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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  September 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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now wmur news 9 at 5:00. josh: a flood warning is still in effect for some parts of new hampshire even though the heaviest rain has moved on. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. today's rain caused a lot of headaches like this flooding in ossipee, slowing down drivers on route 16 tonight, and one deadly crash has been confirmed. but conditions are steadily getting better, so let's check in with chief meteorologist mike haddad for a closer look at that. mike: yes, and a lot of this rain initially very beneficial. we needed rain in a big way, and many communities picking up well over two, three, four inches. take a look at the total. sanbornton coming in at over seven inches of rain, that's a two-month average for parts of the lakes region all in a mere 24 hours. tilton just under six inches of rain, same story around laconia down to concord at 3.83 inches. well above the average monthly total we pick up in all of september.
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cleared the coast in the last couple hours, still lingering light rain in the north country. in terms of flood watches, all of those have been dropped. we do have a flood warning for the pemigewasset river. what about rain chances for the weekend, we'll take a look at this in a bit. jennifer: thank you. the heaviest rain arrived just as the morning commute got under way, causing several accidents, and at least one person died in a crash near exit 2 on interstate 89. there were several accidents in that area backing up traffic for quite a distance, and roads along the seacoast were also tricky today, especially when high tide arrived. wmur's jennifer crompton is live tonight from hampton with more on that. reporter: we are here at hampton beach where things are quiet now, but that wasn't the case a few hours ago where from
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concern was between 1:00 and 3:00 when the astronomical high tide hit. the combination of that and the strong winds created lots of splashover along the coastline, especially along route 1a. debris was visible in some spots. a dramatic scene, lots of people out to get a look at the turbulence, but no real problems associated with it, thankfully. streets were flooded in some places at high tide, but officials say this was not any worse than they usually see with that moon tide storm combo. even on the back side of the beach along the marsh where homes became virtual islands for a time. >> are you marooned right now? >> well, until the tide goes back out, yes. reporter: is that concerning to you? >> no, because i've been here for over 30 years and i'm used to it. it will go back out in an hour. reporter: again, officials say there weren't really any problems associated with this. but coming up at 6:00 we'll look
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at the advice they still have and what they are looking at through the evening. for now, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jennifer: thank you. widespread flooding also shut down streets in portland, maine. cars were stranded after driver as tempted to go through standing water. university of southern maine closed its portland, gorham and lewis on the auburn campuses because of flooding. the national weather service telling us that four inches of rain fell before 8:00 this morning. many people enjoying the effects of the rain, including the flume gorge in lincoln, great shot there. it's usually at a season low, but the rain has created some spectacular water falls. and we could see another big round of rain later on this weekend and this is all due to hurricane joaquin. however, the path for the storm is still very much up in the air, so let's go over to josh judge who is tracking for us.
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by day and sometimes several times a day, it's very difficult to predict. we're starting to have a little more confidence, let's take a look at where it is right now, a category one with top wind 85 miles per hour right now. here's one computer model and in computer model is the one that's pretty much the most accurate right now. most of the models agreeing with this. look at the turn it takes now and possible landfall somewhere around the carolinas up through washington d.c. or new jersey. over the second half of the weekend and early next week. it's been slowing down a little, and then it may turn over and come toward us, just remnants. but this computer model does something completely different and brings it completely out to sea by-passing land altogether, that solution fairly unlikely. when you take this hurricane and you put all the paths of the different computer models, you see a consensus, landfall somewhere around the carolinas, and then turning toward us. so because of that, here's the official track, from the national hurricane center.
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an abrupt turn around tomorrow, coming up the coast, landfall along there, and then perhaps late weekend or early next week coming up this way in the form of remnant. we'll be talking much more about this as well as have a look at the forecast, in a few minutes. josh: defense attorneys are asking a have to exclude certain evidence in the case of a nashua mother now charged with murdering her daughter. andy hershberger got a look at those documents and joins us live with details about the statements katlin marin made. reporter: the statements were later given conflicting information when the toddler was examined at the hospital. court documents filed by lawyers for kaitlin marin say that evidence gathered at the home where her 3-year-old daughter brielle game -- gage was found unresponsive should be thrown out because it was illegally obtained. she told police that her daughter was not feel well and when she tried to use the
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bathroom she appeared to have a seizure where she fell down the flight of stairs. the documents say marin splashed water on her face to revive the child, then put her to bed, checking on her several times that night. marin allegedly told authorities that the next day she was carrying the child downstairs when she lost her footing and they both fell. gage was unconscious and was taken to the southern new hampshire medical center where she was pronounced dead. court record say an examination of the child's body showed a variety of injuries to her face, head, back of her hands, chest, thigh, feet and legs, and that the assistant deputy medical examiner said brielle's injuries were not consistent with kaitlin's account of what occurred. but defense lawyers say police started collecting evidence before any specific medical finds were reached. the state is expected to file their response shortly. the trial in this case is scheduled to start in may of
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andy hershberger, wmur news 9. josh: looks like a government shutdown has been avert forward the time being. just minutes ago the house approved a measure to keep the government open. the senate already passed the temporary funding measure today. this runs through december 11 and gives lawmakers now 10 weeks to come up with a new budget deal. the issue of funding for planned parenthood obviously a major sticking point in this debate. and a temporary bill does maintain funding for planned parenthood. jennifer: russia has launched air strikes in syria, the kremlin saying it's targeting islamic militants. but that's not what the pentagon is saying. sally kidd is live in washington with the latest on this. reporter: that's right, jen, the obama administration says it appears russia is trying to prop up the assad regime, not take out isis. and the defense secretary says that's like pouring gasoline on a fire. moscow says air raid by russian
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military jets are targeting isis positions in central syria. but the pentagon says the attacks appear to be hitting opposition groups fighting the syrian government. >> it does appear that they were in areas where there probably were not isil forces. reporter: russia insists that's not the case. >> don't listen to pentagon about the russian strikes. reporter: secretary of state kerry says the u.s. would have grave concerns about any strikes against targets where isis is not operating. >> strikes of that kind would question russia's real intentions fighting isil or protecting the assad regime. reporter: analysts say president putin is trying to reassert russia's place on the world stage. >> he believes that this is going to help him domestically. i think that comes at some risk. yesterday there was a poll in russia that said 69% of the russian public opposed russian troops in syria.
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reporter: senate republicans say russia's involvement is the result of president obama's foreign policy failures. >> this is the inevitable consequence of hollow words, red lines crossed, tarnished moral influence, leading from behind. reporter: the white house says u.s. and russian military officials will meet later this week to discuss preventing conflicts between russian and coalition aircraft in the air space over syria. jennifer: sally, russia has been ramping up its presence in syria for weeks now, so did these air strikes come as a surprise to administration officials? reporter: well, secretary carter says russia has been broadcasting its intentions over the past couple of weeks to move in forces and begin conducting air strikes. but what took the administration by surprise was the fact that russia supposedly only gave one hour's notice before it began the air strikes.
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formal channels. jennifer: okay, thank you. also the u.s. has carried out more air strikes in afghanistan. this as an attempt to retake a key city from taliban fighters. right now one of the major centers of fighting is the airport, that's outside of kunduz. because of the situation in that city, some u.s. commanders are now suggesting that some american troops stay in afghanistan longer than the current deadline of 2016. it's been a rainy day out there, well, not my more apparently, doesn't seem to be affecting traffic. this is 293 north in manchester, from the elliott at rivers edge camera, at least it looks dry now. josh: so far. peggy james joins us with a look at the road home mid-week. >> yes, our mid-week ride is starting off pretty good. 93 northbound coming up from salem to manchester will take but 23 minutes to get into the queen city. no major delays or backups.
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293 is a good ride through south willow street, brown avenue and the mill yard exits, awe moving well. going north towards concord you see some slight delays around exit 11. further north you're starting to see some billion volume through the bow junction, 8 it and 93 in concord, but no major hangups at the time. the everett turnpike a bit slow northbound through the merrimack stretch. on 101 west your usual stop and go through bedford. 101 eastbound is moving right along, and 95 is looking good. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. jennifer: one of the outsiders shaking up the primary polls back in the granite state for a series of town halls, in fact a little while ago ben carson weighed in on the idea of changing the new hampshire primary. josh: the war on heroin has become a major issue in this
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with news 9 to explain what he'd like to see. mike: tomorrow certainly plenty of changes moving in. jennifer: ahead, a nashua woman who disappeared in the 80's has been identified as the murder victim in an arizona cold case. josh: and a few report on that crippling thanksgiving blizzard says we need better storm plans, at 6:00 the state's
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josh: welcome back, folks. the filing window for new hampshire's primary will open on november 4th. candidates will have until november 20th to get their paperwork in. jennifer: republican presidential candidate ben carson is campaigning tonight on the seacoast. this afternoon dr. carson held a town hall meeting at a retirement community in exeter. he followed that with another town hall in the u.n.h. campus which is just wrapping up now. taking questions from the media in exeter, dr. carson said he didn't think much of the idea floated by the republican national committee chairman yesterday to take away new hampshire's first in the nation primary status. >> i like the system. i think it works very well. because it's important to have
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the kind of state where people can get up close and personal, and really have an opportunity to find out who the candidates are. jennifer: dr. carson finishes his seacoast campaign swing tonight with a medical community meet and greet in new castle. donald trump is also back in new hampshire, his town hall will start tonight at 6:00 and that's at keene high school. josh: like every candidate, jeb bush is asked often by the war on isis and global terror, but when it comes to new hampshire it often the war on heroin and opioid addiction getting their attention. today bush heard from those who think, her from those who are fighting this fight. for jeb bush, wednesday brought serious business. the subject, heroin, and the hampshire. >> i've been to the hospitals, i've had the wrist band on, i've been kicked out of the door two answer. >> but the talking has got to start.
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this is an epidemic. reporter: following a frank discussion that included the mayor of manchester, first responders, doctors, and even recoveringed adibbs, bush said heroin should be on the radar of every candidate. >> i don't follow the other campaigns that much, but you can't miss it here. reporter: during a one on one interview bush said the principal role of the federal government is to stop the flow of the drug. >> to eradicate supply, and to coordinate law enforcement activities at the local state and federal level. there's a real role to play and it's to fund treatment and to encourage communities from the bottom up to create a strategy and help on that strategy. reporter: bush also released plans regarding energy and the development infrastructure to deliver more of it to the northeast. >> so turn down the permitting process to expedite it, speed it up, so that this infrastructure made in america by american workers creating high wage jobs, happens at warp speed. reporter: just there's one
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during this campaign, and despite recent suggestions to the contrary he says that new hampshire is the perfect place for the race to start. >> get to understand the heart beat of each candidate, and the cumulative effect of campaigning here and listening and having town hall meetings and being engaged and being challenged, you can't replicate in florida. much as i love florida, you can't replicate it. josh: we also asked bush about his recent slide in the polls and his rivalry with donald trump. that can be found in our full interview with jeb bush, right now at mike: some beneficial rain fell in many parts of new hampshire and then some not so welcome late this morning and afternoon as we started to see some of those rivers and streams rising a little above flood stage. take a look at what's happening right now in plymouth, clouds beginning to break a little bit, but still mainly overcast. same story in dublin where clouds are trying to break. we've seen the partial sunshine scooting in through the
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merrimack valley. take a look at the doppler radar, estimated rainfall tallies. talked about some of the specific numbers earlier. clearly the jackpot out of this was lakes region, north and east, into the mount washington valley, all of these greens indicate rainfall rates of over three to three and a half inches. once you get into the areas of the lakes region, mount washington valley, six to as accumulate. and then the numbers taper off a little bit as you travel farther north and west into and through the great north woods. because of all the rain we did have a flood watch up for the entire state through morning, good news, that's been dropped. but we still have a flood warning in effect for some of the low lying areas, small streams and rivers in the mount washington valley, lakes region for about another hour until 6:15, also pemigewasset river around woodstock will likely rise above flood stage and remain there before it drops
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late tonight. a good part of southern natural has dried out. the winds are beginning to crank up as dryer air nose police from the north and northwest. we still have a concern along the coast, at the time of high tide. later tonight and again tomorrow afternoon, high astronomical tides, busy winds out of the north and northeast. and that's prompting some splashover concerns, beach erosion and maybe minor flooding a long the coast, again that's late tonight and near high tide early tomorrow afternoon. temperature wise, started off in the 70's in southern new hampshire, now cooling into the 60's, near 60 in the great north woods. but the dew points showing the whole story here, as it's really drying out big time, back in a good portion of the great lakes, southeastern portions of canada and that dryer air will nose on in, squashing any moisture to our south over the next few days. tonight seasonably chilly, 40's to around 50, a little bit of patchy fog may develop where the winds go light, but at times it will be breezy, and temperature wise no more 70's. we'll be in the 50's and lower
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60's tomorrow and even cooler by friday and into the weekend. so we dry out nicely for the next few days, we'll get a nice break until plate in the weekend or early next week at the earliest. that's when we may hear from the remnants of joaquin coming in here by sunday night or monday, but in the short term notice on few cast not much in the way of precipitation, the thickest cloud cover over the next few days clearly in southern new hampshire, with the most in the way of sunshine farther to the north. so any showers end, then clearing tonight, it will be breezy at times, quite chilly over the next few days, notice tomorrow and on friday the most cloud cover in southern parts of new hampshire, the most sun in the north country. there could be a shower saturday from concord south. same story on sunday, if we do hear from the remnants of joaquin still trying to track whether it hits the carolinas directly and comes up here as another batch of heavy rain, that would happen maybe sunday night or monday. jennifer: okay, thank you, mike. staying connected at sea is about to get easier. josh: we'll tell you which cruise line is expanding its
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jennifer: and l.l. bean's most famous boots probably won't be available again until next
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and you do your part, you should be able to
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get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. josh: so the stereotype that all millennials are hooked on social media might not be true. jennifer: a survey conducted
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50% of adults age 20 to 35 do not have an account with snap chat. 41% don't use pinterest. and 39% say they're not on twitter or instagram. only 11% say they don't have a facebook page. but one fourth of millennials say they use facebook less than once a week. josh: if you're planning a cruise but don't want to give up your high speed internet, the world's largest cruise company has offered a solution. carnival cruises announced plans to expand its fast satellite based internet to 40% of its day. but internet speeds will be three times as fast as what's being offered now for five bucks. jennifer: a man from new zealand was fired because of a massive phone. he went on vacation in sleigh language afor srilanka and end up with a $23,000 bill. the worker filed a complaint,
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new zealand ruled the firing was justified. josh: straight ahead, thousands of runners who met the qualifying time for the boston marathon still did not make the cut. we'll explain why. jennifer: and wildcat fans may have a hard time getting to the homecoming game. what you need to know if you don't have tickets yet. now to your u local hot shot and the honey crisp apples. they are perfect for picking
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jennifer: now at 5:30, the trail of a 30-year-old cold case has brought detectives here to new hampshire. what we're learning about the victim. mike: after a period of tropical downpours, some dryer air is moving in. what this means for the rest of the week, and the upcoming weekend. josh: autumn in new hampshire offers great opportunities for affordable outdoor fun, we'll tell you where some of the best deals are found. jennifer: and a new england classic has become so trendy, stores cannot keep it in stock. how long it will take to clear
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boots. a final flood warning should be lifted in the next hour, as the last remnants of today's storm moves out of new hampshire. welcome back, everyone, good evening, i'm jennifer vaughn. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. can you see the clouds starting to clear out and we saw a little sunshine in manchester late this afternoon. for the latest let's go to chiefments mike haddad. mike: big changes from the morning commute to this evening's commute. major ponding on some roads, and still a concern for very minor flooding, anywhere from the mount washington valley points south and west into the heart of the lakes region, flood warning will likely be allowed to expire on schedule at 6:15. but you may see some very minor issues in parts of northern new hampshire. also the river flood warning for the pemigewasset has been canceled as wells good news there. take a look at doppler radar, all the action shifting out into the canadian maritimes and we're
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left with lighter showers in the great north woods, parts of the white mountains, while it's dry over central and southern new hampshire. and that drying trend will build in statewide as we go through the night. and tomorrow we're left with just mostly cloudy skies south, and some partial sunshine in northern and central parts of new hampshire. we'll be breezy and on the cool side. a little more typical what was we get in mid-october rather than the first of the new month, believe it or not is tomorrow. but what about weekend, we'll take a look at that and possible impacts from hurricane joaquin, in a few minutes. jennifer: right now part of route 4 or high street in was okay 2010 is blocked because of a water main break. the line broke near newbury road. police are asking drivers to avoid the area. repairs are expected to take until 9:00 tonight. josh: it's been three decade since a woman was found murdered in arizona and now police say they've been able to identify her and she is from nashua.
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brenda left new hampshire in 1908 with a man and moved across the country. wmur's heather hamel is life tonight and reports that at this point the woman's family isn't sure what to think. reporter: william told me that his daughter left at 20 and he didn't hear from her again and never knew why. police say she was never reported missing and went willingly with a man who is now considered a person of interest in her death. brenda giroux's body was found in arizona in 1981, she had been murdered. arizona authorities say she had been living with a man who is currently serving time for killing his ex-wife. the case went cold for many years, but one detectives decided to take a closer look and was able to get the body exhumed to use her skull to create a composite of her face. through social media that composite along with a picture found in the suspect's belongs was sent across the country and calls started coming in from the east coast saying they recognized the woman in the picture.
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first a little bit of disbelief, and then a sense of relief. brenda's remains were already released to the family, and so they have already, they have already gone through this grieving process. jennifer: authorities are continuing to investigate calhauser who is due to be released from prison in 2019. josh: a mass woman is facing charges after police say she drove while impaired and hit another woman. audrey cox was arrested friday night after she hit the 79-year-old woman on ocean boulevard. she was charged with two miss misdemeanors, d.u.i. and reckless conduct. had her attorney says it a regrettable accident and are confident that alcohol did not play a role. cox is also a part-time wmur employee who was not working at the time of the alleged incident. she is now on leave pending the outcome of this case. jennifer: a massachusetts high
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school football team won't play this weekend because of a hazing investigation. members of swampscott high school's varsity football team are being investigated for hazing. the investigation was launched after police were called to break up a bonfire friday night. when they arrived they say they found five naked football players doing jumping jacks and pushups. josh: unrelated story now, tick totes the u.n.h. homecoming are sold out. the game against elon this decision is out of general admission tickets. students can continue to pick up free tickets until friday. stadium seating is limited because of the construction of the new stadium. tickets for future games are already selling quickly. jennifer: up next, another company is expanding its paid maternity leave and this one is based here in new hampshire. josh: amtrak riders will want to double check their bags tomorrow, we'll tell you what you need to know about new luggage fees. mike: after a round of heavy
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rain the sun does make a return for some tomorrow. when we'll see the brightest sky. >> fighting credit card fraud, i'm aixa diaz in washington, perfect chants are up against
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i'm a committed conservative that believes in getting results. we made florida number one in job creation... 1.3 million new jobs, 4.4 percent growth, higher family income, eight balanced budgets, and tax cuts eight years in a row that saved our people and businesses 19 billion dollars. i also used my veto power to protect our taxpayers from needless spending. and if i am elected president, i'll show congress how that's done. v i will campaign as i would serve -- keeping my word. i will run with heart. and i will run to win. jeb: proven conservative. real results.
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right to rise usa is responsible for
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josh: good day on wall street, dow jones picking up 235 points. s&p 500 up 35. and nasdaq up over 100. gas prices nationally are looking at 2.29, here in new hampshire a dime cheaper. so if you have l.l. bean's duck boots on your christmas list, might have to wait until next year. jennifer: there are at least 100,000 names on the waiting list for those rubber boots. l.l. bean will take until about march to catch up on back orders. it's added extra workers for the season, but it takes new boot makers 26 weeks to learn how to stitch those hand made boots. and stoneyfield organic will give mothers more maternity leave. mothers or primary caretakers will get six months of paid maternity leave. this move makes the company one
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of the best in maternity leaves, beating out google and facebook. josh: starting tomorrow amtrak will charge extra fees for passengers who have bags that are too heavy. travelers are allowed two 25-pound personal items and two 50-point carry ons for free. but beginning tomorrow any bag over those weight limits will require a $20 charge. tomorrow target will start matching its online prices with more than two dozen competitors. the retailer says it will match prices at sites that include amazon and wal-mart. target only matched prices at its own stores until now. it will also allow two weeks instead of one for shoppers to get a price adjustment. jennifer: businesses are gearing up for an october 1 deadline. beginning tomorrow, merchants have to roll out credit card chip reading technology aimed at preventing fraud. aixa diaz in our washington bureau tonight with the details on how most places don't even have this equipment yet. reporter: a new survey finds
5:36 pm
not ready for the transition. computer chips on credit cards are meant to give you peace of mine when using plastic. >> the hope is that it will make it harder for the bad guys to create phony cards. reporter: the credit card industry gave itself an october 1st deadline to get the new technology rolling, but a poll from credit find most businesses don't have chip card readers yet, and six in 10 americans say they still don't have chip cards. >> the banks have to issue cards that have chips, and merchants have to install equipment that can read chips. reporter: mallory duncan says it could be a year or more before we see the full transition. in the meantime merchants and banks will be liable for fraud you lent purchases if they haven't upgraded technology. you'll still be able to use cards with magnetic stripes if you haven't received the new ones yet. >> consumers are safe shopping regardless. reporter: duncan says the new technology is a step in the right direction, but he believes the u.s. should also require a pin number with the chip, like
5:37 pm
they do in europe. >> we're only taking a half step in this country. we're putting the chips in without the pins, which means if a thief finds your card, he or she can just sign your name on the back and go ahead and use it. reporter: the american bankers association says it expects about 70% of credit cards to have computer chips by the end of this year. josh: daily routine took an unexpected turn for the interim manager of the red sox, up next where he ran into president obama. jennifer: then ahead in sports, who's in and who didn't quite make it.
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who is it that's got the foreign policy experience to deal with what has become an increasingly complicated world at a time when america needs to emerge and restore its leadership? no one really has that experience, except for maybe one. john kasich's for us. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content of this advertising. tt2w`t3n`!4# bt@q
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tt4w`t3n`!4#" hnt& x?@ tt4w`t3n`!4#" iztq 2v8 tt4w`t3n`!4#" jntq &x tt4w`t3n`!4#" lzt& 8k$ jennifer: ways creates such a beautiful back drop for hiking and our white mountains have great options for anyone who wants to go on overnight treks. josh: paul yea tracey has that. reporter: the appalachian mountain club sits at the top of a two mile climb from the base of franconia notch, it's one of four high mountain huts that switch to a caretaker basis after the leaves fall. that means the price for hikers drops dramatically. instead of about $130 a night for meals and a bunk bed, the price falls to about $30.
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food and do the cooking during this season, but you can use their pots and pans at the hut. you'll find similar deals at carter notch hut and zealand falls, and for about $100 a night you can rent a cabin on sleeps 12 people. to are more information, visit paula tracey, wmur news 9. josh: no secret new hampshire experiences just about all of the weather extremes. jennifer: from hurricanes and tornadoes to blizzards and floods, it seems we have a storm for every season. and many leave permanent changes to our landscape. tonight meteorologist kevin skarupa will take us on a walking tour of 10 locations where weather has left its mark on the granite state. join him tonight at 7:00 on "new hampshire chronicle." josh: it's just the beginning of fall, of course, but winter weather has moved into alaska. this is out anchorage wrapped up their september wshes an inch of
5:41 pm
new snow, but it won't stick around. mike: come on, alaska? i mean, we expect that, right? come on, it's alaska. okay, around here we've seen anything but wintery weather. we went from cool and dry to right into the tropics. temperatures topping off in the 80's yesterday in places like nashua. cooler today but still quite humid and also on the warm side. but that's all beginning to change. notice the overcast skies at the coast and also in pittsburgh. if you look closely enough, you'll see the leaves beginning to change. we're getting closer to peak find in several parts of northern new hampshire. how about the rainfall tallies, six and a half inches in conway, hillsboro just under five inches of rain, new london statement story, jaffrey at three. plymouth, manchester and freemont just under three inches of rain.
5:42 pm
just a little below what we normally expect for an entire month of september. we needed a lot of that rain, flooding concerns were fairly minor. so good news all the way around in many spots. the dryer air nosing in right now, sticks around tonight through tomorrow night. we could see a couple of showers mainly in far southern new hampshire, as we go through friday and on saturday. and then we'll be watching hurricane joaquin, the computer models beginning to come together with a likely track somewhere over the east coast sometime later sunday or early monday and we may see another batch of heavy rain sometime later sunday night or on monday. many days to watch that. we'll have much more as we go through the next half-hour. notice showers up north beginning to wind down in intensity, and in coverage, while it's dry elsewhere. we actually saw a little partial sun in the merrimack valley a short time ago, but now the clouds beginning to fill back in. but a lot of dry real estate back to the west and that's taking over for tonight into the day tomorrow. another update on the coastal
5:43 pm
concerns later tonight near the time of high tide between midnight and three or four in the morning, then again tomorrow, early afternoon from around midday to about three or four due to a high astronomical tide and busy winds on shore kicking up the waves. so we could see minor flooding, beach erosion and splashover. upper 50's up north, but a lot of dry air takes over tonight into thursday before some of the moisture from the south tries to work back at us, sometime friday and saturday, but only in the form of a couple scattered showers. now an update on hurricane joaquin, yeah, murk warns up for portions of the bahamas, top sustained winds 85 miles per hour will likely intensify into a major hurricane, that means winds over 110 miles per hour as early as friday or early on saturday. the most likely track carries it up towards the virginia coast, sometime sunday night or monday, still many questions on that and
5:44 pm
little bit closer. tonight, any showers up north wind down, some clearing up north, breezy at times statewide, low 40's north, upper 40's and lower 50's south. for tomorrow clouds, breaks of sun south but more partial sun to the north, breezy and cool. cooler still on friday. more typical of what we get at the end of october, mid to upper 50's statewide for friday, saturday, slightly milder as we press into the weekend. best shot of a couple of showers later tomorrow night into saturday, we'll be in far southern new hampshire, then we'll have to watch joaquin closely to see if we get more heavy rain starting sunday night. josh: one fan had a tough time trying to catch a foul ball during last night's yankees-red sox game. jennifer: multiple chances though, he missed the pop fly first. woops. then the grounder. hit him in the chest. then later on the ball boy threw one right to him, and it hit him
5:45 pm
but he was able to at least pick it up. josh: that's a shame. her. the red sox interim manager says that he had an unforgettable workout at his hotel gym in new york this week. josh: that's because he got to work out alongside one president obama. the sox are in new york for a series with the yeast and the president just happened to be staying at the same hotel during his trip to the united nations. he says they had a great chat about baseball, and then took a picture. jamie: red sox host the yeasts, miley against tanaka. running a qualifying time for the boston marathon wasn't enough to gain entry this year. runners had to beat the qualifying time by two minutes and 28 seconds to earn their bib. the registration process ended today with 4500 runners being
5:46 pm
turned away, the field is set at 30,000 runners, 24 thousand of those are qualified runners. football on channel 9 this saturday, texas against the horn frogs, ohio state-indiana. you with catch all those on channel 9. new hampshire tackles hunger weekend. most of the schools took part last weekend. if you're going to those games you can support the program with a food or cash donation. josh: thank you, jamie. move over, matt and ben. apparently massachusetts has a new pair of celebrity buddies. jennifer: if you missed these fishermen on jimmy kimmel, stay tuned, their late night interview was just as entertaining as their original you encounter with a sun fish. tom: coming up at 6:00, team weather coverage, the heavy downpours left an impact on parts of the state including the seacoast where a couple with the moon tide. plus a thanksgiving storm most of us will never forget, after
5:47 pm
days in the dark the critical report done on the response of
5:48 pm
josh: seems that dinosaurs have taken other the science center. they were unloadedded today for an exhibit that opens next weekend, it will run until january. there is extra admission for the show, it's $8 a person, while
5:49 pm
the dinosaurs are here you can also book birthday parties in the exhibit as well. jennifer: and this is the first reptile ever seen with what's called bio fluorescence, what many call glow in the dark. a scientist in the south pacific was researching bio fluorescent sharks and coral reefs when he caught this turtle on camera too. so those two massachusetts fishermen who lit up social media over their reaction when they found a sun fish swimming nor their boat, remember them? josh: oh, yes, the unforgettable duo. they were back on camera last night talking with jimmy kimmel. >> have you ever seen anything like that before? >> we never seen anything like that. >> let's go through some of the creatures you thought it pay have been, beside turtle, baby
5:50 pm
whale, flounder, tuna, i think a sea monster was in there. >> i was hoping it was a tuna, can you manage the money we would have got? jennifer: so kimmel ended up offering mikey and jay a trip out to california. if you haven't seen it yet, can you see the full interview and that original kind of unforgettable video. josh: it got some salty language in there too, so keep that in mind when you click on it. jennifer: good for a laugh for sure.
5:51 pm
i'm a committed conservative that believes in getting results. we made florida number one in job creation... 1.3 million new jobs, 4.4 percent growth, higher family income, eight balanced budgets, and tax cuts eight years in a row that saved our people and businesses 19 billion dollars. i also used my veto power to protect our taxpayers
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from needless spending. and if i am elected president, i'll show congress i will campaign as i would serve -- keeping my word. i will run with heart. and i will run to win. jeb: proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa the content of this message. mike: heavy downpours have moved out and flood watches have been canceled. a look back at the impressive rainfall totals plus if more rain is heading our way soon. tom: the storm plus the recent full moon created these scenes along the seacoast, what
5:53 pm
official there's are watching for tonight. jennifer: also the report that criticizes the state's utilities and their response to the thanksgiving snowstorm that left people without power for days. tom: plus a busy day on the campaign trail, the top candidates in the republican race are trying to get their messages heard. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: well, those heavy downpours have taken a toll on parts of the state. this is viewer video tonight as the area around lake winnesquam and hampton residents are waiting for the water there to recede. good evening, everyone, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. the heaviest of the rain has moved out now, but there are some impressive rainfall totals to talk about. so let's get right to chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: yes, they are very impressive. the average rainfall in the month of september just under three and a half inches.
5:54 pm
sanbornton coming in at double
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