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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  September 20, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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matt. who is bob woodward? good. and that takes you to $2,400, and it takes us to break number one. we'll return in a moment. [ applause ] those were the last... words i heard from my son... ahhhhh " she lost her family in a burst of gunfire. the one miracle this woman found in a terrible tragedy. the story tonight on fox fox 45 news at ten after sleepy hollow.
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but a few years ago spent a semester in a very large city -- madrid, spain -- studying what? i was actually studying business as part of my degree. but, unofficially, i was studying spanish language and culture. and what did you discover about spanish culture that really impressed you? well, i really liked the two-hour nap in the middle of the day. [ laughter ] and dinner's at 9:00 and 10:00 p.m., right? yes, that was quite an adjustment to make, but in the end, it was good to sit down with the family that i stayed with and spend those times together. good for you. i'm glad it was a good experience.
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kellie chan is from chuluota -- is that it? -- florida. i'm not familiar with that place. you are a docent at the central florida zoo, which means you do what, exactly? so, docents are volunteer teachers. oh, do you get paid? no. that's why we got the volunteer. but we go to class, and we take tests. and then, when they deem us ready, we go out to the park with animals, and we talk about the animals, and sometimes we go out and do programs for kids. good for you. so you work with children a lot? yep. they're fascinated by the animals, aren't they? yep. all right. jared hall is our champion. he has won six games. and we know he's bright. but one of the difficulties of being a player on "jeopardy!" is knowing how much to wager when you hit a daily double or in final jeopardy! you got some tutorials from your girlfriend. yes, that's right. my girlfriend, alethea, after my first two episodes, thought that my wagering strategy left something to be desired, so over the summer, we sort of drilled some of the wagering strategies,
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watched some of the games, and i think i've improved. okay, can you give us any of those secrets, or would you rather keep it a secret from your two opponents today? for now -- we'll talk after. okay. all right. at the moment, though, matt has command of the board. make a selection, matt. matt: let's continue with newsmen for $400. he's the pbs newsman and presidential-debate moderator seen here. jared. who is jim lehrer? correct. newsmen for $600. matt. what is fox news? yes. newsmen for $800. jared. who is wolf blitzer? correct. newsmen for $1,000.
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matt. who is edward r. murrow? yes. do you compute? for $200. matt. what is read-only memory? that's it. do you compute? for $400 jared. what is photoshop? correct. compute? for $600. matt. what is .edu? yes. could i have bestsellers for $600? jared. who is j.k. rowling? yes. jabestsellers for $800.
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matt. what are dragons? correct. special months for $200. kellie. what are vaccines -- vaccinations? vaccinations. we'll accept that -- immunization. months for $800. jared. what is the sandwich generation? good. and less than a minute to go now. special months for $1,000. [ beep ] the musical instrument is the "cordine" -- the accordion. jared, back to you -- three clues left. bestsellers for $1,000. answer -- daily double. [ applause ] now you can use
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some of your girlfriend's betting strategy. you have $6,800. i will wager...$3,000. okay. here is the clue. who is grisham? no. not john grisham. "who is herman wouk"? [ beep beep beep ] so you drop down to $3,800. you're in second place. matt's in the lead now. and kellie will go first in double jeopardy! when we come back. [ applause ]
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but it's still very much within reach for you --
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a lot of cash in double jeopardy! here are the categories. the clues will be delivered by the stars of "shark tank," which debuts its current season today. you start us off. find your "voice" for $400. alex: matt. what is a voiceover? that's it. how'd they make their money? for $400. here with the first clue is kevin o'leary. matt. what is the oil business? you are right. let's continue with how'd they make their money? for $800. here is lori greiner.
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jared. what is at&t? no. matt. what is western union? you got it. how'd they make their money? $1,200. here is mark cuban. matt. who are the medicis? the medicis. yes. how'd they make their money? for $1,600. here is robert herjavec. matt. what is fur trading? you got it. and let's continue -- $2,000. the last clue from daymond john.
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jared. what is pan am? no. matt. what is twa? their rival. correct. san antonio for $400. matt. what is the alamodome? right. writing teams, $400. matt. who are the brontes? you got them. writing teams, $800. jared. what is the beat movement? right. san antonio for $800.
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jared. what is a jail? no. kellie or matt? [ beep ] curtis jenny was a plane, so it has an old hangar. back to you, jared. writing teams for $1,200. matt. what is clark? yes. hits & misses, $400. matt. who is pat benatar? correct. hits & misses, $800. jared. who is cher? yes. hits & misses, $1,200. matt. who is britney spears? right. hits & misses, $1,600. matt. who is faith hill? no. kellie or jared?
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[ beep ] "who are trisha yearwood and leann rimes"? matt, back to you. go again. let's continue for $2,000, hits & misses. matt. who is nicki minaj? good. san antonio, $1,200. here's kelly. this area along the banks of the san antonio is a top texas tourist attraction, as well as an inspiration to other cities trying to create green space. matt. what is the river walk? right. san antonio, $1,600. answer -- daily double. well, now... matt, you've been on a sensational role. you are so far ahead of both of your opponents. you have $17,200. let's wager $1,000. [ laughter ] do you have something against san antonio? no. here is the clue.
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what is the chisholm trail? you're right. [ applause ] $18,200. go again. let's finish out san antonio. last name of twin texas political figures -- san antonio u.s. congressman joaquín and san antonio mayor julian. matt. what is castro? castro is right -- another $2,000. it takes one to row one for $400. kellie. what's a kayak? good. row one for $800. kellie. what's a canal? no. jared. what is a gondola? gondola. yes. writing teams for $1,600.
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jared. who is wordsworth? good. writing teams for $2,000. jared. jagger. no. [ beep ] the other author was moss hart. less than a minute to go now, jared. find your "voice" for $800. it's the identifier shown here. kellie. what's a voiceprint? that's it. "voice" for $1,200. kellie. what's the voice of the people? right. "voice" for $1,600. answer -- other daily double. you're in second place with $2,400. $2,000. okay. here's the clue. what is the voice of america? yes. that's right. [ beep beep beep ] and with that, you move to $4,400. and we move into the final jeopardy! moment,
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and here is the clue. 30 seconds. good luck.
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alex: jared, we come to you first. you've won $181,000 so far, but you're not gonna win today's game. you'll be back in the tournament of champions. let's see if you came up with the correct response. you wrote down, "what is lichtenstein?" sorry. that's going to cost you. that's incorrect. how much did you wager? $2,200? bringing you down to zero. let's go to kellie chan, had $4,400. and which country did she pick? andorra. that, too, is incorrect. nothing lost, however. you remain at $4,400. over to matt volk, who played brilliantly today. did he come up with the correct response?
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"what is andorra?" no, it's monaco -- the little principality of monaco. and so you're gonna lose something, as well. how much? $4,800. that's not too bad. that leaves you with $15,400. you become a "jeopardy!" champion. enjoy the weekend. come back and play again on monday. have a good one. we'll see you then. [ applause ] promotional consideration provided by... -- captions by vitac --
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"wheel" is in las vegas. wheel... of... fortune! [ cheers and applause ]
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wow! [ screams ] and now from the luxurious venetian resort hotel casino in the heart of the las vegas strip, here are the stars of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white! pat: what? did i do that? hey! you all right? yeah. good. are we still walking? thank you very much. thank you, jim. [ chuckles ] good to have you all with us. we appreciate that. have a safe trip to the puzzle board. i will. goodbye. thanks, everybody. hi. how you doing? well, you've been waiting for this, and now you're here. so get ready. grab those devices. we're gonna do our first "toss up" of the night. it's worth $1,000.
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the category is "rhyme time." and here we go. [ bell dings ] dyan. spin to win! that's it. [ laughs ] [ cheers and applause ] whoo-hoo! very nicely done. dyan hale from port charlotte, florida, and let's talk about your family a little bit. you married? i'm married to my hardworking husband, steve. we have four great kids -- lindsay, matt, jennifer, and scott -- and five grandkids. yeah? and you've been in the educational field for a long time -- school counselor. oh, yeah. this is gonna be my 40th year as a counselor. wow! [ cheers and applause ] to look at you -- see, you're one of those daredevil types. do you like doing stuff that gets the adrenaline pumping? oh, yeah, the crazier, the better. the craziest thing would be? what have you done? i helped to pilot a glider plane one time -- loops, spins, all that stuff. very cool. do you have that feeling now? the adrenaline rush? a little bit.
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[ laughs ] yeah. i bring that out in people. [ laughter ] hi, maria. how are you? hi, pat. good. maria sleboda -- naples, florida. an engaged real-estate agent. yes! which shall we talk about first? how about the engagement part? well, i'm engaged to my wonderful fiancé, jonathan. yeah. and i am a realtor in sunny naples, florida. mm-hmm. and this woman speaks polish. yes. yeah? what else do you speak? slovak. my mom's from poland. my dad's from slovakia. and i'm the first one born in america in my family. well, a big hearty jak sie masz to you. [ cheers and applause ] good to have you here. thank you. hi, rick. hey. rick zapata from kansas city, which is in missouri, i believe, part of it, anyway -- the part you're from. let's hear about you. i know you're proud of your daughter and son. talk about that. yeah, well, i'm originally from los angeles. i have two kids -- a wonderful daughter, sharik, she's 13, and my son, jeremy, who's 21 years old,
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serving in the united states navy. terrific, yeah. you're a car salesman. i am a car salesman. and a chiefs fan. you want to throw that in. huge chiefs fan. go, kansas city chiefs. there you go. okay. everybody get ready. we'll do another "toss up." this is a $2,000 puzzle. also will determine who starts the first round. and it's a "movie title." here we go. [ bell dings ] and it's rick. "man of steel." that's it! [ cheers and applause ] you got $2,000. and what do you have, jim? i have this, pat. here's tonight's featured prize. take a bite out of the big apple at the rooseve hotel. the grande dame of madison avenue since 1924, the roosevelt hotel stands stately in the heart of new york city and offers over 1,000 gracious guest rooms. plus, enjoy broadway tickets to "iluminate: artist of light," a story told through music, dance, and technology.


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