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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 21, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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funding for afghan forces with some credibility. but fast enough to satisfy the voters back at home. caroline wyatt, bbc news, >> this is bbc world news. chicago. >> tensions over the conflict in syria have provoked violence funding made possible by the in neighboring lebanon. free man foundation of stowe, several people were vort to have been killed in street vermont, and honolulu. capitals in beirut. newman's own foundation. lebanese security forces have and union bank. restored order in sunni-dominated neighbors where supporters and opponents of bashar al-assad clashed overnight. jim muir told me more. >> there were very violent >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard scenes overnight just on the edge of beirut, between two to understand the industry you sunni groups, one group which operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic is a pro-syrian, quite close to decisions. we offer expertise and tailored hezbollah, who came under solutions in a wide range of attack by the majority of sunni industries. movement headed by the son of what can we do for you? the former prime minister. and there was at least three people killed, maybe up to 20 >> and now, bbc world news. wounded in those clashes.
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but the leader of that group slipped out of the area, the lebanese army came in, and it is now still transferred and traffic moving normally there. funding for this presentation other parts of the country is made possible by the freeman where there had been roads cut foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. or blocked by people burning and union bank. tires in protest of the killing of these two sheiks who were shot two, two sunni sheiks on >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard sunday. the protests throughout sunni to understand the industry you areas over that. but tensions being kept under operate in, working to nurture control apparently by both the new ventures and help provide political and religious capital for key strategic leadership, which are calling very strongly for people to decisions. remain calm and try to avoid further tensions. we offer expertise and tailored >> some of the problems solutions in a wide range of industries. surrounding dealing with syria what can we do for you? as the west might see it have been based on how tensions could spread in the region. >> and now, bbc world news. what do the weekend's events tell us? >> well, certainly how tense and divided it is, because you have basically the strongest power in the land, which is hezbollah and its allies,
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funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman basically supporting the foundation of new york, stowe, regime, and the sunnis fighting vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. with the uprising, which is largely sunni-based and being excused by the syrians and others of smuggling arms across the border to the rebels there. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you so, a very real tinderbox situation, but precisely because everybody is so aware of how the country could be torn apart if they allow things operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide to slide over the edge. capital for key strategic decisions. there are very strong we offer expertise and tailored pressures, religious and solutions in a wide range of industries. otherwise, to prevent a clash. hezbollah has kept well out of what can we do for you? it. the two sheiks were killed by >> and now, bbc world news. the lebanese army has called for discipline and restraint, self-control, and, of course, there is an investigation going on very actively into how those two sunni clerics were killed by the lebanese army at that check point. >> jim muir. the man convicted of the 1988 lockerbie bombing will be buried today, but the dispute over his guilt will not be laid to rest with him. abdelbaset al-megrahi died from
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cancer on sunday. he was the only person to have been found guilty of blowing up pan am flight on 103 over the >> three u.s. coast guard scottish town. trainers in western yemen, now the families of some of the wounding one person. more on that as it comes in. victims say it's time for a new thanks very much indeed. investigation into whether he really was to blame. now, robin gibb, one of three here's steve kingston. brothers who formed the hugely >> the journey of pan am flight successful bee gees pop group in the 1960's, has died, age 103 was to have ended here in 62. the bee gees helped define the new york city. disco era with falsetto but 189 americans never made it harmonies and upbeat music, home. including "staying alive" and among them, tom amerman, a "night fever." robin gibb has fought colon and marketing manager and father of two. i spoke to his brother about liver cancer for many years. the late abdelbaset al-megrahi. we look back at his life. >> he massacred 259 innocent >> ♪ i'm going back ♪ people at 31,000 feet, and yet >> with his plaintive, he had his family surrounding him at his death. at least he's left this world quavering voice, this thin, toothy 17-year-old was an with the despicable act and what the american and british unlikely star. government did in his release but here he was, robin gibb, was despicable. the front man of what would be >> from abc, this is "world one of the biggest bands in pop news tonight" with peter history. jennings. >> good evening. the simple fact is this -- pan >> is it true you write your am flight 10 had been in the air for an hour.
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own pieces, barry? >> the passing of 24 years has >> he'd begun performing with done little to erase the shock his brothers when he was just that have night. the many rellmives, his trial, 6. the family moved to manchester and the guilty verdict were the before settling in australia. closest thing to come. when megrahi was convicted of mass murder in a specially convened court in the they'd released more than a netherlands, many u.s. relatives were there to witness dozen records before they it. returned to britain and hit the and unlike some of their british counterparts, the big time. americans were overwhelmingly convinced of his guilt. >> ♪ you don't know what it's but few believe one man alone like ♪ >> however, increasingly it was brother barry who was in the was responsible. joan lost her daughter, spotlight. gretchen, who had been in robin resent being shunted into london studying art. the background, and despite young woman's mother wants to denials, he left. see more prosecutions of those >> robin, we've heard rumors who gave megrahi his orders. that the group is breaking up. >> have him come to his final end gives us some justice, but >> if i was to say it was true, there's still more to the story that needs to be solved, we then i would be the premier of russia. >> the band reformed, but soon need more truth to come out, we found itself out of favor. what changed things around was need more of the criminals who moving to america and barry were involved in the bombing to moving up a register. be exposed. >> the obama administration has pledged to work with the new libya to uncover the truth,
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assuming this man did not take it with him. and "saturday night fever" was steve kingston, bbc news, new at its peak, selling a million york. >> you're watching "bbc world album the a week. the eventual backlash meant news." coming up -- the conflict is that bee gee songs in the long over, but sierra leone's 1980's were more on which sung search for diamonds goes on. by kenny and dolly. diana ross. the chelsea flower show has barbra streisand. started here in london. over 150,000 visitors are >> we see ourselves as expected to go during the week. composers first and artists this year the queen's diamond second, because you can't have jubilee is an influence on second without the first. events. and we've always enjoyed >> gushing, gaggling, gliding. writing for other people. it's the lifeblood of every garden. reich the harmony, the song but this is a drought zone, so writing was an interplay this year it's all about being between the three brothers. water-wise. and this year at chelsea, you >> ♪ i've seen the story ♪ can find all kinds of ways to water your garden. this bicycle is effectively a >> sent active and vegetarian, giant pump, pumping the water robin gibb's solo career never took off in the same way. round the garden and irrigating the pond. >> ♪ because we're living in a and this is a rain garden.
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world ♪ they're popular in australia >> his place in pop history is and designed to catch and with his brothers, as one of conserve. look closely, the garden floats pop's most successful inward to form a naturally valley. songwriting teams. every gardener told us they've struggled this year, first with >> a look back at the life and too little rain, more recently career of robin gibb of the bee with too much, and then there's gees. the ban. nato's secretary general says >> we have a license from which there will be no russia for the exit by the countries who have we extract all hot cultural troops deployed in afghanistan. water, so everything that is the alliance is meeting in watered on site is from it. chicago to discuss we have tanks using their afghanistan's future of the last western -- believed in watering cans as opposed to 2014. hoses and that makes a that withdrawal deadline is one difference. of the keystones of u.s. >> but long term, british gardens are changing, they'll defense policy, but several nato countries, including tell you here. already, designers like vickie france, wants to leave earlier. are adapting to a new kind. our defense correspondent, >> i feel like i'm using many caroline wyatt, reports on delicate talks going on to try more drops. to keep the alliance focused on its goals in afghanistan. >> against a dramatic backdrop >> no wonder then a common of soldier field, a memorial to theme runs through this year's those who gave their lives in combat, has gathered with the show. the charity behind this garden provide water and sanitation to traditional family photo, a third-world countries. they estimate one in 10 people souvenir of chicago's 2012.
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but, like any family gathering, throughout the world don't have things rarely go as smoothly as a clean water supply. planned. different members want this is the 99th chelsea flower different things. here it's france that wants to show, a chance to show off the pull its combat troops out of very best in hot culture, a afghanistan sooner than later. chance too to protect the elements that keep it all putting france's new leader on growing. a collision course with the rest and most are keen to play it down. >> it's disappointing that the french have chosen to take their combat troops out by the end of this year, but very >> this is "bbc world news." reassuring that they've agreed i'm geeta guru-murthy. at least 20 people are reported that they will have a continued to have been killed in a presence, continued involvement suicide bomb attack in the yemeni capital of sanaa. in the mission. >> other reassurances would and tributes have been paid to the musician, robin gibb of the give president obama, president karzai of afghanistan, even as bee gees, who died at the age nato troops begin to leave. of 62. >> coming up in sport today -- some nato members are proving slow to split the bill to pay for afghan forces in the montpelier celebrate as the future. but there are hopes that will french takes the league title. be agreed on here today. but almost certainly won't be chelsea is still flying high, as a deal with the neighbors, but the uncertainty continues. pakistan, while reopening its borders to nato convoys, despite the pakistani president >> and sharapova in rome, but being here. outside the summit, will nadal or joke very much -- demonstrators express their
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frustration with a warmth or djokovic be celebrating with that's lasted more than a decade and cost billions while other spending is being cut her? >> day three of the olympic back. it was a mostful peaceful torch relay is underway. protest -- it was a mostly the triple jumper jonathan edwards are amongst those peaceful protest. behind tight security, there celebrity torch bearers for the was a message in return, but for the west, at least, the 217-kilometer journey. fighting and dying is coming to an end. here in chicago, nato leaders are pragmatic. the crowd was absolutely by the time the summit ends fantastic. today, they want to map out the they've had lots of children, relationship with afghanistan after 2014 and make sure lots of enthusiasm from the grown-ups and lots of proud torch bearers. most people, of course, dominated have got their own personal stories. policemen who have done lots for the community, an amputee who has made the best out of every day, helping others as well. and you can see the crowds really getting behind this, even though it is monday morning, but at least it's not raining.
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>> much more, of course, on that throughout the day. jamie is right here with the business. to bring us down. >> down to earth. >> markets, how are they? >> oh, they've been better. markets are still very navigable. all the markets are still in europe and are up. however, the g-8 meeting really didn't come out with any particular concrete proposals about how to push for some kind of growth in europe, and that is the great sort of emphasis at the moment, how to get growth there. and i think the problem is nobody really knows what is going to happen. because of two things. one is nobody understands in spain about the depth of the bad debts within the spanish banking sector. that should be quantified within the next few weeks, they hope, and that's going to be pretty unpleasant to have to stomach. second thing, greece, the greece election, nobody else how it's going to come out. nobody knows what the result is going to be. it is said that election is going to be a vote for or against the euro, even though
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well established that most people in greece feel they're going to vote against austerity, but they are in effect voting against the eurozone. >> absolutely. just before we go, yahoo! and alibaba. >> fascinating story. yahoo! had bought, in 2005, $1 billion worth of alibaba shares. they just sold them back to alibaba for $7.5 billion. that's want bad, i reckon. -- that's not bad, i reckon. the reason why is alibaba wants control back of its shares. they've been negotiating with yahoo! for a very long time to try to get this done. but yahoo!, on the other hand, is not doing so well, but needs to actually make some money from its investments. however, what it's saying is our investment's worth a lot of money, but our business isn't doing well. it's like having a great house, but not a job. >> not a great position to be in. thank you. well, of course, talking of
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greece, the threat posed by greece leaving the euro will be high on the agenda when the leaders meet in brussels. in a few weeks, greek voters go to the polls again, and the parties opposed to the bailout and more cost-cutting are becoming ever more popular. let's go live to one of the poorest areas in greece. tim willcox is there for us. we've heard of so many people blaming the greeks for getting themselves into the mess that they are in. is that at all how people see it there? >> oh, it is. it's quite change, geeta, coming northwest of athens, about six hours' drive. in the countryside, life seems quite different from in the city. that is because people here have always given up, a lot of them, are actually using a currency at all. several people, farmers and others, are now bartering things are neighbors in return, for example, if they can get eggs, chicken or vegetables,
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they can get their own needs back from people running hardware stores and things like that. in terms of cities, this coalition of 11 left-wing parties here in greece, they are five percentage points ahead of new democracy. now, many commentators are thinking this is a game of chicken between the leader of cities there, betting, gambling on the fact that the eurozone can't and won't be able to afford ejecting greece from the eurozone. but a lot of tough language coming out, and as you say from david cameron, they're a member of the e.u., saying that next month's elections would be tantamount to a referendum on membership of the single currency. that's because the whole single currency could potentially be threatened if greece does leave, and the cost and damage in terms of a world recession and deflation or downgrade on
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all investments, including those in america, would be very severe. >> ok. we'll have to leave it there for now. tim, thanks very much indeed. the former president of liberia will be sentenced next week after being convicted of war crimes in sierra leone in the 1990's. but mr. taylor supplied arms and other help to the rebels in exchange for so-called blood diamonds mined in the country, it is alleged. the bbc's correspondent covered the trial. he's returned to see where the blood diamonds are a thing of the past. >> this is what peace looks like in sierra leone. but the war is long over. this is a controlled explosion at a new industrial-scale diamond mine. since fighting ended a decade ago, the face of sierra leone has transformed. the seeds of a possible economic boom have been planted
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. the days of so-called blood diamonds, when gemstones fueled rebel war, are firmly in the past. >> this kind of mining couldn't be more different than the type that took place in sierra leone during the blood diamond years. in the past, the diamonds were smuggled, some by liberia, none of the rocks will leave. but digging up precious minerals only creates small pockets. sierra leone is still a very poor country. many people continue to rely on the back-breaking business of mining for diamonds by hand. eking out the living for themselves and their families. mining has brought few benefits to the country as a whole. the town, for example, in the heart of sierra leone's diamond mining east has plenty of
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energetic traders, but remains short on tarmac and jobs. >> now i can see people are trying to rebuild the economy. we are trying to rebuild economy. >> but that was never going to be easy. the vast majority of sierra leone people, like these cocoa traders, rely on agriculture for a living. the land is there, but financing a farming takeoff is still a huge challenge. >> you need assistance. >> for now, most of the new investment is in mining, but the question is how far can that take sierra leone from an
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undoubted new start to being a richer place for all its people. the answer to that may not be clear for years. but one thing's for sure. there are more diamonds to come. mark doyle, bbc news, sierra leone. >> more on the death of robin gibb. i spoke to a music broadcaster who tell us what he thought was the secret to the bee gees' success. >> they were songwriters first, artists second. and they were brothers. and they had a family blend which you rarely get in popular music, but you had it with the everly brothers, the bee gee boys, and this is when these voices of family members sound like one person with three different voices. it's a unique blend. backing vocalists could not capture it. then, of course, they were is he push writers with attention
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to melody and a great gift for melody. they could write for themselves and for other people. that is why they managed to accumulate the second best performing catalogue of songs in british history, second only to lennon and mccartney. >> many of the songs you listen to, you don't realize the bee gees had written them, in very recent past. >> it is astonishing. "woman in love," barbara try stand, "island in the stream," kenny and dolly. and then u "heartbreaker by dionne warwick. you know celine. destiny's child sang "emotion," which samantha had originally performed. and you had revivals of words by boy zone, you how deep is your love. >> that was robin gibb. much more, of course, coming up on the website. >> thanks for joining me on this closer look at the weather around the middle east. we'll start off around the red
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sea. plenty of sunshine in cairo. damascus, a chance for a shower here. there is a bit more cloud building across the red sea, threatening one or two showers here and also around the gulf of aiden. it's expected to stay dry at around 32 degrees. the heat is on at 43 degrees here. and there's more cloud around northern parts of the gulf, threatening the odd shower, southernmost parts of iraqi and kuwait and not too far away from tehran. dubai keeps the sunshine. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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>> at union bank, our relationship managers use their expertise to guide you through the business strategies and opportunities of international commerce. we put our extended global network to work for a wide range of companies. from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> bbc world news was presented by kcet los angeles.
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