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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 20, 2013 12:35am-1:05am EDT

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good evening. thank you for joining us. in l.a., a group of men seeking money, flashy cars and girlfriend, hardly seems out of the ordinary. when the men are men of god, preachers, it is a little different. the cloth these holy men wear is strictly designer and now as abc's david wright reports, one group of them will be opening up to the world how they balance living for god and those al mighty in god we trust dollars. for our series "faith matters." >> reporter: the city of angels ain't the bible belt, preachers here aren't from central casting. like so many others chasing the hollywood dream, they have star power. >> p-diddy, jay-z, they're not the only one whose should be driving ferraris. >> reporter: some clearly enjoy living the good life. >> you see my glory but you don't know my story. >> reporter: the idea behind oxygen any show, debuting next
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month. preachers of laf lay. the title sound like a stretch, right, l.a. its about something other than god for most people? >> yes, right, right, right. lost souls. >> reporter: lost souls. >> l.a. where all the lost angels are. >> reporter: reality tv brought us the drama and decadence of real housewives. and taught us the meaning of gtl on jersey shore. and showed us it is possible to be famous just for being famous. provided your last name is kardashian. so why not a reality show about religious leaders? men of power and in some cases great wealth. think of it as lifestyles of the rich and spiritual. >> a family of god! >> reporter: the show is generating controversy even before the first episode has aired. some church groups denouncing it based on the trailer. even starting an online petition against it. they're not the sort you would
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expect to find at an old-fashioned tent revival. the bishop used to be a gang banger. >> on the way to compton. in case they don't respect the lord in me i'm taking the law with me, taking mr. glock. >> reporter: now saving gang bangers is a big part of his ministry. >> that jesus christ died for my sins in jesus' name. >> reporter: the bishop whose entourage is as big as anything from entourage. >> if you want my ministry, you need what i bring. my men know how i flow. >> reporter: a tattooed pastor, a former professional skateboarder. >> god has taken a skateboard and turned into it a pulpit. a platform. >> reporter: i'm sure there is a metaphor there, taking the plunge? >> totally. there comes a point we all have to make that commitment and drop in and go for it. and when you drop in and, you don't want to hesitate or pull back. because itch yf you do that it e disastrous.
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>> pastor of a mega church whose sunday morning routine include a wellness ritual before he steps out on to the pulpit. bishop knowle jones, his flock at city of refuge church one of the biggest in l.a. county. >> reporter: you are a respected member of the community. lead one of the biggest churches in los angeles. >> i have no idea why anybody in your position would agree to do a reality show? >> well i didn't think it was a reality show going in. it was -- docu-series. whatever that is. >> reporter: what is it you are hoping people get out of this? >> i hope that people will understand even the people you put on pedestals have to deal with the same problems you have to deal with. >> reporter: they're human. >> that they're human. >> reporter: one of bishop's human frailties is a weakness for fast cars. >> it generates 600 horses. >> reporter: and the show suggests he is a bit of a lady's
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man. >> women throw themselves at you in the business. >> when you get to my age, you think why can't i have some fun? i like to go fast in my cars. i like it. it's a part of being successful. it is a mean machine. >> reporter: he took me out for a quick spin. and an emphasis on the word quick. >> like the bat mobile. >> you can't to get out now i'm any sure. >> if a preacher is preaching health, wealth, prosperity if his presentation is love jesus and you will be rich. then how is he going to show it? >> reporter: he better drive a ferrari. >> he better drive a bentley or ferrari, whatever, that's not my message. >> reporter: what is your message? >> my message is to promote people to move in whatever their gifts are, be appreciative of the opportunity, not only of life, but of being gifted. you come in naked. you are going to leave naked.
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>> reporter: some of the other preachers on the show preach that wealth can be a sign of god's favor. >> the bible says that i wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health. i believe that. >> reporter: in fact the idea of preacher leave opulence becomes, well, a bit of an issue in the first episode of the show. >> when god anointed you you didn't have an entourage. >> reporter: you get into an argument what's that all about? >> a biblical topic. >> you are telling me i don't know scripture. >> no, you are disrespecting me. >> no he is not. >> reporter: seemed look you were coming down on him for having such a big entourage. is that fair? >> i wasn't coming down on him. i was just really expressing my. >> reporter: he was a bit too flash, right? >> in some instances yes we can be over the top as preachers. >> reporter: needless to say his challenge did not go down well with some of the others.
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>> they're smart. businessmen. you know they invested in real estate. or made wise investments in other areas. abraham was rich in silver, cattle and gold. the bible calls abraham the father of faith. >> reporter: the eye of the needle and the camel. >> the book says it is harder to put a camel through an eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. the disciple's response to that was who can be saved then. jesus said with good all things are possible. >> reporter: in other word, wealth need not be a barrier to salvation. in between consumption, some actual moments of ministry both from the pulpit. >> the problem with the world today i found out we want everything but what we really need. >> reporter: and on the streets. >> jesus said i have come so you may have life. this is low life. >> as for detrick, he is not so
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much after fortune but fame. awe asinging the gospel. preaching, no different than preaching, putting melanie to it. gospel singer and preacher trying to bounce back after a scandal. >> you have a young lady pregnant, out of wedlock when my divorce is not final. >> reporter: seems you are the man that brings some drama to this thing. you are out there competing for grammy awards as well as souls? >> i'm a recording artist. >> reporter: you are of the world and the other world the show is all about. >> absolutely. i am in this world. but preaching the gospel. >> reporter: had to resign for the church in motown amidst the scandal. after moving new l.a. he married the baby mama and his daughter is clearly the apple of his eye. >> jesus, come on! you say jesus. she get a shout on. she is a blessing to me. >> reporter: a cutie. >> at a critical time in my
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life. i felt like giving up. just knowing she was on the way started to pull me out. >> for him coming to l.a. was the path to redemption. is the world of preaching here different from the world that you knew in detroit? >> no, not the at all. preachers are preachers everywhere. and schchurch folk are church f everywhere. >> reporter: preachers on this show are big personalities with lots of flash. >> preachers are very entertaining people. >> reporter: not slin sequesthr violet, that's for sure. ♪ god still hears a sinner's prayer ♪ >>ened of the day we are human beings. we are all flesh and blood. even with our titles and all the pratz praises that we have and accolade, we are highly decorated dirt. >> reporter: why not a reality show to dish it. david wright for "nightline" in los angeles. ♪ ♪ ♪ i feel like preaching to day
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dolphins tend to get great pr. they pour trait as friendly and loving. particularly compared to their dorsal finned neighbors, the
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sharks the killers. it seems neither characterization is entirely fair. this common ground under the sea, all of them running the same race for survival. so when it comes to the dolphins as abc's linzy janice shows us, behind the seemingly smiling face there can be the wily mind of a predator. >> reporter: dolphins, we often think of them as friendly, innocent, almost cuddly creatures of the sea. instead, biologists say we should see these mammals as the cunning hunters they really are. >> they need to make a living. they eat fish. their predators. they're good at it. so, yeah, they're no different than a lion, tiger or anything else for their niche. >> to find out more about these cute killers, "nightline" traveled to folly beach, south carolina where we met up with filmmaker scott snyder who took us out on his boat. snyder is a director of photography at national gee graphic and wrapped work on the
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secret life of predators. among expected tales of lions and tigers, there is another more surprising group of predators, dolphin. who happen to live right here in snyder's own backyard. the bottle the nosed dolphins here have a secret. they have taught themselves an extra ordinary and death defying technique to track their prey. it's called stranding. >> it truly is a world class behavior. it's -- an amazing thing to witness. >> watch this. they actually beach themselves on purpose. >> they make a big wave. and it throws, sort of crashes and breaks all these, on to the beach. then they lay there on their side. mouths open. waiting trying to catch them. >> and before they beach, as we witnessed, they talk. >> oh, yeah.
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>> hearing a lot of clicks, whistles. then all of a sudden there is a strong vocalization. right before they're going to strand. there they are. >> reporter: after hours of watching and waiting we were looky enough to spot a stranding ourselves. wow. >> all right. >> reporter: we learned while reward may be big for the dolphin so are the risks. >> if they sit there too long they can crush internal organs, burn. a lot of bad things can happen. >> reporter: at 400 pound each, these meals if not expertly executed could turn into a suicide mission. another onshore danger, tourists as word spreads about the secret spectacle, experts worry the dolphin will shy away. >> there is a line of 50 people on the beach they're nervous about stranding and won't strand. it affects their behavior. snider says the dolphin are one
12:52 am
of many examples of big predators surviving by pushing limits of their abilities. >> not like going to the store and buying a meal. these things have to work hard for everything they do. for all of their, all their meals. >> reporter: another great american predator defying nay schur to survive. last week, "nightline" showed you the reptile greg to record sizes in the delta. those living here in the carolinas are going to great lengths to feed themselves. spending time, hunting prey in salt water pond though it is toxic. freshwater beasts are doing it by building rain water baths. >> go up there, purge the salt. migrate. back to the pond they do their hungt. for deer, raccoons and big animals in salt water pond and make the sdwrurnies. instead of fearing the animals, snyder said it is time america
12:53 am
learned to live along side our last remaining big predators before it's too late. >> if you know about them and respect them, then they're an amazing thing to live around and to watch and to, photograph or just enjoy. there is place for them. we need to make space for them. >> reporter: it is watching and learning that snyder loves most about his work. >> it is an incredible job. jump into an animal's world and really go a mile deep fast. and, really, really get to know an animal on a really sort of intimate level and see how it tick thousands. >> when it comes to the dolphin, he says of what makes this particular group tick is making a team sport out of meal time. more proof that even for nay schur nature's cunning predators there is no free lunch. for "nightline," linsie janice. >> something to think about next time you have a chance to swim with the dolphin. and "secret life of predators"
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>> in tonight's "feed frenzy" social media can be a great way to publicize a house party
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unless the owner knows nothing about i how former star nfl lineman brian holloway learned he hadn't been to invited to an alcohol fueled bash with underaged kids at a residence that looked familiar. holloway was in florida when his plugged in son saw photos of the party of the summer as attend yiss called it. students from nine schools in the area, partying at his upstate new york home. he called the police. in the meantime. watched the tweets roll in about the crazy -- night. holloway says they smashed windows and doors to get in and left him with floors urinated on. graffitied walls. $20,000 in damage in adedition o stolen property. you may think the big guy would want to knock heads. instead he create aid website. called help me save 300. to post pictures of the kids
1:01 am
tweeting abut the party and asked for all 300 or so to come back and help him clean up. so he could help them turn their lives around. >> everything broken can be fixed. everything stolen could be returned. there is 300 lives in trouble. that's all that i focused on. >> the county sheriff is investigating as well. thanks to oversharing kids, has a digital trail of crumbs to follow. >> thank you for watching abc news. world news now is coming up soon with overnight breaking new. i will see you at "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we are online at good night. >> announcer: every day more americans choose abc news, america's number one news source.
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"omg! insider," the top trending stories you need to know. >> let me be exactly who i want to be. >> miley's vma plot exposed. the new documentary with britney. >> everything takes the vmas so serious. i'm going to make them talk for two weeks rather than two seconds. >> how she's still riling up hollywood. >> every 10 to 15 yea pick somebody who we want our daughters to be or not be. >> as ex liam moves on with this new woman. ourrs, wemichael yo confrone of the "big brother" evictees.zz >> being half black and asian, it angered me. did zac efron go to rehab twice. plus, valerie harper on her bra cer turn around. >> doctors said originally you'd have three to six months. what are they saying now? >> icons uncensored before sunday's red carpet.
1:03 am
>> i don't know if it's going t. we'll see. and leno on sharon osbourne. now where yahoo! and broadcast meet for 24/7 access to celebrity news. "omg! insider." valerie harper takes us i her battle to live. hello, everyone. i'm kevin frazier. thea andrews, you just sat down with valerie. >> six months ago we didn't think this was possible.nside today i spoke with valerie about her incredible brain cancer turn around and the documentary that's captured her journey. that is ahead. first, another documentary mahe news. "miley, the movement." >> she really did take a wrecking ball to her image. we are all still trying to understand what in the world ist going on, including her ex who apparently has moved on. >> i was like born to become who e, right now. right now i'm in a point in my career where i can be exactly what i want to be, who i want to be. you are always going to make people talk.m, lik
1:04 am
you might as well make them talk for like two weeks rather than two seconds. >> miley's new intervild and defiant and talking strategy with britney before her controversial vma performance. >> everyone takes the vmas so serious.ew, bo i just want to$á$p'd have fun. >> the singer in just-released clips from "miley the movement" airing october 2nd on mtv. >> i want to remember this is what separates me from everybody else. >> i'm sure you've watched a little of what's going on with cyrus right now. >> and justin's weighing in on miley's new infamous performance. >> i'm not saying i agree with feel like every 10 to 15 years, we pick somebody that this is what we're going to do with them. we're going to make them the model of who we want our daughters to be or not be. >> timberlake in vegas where he and miley will appear this


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