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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 4, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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dealing with temperatures at 65 right now. as we go through the rest of today, we are dry starting and that will be the scenario as we head towards the afternoon. so once again, no need for that rain gear. you will need sun shades and we will have a few clouds mixing in like yesterday. but this will be a great day to get out and maybe do that morning jog and the afternoon jog. as we will start the day still continuing into the 7:00 hour with patchy fog as we go into 10:00 it should be burned off by then he. still mild getting very warm -- by then. still mild getting very warm and by lunchtime 81 degrees with sun and clouds. let's check the traffic with mike. >> reporter: traffic with mike. >> reporter: i just got this delanny valley road at loch raven a car is into a building. we will work to confirm this but there is going to be police activity in towson early this morning. fog of course the name of the game lynette mentioned that. look at 695 north side of the beltway, dealing with fog this
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morning. so reduced visibility is out there. south of the city, not so much so. 695 at the baltimore national pike looks good on most of the beltways to the south of this city. 95 southbound past exit 74 construction related delays and going to 95 northbound past exit 33 also construction related delays. baltimore city we go as you go towards howard street between north avenue and shady street cop struck related delay. this morning commute looks really good thus far. 695 between 795 and 95 the outer loop should take you about 11 minutes. another check on weather and traffic together in less than 10 minutes. the government shut down continues forcing thousands out of work. elected leaders blame each other. treasury department warned of "unprecedented and catastrophic financial crisis and a recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worst if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling allowing the government to borrow money to pay the bills.
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president obama brought his message to rockville where he lashed out at house republicans demanding they vote on a bill to fun the government. no strings attached. >> the speaker of the house john boehner let the bill get on the floor for an up or down vote the shut down would end today. the only thing that is keeping the government shut down. >> republicans voted on reopening parts of the government including national parks and cans are research but cancer research but continue to demand some changes to the health care law before fully reopening the government. senate democrats refuse to take them up insisting the government should be fund all at once. this morning we know the government shut down is impacting the naval academy in annapolis. we told you about this yesterday. 60% of the teachers and civilians all are being furloughed. now the academy made plans in case of the shut down still 20% of the classes have been canceled. if a shut down continues, for more than a week at the academy, official says more
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classes will likely be canceled. >> we have very talented military faculty here as well. we were able to put plans in place by which we had military faculty covering some of the classes. that's only sustainable for so long. >> many of the language lasts and chemistry and physics labs have been canceled. of course the navy air force game will happen tomorrow but all other sporting events have been canceled until further notice. the navy blip sp not impacted. you've probably seen it over the skies of baltimore -- blimp is not impacted. i've probably seen it over the skies of baltimore. it's funded by services. it's not affected. it's conducting aerial mapping operations and flight zones over the skies. the mission is set to wrap up within the next few days. the national aquarium in baltimore is getting phone calls whether or not they are open for business. the government lock down shut down parks and museums but the maryland zoo has been
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accommodating several field trips canceled by the shut down so far the aquarium says that's not happened just yet. government shut down is not shutting down your expenses. area businesses are stepping up to help. and we were happy to spread goose news. ann twerpin dealership is offering multipoint inspection and tire rotation and oil changes is making the service available to several vehicles. >> he we understand how tough it is so yesterday morning we camewith the idea and we are passing it along to the consoupers. >> it will continue until the government is back opened for business. tough bring in your federal id if you want the deal and the vehicle must be registered in your name. so we have another dry day on tap. also very warm. but we are also looking at tropical storm karen in the gulf. i will tell you how it will affect us and when it will
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affect us coming up. >> reporter: it's friday. the week felt like three years long and traffic so far thus far looks pretty good. a couple issues in towson. we will bring you the construction related delays coming up on good morning maryland.
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new video this morning of flooding coming across south
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florida. this is miami dade county. all this was during the afternoon rush hour commute from wednesday. a number of cars got stuck and need towing. according to the national weather service miami got 5 1/2 inches of rain. water rose to about 2 feet in one parking lot. and a apartment complex turning into a virtual lake. people on the gulf coast are preparing for the potential winds and rain from tropical storm karen. in new orleans, the good times are rolling. because that's the way they do it in the big easy. tourists are not letting protngsly severe weather ruin their -- potentially severe weather ruin their plans. >> we are keeping an eye on it. >> it's not going to stop the party. >> not yet. it's new orleans. >> the city parties and three southeastern parishes are under tropical storm watches sandbagging locations and they will be opening coming up this morning. now i was peeking over your shoulder you have the storm -- peeking over your shoulder and you have the storm track going and new orleans could be impacted. >> definitely. we have tropical storm alerts and waps and warnings and hurricane -- watches and
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warnings and hurricane watches for the gulf coast. they are in the thick things as we will see landfall across the area for today. so, this will move into our area as we go into time. let's talk about what's going on right now with tropical storm karen. the wind sustained at 60 miles an hour. and you are wondering why they have a hurricane watch in effect. well, they think possibly this could strengthen to a category one hurricane before it makes landfall. but the environment is going to be on the hostile side. drier air and sheer so that should keep it a tropical storm as it makes landfall. let's hope that is the case. and in the meantime, this is what the track looks like as we go through the next several days. impacting us. we are talking about the beginning of next week, yes, we will have plenty of moisture from this system as it makes its way inland. in the meantime, for today, well, we are going to be on the dry side. no type of rain and we have not had the rain in two weeks. so this is going to be a good thing that happens for us as we
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head towards next week. we will be dealing with the remnants of karen but a cold front that works its way in here as well. so, much needed rain is on the way. but for today, we are going to be warm and humid as high pressure is in control of the weather once again. in terms of temperatures this is what we are working with this morning. being see them in the upper 60s right now in stevensville and more of the same in frederick and davidsonville. 62 in edgewood and 65 in annapolis. columbia good morning to you. you are coming in around 61. now this is what we are expecting as we go into abc2's most accurate future trend. not picking up on anything for today. we might have a few clouds moving in and it is trying to put in an isolated shower but i think that we will stay dry for today and if it happens a little drizzle because it's dry out there. but in the meantime, this is what the temperature will be like as we head towards lunchtime. 81 with the mix of sun and clouds and make sure to tweet us a nice picture. we want to see that at abc2 weather and the 7-day forecast, well, you can see what's going
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on. extended summer through sunday. and then karen works its way in here at least the remnants of karen. let's check the traffic with mike. >> reporter: let's go down to ritchie highway they've great denny's there. sorry. i am a little hungry. >> you need food. >> reporter: a little bit. yeah. i could use a little. ritchie highway. look at speeds looking good around 42 miles per hour. this is dulaney valley road at loch raven. we have now confirmed there is a car was a car into the burger king. someone was transported to the hospital. it's not impacting 695 or towards 83 or down york road. that's good news. 695 liberty road, west side of town looking good on that stretch of roadway and 695 baltimore national pike looking good. these are construction related delays. 59 southbound at exit 74. just -- 95 south bound at and n
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from york or going up towards york 86 north and southbound construction related delays. making a run for the bwi airport, i-95 westbound at exit 1 may trip you up. drive times lookgood. green on the screen. 100 to 695 is the strep of roadway on i-9 -- stretch of roadway on i-95 that should take 9 minutes. 695 between 95 and 83 the outer loop should take about 11 minutes. another check on traffic and weather together in less than 10 minutes. abc2 news investigators uncovered a city school using bolts and padlocks on exit doors and creating a massive risk-side the building. after our story aired it got immediate attention. this is a picture from an exit door at the maritime industries academy in northeast baltimore. that's bolt and padlock. preventing the door from being used. students and staff tell us there was a case in every door except the main entrance. we aired the story and baltimore city fire marshal paid a visit to the school and this morning ordered the padlocks off the bolts and
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removed from the door. the locks are a fire hazard and some parents are unaware their children were attending a school in such harsh conditions. >> if there's a fire they wouldn't be able to get out. >> did you know about it? >> no i didn't know. >> if you knew what-- >> i would have called the school and complained. and went to the school board and asked them to take them off. >> but it was not the school board taking off the bolts. it was an order from the fire department. records object tanned by abc2 news show maritime -- object tanned by abc2 news showsmaritime academy was cited for the similar violation. it's 5:18. just rolled over. the inner harbor lit as thesunset rises. weekend is on us let's get happy. back in a bit. [ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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a building at the landmark in upper felts point is up for auction. it's the last adult movie theater left in baltimore.
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the apex screened dirt i -- dirt -- apex screened dirty movies. the auction is set for next friday october 11th at 11 a.m. you will be off work by that time lynette. >> i got nothing for you right now charley. >> you don't? >> satellite and radar the big picture this morning we have so much going on so we are talking about out west blizzard warnings so this is for portion of wyoming and also south dakota as of w. we have plenty of rain that's moving in across the middle of the nation. and then we do have tropical storm karen the gull -- in the gulf of mexico that could affect our weather early next week. and we are dry and we have patchy fog out there this morning and we are mild and we are feeling like sum are so we have everything all across the board. no matter where you go we are dealing with active weather. visibility is a big issue this
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morning. we have patchy fog and we can see the numbers. no 10s anywhere. we are 2 1/2 mile visibility heading along i-83 up towards york. only 6 in baltimore this morning and 5 in easton. we have gone down across the eastern shore and we are less than a mile if you are heading into virginia this morning. as we look at temperatures, 61 in ellicott city. 63 manchester when the low temperatures now should be right around 50 degrees. and we are well above that. look at that. 20 degrees above in the city right now. 64 in perry hall. 66 in chestertown. and good morning elkton at 63. not only do we have the warm temperatures and mild temperatures this morning we also are a little more humid. look at dew points yes. the measure of the moisture in the air we are talking about 64 in the city as well as perry hall. 66 in chestertown this morning. and 63 in elkton once you get into the mid-60s they are feeling it. we planned the day. it's a good day to play golf. the cooler weather is on the way. by 10 we will be at 78 degrees
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and we will have a mix of sun and clouds for today. by lunchtime, coming in right around 81 degrees. let's check the traffic now with mike. >> reporter: all right. good morning. hi, everyone. i was correct what i said it's early and roosevelt leftwich brought this to my attention taylor and loch raven where we had the car into a burger king. again not affecting major roadways thus far so the beltway north side of the city looks pretty good. going into the city, that was a new crash on 295 just outside the stadium. so, just be aware of that. we will talk about more of that coming up. speed sensors look good. 42-mile-per-hour drive fromritchie highway and 695 at liberty road looks good and 95 northbound at exit 33 construction related delays but notice all the green cars is an indication our speeds are looking pretty good. 195 westbound at exit 1 past the airport, deeing with some construction related -- dealing
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with sol construction related delays. off-- dealing with some construction related delays. so, both the east and westbound lanes are looking good on 70. we will look at more speeds sensors this is 83 just about 35 miles per hour and getting just north of could byville into the hunt valley speeds willr looking good. -- are looking good. another check and trsk and weather coming up in a little bit. good morning topping america's money twitter one step closer to going public in one of the most highly anticipated ipos in a year. twitter stock will go on sale in 3 weeks. the price per share has not been set but the company is looking to raise at least 1 billion dollars. instagram wants to be profitable too and announced ads are coming to the service and says a small number of high quality ads will appear mixed with users toe toes and videos. two weeks after hitting the market best buy is in the mid of a sale of iphone 5 c costing
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5 bucks. customers get a $50 gift card to use towards the new iphone which cuts the price in half. and the latest hybrid burger creations creating buzz. a chicago restaurant sealing burger with deep fried macaroni and cheese as the bun. looks from they good. that's america's money. i am john mueller. >> deep fried macaroni and cheese as the bun? mike. >> reporter: that's too much. >> lynette? >> that's too much. ees really. >> like congress 2/3 majority. considering a report adobe systems says a cyber attack exposed millions of customers private information hackers took credit card numbers and expiration dates and other names and vital information on close to 3 million users. the adobe says they are beingnotified as passwords are being reset. it's friday and they can't get along but we can. back in a bit. all the chicken in your grocery store
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well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. very strange side effect to the government shut down. where prisoners are being paid by people watching over them have to show up without receiving a paycheck. we will give you the details. a live look at the inner
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harbor. let's look outside. roll that beautiful bean footage and you get stuck with me. good morning i am charley crowson. it's friday the weekend is upon us. the weather has been great lynette will it hang around. >> yes it will hang around. we will have a nice weekend in store and then things will go downhill. i am talking about sunday evening into the beginning of next week. possibly even sticking around maybe towards wednesday. but in the meantime, this morning, get out and enjoy it. temperatures are nice and mild. we are at 64 right now in hanover. 66 in monrovia and 61 in pylesville and perspective wie wise we should be around 0 for low temperatures. well above average and that trend is going to stick around towards the afternoon. maryland's most powerful radar is dry once again. yes, broken record right? well everything is going to start to change in the forecast. so, as we head out the door this morning, make sure you have the sunglasses no need for the rain gear as of now. but collective dust you will brush it off soon. we have that patchy fog and
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there's dense patchy fog if you are heading off towards the south. heading into virginia be prepared for that. along i-38 we are looking at some reduced visibility this morning as well. and mid-morning heading towards 9 and temperatures at 78 and 10 going towards lunchtime and at 81 degrees just like yesterday we will have the mix of sun and clouds. let's check the traffic now with mike. >> reporter: let's look. not bad. things are good on the key bridge. now we are going to take you to towson and show you the accident near taylor avenue be a and loch raven. car into burger king transported somebody towards the hospital. so that's good news. so they will clear this up. not impacting any of the roadways not impacting the north side of the beltway. let's go outside and show you the fog lynette mentioned. jfx at cold spring north and southbound dealing with the
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fog. 695 and to the baldwin national pike look pretty good starting to low load-- to load up roadways and construction related delays. 59 northbound past exit 67. howard street between north and west chase street we have construction related delays thus far this morning but not tying up the they moved this to the right shoulder lane on 295 just to the south of the city around the stadium this morning. so we will talk more about traffic and give you more weather coming up in little bit. we will send it over to charley. 5:32 a apparent attack and gunshots outside the u.s. capitol. suspect shot and keeled by police and a local business owner-- killed by police and a local business owner from out county in the middle of the chaos. roosevelt leftwich has details. what is the guy saying. >> reporter: you know, when a building likes capitol goes on lock -- like the capitol goes on lock down it affects thousands of people and one affect was the guy who owns
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this business. steve cook is the president of northeastern supply i side the rayburn house office building meeting with a congressman. while outside the driver of the black car led capitol police and secret service on the chase from the white house to the capitol building. cook says everyone d to shelter in place while authorities sorted out what was going on. >> we were probably there for 20 minutes and heard sirens and things going off. someone stuck their head in andsaid we are on lockdown, you know you are going to be here a while. >> reporter: cook says he meets with the congressman once a year to talk about issues affecting the industry. the woman from connecticut was shot dead and her one-year-old child inside the car was taken to a hospital where the child remains this morning. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich abc2 news. overshadowed by the events on the national mall republicans and democrats continue the war of words over


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