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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 2, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> and you "bbc world news." >> chinese activist chen guangcheng leaves the u.s. ambassador to rejoin his family. at least six people are killed outside the egyptian area in cairo. and president obama says the defeat of haifa is now within reach. welcome to "bbc world news." i'm geeta guru-murthy. >> this is no doubt a moment in history for burma and represents moving for. >> and the last laugh. two britains who stole penguins pay a heavy price for their drunken prank.
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>> the blind chinese dissident, chen guangcheng, has left the embassy. chinese media is reporting chen left the ambassador of his own have a license hours after u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton left, and now china is demanding an apology from the u.s. for helping the activist. can you unravel what's happened here? >> well, this unfolded over the last hour or so. what's happened is the blind activist chen guangcheng, about 10 days ago he fled home detention and made his way here to beijing. at some point last week, last
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thursday, he entered the u.s. ambassador. but for several days afterwards neither the united states nor china commented on the case, so we didn't know for sure. then about an hour or so ago the militants and chinese confirmed chen had left the u.s. ambassador, as you indicated there. the chst say he left of his own have a license. and his wife and children have arrived in beijing and are in the hospital with him. the ultimate fate of this activist and his family, we don't know at the moment. but it seems some kind of arrangement has been made between china and the united states about what's going to happen to him. >> for more on this, let's speak to dr. willy lam.
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from the chinese university. of hong kong. what does it appear happens to -- what happens here? and what safe guard forms chen now? >> well, it's quite possible chen guangcheng was offered the possibility of leaving china for the u.s. to seek medical treatment. however, he has said he wishes to remain in china to serve its people. for time being, i believe he will be returned to his village and the 24-hour surveillance by the chinese. it's quite possible the u.s.
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authorities will be criticized for failing to come to the chinese authorities. i think it's also understandable that it's no question for the u.s. ambassador to offer shelter for mr. chen for an extended period. similar to what they did for one in tiananmen square, so i believe the u.s. has ongoing negotiations with beijing over important strategic matters. other politicians will be attacking president obama for caving to chinese pressure. >> just to tell you the bbc activists have seen chen guangcheng's wife in the hospital and she is confirming she and the children are well
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and chen guangcheng himself is having a medical check-up. we will bring you news as it comes in. >> six are killed outside the cairo ministry. they were protesting. the political tension has come over a year after the defeat of hosni mubarak. what's happened in the last few hours? >> the demonstrators have been outside the ministry for days. they have been attacked before. but not on this scale. these unidentified thugs went in with stones and rocks and fire bombs but also firing with shotguns as well. five deaths are acknowledged and up to 150 people that were
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injured are now being treated and the deep suspicion is that these thugs were paid by the government to go in and break up the demonstration or at the very least intimidate the protesters. >> what's likely to be the reaction to this in >> probably more demonstrators will gather there as they have done in recent days and they will be calling for more reinforcements and obviously we fear more clashes. >> in a surprise visit to afghanistan, president obama promised to finish the job but end the war responsibly. this was a year after osama bin laden was killed in pakistan. after the president left, there was a car bomb in kabul which
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killed seven people including children. let's get the latest now. >> air force one touched down in afghanistan in the middle of the night on the anniversary of the killing of bin laden. the president only briefly illuminated by the flash of camera said he wanted to spend the day with troops in harm's way. >> a year ago we were finally able to bring osama bin laden to justice. that could have only happened because each and every one of you, in your own way, were doing your jobs. >> he will also stining new -- also sign a new document marking the end of the war and
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there will be money and training and no permanent military bases. it was 4:00 a.m. in afghanistan but primetime in america. the president had a message for his countrymen. the goal of defeating al qaeda was in reach and the war coming to an end. >> my fellow americans, we traveled more than a decade under the dark cloud of war. but here, in the predawn hours of afghanistan, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. the iraq war is over. the number of our floops harm's way has been cut in half, and more will soon be coming home. >> president obama has been criticized for making political capital out of the killing of bin laden in this campaign it pore trays his republican opponent might not have done the same. >> i think it was very
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disappointing for the president to make a political item by suggesting i wouldn't have ordered such a raid. of course i would have. >> the president ended his speech by turning his look toward the home front. this visit, important as it is, is a backdrop, a clearing of the desk before the weekend when president obama officially launches his campaign to stay as commander in chief. >> a short while ago our correspondent joined us from kabul to tell us more about the explosion that killed seven in cairo. >> it was a foreign-based. but most killed and injured are afghan civilians. unfortunately in this case, school children that happened to have been going to school, which is next door to the compound that was attacked. >> and did the intelligence agent have any indication that this area was a target?
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>> the bbc suspected this particular area had been the sung of a number of intelligence supports suggesting that this would be attacked for the last 12 months and afghan forces had deployed extra force there is. there were extra patrols pretty much 24/7. this is an area that houses afghan and western military installations but home to westerners as well as afghan civilians who live in that part of the city. it has to be said that this attack was not on a much larger scale if you compare to the one attack a few weeks ago which was a smaller attack which included several insurgents
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targeting this one area of afghan elite forces, and the crisis response was immediate. disgraced media mogul will be allowed to live in canada. he once controlled a media empire that included the chicago sun times. black gave up his canadian citizenship. rupert murdoch has hit back from a british group of m.t.'s some who said he was unfit to run a media saying he has shown a willful blindness at news corp and he said his company was working hard to set things right. a corner investigating the
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murder of a spy. the body of the mi 6 code breaker. now, here with news on banks? >> yes. unemployment. just because it's hot off the press. more whoas for the euro zone. astonishing figures. we're talking about unemployment figures hitting a new record high jumping to almost 11%. 10.9%. almost 17.5 million people in the euro zone. the 17 countries that use the same currency are out of work at the moment. the first time in 5 years it's reached this level. one standout feature. we know about spanish unemployment. italy's unemployment hit 9.8%. again, big problems for spain.
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for italy just like spain. youthen employment. those between 15-24. it's jumped 16%. >> germany? >> surprise, surprise, they continue to power ahead. >> banks. >> how much is enough and who decides who should pay? these are the questions facing their finance ministers of the 27 states of the european union. they are trying to put it all into european law and it's about how much money european banks should set aside in reserve. we're talking about more than 300,000 banks and capital reserves. at the moment they are aiming for 7% on that. but the problem is they have already got member states that disagree. >> and yes. they will in the next month or so. >> but it could have an effect
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on the amount of money banks lend out. >> you're watching "bbc world news." still to come -- one year on from the death of osama bin laden, we have an exclusive insight into the former al qaeda leader's life. now, protesting in the danish capital of copenhagen over a department store's decision to stop selling seal products. from copenhagen we have this report. >> outside copenhagen's upscale department store. it's feared the traditional way of life is under threat. they came to protest the decision to ban the sale of all
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seal products. they fear other businesses will now follow suit. shops around the world are under pressure who feel the kuling of seals, especially in canada is brutal and unethical. what's up setting the green landers is their method of killing involves the use of rifles which are considered to be more humane. >> when the department stores has new rules on animal ethics, it's going to affect us who have a different culture and different sustainable way of living. >> the ban on seal products was ordered by the parent company but they believe it's because of adverse publicity in canada. >> we haven't sold a seal skin in our store for about 10 years. there's no demand for it. so it's not our purpose that we
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want to hit the people from greenland. >> these greenlanders represent many small, remote communities who are utterly dependant on the seal trade. and unless they can sell the seal skins and their products, they will have no income. "bbc news." copenhagen. >> this is "bbc world news." i'm geeta guru-murthy. these are the headlines. the chinese activist chen guangcheng has left the ambassador sand now believed to be in a medical establishment. this photograph was taken from mr. chen is being treated. >> coming up in sports today with me, jenny in half an hour. a new era for english foot ball after a new manager was named before the european
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championship. france, a missed penalty in injury time. and the man regarded by many as the greatest player of all time, steven hendry, announces his retirement. >> now a year after u.s. troops killed osama bin laden in pakistan, the b.b.c. has a look into his life on the run. some claim he spent the past five years in cavels but a family had been talking to the bbc. >> they didn't want to be identified. they told me that they were alerted to this weeks earlier by someone they simply describe as an important person. they were not given any names, just told a top militant
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commander and leader was going to come their way and would need to bring his journey. like any tribal family they agreed extend hospitality to this unknown guest. the family said they were stunned to see osama bin laden when he arrived in the middle of the night and emerged from one of the vehicles, stood over there, they say he was staunt, wearing a long, white arab robe and white turbine. he stood there for a while, shook their hands and went into a room they set up for him. during the three hours he spent with them, he ate dinner which included lamb and curry and rice and he offered prayer and rested a while. the convoy of jeeps left the
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compound about three hours later and all of them headed in different directions so the host never came to know exactly where osama bin laden went. it raises several question, for example, what was osama bin laden doing here and why was he traveling there? and who was planning his itinerary? and how did he manage to get past those dozens of security check points at the time when several military check points were going on in the area. there was suggestions a pakistani official had been helping bin laden, but this is something both the pakistani government and military have consistently denied. >> at least six people including a policeman has been wounded in the area. and in islamabad, do we know
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anymore about these blasts? >> well, certainly we don't know who carried them out, but there were explosion in the early morning and some of them at a.t.m. cash machines. there was one small explosion outside a safari bar. so an unusual type of attacked and people were expecting them today because of it being the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. >> given that and president obama's visit to afghanistan, just wanted to ask you the question one year on, what is the sense in pakistan of relations with the u.s. of the intense worldwide condemnation of what is seen as pakistan's support elicitly for snb >> well, things are pretty bad as far as cooperation between
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these two supposed allies at the moment and whatever the pakistani government wants, it's got such a stage that perhaps the rank and file of the army and certainly the population as a whole has much of a degree of anti- americanism so they have to be careful about what they do. but much has been generated by the authorities themselves. because after that raid in deflection of their failings about why osama bin laden was here, they concentrated a lot on how the americans carried out their raid. that's why there were numerous arrests we heard after the raid, but it was not people that were alleged to have helped osama bin laden. it was of those that were alleged to have helped the americans. there was a doctor, for example, who tried and we believe failed to get d.n.a. from people in the compound through a fake vaccination program and there were others
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the army told us who were arrested for firing flairs and/or even helping thal helicopters refuel. but no arrests we know publicly of people who helped bin laden. and no real public debate about this either. just increased anti-americanism. >> thank you. the burmese pro democracy leader suu kyi has been sworn in after her party demropped dispute. it's been just over a month since they won sweeping success. our correspondent has been at the parliament. >> 18 months ago suu kyi was still under house arrest, a political prisoner. now she's a member of parliament, elected here. she swore the oath to safe guard the constitution, a document she and her party are opposed to. now they find themselves
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sitting in the same chamber alongside members of the armed forces. somehow those two sides are going to have to learn to work together in the interest of the country. the opposition, the armed forces, members of ethnic minorities all coming together to try and work for the interest of the people of burma. and suu kyi has always said she believes in the rufle. -- in the rule of law. well, now she's going to have a chance to drew up the rules of law. this represents a big change for politics, suu kyi and the wave of this political transition moving forward. >> scientists are developing genetically modified wheat and asking campaigners not to their experimental work. they say wheat that's been genetically modified repel insects.
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but they strow contaminate it unless it's stopped. they said they respect the need to gather knowledge. >> two men from wales have been fined $1,000 australian dollars for stealing a penguin named dirk. we report from sidney. >> early morning and a group of friends with a hangover awake to find a penguin in their living room. >> i can't believe the penguin was there in the apartment. >> a ferry penguin called dirk. taken one night last month after they slipped past security at sea world. the men later panicked and dropped dirk in a canal. now two of those believed to be
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from south wales have been fined $1,000 or about $600 pounds for stealing him. speaking at the time, one of the men said they meant no harm. >> we are sorry for the time lost searching for dirk. you know? and -- >> the theme park, too, was relieved to get back dirk in one piece. >> it's 7 years old and never experienced things like wide-open spaces so we're very happy to see dirk back with his mates. >> he is fine after being the victim of a bird-brained prank. >> just before we go, let me tell you that in egypt the protesters who have been attacked say they have now gone up to eight killed. it could rise further.
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