop leadership. >> the house of representatives is operating out the house of representatives. it's being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker, not allowing the vast majority of the house of representatives to get what they want. >> wow. that is summed up very well. >> calling your other guy a dictator is not really a good way to start. "the new york times" said that harry reid looked like an angry father-in-law, who kept coming to the floor, nursing a grudge all year long. this is not looking good, obviously. they're meeting at the white house, all four congressional leaders with the president. this is the first meeting they've had in six weeks. some might think this would have been -- we're about four days away. >> perhaps. >> every day, having meetings. it's been since november 16th. >> 96 hours away now. can we expect any reasonable breakthrough here? >> here's what could happen. and i will give this about a 3% to 5% chance of happening.
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you could have a small deal that would at least prevent these tax increases from going into effect for most people. that's what the president is going to try to push with congressional leadership. i wouldn't put a lot of hope in that. >> does the president offer his own bill in this meeting? >> this is interesting. there were reports the president was going to present his own plan to come to congress to do. he is not going to do that. he has offered the principle. he is going to make sure the taxes don't go up for 98% of americans. and that some of the spending cuts don't happen. >> there's a framework of a framework of a framework. >> very well. >> you're hosting "this week" on sunday. i assume you'll have things to discuss. chuck schumer, jon kyl, joran g i joining jon karl. some somber news this morning. we begin with the death of a true mill they're hero. a man president obama has called an american original. he was a four-star general.
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but most americans simply knew him as stormin' norman. in 1990, norman schwarzkopf was a little-known army general looking towards retirement. a west point graduate and decorated officer for his service in vietnam, he spent his entire life in the army. but when saddam hussein invaded kuwait in 1990, stormin' norman became a household name. as the leader of the u.s.-led international coalition that quickly drove iraqi forces out of kuwait, schwarzkopf achieved rock star status. he returned from the persian gulf a national hero. and was awarded the medal of freedom for service to his country. after retirement, he declined offers from both parties to run for political office. president george h.w. bush issued a statement saying, general norman schwarzkopf
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epitomized the duty service, country creed, that has defended our freedom and seen this great nation through our crisis. barbara and i mourn the loss of a true american patriot and one of the great military leaders of his generation. general schwarzkopf died after a battle with pneumonia. meantime, a top aide for president bush, says her boss won't be leaving the hospital anytime soon. he is in the hospital with complications from bronchitis. but she says the 88-year-old mr. bush would advise to put the harps back in the closet. and secretary of state hillary clinton will return to work next week. she hasn't been seen in public since suffering a concussion about two weeks ago after a fainting spell brought on by a stomach bug. and the fiscal cliff in washington isn't the only major threat to the u.s. economy. this morning, time is running out to avoid a strike by 14,000 dockworkers from boston to
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houston for demanding better pay. 14 ports that handle half of the nation's shipping traffic are threatened. workers could walk off the job this sunday, costing the economy an estimated $1 billion per day. and for the second time this month, someone has been pushed to their death on a new york subway. a woman seen running away on the left side of this surveillance video, right here, shoved a man on to the tracks last night. he was then crushed by an oncoming train. witnesses say the woman was talking to herself, pacing on the platform before pushing the man from behind. and did not appear to even know the victim. and finally, you don't have to be a football fan to be inspired by this story. for the first time since being diagnosed with leukemia in september, indianapolis colts head coach chuck pagano will return to the field this weekend, a symbol of strength and resilience. he spoke to espn's rachel nichols, about the moment doctors cleared him to return
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home last sunday. >> dr. craig came in. and we had a conversation. he said, your counts are starting to come up a little bit. i said, how were they? he goes, good enough to go home. and so, you're like -- hmm. like a day early. so, he says, what time's the game? and i said, we play at 1:00 today. he said, you should be out of here by noon. and make it home in time to see the game from home. >> now, this week, instead of watching, pagano will be coaching. you can watch the complete interview on sunday with rachel nichols, on espn, "sunday nfl countdown countdown." you talk about a team that rallied around their coach, despite having the worst record in the nfl last season.
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the best day of his life was the day he got married. the second best was the day he got to pull into the colts' facility this past week after recovering. >> amazing story, paula. now, a not-so-great story. flu season is heating up. several deaths reported in minnesota and washington state. the big question a lot of people are asking, is it too late to get your flu shot? and how effective is the one you already have? abc's senior medical contributor, jennifer ashton, is here now. dr. ashton, let's talk about how widespread the flu is at this point? >> it's widespread. this is not just a bad cold. this is truly a matter of life and death. if you look at the cdc weekly report, they're reporting widespread activity in about 29 states. other states are seeing cases. it is increasing relatively from the week before. we're expecting to be at this point in the year. >> you have the flu. i had about 12 years ago. once it hits you, you know it's like nothing else. for 12 years, i've gotten the flu shot except this year because i hadn't heard anything
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about it, the way i have in years past. is the flu shot still effective now? and is it just starting to develop? >> don't be lulled into a false sense of security. the flu ul kills and causes major illness every year. is it too late? absolutely not. we know the peak season is january, february. last year, we didn't see peak flu activity until march. it is absolutely not too late. it takes about two weeks to get the full immune protection. so, go and get it now. >> and speaking to that, a lot of people think, the vaccination doesn't really work. >> no vaccine is perfect. we have to remember that. 60% to 85% of efficacy for the vaccine. if you get the vaccine and you're in the failure rate, which i was, after having been vaccinated, i actually got the flu. you will have a shorter course and less severe symptoms. and be less likely to pass it to someone else. this is not just a bad cold. we have a picture of me with the
7:14 am
flu. i was almost hospitalized. i had never been sicker in my entire life. >> dehydration. >> i was in bed for a week. it was three weeks until i was back to normal. >> you're healthy. if your immune system is compromised, if you're holder, an infant, you have to get this. >> the people at risk, all the time, it bears repeating. children, pregnant women, elderly people, people with a compromised immune system. >> should be a new year's resolution. dr. jennifer ashton. we appreciate it. now, to the headline about teachers learning to handle firearms in the classroom right now. training over the christmas break to shoot guns in schools. the state of utah is now offering firearms training to teachers. the class so packed, more are already scheduled. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: there is just one thing on the lesson plan for these utah teachers. how to pack heat on the job. >> to be able to use them
7:15 am
appropriately is really quite high priority for me. >> reporter: while this gun may be fake, many fear the threats facing school classrooms are very real. and so, 200 teachers met over the holiday break to become students themselves. learning how to prosect their classrooms from an armed intruder. >> we'll never know how many lives could have been saved at sandy hook elementary if someone had had a firearm. >> reporter: since that shooting at sandy hook, more and more states are looking to join a handful that already allow guns in some form in public schools. applications at one ohio shooting class are up 20%. and it's everyone, from teachers, to bus drivers, to janitors, wanting to learn how to arm themselves on campus. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> the nra's blanket call to arm our schools is really nothing more than a distraction.
7:16 am
>> reporter: as the debate in washington rages on, so do the classes on how to arm teachers in utah. >> we just want to make sure that people have the tools at their disposal to mitigate risk and save lives at the end of the day. >> reporter: the training is so popular, there's already another one planned for the next school break. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. switching gears, now, to how to lighten up the gloomy winter months? not just for us, but for your pets. apparently, it's all rooted in science. your dog or your cat may be depressed. and the treatment that works for humans may work for your pets. it's true. abc's dan harris has the story. >> reporter: of all the absurd things we do for our pets, the massages, the themed birthday parties, the treadmills, the high-end couture. the paris hilton dog house. >> inside is moldings and lighting and heat and aircondit.
7:17 am
>> reporter: of all of the over-the-top pampering, this picture, struck me as the apex of this particular brand of mania. this doe-eyed little pooch is staring into an artificial sunlight generator, in case he's getting depressed from lack of sun exposure. it's made by a company called max lighting. then, i heard of the inventor. max's doctor told him to use a bright box to counter the gloomy days. it worked. not only on max, but on his golden retriever, luke. >> luke and i were basking in the sun. and he was drawn to the light. >> reporter: max did research. and a lot of vets say pets may be getting seasonal affective disorder. a condition that causes depression in humans. and in animal, may lead to lethargy, lack of appetite,
7:18 am
clawing or inappropriate pooping. >> if you're a human, you call in sick. but if you eliminate the other things that are true problems, you may have to look at the fact this pet was depressed. >> he was on his back, enjoying the light, happy as can be. >> reporter: at 200 bucks, it's cheaper than a diamond-studded collar. and maybe it will cheer up the humans in the house. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> or you could take your dog to miami. >> i believe in the need for sunlight. i honestly do. there's a lot of odd things we do for our pets. but that one -- no. i may believe in that one. let's get to the boards. let's start with this rainmaker today. snowmaker for the northeast on saturday. this is going to be heavy rain in the places that just, by the way, picked up severe thunderstorms. today, look for the rain and the possibility of storms to kick up from houston all the way towards atlanta.
7:19 am
atlanta is 14 inches below normal in rainfall right now. this area is covered in drought, they need this rain. they just don't need the storms that come along with it. in the northwest and the west coast, northern california and central california, the next low to bring not only rain, maybe an inch of rain in some locations. but some colder air.
7:20 am
>> sunny and cold from denver to dallas. we'll have all of america's weather in the next half hour. still to come here on the program, what a family feud this is. a star student goes to court to stop her own parents from stalking her. we're going to hear from her in an abc news exclusive. and christiane amanpour on the trail of a real-life indiana jones quest. and 'cause tom cruise have a new leading lady, just months after a high-profile split with katie holmes? and ryan seacrest is here. he's live with a preview of the hottest party on the planet. of course, we're talking about new year's rockin' eve. ♪
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good friday morning i am charley crowson. here are a few of your top stories. state health official say a man in frederick county died from the cold weather. department of health and mental hygiene says the 65 or older man died of hypothermia. he died sometime between the 18th and 24th of december. officials say no other information will be released on
7:27 am
that victim. 15 hypothermia deaths were reported last winter. a man was beaten on christmas night in east baltimore and he and his family both say that it was because he is gay. ken shaw says he ran down to the corner store tuesday to pick up a few things and on his way home, he was attacked by five men from the neighborhood. his mother believes they say it was because he was gay. baltimore city police did not comment on the story but are looking into the possibility that this was in fact a hate crime. time for a check of the forecast. mike masco, it's cold. >> it's cold but hook at this beautiful shot charley downtown. 34 right now 25 degrees dew point and temperatures acrosstown into the 30s. we are at the freezing mark north and west of town. look at storm over the tennessee valley is what's brog in our direction as we head into the weekend. 40 today is the two degree guarantee. wintery weather moves in saturday morning. and into saturday afternoon. lingers into a first portion ofsunday and temperatures will be in the 30s and new year's eve is good and new year's day
7:28 am
is chilly at 37. lauren is over the traffic center. >> reporter: you will want to avoid 659 here in parkville -- avoid 695 here in parkville a crash is blocking all but one lane. delays will persist up to providence road. much better scene on the west side as we check in and look live here at liberty road. no problems getting down to route 40 this morning or traveling the inner loop up through pikesville and 83 up in hunt valley going to be clear. no problems from shawan to the beltway. we are out of time. more news weather and traffic in 30 minutes. for now, back to new york for good morning america. i've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver.
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they basically thought that because they were paying for my college tuition and living expenses that they called tell me what to do, who to hang out with. and, you know, basically control all of my daily life. >> that is the 21-year-old music theater major. she got a restraining order against her own parents for stalking her. it is obviously a bizarre case. we're going to hear from her ahead. an abc news exclusive. we bid you all good morning, america. robin, george, lara, all off with their families. it's great to have amy, paula and rachel here. >> all right. and coming up next, our christiane amanpour on the trail of a real-life indiana jones quest. it's a trip back deep into history. beautiful images there. can't wait to get into that. plus, tom cruise, maybe the
7:31 am
world's most eligible bachelor. just six months after his high-profile divorce from katie holmes. is he dating again? sen is this young lass his new leading lady? we'll tell you about his reportedly hot night on the town. also, it is the biggest party of the year. don't miss it. ryan seacrest live. so much going on. we're going to show you exactly what you need to do for the new year. and a little bit of miley cyrus. is she getting married? not getting married? looking forward to all of that. first, let's get to the explosive family feud. a star student at college claimed her own mom and dad were stalking her. she went to court to get them to stop, a judge issuing a restraining order. >> reporter: typically restraining and stalking orders are issued in domestic violence cases with a spouse or a boyfriend. in this case, we're talking
7:32 am
about a 21-year-old getting a stalking order against her parents. she is their only daughter. and they could face criminal charges if they don't keep their distance. >> i wanted to die. i was like, my life is all right on the inside. i'm going to be free. >> reporter: aubrey ireland is a gifted 21-year-old theater major. often winning major roles in her school's musicals. but her latest win, wasn't at her prestigious music conservatory, but in court. after she won a civil stalking order against her parents. earlier this month, a judge ruled in her favor, ordering her parents must stay 500 feet away from their only child. >> they basically thought because they were paying for my college tuition and living expenses that they could tell me what to do, who to hang out with. basically, control all of my daily life. >> reporter: the dean's list student's complaints against her parents began when she realized
7:33 am
they installed monitoring software on her computer and phone. making the singing hopeful feel like, quote, a dog with a collar. they also paid unannounced visits to her daughter. traveling 600 miles from their home in kansas, to meet with aubrey's department head, accusing their daughter of promiscuity, where they were considering going to court. >> my mom has always been very overly involved. i would have to get on skype and show them that i was in my dormroom. or there were nights when i had to leave my skype on all night. and my mom would watch me, basically, sleep. >> reporter: she claims her parents, david and julie ireland, have been diagnosed with co-dependency disorder. but they say, their daughter is just a good actor. saying, she's lying. and calling her an only child who has been catered to all her life. because aubrey has cut ties with them in a very public way, they now want a refund of the $66,000
7:34 am
they've already paid for her education. her mother says, we're not bothering her. we're not a problem. >> i never wanted this to happen. that's the last thing i wanted. but i wasn't in control of my life anymore. i knew that they were holding me back, emotionally, mentally, and professionally. and that it got to the point where, that was basically my last option. >> reporter: psychologists say boundaries can be tricky for parents with college-age children. >> i have no idea whether she's mentally ill, nor if the parents have any kind of problems that may lead to the behavior that's been described. what do you do when the person is 21 and you're still concerned about the well-being of your child, if your child has a mental health problem? you're still responsible for that child. even though they're 21 years old or 25 years old. >> reporter: at a court intervention, mediators told the irelands they were the issue, not their daughter.
7:35 am
when they stopped paying her tuition, aubrey was given a full scholarship from her school for her senior year. we reached out to the irelands but not no comment. amy? >> linsey davis, thanks so much. for more on this case, let's bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan where to begin. this is a very unusual case. have you ever heard of a daughter suing her parents? >> not for a restraining order like this. and getting it. that's really sad about this case is you have parents who agreed to pay the tuition for their daughter because they wanted her to go to the best school. she had gotten scholarship offers at other schools. her parents said, no, we want to pay for you to go to the best school. so, she goes. and then, the problems start. so, no matter how you view this case, it's incredibly sad. >> and the parents have made some pretty startling allegations against their own daught daughter. saying she uses drugs, she's promiscuo promiscuous. >> could she sue them for saying she was doing drugs if it's not true?
7:36 am
sure. i can't imagine that's where she wants to go. i get the sense she wants her parents out of her life. if you think of this not as parents but as a 21-year-old, who has people following her. who are spying on her who are saying things about her that are incredibly negative to people at her school, again and again and again. it starts to feel a little bit different. we talk about parents, yes. if this was a 15-year-old or a 16-year-old and you're talking about looking at their facebook account. parents do that all the time. when you're talking about a 21-year-old who is at a college and you're saying, they're literally following every key stroke. watching her sleep. following what she does with her computer, that's a different level. i think that's why the court, as you pointed out, almost never would get involved in this kind of case, did get involved. >> how will the parents be monitored? and who will happen if they try to harass or closely watch their daughter again? >> they could be in big trouble.
7:37 am
it's not going to be surveillance on them, et cetera. but if she reports that her parents have violated the order, that they've come back to the school, they've done something else like that, they could be in real criminal trouble. they have to be careful, here, about what they do. >> if she were under the age of 18, would this be appropriate? would it be a criminal issue? >> it would be a very different story. if she lived in the home, under the age of 18, under the parents' care. parents have enormous ability to do things that ordinary people can't do. but that doesn't apply to when someone is an adult. even though -- i will say this. even if she were a child, some of the things that are alleged here, at least there would be concerns about it. i don't say the criminal law would be stepping in. there would be school officials that would say, parents, what's going on here? take a step back. and the sorts of allegations she's making, not just making them to her. but going to school officials and to others. and saying she's mentally ill.
7:38 am
we're thinking about having her committed, et cetera. if that stuff isn't true, that's dangerous stuff to be saying about someone. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. we appreciate it. josh? >> all right. let's take a look, now, at the weather. time, now, for our sam champion. what do you have? >> believe it or not, we have a yearly event where we look at the weather disasters that total more than $1 billion in damage. this year, there were 11 of them. 11 of them. if you're not following the extreme team, you probably should be. seven severe weather events that included tornadoes. and the drought. and the wildfires in the west. on top of the hurricane list, sandy, $60 billion-plus, so far. we don't know what the total on that is yet. 62% of the country is in drought. from last year, this year, into next year. this is the worst drought in the country since the dust bowl days in the '30s. quick look at the weather. that's our billion-dollar list
7:39 am
or the headlines of it. this is a pocket of cold air in the middle of the country. that's why the storm that rolls in, snow in the northern areas. dallas, 32 degrees. big chill going into the country. even though it's nice and dry and sunny, from denver to dallas, it is a cold chill. san francisco northward gets showers today. and we have to watch for the opportunity of more snow as we >> all of america's weather, this morning, brought to you by macy's. josh? amy? >> thank you, sam. our christiane amanpour, now, on the trail of a real-life indiana jones quest. this is coming up. an extraordinary journey just ahead. and tom cruise, apparently
7:40 am
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7:43 am
[ female announcer ] tell us... what will you gain when you lose? and we're back at 7:43, with a fascinating story from abc's global affairs anchor, christiane amanpour. part of her brand-new special. in fact, she's on the trail of a famous ancient relic, important to people of all faiths. i do believe, that tune playing gives you a hint. take a look. >> reporter: whispers from the
7:44 am
past hang in the air of modern-day jerusalem. yet, no matter how hard you listen, the truth behind so many of these biblical stories that took place here remain so captivatingly elusive. in part, because so many answers may be buried underneath what today is a living, breathing city. she is a biblical scholar and a tour guide. she took us to one of the only places where archaeologists, pilgrims and tourists are allowed to explore below this storied city. it's notoriously difficult to dig under the old city of jerusalem. >> it's very difficult because it's very sensitive. we are talking about holy places of the three, main religions. >> reporter: it's so politically charged. >> so politically charged. >> reporter: discovered by accident in the 19th century, when an archaeologist was walking his dog. these caves and tunnels is known
7:45 am
as solomon's quarry. king solomon is the founding father of the free masons. >> reporter: the reminder of solomon, his temple and his construction, seems to seep from these walls. tears of the king. >> the tears of the king. >> reporter: why is he crying? >> this was the end of the first temple period. >> reporter: it was under his rule that jerusalem fell to the babylonians. the temple was destroyed. and the arc of the covenant went missing from history and the pages of the bible. >> the last time anybody really sees it, according to the biblical tradition. >> reporter: many believe these underground tunnels were used to secretly transport the ark out of jerusalem. and when the babylonian troops took inventory of the treasures they plundered, something was missing. >> there are stories that maybe someone spirited the ark out of
7:46 am
the city, just ahead of the destruction. >> reporter: are people trying to be detectives and try to uncover something? >> well, some people prefer to leave it as it is. and some people i know, still look -- want to find the ark of the covenant. i don't know if somebody will find it. and i don't know what will remain after more than 2,500 years. >> that's the assignment of the year, i would argue. you can see "back to the beginning" tonight, 9:00 eastern, right here on abc. >> all right. looking forward to that. you know what everyone's looking forward to? brand-new pictures of jennifer aniston. this is from her holiday getaway. and you'll never guess who is on vacation with her. >> might they tell us? also, "play of the day." skier versus snowbank. freeze it. freeze it right now. stop. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:47 am
♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button.
7:48 am
brew what you love, simply. keurig. he is a good little monkey and always very curious. one day george got an important letter. he's built a rocket ship to travel into space." google, how far is earth to the moon? the moon is 238,900 miles... "the great moment had come." 3, 2, 1... [ giggling ]
7:49 am
7:50 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> just bring it. >> and year's end. we're going back to the beginning, at least to begin today. whoop, there it is. take a look. remember the biker? the biker in africa during a race. and watch out. wait for it. oh. >> oh. >> he really got hurt. >> the antelope won that. so, 1-0, nature. all right? now, take a look.
7:51 am
we think we may have -- >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's real. head-first. >> that's real. yes, it is. i can tell you -- >> look at the imprint. >> he's okay. nobody injured in the making of this "play of the day." >> that looks like the road runner. >> never in my life, have i seen anything like that. >> remind me ever to ever ski, ever, ever, ever. >> you don't skydive. >> can we see that one more time. it is terrific. can we see it? >> you have to get lift. >> or that. >> how good was that? >> that was amazing. >> do i deliver? and real quick, bulls/rockets game, christmas day. santa claus. amazing. maybe not. oh, gosh. >> this is going to end poorly. oh, my gosh. >> it looked so beautiful up until the last minute. did amy have a little incident? >> i just -- >> second day in a row.
7:52 am
ryan seacrest is coming. [ woman ] dear cat, your hair mixes with pollen and dust.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
and good morning i am charley crowson here are a few of the top stories. police in prince george's county say man found dead in a car in capitol heights is a victim of a homicide. body of nicholas battle was found at pepper mill drive and dry log street e died of an apparent gunshot wound. there's anest out to help protect your child's identity. a law taking effect tuesday allows you to a put a freeze on your child's credit. a request can be made on line maryland law is the first of its kind in the u.s. in the past credit agencies have been loud a loud to refuse to lock
7:57 am
credit of those who don't have a preexisting credit report. time for a check of the forecast. what's going on out there. >> a lot of cold. we are 38 in the city. outside beltway how about 31 in eldersburg. here's the storm system for the weekend developing over the tennessee valley in terms of how much we are expecting just about 2 to 3 in the city and as you go towards up near the hunt valley closer to 3 and there could be a swath of 4 inches up near northern baltimore county and all of carroll county. we will give you updates through the course of the afternoon. we will get to 40 this afternoon. mix for saturday into sunday. and we will have temperatures into the 30s and new year's day 37 degrees. let's check traffic. >> reporter: you want to avoid 659 in parkville. a live look at heavy delays due to an earlier accident on the outer loop at harford road. traffic will remain very slow up towards crumbwell bridge road. the beltway in pikesville know pro leams from green spring down to route 30. and up in hunt valley 83 also
7:58 am
in great shape no problems from shawan down to the beltway. charley over to you. >> more news weather and traffic coming up in about a half-hour. for now back to new york for more good morning america. have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] oh, boy. great friday crowd with us. and albeit a chilly times square. they're getting the spirit award out there. george, robin, lara, lucky enough to be at their home with their families. wonderful have to amy robach, paula faris, rachel smith with us. look, if you've been reading your news report of late, that is the newest big model, signed to a big modeling -- d.j. kiss. also, it's a cavalcade of
8:01 am
stars. we're fortunate to have that man working the crowd for us right now. ryan seacrest. we'll be lending that studio to that man in hours. he'll rock us through the new year. plenty to get to in the last hour. and tom cruise is up. is he back on the dating scene, just six months after his high-profile split from katie holmes? and is this his new leading lady? >> she's a stunner. also, ahead, do you want those lush, big eyebrows, just like kim kardashian. her eyebrows are the most requested of people wanting eyebrow transplant. we determined that josh has miley cyrus eyebrows, right? >> who is doing eyebrow transplants. >> plucking was a big trend
8:02 am
earlier. >> waxing, plucking. >> if bushy eyebrows are in, transplant. this, by the way, is benny. he is adoptable from the new york humane society. he's going to be in the show a little bit later. >> going to get an eyebrow transplant for lassie. >> look how gorgeous. >> look how gorgeous. by the way, take a look at these pictures, folks. do they show, miley cyrus maybe already married? the new trend is getting secretly married. we'll find out. a new trend here. let's get some news. we turn back to paula now. >> that's not a new trend. we're all about news. we begin with the 11th-hour scramble to keep your taxes from going up and avoid that so-called fiscal cliff in washington. president obama has called the top congressional leaders to the white house this afternoon, for the first talks in more on a month.
8:03 am
but hope for a new deal is fading. the senate majority leader is accusing the speaker of running a dictatorship if there's no deal within four days. just about every american will see their taxes go on up. and this morning, more snow is threatening to make holiday travel difficult for millions of americans. as sam has been telling us, snow is falling across the upper midwest and will be moving into the northeast tomorrow. meantime, the recovery from the last storm is just beginning. 135,000 homes and businesses still without power in arkansas alone. many of them could be in the dark through next week. and this morning, russian president vladimir putin has signed a highly controversial bill which bans americans from adopting russian children. dozens of pending adoptions now frozen, even cases where children -- this is heartbreaking -- were just days away from moving to the united states. russia banned the adoptions in retaliation for a new u.s. law
8:04 am
that sanctions russian officials accused of human rights violations. and general norman schwarzkopf has died. known as stormin' norman because of his temper. he became a household name while leading the coalition of the gulf war. schwarzkopf was 78 years old. and could it be the next big thing? first, it was the smartphone. now, reports are surfacing that apple is working on a smart watch. a watch. industry insiders say the company is teaming up with intel, to develop an i-watch that would feature a screen about an inch and a half wide. with blue tooth to communicate with other gadgets. this is the newscast where we're going to show you cute animals. today, we couldn't decide which of these was cuter. you decide. first up, new video. let's just end it right here. >> winner. >> this is sam's winner. 5-month-old panda at the
8:05 am
san diego zoo playing with new toys. doctors kept him distracted with a ball, and bamboo sticks, for his latest medical exam, which he aced. and maybe the only thing cuter than a panda, a driver saw these adorable baby raccoons peering out of a storm drain at a red light. i like the last one. we need a tiebreaker. >> panda always look like somebody in a panda suit. you know? it's a tie. i have to say. >> we have five people here. >> lots of cute. let's turn, now, to rachel smith, host of abc's "on the red carpet." we'll get to you and "pop news." >> we have interesting "pop news." perhaps another secret wedding? who knows? but miley cyrus. she posted some new photos on instagram that have people
8:06 am
asking did she and her fiance liam hemsworth get hitched? liam's sporting some bling on his ring finger. same goes for miss miley. looks like she might have a band next to her engagement ring. they don't think miley would have this party in the usa without letting everyone know about it. >> ding, ding. >> thanks to d.j. kiss for the tunes. appreciate it. hugh jackman, playing jean was quite a workout routine. it was even harder than working out to play wolverine. can you believe that? get this. his routine involves spending three hours in a gym and eating seven times a day. but no carbs. that's no fun, right? exactly, right? i know. he had to walk a fine line between being emaciated and
8:07 am
muscular. >> amy's singing, every, single word. >> every, single word to "les mis." would not go to the movie with her. sorry, amy. i think everything worked out for hugh since it's a box office success. and the oscar buzz. >> hit the high note. get it, amy. >> you got it, girl. you got it. all right. on to newlyweds to be. jennifer aniston and justin thoreau. the couple is sharing the sun with some famous friends. our good friend, jimmy kimmel, was there on thursday. along with jimmy's fiancee. and wonder if this is a preview of their future wedding guest list. kimmel, already invited and part of his big day. she's slated to appear on his first show in its new 11:35 time
8:08 am
slot on january 8th, right here on abc. and a special thanks to all our "gma" viewers out there who helped us out for this next one by voting on on yahoo! who rocks the best look in 2012? kate middleton. emma stone at the golden globes. or blake lively at the premiere. all up for vote online. and our viewers voted for -- drumroll, please. >> shocking. >> best red carpet look of 2012, miss kate middleton. kate middleton -- tops for that. she looks gorgeous. i mean. she can do no wrong. right? >> we have a lot of ties for first. >> indeed. well, time, now, for a little pop quiz action. which superstar friend of kate
8:09 am
winslet walked her down the aisle. >> taylor smith. >> good guess, josh. i think you're wrong. >> might be true. was it sam champion. i was with sam champion the last couple of days. it wasn't sam champion. how about weather out there, buddy? >> we're busy taking pictures, josh. we're meeting everybody out in times square. look at this crowd. look at this gorgeous -- look at the gorgeous signs. i have one sign adjustment. we need to flip that sign over. your sign's upside down. just somebody help her flip it. there you go. it's mia's 6th birthday. happy birthday, mia. you are gorgeous. all this is just for you. we're throwing you one big birthday party. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want you to know about. we'll start with a picture out of chicago. early-morning shot there. this may be your day, chicago. if you had snow envy, you pick up a couple of inches of snow.
8:10 am
could it be 307 days that chicago hasn't had an inch of snow? yeah. so, we'll see what happens today. that's in the forecast. also, buffalo, boston, new york, washington, d.c., there may be the opportunity to pick up additional snow. if your snow isn't fresh enough, this is the opportunity to give it that white glow on top. it's not much. it's one to three inches, we think, if this storm handles the forecast and works out exactly the way we think. there will be strong to severe storms in the deep south. that's part of the system that moves into the east coast. and a brand-new system in the west coast. call it san francisco-north, you have an opportunit
8:11 am
>> anthony. give us a big "good morning america" smile in morning. everybody, let's go back inside to -- >> rachel. >> oh, thanks, guys. i love the sound of that. now, here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." does tom cruise have a real-life leading lady, just months after splitting with katie holmes? plus, wish you had brows like the stars? in the new extreme beauty trend, eyebrow transplant. and ryan seacrest with the most rockin' new year's eve party ever. all this, plus d.j. kiss, coming up live here on "gma" from times square. i've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
he is a good little monkey and always very curious. one day george got an important letter... he's built a rocket ship to travel into space. it's just the right size for a clever monkey. do you want to go into space, george? you will have to be very brave. hi, grandma! oh hi,. my little monkey! here. thank you very much. you're welcome. everyone got on and they were off to the launching site. google, how far is earth to the moon? moon is 238,900 miles... the great moment had come... ...5...4...3...2...1
8:15 am
we've decided to we're all having such a great year in the gulf, put aside our rivalry. 'cause all our states are great. and now is when the gulf gets even better. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautiful. take a boat ride or just lay in the sun. enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty. and don't forget our amazing seafood. so come to the gulf, you'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. all right. now, the answer to our pop quiz. which superstar friend of kate winslet walked her down the aisle. at that wedding of hers. >> oh. >> her "titanic" co-star, leonardo dicaprio. >> oh, that's cool. >> never let go. >> congrats to the new kate
8:16 am
rocknroll. >> did he say, i'll never let go? for their friendship. we're moving on to tom cruise. he's back on the dating scene, just months after his high-profile split with katie holmes. paula is here with those details. >> i know we're all rushing to marry him probably for the fourth time. but cruise was shown a good time, which included drinks and a night out, by a woman 24 years his junior. are they more than friends? we find out if the world's most eligible bachelor is now off the market. from the silver screen. to the dating scene. it looks like tom cruise may be back in action. less than six months after his divorce from katie holmes -- >> tom. >> reporter: the "jack reacher" star has been reportedly cruising for ladies. among them, 26-year-old
8:17 am
restaurant manager cynthia jorge. the queens native was seen dirty dancing with cruise at a nightclub, after reportedly slipping him her business card earlier this week. >> tom cruise is somebody who has been, obviously in the past, very open about his relationshirelationship s. he loves being in love. but he's getting used to single life. >> reporter: jorge isn't the only rumored interest in tom's life. the megastar was reportedly seen in sweden last week, getting cozy with jennifer ackerman, whose sister starred opposite cruise in "rock of ages." ♪ i want to know what love is i want you to show me ♪ >> reporter: "gma" reached out to cruise's reps, who deny he's dating either beauty. >> all are telling us, he is single. he's prioritizing his family and his work. he's been social. that's the way he is. and he likes being out and about. >> reporter: as for his ex-wife,
8:18 am
holmes, she seems to be leading a much quieter existence. the broadway show she stars in will reportedly be closing next month. and the only love she's been spotted out with lately, her and tom's 6-year-old suri. cruise will be talking to women. but he won't be instantly dating. let's give him some time there. >> yes. >> every time he's with anyone, it's going to make the pictures. and everyone's going to have speculations. now, to the hot fashion trend we've been talking about all morning long. for dark and dramatic eyebrows, like kim kardashian. >> sell it, sam. >> now, you can get the brows you want with a hot, new beauty treatment, hot brow transplant. sound impossible? our elisabeth leamy checked it out. >> reporter: the angles, the arch, the attitude. if your eyes are the window to your soul, then your eyebrows are the frames.
8:19 am
people still love brooke shield's gorgeous eyebrows. and if you don't like yours, it can be downright depressing. >> a little embarrassing. it affects my self-esteem. >> reporter: for ten years, pamela watched as bald spots appeared in her eyebrows. >> brooke shields has a sophisticated look. and that's what i'm looking for. >> reporter: pamela turned to dr. umar for an eyebrow transplant. the procedure existed before. >> i can spot it from a distance. >> reporter: dr. umar found a way to transplant hair from the arms, neck or head. it's painstaking work. the transplant takes 2 1/2 hours in all. after three weeks, we go back to see pamela. okay, ladies. let's hit it. okay.
8:20 am
there she is. so, tell me what you're seeing happening there. >> a lot larger and thicker. exactly what i wanted. >> reporter: shannon morrison once had thin, sparse eyebrows, too. after her transplant, you can see the outline of her soon-to-be-thicker brow. sara had her transplant five months ago. she was so frustrated with her eyebrows before, she resulted to painful tattooing to get a dramatic brow. >> now, my face looks very even and normal. i'm absolutely happy. 100%. >> reporter: here's sara before the procedure. even with the tattoos, you can see how few hairs she had. this is sara today. the awkward initial hairs that were transplanted have shed and her new hair is growing naturally. when you look in the mirror, do
8:21 am
you get a surprise every time? >> i feel like a totally different person. i feel more confident. >> reporter: all because of eyebrows? >> exactly. >> reporter: for "good morning america," elisabeth leamy, abc news, redondo beach, california. >> this is expensive, gang. >> how much? >> $6,000 to $8,000. it's not like everybody's going to do it. a major investment. josh? >> maybe we can pass the hat, sam. we have the biggest party on the line. an all-star line up on the way to times square. we have the man at the center of it all. and by all, i mean, all. leading the countdown. mogul host producer of dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. >> thank you for that intro. >> indeed. we pick eight things we can say about you from the 25. i want to start, it's dick clark's rockin' eve.
8:22 am
this is going to be the first year in forever that he doesn't ring it in with us. how odd is that for you? >> surreal is probably the most appropriate word. you think back 40 years ago, before i was born, he started the tradition, with a camera, a light and a microphone. and he carried that tradition for so many years. as a fan of television, as a fan of broadcasting, as a kid, i not only watched him because i would be home when my parents were out. but i used to watch him and study how he hosted these shows. to be standing there in times square years with him, was special for me personally. >> that's what i loved about your story. you did study him. you saw professionally what you wanted to be. but then, you also got to get to know him as a friend. >> yeah. >> as a mentor. what has he meant? >> he's been you know when you're in school you have a
8:23 am
guidance counselor. he was kind of my guidance counselor as i was growing up with the business. he made you feel, when you watched dick clark on television, you would feel like he was your good friend. he was like that on person, as well. that's one of the amazing things about how he would host shows. >> so, here we go. this is going to be the first without him. >> yeah. >> you have something of a star-studded cast to help ring in that year. what are we talking about? >> it will be reflect on dick at the beginning. and we'll show some great moments over the years. but then, we've got an incredible lineup. just before midnight, we've got a superstar by the name of taylor swift. >> oh, yes. >> she's having quite a career and quite a year, breaking all kinds of sales records this year. we have her headlining outside, live. we'll have pitbull and fergie hosting for the west coast. we have jenny mccarthy. >> can we see it again? jenny mccarthy, a year ago,
8:24 am
finds one of new york's finest. >> that looks like more than a kiss to me. >> it really does. >> i think they're married in some countries now. >> we're expecting -- we don't know what to expect. >> you really don't. it must be sort of fun? >> yeah. you've got a million-plus people outside. and you kind of cover it like a big sporting event. you're not always sure how it's going to go down. >> and fergie on the west coast. a portion of the program -- >> a portion from the west coast. we show a bunch of stars out there, as well. two of my favorites, will rider and pitbull. two of your favorites, too? >> you look at the roster. i don't know how to slot them. >> we try it about six months out to project who is going to have the best charting music at the end of the year. that's how we try to book it. >> speaking of music, the new judges on the "american idol." >> yes, sir. >> keith, nicki minaj, dynamic
8:25 am
cast. >> with keith and randy, the claws come out with these two. the dynamic is diverse. that's the best way to say it. you have a legend in mariah car carey. and some of the contestants come in and they looked up to her. and they wanted to be her for so many years. and nicki minaj, who brings a special currency to the show, as well. and keith, with roots in nashville. and randy, who has been there for a long time. i think for me, as the host, it's going to be a fun circus to host. >> every base covered. before we go, how do you do this? how do you do this? i have one gig and i'm exhausted. you have all the others. seriously. >> they're pretty easy, josh. it's like welcome back. take a look at this. we'll be back after the break. here's -- what do you think of that singer? you want to vote, call 1-866 -- if i can't get that done, i've
8:26 am
got problems. >> it beats working for a living. >> i'm grateful. i like the pace. i love doing it. i'm grateful for the opportunities. "american idol" changed my life and so many that have been on the show. >> it's new year's rockin' eve. i don't have to tell you. with ryan seacrest, 2013. be there live, monday.
8:27 am
good morning. i am charley crowson. here are a few top stories. have you applied for the homestead tax credit a half million marylanders have not filled out the application and may miss out on free money. a law passed to require home owners to fill out the one time application to update data base and cut out on fraud. you have to get the application in by december 31st. maryland public service commission is considering proposal to triple the toll for most vehicles crossing the potomac at oldtown. most passenger vehicles would rise to 1.50 per crossing other vehicles now pai $1 would have to pay 1.506789 monthly passes would increase from 14 dollars to 45 dollars. reports say the agency will hold a public hearing january
8:28 am
14th on the proposed increase. time for a check outside with the weather. this is mike masco. >> raining outside and it's a beautiful shot from sunshine and cloud many and that's the deal this afternoon. it's chilly. airport 32 right now and just a gentle breeze. 32 up towards manchester and we are clear on radar but expecting snow to develop into the morning hours tomorrow. one to 2 inches to two to three from the city on north. it could be the lollipop amounts over care yowl county around 4 -- carroll county around 4 inches. let's check the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: we have a crash in baltimore city. it's on north avenue at 83. now if you are using the jfx to get downtown, that will be free of delays. no problems from the beltway all the way down to fayette street and major improvements on 695. there was an earlier crash in parkville here at harford road on the outer loop. different scene. no problems up to towson and west side going to be nice and clear. no issues at green spring
8:29 am
avenue now over to you. we are out of time more news weather and traffic in a half-hour. now back to new york. have a great day.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] wow. amazing. hello. hello. good morning. look at d.j. kiss, getting it done. she's also a smart d.j. because he's inside. >> a little cold out here. >> it's brisk out here. george, robin, lara, they drew the long straw. they're at home with their families. we're happy to have amy, rachel, paula here. and d.j. kiss spinning our soundtrack. your pets wait all year for this. our annual best of the best dog and cat products. they're going to be pampered beyond belief. >> have i mentioned yet how much
8:31 am
i love our crowd? >> hey. >> first, a lot of laughs. a lot of cheers. and a lot of hope for 2013. now, take a look back at all the time we shared with you over the year. here it is. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. boom. >> welcome back to "good morning america" with robin roberts and george stephan -- george stephan -- george stephanopoulos. >> you details, now. sorry about that. >> and jake tap -- why is it always jake? >> you make fun of me all day. >> the nominations were announced. put your computer down. >> right. like it's the computer's fault. >> leave her alone. >> are we on the air? >> are we actually on the air?
8:32 am
>> i don't have any dinger. >> there you go. she found her dinger. >> "pop news" bo-fer. >> what's that? >> bo-fer. bo-fer. bo-fer. >> i got a bo-fer, too. >> george stephanopoulos. >> i try to limit it to once or twice a year in the first half hour. but the phrase, hot mess. >> hot mess. >> hot mess. >> say, hi, america. >> no. >> girls. >> friday. say it like that. friday. >> it opens on friday. >> friday. >> friday. oh, my god. i can't believe i did that. >> ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. >> nancy is so fun, saying -- >> i can hear you. >> oh, weather. >> you're right here. i wasn't sure. >> i'm right here. oh -- >> what are you doing here? >> head on over to robin. >> i'm right next to you.
8:33 am
>> oh. >> we're going to talk about the latest trend. >> oh, hi. >> how do we spice up valentine's day? with a vat of peanut butter and some scuba gear. >> at italy's mt. etna, it is erupting right now. >> magma. >> speaking of. >> i know you were a teen model. >> i was a teen model. just saying. >> i was a teen model, josh. just saying. i was a teen model. i'm just saying. >> are you okay? we have another hour left. >> ding. >> namaste. >> namaste. >> george stephanopoulos. george stephanopoulos. >> what does that mean? >> that's a good one. the josh/sam bromance. >> i love you, sam. >> with these two, dancing in the window. >> i love you, josh. >> high-ten, sam.
8:34 am
and the ball comes in like that. >> i'm singing and laughing -- >> in the rain. >> peekaboo. >> everything is better with bacon. >> josh, are you doing an interpretive moan? >> yes, i am. >> that was awesome. we got game. >> please name this tv theme song. >> oh. >> yeah. >> bye, guys. >> lara? >> my buzzer doesn't work. >> go. robin? oh. >> "friends." >> he's going to do it.
8:35 am
he's going to -- oh. >> i'm a falcon. >> okay. >> amy, go. >> go. >> go. >> we got it. >> yes. >> hey. >> i'm going to head out. >> here she comes, 44th street. >> watch out. oh. oh. hey, take the brake off. take the brake off. oh. >> who has the wackiest holiday sweater this season? we'll have the winner in a little bit. >> and our winner, george. >> george, you're actually the winner today. >> two times. >> and the winner is george. >> no. no. really, george? let me see how it feels. >> samuel j. champion. >> george, i finally beat you. >> finally. and well-deserved, sam.
8:36 am
it's the epic story of one man's journey across time and space. >> the terms are nonnegotiable. >> there's a dragon on your shoulder. ♪ ♪ someday somebody's going to turn around and say good-bye ♪ ♪ until then, baby are you going to let them ♪ ♪ hold you down and make you cry ♪ >> i'm bringing sexy back. >> the terms are nonnegotiable. >> cut. psy is the planet's hottest star right now. ♪
8:37 am
>> who came to party? ♪ sexy and i know it >> what? what? wiggle up. wiggle up. all right. ♪ wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪ ♪ wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ >> i can't do weather. mariah carey's right here. >> part of the extreme weather team. >> you play an anger management therapist. >> yeah, i do. >> is this a stretch? >> what do you think? >> taylor swift this morning. ♪ i'm telling you we are never, ever, ever ♪ ♪ getting back together we are never, ever, ever ♪ ♪ getting back together you go bach to your friends ♪ ♪ talk to my friends talk to me ♪ ♪ we are never, ever, ever, ever getting back together ♪ oh. >> aw. >> thank you.
8:38 am
>> the best new year's ever. and i hope you guys had a great one. >> welcome back, sam. >> thank you very much. >> great to have you back. >> i had that moment. >> can't interrupt that. >> robin is being inducted tomorrow night, into the women's basketball hall of fame. >> i got engaged. >> sarina, look. it's "sesame street." >> we are a mother/daughter bargain-hunting team. favorite memory? >> big together. >> and that's the true treasure. >> robin roberts' tenth anniversary. >> wow. >> our guys would like to say something to all of you. >> will you marry me? >> okay. >> we have a bit of a surprise for you. colonel, i know you haven't seen your son. he is with us. cameron, come on out. >> can you do me a favor and just turn around for a second?
8:39 am
>> oh. >> i had to have a bone marrow transplant. that was my only option to survive. i'm ready to meet the man who saved my life. ♪ she dropped the phone and burst into tears ♪ sometimes, treatments for cancer can lead to other serious medical issues. and that's what i'm facing right now. it is something that is called mds. my big sister is a virtually perfect match for me. and she is going to be my donor. she's going to be my donor. ♪ i'm gonna love you through it ♪ >> bracelets that they were made
8:40 am
for me by friends. it's the prayer of protection that my mom taught me a long time ago. >> wonder twin powers. >> activate. >> my "gma" family. my family there at home. i love you. and i'll see you soon. part of my motivation is to come back to you, wonderful "gma" audience. >> robin, just let me say, i love sitting in with your tv family this morning. >> robin, i was in your dressing room. i'm using your lotion. >> robin, we miss you. thinking about you. sending you great prayers and great messages. >> there is no place like home. ♪ there ain't no mountain high enough ♪ >> robin, are you there? >> yes, i am here. have lifted my spirits. usually, i'm watching between my toes in bed. but you got me on my feet. ♪ ain't no valley low enough
8:41 am
ain't no river wide enough ♪ ♪ to keep me from getting to you, baby ♪ >> if you thought this year was exciting, just you wait. 'cause, baby, there -- ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ♪ ain't no valley low enough ♪ ♪ keep me from getting to you ♪ >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank some of the talented and creative people behind the scenes that made that. editors, graphic artists. and our production associate, matthew reynard. as you can see, a phenomenal job to you all. and, robin, we love you. and we miss you. with that, sam -- >> what an amazing year, gang. what an amazing year to be a part of.
8:42 am
and 2013 is -- robin comes home. >> yes, it is. the return. the return. tell you what, sam. can you get her some weather to return to? >> yeah. >> we'll try. we'll try to warm it up by that moment. but let's start, by the way, with time to update you on a brand-new tally on our warm coats and warm hearts coat drive. so far, ladies and gentlemen, you've helped us to get to 85,641 coats. for folks who wouldn't have them otherwise. here's a picture, from staten island, new york, is donating a coat at the burlington coat factory store. they are yearly donators. we want you to help us out with that, as well. there's plenty of time. send us a picture of the coats you're donating. hash tag it to us on twitter. we're still collecting coats for people who need it. and speaking of that, there's a little chilly weather to get to. let's get to the boards.
8:43 am
we -- that's the transition, george. >> that's a professional. >> one to another. >> transition, right. can we collect these next year, though? and get some warm weather? >> here's your twitter and facebook pictures from all over the country, by the way. you let us know what it looks like in your neighborhood every morning. we get your twitter and facebook pictures. here comes a system from the west coast. it's anywhere from central california north. snow levels drop to about 2,500 feet. here's your new year's eve forecast. are you celebrating? resolution creek, it's 19 degrees. sleepy eye might be the way you wake up. about 10 degrees. party hill. who knew there was a party hill new york a
8:44 am
>> i see the tear in your eye. coming up, we're talking about live. what could possibly go wrong? go nowhere.
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8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. and it's time for the best pet products of the year. our favorite veterinarian, dr. marty becker covers all of the big pet and veterinary conferences to tell us about the best of the best. he's here to tell us about all of our favorites. i see the bike. i see the carrier. and i see little mason in here. >> let me tell you. small dogs are a lot more popular than large dogs now because we can take them in places than large dogs. the sidekick bike rack, it fits over the front tire. not on the handlebars. it's safer and easier to handle. you think, what about the cat?
8:48 am
mason's in his petmate carrier. and he's wearing this very fanc. his little orange tabby, a lot of people don't take cats to the veterinarian because they get stressed out. it's stressful for the owner and the pet. you put a thunder shirt on. you get a hug. it's calming. >> wondered if they would meow a lot being on the bike. look how calm this cat is. >> wow. this is amazing. a bonemaker. >> this is like something from home, right? a lot of -- what dogs dream of, right? >> like a scary movie. >> this is really great. it's a sunbeam. it's a dog treatmaker. it's really easy recipe. you can put icing on them. decorate them. >> what is that? >> there's several different
8:49 am
kinds of recipes. they're really healthy recipes you make at home. dogs who get older, they get more sensitive teeth. this is not hard. it's nice and soft for them. they're going to want seconds. i will warn you. obesity is a big issue. this is something nice. >> nice treat when they're doing well. and i understand -- what do we have here? >> items, again, how calm this cat is in the thunder shirt. usually, you find cats sitting on the furniture. we like them to sit under the furniture. cats like hammocks. you can cue the steel drums here. here's little mason, stays on the hammock. there's not a lot of room to get rid of the -- a lot of the pet beds and stuff and not get hair on the furniture. >> okay. we have a remote-control toy. >> you have a dog that needs more exercise than you do. >> i see a dog over there. >> here you go. you can decorate this as a
8:50 am
squirrel, a rabbit, a tortoise. and your pet can chase this around. >> benny, look. look how cute benny is. benny, you want to play with the toy? oh. >> this is really good. you can exercise your pet. >> you want to make the dog work for the food a little bit? >> this is like grass after josh goes golfing. you throw the food in here. instead of gulping it down, they have to work with their paw or their muzzle to pick the pieces out of here. >> all of the pets you see here, and so many more are up for adoption at the humane society of new york. mason and benny are cute. call in. you can find more of becker's favorite pet products online, at on yahoo! we'll be right back. >> he's sweet. yes. @?
8:51 am
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8:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] we have a cast of thousands that we are back with. and, boy, do we have a huge month ahead. everyone, kicking life into high gear in 2013. it's on the way. and we're helping all of you go full-throttle, changing every part of your life that you want to improve. where is sam? >> where is sam? >> i'll just keep going. amy? >> it's called january -- from your health and fitness, to love and money. secrets and the best, new tips that will really make a difference in your life. >> i have a feeling that sam's wheels up already.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
all right. a tweet just moments ago from robin. she says, sam is right. i'll be back in 2013. light, love, power, presence. we love you. and get back here, robin. and good friday morning to you i am charley crowson. here are the top stories today. the ravens take on bengals sunday. but fans right now are more focused about the playoff game
8:57 am
next month right here in at m and t bank stadium. tickets for the game go on sale this morning at 10. and in about an hour. thr available through ticketmaster so go online or call or find a outlet. the rains play here on january 5th or january 6th. if you want to do something fun with the family this weekend, head to first mariner arena. harlem globetrotters will be there tomorrow performing the tricks on the court. they will have shows at 2 and 7:00 and if you get there early, you can take the court with the players just buy a magic pass along with the regular ticket. tickets are it will available through the first mariner box office. time for one more check of the forecast. it might be good to be indoors tomorrow. >> be indoors right now. look how cold it is. 32 at the airport and easton at 32. and that storm that saturday storm here it is over the mid- mississippi 1r58y valley. by tonight it will inch into maryland. 2 to 3 inches before it's said and done. north of town 4 and further south and east you go about an
8:58 am
inch to two inches. 7-day forecast 40 degrees for this afternoon into the 30s over the weekend. let's check traffic. >> reporter: all the know snow there affect the it can -- snow will affect the weekend travels. 95 nice and clear. no problems to bwi or downtown baltimore. tunnels are in great shape. as we check in and look live at the beltway here in pikesville, everything is up to speed at green spring and heading up to hunt valley this is what 83 looks like at shawan road. nothing to get in your way heading to the beltway. charley over to you. >> all right. the drs is coming up next join us at 4:30 for good morning maryland monday but tomorrow beginning at 9 we have special coverage keeping you ahead of the storm headed our way. have a great weekend. see you soon.
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