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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we were aware and certainly on channel 2's weather for situational awareness. that's what we recommend to citizens to do. >> kelly, you mentioned earlier in harford county there were reports of funnel clouds but it appeared this never touched down. whether it's a tornado warning, find out from the storm shield app. it is sent to your phone. just head to there, you can check it out. 15 states from colorado to connecticut are bracing for severe flooding there. was drag in parts of pennsylvania and new jersey and residents in colorado can't seem to catch a break. >> reporter: another direct hit for colorado springs. >> oh, my god.
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the poor people. >> reporter: the area already devastated by flash flooding continues to get swept away. she, too, did the caught in the downpour while taking shelter under a bridge. >> she probably took shelter under a drainage ditch. >> this highway home turned into a raging river. >> my friend charlie told me to stay home instead of going out looking. >> reporter: and the damage is widespread with 15 states under flood watches and warnings, stretching from colorado to the northeast. >> we live in a country where extreme weather is not the exception. it's the rule. last year's extreme drought, this year flooding. >> strong thunderstorms hit parts of the northeast and
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atlantic, producing flash floods, downing trees. but there is relief on the way. forecasters say eastern colorado will soon start drying out with warmer drier days in store for the midwest and east coast. reporting for abc2 news, los angeles. >> now to an update on the breaking news we first brought you on twitter. a 28-year-old was putting her son in the car when she was shot and killed in parkville this morning. heartbreaking story. brian kuebler has the latest. >> reporter: this happened at 8:45 this morning. victoria glover was loading her 3-year-old into the car when she was shot and killed. the suspect came up on her and shot her. her body laying on the street. her son was not harmed in this shooting. now the hunt is on for the
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mother's killer. police say the suspect made off in an unknown vehicle and disects have requested any help from the public on this case. neighbors like clarissa white heard it. >> i heard pow, pow. i turned around because it was on this side of the street. it was a gunshot. >> reporter: baltimore county police meanwhile are saying this remain has quote, very active investigation. coming up at six we'll have more reaction from neighbors and details often where this investigation cobble headed. >> bryan has been -- brian has been tweeting the details. a wash woman accused of -- f
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hiring someone to kill her husband was found guilty on all counts. william ray porter was shot at a tess gas station three years ago. karla porter could face life without parole at the sentencing. an officer is recovering from a bullet wound after another training incident. the training was taking part in an exercise this morning when a bullet ricocheted off a target and hit the trainee in his thigh. his joimp wasn't life-threatening. >> it appears all our safety protocols were followed. we had a safety officer on the line. we had a one to three ratio which exceeds the state minimum and it's being investigated at this time. >> police are still trying to figure out who fired the bullet.
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it comes months after real guns were accidentally used at a training exercise in reisterstown and earlier this year a university of maryland trainee was shot. he may not have announced his candy da spie yet but gubernatorial candidate doug gansler is facing questions about comments he made. gansler was recorded at a meeting last month in annapolis saying lieutenant governor anthony brown's slogan is vote for me. i want to be the first african-american governor of maryland. his campaign strategy sent us a response reading, in part, help understands that taking out of his context, his words could be misinterpreted by some and for that he's deeply disappoint and
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said the brown campaign will try to mount a personal attack. lt. brown's campaign denied they were involved in the recordings but said the comments were out of touch with maryland's values. a night at the ballpark ends in trage. a fan falls to his death at a braves game, what police say he was doing just before the accident. planning a trip to ravens stadium thursday? the security changes you need to know know -- know about. and what the judge ruled what could be a victory for paula deen.
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boy, a rain delay turned into tragedy last night as a fan
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fell to his death at an atlanta braves game. we have the latest on what caused the fall and whether rain or alcohol may have played factor. >> reporter: this was a night at the ballpark ending in tragedy, a man falling six stories from a parking lot before. >> it was terrible. you knew he wouldn't make it. >> reporter: the victim is 33-year-old ronald comber of georgia. he fell to his death. >> at this time the fall appears accidental. there's no indication of foul play. >> reporter: the game against the braves and philadelphia phillys had been delayed because of rain. they're looking into whether rain or alcohol played a role in the man's death. it's the third time in the year that a fan has died at atlanta stadium. a man died at the georgia dome.
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2008 a man died after falling from an upper deck of turn are field. questions were raised about ballpark safety in 2011 when a firefighter trying to catch a ball fell to his death in texas, right in front of his son. his mother, connie homer, said her only son larks landscape are and lifelong atlanta braves fan called her during the rain delay, just before his death. caught on camera tonight a 9-year-old boy is dead and family left with lots of questions after the woman behind the wheel of a car plowed into a car full of people. the boy's family was on vacation. the boy's mother and 6-year-old sibling was injured. the woman who hit them claims that her gas pedal got stuck.
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>> two good samaritans caught on camera. watch as he stops and gets off his bike to help a woman in a whole chair stuck in a rut and this man help as blind man who was walking on the side of a busy road. so, some isolated storm action is possible. we're not quite done with the active weather yet. you see a healthy thunderstorm north of the maryland state line and this particular heavy downpour headed toward the susquehanna may enter northern cecil or harford county toward rising sun, an area that does not need more rain. we have lost some of the lightning. most of the rest of the state sitting clear. talking about northern baltimore county, the rain on and off. cloudy skies, and still just
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enough stability to potentially bring some more active weather around here. we had a similar scenario in the city, not too far from druid hill park. we are clouding up a little bit. bwi at 85 degrees. sunset four minutes past 8:00. given another week the sunset will be in the 8:00 p.m. time frame. do you have a great storm photo from this morning or do you have any from the last few days? we'd love to see it. send it to pix at next day planner, what a change from today, sunshine, nice conditions, mid-80s. by 4:00 it will not be in the temperature but in the upper 70s. that should be around 78 degrees tomorrow for a high temp. contrast that to today's numbers. 85 now at bwi and it's going to
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be one of those setups where things will be changing. drier air funneling in replacing the humid conditions. winds turning more steadily westerly. that's pooling in the drier air. look how comfortable, drop, drop, drop, more and more comfortable and you will feel the difference as early has tomorrow. future trend shows any threat for rain diminishing by really 9:00 tonight. that would be for the lower eastern shore, clearing out, just fair weather clouds on your wednesday, beyond that into your thursday. we'll have high pressure in control for several days it would appear. that means good weather. scattered showers across the mid-atlantic, virginia, western maryland and the storm north of baltimore county in southern pennsylvania. to the north and west dry air awaits. we had the initial dry air.
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the second front moving in now. that will really begin to push in the mild air, wrapping around that high pressure zone, a canadian high. it's going to feel a little bit fall-like as the overnight lows drop into the 50s as we struggle to see highs coming out of the 70s. what a change that will be. one last footnote for you, tropics continue to crank up a little bit. we have a 20% probability of this hear of interest, just to the east of panama. tonight down to 60, a stray shower. other than the mighter -- milder air, dry and pleasant. lows in the low 60s. highs around 80. sunshine coming together. this is a nice looking outlook into the and of the week and really into the first part of the weekend. we have the possibility. this is one update from 24 hours ago, possibility of a rain maker sunday into the day on monday.
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if you have outdoor plans, maybe plan friday into saturday and we'll keep you updated. >> a stormy start. well, her career was as smooth as the butter she cooked with until paula deen was accused of making racist comments. why she may be celebrating a bit tonight. back-to-school ads are in full effect but could some be going too far. the j.c. penney ad that has some parents protesting.
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the controversy surrounding paula deen is back in the headlines. the judge has dismissed the lawsuit that brought use of her "n" word tonight. >> reporter: yesterday paula deen finally got a bit of good news. >> it's a legal victory for paula deen. >> reporter: a judge threw out a lawsuit that said the queen of southern cuisine discriminated on the basis of race. the woman said she was offended by the celebrity's treatment against plaque workers. >> you settle. >> reporter: that got the lawyer
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asking have you ever used the "n" word. yes, of course, she said but only in the past. >> please forgive me for the mistakes that i've made. >> reporter: but just like a bad souffle, her culinary empire collapsed. first the food network canceled her show. then the company that makes her cook wear dropped her like a hot potato. the judge ruled in her favor saying jackson was, at best quote an accidental victim of alleged discrimination. so can deen have a comeback? she and her brother are still facing a sexual harassment charge against lisa jackson. >> dozens have weighed in on the suit. just head to to read
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the comments. do you think this is a victory for deen or too little too late. usher's son has been released from the hospital. when the news got out, usher's wife filed an an emergency motion for custody. the 5-year-old is doing fine and now at home with his dad. their intensity on the field is the same but there are big changes at ravens stadium. what you need to know to head to the game so you don't get turned away. >> you use it to keep an eye on your kids but somebody else could be watching, too. one family's terrifying experience with a baby machinetor hacker. >> and dealing with learning disabilities is easier when a young are child is diagnosed. >> it's been an active day of
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with a 2-year agreement. visit call the verizon center for this amazing deal. for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. technology that makes life more entertaining, that's powerful. a parksville mother loading her son into the car was shot and killed just before 9:00 this morning. baltimore county police said the suspect unloaded three rounds from a shotgun. her 3-year-old son was not hurt. detectives are still looking for the person who shot her. >> maryland's attorney general doug gansler is facing questions after comments on lt. anthony brown. gansler said brown's slogan is vote for me. i want to be the first
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african-american governor. danceler said taking out of context, his words could be misinterpreted by some. >> you woke up to a tornado warning in parts of the statement of trees toppled, power came down and buckets of rains up and over the banks and leaving puddles of water. harford county there are reports of a funnel clouds. tremendous amount of free damage from this morning's round of heavy storms. now we have clearing, partial clearing but one more boundary coming through that could spark potentially some isolated shower or storm activity. one storm that crossed through york county headed for northern harford, northern cecil county. it appears to be that part of maryland getting all the action. the rest of the state look
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relatively clear. once we go past 9:00, it will be about the temperature forecast. we see the numbers falling from the eat late to the 60s. what a change. we'll wake up in the low 60s. it will be a slow climb by midday tomorrow. a dramatic change from a very active weather start on this tuesday. for much more, let's head out to mike masco. >> i can't believe you're saying more rain for cecil county. >> it's crazy. just thinking about this morning's rain, 3 to 5 inches fell in many portions of cecil county and close to 70 just outside of philadelphia. this is a rain vision graphic and from port deposit to havre de grace. this is a swath of 1 to 3 inches of rain that fell in a two-hour forward of time. on top of that we saw storm damage on the cecil county, harford county lean, even tornado warning from this
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morning. this is the great news, that we have dry air punching out of chicagoland. chicago is a 47% dew point. that's the cool drier air. the last 24 hours, look at the temperatures dropping like a rock over the midwest. 10 degrees cooler than what we were in chicagoland. that's impressive. there's the cool air that's dragging through the ohio valley. it will be on top sufficient us pie tomorrow. high pressure builds in. it's called the canadian high pressure. why? it's going to bring in that canadian cool air south. it's going to feel like fall. can you believe it? temperatures will be struggle to get to 80. we'll talk about that and talk about maryland's most accurate seven-day forecast. that's coming up in a bit. if you have that storm shield app, you're one of the first to they about the tornado warning.
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if you don't have it, grab it from the app store. it will warn you of severe weather and give you up to the minute information. the ravens host their first preseason game thursday night. take a look at the new security policy. take a close look at this bag because or a going to need something like it. what you can and cannot take with you. >> reporter: new season for the ravens means big changes and in the just on the defensive line. >> it's intended to improfit safety of people coming into our building. >> reporter: do you like to bring snacks, water? how's your bag. if it's anything but clear, don't bring it in. >> you can have a bag 12 earns by 12 inches but not tha


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