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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  August 13, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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will go give a statement before the defense rests tomorrow. man is dead after falling 65 feet to his death during a braves-philly game at turner field. authorities say the fan fell from the upper deck of a parking-- to a parking lot at turner field in atlanta. it happened before the beginning of the game because there was a rain delay of two hours that pushed the start forward. police say there are no signs of foul play but there's no word on whether not alcohol played a role. a developing story a major shift in the war on drugs this morning with the u.s. facing massive prison overcrowding attorney general eric holder wants to scale back on the harsh sentences for certain drug related crimes. >> we cannot simply prosecute orincarcerate our way to be a safer nation. >> he says the proposal will ease prison overcrowding and save billions in prison costs. but others worry that easing the man todayy sentences for -- mandatory sentence for drug
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offenders can increase crime. a hearing will be hemmed for a traveling hospital technician that is accuse forward hepatitis c outbreak. dozens of patients were infected because of tainted needles. david kwiatkowski agreed to plead guilty to 14 federal drug theft and tampering charges and could get 40 years in prison. this morning howard county police are looking for a man who was seen in someone's backyard naked spraying himself with a garden hose. this is not something to laugh about. investigators say it happened sunday on thomas edison drive. once the man was spotted police say he possibly got into a silver suv and drove away. we will have more on the story as it continues. this comes just two days after a woman out for a jog in columbia near stone cloud and majors lane had her breast grabbed by a man from behind he was dressed like a jogger just like she was. anyone with information about either of the incidents give
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police a call at 410-313-stop. this morning police are looking for leads in a double shooting. this happened on hoffman street in northeast baltimore sunday night. a 14-year-old girl was shot in the leg and a bullet grazedanother woman's arm. both victims were in the street playing football when someone in silver car drove by and opened fire. >> now how often just one time it takes is too many times. we don't want to live in a world that's you know got hatred in it like that. we should be loving one another not killing one another. >> a local minister is asking people to join them for a day of hope on saturday august 24th. at the collington square park to connect people to services including free school supplies and address crime they may have witnessed. a developing sorry now those living in pigtown are angry after the neighborhood is hit by what they say is a pair of burglars. the crimes are also upsetting by what nabs say was a slow
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police response in the calls for help. abc2 news roosevelt leftwich is live downtown and they are saying police waited hours that's what the neighbors are saying. >> reporter: well exactly charley. for folks that live in that neighborhood they say they may have seen the people doing it and in fact one of the homeowners said she may have talked to the two teens who broke into her home. maria says her home was hit on saturday and two teens were in front of her hop home and asked the time as she loaded up hercar with the kids a short too many later the alarm went off and they tried to force the front door first and went around back and were able to get in and steal several is items including electronics be a jewelry from her hometrent watson says the crew hit another house the same day and people in the neighborhood are frustrated with many things. >> they saw the kids across the way actively trying to get into another house one of the kids the older one was squatting
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down near the bushes as if he was grabbing something. and the other kid was work the front door to see if he could get in. >> reporter: the neighbors followed the teens until they disappeared on washington boulevard about five minutes before the first police unit showed up. trent watson says they are worried police are not responding fast enough to the nonviolent crimes. city police checked the log and found that the first units responded within 5 to 10 minutes of the original 911 calls about the suspect but another call took about 20 minutes to respond. reporting live downtown, roosevelt leftwich abc2 news. >> thanks for that report. eldersberg's national night out is supposed to take place tonight it was supposed to be knacks tuesday but had to be rescheduled because of bad weather. the aim is to bring community and law enforcement together. tonight's event includes food music and activities for the kids and will start at 6 in the sykesville freom district fire department's carnival grounds. and we have showers and
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storms trying to slow down this morning's commute. i will tell you if the showers and storms will be around for this evening's commute coming up. >> reporter: rain and traffic never mix well but we are not dealing with delays on 695 at route 40. i will show you what the other main lines look like coming up after the break. beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. so you can fuel more than your car. get 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life.
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a nasa satellite captured images of a monster storm heading towards the philippines and super typhoon after make landfall yesterday. winds up to 124 miles an hour were locked. two people were killed and -- did clocked. two people were killed and hundreds of homes damaged. it weakened since heading into south china to the south china sea. time for a check of our storms and what's going on locally and not only here in maryland, but lynette you are watching what's going on in the tropics. >> exactly. it's that time of the year so keeping our eyes peeled and what we are watching is just this little disturbance here trying to get its act together but has a 10% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours. we will continue to monitor thetropics. for today, we will be dealing with plenty of rain moving in across the area. you can see that as we take it back to the lower 48 here at home in maryland starting to see some showers and some thunderstorms popping up around baltimore county this morning. so this is that batch of rain
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that's sliding off towards the east. but behind that batch of rain, yes, we do have a cold front and this is not here yet so we will have the first batch move through and get a break in the action and then we will start to see more showers and thunderstorms popping up as we go towards the afternoon, and some of those storms could be on the severe side. we are talking about damaging winds and also heavy rain so that's why we have a flash flood watch in effect until 3:00 for today. behind that cold front, yes, good news. you like relief from the humidity? we will dry out and we will see pleasant temperatures. but this morning, not so pleasant. we are dealing with muggy conditions and warm conditions and steven villes at 77 degrees right now. 77 -- stevensville at 77 degrees right now. northeast at 72 and 73 in ga loona and denton good morning you are coming in at 75 degrees right now. abc2's most accurate future trend goes into motion but before i do so this is at 8 this morning. look at this red bull's eye. that's a lot of rain coming down at one time.
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that's something that we don't need. the grounds are saturated and with that, we do have the potential for flooding and even as we go towards the afternoon again more showers and thunderstorms popping up into the picture. high pressure builds in as we head towards the middle of the week. but in the meantime, because of the showers and thunderstorms, some of those could be on the severe side down load our storm shield weather app and this is going to keep you ahead of the storm and keep you safe if you have a warning in your area. 83 degrees will be the nighttime temperature and the 7- day forecast is drying out nicely heading towards the weekend more showers and thunderstorms passable but next week. let's check the traffic now with lauren. >> reporter: we are off to a rany start right now. 83 here at timonium road. it will remain clear as you get on the jfx and head downtown. at 695, also moving right along here in parkville at harford road. the inner loop no problems getting down to 95 and outer loop looking at normal drive
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time of lev 11 minutes from 95 all the way up to 8 3. on the west side we are dealing with the in that can get in the way but no problems on the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95 and no concerns right now on the south side of 95. it will take 6 minutes normal ride to get to route 100 up to the beltway. you can be the first to know about the drive times follow me on twitter at maryland traffic. today the prosecution intends to begin calling expert witnesses in the military trial of major nidal hasan who is accused of killing 13 people and wounding 32 others during a rampage in fort hood text nas 2009. -- texas in 2009. he is acting as his lawyer and because he is large liciting quiet more than 60 witness have been called in four days. an update on the pennsylvania girl with a lung transplant after a court badel allowed her to be included on the adult transplant list. 11-year-old sarah morn began
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has -- morn gan will undergo another-- murnaghan will undergo another surgery today. that istory -- story you have to see and hear after searching all over a woman finds a bun in the oven and it takes a second and dawns on her she has a grandchild on the way. listen to her-- i get des guess the grandmother to be reaction. >> [ creams ] >> all right. -- screams-- [ screams ] >> don't think you could have been more excited than that. city officials says it could bring hundreds of jobs to the area and millions in terms of economic revenue and how much the city plans to boow to subsidize the harbor point development a number that's pretty large. also how much are you willing to spend on your child's birthday party. we have tips on how to cut the cost and make the day even as special as you want.
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that's powerful. at 800.974.6006 tty/v. the controversial plan to vail section of baltimore's inner harbor is taking a step forward. city council gave preliminary approval to the project in a vote last night. the city plans to borrow more than 100 million dollars to pay for roads, parks and infrastructure for the harbor point site between harbor east and fells point. the opponents say the money could go to other things need for work in the city. supporters include mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and they said project will create hundreds of jobs and bring hundreds of millions of dollars back into the city with new tax revenue. >> it's going to be great for the developer. it's not going to be such a benefit to the rest of the city>> harbor east was opposed by many and people who opposed
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it now come in and say it was pretty good project. >> the vote was 11-3 and the final vote expected to come next month. and now from abc2 maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's start out with a look at maryland's most powerful radar and we are very active now. we can see thunderstorms popping up across the area and plenty lightning with the storms and also some heavy rain coming down across the area . so we zoom in to around parkton look at the reds dealing with the heavy rain there. so we have a flash flood watch that is in effect for today. the potential for flood something there and will be there all day. still as we slide further down to the south we can see more heavy rain and the red is around phoenix and could beiesville and this is is sliding off towards the east towards jaretsville and foxwood and this is crossing the board- - jarrettsville and foxwood and there is crossing the border. around kingswood and pylesville
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as well. we will fill in the activity especially towards the afternoon time frame. we have the rain this morning and we still have patchy fog out there as well especially off towards the north and west. we can see reduced visibility really around hagerstown and york but even along the eastern shore this morning, there is is a change only about 7 miles in easton. so besides the rain, you need to slow it down because of the fog. the dew points are very high once again so we are dealing with the muggies but drier air is on the way. in terms of temperatures, 80 in baltimore city. 77 in glen burnie and 79 in perry haw and annapolis. we are muggy and rainy and foggy and also very warm this morning. let's check the traffic now with lauren. >> reporter: the rain and fog definitely reasons why you need to take it slow. it's slick out there. interstate 70-- 70 nice and clear. 63 miles per hour eastbound at columbia pike. you not going to have any problem getting over to 695. and right now, the beltway in pikesville going to be in great shape. 55 miles per hour on the outer
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loop at green spring avenueclear pushing down to route 40 and the east side of the beltway is shaping up nicely. 11 minutes on outer loop from 95 up to 83. that stretch will take you 1111 minutes nice and green drive times and conditio clear making are way on the jfx. here's a live look at ruxton road. nothing in your way down to fayette street. and 95 also up to speed. here's a live look downtown at 395 normal drive time of 6 minutes from the harbor tunnel throughway all the way down to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza-be the first to know about the drive times. follow me on twitter at maryland traffic. >> reporter: topping america's mondayity price at pulp keeps on -- pump keeps on drove. prices are down to $3.56 a gallon. oil refineries have been keeping output high but experts say don't expect prices to go much lower. will apple take a bite out of blackberry that put itself up
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for sale after sales of the phones fell flat. potential buyers may rifle google or ae. and sheryl sandburg is getting her hands on cash selling a 5% block of her facebook stock and it's said to be worth 400 million. and move over james patterson. 50 shades of grey author is -- knocked hmm off the top of the highest paid authors list raking in 95 million by-passing other literary giants like stephen king. that's america's money i am diana perez. >> making changes to the mobile app adding restaurants reservations through ain't great with open table mobile users can visit a restaurant's facebook page and book a table. it will be available to more than 20,000 restaurants across the u.s. a child's happiness is priceless so many parents go all out for a kid's birthday party but plan could go be
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take part in one of the talks. electronics and jewelry are disappearing from homes in pigtown. residents say police are not moving fast enough to get those they believe are responsible for this rash of break-ins. the stories coming up on this tuesday, august 13th. good morning maryland i am charley crowson. we need to get to weather right now because lynette, things out there are turning threatening outside the studios now. a batch of rain in the inner harbor that's going tonight theme for the day but we have thunder and lightning here. >> you are right. we have the flash flood watch in effect too. because some of the rain is going to be on the heavy side and i will show you that on the radar but we can see the areas shaded in green and that is flash flood watch in effect until actually 3 p.m. that's 3 p.m. this afternoon. and as we go throughout the day we have the showers and thunderstorms out there and we look at maryland's most powerful radar and this will continue. yes we will get a break in the action. but then we will have more showers and thunderstorms popping up as we go towards the afternoon. so, as we start our radar tour we will start around valley
5:27 am
north and i am showing outareas where we are looking at dark reds. this is an inch an hour so you can see why we have the flash flood watch neath if are today. the potential for flood something there. you can see it around meadow cliff and notch cliff and glen arm and as we slide further off a towards the north, you can see it around bush corners and spring meadows north bend heights and crime hill estates many if you are in these areas quayle hills and deer meadows you will be under heavy rain this morning and you are under the gun. temperatures this morning at 77 degrees in easton. 67 in pylesville and shadyside is at 76. and as we go into the afternoon, not the best day for a bike ride. hold off until tomorrow because i promise better weather is on the way. but by lunchtime more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. let's check the traffic now with lauren. >> reporter: well, that rain is coming down across the region. so you've got to be extra careful this morning. here's a live look at 795 at owings mills boulevard. take it slow. it's better to be safe than
5:28 am
sorry. no delays as you make your way over to 695. and speaking of the beltway here's live look at the west side at baltimore national pike. inner loop is free of delays and look at latest drive times i tweeted these out at maryland traffic. just 11 minutes on outer loop from 795 down to 95 and over on the east side, it will remain in the green with just an 11 minute trip on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and if you are traveling on 95 in white marsh it's going to be clear from bel air all the way down to route 43. and then from the throughway down to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza it will take 6 minutes. that's your timesaver traffic. this morning listen up ravens fans a lot of things will change as you make your way to m and t bank stadium. regular season or preseason games this year new rules across the national football league regarding large bags allowed into the stadium. simply put you can't do it anymore. what can you bring the nfl will tell us about a new policy
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today regarding bags and the ravens will hold a press conference at m and t bank stadium set for 11a.m. the rules aim to increase public safety and make it easier and faster for you to get into the stadium. that's going bring us to the hot topic today that new policy making you feel safe or is it something to make you more annoyed? go to the facebook fan page join that conversation about the bag policy as it relates to the bank. a late night heart breaker for the orioles who fell to the diamondbacks in game one of a thee-game series 7-6. davis went deep for number 43. this is in the 8th inning. but it was a walk off home run in the bottom of the 9th. this after the o's tied it in the top and we go walk off fashion. now baltimore falls 5 1/2 games out in the al east and the same two teams play again tonight down in arizona. abc2


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