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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 24, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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and he may not do that for quite some time. well, he is the voice behind the lovable cartoon character charlie brown. but peter robins is not feeling the love from authorities, a story about what happened to him when crossing a border when "good morning maryland" begins right now. we are following breaking news this morning out of baltimore city. an early morning fire forces a number of people out into the cold. and a select kick that had ravens' fans crying foul. now it appears the golden boy is going to be paying up. your morning commute and school is going to be a little different this morning. it's going to have a winter feel. snow on the ground. how long will this hang around? also what about those cold temperatures? we'll take a look at all of that coming up on this thursday, january 24th. "good morning maryland." i'm charlie crowson. megan is off today. but lynette charles. she is in house with the very latest on your forecast. and lynette, still a lot going on outside. it is dangerously cold.
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>> it is. it's cold out there char low. you really need to bundle up. but maryland's most powerful radar still picking up on the light snow showers across the area. i'm going to take you on a little radar tour this morning where we will start out in carol county. so if you're around schumaker's lot you're getting in on the light snow action. cambridge estates heading up towards union mills and we're also dealing with some light snow across the area. the further to the south we slide. let's cross over the bay and we can see what's going on along the eastern shore. in pasadena we're looking at the light snow showers across that area as well. green haven more of the same. the courts of four seasons also getting in on that action this morning. so the white stuff is coming down. and it is going to be a slick commute to work today. we're going to be seeing some winter weather advisories in effect until about 9:00 this morning and that's for all the areas here shaded in the blue color. you wanted to give yourself enough time on the roadways this morning and also really bundle up and dress in layers.
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13 degrees right now in reisterstown and also 15 degrees right now in glen burnie. also patchy fog out there as well. temperature by lunchtime coming in at 25 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. we're going to get to lauren in just a moment lynette. and an update for you now. baltimore county public schools on a two hour delay. no a.m. pre-k. we'll have this for you at, on facebook and also be sending alerts out through twitter throughout the course of the morning. many of us are waking up with something we haven't seen in a time. snow. now, this isn't going to prevernal you from not going to work and not going to get a snow day but it could slow down the traffic and commute just a bit. we sent out abc2 news' linda so with the latest on the elements. >> reporter: it's a good idea to leave the house a little early this morning. because this is what you're going to find. we are on roland heights avenue. right near falls road and you can see there's about an inch covering the roads.
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and this is really what the major side streets look like in neighborhoods. you can see as you walk out of your house this morning there's going to be snow on the sidewalks and you might have to shovel that. also the cars are covered. but this is the type of snow where you're not going to need your ice scraper. it's pretty dusty. just need that brush to brush it off. again, it's not really packing. there's not a lot of rain that is mixed in with it. so it's pretty dusty but again, as you send your kids off to school today, you might want to be careful. that is medford heights elementary school right over there. we've already heard from charlie that baltimore county called in a two hour delay. so again this morning as you get the kids ready for school. get out the snow boots and they want the mittens and hats and their heavy coats. and this is what it looks hike about an inch on the sidewalks. we did speak with maryland highway transportation this morning. they tell us that before 1:00, they started sending out those salt trucks. they have a couple hundred salt trucks on the road.
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they started applying that salt before the snow started falling but one thing they want to remind you is because the temperatures are below freezing, and the pavement temperatures are below freezing, that you are going to come upon some should be spots. about -- slick spots. about an hour ago the lanes are passable but again there's some snow and take it easy. another reminder to be courteous if you see the salt trucks. keep your distance and get out of the way so they can do their jobs. and make things a little more -- user-friendly in time for that morning commute. but again this is basically the story you will see this morning. these side streets, your neighborhood streets you will need the little extra time getting out of the house and getting the kids off to school. we're live in hampton, linda so, abc2 news. well, linda unfortunately those slick conditions will be a problem across the region. we're dealing with several accidents. many accidents this morning. we have a crash on route 295 right along the southbound lanes at arundel mills
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boulevard. another accident on 695 right on the outer loop at route 10. we're dealing with two more accidents on 83. one in parkton involving a tractor-trailer right along the northbound lanes at old york road. and another southbound at padonia road. if you are heading out to the beltway this is parkville. at harford road, no delays as you head up to towson. but again, very slick conditions leave yourself plenty of time this morning and reduce the speeds to stay safe. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. charlie over to you. and breaking news out of baltimore city this morning. crews worked overnight in the bitter cold battling a three alarm fire. and abc2 news' sherrie johnson is live on the scene with the details and we understand that a few moments overnight this fire was pretty intense. >> reporter: it definitely was very intense. we just learned a few minutes ago this fire hit a local building. a local business here. crews are on the scene right now. they've basically put the fire out. but they're working on hot spots and you can see they're concentrating right now on the roof area. but they have put the -- put
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the bulk of the fire out but they're working on the hot spots. we are here at the intersection of north calvert and read streets. you know, and when crews arrived here, the three story brick building was fully engulfed in flames. this is an end of group commercial building for a local business. the first, second and third floors were engulfed in flames. heavy fire made it unsafe for firefighters to actually go inside and fight the fire. so they actually had to stay outside to fight the fire just to be safe. now no one was inside the building at the time of the fire and we are told that there are no injuries. no civilians or firefighters were hurt. now because of the cold tempers brought in for shelter for those who needed it to keep warm: right now there's still no cause of this fire. and investigators are on the scene right now still trying to figure it exactly what happened here this morning. reporting live in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. thank you. in annapolis you a lakers are
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talking about -- lawmakers are talking about taxes once again. if you drive you won't like this very much. senate president miller is proposing increasing the gas tax. the dove forpromagglio ordonezzed this early -- governor proposed this early on but left it out of the budget. miller says it could raise around $300 million a year. that's money he says is needed for transportation. possibly for rail projects in baltimore near washington. a bill could be introduced a bit later this week. well, it is a big day for senator john kerry. president barack obama nominated him to be the next secretary of state and his senate confirmation hearings begin today. the confirmation is widely expected by both sides of the aisle. current secretary of state hillary clinton faced congress yesterday for hearings on the benghazi attack back in september. in that attack four people died including the u.s. ambassador to libya. secretary clinton will be leaving her post as soon as senator kerry is confirmed to be her replacement. well, what a final season for ray lewis. he is going to his second super
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bowl. he's been doing it as a baltimore raven. if you need something to wear on february 3rd pick this up. it is ray's last ride the official t-shirt. take a look at your screen. this is the front of the shirt. it says the end of an era and shows ray's dance. on the back, you see the number 52 and fairwell. we love -- farewell. we love you man. the shirt is saying good-bye to the inspirational leader for the team. they're available in stores right now and you can run by and grab one. tom brady's leg kick on ed reed is now costing him. the nfl fined him $10,000 for the kick sunday. brady called reed to say that he was sorry and ed reed said everything's fine with him. the kicking quarterback makes $14 million a year. that would be tom brady so the $10,000 fine is not going is set him back that much. he probably keeps that in his wallet probably in a money clip or something like that. well, the cold weather can have a bigger impact on the health than you may think and we're talking live a bit later on "good morning maryland" with a physician's assistant about what you can do to stay healthy
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during the cold winter months. >> what's being blamed for causing the huge sinkhole? details straight ahead. >> all right, and that arctic blast still making temperatures in the teens. 14 degrees right now in manchester and we're at 15 degrees in monkton. i'm going to talk about when we have a warmup in the forecast and tall is coming -- all that is coming up. >> hopefully soon lynette. the snow is leading to a very hectic commute. two accidents on 83 and another on 695. i'll have all the details coming up on "good morning maryland." i have never encountered such a burning sensation... until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox.
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let the making begin.
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are dealing with maryland's most powerful radar that is active this morning and it's not green. it is blue. temperatures too cold for any type of rain. we just have the snow coming down this morning. so let's check out what's going on, we do have some light snow falling across the eastern shore this morning. around caroline county. you can see it around denton. as we look at the darker blues, that's a little bit heavier snow band falling. but again, still light in nature and nothing really heavy that's going to be blinding you this morning. we can see et around two john's
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estate and also mill run and country life acres and also dealing with some snow showers this morning as well. so you get the picture. you need to take it easy on the roadways and it is going to be slick out there. we could be seeing icy spots as well and also besides the snow we're also dealing with some fog across the area as well. look at these temperatures as we take it to canada. yes, we're definitely dealing with the magentas, still the arctic air pushing down across our area. the temperature coming in the teens this morning. 17 degrees. but look to the south this warmer more moderate air will work its way into the picture through time. we hone it in closer ho tome. our temperatures this morning as we look at the abc2 most accurate temperatures right now. glen burnie coming in at 15 degrees and we're at 13-degrees in union bridge. and bel air at 13. denton at 16 where they're getting that snow and cambridge is at 18 degrees. but we do have the winds. so about 8 miles an hour now in denton.
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9 in cambridge. so what this feels like on your exposed skin? it feels like 0 in glen burnie. so we've been having these -- these temperatures, these windchills for the last couple of days make sure you do bundle up as you head out and about. and really dress in layers. as we look at the satellite and radar, well, we can see that we will begin to have high pressure build in here as we go through time. back off towards the west. but then we'll do it all over again on friday as a clipper system will come through the area. for your evening commute bringing us more light snow showers. i think about panel inch is possible -- an inch is possible once again and then dry us in the weekend. for today though this is what our high temperature will be. 27 degrees. windy. it's going to feel a lot chillier than that though. a lot colder because of the winds and then that warming trend will kick in as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, you will want to leave yourself plenty of time this morning because the snow is leading to a hectic commute. we have a tractor-trailer crash on 83 right along the northbound lanes at old york
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road in parkton. another accident on southbound 83 at padonia road you want to watch out for as well. problems persist on 695. we're dealing with a crash on the outer loop at route 10. and as we check in and take a live look here in parkville and harford road, traffic moving right along but the roads are really slick this morning. so it's extremely important for you to take it slow. towson watch out for a crash on east joppa road. and here on 95 in white marsh no problems from route 43 into the city. but we have a crash on 95 it's right along the northbound lanes at route 32. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. charlie over to you. it is 5:15 and a number of you probably getting up and getting your day started. a lot of delays as a result of the snow. ling and the weather. here's a list for you right now -- they are all on two hour delays. no pre-k in baltimore county and no half day programs in anne arundel county. we've got montgomery county
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schools also on a two hour delay. it's going to be a rotating thing as with day goes -- as the day goes on. this will be available for you throughout the day on "good morning maryland" and we're going to have it at, we're also going to have it up on facebook and send blasts out through twitter giving you all the information we can. these are the current delays we have and we want to add montgomery county to that. also on a two hour delay. well, the cold weather is likely to blame for a water main break that caused a sinkhole 25 feet deep. that came to us out of michigan. unfortunately for one man that sinkhole swallowed up his entire driveway. now the water flooded eight homes in the area and the guy couldn't get out of his house. well, it's a story we're also struggling to fully understand. the football star manti te'o speaks on camera for the first time about the girlfriend hoax. he's speaking with katie couric later today. >> and chick-fil-a has a deal today you don't want to pass
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up. what you have to say to get a firebreak it's sandwich. >> as we go to break flurries still abound across much of the region. that is live look at afternoon den. you can see the snow-covered cars and snow-covered side roads. it's a dusting out there. but it could be causing problems. lauren's got you covered. lynette has you covered. and "good morning maryland" continues in just a moment.
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thanks for staying with us, this is one of the most crazy sports stories of the year. the heisman contender who broke our hearts with the story of his dead girlfriend was duped. it turned out the girlfriend was a hoax and never existed at all. notre dame's manti te'o speaks to katie couric for the first time on camera. here's a preview of what you can expect. >> you stuck to the script and you knew that something was amiss manti. >> correct. >> why? >> well, anybody put yourself in my situation. katie put yourself in my situation. i -- my whole world told me that she died on september 12th. everybody knew that. this girl who i committed
5:21 am
myself to died on september 12th. now i get a phone call on december 6th saying that she's alive. and then i'm going to be put on national tv two days later. and to ask me what the same question? you know, what would you do? >> you can watch the entire interview today right here on abc2. "katie" kicks off at 4:00. well, chick-fil-a lovers armament to listen up. you can get a -- you may want to listen up. you can get a free breakfast. just say this. the early bird gets the chicken and you'll get a free breakfast entree. there are two more thursdays to give it a try. next thursday and also on february 7th. it is 5:21 and her voice is more recognizable than his face or his name? why the man who's known as the voice of char low brown is in a jail -- charlie brown is in a jailhouse jump suit and shackles. >> and lady gaga gets her own sculpture. only this is not made of clay or marble or wax. this one may be good enough to eat. >> and we have snow on
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maryland's most powerful radar. i'll tell you when it comes to an end coming up. >> well, lynette we are dealing with two accidents right now on 83. i'll let you know how the winter weather will affect your commute on maryland's most powerful radar. like a lot of things, trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work.
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thanks for staying with us on this thursday morning. we'll get to the delays in a few moments and stick around for that. in other news, entertainment variety you probably wouldn't recognize his face. but you might know one man's voice. peter robins is the man behind the voice of charlie brown. he's currently charged with threatening the lives of a police officer a doctor and two other people. the 56-year-old was arrested this week at a u.s. border patrol entry when officers realized he was wanted by authorities. he was 9 years old in 1965 when he was cast as charlie brown. he was replayed at the age of 14 because the voice had changed. lady gaga's outfits are often a work of art. well, now so is she. the owner of the phoenix bakery has created a life-sized lady
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gaga cake. the man behind the frosting is jay murphy. he's a huge fan of the pop star. the entire cake wakes 180 pounds and the frosting and the fondant alone weigh 80 pounds. murphy made the cake ahead of her concert in phoenix last night. he says the masterpiece won't be on sale but he's going to put it on displace in his bakery. all right, we're going to have those school closings coming up for you in just a few moments. a number of them are on delays not closings were on delays today as a result of the snow. we'll get to that coming up in just a few moments. >> firefighters are trained to battle the largest of fires but they weren't expecting a fiery building to turn to a block of ice. frozen mess now causing some big concerns. we'll take through in a few moments. >> unbelievable footage of a train smashing into a truck that caused a terrifying collision. thanks. baltimore county, anne arundel
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county, howard county, frederick county, carol county all on two hour delays this morning. no pre-k in baltimore county and anne arundel no half day programs. all on two hour delays. news time now 5:27. "good morning maryland" continues in just a moment. . good morning, topping america's money, good but not good enough. apple had a $13 billion profit last quarter with big increases in sales of its iphones and ipads. but, analysts had expected more so apple's stock fell after the earnings report. netflix on the other hand had much better earnings than anyone expected. even netflix. the video streaming service added more than two million customers in the fourth quarter. that sent netflix shares soaring at afterhours trading. investors however say the u.s. budget battles are the biggest threat to the world economy and many of them are holding back the investments until they see republicans and democrats can work together. and mcdonald's will go fish next month. introducing a new menu item.
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fish mcbites. the fried nuggets are made from the same fish as the fillet o fish sandwich. they are angling to reverse its disappointing sales. and that's america's money. have a terrific thursday. i'm sunny hostin.
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breaking news overnight. crews are working a three alarm fire in baltimore city. we'll have the very latest in a live report. and we're waking up to flurries and temperatures once again in the teens and 20s. we're working for you with a check of the roads and how long the cold conditions will likely hang around. and a change in combat rules now going forward. find out the new role women will hold in battlefield situations on this thursday, january


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