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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  February 6, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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governor chris christie uproar. his denunsation of a former white house physician who says he could die of a heart attack. >> i worry about this man dieing in office. >> she should shut up. >> then gay dog fire storm. was little oreo put on death row because he was gay? exclusive. the owners who gave him up and the woman who wouldn't let oreo be put down because he is gay. courtroom sass. >> are you serious? >> i am serious.
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>> why would you want to piss off that judge? that means you are a meatball. >> adios. >> then people who look like twins but are not even related. >> double the pleasure, double the fun. >> they have been best friends since high school. they met at a store. can you believe these guys actually work in the same office? >> and barbara walters speaks out. >> i feel just sort of weak and tired. hello, everybody. thank you for joining us. new jersey governor chris christie is fighting mad. he says it's okay for him to joke about his weight on david letterman but a former white house doctor has no business saying a word if she hasn't examined him and she heafnts christie has a message for her. shut up. >> this is another hack who wants five minutes on tv. >> new jersey governor chris christie is hopping mad the
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former white house physician who says his obesity makes him a medical time bomb. >> and it's completely irresponsible. >> the fat is in the fire because of these remarks to cnn by the doctor who served as president bill clinton's white house doctor. >> i worry he may have a heart attack, a stroke. it's almost like a time bomb waiting to happen unless he addresses those issues. and i worry about this man dieing in office. >> i find it fascinating that a doctor in arizona who has never met me, never examined me could make a diagnosis from 2400 mile is a way. she must be a genius. my children saw that last night. and she sat there on tv and said i'm afraid he will die in office. my 12-year-old son comes up to me last night and says dad are you going to die. >> christie rage is a total about face from his merry appearance on david letterman. watch as he squirms around unable to skeedle -- skeetle
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his bull nooct chair and then this stunning statement. >> basically the healthiest fat guy you seen in your life. christy even munched oan doughnut while speaking with letterman. >> i didn't know this was going to be this long. >> the letterman appearance creating a buzz. across the air waves in you can laugh at yourself before others laugh at you then you kind of take some of the sting out of it. >> with the help of gastric surgery, the "today" show's al roker transformed from fat to trim. nothing less than astonishing. the same procedure turned star jones from morbidly obese to slim. comedian laughed away 100 pounds after a gastric procedure. it's an option governor christie should consider, according to experts. >> it's not easy to lose weight. it involves exercise, strict diet and at times it involves surgery to try to lose weight. >> as a contender for a presidential run in 2016, the new jersey governor wants everyone to know he is aware of
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his potentially life- threatening condition. but right now he is just plain mad about a doctor who is calling him a time bomb. >> if she wants to get on a plane and come here to new jersey and ask me if she wants to examine me and review my medical history, i swrail conversation about that. until that time she should shut up. regardless of his weight, he is popular in his state where he has a 74% approval rating. around the world the fight for gay rights continues but who knew that animals were part of the battle. paul boyd with the bizarre story about a man who gave his dog away to a shelter because he thought the dog was gay. >> he is the dog the whole world rallied around to save. oreo was sent it a shelter by his owner because, get, this he reportedly thought the dog was gay. his owners threw him away because he refuses to have a gay dog and animal rescue group wrote on its facebook page. don't let this gorgeous dog die because his owner is ignorant. he will be put down tomorrow
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because there is no room at the inn. >> thousands responded in disbelief. this has to be the stupidest person i ever heard of. morerens should not be allowed to own dogs. who are the owners that everyone is heaping abuse on? here they are. sonia white and dareious perry spoke exclusively to "inside edition." they say they needed a geared dog but oreo, a pit bull, was only interested in, shall we say, playing around with other boy dogs. >> i got oreo to do a job, to protect the home and he clearly was not doing. >> so can dogs really be gay? we asked pet expert andreaer aden. >> a normal part of social interaction about how dogs negotiate socially. but it really has nothing to do with them being gay. >> thanks to all of the attention, oreo quickly found a new home. >> he is just a sweet boy. >> dog lover steiveany adopped oreo and now he is free to play all day in her back yard with
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her other dogs. girls and boys. stephanie is not sure if he is gay or not, but she has renamed him. elton, yup, after elton john. >> good boy, elton. >> the shelter says it wants everyone to know the dog has been saved so maybe their phone will stop ringing off the hook. beyonce may have killed during her super bowl half time show but everyone agrees she looked fabulous. but beyonce doesn't like some of the shots that were taken. she calls them unflattering. jim moret explains. >> they are the photos beyonce doesn't want you to see. the superstar couldn't have looked sexier during her spectacular super bowl half time show. but as with any live performance, certain photos caught her in, well, less than flattering poses. after buzz posted the shots, the website got this e-mail from beyonce's publicist. there are some unflattering photos on your current feed that we were respectfully asking you
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to change. i'm certain you will be able to find some better photos. the site declined to take down the 230e9os saying they show beyonce looking fierce. and beyonce is under fire for her sexy costume. it was reportedly made of python, iguana and cow skin and animal rights group peta says the fashions are trending toward humane vegan options and the super bowl outfit missed the mark on that score. >> thank you. >> meanwhile a remark made by beyonce exclus threeive "inside edition" when we caught up with her and her destiny childs pals has gone viral. >> ladies how did it feel? >> wonderful. >> fun. >> great. >> fab. >> she was gone with the wind fabulous. >> now gone with the wind fabulous is quickly becoming the hottest catch fraidz in america. it's -- phrase in america. >> gone with the wind fabulous. >> turns out beyonce is a fan of the real housewives of atlanta and apparently first heard the linger with a former miss usa. >> gone with the wind fabla.
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>> kenya has even turned it into a song. only queen b can turn this "inside edition" moment into a viral video. >> gone with the wind fabulous. you would think the people would be on their best behavior when facing a judge. when one teenage girl was getting a judgment handed down to her she was downright sassy. you are about to see that sort of behavior is becoming a trend in courtrooms around the country. >> bye-bye. adios. >> it's the courtroom smack down caught on tape the whole nation is talking about. >> come back, ma'am. come back. >> a giggling woman sasses a miami judge. but he doesn't find it funny at all and slaps her with $10,000 bail. just watch her reaction. >> going to be 10,000. >> are you serious? >> i am serious. adios. >> it gets worse. as she walks away she gives him the finger and lets loose with
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a curse. >> come back, again. i believe you -- did you say? to me? >> actually, i did. >> did you say that. >> yes, sir, i did. >> you did? i find you in direct criminal contempt. 30 days in the county jail. >> okay. that's fine. >> the judge is now being praised for his reaction for being sassed by 18-year-old penelope soto who was charged with illegally possessing the antianxiety drug xanax. >> don't get into it with the judge. >> i like that judge. >> absolutely. >> why would you want to piss off that judge? that means you are a meatball. >> we spoke to former florida judge who rememberably wept on the bridge during a hearing who should get custody of anna nicole smith's body. >> did you say to me? >> the judge did the right thing, he says. >> if i was sitting there as a judge i would want to hang her. obviously you can't conduct yourself like that as a judge. >> unfortunately mouthing off to judges seems to be a growing
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problem. >> i need you to be quiet or i will impose sentence with you in the lock up. >> detroit judge vonda evans recently erupted at a convicted child killer after he called her a liar. and used her first name as he was being led away to jail. >> excuse me, don't address me as vonda. take him out of here. take him out. >> remember when troubled actress lindsay lohan painted an on scene work on her middle finger nail during a court hearing and this woman in kentucky actually tried to attack a judge during a domestic violence hearing. >> when you in a courtroom it's a dangerous setting because you have a lot of people there that are a little bit whacked out. i used to wear a gun on my ankle because i knew that was -- i wanted one last shot if there was a problem. >> fortunately things never reached that point between the sassy defendant and the judge who lowered the boom. >> are you serious? >> i am serious.
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>> adios. >> another judge will review the case before miss soto is forced to serve that 30 day sentence. hearing from barbara walters for the first time since hospitalized with a bout of chicken pox but says it will be awhile before she is back on television. >> hello, my darlings, i miss you. >> barbara walters is speaking out about her medical crisis. >> i feel just sort of weak and tired. >> the 83-year-old tv legend called in to the view wednesday for her new york city apartment. she is recuperating from the chicken pox and concussion. >> i talk back to you. i complain to you. i join the hot topics. i do everything. >> barbara gave details for the first time of how she contracted chicken pox from a guest at a new year's eve dinner party in florida. >> what happened was that i had a temperature and i had the chicken pox and didn't know it. and so when i was in washington for the inauguration weekend, i
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fainted. and i hit my head and had six stitches. >> wasn't photographer caught up with her last week, she was steady on her feet after visiting her doctor but she told her co-hosts she won't be well enough to return to work for at least three weeks. >> get better quickly, darlen. and we miss you. >> we love you. >> bye-bye. we will be back with more after this. next, people who look like twins but they are not even related. >> double the pleasure, double the fun. they have been best friends since high school. they met at a store. >> can you believe these guys actually work in the same office. >> then, oscar nominees as you never seen them before. >> and jennifer love hewitt's sexy strip tease. plus, wait until you see what this kid is so excited about. >> whoa! >> "inside edition" in high defi
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the neonazi dad blown away by his own son. >> my son shot my husbander i need an ambulance. >> next "inside edition," exclusive, the mom breaks her silence. >> do you think your son is a danger to society? then -- can you really be fat but fit? is he really at risk in new jersey governor chris christie fights back. >> this is irresponsible stuff. she should shut up. >> next "inside edition." >> deborah: this year's oscar nominees are trying to blow steam off while waiting to see if their names will be called awards night by posing for some candid pictures with "people" magazine. >> it's anne hathaway like you've never seen her before. the photo of anne is a series of candid photos of oscar nominees in the new issue of "people" magazine. there's bradley cooper, hair tussled and shaving in his marble bathroom. and naomi watts poses with
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kid's toy. don't fall the love. don't fall in love. >> it's justin bieber making out with a mannequin head. >> focus, focus. >> the bizarre skit happened on "late night with jimmy fallon." after the shot he shot hoops with the mannequin head. david beckham is running all over town in his underwear. it's his new sexy commercial for h&m. becks runs after a range rover that snags his bathrobe and then more of his clothes get ripped off and yes that's his own son. proof nobody bends it like beckham. and speaking of stripping down, check out jennifer love hewitt doing a sexy strip tease. ♪ jennifer dances in lingerie in a music video from moting the second season of her lifetime tv show "the client list." and could hillary clinton be getting ready for a white house run? that's what speculation after she glammed up the website with a fresh new head shot. you look good hill is the
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headline in the "new york daily news." rarely does a person find that one in a million guy or gal who looks just like them. these people found their lookalikes and have become friends. >> believe it or not, these aren't twins. they're not even related. these are friends who just happen to look like each other. they say everyone has someone who looks just like them. that's right. everyone. oj smith met crystal garcia when she walked into the clothing store where crystal was working. >> she was helping me out. you know, find a dress and i just kept staring at her like -- oh my god. >> there was this girl staring at me? >> francisco and josh both work as medical researchers at the same company. they even wear the same scrubs every day. everyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance but get this -- they didn't really see it. >> i didn't really notice that i looked like him. >> jasmine and matty are both students at the university of
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southern california. they get double takes when they're out together. they met each other on campus. >> then school starts and i get to this like program we're supposed to go to for the honors program that i'm in and matty was working the program desk and i was like i think that's my twin. >> they're all getting their pictures taken for a new book by the photographer. he's been fascinated with the human face since he was a photographer at the age of 18. and he spent years searching the world for lookalikes for his book. >> i'm still looking for lookalikes. >> he found people who looked like they could be identical twins all over the country. >> are you guys twins, sisters? >> no. >> from charlotte, north carolina, to dallas, texas where he came across jill waterston and katherine treadaway. >> double the pleasure, double the fun. >> they met in high school. as they grew into adults, they stayed in touch and developed a lifelong friendship. >> people and if we're sisters. >> i think actually we probably get along better than sisters. i don't think we've ever argued
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about anything. >> looks like it's true. everyone really does have a lookalike. so watch out. you never know when you might meet someone who looks just like you. >> deborah: with president obama taking the conversation on gun control to the road, the debate is heating up and lots of your favorite stars are getting in on the discussion. >> celebrities joined the call for stricter gun laws in washington today. >> i still haven't gotten over connecticut. >> music legend tony bennett joined actress amanda peat and chris rock at a press conference with gun control advocates. >> i am just here to support the president of the united states. >> other famous personalities are expressing opposition to more gun control. in an interview, bruce willis said if you take one out or change one law, then why wouldn't they take all your rights away from you? meanwhile, kim kardashian is being called a hypocrite today after tweeting this photo of a
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diamond encrusted designer handgun. the irony is that just a few weeks ago kim encouraged her twitter foll pledge to combat gun violence. >> deborah: kardashian deleted the photo after she became aware of the controversy around it. back with more "inside edition" after this. still to come -- the cop caught kissing his girlfriend instead of responding to a 911 call. >> plus -- wait until you see what this kid is so excited about. >> whoa!
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>> deborah: he pledged to preserve and protect. but apparently only when it didn't interfere with his private life. megan alexander with the story of a cop caught kissing his girlfriend instead of responding to a serious 911 call. >> this cop is too busy making out with his girlfriend to respond to an urgent 911 call about an armed robbery nearby. flush >> on another date, that same cop is enjoying coffee with two other officers. while ignoring an urgent call about a sick child. >> miami police officer is one
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of six officers authorities say were caught on camera ignoring emergency dispatches. the shocking just released surveillance videos were shot by internal affairs investigators. >> deborah: after the video came to light the officer was fired from the force. when we come back, we'll tell you why this little girl is so excited.
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>> deborah: the look on this little girl's face says it all but what is it that has her so
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excited? we'll tell you coming up. closed caption sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by: [ harry umlaut ] here we go. stay tuned, there's more
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[ sally umlaut ] what? the five stages of muller. ah yes... stage one: suspicion. "it's a yogurt, how good can it be?" stage two: revision. "actually, this ain't bad." stage three: surprise! "look at this cool cornery thing! i love this stuff!!" stage four: desolation. "it's gone!" stage five: anticipation "i guess i could always have another"... "have you been through the five stages of muller yet?" "yeah, just now." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. >> deborah: finally, a birthday wish comes true for one very excited little girl. now was it a doll that she got as a gift but megan alexander tells you what the excitement was all about. >> what's coming? >> a train!
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>> it doesn't take much to get this little girl excited. >> look at how it goes. >> all 3-year-old ma deline wanted for her birthday was a train ride. just look at her thrilled expression as the train pulls into the station. [ bell dinging ] >> whoa! >> and the adorable nashville youngster's dream come true as she boards with her daddy. all aboard the feel good express. >> a train! >> deborah: and we hope that this leaves with you a bit of a smile. thank you so much for joining us today. i'm deborah norville. we'll be back here again
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>> loit lights, camera, action. >> here we go! >> we're not getting divorced. >> you'd think she would know, right? i'm billy bush. is this a classic case we


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