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tv   News  ABC  September 26, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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morning. the group plotted together to rob dennis on his apartment. he was shot in the process and died at the hospital. investigators say the suspect was looking drugs and money. tabitha until son and williams are charged with murder. the same apply to these men. william dodson and ellwood. another suspect was shot during the robbery and will be charged when he's released from the hospital. >> these two pet bugs captured pet lovers hearts so sha and bear are out of the -- [inaudible] when the landlord banned the pit bulls because of a court ruling that they're inherently dangerous. if they get a new family they will have at least ten applicants on standby or to
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come back with more on this story. >> a look across the inner harbor. it is a beautiful start to the day. but will it hang around?
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thank you for joining us. we have information about the upcoming weekend. the train between baltimore and washington, it will make nine round trips on saturday and six on sunday. the mta says ticket also be the same on week ends as they are during the week $7 -- $6. >> here is your chance. rent the $70,000 vehicle courtesy of hurtz. they're adding the e electric model they will only carry it in san francisco and la at least for now have. >> mainly dry. we have a few light showers if you are heading to virginia, west virginia, that area but
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all in all, let's talk about what's going on as the kids head out to the bus stop. we are coming in around 56. we do have the clouds this morning. i will call it partly cloudy as we go throughout the day, more sunshine will prevail and look at the temporarily which you were by this afternoon, coming around 77. the dry weather, the temperature around 54. we will see decreasing cloud cover. we will call it mostly clear. nice and seasonal once again with that temperature at 54. it will be another nice day. enjoy. all good things must come to an end. as we head toward your saturday, this is what you can
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expect. as you head out to 695, leave yourself plenty of time. major delays on the west side of the beltway. speeds here at 13 miles per hour. we look at the drive times. we are up to 23 minutes from 795 down to 95. the inner loop is nice and clear. as we look at the other main line, no problems. clear to downtown. 85 looks food. nothing to get in your way as you -- looks good. nothing to get in your way. we do have a disabled car in edgewater on central avenue. and some construction workers being dropped off to do work on the bay bridge, one on route
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50, noft causing significant delay. >> >> follow me on facebook or on twitter at maryland traffic. before we go to break, here is a live look at the beautiful inner harbor, a great way to start the day. stay with us. we have much more coming up. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms,
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>> the city vacancy project is creeping up to one man's door. 74-year-old -- is now a single neighbor left in a sea of otherwise abandoned homes. the city kicked off the project on tuesday demolishing homes across the street in an effort to remove light from the city. they think it pest. he know nothing about this demolition until plowed rolled up. >> i will do -- the only one here, it is sadmented. >> the city tells us, he
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doesn't have to move. if he wants to relocate, he will help him. if he chooses the to stay, he can stay. is cd ready for a vegas- style casino? they do have a cool design. they will be awarded with a contract. look at these at the sines. this is a project on 495. it is about four and a hah f football fields -- four and a half football fields long. it has a long outdoor tear ross. they will pick up a developer and make that decision by the end of the year.
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developers are ahead of schedule right now. the tiff casino not counting the one they're planning for national harbor it is 5:46. new questions about storm water. you can get them answered tonight at the county executive hosting a town hall meeting about the so-called rain fax questions are open. all right. pretty soon, we may not have to turn off the ipod, kindle and iphone during a take off and land ling. the panel is expected to send the specific rock men dations to the faa -- recommendation to the faa. schools were largely stagnant
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for the third consecutive year. african american student, -- on average 5rbgs 14 in math and 88 in writing. this a look at the numbers from maryland where family income play aid critical role. they made more than 9 points higher on that and reading sections than those from lower income brackets. this comes from playboy magazine. umd ranks ten, west virginia number one and the wisconsin, the deplete list under the october college issue. >> all right. as we go through the day, we will have a nice slide. we will get sunshine in here and also it will feel good for today. already this morning we are not that cold, you are at 53 at
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well, laurel, more of if same in denton. wet weather is not the case. it is south of us this morning. -u see exactly what i am talking about. we have a disturbance and with that bringing rain across virginia, west virginia and eastern the carolinas. all this will slide to the east toward the morning hours. high pressure today, is so we will stay dry today, the next day and the day after that. i sound like a broken record as we continue to see sunshine in forecast. abc 2 most accurate trend is going into motion for you. i showed you this scenario yesterday of maybe a coastal storm. now it will stay off of the atlantic. it is going to be nice and lots of sunshine. we will have a slight warm up
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throughout the day. if you want to get throughout and jog, you can do it. behind today i am going with # 7 degrees and make sure you do send us a photo. we want to see a wonderful picture and the 7-day forecast still dry toward wednesday. major delays on the beltway. you are taking a live look here at frederick. speeds clocking in at just 12 miles per hour. drive times are getting even worse. we are up to 28 minutes through the push from 795 to 95. this typically takes 111 minutes up toward liberty road. but again the outer loop is the main concern this morning. follow me on twitter and facebook for the latest
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updates. the record east side of the beltway, much different: nothing in your way as you travel from 95 up 83. it will take you 111 minutes. 95 south in white marsh also going to be clear. very calm. the fort mchenry. you will not have any problems getting to the airport this morning. that is your time saver traffic. >> you think about military service. if so you had better think twice about the visible ink you have on your skin. new regulations to tatoos below the elbows and knees along with the neckline. new soldiers will have to pay to get those removed. the army say it is a matter of maintaining a uniform look. the changes are expect today be official in the next month os
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two. >> an emergency notification. user remain silent can also opt in and will get text messages and alerts from the red cross, the cdc, homeland homeland security and local fall and police department. just because it is fall doesn't mean the fun has to stop. the fall fling is friday from 5:00 to 8:30. enjoy live music, cold beverages too. it is free. the billion provided, the musical by playton 80s. > >> the next fall fling is october 25thment the first one kicks off on friday. -- are coming o to baltimore for the first ever
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sup race event. it is a lot easier than you would think. the first first thing you think is i don't have that balance. i can't do that. >> this is clean water and no jelly fish. it is taking place saturday morning at 8:00 at gun powder state parkment another look across the inner harbor. nice look downtown and a stretch of more consecutive days? find out when good morning, maryland continues. hundreds." call or click today.
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a third grader is being held a hero after he helped everybody in his apartment building escape a fire. it was caught on tape in lawrenceville, tennessee. he was sleeping. the woman dropped her cigarette near an oxygen tank and it caught fire. the quick-thinking boy ran through the building banging on neighbor's doors to wake them up. this is helmet cam. >> they picked them up and held them on the edge exam dropped him. the policeman catched him.
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no one was seriously hurt in fire. >> a three-year-old is home after being shot in chicago. >> we will tell you which city has the most honest people and whether or not anything in in u.s. made that list. if. >> i will bring up the very latest drive times coming up on good morning, maryland. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. liberated. released. decongested. open for business. [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] powerful sinus relief
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>> >> a deadly crash claims the lives of three people. one of the victim's sisters is speaking out. what police would have done differently, she say grs. >> and a week before the new health care law, president obama i know the maryland mary. there's a major traffic back up this early in the morning. of course we will let you know what's going on there and how to get around. those stories are are straight ahead on this thursday morningment thank you for joining us. -- morning. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> one thing that keeps o on rolling is the great weather. we will see how long it is
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going to hang around. >> you are right. it goes on and on. we will see that for the rest of the week, this morning. in hickory we are at 50. it might be patchy fog out there in that area this morning. more of the same with the temperature at 47. the wind from the north today at 5 to 10 miles per hour. as we work through the day, we will stay dry. we have a few showers as the disturbance travels off to the east. we will get a mix of sun and clouds, temperature coming in at 73. the high today at 3:00, 77. >> well, as you travel the west beltway, leave yourself extra time. a crash causing major delays on the outer loop. two lanes now blocked prior to
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wilkins. we are now up to 29 minutes. this stretch typically takes just 11 minutes. there's nothing from parkville up to townsend, speeds are now at 55 miles per hour. if you are heading downtown, the jfx is free of delays, just 11 minutes from here to get down to fayette street. 95 here at 395. no problems. from howard county, no problems either. just a ten-minute trip. police aren't saying much about a crash that killed three people early monday morning but a family member has a lot to say. her story and the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police admit they tried to pull over the car that
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actually caused the crash here in this intersection of northern parkway and york road. they won't say whether they chased it. it crashed killing both men in the suspect's car and a woman coming home from a housekeeping job getting a ride home from a friend. the family of angel says her youngest daughter was expecting her first grand child. she gave birth that same day to her first grand child. >> my husband say what happened. he said it was a lady die and a guy, they take him to the emergency room. >> you had no idea at that moment it was your sister. >> not at all. >> i say what kind of car was
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driving. >> her sister is convinced that the officers who i trued to pull over the suspects could have acted differently simply taking down the tag number and looking for that vehicle later rather than given the driver a reason to run. reporting live here in north baltimore, abc 2 new. >> >> the affordable care act isless than a week from going into effect. >> we have to get everybody to sign up. >> everybody sign up. go to health care .gov. >> the president will today come to prince george's and will speak at pg community college this morning at 11:00. they continue battled over a number of top i, among


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