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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 23, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is a special edition of "bbc world news america," reporting from new york. the palestinian president makes a full bid for membership to the u.n. israel is opposed. >> 40 years of suffering, i enough, enough, enough. >> to cannot achieve peace through u.n. resolutions but only through direct negotiations between the parties. so far, the palestinians have refused to negotiate.
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>> a fight for survival as pakistan's devastating floods which have left the most vulnerable crying out for help. scientists say they have measured particles traveling faster than the speed of light. is the world of physics about to be out ended? -- to be upended? today we are coming to you live from the netted nations where after weeks of anticipation that palestinian president has made a formal request to become a member state. -- today, we are coming to you live from the united nations. israel and united states oppose this move. the palestinians say that 20 years of negotiations have failed and they have no choice. >> the palestinian leader
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mahmoud abbas has made the move that president obama failed to talk him out of, handing the secretary general his formal application for membership. the united states says they will veto the move. the palestinians were ecstatic watching the pictures from new york. for them, stayed ahead and and and to israeli occupation is long overdue and they believe that today's move will force change. in front of the u.n. general assembly, in front of the world government, the palestinian leader made his case. >> this is a moment of truth, our people are waiting to hear the answer. will it allow israel to continue their last occupation in the world? we are the last people to remain
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under occupation in the world. will they allow israel to be a state above the law and accountability? >> mahmoud abbas insists that the application offers a way out of years of bloodshed. israel sees it as an obstacle to a solution. >> the truth is that we cannot achieve peace through u.n. resolutions but only through negotiations between the parties. the truth is that so far the palestinians have refused to negotiate. the truth is that israel wants peace with that palestinian state the palestinians want a state without peace. >> some palestinians have clashed with israeli security forces. and the worst incident, israeli forces shot dead a palestinian in a confrontation apparently involving jewish settlers. they say that it will hinder, not help, negotiating a
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settlement. the netted nations has played a big role before. israel's own independence follow this but at the u.n.. -- bthe united nations has played a big role before. in 1957, the u.n. recommended switching palestine to a jewish state and a palestinian state with jerusalem kept under international control. in 1958, israel fought for and won independence. palestinians want a state held on land that they held before the middle east war. the west bank and gaza with the capital in east jerusalem. palestinians believe that a full seat will force change. others believe it is a distraction, even a threat. >> joining me now for more on today's addresses is the bbc
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u.n. correspondent. listening to mahmoud abbas and benjamin netanyahu, it did not sound like this got us any closer to peace in the middle east. >> no, it did not. mahmoud abbas framed his speech in terms of his main concern that he says the peace process has failed largely because of the israeli policy of moving settlements in the occupied territory. he called this a process of colonization. he says unless the stops there's no point in going back to the peace talks. he repeated how small israel is. he said that they had moved out of arab land and had been met by rockets. that kind of security concern has to be solved through negotiations. basically, they have set up their position. mr. netanyahu called on mr.
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abbas to meet him in new york but that was probably playing to the gallery because he knew that was most unlikely. >> there has been a lot of criticism here in america and of course from israel on the palestinian bid for state hit. i have been speaking to tony blair and he conceded that at least this week focused attention on this issue. >> yes, that is the argument of the middle east peace negotiators known as the quartet. this has raised the palestinian issue to the top of the agenda. palestinians themselves feel that they have taken the diplomatic initiative. one said, at least we are setting the agenda and other people have to react. there has been a great deal of focus on this issue. now, there is a plan floated by mr. blair and others, to try to bring the two sides together to
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resume talks before there is a vote on this issue at the security council. i am sure they will be focused on that in the weeks to come. >> it is pouring with rain. keep dry. thank you for joining me. the president of yemen has returned to the country after three months in saudi arabia where he was being treated for injuries after an assassination attempt. he called for a cease-fire. that has been renewed clashes between forces loyal to president saleh and armed tribesmen opposed to his rule. the funeral of the former afghan president has taken place amid strict security. the ceremony was held inside of the presidential compound. he was killed by a bomb hidden in a turban.
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aid workers in pakistan say it is taking far too long to get emergency supplies to parts of the country swamped by recent flooding. it has already killed 350 people and 8 million more are affected. there is a desperate shortage of food, shelter, and medicine. >> camped out alongside stagnant floodwaters. more than a month into this disaster, here is what many flood victims call home. millions are destitute, there are few 8 agencies to be seen. these families have been reached by a save the children mobile clinic. -- there are few aid agencies to be seen. this family lost everything. this woman has borne the brunt. there is evidence of
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malnutrition, a constant menace in pakistan's poor south. her grandmother says that they have had no money for food or medicine. they don't even have the strength to swat away the flies. the team decides to rush her to the hospital. we joined the sick infant on an arduous journey delayed by traffic jams and worse. at the head is the road to the hospital, or at least it could be -- it should be. it is impossible for a car to pass through the water level. we have had to come to a stop. the child is taught and getting weaker. we have to try to find another way through. the child i-- the child is taugd getting weaker.
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she is carried been through a sea of sewage. upstairs, a rubbish bin. [crying] then, agony as a drip is inserted. says doctors here say that she will need to days of treatment forced down the titian and dysentery this -- she will need days of and treatment for malnutrition and dysentery. she has company underneath. if she improves here in a hospital with no clean water for flushing toilets, this child of the flood will be returned to a tent by the roadside.
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what desperate times and very little help there and pakistan. not far from here, wall street breathed a sigh of relief that friday has finally come. it has been an exhausting week of volatility. officials have said that they are doing everything necessary to ensure the stability of the system. here is our chief economic correspondent. share prices might have ended higher after a turbulent day but it seems when the worst weeks on the stock market this year. time is running out to find an escape route from the current crisis. there was a somber mood as political leaders spelled out the scale of the challenge. >> there is a recognition that the epicenter of the debt crisis and they have weeks, not months to sort it out and all of the
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world leaders will be gathering in early november. that will be the moment when we need to seek a comprehensive solution. >> markets are demanding action, not talk for more leaders. heads from the g 20 group of governments are due to meet in early november and there have been calls from david cameron to push for a summit. >> we can get the world leaders together and get a grip on the crisis. >> there has been criticisms of eurozone leaders for failing to act more decisively and being behind the curve on the financial crisis. >> a currency without a government is a good thing. as it has turned out, this is a currency without people making decisions. >> the problem is greece and stopping other countries being dragged into the crisis. with yet more protests in greece
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today, patients with austerity cuts is wearing thin. the country is close to the end of their dead. >> this is what it means about our exposure to the banks and their exposure to greece. even more importantly if it has not gone affect for countries like italy. we all have a lot of exposure to italy. -- even more importantly if it has a knock on effect. >> the eurozone bailout fund has not been implemented. the idea is to help member states and their banks. ministers want to have it ready by mid october. one of the solutions could be in the city of london. the bank of england is considering pumping money into the economy. the u.s. federal reserve on unveiled new measures to stimulate activity.
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the world central bankers have something left in the locker. >> time might be running out and financial markets need a lot of convincing that effective action will be taken. >> for more on this wild week in the markets, i'm joined by our correspondent in washington. give me some good news. i have heard so much pessimistic news. there must be something optimistic in the world economy. >> what we are hearing at the moment is that there is a realization as we just heard tuesday is that europe is at the center of this crisis. people waiting for action unfortunately will have to wait another six weeks when they will get together again in france. >> can we afford to wait six weeks and let the market's fall 6%? >> that is the long shadow if
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you like that is hanging over this meeting. people on not sure quite how much time there is. the problem is that there is this question of political will. even though there is the warning from the heads of the imf and the world bank that time is running out. it is not clear what the path forward should be. >> the fed this week announced measures of their own. they said that the europeans have to do more. what kind of concrete measures both here in america and in europe would? >> well, in europe there is the european bailout fund that people are pinning a lot of hope on, but that is not ready yet. people are talking about whether or not it is big enough to. in the united states, you have
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the problem of this lack of growth, this lack of demand. while the political parties debate what to do about that, you have the central bankers around the world who are doing as much as they can and trying to buy time for the politicians. ultimately, the answer will come from them. >> thank you for joining me. you are watching "bbc world news america" still to come. who will run for russian president in march? the two top contenders might know but so far they are not telling. the american command the knox will find out shortly if she will be able to walk free after four years in prison for murdering her british flat mate, meredith kercher. -- the american amanda know will
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find out shortly if she will be able to walk free. >> she was back in court today. her family is confident that they have won the argument, that she and her former boyfriend are innocent but the italian prosecutors insisted in their closing statements that there was still a lot of evidence against terror and warned the jury to ignore the spin. during the appeal, a lot of the forensic evidence scattered here at the house where amanada knox and meredith kercher were flat mates have come under scrutiny. meredith kercher was just 21 when she was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death. her family complaining that she had faded from the public memory. she has been completely forgotten, her sister told italian television, but we need to find justice for her.
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the savage killing of meredith kercher took place at a small house at the edge of the city. in particular, the dna of raffaele sollecito has been dismissed as potentially contaminated. evidence suggested which had amanada knox's also had meredith on the blade has been considered unreliable. there is a chance that amanada knox could be released. >> as if the offense here on earth plane out at the u.n. did not give us enough to follow, -- as if events here on earth
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playing out at the u.n. to not give us enough to follow, nasa satellites are following a satellite that will crashed down to earth. nasa says it is unlike the that anyone will be hit. it was more than a century ago that albert einstein made up his formula and ever since, every physics student has been told that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. subatomic particles might have broken that rule. >> ended all the mysteries of the universe, one thing has seemed certain. as albert einstein explained, nothing can go faster than the speed of light. his famous a question -- is
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famous equation is now in for a shock. researchers cannot believe what they have seen. evidence of tiny particles traveling faster than light. this is just not meant to happen. >> we present for you today this anomaly. >> this afternoon, the scientists revealed their findings, a mass of data which they want other researchers to check because what has been found is so astounding. if it appears to challenge our understanding of how the universe works. the results come from a bizarre experiment underground in europe. scientists have been firing tiny particles all the way to another lab in italy more than 400 miles away. until now, nothing has travel faster than light, that has been
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a constant feature of modern physics. the neutrinos in italy or fraction of a second quicker than light. the measures could be wrong. >> the results analyzed at the lab have triggered a wave of reaction, some scientists say they cannot be right. others want everything checked very thoroughly. >> all scientists by nature are skeptical but if this is proved to be correct, this will revolutionize all of the physics that we understand so far and it will change all the textbooks and have all kinds of potential applications in terms of energy production and things like that. >> did einstein get it wrong? his theory tested and challenged for a century. science has a habit of
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challenging established ideas. a great flair rises from the sun. it's light will reach us in 8 minutes. scientists believe that the cannot travel faster. tonight, they are not sure. >> i would have to relearn that all again. one week at the u.n. has been in nonstop gathering of world leaders. next week, some of them will be here, some of them will not. there will be the russian president addressing the assembly. vladimir putin and dmitry medvedev are expected to address their party conference. we have this unique take on politics, russian style. >> they might enjoy fishing together, even running russia together, but president medvedev and prime minister
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putin are not equal. he has the bigger fish but russians believe that he has more power. speculation that putin might be planning a return to the kremlin. it is unclear which of them will run for president next march. mr. putin looks like he is on the campaign trail. recently, he has been revving up his profile. he has even been giving concerts. well, kind of. not to be outdone, this week, president medvedev went to the ballet. he does not look ready to exit the political stage either. his supporters are urging him to fish for a second term. >> he has every reason to be satisfied and even proud of his
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term in president -- of his term in the presidency. he has a very good record. we don't think that he would not run for a second term if it is available. >> less than six months ago, russians still don't know which of the country's two big fish will be angling for the presidency, will it be putin or medvedev? this big waiting game is making a lot people here very nervous. in the corridors of power, officials are uncertain who to side with and many investors are holding on to their money until there is clarity. is the question of who will run a red herring? the critics say that it will mask the truth, russians have no genuine political choice.
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>> this follows the same pattern of power. they have the same agenda. medvedev being putin's secretary, loyalists, one of the gang for 20 years, of course he became putin's clone. >> if that is true, then perhaps it really doesn't matter who russians mad as their next president, vladimir putin will still be king of the pond. -- it really doesn't matter who russians have as their next president. >> the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has handed a formal application for full state membership at the detonations. benjamin -- if the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has handed a formal application for full state membership at the united
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nations. benjamin netanyahu has opposed the move. thank you very much for watching. have a great weekend. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank offers unique insight and expertise in a range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news america" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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