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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 4, 2012 5:30pm-5:59pm EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives.
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we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america. a charm offensive is under way. the first lady gets ready to help with the obama bid. and henry clinton is in china. china warns to stay out of its business. and an accusation of an archaeological cover-up at the place where julius caesar won an epic battle.
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welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. with nine weeks left until the election, every week is a crucial one for the u.s. campaign. tonight, the democratic party -- party begins a charm offensive. mark marquel begins our coverage from charlotte, north carolina. ♪ the democrats are partying at their convention opened, but not too hard. a lot of voters feel let down by the economy and let down by the -- by obama. others are arguing it would be far worse without him, telling audiences in swing states that
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it would have been a disaster. >> and my opponent had the chance to offer his secret sauce. he did not offer a single new idea. it was just the retread of the same old pots -- policy that has been sticking it to the middle class for years. >> in charlotte, they are determined to sign up every last roeder. polls have every indication that obama will win, but it is pretty much neck-and-neck. even some democrats feel the president has not lived up to their expectations. obama -- >> obama may have done right or not, but if we go republican, we will go back four years and not roger that is any -- where anyone wants to go. >> i'm not sure obama has been with to communicate clearly to the american people what his plan is about. >> this will be tricky for the
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democrats, hope and change has been replaced by a strategy -- something grubby to something glorias, and rise above petty party bickering. there is a hope among democrats that when the president speaks, you will find new words to inspire. >> the magic was in doing something we had not done before. it is like star trek, go where no man or woman has ever gone before. now it is not trying to do magic. it is trying to do the work. the first lady -- >> the first lady, michelle obama has been practicing her speech tonight. she is now far more popular than hurrahs been. but she has to spell out why he should stay in the white house. >> for more from the democratic
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benjamin, let's go to our correspondent, steve kingston and charlotte. polls suggest this election is very close, indeed. what do the democrats have to do this week? >> that is the question on everybody's mind. there is a mixture of excitement and nervousness as they gathered for this convention about which is incidentally, under way. these are live pictures from inside the hall as delegates are about to hear from the mayor of los angeles after taking care of business in the opening half hour of the session. what they have to do is answer the question and mitt romney and paul ryan put to america when they appeared last week. they said, ask yourselves, are you better off now than you were four years ago? the old ronald reagan question. it is a question that advisers have struggled with in talk shows over the weekend.
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you look at the statistics, the answer is no. they are not better off average incomes in the middle class in the together is worse. think of america in a bigger sense is what they will have to say today. we're on an economic price of the spirit of the banking sector was about to topple. the car programs was about to explode. and by the way, we have also killed osama bin laden. it will have to ask america to think about it in bigger macro terms rather than just a microcosm of their own lives. >> and michelle obama speaks tonight. how will she tried to sell her husband to those undecided voters. -- to those undecided voters? >> with their orange-to do this week is to get away from the idea that this is a referendum on barack obama -- what they will have to do this week is to
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get away from the idea that this is a referendum on barack obama. she laughed and humanize her husband and she will remind him that he comes from a middle- class background and was -- she will have to humanize her husband and your mind the people that he comes right middle class background and was raised by his single mother and his grandparents. >> steve in the center of the action tonight. thank you very much indeed. the chinese foreign minister has warned americans not to take sides in the dispute in the south china sea. hillary clinton arrived in beijing to discuss a range of foreign-policy issues, including syria. however, regional friction between china and allies and the u.s., such as the philippines and japan, could put things at stake. i spoke earlier with the director of research and a senior fellow at the brookings
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institution china center. china's official news media was very pointed in its criticism of the obama administration, and indeed, mrs. clinton, ahead of her visit. why the sharp turn? >> there are two main reasons. on the one hand, chinese nationalism is on the rise, particularly with recent events in the eastern china sea and the south china sea. they believe that is -- that the u.s. is taking sides supporting japan. secondly, they are angry about the obama administration's argument that puts china down and therefore, they think it is time to express in china's national concern. and the government does not want to seem weak when dealing with these very important issues about territorial integrity,
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etc. they want tough talk. otherwise, public opinion will be very critical. >> can you explain why the job -- the south china sea is such a source of tension between washington and beijing? >> many countries are in the south china sea, particularly the philippines, are very concerned about chinese mobilization. they want the u.s. involved to back the asian pacific. at the same time, the chinese government because of china's strength and leverage, they want to be tough, particularly when chinese public opinion is very critical about the government approach. therefore, they argue that the south china sea is a core interest for china. they want to see it defended aggressively. >> the u.s. is deploying more military hardware to the pacific, which has upset the chinese. is it all a struggle for
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influence? >> not only for invalids, but also resources, as china becomes very important. although, some of the things are exaggerated in western media because china still has a long way to go. but there is tension escalating for both governments and both governments should be careful to determine which way is the right one. the asia-pacific region is so big. we should have a long-term vision to talk about cooperation, rather than engaging this arms race rather than attention, and maybe even war in that region. >> thank you for helping us understand why that this is so important. >> thank you. >> here is a story that shocked the nation and exposed growing social tensions being felt
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across the country. a paralyzed man in china has blown himself up in a government office following a long term dispute with government officials. at the six government officials were injured in the blast. our correspondent visited the man's village and he sent this report. >> this is normally a peaceful corner of china. but on monday, one man left the village for the last time. he blew himself up in a nearby government office. wheelchair-bound, his brother said he had been left paralyzed after an accident and a building site. for years, he wanted mowry compensation, but never got a response from officials. >> he could not make ends meet. no one wants to die, but he was desperate, and that is why he did this.
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>> walt this is an extreme case, there have been a rising number of attacks on local officials in recent years. this is a dramatic illustration of the growing social tensions being felt across china. >> there are thousands of protest every month. many are angry about the official corruption and abuses of power. china's leaders warned that these issues are eroding their of the authority of the ruling communist party. local officials deny any wrong doing in this man's case. six of them were injured in the blast at this office. they say he had made friends before -- threats before. police are searching and finding explosives in his own home. but despite this, his brother believes officials are appalled.
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he said if they have followed the rule of law, his brother would still be alive. what happened is one story in china, but also what one man was prepared to do in order to get his point across. >> in other news, a court in bahrain has held up lengthy prison sentences for 20 activists involved in last year's pro-democracy protests. the verdict issued by a military court included eight life sentences. the court's decision may still be appealed. the united nations refugee agency has warned of a rapid deterioration in syria as thousands continue to flee the violence. more than 100,000 syrians fled the country last month alone, the highest monthly total since the conflict began in march last year. a suicide bomber in afghanistan
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as kelly's 25 and wounded 50 others. a mourner infiltrated -- the bomber infiltrated as a bit more -- as a mourner. police that fear someone could get killed if the violence continuing to write third night. rioters continue as they are trying to keep factions apart. >> keeping relations peaceful in belfast has proved impossible. it is mainly catholics on one side and protestants on the other. hard-line elements on both sides of the rooms have been involved in the recent violence. police came under attack as they tried to keep loyalists and republic crowds apart.
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in total, more than 60 officers have been hurt this week, all in the same part of northern belfast. today, police made a short, but direct, appeal. >> we need an urgent resolution of this issue or there is a real possibility that somebody will be killed in the next few days. >> tensions have grown as a loyal hispanic is accused of -- as a loyalist band is accused of action outside a local church. some said they feel left behind by the peace process. >> we are still suffering and people in the u.s. have not grasp that. some can say they have moved on. some parts of the province have move on. our community has not. >> patty was born in 1994, the same year as the ira cease-fire. but he thinks permanent peace is still a long way off. >> there are people my age that
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do get involved. they have been brought up in a community where they have always gotten involved and that is the only reason they do. it is not by choice. >> tonight in belfast, the hope is that the worst of their recent trouble is over. violence has been confined to one part of belfast. it has not spread across the city. that suggests that despite the ongoing problems, the peace process still has firm foundations. but in the flash point area, the danger remains. traffic is still passing through, but more than 100 police officers are standing by just in case. they are stuck in the middle of northern ireland's divided society. >> you are watching bbc world news america. still to come, prepared to be wowed by these little fellows as they make their first public appearance.
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police in india have carried out raids in 10 cities as part of an investigation into alleged corruption in the allocation -- allegations of coal mining corruption. they have filed cases against five mining companies. a recent report by government officers said the country has lost more than $30 billion because materials have been sold to cheaply. coalgate, calling it an emerging scandal over the lucrative rights to mine coal that took place between 2006-09. the report says the bids were sold cheaply. billions of dollars may have been lost as a result. the government has defended its policy. but it has ordered a crackdown against those who may have benefited. >> the policy of allocating coal
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blocs is 100% fare. this was made by the prime minister of india and he had the right to the implement it. it was also made by the highest government officials. but we have some government -- as some companies that have falsified information to get their rights. that is why we're looking into it. it is their job to take action against such companies. >> the man in the firing line is the indian prime minister. the head of the cold ministry at the time of the controversy rosales. the opposition says he was in charge, and therefore, he has to go. mr. singer has rejected the charges and their minds that he he must resign. this is the latest in the high- profile corruption scandals in india. public anger is growing, and with national elections due in
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2014 to my time is running out for the government. >> emergency services in portugal tonight as hot temperatures and strong winds threatened to spread new wildfires. two major fires order of the weekend in the north of the country have now been put out, but it took some help to put the fires out. >> firefighters are troubling to bring a huge fire under control. three active fronts and fires in factories are causing panic among the public. >> on the when the fire was around the house to the firefighters arrived. we were here alone. the helicopter arrived 10 minutes ago. >> thousands of firefighter have
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been engaged in the effort to contain these latest wild fires as well as here in the center of the country. some 20 separate fires broke out on sunday, fuelled by strong winds and high temperatures. the weather conditions are expected to remain the same for the next few days. here, too, they're wearing for residents whose homes are potentially in that path of -- they are worried for the residents whose homes are potentially in the path of the flames. >> there are a lot of small villages throughout this region. >> on monday, this russian built water carrying helicopter crashed as it was trying to douse the flames. now spain has but sent two aircraft, as well as france, to help. it is more than a threat. one man in his 50's was found
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burned to death, apparently trying to save his chicken farm. interior ministers said the conditions have produced what firefighters are calling it perfect storm. >> it was one of the most important moments in french history. and no one knows for sure where it happened. the battle of magi was where julius caesar fought the -- the battle of malaysia was where julius caesar fought the gauls. others said the side of the battle is 100 miles away. >> @ france's newest attraction marking its oldest battle, you can see what it was like to witness and fight at the siege of a vcr. it was supposedly here in burgundy that the gauls and their chief were beaten by julius caesar, bringing france
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into the room in orbit, and inspiring the nation's collective memory ever since. the recreations are impressive, the archaeology's seems conclusive. there's only one problem. what is the actual battle never took place here at all? 100 miles away in the juror department, a group of enthusiasts is convinced there has been a massive historical fraud. >> based on a literal reading of an only contemporary source, caesars own, they say the site cannot be in burgundy, but here not far from the swiss border. the indigent -- indigenous people on the hilltops and caesar on the valley floor. >> you can see the two rivers
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and the hill, which is high. it is 3,000 feet long. everything is there. it did not change for two dozen years. >> they say they found traces of a roman siege camp, which they are analyzing with archeological techniques. and it remains on an agent roman citadel to regattas. and there is a ramp are wall 10 meters high. >> what they say is that not just the battle took place here, but that there was an extremely caltech gaulish the city that was very important. if that is true, then it is one of the largest unexplored archaeological sites in europe. >> it is true, it would be amazing, implying a cover-up on the level of officials. back at the burgundy side, more
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than a century and statue has looked out over the plane. >> and now for something else you do not see every day. three indian white tiger cubs have gone on public display in the czech republic. they do not have names yet, but after seeing the pictures, there is no doubt that many will volunteer their ideas. >> when you are just a few weeks old and white with black stripes, it is pretty easy to be spotted. these three rehr indian white tigers have been introduced to the public in the czech republic for the first time, and they seem to be lapping up the attention. the cubs were born in july to their mother at the only zoo in the country to a successfully bred white tigers.
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>> we have put together a new couple that had already made it. but unfortunately, after giving birth to triplets, she would not take care of them. but now, a second try, as is normal in the wild, she managed to successfully bond with these triplets. >> fewer than 250 white tigers exist worldwide, most in captivity. the chances of making it to adulthood is slim. they're vulnerable to predators and poachers are like. they will be given names by the zoo shortly. >> perhaps one of them could be called jair con. -- sher kahn. that is all for us today.
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