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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 9, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news america." >> reporting from washington, and kathy kaye. from pressure, barack obama comes out in favor of fake -- of a game marriage. >> i have concluded that for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> a bomb exploded near a u.n. convoy casting doubt on a peace plan. and providing the soundtrack to america of's favorite pastime. twitter might be your best bet.
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welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. in a seismic political shift, barack obama became the first american president to openly endorsed same-sex marriage. he has been under growing pressure after his vice- president said he was absolutely comfortable with gay marriage. >> as i talk to friends and family and neighbors, those committed in same-sex relationships, raising kids together, when i think about those soldiers or airmen or
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marines out there fighting on my behalf and feel constrained even now that don't ask don't tell is gone because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, i have concluded that for me, personally, it is important for me to go ahead and the firm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> he said on this issue, it was evolving. >> politicians love on difficult issues to kick the can down the road. obviously, nobody can attack them. it becomes a moment where he
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looks really lame. president obama had to lay it on the line, but it is not politically expedient or something that brings results. north carolina, a vital swing state. it is the callow political game. >> how much of a big deal about this is public opinion? >> is about 50/50. a democratic strategist says that in the train has left the station and he compared it to
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interracial marriage in the '60s were people were horrified at the idea and very quickly have accepted that it is a perfectly normal thing. did not seeghter's why all their friends should not be treated equally. the liberal base, younger people on the whole problem like this. it is somebody doing something that is forward-looking. >> they came under attack themselves. the attack underscores the weakness of the peace plan and raises the question, what next?
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>> they called a home is the capital of the revolution. this is a virtual ghost town. the syrian government rarely gives the media permission. there is a small team of unarmed u.n. monitors trying to maintain a fragile peace fire. tougher job, there is no truce in homes. >> and just love this house so that we are moving to this neighborhood.
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the first people to welcome us our fighters from the free syrian army, not afraid to show their faces or their guns. had their defiance. they called me a terrorist, this man says. the they said i was dead, but here i am. they don't deny that they are still fighting but insist that they did not start it.
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to the other side, to the government seat of power. the people are afraid of the army, he says, but many more people want the army to protect them. >> to confound the international community, the secretary general met with president obama in washington. i spoke to him at the very busy
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white house. let's start on syria. >> we have no intention to intervene in syria. we still think the yemen plan is the best platform for finding a solution. complyablishing doesn't with the plan. from the condemned behavior, i don't foresee that in syria.
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>> if an allied requests a consultation in the alliance on specific security issues, we always prepared to do such consultations. >> let's talk about afghanistan. but we have a new president in france that made it clear that he intends to stick to his campaign promise to bring french troops out of afghanistan this year. what are the ramifications of that? >> i have taken note of the fact that he has stated that any position will be taken in coordination and after consultation with allies. and we are going to engage in the new of the ministration in france. i am confident that we can find solutions that will maintain the coherence and the
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solidarity within our lions. >> international support afghanistan is humbling. the voted on the line that they wanted their troops home. but actually, we are gradually changing. the character of the mission right now because we are gradually handing over these responsibility haughty the afghan forces. and you will also see a gradual who brought down of the numbers in a coordinated fashion.
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>> can you talk about the time they are committed through the withdrawal? >> f1 not be a conference, but i would suppose that a number of allies and partners will announce that they are prepared to contribute to the financing because it is a good deal. >> thank you for joining me. the british government is a step closer to deporting the islamic cleric to jordan. it follows a ruling by the court of human rights not to allow further appeal. they argue he is at risk of torture and extradited to face a trial on terrorism charges.
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the coalition government has unveiled the legislative program, making way from buckingham palace to the houses of parliament where she read the priority, including a bill to split banks into separate retail. the revolutionize hairdressing .tylist in los angeles died in
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today, he has formed the government. >> is somewhat of a heart -- and socialist party. they try to seek a mandate, exclusively, because he did not reach consensus with the pro- bailout side.
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if he does not succeed, there will be fresh elections. >> if the greek public asks if they want more bailout money hoar fiscal autonomy, what will they said? >> voters will continue to reject that bailout money, because it is seen as a noose around the neck of the country. remember, unemployment is 51%, a rise in suicide, crime, anti- immigrant violence.
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and even more votes. i would say to the european union, sorry, will not accept the austerity measures. in your place in the eurozone will be threatened. rocking the markets, it's exactly what degree does not eur need and not behalfozone do -- and what the eurozone does not need. >> thank you for joining me. you are watching bbc world news america. the man that headed the klan distance service makes his case.
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from oslo, the bbc's steve rosenberg reports on the day's events. >> he has had his chance in court -- either by shooting them or scaring them into the lake so that they brown. they said he could make sounds of joy as he was shooting people.
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i thought it was a question of time before i was hit, she says. dodge the moment has stuck with me. probably someone, they will never be able to answer it. >> the survivors were telling the terrifying stories. >> it is expected to give evidence throughout the week.
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>> no regrets is how he describes his feeling about using enhanced interrogation techniques including water boarding against suspected al qaeda members. his staunch defense of those methods and the destruction of secret videotapes showing them being used. >> water boarding is a simulated driving with the most extreme technique in the highly controversial and irrigation program designed to break detainee's. >> is not a pretty sight when you are hotter boarding.
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>> the techniques were tortured. they were approved at the highest level. >> he directed us to proceed. >> of the techniques were tried out on a close confidant of osama bin laden. it was rendered to a secret cia salt in thailand. >> we needed to come up with alternative techniques that would convince the terrorist that he had no control over the situation and that his fate was in our hands. >> he was stripped naked,
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strapped down, and water boarded 83 times. his captivity and interrogation were recorded across 92 videotapes. he was flown to a secret blacks i thought to be in poland. >> and they let us know that the 10 seconds was about to come up because he knew that usually that is when it stopped. that does not sound like a man -- that does not sound like it.
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>> they do not tell how capable they are or evil they are. they show him vomiting. >> they were in accordance with but disturbed by what they saw. >> i will not get into specifics
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that he was reacting visibly. in a very disturbing way. he was experiencing some physical difficulties, i will leave the that bad. >> do you regret anything that you did or anything that you authorized. >> he says he has no regrets on
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water poured in. to the sport known as america's pastime, baseball fans can be found filling the stands adjourned on their favorite teams. just how are those songs collected? in this digital age, one organist is turning to twitter. he recently gave us his first hand accounts. >> my name is matthew, i am the organ player. i get suggestions on twitter. i get wheat about what i should play during the game. >> some are really obvious. --e played cat town races camp town races.
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the stands have caught onto that, start singing along. for example, there is another guy playing today whose last name as presley, so i will plan of the presley song for him. -- play an elvis presley song for him. a lot of times, right before the game and during the game, i am learning a new set of songs from the tweets that people have given me about what they want to apply -- to hear. i'll listen to the song. it is possible for me to play its two or three minutes later. it gives me satisfaction when someone says, i can't believe you played the song i requested.
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it totally made my year. i have always been interested in different types of music. everything from classical music, rock bands, salsa bands, also in a polka band. i have to play songs the fans like, whether i like it or not. i do it because i want to make the fans happy. >> be very charming man waiting for your tweets. that brings to this show to a close. you can find the dates on our web site. on twitter. -- you can find us on twitter. see you tomorrow.
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