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tv   Frontline  PBS  October 23, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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are made here? >> no question. you can't walk down a street past a brooks brother without seeing made in america here. they have made in america clothes. j. crew sent me an email saying on sale our made in america merchandise. retailers know the power of made in america because americans are asking about it again. katie: the good news partially because of you raising awareness about this, david, most people in the country really want this, you know. i think polls have been done. 7 % or something like that want to buy products made here. >> there is a premium on the label. now we all know that you can help to create a job it will make you want to at least buy one thing. we are not saying turn your house upside down. but just one thing a year. with the holidays approaching, if you buy one thing you help to reach that goal of creating a job in america. have to find an american wedding gift. katie: all right. good luck with that.
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definitely make sure that it is made in america. thanks for all of your great work. i think you really are raising awareness and making people think twice before they buy a product. that is always a good thing. up next regis is in our spotlight. hat is right after this. >> coming up, regis philbin, his shocking surprise gift from judge judy. >> i open up the box and pick up the sexiest men's underwear you have
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>> welcome back. ok. there is nothing fake about my next guest. he is definitely the real thing. he holds the world record for the most time on tv, more than 17,000 hours by my last count and that clock is still running now that he is returning to tv with a brand-new show. that is why he is in our spotlight today. i had the pleasure of hosting his goodbye and when he left "live" and now i get to say hello again. please welcome the one and only regis philbin.
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>> look at katie here. katie: gosh, here we go. >> are we thrilled katie has the found the man of her dreams? and i am telling you, have you seen this guy? the best looking guy i have ever seen. where did he come from? we want to know. i mean it. i have been watching katie for years. we all have. i worry sometimes about some of these guys. but this guy i like. katie: have you not met him? >> how could regis meet him? katie: i think you would really like him. >> i would like to meet him. katie: let's go on a double date. >> i would like to check him out. katie: i am so happy to see you. number one, happy birthday. u just turned -- are you
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someone that does not like to talk about his age? >> i am gone. forget it. i had a birthday i don't know eight months ago and all of a sudden. katie: really, i know you turned the big 2. >> 82 years old i am. that's right. 82. katie: you turned 82 this year. >> you are going to say that again? s there anybody here 82? nobody. everybody at 82 is gone. regis is next. katie: no. you are great. but i understand judge judy gave you a birthday present. you were going to tell me about that. >> we go to a little birthday party. we go up to a restaurant every saturday night. we have a table there. judge judy is at the other
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table. she brings over a box. she insists on me opening this box because she is very proud of it. i open the box carefully, you know, expecting something to jump out or something and then i pick up the silkiest, sweetest looking, sexiest men's underwear you have ever seen in your life. katie: from judge judy? >> judge judy. katie: i wish you brought it. >> i should have called the cops right then and there. get her out. katie: have you worn them yet regis? >> i am afraid to wear them around joy. i might turn her on. katie: it has been two years since you left "live," are you missing it or adjust to life after? >> it was an adjustment after i left. and before i forget i want to
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thank her so much for the last big show that i did which was sort of a documentary that she did about me growing up in the bronx. icate dethe last story about me for the show. katie: and it was so fun. it was so fun. thank you. in that show we actually had a taped montage of your greatest moments, your tv antics through the years. let's take a look. >> not too close. >> stop it you are making me nervous. make him really jealous. >> you wanted to do this for 13 years. >> this is as close as you are go to get. believe me. katie: your career, i mean those are just a few highlights. regis has had such an extraordinary career. >> i had a lot of luck with the
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two gals that i worked with, kathy lee and kelly. they were great. then we went up to the bronx to where my little grammar school was and then we went to my high school. katie: funny you should mention that because we did have a surprise for you. i took you back to your alma mater. look at that. >> this is what it looked like when i was a student. go ahead. look at this. katie: the entire graduating class of 2012 decided to surprise their famous alum. regis established a scholarship program here making it ponl for five students to attend every year. >> i wanted to personally thank you for the help that the scholarship you have given to myself and my parents helped us significantly and i just want to thank you for everything have you done for me and for
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other students in general. katie: that was so sweet. >> that was very nice. >> you were very moved. >> i was moved too. i love those kids. katie: hey, we pulled out a wedding photo of you and joy 43 years ago. i figured that i could say so. as someone who is about to walk down the aisle, but for the second time, what is your advice? >> are you planning soon to get married? katie: maybe in a year. >> ok. fine. good. so the advice would be hang on to him until then. katie: thank you regis. thank you. all right coming up find out all about regis' new sports show. that is right after this. >> hey, wait until you hear his. >> still to come, katie has the
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scoop on the juicing craze. is it good for you? >> this is like nature's advil. katie: you do feel like your cells are saying thank you. >> tomorrow, imagine being the sole survivor of a plane crash. four of her friends gone in an instant. her body severely burned. how she lived through that fateful day. storm "katie."
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>> if you have been around the business as long as i have, you know live tv thrives on three things, pretty girls, a couple
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of high balls and regis. that's all. katie: we are back with regis. that was a clip from his new show "crowd goes wild." congratulations on the show. tell me about it. are you excited? >> i have always loved sports, always. i have driven all of my co-hosts crazy by talking about the games that went on last night. and all of a sudden they came to me and said would i be interested in this show, this new network that fox was starting. i said you know i would. yeah. so i took the job. it is monday-friday, 5:00. it is on different times because different cities. katie: right. >> i am enjoying the heck out of it. katie: you are basically talking about sports. >> it is a little different. we are putting in some entertainment and fun. a few games here and there. never get too far away from
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sports. so it is a little different than the regular sports show that goes on and on. katie: we are excited you will be back on television. what do you think you are proudest of, all of the accomplishments? >> you know one of the shows that i did right here, i believe it was in this studio is "who wants to be a millionaire." that was one of the all-time shows. great show. great idea. we have had five terrific years with it. i loved it. i think that was probably it. that was a premiere show. katie: more than "live" you think? >> yeah. it was primetime. katie: oh. >> it wasn't 3:00 in the afternoon. we are talking about 8:00 at night. primetime. 8:00 p.m. is the time to be on. katie: well, i don't know what to say to that. et me ask you.
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i know you have spent a lot of time with your grand kids? >> ivy is three now. nobody wrote me a letter saying here comes mr. trouble. they are trouble. he was mr. trouble. that is the nickname that stuck. his name is william. i am amazed at these kids today. he is giving me a lesson about how to run the -- yeah, the ipad. i don't have a tweet. i don't have a watch. i have nothing. katie: my mom turned 90 last march. >> thank god there is somebody older than regis. thank god for her mother. katie: and i was teaching her how to use it. i had her email people.
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she emailed my nephew. she said i am looking forward to seeing you but with auto correct it wrote sexting you. my nephew wrote back and said granny you have been on the internet for a few days and you are already an online predator. it was funny. i am so happy to see you. thank you so much for coming. >> thanks for everything. katie: and because you can never get enough regis, crowd goes wild airs on fox sports 1. we will be back right after this.
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katie: welcome back. as part of katie's tool kit we will tell you about something that will improve your daily life or not. today we get the skino juicing as well as the juice cleanses from beyonce to blake lively to sophia vergara, they are all the rage in hollywood. re they actually good for you? so, juicing is so huge these days. is it good for you? >> i am a huge fan of vegetable juices because 0% of americans do not get enough fruits and
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vegetables. we are supposed to eat 4-5 cups every day of fruits and vegetables. it is a quick way to get a dance amount of nutrients. but there are issues with it. you don't want to stick with the sugarred juices. katie: i love orange juice. >> right. katie: now they have lower calorie orange juice. >> if there are oranges and pineapples, those are high sugar juices. you can have a juice that has more than coke but it can mess with your blood sugar. katie: is it better to eat raw carrots? you need enough to feed bugs bunny for a week in order to sometimes make one glass of carrot juice. >> i am a huge fan of whole foods, fiber and other components in it. >> it absorbs into your body
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more slowly. >> right. but if you think about it this way. a green juice a day is a great way to upgrade your diet and to include lots of powerful vitamins and minerals, cancer fighting, anti-inflammatory compounds that you do not get. a lot of fun ingredients like kale or ginger. they can be very healthy katie: are there some people that shouldn't be juicing? >> definitely. if you are under cancer treatment and under chemotherapy, underweight, sickly, if you are not really strong in a constitution it can be debilitating to be on a juice cleanse for a long time. katie: you are talking about only drinking juice. >> anybody can have a glass of green juice. katie: this is going to be interesting. i want to do it more. i have a lot of wonderful ingredients for things i like
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to take at home. you have them quickly available. my favorite is kale. people go kale. it is a fantastic vegetable that has lots of powerful chemicals, one of them gets rid of pesticides, metals, lots of things in the environment that make us sick. cucumbers are full of powerful chemicals that help you detoxify. lemon boosts detoxification of the liver. apples have great things in the peel. celery is great. ginger is anti-inflammatory. katie: i love ginger too. i love cilantro. >> it has lots of essential oils in it. there are a lot of things in plants that have been shown by science to actually boost your body's capacity to heal and repair. that is a fabulous thing. very inexpensive. it is a little bitter.
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you know you go to the japanese restaurant, that is it. she is like i got you. it is good when you put it in the juice. this is my favorite. this is a powerful medicine. this is like nature's advil. katie: i have been hearing so much about it. >> it is a deep orange color. the color in the food is what provides these chemicals. katie: how does it taste? >> you don't want to eat it. all of the flavors combine and you get a fabulous tasting juice. >> this is kale. everything. everything. apples, cucumbers, celery. lemon. it is not sweet. katie: it is tasty though. i think it is really good. you do feel like your cells are
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saying thank you. thank you as always. mark and the complete super detox drink recipe is on and tweet me your favorite juice recipe. we will be right back.
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katie: thank to you all of my terrific guests and thank you so much for watching. we will see you the next time. reporter: nationwide, prices
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at the pump are down 26 cents in the last month and a half.
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with gas stations in 16 states now charging less than $3 a gallon. 2.99 at this one in sioux city, iowa and at this one in davenport, iowa, where it is already snowing. experts say it's only going to get better. >> we have higher supply of gasoline. 10% higher than last year. lower demand as the temperatures cool. a lack of hurricanes this year. all of those factors could put down gas prices to the tune of 15 to 20 cents drop by christmas. >> and experts say an easing of tensions with iran and syria and egypt is helping to push oil prices below $100 a barrel for the first time in 16 weeks. it all means, american drivers may have a little extra cash to spend around the holidays. with consumer confidence and the economy hurting from that partial government shutdown, the lower s prices couldn't come at a better time linzie janis, abc news, new york.
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. attention pet owners, you may want to reconsider feeding your dog jerky treats made in china. the fda reports they are linked to the deaths of 600 dogs and ten cats and says 3600 other pets have been sickened by the treats them agency is seeking help from pet owners and vets as it continues to look in to this mysterious outbreak. residents of the blue mountains region in australia have been told to leave their homes to allow firefighters to battle wildfires. 200 homes have been destroyed and damaged 122 in new south wales since last week. australia's prime minister said this morning climate change was not to blame for the latest wildfire outbreak. here's a look at the nation's weather now. it will be clear and dry for the west coast across the rockies with more lake effect snow in store for the upper midwest. the south except for florida will start to dry out just a little bit. it will be damp and raw across the northeast. >> temperatures will be chilly across the northeast. highs in the 40s.
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50s in the upper midwest. warm across the southwest, five to ten above normal along the west coast. the west coast a is hoping to be the scene of a new brand of surfing. >> just when you think you have seen it all comes this. motor surfing. how cool is that? not even a surfboard, it is bigger, faster and packs more punch. >> but more dangerous. they have jet engines propelling the rider at speeds up to 45 miles an hour. like driving a car. >> the guy that pioneered it said it feels like riding a 50-foot monster wave. >> 6,000 bucks each and there is already jet surf competitions. >> six or seven manufacturers of these so they are coming. if you have a nice house on the lake and peaceful cup of coffee and you have some teenagers
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♪ my mama told me you better shop around ♪ next up how to save on what is likely to be your biggest expenses, one any way, car and home insurance. what we found may surprise you. >> as it turns out, when it comes to insurance, loyalty does not pay. paula faris looks at the fine print and shops around. >> reporter: paul and sue rodman are parents to three growing boys. the oldest on the verge of getting his driver's license. >> more insurance. >> yes, $700 a year. >> reporter: on top of the $2300 a year they are paying for auto and home insurance. >> guess what day it is. >> reporter: insurance companies are doing everything they can to get our attention but how do you know if you have the right coverage? you have been withhem how long? >> since i was 16. >> reporter: according to to our
2:39 am
consumer expert clark howard doesn't mean much. >> insurers in many cases, this is going to stun you, penalize you if you become a hyper loyal push. they can push rates up on you. >> reporter: clark says shop around every three years for better insurance rates. >> not every 30? >> not every 30 like you. >> we enter a zip code. >> yep. >> reporter: instantly we get 14 different auto insurance quotes ranging from $918 to 1800. that's nearly double for the exact same policy. tip two -- >> never, ever, ever make a small claim. >> reporter: it stays on your record three to five years and raises your rate 10% minimum. and tip number three, ask for deductions with this key phrase. >> you say is that all? is there nothing else? >> reporter: we found that nicholas could save 30% by taking a driving class and
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getting good grades and additional 30% by installing a gps device like this offered by many insurers. it monitors your driving habits and rewards you for being safe behind the wheechl our family called around. >> thank you very much. >> it's less. >> reporter: finding $1500 in savings most people make a mistake of buying policies with low deductibles. he recommends 1,000 for auto. 5,000 for home which will put money in your wallet and make sense considering he advises against making small claims any ways. >> and bundle. >> bundle it up. but it stinks that you can't make a small claim. 5,000 deductible in the house and what's the point of having insurance. >> you don't want it on there three to five years because it will affect your deductible for a long time. >> they say drive a low-profile car that sant target for thieves
2:41 am
and you will have a lower insurance rate. i have that covered i have a real clunker. >> they have all kinds of things you can find. installing gps, having good grades. >> it sounded great until i found out it monitors your driving habits. >> i'm not a fan of that gps. out the window. we travel to patsy's italian restaurant if ar taste of italy. and behind the scenes cooking lesson. that's straight ahead.
2:42 am
♪ when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore ♪ >> little dean martin there to
2:43 am
get us in the mood to mange. the place we are going to now is a rat pack hang out. >> he was fond of patsy's restaurant. we sent amanda there for this edition of "insomniac kitchen." >> today we are here at the world famous patsy's italian restaurant right here in new york city. celebrities from all over the world have been here. now it is time for us insomniacs to get a sneak peek inside the kitchen. we are here in the kitchen with sal, third generation owner of this wonderful restaurant. you are going to show us how to make what today. >> eggplant brush shet ta. >> we have an eggplant and i cut off the ends and take off the skin and cut them in to slices, like this. then take a couple at a time.
2:44 am
this is all-purpose flour. put them in the egg, then the bread crumbs. this is called milanaise. this is frank sinatra's favorite dish. now we will fry the eggplant. don't overcrowd the pan because you know what is happens is, it cools off the oil. one minute. >> that is quick. >> it is thin and will cook right through. this is a typical brushetta topping that goes on bread. balsamic vinegar, garlic, good flamplt and we will whisk in the oil, not really emulsify it but whisk it so it blends good. then we have a pound of tomatoes we have chopped up for the topping. i like the juice if there. it is great, good flavor. salt and pepper.
2:45 am
scallions, green onons, cut them up and one of the best things we use is the fresh basil. mix that really nicely so that you toss it all together and just get the ingredients to blend very well. then we will let it marinate at least an hour would be nice to let it marinate and show how to put it together. three pieces per person. put them in a dish, three slices. about a tablespoon. >> it's time to eat. >> my favorite part. >> i think everybody's favorite part, right? >> we have knife and forks if you want. >> knives and forks? >> fantastic. >> frank loved that restaurant. >> yum yum. and you can read about patty's history and get the cook book. another edition coming out in the spring. pick one up. >> finally get to eat now. >> too bad it is not
2:46 am
smell-a-vision. because there is a hint of garlic in the air to say the at least. >> oh, my gosh, delicious. >> eggplant brushetta, amazing. >> they have their own line of everything. here's their own line of pasta sauce. they have that going, the writing for the camera and they have their own pasta, which opened up on me but there you have it. their own pasta and everything. >> showing amazing restraint. dive in to that. >> i'm trying. my mouth is watering. so i'm going to have to dig in. what's the deal with the spoon? like amanda said. >> in case you drop your tomatoes. >> it u how is it. >> delicious. brushetta is usually bread and tomatoes and garlic but they use egg blant instead of the bread. phenomenal. that is great stuff. >> just about every dish at patsy's. if you are in new york head over
2:47 am
to patsy cease, tiny but so good. >> two thumbs up. . coming up a body builder who's a champion of pumping iron. >> she is also a champion at lifting spirits. we'll be right back. the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up
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with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner.
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prove it. enough is enough.
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d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. ♪ finally this half hour, a story of true grit. the woman you are about to meet is a real champion. >> her secret is discipline, hard work, positive attitude that won't quit. ryan cummings of our phoenix station met her at the gym. >> reporter: working out is not easy. it can take years to become a top competitor and tons and tons and tons of lifting. >> every day is not leg day because i'm not an idiot. >> reporter: competitors train every part of their body from
2:51 am
their core to their calves. >> so i look good in my clothes. so i fit in my clothes, and i love it. it is a good stress reliever for me. >> reporter: 37-year-old barbie thomas started to compete in 2007. >> i said what the heck. i'm going to go for it. >> reporter: that determination might surprise you and even inspire. >> get a trainer real quick to help with my next exercise. >> reporter: barbie's routine is different than most. >> i was 2 and a half and i got in to a transformer. the electricity went in through my hands and out through my legs. >> reporter: doctors had to amputate her arms and didn't think she would survive. >> i think god had a different plan for me and spared my life. >> reporter: she is now a fitness competitor on the national level. >> i got some funny looks the first time i competed. >> reporter: she does most everything with her feet, including texting, driving and working out. >> i have those days, too, that
2:52 am
i don't want to go to the gym. >> reporter: her faith, a constant reminder to never give up. >> there are times i have to pray to keep my spirits up. >> reporter: and that drive motivates others. >> everywhere she goes. whether she is at the gym or the store, whatever she is doing, she inspires everyone. >> reporter: tons of inspiration, tons of courage and tons of push ing people to be their best. >> i really they is why i'm still here on earth is to motivate and inspire other people and show them that, you know, you can do it. when you put your mind to something it's possible. >> reporter: ryan cummings, abc 15 news. >> that is incredible. >> you live by that stuff all day long. if you put your mind to it anything is possible but when you see someone like that you are reminded of it. >> i'm going to stop complaining and go to the gym today. >> good idea. >> remember to follow us on facebook at
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he was a good-hearted person. would do anything for anybody. >> remembering a hero. the family of the teacher gunned down in the sparks shooting speaks out as new questions arrive over the motive of the student who killed him. sibling rivalry. a look at whether first born children are smarter than their brothers and sisters. listen up, mild kidd kids, you may not like the answer. a new experience for him. >> fie goh doe in flight. the simulator that lets dogs get used to riding on a plane. it is wednesday, october 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now with
2:56 am
john muller and diana perez. happy hump day, everybody. we begin the latest details with the nevada shooting we talked about yesterday. police revealing more information about the young killer. the motive is a mystery. >> they say the weapon came from his parents' home cecilia vega begins our coverage. >> 911 emergency. >> i'm calling from sparks middle school. we have a shooting at our school. >> reporter: the rampage lasted just three minutes. >> this is a student from sparks middle school. can you please send police out here? there's a kid who has a gun. >> reporter: the kid a 12-year-old boy in the 7th grade. he opened fire near the basketball courts just before the morning bell using a nine millimeters semiautomatic ruger hand gurngs similar to this. his first victim, another 12-year-old shot in the arm. >> went like that with the gun and pulled the trigger. >> reporter: then the shooter
2:57 am
turned to the teacher who tried to stop him. >> 911 emergency. >> somebody brought a gun to school and shot the teacher. >> the teacher's down? >> yes. >> students saw michael landsberry and ran toward the gun fire to help. >> we tried to lift him up. he was like this. holding the wound. like he was holding it. >> reporter: another boy shot in the abdomen. he's in stable condition. then the shooter turns the gun on himself. faith evans had math class with him. >> did he have friends? >> sort of. he got bullied a couple of times. i saw kids pushing him around and doing a lot of mean things to him. >> reporter: now there's just one question -- >> everybody wants to know why. the answer is we don't know right now. >> reporter: police say they have no plans to release the shooter's identity out of respect for his grieving family.
2:58 am
cecilia vega, abc news, sparks, nevada. >> the family of the teacher who died is speaking out about his heroic actions. reggie landsberry said his brother was a good-hearted person who would do anything for anyone. >> here he is, a man who served overseas, as you just said, multiple times only to be gunned down at home. >> i guess we don't choose our fate so to speak in that aspect. he was just somebody who wanted to do the right thing. >> reggie says his favorite memory of michael stems when they were in middle school and they used to play atari together. despite the massive problems with the obama care website, president obama launched a push to encourage americans to enroll in the insurance marketplace. in an on-line message the president is calling on supporters to join team obama care admitting the rollout isn't going as smooth li as he expected. kathleen sebelius is telling cnn they are bringing in fresh help.
2:59 am
>> they have announced this tech surge and bringing in new eyes and ears a colleague and friend of mine in the administration is coming in as a management consultant. the administrator of cms to make sure we look at the management system. >> reporter: she also says the president didn't know about the website issues most users are finding confusing, error messages, broken calculators, long delays and time-outs and outright wrong information. it's been a bit of a disaster to say the at least and the foes of obama care are jumping on and saying this website issue is indicative of problems all the way down the line. >> oh, yeah. there are a couple of different types of people visit the website. the people who are determined and will sit there if it takes ten hours. they are going to sit there ten hours until they get it done and then people like my mom. who will go and try and can't figure it out and has to do


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