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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  October 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> somehow this has become routine. tom: now at 11:00, frustration from president obama after at least nine people were killed at a community college in oregon. what witnesses say the shooter asked students before firing. mike: a seasonably chilly pattern has developed across new hampshire but will it last into the weekend. plus the latest on major hurricane joaquin. shelley: a man from merrimack is charged with assaulting a seven-week old baby. the child' s grandmother describes the assault she witnessed. tom: solar energy is growing in popularity in new hampshire. the warnings from experts before you get panels installed. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. shelley: witnesses to a community college shooting in oregon say the gunman made students state their religion. authorities say the man killed at least nine people before dying in a shootout with police this afternoon. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: i' m tom griffith. president obama' s anger was evident when he talked about the
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have become too common. gun rights. abc' s lana zak is live in washington d.c. tonight. what can you tell us tonight? >> the details are still flowing in. sources tell abc news that for firearms were recovered. we can confirm that there are 10 fatalities. just moments ago to share said the scene has been cleared. just before 11 am pacific time, the police scanner in roseburg, oregon with horrific reports. active shooter at ucc 1140 umpqua college road. >> the images now emerging, show a campus in chaos. i look out the window and >>i look out the window and there' s a couple of girls running like sprinting away from the building. and then i hear screaming after that first gunshot, and then i looked out and saw the people running. and i said to the teacher we need to get out of here right now. >> shots were being fired we
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cover went down and heard multiple shots going off, a lot of screaming. >> the suspect, a 20-year-old male. in one of the buildings. officers engaged that suspect, there the suspected shooter, >> the suspected shooter, while ambulances rushed the wounded to mercy medical center. >> i will not name the shooter. i will not give him the credit he probably saw prior to this horrific and cowardly act. the president, visibly >>the president, visibly frustrated, addressing the nation for the 15th time following a mass shooting. >> america world wrap everyone who is grieving with our prayers and our love. each time we see one of these mass shootings our thoughts and , prayers are not enough. it' s not enough. it does not capture the heartache, anger and grief that
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should feel. >> the president called upon responsible gun owners to help lead the charge. he also said we are the only advanced nation on earth who has mass shootings like this every few months. lana zak, abc news, washington. tom: experts are calling hurricane joaquin an extremely dangerous storm. it strengthened to a category four today and the national hurricane center says it' s supposed to get stronger over the next 24 hours. chief meteorologist mike haddad is tracking joaquin. mike: it cannot get a whole lot stronger than it is now, but the models indicate that slight ring spinning over the next 12-24 hours. top sustained winds right now at 130 miles per hour. we' ve seen wind gusts around here from time to time, right now 111 mile-per-hour gusts in a
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the storm is battering them big time down to the south. right now it' s jogging, almost stalled and placed. eventually a trough over florida will help drive the storm to the north and northeast. after that, computer models begin to differ but majority of them drive the storm and a weaker one later sunday night south and east of new england. that is a big shift in the overall track in just 24 hours and there' s still another 48 hours to go until the storm decides to back into the carolinas or scoop out to sea. things could change between now and tomorrow. we will be back to little bit with the forecast for the weekend which offers quite a chill. shelley: the grandmother of baby who was assaulted in merrimack says the man who hurt the little boy is his father. chase marisical is in jail tonight, charged with assault. wmur' s stephanie woods joins us
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s condition. stephanie: tonight the baby boy is out of the hospital and recovering after merrimack police say chase marisical dropped the newborn on a piece of furniture. >> yeah it' s been pretty rough. >> this merrimack woman was excited to have her daughter her first grandchild and the baby boy' s father stay at her condo in maple ridge. until thursday morning around 2:30, when she says things went >> there really wasn' t an argument, it seemed like he kinda just snapped. >> the grandmother says when she told him to be quiet 20-year-old chase mariscal grabbed his 7-week-old son out of her s arms and held him in the air without supporting his neck. >> and that' s when he really grabbed him and yanked him out of her arms and he went and locked himself in the room. the grandmother called 9-1-1 after mariscal allegedly
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bedroom with the baby boy. >> i heard a loud bang, and that was the baby' s head and then he fell on the floor. >> merrimack police say the baby' s mother broke into the room and tried to get to the child but mariscal allegedly pulled away dropping his son and causing him to hit a piece of furniture and the floor. >> the baby wasn' t crying wasn' t moving, he was just laying there. so it was scary, it was really scary. >> crews rushed the baby to elliot hospital and the grandmother says his medical scans showed nothing serious. >> he' s smiling but he' s 7 weeks old so he can' t really tell you if anything' s wrong so we' re just watching him close. stephanie: mariscal faces several charges including endangering the welfare of a child and simple assault. he' s being held on $10,000 cash bail. live in merrimack, stephanie woods, wmur news 9. tom: the commissioner of the state' s department of health and human services says the agency will investigate its role in the death of a toddler in manchester.
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katlin paquette was arrested saturday and charged with second-degree murder in the death of her daughter, sadie willott. police say paquette hit the 21-month-old in the head back on september 5. the girl died at the hospital the next day. dhhs says it will examine if there is anything the agency could have done better or differently that might have affected the outcome of the case. shelley: a growing mystery in manchester. two people have been missing for more than a week. the attorney general' s office is on the case, and now police are turning to the public for help. take a good look at these pictures. if you' ve seen either of these people. >> for the last week and a half we haven' t seen or heard from either person. >> 57-year-old sue hutchinson were roommates. they lived at this apartment on calef road in manchester. hutchinson has been missing stephen andrade, was last seen the day after hutchinson
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s family that called police. >> the family members feel that she was someone that was very regimented, had her routines, never missed work, never missed s so when monday the 21' and they didn' t hear from her it >> andrade' s family also says this disappearance is out of character for him. from. his brother' s house in boston on sunday. then on monday the 21rst, at some point in the day he left his brother' s home, and we know he was at game stop in bedford at 4:26 p.m. on the 21st. shelley also worrisome, : hutchinson' s 1992 buick century was found a few blocks from her home two days after she disappeared. and a 2005 silver, 5 series bmw, similar to this one, is missing. it is in hutchinson' s name, with new hampshire plate number 380 6038. >> we' re basically looking for the public assistance to find
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if anyone knows the whereabouts of that or the two individuals we' re looking for we' d love a phone call. shelley: police are asking hutchinson or stephen andrade' s whereabouts to call the manchester crimeline at 642-4040. tom: a bank in lebanon has discovered a skimming device was added to its atm. mascoma savings bank says the affected atm was the drive-up machine behind its bank on north park street. the bank says surveillance video shows this man putting the device on the machine at 6:30 in the morning on saturday, september 12. he removed it that night around 8:00. the bank will contact any of its customers that used the atm to replace their cards. the battle over allowing more rail cars filled with propane in portsmouth is now going to federal court. safety concerns have been at the center of portsmouth' s opposition. but as wmur' s jennifer crompton tells us, some think the railroad' s newest plan to help meet the state' s rising demand
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less appealing. >> we' re here in downtown portsmouth where the railroad has asked a federal judge to block any efforts by the city to stop them from off-loading liquid petroleum about 100 yards up these tracks. xx. boston and maine corporation, which is part of pan am railways, claims its preparing to transfer propane from rail cars to trucks next to a densely-populated neighborhood. >> what if something goes wrong, we live right next to it and offloading petroleum, what if something happens, they' re in the middle of town. >> i' m worried, i' m wondering what are they thinking? >> the railroad says the transfer facility is needed because the city is opposed to a proposed expansion at sea-3, a propane distributor in newington. sea-3 has passed safety studies but still faces state and local processes and regulations. the lawsuit asks a federal judge
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maine is protected under federal statutes and is exempt from state and local regulations. >> so the position of the city is going to be that we will do whatever we can within the bounds of the law to protect our citizens from the hazardous aspects of that transloading activity. >> the governor issued a statement that says in part, it is extremely troubling that pan am is refusing to work with state and local officials regarding activities that pose real safety and environmental threats to our citizens. this is absolutely the wrong approach. >> we reached out to the railroad for comment, and to the attorneys who filed the suit on their behalf, but so far they have not responded. in portsmouth, jennifer crompton, wmur news9. shelley: solar panels are growing in popularity across the state and there are incentives for homeowners. >> we got about $3,000 back which is the maximum you can get back as a residential owner from the state. shelley: coming up on news 9 tonight the programs that will reward you for going solar and
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when those programs are coming to an end. mike: the first weekend of october is just about here so
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plus the chance of showers. shelley: hard to imagine but
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winter is right around the corner. and so are those big bills. tom: thousands are harvesting the power of the sun to stay warm and in some cases making a little money. tonight, wmur' s amy coveno finds out what it takes to go solar. >> pardon the pun solar energy is hot right now. >> i would anticipate this year we will be at 400% over where we granite state solar is hiring. >>granite state solar is hiring. because nh homeowners are going solar in droves and the clock is ticking to cash in on impressive state and federal rebate programs that are set to expire at the end of 2016. >> we got about $3,000 back which is the maximum you can get back. as a residential owner from the state. then there is about $7,000 back from the federal government in the form of a tax break. so that covered roughly half of the total cost. >> the bourassa' s went solar 18 months ago. and during our interview these panels were filling his gas tank. and more.
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>> we do use a lot of electricity. i have a hot tub in the back, we run 3 air conditioners, i have 3 electric cars so our usage is t produce everything that we use. but it makes about a third of >> since inception we' ve issued more than 1700 rebates to residential homeowners. karen cramton is the director of >> sustainable energy for the puc which manages the rebate program for solar panels. the program has paid out 565 rebates in 2015 doubling 2014' s rebates,and more than the past two years combined. >> the rebate program began with the renewable portfolio statute that was enacted by nh legislature in 2008. >> that law mandates that 24.8% of the state' s electricity come from renewable sources by 2025. each year electric service providers comply with the law by acquiring renewable energy
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electricity generated from renewable sources, based on%age of their sales. rec payments from utilities like eversource or liberty fund the rebate program. >> when we found out we were a good candidate we kind of jumped at the opportunity. >> granite state solar builds a solar array for the fales on a bright sunny day in the time it takes us to conduct the interviews. but what happens in a few months? when it snows a lot. >> solar panels absorb heat the sun will come out after a snow storm and shine through a foot of snow onto those panels. and that panel is slippery like a standing seam metal roof. you' ll get a little water between the seam and the roof and it will shed right off. >> this solar array in auburn is built on a stand that actually pivots to follow the sun. when no one is home all that harnessed energy is put on the grid and the meter actually runs backwards. so what does it really cost to ' go solar' ? >> so if you pay $150 a month to eversource we can get you a loan
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right around the same payment per month at 2.9% and you' ll have it paid off in six years. some companies offer leasing options but experts say the overall savings for the homeowner is greatly diminished by leasing and the puc cautions consumers to do their due diligence, researching both the company and the lease vs. buy option. the bourassa' s estimate they' re saving 80 to $90 a month. some homeowners actually get a check in the mail paying them for energy their home put onto the grid. >> you' re going to be paying your electric bill one way or another so if you can harness your own electricity and use a renewable resource eventually you' ll be off the grid. amy coveno, wmur news 9. >>amy coveno, wmur news 9. shelley: some government solar programs are already changing. after tomorrow, the maximum state rebate will drop from $3750 to $2500.
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>> now, mike haddad with your stormwatch nine forecast. southern new hampshire but we did squeeze out some. this is a look at time lapse of that newfound lake as you saw some high clouds and a beautiful sunset there in newfound lake. take a look at manchester at about 6:40 this evening. that' s the only time it lasted and then it was back overcast and a few sprinkles around. high temperature in concord for the first of october, the normal high this time of year is 66. that' s exactly where we topped off. that' s the warmest reading we will see over the next few days. cool air building in courtesy of a wind out of the north and high-pressure billing in from the north is well. a few light showers on the dividing line between that fall chill and tropical air sitting well off to the south. the same front that brought the heavy rain over the past 48
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south right now and a couple of weak disturbances are rolling along. the best chance of a couple of showers between now and daybreak tomorrow. right now temperatures lining up in the 50' s from the lakes region and points out and 40' s to the north and west. a big area of high pressure continues to build in slowly from southeastern canada. that will park itself over the northeast over the next few days and spare us from any tropical activity, at least to monday. after that, all bets are off as the storm we are tracking tries to move up either back into the carolinas or well out to see. the tendency now is farther to the east. southwestern northeast, the line of showers is fairly weak, not even reaching the ground in a few communities. as we go to the next 24 hours,
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the best shot of any rain will be from the lakes region south and the area around manchester through nashua and over toward the coast. the heavy rain remains to the south. moving ahead to friday night and saturday, white a few clouds in southern new hampshire. we could see a few sprinkles or a light shower but really nothing to aggravate any flooding concerns, so that is the good news. not so good news down in the hamas. major hurricane joaquin. gusts to 150, just battering a portion of the bahamas right now. a lot of damage likely to be seen over the next couple of days as the storm eventually pulls away from this area. right now it is stalled in place. there' s tropical pressure back over florida that should help to begin to steer hurricane joaquin to the north. the likely track beyond that takes it up east of the carolinas and and well out to' s the southeast of new england. keep in mind this is based on
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several computer models, not every single one of them. there are couple that still try to drive the hurricane back into or sunday night. we will keep close caps on -- close tabs on it. quiet pattern around here sunday night for tuesday. we will watch the storm and hope the trends continue out to sea. stay tuned tomorrow.
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>> on this day 6 years ago, new hampshire pitching great chris carpenter had his career day at the plate. he hit this grand slam against the reds. and then later hit a 2 run double down the right field line. he came into the game with 2 rbi for the season and got 6 in that game. he also won on the mound, picking up his 17th win of the year. carpenter finished 2nd in the cy young voting that year to tim lincecum. the yankees are going to the playoffs finally. their win over the red sox in the series finale clinched a wild-card playoff spot. the last game between the rivals this season. second inning, carlos beltran with a solo homer to right on a high pitch from rich hill. 1-0 ny. they hit some bad balls out of the park tonight. they hit 2 more homers, including greg bird. that one was out of the strike zone. the yankees win it 4-1. 10,000 wins in their history and they are off to the playoffs.
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3 games at the indians starting tomorrow night. just one more exhibition game for the bruins. at the washington capitals on friday night. the regular season begins one week from tonight. the b' s host the winnipeg jets. the bruins held their media day today. >> we are very excited. i think we are all just really excited to get things under way and try to improve over last year. >> every year it seems like were getting better. it has been good. >> high school soccer in rochester spaulding hosted nashua north titans. 15 minutes to go in the game. tom butler scores with the assist from reece paquette.
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the shot goes high and wide. this one goes to spaulding at home. our hometown hero honor this week goes to an entire school. and really the entire community. the plymouth high school bobcats. completely embracing the nh tackles hunger food program, the bobcats turned to their national honor society to organize the drive. they created competitions among the classes around homecoming, and even had students making videos as they went out to pick up donations. in the end, the plymouth sight for new hampshire tackles hunger collected 5,200 pounds of food for the community closet food pantry that panty cover 14 towns and 356 families. so far about 40 schools have reported their collections, totalling about 18,000 pounds of food. plymouth accounted for roughly 28% of that. week. all the students are encouraged to bring in cans for the class. we have a little competition between all the classes where we any cans we bring in. >> it'
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s awesome that everyone wants to help those who are less fortunate. it shows that everyone really does care about each other. >> it' s the biggest food drive we have all year long. without it, we would he really strapped for the rest of the year. this will help us out through december. >> good job to the plymouth high school bobcats. tom cole and still to come, the new hampshire lottery is teaming up with the bruins for a new scratch ticket. shelley: and even if you don' t hit the 100,000 dollar jackpot, there are other great prizes available. dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky...
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if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just
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to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. around the corner, the new hampshire lottery is releasing a new nhl scratch ticket. the 5-dollar ticket offers a top prize of $100,000. tom: there' s also a second-chance drawing on these tickets that gives players the chance to win a trip to the nhl winter classic at gillette stadium on new year' s day. the new hampshire lottery will start selling the ticket on monday. shelley: we are keeping a close eye on this hurricane out there. >> the bahamas is just getting better right now.
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the forecast turns chilly. upper 50'
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