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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 30, 2013 11:35pm-12:35am EDT

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there is is a lot of discussion surrounding the car's new traffic barriers. i'm not exactly sure what their problem would be. pittsburgh local cbs news affiliate was there covering the story. some people are actually upset about that. >> new traffic barriers are causing some controversy in the glendale section. it's not the function it's the form. >> they look like male body parts, which i think is inappropriate. >> pat martin raised the issue at tuesday night's meeting. >> everyone is laughing about them because of what they resemble to people. >> it's almost like they are targeting her specifically. the commissioner of the town suggested that maybe they
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flatten the tops of the pillars. he wants to give the traffic barriers a circumcision. isn't it silly? people really are bothered by this. there is a simple solution. just put covers on them. wala. no problems at all. [ applause ] i'm about solutions. that's the town anty wiener should run for mayor on. this happened in buelgium. and this serious looking man who was trying very, very hard to keep his horse under control. [ speaking foreign language ]
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they never came out of the bushes. that was the last time they were seen. oh belgium. here in our little corner of hollywood, we just wrapped up an italian feast and charity benefit. yeah, you missed it. i started this 12 years ago. we put it on behind our theater every year. a reporter who works the morning shift on our local ktla news stopped by to cover the piece on friday and she scored an exploessive interview with my about chippy. >> jimmy is -- i would have preferred it, but he -- >> he woke you up live on the air and shot them at your face? >> yeah, my eyelashes fell off.
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[ bleep ]. >> no she does not. >> she is not a morning person. or an afternoon or evening person. she's really not a person. did you go to the feast gee yar mow? >> yes. >> did you have fun there? when did you go? >> on thursday. >> i did not see you there at all. >> i was with you on thursday. >> you were with me? i didn't see you. >> i saw dicky. >> did you see me? you did? i may have confused you with a meat ball. >> maybe. i ate a lot of meat balls. >> and one more thing, on the subject of breaking bad. if you didn't watch the show but you found out what the ending was, i think you can still get a lot of enjoyment. and there are "breaking bad" spinoff shows in the works. the sleedy lawyer will get his
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own show and today amc unveiled the second spinoff that looks like it may be a lot of fun. it's not a drama or a comedy, it's actually a cooking show. >> the minds behind the smash hit-and-run "breaking bad" came up with amc and the food network to bring you an epic new series. heating meat with skinny pete. >> welcome to eating meat with skinny pete. check that meat out. uh-huh. first step, put the meat in the microwave. step two, press this button.
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[ beeping ] why you guys in my crib? >> heating meat with skinny pete. >> mom! >> could use a little flavorful
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mediallies. we need to take a break. we're going to talk about our government or lack thereof. starting at midnight we could have a problem. we will have a special obamacare edition of our eyewitness news section. we have music from the lumineers and we'll be right back with danny devito. ♪ [ male announcer ] some things are designed to draw crowds. ♪ ♪ others are designed to leave them behind. ♪ the all-new 2014 lexus is.
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you, uh, here for the interview? yeah... is that...? it is!
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(sigh) naomi, i take it? i'm tracey. your résumé is fantastic... (slurping) with authentic, expertly crafted roasts and legendary brews, eight o'clock is the coffee for those who put coffee first. (slurp) (whirring) >> the lumineers are here. if you watched the news at all
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today you know that we are on the verge of a government shut down. it is bad because we need to keep the government working so they can continue to not do things on our behalf. what's happening is a group of very motivated house republicans who are refusing to let a budget pass unless provisions are included to defund bam care. none of them want this to happen but if they don't or didn't reach a compromise tonight, a partial shut down will go into effect which i hope means we won't get any more parking tickets. that will remain untouched. if we do go in shut down, any government employees who are deemed non-essential get cutted. nasa will be shut down which means i won't be able to go into space. president obama gave a speech
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suggesting this is is a hostage situation but the republicans said they are not holding america hostage and if he would bother to read their ransom note that would be perfectly clear. as of the time we taped, no resolution had been reached. >> congress needs to keep the government open, needs to pay our bills on time. and time is running out. my hope and expectation is that in the 11th hour once again, that congress will just do the right thing and that the house of representatives in particular will chose the right thing. >> and the secret service stands there and does nothing at all. those -- the government shut down has happened before. the last one was in 1996, but the debate on this one is
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particularly heated because people have such strong opinions about obama care. the poles show that americans don't like obama care but they like what's in it. it's like the opposite of a mcnugget. it's interesting. when there are complicated issues, most people just side with who they usually side with. we sent a camera crew out to ask people which they thought was better, the affordable care act or obamacare. as you may know, obamacare is just a nickname for the affordable care act. they are the same thing. but low and behold we found people who did not know that and that didn't stop them from weighing in on it. >> we're talking about health care today. which plan do you support? obama care or affordable care act? >> affordable care act. >> what is it that you don't
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like about obama care? >> there is is a lot of holes in it. >> you think the affordable care act is a better plan? >> better but i'm not happy wh it either. >> what do you agree with? the affordable care act or obama care act? >> more towards the affordable health care act. >> it is still a better option than obamacare? >> yes. >> why do you not agree with the affordable care act? >> well, i think it's more -- it's not really hay veilable for all -- >> so the affordable care act is more affordable than obama care? >> it's nice that we can afford it and everybody should be able to afford it but to force people to pay something and force doctors to make something limiting their ability to do their job is anti-american.
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>> so obama care is un-american? >> it is kind of un-american to force people. >> and affordable care act is more american? >> it allows people to make their own choice. >> do you agree with the affordable care act or obama care? >> the affordable. >> and why do you prefer the affordable care act over obamacare. >> i just don't agree with the whole obamacare policy thing that is going on. >> and do you agree that an informed citizenry is necessary for democracy. >> yes. >> do you think insurance companies should be able to exclude people with preexisting conditions? >> no. >> do you agree that young people should be able to stay on parent's plans until they are 26 very yes. >> do you agree that companies with 50 or more employees should
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provide insurance? >> so you are for the affordable care act? >> which plan do you support? >> i don't like anything that has to be forced for everybody to buy. it's not good. >> do you think obamacare is socialist? >> yes. >> do you think the affordable care act is socialist? >> no. >> do you believe that obamacare will eventually lead to gun prohibition. >> do you know that obama care and the affordable care act are the same thing? >> no they're not. thanks you made me look stupid. >> it's what we do. >> you did good. [ applause ] >> welcome. welcome to the people. you have a home here with me. we have a good show tonight. tonight on the show, from "the goldbergs", wendi mclendon-covey is here. we have music from the lumineers and we'll be right back with danny devito. so stick around. ♪
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just stare silently at her television. that doesn't concern you at home. tonight on the program, you know her from the movie bridesmaids. her new tv show "the goldbergs" airs tuesday nights here on abc, wendi mclendon- covey is here. is called the lumineers" which is smart because that's also the name of the band. the lumineers from the sony outdoor stage. tomorrow night, will arnett will be here, from "marvel's agents of shield" clark gregg will join us, and we'll have music from bonnie raitt. our first guest is an emmy and golden globe-winning actor, producer and digestivo-maker whom you know from screens big and small, starting wednesday, he joins former taxi-mate judd hirsch in a stage production of "the sunshine boys" it runs through november at the ahmanson theater here in la; please say hello to danny devito. [ applause ]
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>> thank you. thank you. >> good to see you. >> great to see you, baby. >> and you didn't bring -- >> i didn't bring any booze don't. i'm straight. >> tonight is the first night that i can drive myself home after the show. >> the night is young, baby. >> how you doing? everything good? >> really good. >> nice to see you. >> where in italy is your family from? >> you know, you got the boot in your mind? >> uh-huh. >> so naples, you know where that is? in the middle there. up above there, there is a town which is a place in the mountains, really cool. a lot of trees and really nice. and that's where my grandfather is from, the divito family.
11:59 pm
and a little farther south in a big town, city, called potenza, which is where my grandmother is from. >> that's where my u-- that's m urngle frank's name. >> my mother was born here. my father was born here. but they were like, mom was a modern woman. you know that kind of thing? the idea of she is all doctor spok stuff. >> really? >> oh yeah. yeah. bottles. no bobs. >> really? bottles, not boobs. >> no breast-feeding. that's why i'm such an animal today. >> yeah. >> but traditionally, the food, we know that. morning till night, she is making this and that. sauce on sunday stuff.
12:00 am
you have that thing every week. >> same thing. >> like monday night was a certain thing. we have beans on a tuesday night. but there was always pasta. >> every meal? >> ours, too. >> some kind of spaghetti, pasta, whatever. >> and they made it. >> they rolled it themselves? >> yeah. >> and we lived in a little house in new jersey. it's beautiful. really cool. but every bedroom had the pasta drier on the bed. they had a little something and then they draped the pasta over it. so during the day when they were making the pasta, there was no laying down. >> it's weird you said that.
12:01 am
i sometimes make pasta and there is nowhere to put it. i did put it on hangers and hang knit the closet. >> what are you going to do? >> somebody needs to come up with something. >> a place to put the pasta. called a pasta rack. >> i guess they have that. >> we got back to that. the rock. >> your family, did they make their own wine? >> my uncle would make wine. he was a baker, also. you would have really great big ovens. my father would go over to visit him and you would get fresh italian bread. you throw butter on it and it was really terrific. he would bring gallons of wine which my mother would call blue
12:02 am
wine. i pee blue. look at that. the audience is blue. i haven't had a drink. >> and she called it blue wine. they weren't really big white wine drinkers. not in that house. and they always had the gallon on the floor. and they go through it like it was crazy. my uncle joe made the wine and he would come over and my mother would make a big -- they always had a lot of greens. they had a little backyard. theyed a all kinds of greens growing. she would make, you know, the bean beans and greens and stewy thing. and he would bring the bread and the wine. he had hiss bread truck. >> a professional baker? >> he was a big time guy.
12:03 am
the thing is he knew my father would drink like -- drink themselves silly with this wine. >> they didn't give a damn about driving drunk. who knew what he was doing. and they didn't live that far away. i remember this like it was yesterday. i'm a kid and i watched them sit there. they used to give us wine and gingerale. that's why i'm such a drunk today. so we went out like on a hunt looking for him. and we -- and it is like a mile
12:04 am
square, like a little town. on the way back to his house, suddenly in the shade we see the truck parked. he's like this in the truck. you didn't want to wake him up but you had to take him home. what are you going to do? he was out like a light. >> the search for uncle joe. >> you know, "taxi" is one of my all time favorite shows. and you and doug will be working together? >> yes. >> we're doing "the sunshine boys." danny devito! we will be right back. >> the jimmy kimmel concert series is brought to you by sony. ♪
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can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ [ male announcer ] you say tomato. ♪ old el paso says diced tomato stand 'n stuff chicken tacos. ♪ you say what's for dinner? old el paso says start somewhere fresh. >> we are back with danny devito. he's got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. we have a picture. you took off your shoe so that you could then do your very popular cltroll foot. >> it's right here, by the way.
12:11 am
>> the idea if you're going to take a picture of a body part, i think that's the way to go. >> your buddy michael douglas won an emmy. >> douglas. that's really brave. you know? i was his roommate, you know? >> oh yeah? >> so i know all about that stuff. we have been friends since the mid 60s. >> candelabras? >> i didn't go near him on that set. i didn't want to rile him up. >> and you guys had such great -- great chemistry on that show. have you worked together since that time? >> since taxi, no.
12:12 am
later on, this was before coo coo's nest and before taxi. he was doing a tv show. do you remember that? >> yeah. i played a safe cracker on that show. i played a guy name d bz morrat. i felt into a dempster. i called my mother and said you got what you deserved. >> was it because of that that you wound up working together on taxy? >> just jim brooks and wineberger and all of those guys put together taxi and we just happened to get casted and we became really good friends on that.
12:13 am
>> we're a tight group. we had a great time. five years we did the show. we did 114 shows. seems like a lot more. >> it's such a great show. it is a show that i like to show my kids. instead of reading this is what we do in my house. >> we had not worked together for all that time. it is very funny. it's like downtown in la. it's this thing where i was doing the play. richard griffith passed away this year, early, marge. and i didn't know who was going to do the play. i had to do the play with the right person. and jud was available and interested in doing the play and it was like a blessing. >> i can't wait to see you guys
12:14 am
together. >> we're in the middle of previews. we open on wednesday night and it's so much fun. neil sigh mmon -- >> it is timeless. >> it's a funny, funny play. we're having a ball. >> i would love to come see this. "the sunshine boys" opens wednesday and runs through november at the ahmanson theater in los angeles. thank you, danny. we'll be right back with wendi mclendon-covey. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever wonder why no other mouthwash feels like listerine®? because no other mouthwash works like listerine®. in your mouth, bacteria forms in layers. listerine® penetrates these layers deeper than other mouthwashes, killing bacteria all the way down to the bottom layer.
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jimmy: our next guest is a very funny person. you know her from "reno 911", "bridesmaids", and now she is a goldberg on "the goldbergs" which airs at 9:00 tuesday nights here on abc. please welcome wendi mclendon-covey. [ applause ]
12:20 am
>> you guys. that's so nice that you guys are applauding just like that guy told them to. >> everybody is what a great foundation of the show. the creator of the show drove his family crazy taking home movies. and you based the show -- >> on the home movies that exist. this poor kid -- his poor family really. he follow eed everybody around
12:21 am
all times. i play his mother. >> have you met his actual mother? >> i haven't. i am afraid to meet her. i hope she likes me. but she did send me a bunch of her sweaters. >> bev. that's a great name. you haven't heard opinions on your performance? >> not yet. >> that will be interesting. >> is your mother also crazy? >> oh, jimmy, yes. >> she is. >> okay. look, both of my parents have given me a lot of material. and i have a rich deep well from which to draw this role. for instance, my parents were very protective when it came to my dating life.
12:22 am
>> really? >> i was dating this bratty boy that i hathey hated. i hated him, too. i kept it going for a year and a half. and they were like you're going to see him tonight at 7:00? great. we'll see you at 9:00. so they wouldn't tell me no, but they would give me insane times to come back. if i was trying to get a little action, very little action, like a good night kiss. my mom would stand on the porch and flip the light on and off. or literally walk up to the car and stand there. >> how long did that relationship last? >> that lasted a very tew multiuous year and a half. >> what was so bad about this kid that they were so alarmed by him? >> oh, he was verbally abusive.
12:23 am
>> to your parents? >> to me. >> they knew about this? >> they knew about it. >> they did the right thing. >> they were totally right. which is so infuriating. but then another time, this is with another boyfriend, i'm really throwing my mother under the bus. i love her so much but she did this. i was watching "saturday night live" with another boyfriend on the couch. just watching "saturday night live." >> that's late. >> late. and nothing good happens after 11:30, as we know. i get up to go to the bathroom and trip over my sleeping mother who had fallen asleep on the floor of the hallway, spying on me through the heater. >> that's awesome. terrible spy. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> oh, mom, did i step on your hair? i'm so sorry. what were you doing? nothing.
12:24 am
anyway, yes. >> was that experience watching "saturday night live" why you got into comedy? and tripping over your mother? >> that was a lot of it. who didn't watch that? >> you started in sketch comedy? >> yes. >> would you do your mom or people in your family? >> i didn't not do them. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. i mean, i started in theeter and you're encouraged to come up with your own characters and write for them. and i loved doing that. i loved coming up with different characters. clementine is based on an aunt. she had a lot of swagger. you know? >> did she like the impersonation? >> i don't know if she ever saw it. >> no cable? >> we weren't close. >> really? i don't want to take the room down. it was very dark. but yes, she had a lot of swagger. and you did not have to tell her
12:25 am
she was good looking because she knew it. she knew it. >> is aunt clementine still out there? >> she's not. >> well, you can't be too upset. you didn't like her. >> i did like her. that's the thing. it was our families. >> you have another series in you. forget "the goldbergs" -- >> if something goes south. >> you have got your own show. we will be right back with the lumineers.
12:26 am
12:27 am
jimmy: i want to thank danny devito, wendi mclendon-covery. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night, will arnett,
12:28 am
clark gregg and music from bonnie raitt. this is her self-titled album. the lumineers tonight. ♪ she'll lie and steal and cheat and beg you from her knees make you think she means it this time she'll tear a hole in you ♪ ♪ the one you can't repair but i still love her i don't really care when
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expenses paid trip. you get free life-changing surgery and make 2500 bucks. with american health care up in the air, how do you make sure this is where you land? married to a murderer. he sent his own kids off with a kiss and hours later, opened fire in this amish classroom, killing five little girls. now for the first time his wife opens up in an exclusive interview about what happened. hell on wheels. a motorcycle group surrounds a family in an suv. how things got so ugly and an encouraging update. >> keep it right here, america. nightline is back in just 60 seconds.ñ[=
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