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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 19, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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if you bought a powerball ticket for last night's drawing at our store, you better check your numbers. >> 7, 10, 35, 22, 32, 19. >> reporter: and they left one, just one lucky winner in lexington, south carolina, $399.4 million. 12 other players also struck it rich, from 5 other states, matching 5 numbers. winning $1 million apiece. jackpots as big as $500 million once seemed impossible. but there's been four in just the last year. just last month, 16 maintenance workers in new jersey split a jackpot of $448 million. these giant paydays are thanks to higher ticket prices and more media attention. the country's other nationwide lotto says it will cash in on the goodness. the megamillions lottery plans to change its rules, improving the odds of winning any prize
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from 1 in 40 to 1 in 15. >> come october 19th, when we make the real changes for megamillion, we think that game is going to be bigger than ever. >> reporter: that means second-place winners who once won $250,000 would now win at least $1 million. hardly chump change. this station says that this ticket could be sold anywhere. it sits right next to interstate 20 and an airport. plus, this isn't like florida. the winner can remain completely anonymous. robin? >> we'll have to wait and see what happens. steve, thanks. >> that's one winner. now, a big decision that could affect everyone's money. reserve, sent stocks soaring to new records wednesday. it was a welcome surprise to traders that kept markets around the world overnight. rebecca jarvis here to explain it all. and the surprise is, the fed's going to keep pumping money into the economy. >> reporter: what a difference $85 billion a month makes, george. that's what's happening. $85 billion a month, flowing into the markets. that's sending stocks to fresh all-time highs.
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which is good news for anyone with a retirement savings account, a 401(k), i.r.a., even a pension. it's the 31st-record high close this year. stocks are up almost 20%. if you invested during the worst moments of the financial crisis in march of 2009, you would have more than doubled your money. stocks up almost 140% since then. but my sources on wall street do caution, many of the recent gains are specifically tied to this fed's policy. they want to see more evidence in the real economy. stronger jobs, to help fuel the rally forward, george. >> meantime, the white house closing in on a replacement for fed chair ben bernanke. >> reporter: and that replacement, looks like it's going to be dr. janet yelling, who would be a continuation of the current policy. but washington is focused on washington, d.c. you have a potential government shutdown coming up october 1. >> rebecca jarvis, thanks very much. let's go to josh with the
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other top stories. >> we're going to begin with breaking news. evacuations overnight near an oklahoma chemical plant. the explosion and the flames that lit up the night sky. you see here, an hour west of oklahoma city. toxic chemicals are stored at this plant. residents downwind are being warned now about possibly dangerous fumes. luckily, no one was there when the blast occurred. and there are no reports of injuries at this hour. also breaking overnight, senator john mccain blasting russian president vladimir putin in print. in an op-ed, published today in russia's communist newspaper "pravda" mccain writes that putin rules. overnight, the kremlin responded. and mccain business. and in colorado, search and rescue teams will be out in the flood zone again today. and some evacuated families will
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be going home, though uncertain of what they will find. abc's clayton sandell is in lyons, one of the hardest hit communities. clayton? >> reporter: this morning, teams are desperately searching through homes and piles of debris for as many as 200 people still unaccounted for. they're scanning from the air, too. but hundreds of people are refusing to leave. officials say it may be their last chance to get out. >> we want to make sure that those folks know that if they refuse, we may not be able to deploy helicopters again down the road. >> reporter: overnight, new reports of a damaged oil tank spilling thousands of gallons of crude oil into flood-swollen rivers. in towns that have working roads, some are being allowed back in. artist john king took us to his home in lyons. part of it ripped away by a river, now four-times wider than before. this was all dry ground. there were houses here. now, you can see, the river has
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shifted course. all of the homes along the river are now completely destroyed. this morning, officials say the cleanup and rebuilding could take years. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, lyons, colorado. >> staggering images there. infomercial king kevin trudeau is in a chicago jail at this hour, under orders to pay a massive fine. he owes over $37 million for making alleged false claims about his weight loss book. trudeau says he doesn't have the money. however, evidence presented in court suggests otherwise. and a former nfl player has lots of questions after hundreds of kids caused at least $20,000 in damage to his vacation home. you see it here. ryan holloway's unoccupied house in upstate new york, trashed in a labor day weekend party. holloway learned about it from pictures tweeted by some of the 300 kids that were there. police are investigating.
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and finally, the reward, she keeps growing for the homeless hero in boston. we told you about glen james for a few days. he turned in a lost backpack, containing some $42,000 in travelers checks and cash. now, an online campaign to raise donations for him is nearing $100,000. and i figure, if we update for the west coast, it's going to be over that. >> oh, yeah. >> no good deed goes unrewarded right there. great stuff. >> thanks so much. now, we have new details emerging about the washington navy yard shooter. abc news learning that aaron alexis carved two images -- two messages into the side of his gun. and now, his mother has spoken out with an emotional message. abc's pierre thomas joins us from washington this morning with the very latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today, the fbi is trying to unravel the mystery of motive. as you said, they have a tantalizing new clue. this morning, authorities are
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studying the phrases that aaron alexis carved into his shotgun, used to carry out the deadly attack in the washington navy yard. sources tell abc news, alexis etched the words, better off this way, and my e.l.f. weapon, on the stock of the shotgun. investigators want to know if better off this way, was a signal alexis expected to die during the massacre. >> there was probably multiple triggers that caused him to decide, now's the time i'm going to take this course of action. thinking about it, conceptualizing it, planning it in his head. >> reporter: as for e.l.f., some investigators suspect it might refer to the tech phrase, extremely low frequency. alexis worked as a computer technician. and ran into police about hearing voices and microwave machines bombarding his body. he told that story to police.
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but the navy confirmed it was never passed up the chain of command. he kept his job with the navy and his secret security clearance. >> obviously, there were a lot of red flags. and where there are failures, we will correct them. >> reporter: we're also hearing for the first time, someone who appears truly sorry. the killer's mother. >> aaron is now in a place where he can no longer do harm to anyone. i am so, so very sorry that this has happened. my heart is broken. >> reporter: the navy yard reopens today. but for the families of the dead and wounded, the pain is still raw. robin, so many shattered lives. >> absolutely. and the mother spoke mostly about the victims, not so much about her son in that message. we're going to turn to the terrifying kidnapping here at atlanta. ayvani perez is back with her family after being abducted at gunpoint from her home. two suspects from been arrested. police are investigating a connection with the girl's
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family. gio benitez is here with the latest developments. >> reporter: a confusing one, no doubt. police say this apparently started as a random home invasion, where two armed men demanded money and abducted the girl. this morning, investigators say, she's in good health. but with two men arrested, police are still searching for others. this morning, investigators are frantically hunting for these two men, who they say kidnapped 14-year-old ayvani perez and they believe are on the run. as friends of the teen, who was found safely wednesday, were greeting her at her home outside of atlanta. >> there's several other subjects, suspects, that we're still investigating. >> she's home. she's safe. and that's what really matters. >> reporter: police aren't saying much about how they found perez. only they found the 14-year-old 26 miles from home. police will say they arrested wildrego jackson on kidnapping charges. and juan rodriguez, a mexican national, on immigration
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violations. but as this community celebrates the teen's safe return this morning, they are also asking questions. court records show that one of the men charged, rodriguez, and the girl's mother were arrested on the same gay in 2012. they were busted as part of a marijuana trafficking ring. the charges against both were later dropped. >> this case has these two odd things going on inside it. one, a relationship between the mother and one of the abductors. and is this a logical house to break into? >> reporter: but to perez's family and friends, none of that seems to matter right now. this morning, neighbors who have seen her say, she's smiling and happy to be home. >> i said to her, i wanted you to know that i've been praying for you. and i knew that god would come true. and she said thank you. >> reporter: and police are staying quiet on this case. and this morning, they're not telling us anything about any
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possible motive. but thank goodness that girl was okay. >> gio, thanks very much. now, to a decades' old mystery, the case of a baby stolen from his mother's arms in the 1960s. and this morning, the exclusive breakthrough just now being revealed that could help solve the case. abc's brian ross is in chicago with the latest development. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. i'm in chicago in the hunt for that stolen baby. he would be a middle-aged man now. and as part of a special "20/20" report i'm working on with barbara walters, artists had created an image of what the stolen baby might look like today. this 49-year-old man may not know it. but he could help bring to an end a decades' long mystery, if he is alive, that is. it was 1964, at the michael reese hospital in chicago, that a 1-day-old baby was stolen out of his mother's arms by a woman posing as a nurse.
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>> are there suspects here in chicago you're going to question? >> reporter: the fronczaks thought their prayers were answered a year later. the boy in new jersey seemed to match their missing paul. they took him home, adopted him and raised them as their own. but as paul fronczak grew up, he thought he was different. and this year, dna tests proved him right. he was not the stolen baby. he's working with "20/20" and brad garrett, to find out who he really is. and what happened to paul fronczak stolen from his mother. >> maybe he feels like something's wrong here. >> reporter: with his help, abc news commissioned artists who work with police and families on missing persons cases, to produce a likeness of what the stolen baby might look like today. it is being seen this morning for the first time.
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best-case scenario what do you think would happen when this is broadcast? >> well, he's on his couch and sees it and gives you guys a call. >> hope he recognizes himself in this. >> reporter: paul fronczak's hope is that the real or the other paul fronczak can be found and help solve the mystery and reunite the elderly parents who so lovingly raised him with the son stolen from them so long ago. >> this morning, the fbi has reopened its investigation into the case. a case that has brought more than its fair share of heartache to the fronczak family. and now, perhaps some hope. and our tip line is for anybody who might recognize that image. >> okay. they will come. brian, thank you so much. to take a 1-day-old picture. >> incredible. time, now, for the weather. >> that's tougher than a 30-day weather forecast. that's tougher than that, even. let me show you what's going on with the storms. yesterday, from colorado to the
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dakotas, this was a tough line of storms, dropped about eight inches of golf ball-sized hail. an inch of rain in the dakotas. that's possible today from duluth, through green bay. des moines, kansas city and wichita. this is hail, gusty winds and very big downpours out of those storms. not so sure aut tornados. but i would watch for them. look at the numbers. are you encouraged by the better weather? better if you like the 70s better than the 60s. 76, 76 is the way we're going. boston at 75. a little warmer by the weekend. colder again next week. we'll talk about more of that as the morning goes on.
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good morning, maryland, i amelia chart and--i am lynette charles. we are going to stay dry today and friday. going to the weekend, we have the chance for some showers in the forecast, especially through sunday. next week, well, we dry things out and we cool things back down. have a great day, everybody. >> that look at stormy cities was brought to you by pacific life insurance. join me for a five-second look at the national map. it's 83 degrees in atlanta, everybody. >> okay, sam. >> the untold story.
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>> thank you, sam. coming up on "gma," stunning new testimony in the trial of the husband charged with taking out his wife. the other woman speaking out in court about his relationship. also, becoming the birdman. how a standout nba star had his identity stolen. and the wheel of miss fortune. mispronunciation cost that guy a shot at $1 million. it's everybody's worst nightmare. and jennifer aniston revealing her beauty secrets. and these are things that every woman can afford. and we go inside the global beauty queen mystery. [ female announcer ] introducing quaker real medleys bars and oatmeal plus!
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. it is just before 7:30 breaking news. out of baltimore county, a serious crash has scout shut down a part of 83 and--has shut down part of 83 and parkton. at least nine cars were involved including a tractor trailer. no word right now on the ring is. but now it were--on the injuries. and now to lauren cook with more on the delays. well, megan 83 south and parkton is not going if reopen
7:23 am
any time soon. traffic--to reopen any time soon. you can be to middle town road and then turn back onto 83. but expect major, major delays. you can follow me on twitter for that. but that have been is just a mess. now if--but that have been is just a mess. now--but traffic is just a mess. and delays from 795 to 95. here is lynette charles. all right, let's talk about what is going on outside right now a lot of sunshine, a beautiful sunrise, this that is going to continue threw the day. plenty of blue skies and maybe a few high clouds in here. but it is going to be a great day. very chilly temperatures this morning. we are talking ant the 40s and 40--ashton the 40s and--about the 40s and 50s.
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megan: all right,--megan. all right, join us in another 30 min minutes. --30 minutes.
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i'm going to solve. >> all right. >> corner curo cabinet. >> so close for paul atkinson. his tongue got twisted up there
7:26 am
on "wheel of fortune." it cost him $1 million. we're going to have the whole story coming up. he's going to be set pretty well. >> he was probably nervous. also ahead, we're going to turn to the dramatic twist in the case of that seattle husband on trial for killing his wife. what so many women are saying in the courtroom, now, contradicting him. and here's a fascinating one. chris the birdman anderson, if you watch the nba, you know who he is. heavily tattooed and mohawked and a standout for the miami heat this past season. incredibly recognizable. how did he have his identity stolen and by a woman, no less. it's a fascinating story. >> he's so recognizable. athletes are talking about how to get better performance. what if there was a surgery that would let a young female athlete potentially do better in sports?
7:27 am
this is -- i think it's got to be controversial. the more i know about this, the more i think this is a topic. >> and dr. jen ashton will be here to weigh in on that. now, we begin with the suburban seattle man on trial for murdering his wife, more than seven years after her death. new testimony in court from women who say he cheated on his wife with them. and the police interview tapes just revealed to jurors, where he seemed to directly contradict them. abc's neal karlinsky has that story for us. >> reporter: one after the other, they took the stand right in front of him. women who say they were intimate with a married david pietz. the man accused of killing his wife, nicole, and who police say portrayed himself as a loving husband. >> yeah. i remember kissing him. >> we had sex. >> reporter: a co-worker testified, pietz began their relationship back when he was engaged. >> i asked him why he was getting married. and he said that at that point, it was too late to back out of it. >> reporter: nicole pietz,
7:28 am
david's wife, vanished in 2006. her body was later found in a wooded area, strangled. now, seven years later, pietz is on trial, charged by prosecutors who say he killed his wife because he was unhappy with their marriage. the detectives built a case on circumstantial evidence and dna. a woman pietz met at a gym said he twice slipped the drug ecstasy into his wife's drinks. >> he told me he would put it in her red bull. trying to loosen her up to get her to do a threesome. >> reporter: jurors heard something different from david pietz himself. an audio recording of his interview with police, in which he said he never used drugs and had virtually no sex drive. >> i don't have much of a l libido. it's kind of an opposite of what the stereotype is. >> reporter: he is calm in the interview. and said he feared his wife may
7:29 am
have overdosed on medication. he has pleaded not guilty and continued to deny involvement in his death. a trial that will play out for the next month and a half. for "good morning america," neal karlins karlinsky, abc news, seattle. let's get more from dan abrams. seven years after the fact. and we have the prosecution, many have a smoking gun here. >> they have to put together a puzzle for jurors of little pieces. remember, they didn't charge him until they were able to use some new technology to be able to move this case forward, only recently. so, they're going to want to begin -- this is how they're starting, talking about motive. they want to warm the jurors up to the idea of convicting this guy. why would he have wanted to do this? here are the reasons why. >> warming the jurors. heating them up. that testimony catches your ear. >> it's salacious and it's sexual. but there's an important relevance to it.
7:30 am
he had said something about his own libido, which completely contradicts what these women are saying. he's telling the police, in essence, one thing. and then, they're bringing these witnesses to say, that's not at all what was the case. a lie in a police investigation is much more important than just the idea that, oh, he was having an affair. >> they're trying to fill out more of the contradictions with some dna evidence they do have. >> that's right. they begin the process by putting the jurors in the mood to convict, which is to say, here's why. they don't have to prove motive. but they want to. and they feel that they can here because actually, the motive evidence, where they are now, to some degree is stronger than some of the other evidence in connection with this case. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. now, to the bizarre case of internet identity theft. the target, standout nba star, chris birdman anderson.
7:31 am
someone hacked their way deep into his personal life. and almost cost him his career. abc's john muller has that story. >> reporter: 6'10", mohawk and thoroughly tattooed. it might be impossible to think anyone could steal chris anderson's identity. >> it was a tangled web. >> reporter: the nba champion, apparently the vic testimony of a complex internet hoax, in which police say a woman in canada, posed as anderson online. demanding gifts and threatening at least one person. it's the same alleged scheme that resulted in a police search for child pornography in anderson's colorado home last may. >> mr. anderson was home at the time that our deputy investigators were there. and they did speak with him. and he fully cooperated. >> reporter: anderson was never charged with a crime. and this morning, prosecutors have cleared his name. but his lawyer says the investigation has taken its toll. >> it was harrowing for him
7:32 am
would be an underestimate. chris is about children in our community. always has been. this person was santa claus. it's difficult for him. >> reporter: police tell abc news that andersen's impersonator has been hit with child pornography and extortion charges in canada. andersen says he's never met the woman in his life. >> high-profile people are easy targets for extortionists. the other side of this is, that we all are vulnerable to being extorted because there's so much information about every one of us. >> reporter: as for andersen, he's preparing for another season with the miami heat. but he tells us, he's just glad the heat is off him. saying, thank you to everyone who believed and supported me. it's been a difficult, long time. and this is a place i can start moving forward. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> many remember when that story first broke. and it did not look good. like he said, he maintained his innocence all along.
7:33 am
>> it looks horrible when that first broke. and so happy that is the outcome. >> we're all vulnerable to the same things. i'll tell you something else. we're going to show you pictures out of jacksonville, florida, yesterday. between midnight and noon, seven inches of rain. we continue to hear these totals this summer. it was a heavy storm. it was an inch of rain. in one event, five, six, seven inches of flooding rain in some places. from the mountains all the way to florida going on. there's good news for the jacksonville area. duval county, it clears up and dries up. we're going to 84 degrees today. that front sinks towards orlando and south. south florida, you're in for a stormy day today. new orleans 88. this is humid and there's a lot of rain back off to the west in the next 24 hours. that's through texas towards kansas city. 79 degrees on the west coast. 75 in san francisco. the good news here is that kind
7:34 am
of gray, damp, cool sky you had for a couple of days, gets better. and there doesn't seem as much of a fog problem along the coast that weather was brought to you by at&t. big storms in the middle of the country today. and heavy rain involved with them. >> didn't you work in jacksonville back in the day? >> that's why i knew it was florida's first coast. >> thank you, sam. and coming up on "gma," boy, wasn't "wheel of fortune" for this guy. the mispronunciation that cost him a shot at $1 million. and the contestant who seems perfect. why is her own country saying
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we're back at 7:43, with that million-dollar tongue twister. the correct pronunciation cost one "whole of fortune" contestant a huge payday. >> reporter: the crowd's going wild. he just landed on the $1 million wedge. and paul is one swin closer to the big bucks. there's only one letter missing. >> spin or solve? >> i'm going to solve. >> all right. >> reporter: one more time? >> and this smart dude nailed it. >> corner curio cabinet. >> reporter: paul looks like he
7:40 am
was sucker-punched by pat is a jack. what a disgrace. wheel of fortune is so wrong. so, paul, what happened? >> i was so nervous. i've got pat, freaking sajak to my immediate right. i have lights and cameras in my face. i've never seen the word curio before. >> reporter: instead of millions, paul walked away with 2 grand. >> that is my biggest nightmare. i knew i messed up. i knew that something awesome could have happened. but i totally goofed it. >> reporter: that pat sajak is a stickler. >> seven swans a swimin'. they are swimming, not swimmin'. and this one last month.
7:41 am
what is the emancipation proclamation. >> that's unfortunate. the judges are ruling against you. >> reporter: some might call it rule cruel. but rules are rules. and game shows take them seriously. paul can say it now. >> corner curio cabinet. >> reporter: but he couldn't say it when it mattered. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> oh. >> boo. >> come on. >> just give him another shot. >> i know. >> come on, pat. >> at least back on the show. for the rest of his life. >> come on. >> i have to say -- tell us how you really feel. >> with sam freaking champion by my side, we have "play of the day." go nowhere. ♪ [ male announcer ] reveal light bulbs from ge.
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> okay. for all of the dog owners on the couch, here we go. a dog kept getting outside, even though it was locked in the house. his owners wanted to know why. so, they put up a secret video camera with a laptop. and this is what they found. >> oh. ♪ >> a little -- >> oh, my. no way. >> whoa. whoa. >> out. broke out. happens day after day after day. >> my dogs are saying, it's great in here. >> why move when you can sleep and eat? >> okay. what do you think?
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good morning, i am megan
7:52 am
pringle. we are following breaking news in baltimore county. a crash has shut down 83 south and you can see that traffic is backed up. all southbound lanes are closed, at least phone line cars are--at least nine cars are involved including a tractor trailer. no word on injuries but here is lauren cook with more. well, traffic is doing around onto--is going around on toe york--onto york road. or you can take route 439 to 22 over to de-lane, and leave yourself a lot of extra time and you can follow me on twitter for for updates. the west side of the beltway is full as well. it will remain full from parkville up to townsend and in the city a crash on west
7:53 am
northern parkway. and another in rosedale. and some construction shutting down eastbound route 40 before route 43. and now here is lynette charles. all right, let's take a look at temperatures this morning, annapolis, 55-degrees, we are chilly. have a jacket as you head out but we are looking beautiful. blue skies, this is going to continue. but lunchtime, 70-degrees an 75- degrees this afternoon under a mostly sunny sky. join us again for another update in about 30 minutes. we'll see you in a bit. @6
7:54 am
7:55 am
♪ hello to everyone out there in times square this morning. big, beautiful morning. thursday morning here in
7:56 am
new york city. >> a lot of happy faces. big, beautiful morning. and it's a big morning because we're about to find out who are you bringing to breakfast, sam champion? >> every day this week, we could have whoever we wanted. i invited this person not because of their talent and skill set. but because this is one of the greatest people i know. and someone i think you'll love to have breakfast with, as well. just to give you a clue. josh, will you help me read this movie quote? >> i sure will. >> here we go. agents, pay attention, please. stay close to the screen. i know you don't think i'm giving this $4 million to a bunch of nuns. >> think of it this way. you'll go to heaven. there you go. >> acting.
7:57 am
acting. >> and scene. and scene. your guest. and we'll have another clue. >> my phone's blowing up. >> we'll have another clue for you at 8:30. and the miss world competition. right now, she's a stunning contender. but the country she claims to be representing, say they don't know who she is or what she's doing in the contest. we're going to hear that ahead. and the surprising surgery many young women athletes are getting to enhance their performance. this is a new competitive edge. dr. jen ashton will be along to talk about that. and she's not just our friend tory johnson anymore. she's number one best-selling author, with "deals & steals." and her book is slamming it. we're going to talk to tory this morning. number one. get some news, now, from josh. >> we're going to begin with a story breaking overnight. one that has made us all happy
7:58 am
for one person. a winning ticketholder in theory $4 million richer in the powerball jackpot. the ticket purchased at a gas station next to an interstate, and an airport. the winner could be from anywhere. after taxes, the winner who can remain anonymous, should take home about $209 million. mexico, reeling from its worst weather disaster in about a half-century. 80 people have died in flooding unleashed when two tropical 24. acapulco, especially hard-hit. thousands of tourists there have been trapped with no services and no way out. and there are several more storms brewing. sam's going to have a complete forecast in moments. in colorado's flood zone, crews are searching for 200 people still unaccounted for. some families are being allowed to return to their homes as a new threat emerges. those dirty waters that are now
7:59 am
contaminated with chemicals, sewage and bacteria. and workers at the navy yard in washington are returning to work today, three days after a gunman killed 12 of their colleagues. defense secretary chuck hagel has ordered a security review. and honda has announced the recall of about 400,000 vehicles. air bags in odyssey minivans from 2003 and 2004, are opening unnecessarily. same with the 2003 acura mdx. no crashes thus far have been related to the problem. and finally, a reason why you might hear people talking like a pirates today. because, are you ready, matey? today, international talk like a pirate day. shiver me timbers. some businesses are taking this seriously. krispy kreme offering a dozen free doughnuts to anyone in
8:00 am
pirate gear. and long john silver, you say argh, you get a piece of free fish. and sam champion has eaten well today. >> international talk like a pirate day? >> your pirate really beats your julia child. >> i'm blowing up again. sara, it's great t have you here. coming in for lara, who has a little under the weather. >> a little laryngitis. oh. >> that's a good one. >> an update from lebron james. the miami heat star married his high school sweetheart over the weekend. spotted at the coliseum in rome, days later. now, chiming in on instagram.
8:01 am
the caption reading, when you have someone that's always there for you, no matter the ups and downs in life, it makes it all worth living for. so happy to call you mrs. savannah, queen james and honeymoon. that wrapped up. >> they have been together since high school. so, she was with him long before he was king james. he knows that. and he remembers that. yeah. >> don't tweet on your honeymoon. but you are forgiven if you say my queen. the countdown is on for the emmy awards this weekend. yahoo! tried this strategy to predict the winners. what if most searched was the ticket to a trophy? that would be great news for kerry washington. more yahoo! searches this month than anyone else in the lead actress category. "breaking bad," a yahoo! hit. >> yeah. >> leading the pack for outstanding drama series. i love "modern family."
8:02 am
but i love "breaking bad." but the show does not end on sunday night. we have an emmys after party monday morning. >> we'reike to party. >> every day's a party. now, i'm bringing up food. one food blogger feeling a huge sense of accomplishment this week, constructed what's been dubbed the mceverything. nick buys up all 43 sandwiches on the mcdonald's menu to build this swaying mcmasterpiece. apparently this was a bucket list situation. one more dollar to snatch up a diet coke because it matters at that point. i was inspired. i made this mc"gma" because george said he was hungry. george. george. george. george. george. >> this is mine right here?
8:03 am
there's no way i'm going to -- >> one bite, george. >> this is freezing. >> you bite that. >> one bite. >> bringing in props in your first "pop news." bravo. >> i knew george wasn't going to take a bite of it. i didn't think you were going to pick it up. and you did. >> see? >> thank you, sam. >> very nice. very nice. pass it down. and feel better. >> no one's going to bite it. >> meanwhile, they're yelling at me. let's get to a live shot out of philadelphia this morning. we're going to talk about the skies in the northeast. how we've been in the changeable zone from cool to warm and back to cool again. we get a little cool air this morning. we have milder days ahead. that's from washington, d.c. to boston. and into next week, back on the cool side, we think. we'll continue to watch this low
8:04 am
on the yucatan peninsula and bring more rain to the east coast of mexico. and also, we think to south texas. those are the spaghetti models. i want everyone in the gulf paying attention when you have a tropical entity in the gulf. >> so much ahead this morning. what's happening? here's a look at what's
8:05 am
ahead on the morning menu. why some young women are turning to plastic surgery to be more competitive at sports. jennifer aniston reveals her beauty secrets every woman can afford. and "deals & steals." all that coming up live on "gma," here in times square. um... where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles. [ all ] whoa. yeah. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles from the capital one venture card. you're the world's best teacher. this is so unexpected. what's in your wallet?
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[ cheers and applause ] hello out there in times square. it almost feels like the weekend. >> two more days. >> it feels that way outside. back, now, with the "gma heat index." the top stories trending, beginning with the surprising surgery many young women athletes are undergoing to improve their performance on the field. abc's reena ninan has that story for us. >> reporter: international tennis player simoneseen here, playing at the u.s. open. has made headlines not for her serve. but for her decision to undergo breast reduction surgery. she went from a 34dd to this, a 34c. >> she caused a breakthrough
8:11 am
where this wasn't a taboo topic. when you see people at the highest level, talking openly about these things, that opens the floodgates for other people to discuss it as a real issue. >> reporter: now, it's not just professional athletes going under the knife. >> it just felt uncomfortable for me because, you know, i had to wear two sports bras every time. >> reporter: carly mortensen decided to have her bust reduced surge surgically. >> i didn't know it with would be a bonus. and it would be worth it. reporter: 100,000 women had similar surgeries last year. some of them, experts say, do it to play sports. >> we're starting to see a lot more young patients who realize there's a surgery out there that can help them and help them feel better. >> reporter: but not all female athletes support the idea. former south african volleyball star alina sherkova, a 34dd,
8:12 am
criticized. saying the surgery tells a message that well in doughed girls, quote, can't play sports. and that's just wrong. but does breast reduction enhance your game? she was suffering from severe back pain. after the surgery, she climbed 450 spots in world rankings. she's now ranked number 18. now, carly is hoping the surgery will improve her performance on the field, as well. >> it's helped my play. >> reporter: she's looking forward to this softball season, when she takes the field for her first official game. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> we're going to bring in abc news senior medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton with this. a lot of people are talking about it. you're very passionate.
8:13 am
you have a wonderful daughter who is a great ice hockey player. what is your reaction? >> this is an example of where breasts have become global property. and people think they can weigh in and say whether it's right or wrong for a given woman. i don't care if she's an athlete or not. if she feels physically or emotionally bothered by the size of her breasts, she should have the prerogative to change that. is it going to take someone from a medium-level athlete to an olympian? probably not. >> but will it enhance performance in any way? >> i have patients who are elite tennis players, swimmers, who will say, absolutely. their breast size changes by a minimal amount, they notice a difference. we have to be careful by setting up a double-standard. >> and lpga, with the followthrough. >> and ronnie lott can cut off a finger if it helps his performance. but if you talk about a woman, we have a double-standard here.
8:14 am
we want the women to be jocks and athletes. if they need to do something to change that, we have a problem. >> medically, the pros and cons. >> so important. breast change throughout the course of a woman's lifetime. by 20, they still might not be finished growing. if you get this done too early, potentially it might not really be doing what you want it to do. usually, it doesn't interfere with breast-feeding down the road. >> it shouldn't be taken lightly. >> it's up to the individual woman. in twitter, my twitter is blowing up with split reaction. most interesting, men, very against this. the women are saying, it's a woman's choice, let her do what she wants. >> the men are against it? >> shocking, right? >> can't believe that. >> don't say a word. we're going to move on. >> thanks. >> this miss world pageant going
8:15 am
on in indonesia. and all of the talk is whether one contestant has faked her way on the stage. >> hello. my name is rakima ganieva. >> reporter: at first blush, miss uzbekistan seems like the perfect ambassador for her tiny central asian country, in this month's miss world pageant. >> i'm really fond of music, playing piano. and i like playing tennis. >> reporter: this morning, the potential miss world finds herself at the center of an international scandal. thanks in part to this interview posted on the competition's website. >> in july, i took part in a beauty contest. and i won the title of miss uzbekistan 2013. >> reporter: there's one thing. uzbekistanny officials say there's never been a miss uzbekistan competition. the culturand sports ministry says it has no knowledge he was
8:16 am
competing. a representative of the agency where she once modeled said, i can assure you that a much more beautiful model would have been chosen. and online, most uzbekis consider her a pariah. pageant watchers say none of this should come as a surprise. >> it is a selection process where they will not compete against other women. a promoter will choose someone to go and represent that country. >> reporter: abc news was unable to reach ganieva for comment. >> i really want to win. >> reporter: ganieva may first have to win over her own country before strutting her stuff on the world stage. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> the pageant has not lified h. each country has to have an open competition. uzbekistan didn't have one. >> nominate yourself. >> i'm her. also burning up the "gma
8:17 am
heat index," jennifer aniston spilling her beauty secrets, including the tricks to the hair that's the envy of so many women. in the october issue of "redbook" magazine, the star talks about her affordable beauty routine. you took a look into this. >> i'll take my tips from jennifer aniston, because she's a red carpet icon and the girl next door. but this gorgeous superstar has beauty tips that are simple and affordable for every woman. take a look. she is the envy of women everywhere. from her sweet style. to that flawless figure. to the luscious locks. >> she has such a youthful vibrancy about her. she looks almost the same today as she did ten years ago. >> reporter: in a new interview with "redbook" magazine, jennifer aniston is stilling her secrets.
8:18 am
the 44-year-old actress steers clear of the blow drier. instead, she lets her hair air dry. >> it gives it the plump, full, lush appearance. >> reporter: to style it? >> to get an everyday, manageable curl, just put it in two braids. and sleep on it that way. and you get that shape, sexy wave. >> reporter: to find out more about how aniston maintains her style, i caught up with a beauty expert. beauty tips. >> yes. >> reporter: red lipstick. the a-lister says she cannot pull off the red lipstick. >> it's universal. but jen is right. a heavy, rich, matte lip is going to compete with her bronze skin. you can't rock the heavy red lips. >> reporter: aniston swears by petroleum jelly. >> this is one of the best p
8:19 am
protectors around. >> reporter: beauty tips that will have you dazzling in seconds. we want to remind viewers that some of her tips are offlabel uses of the products. and consult a doctor before using. >> there's something fresh about her and likable. the guys are going outside with tory johnson right now. guys? >> ladies and gentlemen, tory johnson, author and "steals & deals." get online already. these deals will go, go, go. they're all "shark tank"? >> right out of the prices. okay. the ride-on carry on.
8:20 am
a little seat. perfect for sarina traveling in the airport. regularly, $50. slashed in half, 25 bucks. this is a company that is called the lollacup. it's a sip by cup for kids. but it's perfect when you're transitioning from bottle all the way to toddlers. >> it doesn't spill. >> exactly. $100,000 is invested in this company. made in america. regularly $16, slashed in half, 8 bucks. >> look how cute it is. it's easy to clean. >> something really cute here. check it out. so, these are -- this is a preview of something that's coming up this season on "shark tank." these lunchboxes, you can personalize. look how gorgeous these designs are. and it comes with three inserts and an ice pack. three different options for you to choose from. regularly $40.
8:21 am
slashed in half, 20 bucks. >> for your overly organized youngster. >> exactly. mark cuban says he wants these chocolate pretzels. and he invested $100,000 in the painted pretzel. there's a set of 12. he swears by them. regularly $37 for a tin, slashed in half, $18.50. >> those are so cool. >> delicious. >> and finally -- ready? >> all right. if you lose the lid to your garbage can. >> you stack in the leaves and they fly away, normally $11. these are splashed in half, $5.50. genius. we have an exclusive deal on
8:22 am
"gma live!" in a few minutes. >> go to on yahoo! where to find them. new season of "shark tank" premiering friday. good morning, i am roosevelt leftwich. there was a wreck here after 6:00 a.m. and it has caused a lot you
8:23 am
have problems for commuters. the good news is that the truck has been righted. but the traffic is still backed up all the way to the pennsylvania line. some of the cars have been here for as much as two hours to waiting to get around the wreck. it hatched at about 6:00 a.m., according to the state patrol, the truck and ten cars all collided here. the truck was full of flour but there was no spill here. there was a bit of a fuel spill here. well, that crash is causing a lot of delays here, the southbound lanes are still going be shut down at york road. if you are there, you need to exit off at york road, take that to middle town road, get back onto 83 or take route 439 to 422.
8:24 am
leave yourself plenty of time. a crash at 100 and delays on the beltway. za look at the weather. all right, let's take a look at what is going on this morning, we have plenty of blue kai skies a--blue skies across the area. we are coming in around 57- degrees. going to the afternoon, we'll be at 75-degrees. 55 action mostly clear and school. and tomorrow--55, mostly clear and school. and tomorrow, arnold 80- degrees. --around 80 degrees. and now to new york for good morning america.
8:25 am
[ cheers and applause ] we're glad special's breakfast guest came. we give you a hint. here is another one. famous feet right there.
8:26 am
his guest known for their memorable shoe styles. just another clue. guess who's coming to breakfast. we've had a great time with it all week long. yesterday, great to see charlie and diane back. but today, the list grows. sammy? >> and twitter lit up with the last reading from our mystery guest, one of many famous films. mystery guest, may i ask you some questions for our audience to guess who you are? >> yes, of course. >> mystery guest, do you believe in ghosts? >> on occasion. >> mystery guesting i'm sorry you're in one of our closed, crowded makeup rooms. but do you sometimes enjoy the view? >> very rarely. because i can't see anything out the window.
8:27 am
>> our guest this morning, i can't wait for you to spend some time with our guest because as josh and i say all the time, i never spend time with this person without coming away a little bit smarter. feeling better about myself. and better about the world. >> amen. >> and this is an amazing person. also ahead, best-selling author, nicholas spark. there he is outside. and we ask him what it's about. and back inside. she's been so patient, standing over there. eva mendes is here with an inside look at her brand-new fashion line. and everyone's buzzing about it. >> she is gorgeous. gorgeous. on the way in, i kind of bumped into her. oh, wow. it was a long way back to the desk. all that's coming up. we're going to start you with this. gwyneth paltrow has a new film opening tomorrow.
8:28 am
called "thanks for sharing." it's about battling addiction. he will be sharing more of herself than we've ever seen before. and nick watt's on it. it must be good. he spoke one-on-one with the oscar winner and cookbook author, all about this revealing new role. >> would you care for a little goo? >> reporter: these days, gwyneth paltrow shoots just one movie a year. "thanks for sharing." playing a sex addict's girlfriend, opposite mark ruffalo. >> isn't that something that guys say when you're caught cheating? >> reporter: complicated. there's one scene in the movie that, imagine your husband might have some issues with. >> well, he's very open-minded. mark ruffalo's wife won't see the movie because of that scene. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> reporter: and through her lifestyle blog, paltrow just launched a fashion line with stella mccartney.
8:29 am
i saw you kissing stella mccartney. is there something i should know? >> the collection is called stella mccartney x goop. >> reporter: she is happily married, with chris martin. how do you make that work? >> it's not easy to be married for ten years. we laugh a lot. so far, we're sticking it out. >> reporter: paltrow has a lovely life, great taste, and some food ideas. >> now, we'll do the guacamole. a lot of people love that. a few do not. there's some haters out there. >> oh, yeah. i don't engage, to be honest. i really don't. that doesn't help me in my creative process. >> reporter: on the other side of that, it must be odd to be named the world's most beautiful woman by "people" magazine. how do you react to that? >> i just turned 40. i've got two kids. and i thought, this is so nice for all the mothers in the
8:30 am
world. >> reporter: i myself just turned 40 and slightly losing my beach body. what is your secret? >> my secret is incredibly hard work and discipline. >> reporter: and she works harder when there's an upcoming lingerie scene. your character says what i think a lot of the audience will be thinking. is sex addiction actually real? >> the short answer is yes. we're all kind of half good and half bad. it's all a gray area. for me, it's interesting to see people who are in the struggle to become the better versions of themselves. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, nick. and gwyneth. "thanks for sharing," in theaters tomorrow. let's go outside to george. >> we're here with nicholas sparks. 18 books over 19 million copies. "the longest ride." an epic love story. glad to have you book on "gma."
8:31 am
this is a dual love story. >> two stories. you have the story of ira and ruth. and it's more of an epic love story that spans decades. they're from the south. they're jewish. and it starts in the 1930s, all the way to the present. >> he's 90 or something. >> he's 90 and in a horrible car accident. and he begins to remember the life he spent with the woman he loved. and the other story, luke and sofia. that is figuring out how they intersect. >> and i love the idea that ira is based on someone in your own family. >> yeah. you know, when my grandma got divorced after many years, she moved to san diego and met a man named leo robin. they were companions for 20, 25 years. he was like my grandfather growing up. as i'm writing ira, i modeled him on leo robbins.
8:32 am
>> you get to learn a lot about some different things. in this book, you learn about art. and also rodeo. >> yes. a lot of research. i didn't know much about it. i'm not an expert, for instance, in art. but i'm probably a well-informed hobbyist on american art. and rodeo, i did have a little -- my brother-in-law, married to my sister before she passed away, he was in rodeo. and the ranch in the novel is ranch. >> do you pick them because you want to learn about them? or you think it helps the story? >> both. i want to make it authentic. i want it to feel real. if i'm going to write about the rodeo or modern art, i want it to feel real and true so there's a lot of research that goes in, justice u.s. to make sure that everything i'm writing is accurate. >> you're not resting at all. now, you're working on two more books.
8:33 am
plus, two movies. >> two novels simultaneously. "the best of me." and "the longest ride" starts filming in a couple of weeks. >> all of us are underachievers. it's called "the longest ride," on shelves right now. we want to thank all of the bull riders for the cowboy hats right here. let's go to sam for a final check of the weather. >> let's get to the boards. a lot to talk about with weather. from right here live in times square. it was the fourth full moon of the summer. and the last time it happened was around spring 2010. next time, it's spring 2016. we'll show you this beautiful picture from wildwood, new jersey. let's talk about the rain. early this morning, we had big reports of heavy rainfall in chicagoland. a lot of flooding going on in
8:34 am
that area. there's more rain to come in that zone. and it's likely to be a tough time. anywhere from chicago down into texas. that rain will be tough. almost everywhere. big rainfall totals. stay up with your local abc stations. >> all of that weather brought to you by angie's list. guess who is coming to
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
♪ good morning, again, america. and welcome to breakfast. who is going to fill this empty chair?
8:38 am
my guest this morning is someone who has limitless talent, by the way. that's not the reason i invited her here. i invited her here because she's one of the top people i've met in my life. josh feels the same way. >> exactly. >> every moment i spend with this lady, makes me feel smarter. and makes me feel better about me. and there's few people who will give, give, give to their friends. who's coming to breakfast? let's open the doors. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> good morning. good morning. >> how are you? >> one of the clues that i gave out was that whoopi is -- i didn't know until i started looking. emmy, two of them. grammy, oscar, tony. you've won every award there is to win in the entertainment
8:39 am
business. >> yeah. >> this will be the pinnacle, sitting down for breakfast. >> nobel peace prize. >> bacon. >> come on in with breakfast, jerry. this is what she has for breakfast every morning. describe what it is. >> it's basically bacon. bacon and bagels. i've been on this crazy cleanse now. and so, this is the -- no, no. give me, give me, give me. you know. cleansing is great. but bagels are better. >> sam and i had the utter pleasure of having dinner with you. and i was -- this job has been surreal. every day i come to this job, i expect my i.d. card not to work. but i might have had no more surreal a night, a moment, than to go to your beautiful home and have an unbelievable dinner.
8:40 am
and to see a bookcase that's called a bookcase. it's a library. it's where the written word lives in your home. it was the most -- it was one of the best nights of my life. >> this incredible passion for the written word. i don't know that you share with a lot of people. your twitter followers know that. tell us why. >> i learned to read late because i'm dyslexic. so, stories made phonographs made pictures. i liked the connection of a story that makes the picture. and reading was tough. so, once i learned to read, i just sort of drank it up. and i have, you know, these weird eyes. some days it's harder to read stuff on the page. i do a lot of listening. fantastic company does all these great audio books. >> you're a big listener. we say that on "the view." we love how you are not shy
8:41 am
about sharing that. you are a good listener. >> i'm lucky. that was my mom. she made me a good listener. >> now, you've had 100 careers, it seems like, in a very short amount of time. >> it feels like it, too. >> i think some people know you as being the host of the major morning show. do they know you have all these films. 135 actress credits according to imbd. at least 57 movies. i think you're in movies i haven't counted up and seen. do you want to go back to films full-time? have you thought about that? >> i'm working for the mouse right now. you know? i'm doing my thing. i got a nice little contract. >> you made great films. >> i do. yeah. i just -- as my documentary. it will be on hbo in november. so, yeah. you know, i'm still making movies as i'm doing "the view." i did "teenage mutant ninja
8:42 am
turtles." i did terry mcmillan's book, "a daylight and a dollar short." i'm still doing it. but the primary focus. >> did you have a sense, steven spielberg puts you in "the color purple." did you think this lay in front of you? >> no. look at me. i was nobody's idea of a movie actor, let alone a movie star. so, you know, it was all a shock. and a great shock. and it continues to be a shock. i'm shocked every day. i get up and i go -- ah. man. >> impossible. >> let me tell you, as talented as she is and as much as america enjoys every moment of you, i'm so glad that you could come have breakfast with us and so we should share how much inside of you we enjoy. you, honestly and truly give so much to your friends. and they're better for knowing you. >> oh.
8:43 am
>> thank you. >> yeah. and dinner with whoopi. eva mendes is here with a look at her brand-new fashion line.
8:44 am
8:45 am
eva mendes. she looks flawless on the red carpet and everywhere she goes. now, she's offering to let us in on her secrets with a new fashion line she's launches today, in conjunction with new york and company. >> you look beautiful. i'm so happy for you. you're such an inspiration for so many women. >> thank you. back at you ten-fold. how did this all come about? >> new york and company came to me with an offer to do this. i had been a fan. i'm not sure -- my first reaction was nervous. i'm not sure i have anything to offer. i went back to my strong base of
8:46 am
women that help run my life. >> my mother. >> my friends with me today. we've been best friends since we were 12 years old. so, my friends are like, are you crazy? you wanted to do this. i love a bargain. i'm shopping at shift shops. i'm buying a $6 dress. i'll get a coffee. where can i get your dress? >> your design, any woman is going to look great. >> right. >> i want to show as many of the line as we can. >> sizing 0 to 18. >> absolutely. >> these are not models. they're women that work at new york and company. danielle is first. >> oh, danielle. you look gorgeous. how do you feel? >> really comfortable. >> the same necklace, right? >> i know. >> i love this necklace.
8:47 am
it's inspiration from an antique necklace i have. you can get that. looks to be modern and feminine. >> i feel comfortable. easy. >> and cute. >> it's time for laura to come out. >> oh. i love this soft pant. you can roll this up, as well, and wear it with little booties. how co-you feel? >> i love a soft pant. >> and polka dots, right? >> superclean line we're looking for. laura, thank you very much. and christina. two more looks. and the leopard skin. >> how are you feeling in this? >> very feminine.
8:48 am
>> you look it. i was obsessed with a pink coat. it was a vintage coat. i basically live in it. >> i love the prints, too. >> i'm cuban. i love an animal. it's never going to go away. >> it looks good. >> you can wear it with tights or boots. >> everyone come out. come out, emma. and everyone, too. >> i love this. >> a girl after my own heart. she's taking the scarf and made it into a turban. and with great hoops. a beautiful black dress we all need. little black dress is a staple. it's superclean and feminine. these are all the looks. >> you could be models. >> you're gorgeous. they're like, these women are real women. they're models.
8:49 am
>> and you're wearing one of the designs. eva's new york and company collection is available starting today. going to be flying off the rocks. >> thank you, robin. so great to ready?
8:50 am
8:51 am
happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. it's a mad house. it's a mad house.
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>> all morning. thank you for coming in today. have a great day, everyone. good morning, i am roosevelt leftwich, traffic is moving again here on i-83 after a truck, car crash tied up traffic for more than three hours. the truck has been righted and one lane season--lane southbound has been reopened. but the back up is all the way back up to the pennsylvania worder. at least fen cars and a tractor
8:53 am
trailer carrying flour collide. a lot of commuters were trying to make their way into the baltimore. it is still going to be at least another 40 minutes until and hour until the truck is pulled out. traffic is moving very slowly. and now ways to get around this with lauren cook. well, still major delays here on 83. only only e one--only one southbound lane is getting by. or you can tick with route 439 and take that to route 23. unfortunately, speeds on the west side of the beltway, they are slow. and 28 minutes up to 83. a crash on harper road and another at java road. and here is lynette charles with a look apartment the--a look apartment thewet every--a look at the weather. all right, this morning, we are still on the cool side, 52
8:54 am
now in hick cincinnati. we--in hickory no ma ther where you are--no matter where you go, plenty of sunshine through the day. we have more rain by the weekend. stay tuned for the doctors.
8:55 am
>> announcer: today on "the doctors"! ♪ >> from an early age, we kinda realized that he was into temperature girls toys. >> he likes fabric and the way it moves. >> dyou like to put on dresses? >> i like skirts the best.
8:56 am
>> his remarkable parents. >> i want our home to be the safest place. we >> what this family enduring every day. ? >> you have gotten hate mail and s. >> there are people who will kill him because they're uncomfortable with how he is. >> in the day and age where weigh know bullyingthreatoccurs where we know bullying occurs, i can only imagine what he will face. >> we have had people call our son homoand gay and [ beep ] [ audience oohs ] 36 months, 175 pounds! and nearly 6 million youtube hits later. i don't just have willpower, i am willpower. >> elton john and close family friend, lady gaga, why he claims she's in a dangerous place, that's today!
8:57 am
♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ >> thanks so much fojoining us, we have an extremely important hour in store for you. most parents wouldn't think twice if their little girlr were into dress up and dolls and everything pink but how would you react if the requests came from your 3-year-olds this is what's facing the husband and wife guests today, they are supporting cj boy. as gender creative boy. dr. sears was invited into the home for a rare and personal interview with the family. >> i am a father.
8:58 am
i have three beautiful kids. each is different than the next. but my goal for all of them is the same. i them to believe in themselves. i want them to pursue what makes them happy and most of all, i want them to strive to be the best people want an be! >> these thoughts were on my mind as a prepared to meet matt, and laurie, and learn more about their unique famithey c >> hi, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you guys. matt, laurie, you are the and 6-year-old ly. set of boys and cj, has been different from the start right? tell me about that. >> from an early age he was into girls toys. >> he knows he's a boy who to be treated like a giwants >> this is called gender dysphoria. >> i prefer rl.gender creative. he's a boy, and fond of his
8:59 am
boy body. it's society's idea of what a boy is that he's uncomfortable with. >> what's your favorite toy? >> dolls. i have a favorite doll. >> where's your favorite doll? >> she has a bunch of these. someone gave to her to me. >> what's her name? >> mary. >> he wasn't interested in his brother's trains or cars. at two and-a-half i was cleaning out the closet and i barbie, i threw her on the bed and his eyes lit up and he said that was the day he came alive. >> our whole world changed. what's your favorite thing to wear at home . >> dress ups. >> you like to put on dresses? >> i like skirts. >> skirts are the best? and what color skirts do you like to wear? >> um, pink. >> pink. >> what do you think cj's gonna grow up to be? transgender? have you guise


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