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tv   News  ABC  June 17, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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>> one hardly should back those who kills their enemies and eats their organs and all of that is filmed and shot. >> as the meetings get underway, the guardian reports that during the 2009g8 summit in london, the phones of delegates were monitored. a newspaper by the nsa contractor who admited to leaking controversial details about the united states surveillance program. president barrack obama will have a one-one meeting with putin area the g-8 summit and then visit germany. baltimore kicks off today, mayor rawlings-blake and the baltimore national heritage will kickoff the 1812 coin program at the maryland historical society.
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if you receive ten unique 1812 stamps from participating sites and programs you are then eligible to receive a coin. the vote is scheduled for wednesday ons terms of employment in the area employees. it would give salary step increases and cost of living adjustments to thousands of employees. the would range from 1 to 2 % of the employee's salaries depending on positions. this month the dragon boats. we're not talking about the paddleboats, but the larger ones. the groups racing each other will do it across the harbor raising money for young adults. it is 8:00 on saturday morning. this morning a family in it is safe because of one mother's action. baker and two children were shopping and a man hid in baker's van. a man pulled out a knife on
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baker demanding she stop at an atm. she refused. grabbed the knife, and punched him in the face. the man had enough and jumped out of the van. >> i didn't mean to run him over, i was trying to stop him. you don't come after people with kids. and told him, he messed with the wrong witch. >> there you go. the man is expected to face felony charges once she is released from the hospital. well, you thanked your dad for his love and support on father's day. this year the holiday has a different meaning for people in phoenix. aim evacuated was given up for acushion when she was little. last year she volunteered as a rescue mission, the same time a pastor was there, too. for a young their paths never
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crossed until one day. >> i said i don't knows how to say this, i'm your daughter. >> the is one of the moments everything fades to black. >> he was speechless for a minute. >> she said please, say something. >> i found myself smiling on the other end of the phone. >> as they talked they realized they were both serving that rescue mission all of this time not knowing the bond that shay shared. 24 years ago that gave amy up for adoption, because he struggled with addiction.
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superman 4 hits the top of the weekend box office. shattered a record along the way. raking in $125 million. a new june opening record. it is a girl for kardashian and west. yes. we have already come up with a name. the couple welcomed they first child on saturday in los angeles. the baby was born five weeks earlier than expected. kim's sister, khloe tweet i cannot describe the miracle that is now a part of our
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family. mommy and baby are healthy and resting. we appreciate all of the love. no word on the baby's name this morning. but lynette. >> northwest. >> there you go. the harlem globetrotters are known for their fancy moves. all the chicken in your grocery store
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is inspected by the usda before it's packaged.
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but perdue asked the usda to go further...a lot further. in our hatcheries, feedmills and the family farms where our chickens are raised. they verify that all our chickens are fed an all-veggie diet, and they're cared for in a clean, safe environment. with no animal b no other chicken company does this. but we believe this is what it takes to bring your family a tastier, more tender chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. we are working for you on this monday morning. good morning, everyone. i'm charlie crowson. megan pringle is off today.
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but lynette charles is here with the forecast. what is going on? not a lot. charlie. we look at maryland's most powerful radar. we're looking for showers. not really, it doesn't mean we won't get any into the morning hours and the afternoon. make sure that you take the rain gear with you. outside right now, this is going on right now, yes. we're dealing with clouds, and sun mixing in across the area. that's the name of the game throughout the afternoon as well. and the sky is changing a bit throughout the next several days. the temperature right now is warm. 71 degrees right now. annapolis, we're at 89. in shade he side that temperature is at 71. so these temperatures are above- average this morning and even into the afternoon. speaking of the afternoon, by lunchtime, 83 degrees. 86 degrees by 8:00. and once again dealing with the humidity across the area. now, check of the traffic with lauren.
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well, lynette, the traffic is starting to pickup this monday morning. we have a crash on i-70. on the westbound lanes at the river bridge. the eastbound travel will be calm over to 695. the speeds have dropped to the west side of the beltway. 29 miles per hour. and the tribe times will -- drive times will really reflect that. and the beltway in parkville, that's in a second. right now a water main break on the westbound lanes of liberty road. the traffic is getting by on the center turn lane. so expect delays in the area. that's your time-saver traffic report. breaking news this morning
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out of parkville. eight people in the hospital recovering from possible carbon monoxide poisoning. linda so is on-the-scene all morning and here with the latest. linda, do we know what was in the house? >> well, air samples were taken. they being analyzed right now at the maryland department of the environment so we should have more answers in a couple of hours. joining us this morning is jay with, the fire department, public officer, do you have expect idea or information on what this could have been? >> no. it could have been accidental chemical exposure, a mix of chemicals or something unknown. we are trying to determine. >> initially the thought was it could have been carbon monoxide because the alarms went off. >> yes when we bring our meters in it read as high level of co. it is saying it is a dangerous environment so we bring in additional meters and call in
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maryland department of environment. >> explain to us what a chemical reaction might mean in a house setting like this. >> basically accidental exposefer you mix ammonia and bleach, these types of things. one spills into another one. or you start a cleaning job and finish up with another product. >> got it. any update on the patients conditions. eight people were transferred to the hospital. >> right. six people to the hyperbaric chamber. >> does that the duaccident it is serious. >> basically they are trying to cleanse the body of toxin chemicals fusing the oxygen into the body. >> thank you. again, eight people taken to the the hospital. six of them to shock trauma. we should have more information in a couple of hours. back to you. today the trial of a baltimore county police officer charged in the death of a teen is set it begin. james laboard was off-duty last
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year. abc 2 news' sherrie johnson is here with more on the developments. >> reporter: yes. it has been the year since the death of 17-year-old christopher brown. today james laboard is set to be tried for two counts of manslaughter. the incident happened on june 13th of last year. laboard was off-duty and a group of kids threw rocks hat hiss doors and ran. and laboard chased brown. there was struggle between the two. the teen died of affiliation. the officer was trying to assessitate the teen on-the- scene. the jury must decide what happened that night. laboard is saying that she is innocent. dut the teen's mother has been very vocal. if the officer is convicted he could face up to ten years in prison. back to you. >> thank you. a difficult day for loved
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ones of kami, she was killed last week and will be laid to rest this afternoon. viitation for ring begins this morning at 10:00. ring's body was founds close to the home where she was staying. police have arrested and charged 29-year-old richard madden. a dispute over public access in court records of a military trial of manning is moving from a military court to civilian court. they are seeking access to documents in the trial. still no suspects this morning a woman found murdered in an apartment leasing office. police are saying twine-year- old melinda shafferrophous was found friday. sunday, police are saying that she was stabbed to death, but they are not releasing information about a motive or a
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suspect. man killed in baltimore on saturday, is the city's 100 homicide this year. police found the man with cuts on north raise dale street, he died that expect. no suspects at this time. on 2012, june 20th. an i.r.s. supervisor says that she was involved in examining applications from be party groups. pauley told congressal investigator she reviewed 20 to 30 applications and some sat for more than a year. big votes are expected this week in the u.s. senate on the immigration prefer bill. that group is supported pie eight senators. if the measure passes the democratically controlled have it will face a tougher battle
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in the house. you may not have noticed but you're paying less at the pump these days. the national average for unleaded is $3.62 a gallon. well, sports this morning there is no rest in site for the orioles. they continue their push for top the top. they start a great in detroit with the fibers. [ no audio ] baltimore moved a game and 1/2 within boston.
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game tonight in detroit. well, the heat is on now for the miami heat, the team must win game 6 or the championship dreams for the year are over. the spurs are just one win away from being the new champs of the nba. they beat the heat in game 5 to take the lead, 3-2. the final score from san antonio, 114- 104. you can catch game 6 tomorrow night here on abc 2 news. if you're traveling through downtown baltimore on york road today, you might see something unusual, the harlem globetrotter will bounce towards globetrotter week. they are in town, as the inner harbor to tiger arena at towson university. they are expected to arrive by 1:30. they will have a game wednesday, thursday and friday at that arena. a 7:00 tip.
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a great time. they will be going out 7 miles the weather? humid, and drink plenty of fluid. they are athletes they know what they're doing. not a lot of rain this morning, but the potential for showers and thunderstorms into the afternoon. most of them to the south of us. this is a line that came through overnight. and then showers and thunderstorms back across the plants once again, severe weather, isolated tornadoes across the area. townsend, we are dealing with clouds and sunshine. that is the name of the game throughout the day. temperature wise, we are quite warm this morning. we're at 73 degrees in baltimore. now this is what going on at
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the surface. we have this cold front, that is waiting to work through. it will stall out before it does so-so for today and tomorrow the chance for showers and storms to continue. the humidity will pump in ahead of this, courtesy of the gulf of mexico. and speaking of the gulf of mexico. we have a disturbance, what is going on right here, this is what we're looking at, clouds, thunderstorms, the area of low pressure is trying to develop. it will push off towards the north. heading towards the yucatan peninsula. this has a 30% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours. of course, we are going to monitor the situation. abc 2 news goes into motion. this afternoon, we have the possibility for showers and storms to pop up again. so grab the rain gear out and about. keep it in your car and
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briefcase. and the chance again on thursday afternoon. this is today, the high temperature around 86 degrees. and by the time we hit tomorrow, more humid and sunshine by the end of the week. now, a traffic the traffic with lauren. well, lynette, unfortunately, we have traffic troubles across the region. in howard county there is a crash on i-77. it is block one lane. the eastbound traffic is calm to the beltway. and baltimore county watch out for a water main break. the traffic is getting by on the center a little bit only. and the westbound side is slowing down. 22 miles per hour. the drive time up to 17 minutes from 795 to 95. a much different story here in parkville.
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that's your time-saver traffic report. all right. here is your cuteness fix for the day. this monkeying is so thirsty, he got change and bought himself a drink in the vending machine. >> that is so cute. >> about controllable. >> look at this. >> a snort. >> i got a snort. >> all right. he gave the change back to the owner, grabbed the drink. hops on the table. screws off the lid and takes a drink. >> he is adorable. look at that. [ laughter ] >> that video is worth it. love it. so you in a half-hour. see life in the best light.
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so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature.
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[ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens. good morning, america. breaking overnight, brand-new
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spy games revealed right out of a hollywood thriller. the u.s. and britain eavesdropping on world leaders even hacking the e-mails of the russian president as president obama arrives in northern ireland for high-level talks today. developing now, brand-new hot spots as more blazes break out in the west. hundreds evacuated overnight as thousands battle to return to their homes in colorado. look at this frightening image. one home standing in the disaster zone. caught on tape, a desperate scramble as this duck boat suddenly sinks right in the middle of a tour. 31 people on board. the boat taking on water so fast, passengers dive overboard to save their lives. and one wild ride, the unbelievable moment this teenager jumped on the back of a giant shark and held on for dear life. why he saves he did it and the boatload of questions he is facing this morning.
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and a good monday morning to everyone. we hope everyone had a nice weekend. we know that sam champion sure did. he's still out in los angeles where he did a great job co-hosting the daytime emmys last night and we'll check in with sam in just a moment and speaking of california, we have new pictures from out there wildfires burning hot and fast, hundreds there already evacuated. and an alert about the health threat from all the smoke in the air. we do begin with president obama arriving in northern ireland for a summit with world leaders amid new revelations that the united states and great britain spied on our allies at previous summit meetings. even intercepting communications of the russian president. it's the latest revelation from edward snowden and abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl has the latest from ireland. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. yeah, that's right.


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