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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  December 31, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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this is "world news." tonight, the breaking news here. no deal. washington taking america right over the fiscal cliff. and when that ball comes down in times square tonight, every american's taxes will go up. what happened? the other breaking story tonight. hillary's health. doctors reveal it is a blood clot near mrs. clinton's brain keeping her in the hospital. dr. besser right here with what this means. and what mrs. clinton just told barbara walters after becoming the most traveled secretary of state. >> are you exhausted? >> i am. to be honest, i am. the big chill. a million americans in times square tonight. this evening, the security, the weather. some of the coldest temperatures of the winter. and what we didn't note about something else that will be falling at midnight. ginger zee in times square. and, so long. >> so long.
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so long. so long. >> the man who said himself, "the show must go on." the first new year's without dick clark, as we heard tonight from his wife. she answers the one question she says so many have been asking her. good evening on this new year's eve. diane counting down with her family. tonight, the other countdown here. the one in washington. tonight, no deal. lawmakers are taking this country over the fiscal cliff. as one senator said today, something has gone terribly wrong when the biggest threat to our economy is our congress. let's get right to abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl covering this every step of the way. jon, many angry americans watching all of this. >> reporter: well, david, they just blew it. it is now clear that congress will fail to pass by midnight tonight something to prevent virtually everybody's taxes from
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going up. they have known for more than a year that tonight was the deadline and they just blew it. the deadline to prevent that massive $600 billion combination of tax hikes and spending cuts will be missed. but the scramble continues. to try to get a deal done and passed over the next day or two, that would put the tax cuts, at least, back in place retro actively. and today, they sure seemed close to a deal. >> i can report that we've reached an agreement on all of the tax tsh -- the tax issue. >> reporter: and even though the deal was not finalized, the president seemed to take a victory lap today at the white house. >> keep in mind that just last month republicans in congress said they would never agree to raise tax rates on the wealthiest americans. obviously, the agreement that's currently discussed would raise those rates and raise them permanently. >> reporter: it was a campaign-style event. >> i'm going to be president for the next four years, i hope. so -- [ applause ] >> reporter: that alienated the
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very people he needs to get any deal passed. >> very disappointed to hear what the president just had to say in front of a pep rally. >> he comes out and calls people together and has a group standing behind him, laughs and jokes and ridicules republicans, what is -- why? >> reporter: if the deal finalized, and if passes congress, two big ifs, it would extend tax cuts for all workers under $400,000, prevent a big hike on estates under $5 million and extend unemployment benefits set to expire tomorrow for some 2 million people. so, the scramble continues tonight. congressional leaders trying to get to a deal that would pass both the house and the senate sometime over the next 24 hours or so, david. >> jon, stick with us here. i want to show the viewers at home that beautiful red and white crystal ball prepared to come down in times square tonight, blue and green, it changes colors as we look at it. the bottom line is, when that ball drops tonight, every
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american's taxes going up? >> reporter: that is exactly right. they are going to try to come back and fix it, but as of midnight tonight, everybody's taxes go up. >> all right, jon karl on the watch there at the white house. jon, thanks to you. we're going to turn to the other developing story tonight, the ongoing health scare for hillary clinton. she remains in a new york hospital tonight, her daughter chelsea by her side today. and now her doctors have revealed it is a blood clot near the brain that's keeping her in the hospital. tonight, we tackle many questions here, how was it discovered, how will they treat it, what is her prognosis. dr. besser is standing by, but first, abc's martha raddatz in washington. and martha, this is a lot worse than many thought. >> reporter: it sure seems to be, david. we waited 24 hours for detail about this clot, but now, for the first time, we know the clot is not inclinton's leg, it is in a vein next to her brain. tonight, the normally globetrotting secretary of state is in a hospital room, monitored closely and being given blood
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thinners to break up the clot. family members including daughter chelsea have been at her side. the clot was discovered on an mrio sunday. a statement from her doctors tonight, saying, "the scan revealed a clot in the vein that is situated in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear." the statement says the secretary did not suffer a stroke or any neurological damage. but this is clearly a serious setback. it was december 7th when the secretary was last seen in public, during an overseas tour where she picked up a bad stomach virus. days later, still ill, the secretary fainted and got that nasty concussion. clinton has had a blood clot in the past. in 1998, behind her right knee, after a year of heavy travel. this clot comes at the end of the most demanding period of her life, as she recently told abc's barbara walters.
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>> are you exhausted? >> i am. to be honest, i am, because when i do something, i really want to do it. i want to do it to the best of my ability. that means i pretty much work all the time. >> reporter: but what is unclear tonight is whether she will be able to return to her full time role at the state department before a new secretary of state is sworn in. clinton's doctors say she will be released from the hospital once the proper medication dose is determined. they do say she is making excellent progress and they are confident she will eventually make a full recovery. she is reportedly in good spirits, david, engaging with her doctors, her family and her staff. >> that is encouraging to hear. we know chelsea was there earlier today. martha, thank you. i want to bring in dr. richard besser, also covering this. you said today, make no mistake, this is very serious. what exactly is it she's facing? >> this is much more serious than what we've been talking about. take a look at this picture. she had a blood clot in a very
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important vein that runs along her brain, right behind her ear. now, if they hadn't caught this, the clot in there could have gotten larger and that ultimately could have been fatal. >> because it's a vein next to the brain and could have applied pressure to the brain had it gotten much larger. you mentioned the mri. we heard it from martha there. what led to the mri? >> that's a very good question. normally you don't get a routine mri following a concussion. so, i expect that her symptoms led them to put her in the mri and detect this. >> and you told me about the blood thinners they are using to treat her. but this is very tricky, too. >> right. the goal is to use the blood thinners and hopefully the clot will resolve. but it's a balance between keeping her blood thin but making sure she doesn't have bleeding into her brain or into other parts of her body that could be very severe. >> all right, rich and martha in washington, both of you covering the case of hillary clinton. thank you. on this new year's eve, we move onto the countdown, it is on, around the globe it is
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already the new year. fireworks in sydney harbor, in fact. a little boy's visit to a temple in tokyo. and messages of happy new year, that hat right there in berlin. and here in new york city tonight, a short time ago, they raised that giant ball that will drop at midnight. abc meteorologist singer see is there tonight, on the stage of abc's new year's rockin' eve. they do this every year, the americans who brave the weather. what kind of weather will they face this year? >> reporter: unbelievable that they do this. but tonight, not too bad. temperature now 36. only going to drop to 34 or 35. but it's going to field like the mid and upper 20s. i have to tell you, it's not going to last. not for this crowd. they're hot. they are here. >> so excited to be here. >> yeah. >> this is great. >> reporter: they are ready. >> i'm layered up like you wouldn't believe. >> reporter: and 2013 is right around the corner. who are you most excited to see tonight? >> taylor swift. >> reporter: swift, psy and a million people will jam into an area less than a square mile.
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to keep them all safe -- >> if you don't move, we're going to move you. >> reporter: thousands of cops. radiation detectors, heavy weapons teams and security cameras, all secure beneath the radiant rain of a ball, that brilliant orb weighs a whopping 11,875 pounds. it's adorned with 2,688 waterford crystals. that ball will be lowered 141 feet during the 60-second countdown. when you see it on tv, you can't tell all of the little details. but each of the kris tams is different. >> exactly. each of the crystals, and there's 2,688 panels on the actual ball. and this year, the theme is let there be peace. >> reporter: one of those peaceful crystals, a special tribute for the first year without dick clark. >> one of these crystal triangles and we engraved the name of dick clark on it. >> reporter: it's right here. he's with us, no matter what. >> spectacular to see it up close there. ginger back with us now. not just times square ringing in the new year. americans across the country, so, what do they face tonight? >> reporter: it is some of the
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coldest air of the season for a lot of folks. go to the map here and show you 1 below for minneapolis. these are temperatures at midnight. one of the warmest, orlando at 60. 47 atlanta. d.c., right around 40. we're so fortunate. we've had all the holiday storms this week, at least right now, not too bad going into the new year. david? >> 5 degrees there in denver on the map. we'll check back with you shortly. an update on a weather story we reported last night. a horrible crash of a tour bus in oregon that killed nine people. we learned today that state officials had issued a warning about that winding downhill stretch of interstate 84. survivors say the bus swerved and tumbled down the hill. we turn now to the outrage we reported on last week here on "world news." the american parenting waiting for their adopted children to arrive when the russian president suddenly stepped in, halting everything. tonight, some of his own people now taking sides, supporting the american mom and dad and the little russian daughter they thought was on her way.
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abc's kirit radia in moscow again tonight. >> reporter: kendra skaggs and her husband were just weeks away from bringing home their adopted daughter, polina, a 5-year-old russian orphan, paralyzed by spina bifida. they visited polina at her orphanage outside moscow, but now wonder if they'll ever see her again. russia banned adoptions to the united states last week in retaliation for a set of human rights sanctions -- citing cases of 19 russian children abused by american parents. for kendra, it's been emotional whiplash. >> you're holding your breath and feeling sick to your stomach and you can't eat and you can't sleep. and -- you just got to hold onto something. >> reporter: but after kendra appeared on "world news" last week, tonight, she's receiving an outpouring of support from some of president putin's own people. russi russians. on the same side of those american parents. many offering to help. "if you want me to get anything to polina, i will buy it on my account, no problem." one person wrote.
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"forgive us. we can't protect our kids from the russian government," wrote another. >> such an outpouring of love since your story, from the people of russia and it's just overwhelming to me. people that have said, you can stay at our house, what can we do? >> reporter: most of all, they urge kendra to keep fighting for polina. >> whatever i have to do, i'm going to fight it until i can bring my little girl home. >> reporter: the road ahead is still uncertain. the ban goes into effect on january 1st, but kendra remains hopeful. kirit radia, abc news, moscow. >> our thanks to kirit tonight. back to this country, to what is known as black monday in the nfl, when coaches find out if they will be back next year and today was something of a doozy. seven coaches fired in a single day. the philadelphia eagles let andy reid go after 14 years. the chicago bears will replace lovie smith after nine years, even though he had a winning record. the arizona cardinals, cleveland browns, kansas chiefs, san diego chargers will all have new coaches next year.
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not a great day for those coaches. and a comeback of sorts for a dear friend and colleague over at espn. anchor hannah storm will return to host the tournament of roemzs parade tomorrow while still recovering from first and second degree burns after a gas grill at her home blew up. she was burned on her face, losing her eyebrows, eyelashes, much of her hair but she's in great spirits tonight, ready for the parade. she's teaming up with "good morning america's" josh elliott. that's 11:00 a.m. eastern, right here on abc. we can't wait to see you back on the air. still much more ahead right here on "world news" this new year's eve. the first new year's without dick clark. tonight, preparing to honor him as we hear from his wife. she'sens wh answers what she sa many people have been asking her. jamie lee curtis?! oh hi, yes. wow you really went all out on the decorations, huh? yeah, but i'm so slow taking them down after all the fatty holiday food. but that's normal.
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aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ as so many of you likely know, this will be the first new year's out dick clark. tonight, they are preparing a tribute as we hear from dick
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clark's wife, who made the trip to times square to ring in another new year. >> times square in new york. you're invited to new year's rockin' eve, '74. >> reporter: long before he became the face, the friend who would guide us into every new year. >> 2001. >> reporter: dick clark head made his way into living rooms across america. >> dick clark! >> this one is called "rock around the clock." ♪ one, two, three o'clock >> reporter: he said it was very simple. we played a record, and the kids danced. and we made the way we danced okay for parents, who still needed convincing. 1957, it all started. there would be 36 years 0 "american bandstand" on abc. those boomers getting their own stage. the twist. there was the hustle. there was elvis. but dick clark made it all okay, after all, he warmed up america for rock and roll. from the very beginning, dick clark had enormous influence. at just 28, this.
6:47 pm
>> you have a combined weekly audience of, let's say 50 million americans, at least. and you receive 50,000 letters a week from your teenage fans. ♪ >> reporter: his simple introduction made careers. he saved them. frankie avalon. >> you played a record of mine and that was on a thursday and on a monday, i was own my way. >> reporter: over the years, clark barely seemed to age. he spoke of america's nickname for him. >> i have a terrible because people keep referring me as america's oldest living teenager. >> reporter: his agelessness so much of a punch line. >> i've been watching dick clark since i was a little kid. >> reporter: it was the 1970s, dick clark first started hosting on null year's eve. the program, just an hour and a half in the beginning, but expanding to six hours over the years. become an american staple every new year's. and only a stroke would slow dick clark. >> my speech is not perfect, but
6:48 pm
i'm getting there. >> reporter: and this year, his wife of nearly 35 years will be in times square. she was the one who helped screw that crystal triangle with dick clark's name under the giant ball. she spoke of the question so many people have asked her. >> 40 years i've been coming here, so, this year, people were saying, what are you going to do? i said, hmm. really -- i don't know what else to do but to come to times square. anyway, like he said, it's the place to be on new year's eve. >> reporter: the place to be and the place where, tonight, an american legend will be remembered. >> happy new year. great job. >> thank you. >> we're all be thinking of dick clark tonight. when we come back on the broadcast, the most admired man and woman in the world for 2012, any guesses? [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
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netflix offline and those servers crashed one week ago on christmas eve for nearly 20 hours, leaving tens of millions of people on the christmas holiday with no movies. amazon and netflix both working tonight to prevent a repeat performance on new year's. and when we come back here on the broadcast tonight on this new year's eve, we knew about the ball dropping, obviously, but there's something about the confetti we did not know. when we come back. you wouldn't want your doctor doing your job, hello.... so why are you doing hers? only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn is actually something more serious, like acid reflux disease. over time, stomach acid can damage the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides 24-hour heartburn relief, but can also help heal acid-related erosions in the lining of your esophagus. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain and diarrhea. call your doctor right away if you have persistent diarrhea. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel.
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before we say good night here on this new year's eve, we want to go to ginger zee for some of the messages on that confetti that's going to be falling at midnight. >> reporter: that's right, david. on many of those pieces of con tet if i that will fall right here in times square, there's a handwritten message, a wish, really, from all over the world. and what i learned tonight is that many of those wishes will be directed at dick clark. just like this one. often imitated, never duplicated. a true american icon. ringing in 2013 won't be the same without you on our tvs. so, it's all starting to happen. come with me here. the ball is up, it is ready to be dropped, closer to midnight, of course. and i have to tell you, this crowd is on fire. happy new year, david. >> to you, too, ginger. as we close out another year here on "world news," diane and
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i wanted to take a moment to thank the team here behind the scenes, the faces you don't see who bring you this broadcast never night of the year. huge thank you to them and a thank you to you at home for watching. for diane and all of us here at abc news, happy new year. we'll see you next year. good night. ♪ should old acquaintance before forget ♪ ♪ and never thought upon ♪ the flames of love ♪ extinguished ♪ around past and gone ♪ ♪ for auld lang sine
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