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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 18, 2013 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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all the way to north korea where some overnight missile tests were conducted with the latest coming up. >> that's right. a very global show this morning. speaking of international, new details overnight about a shocking jewelry heist in the middle of one of the world's most glamorous events, a star-studded mystery. who stole a million dollars of jewels near the red carpet at the cannes film festival? but we begin with breaking news. a frightening scene caught on camera as a passenger plane made an emergency leading at newark airport overnight without its landing gear. sparks were seen shooting from the plane as the pilot was forced to make a belly landing at one of the nation's largest airports with dozens of passengers on board. abc's lisa stark is here with the details. and, lisa, how common are emergency landings like this one? >> reporter: well, bianna, they aren't uncommon. pilots can prepare for them in the simulator although they always look very dramatic and obviously you'd rather land with your landing gear. let's take a look at what happened last night.
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it was at newark at about 1:00 in the morning, this pilot coming in for a dramatic landing on the belly of the plane. you can see sparks were flying. the pilot did a great job keeping that turboprop on the runway and the wings level. fire and rescue crews were standing by. they immediately foamed the runway, foamed that plane to make sure there was no fire. 31 passengers on board, 3 crew members, everyone, everyone got out safely. the us airways flight coming from philadelphia, it had taken off about 10:50 in the evening. it was supposed to be just a short hop to newark. the pilot finds the landing gear is not working. the pilots then circle the tower for awhile while controllers and the crew tried to troubleshoot the problem, and reports now that the pilots decided, okay, we got to get all this landing gear up if we can't get it all down and come in on our belly. that's exactly what they did. that plane apparently still on the runway. these pictures taken just moments ago. they're going to move it off the runway and according to us
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airways, investigators with the national transportation safety board already on the scene there trying to figure out just what went wrong with this plane. >> that's right, the ntsb busy at work this morning. but how well prepared are pilots for this type of situation and how did this pilot manage to land the plane without any injuries to the passengers? >> reporter: well, the pilot did a great job. they are somewhat prepared for this. they can practice this in the simulator. you may remember back in 2005 there was a really scary incident down at l.a.x. airport in los angeles where a jetblue plane came in with its landing gear crooked. it was actually in the wrong position, sparks were flying there too. everyone landed safely, got out safely. i remember pilots telling me at that time, look, it looks really dramatic, but we really do prepare for this. >> those are some very fortunate passengers this morning. all right, lisa, thank you very much. great to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> dan. >> as lisa said, it looks like
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the pilot did a great job. as we said earlier, this is one of several developing stories. now to new details emerging on the train crash right in the middle of friday rush hour. two packed commuter trains colliding outside of new york city. 70 people hurt, some of them critically. federal investigators now heading to the scene in bridgeport, connecticut, and that is where we find abc's marci gonzalez. marci, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this morning dozens of those passengers remain hospitalized. at least three in critical condition. and the ntsb will be here on the scene today trying to figure out how this happened. >> all of a sudden we just hear, boom, and then we saw like smoke everywhere. >> reporter: a terrifying collision, a commuter train derailing, smashing into another. >> we heard something, and the train rolled sideways. >> reporter: it happened just after 6:00 last night during the busy evening rush. a metro north train leaving new york city somehow losing control here near bridgeport, connecticut, barreling straight into the path of another train heading in its direction.
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between the 2, 700 people were on board. >> my immediate instinct was to get up and to brace myself because i could see that we were going towards whatever derailment had happened. >> reporter: but others were not as fortunate. at least 70 people were injured. passengers helped passengers off the trains and into the care of first responders. >> she was kind of in and out of consciousness, she kept asking the same question over again like what happened. where are we? i kept telling her we were on the train. it crashed. >> reporter: the wreckage still on the tracks this morning, evidence of how fierce the impact was as those who walked away from the twisted railcars say it could have been so much worse. >> i think had we been going faster, i think there would have been a lot more destruction. >> reporter: and these same tracks are used by amtrak and now service from new york to boston is canceled until the wreckage can be cleared. still no word on how long that
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could take. bianna? >> a busy weekend for the ntsb investigating two potentially fatal incidents. all right, marci, thank you so much. well, we're going to turn now to the nationwide outbreak of lottery fever. the powerball jackpot is climbing to $600 million and counting and abc's gio benitez he's in brooklyn this morning covering this story. gio, i just want to remind you again i am your favorite colleague, correct? >> reporter: you did this before. i won't -- i'll make you proud, don't worry. we're at the perfect spot here because this is the shop where a $10 million ticket was sold just last year, so i'm going to go ahead and buy some tickets because overnight there were two winning tickets for that mega millions lottery, 190 million bucks, but now we're talking about $600 million for that powerball. >> there's a ticket. >> also, i hope so. >> reporter: this morning
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millions are hopeful all across the country betting on six numbers. >> you got to be in it to win it. >> reporter: here in new york city they're stopping at a shop in grand central station where lucky players have won before. >> i bought one right now but this is not all because i bought another from another spot. >> reporter: you're picking stores. this one had a winner back in april. >> that's why i'm here so hopefully it's good luck. >> reporter: she'll need the luck. the chances of winning, 1 in 175 million. and if you win a powerball jackpot of at least $600 million, overnight you'll make 11 times more than what jennifer lopez made in a year and 33 times more than kim kardashian's annual pay. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: at that grand central shop, one of the biggest lottery retailers around the nation, the clerks couldn't even keep track, but nationwide more than 385 million of those little slips of paper have been sold since wednesday night's drawing. how much do you think you've sold already today? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: no idea.
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>> really. >> reporter: it's that much. for some the prize money is already spent if only in their dreams. i mean, $600 million, what would you even do with that? >> you know, i don't know. i only know i could pay off some debts and perhaps put money aside for my kids' education. >> reporter: you want to be responsible. >> i got to be. this day and age you have to be. you know, you don't have a choice. >> reporter: a good guy. and, you know, here we go. we got our tickets. i think these might be the winning ones. i got just enough for all of us but if there is no winner tonight, guess what, we might be looking at the very first billion dollar jackpot ever. dan? >> gio, let me remind you, you have the office next to mine here. if you cut me out, it's going to get cold around here. just saying. bear that in mind. >> reporter: that's true. that's true and noisy. >> that's right. exactly. thanks for your reporting this morning. we appreciate it.
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by the way, there is a new wrinkle make the jackpot grow extra fast this time. just last month the state of california jumped on the powerball bandwagon. before this people there really had to cross state lines to get involved, but that has now changed in a big, big way, and abc's john schriffen is in l.a. john, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning. we are here at a 7-eleven considered one of the luckiest stores in the entire state because multiple winning million dollar lotto tickets have been sold here, but for other games, that's why so many are coming here to play powerball and win this jackpot that has grown so large, partly because california is now in the game. this morning, powerball tickets are spinning out in record numbers as players take their shot at tonight's highest ever powerball jackpot. so are these the winning tickets? >> these are the winning tickets. >> reporter: so everyone else can just stop playing. california has only been playing the game for a month. >> i think it's going to bring a lot of income into california, and it's going to just kind of just be a better way to live.
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>> reporter: lottery officials say tonight's $600 million pot got so high, thanks in no small part to that surge of sales from the nation's most populous state. >> once california joined the powerball family, we helped change the dynamics of the game because of the mere size of the state and the number of players that we have. >> reporter: once california joined the list of 42 states plus the district of columbia playing powerball, it immediately skyrocketed to the top three in ticket sales alongside florida and new york. as for the players, they sure are generous. these two are for the office. if you hit any of the numbers, you'll share with everyone. >> absolutely. >> reporter: you heard it here, folks. you're going to share with me, too? >> definitely. >> reporter: you heard that, as well. got to love the people out here on the west coast. now, just in case my new friend doesn't win, well, of course, i had to buy my own just as backup. but you know what, i do have faith in her. i think she's going to win. dan and bianna, back to you. >> i hope you got her cell phone number.
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take a look. thank you, john. appreciate it. tonight's powerball jackpot stands at 600 million bucks, the biggest jackpot in american history was last year, last march i believe, the mega millions, 656 million bucks so here's the question. will ticket sales today drive tonight's jackpot up even further? for answers let's go to chuck strutt, who is executive director of the multi-state lottery association in urbandale, iowa, this morning. chuck, good morning. >> good morning, dan. >> are you expecting to sell enough to drive the jackpot up significantly higher? >> well, you know, once we hit a record at 600 million, we thought maybe that's all we should say, but since mega millions got hit last night and sales are looking pretty good so far, so we're concerned we're just going to look silly if we don't raise it, so we're going to sit and look at some numbers to see if we can hit the world record. >> you are saying right here on our broadcast that you actually think you may at some point this morning push the jackpot higher right into the history books?
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>> only if we're very comfortable, but, you know, sales are looking good, so we're just going to wait and see what happens and look at some numbers. >> chuck, very quickly if there's not a winner tonight, how big could it be come the next drawing? >> well, you know it's a problem for us because most of the signs out there go to 999, so i'll just say -- i'll say it probably will be 999. >> wow, okay. could be a billion dollar drawing. chuck strutt, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. we look forward to what you have to say later on this morning about the new size of that jackpot. as always, we check the morning headlines at some point during the broadcast and as always we turn to a guy named ron claiborne for that. here he is. >> hey, how about that? could be a billion dollars. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news overnight. new provocations from north korea. the rogue nation firing three short-range missiles into the waters between north korea and japan, and abc's akiko fujita is in tokyo this morning huevos rancheros
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and joins us with the latest. akiko? >> reporter: ron, the launch today came after weeks. this morning they're on alert once again. the south korean defense ministry said north korea fired three missiles off its east coast, short-range guided missiles, not the midrange musudan missiles the united states feared they would launch last month. the missiles launched today are only capable of traveling 700 miles at most and officials here in tokyo say the missiles never reached japanese waters. north korea is known to fire off short-range missiles once every several months but the launches today followed the arrival of the u.s. aircraft carrier "uss nimitz." a move pyongyang has strongly criticized. the ship was brought into south korea last week for joint u.s. naval drills and north korea state tv called that a reckless attempt to invade their country ron. >> thank you, akiko for that report from tokyo.
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residents of wednesday's deadly toward began picking up the pieces. some of those who live in granbury will be able to return home to gather belongings that they can find. workers are trying to restore water, raise electrical lines and clear debris. the tornado, of course, killed six people. and federal prosecutors will ask for more time to indict the marathon bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. they will not file charges against the 19-year-old within the required 30-day period but did not say exactly why. tomorrow marks 30 days since tsarnaev was found hiding in a man's boat. he is charged with using a weapon of mass destruction in the bombings that killed three people. and finally, a repeat offender caught in florida, this 300-pound black bear spent more than three hours up in a tree on friday morning in the tampa area. the bear ran up the tree when it saw a dog out for a walk.
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wildlife officials finally tranquilized the bear and released it back into the forest. that's what they say they did at least. the red tag in its ear is a sign that the bear had been captured before. you know, i keep thinking about that lottery in the 600 million bucks, gio and john, they got tickets. i have not gotten one yet. >> after the -- >> i don't want to get shut out. i don't know. after the show. >> maybe take a run during the show. >> maybe. >> don't forget who bought you a hamburger last night. >> so you get half, right? >> time now for the weather and it's a busy weekend for ginger zee with millions of americans now bracing for severe weather including tornadoes, ginger. >> yeah, we're talking 30 million americans that will be in the crosshairs here. it starts today. it really started yesterday. we had more than 100 severe weather reports, some tornadoes, one or a couple actually reported in texas, and we got pictures. look at this. a very from afar beautiful-looking rope tornado as we call it as it ropes out at the bottom. a lot of times it means it's mature. i'm heading storm chasing. texas, oklahoma, kansas and
8:15 am
beyond as far north as north dakota for who needs to be worried about it. they had hail there yesterday and that will be an issue through the weekend. all of the ingredients are now coming together. moisture from the gulf of mexico, you have a jet stream crossing the cold front and watch this. from oklahoma city west, that's where the bulk of this happens tonight. remember, this afternoon and tonight up to north platte, nebraska now. the threat from fargo into south oklahoma, so it's not just that huevos rancheros area, but that's the biggest area for tornadoes, then this goes into tomorrow and this looks like an even greater risk, so parts of kansas city, wichita, tulsa and oklahoma city tomorrow in some of that big, big risk area. heat has been a big fueling factor and it will again record temps yesterday for a lot of west texas, again, lubbock above 100, 99 midland, and there you go, some moisture and even showers and even some flooding possible in the southeast.
8:16 am
>> thank you, ginger. the bling factor at the legendary cannes film festival on the french riviera is significantly diminished the result of a real-life hollywood-style caper involving a million dollars in jewels meant to be loaned out to a-list stars prowling various red carpets. abc's lama hasan is in cannes this morning. lama, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan on a very wet and windy morning in cannes, but we've got so much to tell you because about a million dollars worth of
8:17 am
all that glitters is now gone. talk about a coincidence because the dramatic heist takes place on the same night of sofia coppola's premiere of her movie "bling ring," which is a story about a group of l.a. teenagers breaking into the homes of the rich and famous stealing their jewelry. it may sound like a job for cary grant in the movie "to catch a thief," scene of the crime, star-studded cannes film festival. the target, swiss jewelers to the stars, chopard, but this jewelry heist on the french riviera is no hollywood plot. >> this is a very tempting venture knowing all of the expensive jewelry that's going to be at one location. >> reporter: right under the noses of french police, beefed up security and the glitz and glamour less than a mile away thieves descended upon this hotel brazenly ripping a safe out of the wall in a room being use the by the legendary jeweler. >> it was an idea crime.
8:18 am
everything was timed perfectly. you would have to have some inside information. >> reporter: at the cannes festival for the last 16 years even doing the palm d'or, chopard has been using the hot event to showcase its fine gels. draping superstars like julianne moore and cindy crawford in eye-popping ice. ooh-la-la. but the jeweler says none of the missing loot valued by investigators at over a million dollars was intended for the festival's stars. >> the jewelry stolen are not part of the collection of the jewels that are worn by actresses during the cannes film festival. >> reporter: french police are on the case questioning a chopard employee scanning surveillance video for clues. as for the film festival, well, the show must go on. well, so far french police have made no arrests, they have no suspects. but i guess the one silver lining is this, no, it's not the weather, it's this, that prestigious award, the palm d'or made by chopard for the best movie here in cannes, well,
8:19 am
that's intact. it is safe. bianna. >> good to know. insurance companies will be going wild, i am sure. lama, thanks so much. well, the countdown is on for a huge music extravaganza here on abc tomorrow night. some of the hottest performers in the music world will take the stage at the "billboard music awards," everyone from jennifer lopez to prince. actor tracy morgan is hosting the show and barbara walters sat down with him for a no holds barred interview for a special edition of "20/20." >> if you are looking for dull and dignified, he is not your man. he aims for funny on the red carpet and on the road where he's back to his roots in a new tour called "excuse my french." you're back on stage doing stand-up comedy. >> yeah. it feels good to hear my voice again, to hear my voice. not reading someone else's lines. when i'm on stage i like to let people know where i come from. >> reporter: born in the projects of new york city, his
8:20 am
life was anything but funny. >> when you're funny in that environment that's so rough, most people don't have $100 to go to madison square garden to see eddie murphy, so i was their eddie murphy so they would protect and then i liked that feeling so i would make people laugh. >> reporter: tracy made people laugh on "saturday night live" and then for seven years on the sitcom "30 rock," but with the fame came partying and drinking. so when you're on "30 rock" you were this funny, zany -- >> but i was dying inside. the first two years. >> reporter: what was the wake-up call? >> losing my family. my wife wanted a divorce. i put the alcohol down and i just walked away from all of it. >> reporter: and now you don't drink at all. >> seven years clean. >> reporter: are you tempted every day? >> we all are. it's all around us, but i fight. >> reporter: you're 44 now. did you ever think that you would be this popular when you
8:21 am
were a little kid, that you would -- >> you mean like being interviewed by barbara walters. >> yes. >> no. >> something like that. >> no way, man. this is all surreal to me. now i'm hosting the billboard awards. get out of here. >> you can watch all of her interview in a special edition of "20/20," "rock 'n' royalty" that's tonight 9:00 eastern on abc and she is well known to get people to open up but i didn't think it could happen with him. >> such raw emotion that we saw. all right. coming up on "good morning america," breaking baby news. reports that beyonce and jay-z are expecting baby number two. what their inner circle is saying this morning. also coming up on "gma," dramatic day for o.j. simpson accusing his former lawyer of botching his armed robbery trial, but wait until you hear the bombshell his attorney dropped when he had a chance to take the stand. and no more monkey business for justin bieber. why the biebs could get hit with a big bill after that kerfuffle
8:22 am
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speculation running wild that beyonce is pregnant with her second child from the dress she wore to the met gala to her canceling a concert this week, pretty much every move she makes is under a microscope so are the rumors true? we're going to try to find out. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris.
8:29 am
it's saturday, may 18th. another burning question this morning, do you have your powerball ticket yet? millions of americans do. millions more will be buying them today, and we just learned live on our air that the powerball people may be increasing the size of the jackpot into record territory north of $650 million, which would make it one of the biggest jackpots in american history. ron claiborne has left us. he's out buying his tickets right now. we'll check in with him in just a moment. >> but we do begin with o.j. simpson's battle for a new trial. simpson's former attorney took the stand yesterday offering stunning testimony while responding to accusations from simpson that he did a terrible job defending the former football star. abc's brandi hitt is in las vegas with this story turning into quite a scandal, brandi. >> reporter: oh, definitely, bianna, good morning. o.j. simpson is now heading back into the prison system as he waits for the judge's decision, and his hearing here came to a dramatic end. it was high drama in court pitting o.j. simpson against his
8:30 am
former lead attorney, yale galanter. >> mr. simpson never told me that he was going to go into the palace station with a bunch of thugs. >> reporter: simpson claims the night before 2007 botched robbery, galanter advised him he had a legal right to confront two men selling sports memorabilia simpson claims was stolen. >> i followed what i thought the law. >> nobody wanted to win the case more than i wanted to win it. >> reporter: the former football great maintains he never knew his entourage was armed. >> and i wouldn't imagine in my wildest dreams that these guys would have guns. >> reporter: but as skimp shook his head galanter deliver ed this bombshell saying under oath that o.j. confessed to him in private before his conviction. >> he had told me that he did, in fact, ask alexander and mcclinton to bring the guns. >> reporter: the battle is part of simpson's request for a new trial based on what he says was a gross mishandling of his case. such is the plea bargain galanter now says was on the table.
8:31 am
>> he said, you know, o.j., there's an opportunity to do it. he said see if i'll get a year. >> reporter: simpson says he was never told about the deal. >> i couldn't understand why they hadn't offered me a deal. >> reporter: simpson has spent the last four years behind bars, and his attorneys say despite galanter's testimony he is confident the judge will grant him the new trial. >> he's hopeful definitely and he actually is also really grateful that he got to tell his truth. >> reporter: just really interesting to see both sides tell their story. now, the judge says she will release her decision in writing and we're expecting that to happen within the next few weeks, dan and bianna. >> big decision coming up, brandi hitt, thanks for your reporting. usually at this time we'd toss it over to ron claiborne for a look at the morning headlines. however, ron bailed at us. he's over at the convenience store buying lottery tickets. doesn't look like it's going well. >> oh. hey, dan, actually i'm trying to get into this store.
8:32 am
they're not open yet. i want to buy some lottery tickets. hello. anybody in there? well, i am going to stay out here until they actually open up. you know, this lottery jackpot of $600 million is, of course, one of the largest ever. you know that half of the largest ones in jackpot history have occurred just in the last two or three years but the actual record occurred in spain, that was a jackpot of $941 million just this past december, but that jackpot had to be shared by 180 people, just $4 million each. so, you know, i want to get a piece of this action here. look up here. again, $600 million. that was enough to draw me out of the studio. here's the tip i have for playing numbers. i want to get your guys' numbers later. i picked the numbers of former yankee greats. i'm not going to tell you what those numbers are. >> how has that worked for you so far, ron? >> send me your numbers. it hasn't worked yet, but you know what, i'm going to keep playing them until i win. >> there may be other bodegas in the area you want to try. >> i'm going to get into this
8:33 am
one eventually. >> that's the lucky one. >> all right, ron. >> hey, hello. >> pick me up a bottled water. and we'll see you back -- >> you got my money. >> call the cops. >> exactly. we'll see you back here in a little bit. thank you, ron. let's check the weather with ginger zee. what's going on? >> you know, it's a severe situation as far as the tornadoes and hail possibilities but it's also been severe out in california. look at the wildfires, an aerial view here, 50 miles north of los angeles. they have seen pretty intense, up to 600 acres almost of the wildfires, and here's what's going to happen for you this weekend. the red flag warnings will go away, winds will subside and the fire danger is going to go down slightly but very warm still. palm springs at 90, yuma, 105, new mexico, parts of texas and southern colorado and southwest kansas still in that red flag warning, but, remember, severe weather, and this is what i want everyone to pay attention to, today it's 9 million folks in western oklahoma through central kansas and south central
8:34 am
nebraska that really have to be concerned about those tornadoes. and watch that. two plus inch hail and of course, 80-mile-per-hour plus wind gusts. a whole lot of rain comes on the north side of this and some severe weather too. i'll leave you with a look at that. >> this weather report has been brought to you by party city. and i've had so much bad news, i have to tell you, guys, if you want to find good weather, go out the door here. northeast going to be very nice. >> love it. >> good. >> although you're leaving us to go do some storm chasing today. >> i don't like nice weather. i don't chase sunshine. >> i'm writing that down. that will be on on ginger's tombstone. i do not chase sunshine. >> no. coming up here on "gma's," beyonce's baby rumors. are she and jay-z expecting their second child?
8:35 am
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so it appears the rumors may be true. beyonce and jay-z may be expanding their family. >> may be. beyonce's pregnancy rumors began flying earlier this month with claims that blue ivy is going to have a new playmate. >> or new rival. >> abc's linzie janis is here with this story, of course, everyone wants it to be true. >> of course, they do. it seems that she has gotten her wish that blue ivy will have a brother or sister. several sources at e! news have confirmed the star is pregnant. ♪ who'll win the world ♪ girls >> reporter: could it be true. is blue ivy about to be a big sister? >> she's spoken about wanting to give blue ivy a sibling. we've learned beyonce's wish is coming true. >> reporter: if what e! news says is right, then beyonce's baby number two is on the way. the rumor mills went on overdrive ever since she showed up in a givenchy number elaborate enough to hide a baby bump.
8:41 am
>> the rumors of a clever cover-up at the met gala. >> reporter: it reached fever pitch when the hot momma was forced to cancel a show in belgium after doctors told her to rest. and just a week before that, the superstar told "gma" she wanted a sibling for her 1-year-old daughter. >> i think my daughter needs some company. >> reporter: e! news is citing several sources, but beyonce's reps are keeping quiet for now. >> i think beyonce and jay-z know what they're doing. not too much seems to happen in their life that isn't well thought out and well planned. >> reporter: in her february hbo documentary she revealed blue ivy's bump. >> i want you to see the lump that's growing inside of me. >> reporter: saying she waited until the last possible moment to show it to the world at the 2011 mtv music video awards. now the burning question what will pregnancy mean for the rest of the mrs. carter world tour? >> i wouldn't be surprised if she canceled more dates if she's just not feeling up to it. her tour is very physical, and she's going to do what's right as a mommy first.
8:42 am
>> reporter: according to e! news, it will likely not impact any of the scheduled dates. the tour now in europe comes stateside in june and wraps up in early august, by which time beyonce would be heavily pregnant. well, beyonce performed in zurich last night and keeping up with the tour with a growing belly would likely be a challenge for the megastar, but, dan and bianna, she's never exactly shied away from challenges before. >> she did it before. >> i can't imagine doing those dance moves, though, heavily pregnant. >> i can't imagine doing those moves when not pregnant. >> right. >> all right. linzie, thanks. coming up here on "gma," justin bieber, his monkey and a big price tag. if that's not enough animal news for you, find out what is going on in this picture right here. super cute. coming up here in "pop news." keep it here. as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves
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♪ all right, tim all right, time for "pop news" and our entertain mement reporter and host of "on the red carpet rachel smith is with us in new york, which, as we always say, it's true, we prefer. >> thanks, guys. always love being here with y'all. let's get right to it, shall we. first up, justin bieber, he will have to pay up for his monkey business while on tour in germany. earlier this year, you may remember the pop star, he left his monkey back in germany. and now he owes thousands of dollars to cover two months' worth of food and shelter for his capuchin monkey named mally. it was seized and quarantined in march because biebs didn't have the proper papers, and now the pet will probably be transferred to a permanent home in a zoo or an animal park in germany. >> summons like your monkey time is up. how does that go? >> i guess. man, mally has been on lockdown in customs.
8:48 am
>> apparently the summons was in german so complicated. >> better care in a zoo than a very busy biebs. >> they are very social animals and they need to be with a group kind of like we all do, hanging with our group. >> animals. >> this is a good one, guys. how is dwyane wade prepping for the next round of the playoffs? well, the prom, of course. the miami heat player was asked to the big dance by a high school senior, nicole muxo. via youtube and sure enough, number 3 took her up on the invite making a surprise appearance. check that out. look at the footage there. i mean it, that's like the ultimate prom experience, right? >> yeah. >> who wouldn't? >> wade said that he didn't have anything going on that night and wanted to make it a memorable moment. >> i think it's safe to say that was the ultimate prom experience. i think overrated for me personally. >> dwyane wade to make it better. >> definitely. >> the monkey. >> yes. >> that's one way to look at it. and finally, now we've got a kangaroo, guys.
8:49 am
this morning, this is way too cute to pass up. take a look at this adorable meeting between a kangaroo and a 4-year-old. little olivia, she's dressed up like a kangaroo at a wildlife park in australia, and look at her. she even has little joey in her pouch. isn't that precious to complete the look. now, the girl's parents said the kangaroo was extremely curious and perhaps even confused and little olivia was just fascinated by the kangaroo and her parents thought it was too cute and just had to share with everyone else. it's precious. >> glad they did. i'm getting -- the producer getting in my ear, breaking news. apparently ron has been able to get into the bodega here in manhattan to buy some lottery tickets. >> yay! >> there he is making his way into the store. all right, ron. right back after this commercial break we'll check in with you as he goes to buy what will be the winning ticket. >> right. >> we better be getting a cut. pick some good numbers. >> pick six. pick some good numbers. >> pick six. and fleas and ticks don't travel alone. your pets may be under attack...
8:50 am
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8:54 am
before we leave, we want to go back out to ron claiborne. the bodega owner heard him pounding, opened the store. ron, did you pick the numbers? >> no, i'm going to do it right now, bianna. these are my numbers. yankee greats in here. i have one bet already down, a pick six for john figby back there in the office. hey, john, i got your bet down. yes, do it. let's do it. >> they're our numbers. >> they're our numbers. >> the winning ones. i'm going to share this with you, bianna. >> if you don't see us on the show tomorrow morning, it's because we all won, but odds are we'll be here. have a great day. >> okay. >> oh.
8:55 am
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8:58 am
>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna,
8:59 am
coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. and welcome to "wild countdown." one of the best perks of being a conservationist comes when the job is done. gonna say good-bye to you in a bit. today, the inspiring stories of incredible creatures that i helped release into the wild. you want me to show you how to fly? plus my blooper of the week. cut him loose and let him go! >> we let it to be free? >> yes. so stick around. 6 special species are going home on today's "wild countdown." i don't know, it happened so dad-gum fast, i don't know what happened. we tried to leave our tents. not even to go get dinner. we couldn't get to dinner. the lions were everywhere! golly dang! [dog barking] whoo! help! >> there's a dolphin right here! >> holy mackerel! [roaring]


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